Facebook removed false political ad days after Zuckerberg testimony

72 thoughts on “Facebook removed false political ad days after Zuckerberg testimony

  1. Nobody would believe Senator Graham would support Green New Deal because NOBODY IN CONGRESS AND THE SENATE. DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN supported the Green New Deal.

  2. Your days of censoring, altering, and manipulating reality, and the truth are over Facebook.
    Instagram, Twitter…. were coming for you next.

  3. So now, Facebook is responsible for truth?!?!? Is truth not the responsibility of the poster? Is there a law about outright lying in ads? But now, Facebook has to be a “fact checker” but the “author”of the ad holds no responsibility at all? More clown world.

  4. Lol ! Busted ! Finally !
    Americans were already alert, and aware of what Facebook was doing, they just didn't care, and got put in check. YouTube is next !!

  5. Funny no one is bringing up the fact that it was AOC who made up the idea of this exact fake advertisement (republican supporting her fake green new deal) before it was posted.

  6. Ahahaha the Left is trying its hardest to control the 1st Amendment. This was step one. Beware of this behavior, we already have to deal with an. Over Reaching Patriot Act!

  7. "Ambassador Sondland tried to explain to me that President Trump is a businessman. When a businessman is about to sign a check to someone who owes him something, he said, the businessman asks that person to pay up before signing the check. I argued to both that the explanation made no sense: the Ukrainians did not 'owe' President Trump anything, and holding up security assistance for domestic political gain was 'crazy.'"-Bill Taylor, acting US ambassador to Ukraine

  8. Boomerang effect! AOC's questioning was clearly designed to have content attacking leftists taken down, but instead leftist content attacking conservatives was taken down! LMAO

  9. So they want to keep their "platform" status and not remove Liberal talking points, but when it comes to conservatives, suddenly they act as a publisher with reckless abandon, scrubbing FB clean. This "judge" always seems to exercise poor judgement….

  10. Google actively burying the visible content of their proverbial "bulliten board" is not the same as just providing a bulliten board for posting. If they don't own the "posts", their hands should be off the posts' usual visibility in response to a search. This is not to say a company should not be able to pay to make their own content more visible in online searches. It means the owners of the bulliten board (search engine, in this case) should not be the origin of this unusual movement of posts (search results, in this case). It should trace back to the firm who paid for it, who is accountable for their actions. And, in the case of political entities paying for increased visibility of their content, this should be a matter of public record.

  11. Wow Judge seems to forget that the people use the media as means of information to make decisions about the direction they want to lead their country. If the media lies our system doesn’t work. Therefore we hold these companies accountable for either creating false news, or censoring the truth. They ONLY remedy we the people get to fight against the lies is the law. These companies should not be immune from the law or accountability. Shame on the Judge for not articulating this point.

    Make it so the ONLY way anything gets taken down or banned is by court order and only in that court’s jurisdiction.
    Rotten book burning must stop.

  13. When you censor someone, you are conceding defeat of your ideas.
    The only moral solution to speech that you don't like is for you to speak up.

  14. Facebook holder's testing their limit's under con trolled envi ron ment.
    Human face's are many fake account holder's who have been working with faces under crypto currency gateway payment's via silicon valley's controlled electronic traffic's.

    Fake news is a fake news. Legally it doesn't matter who put and title of fame or normal person doesn't matter before Law.
    But if a elected representative involved in fake news for political gain is a serious crime and ends in prison and getz no position in government office's. Also if a press, media, print media involves in fake news will also end in prison and sued in Court. Also loses license for press/media operation's.

  15. Old nappy is a perfect example of what is wrong with our legal system. Think it is fair? Think it is balanced? Think it protects you? It does none of these. It protects the powerful and makes snake lawyers rich. Sounds like nappy has a thing for cortez doesn't it? "Profound questions"??? I can't think of one profound thing cortez has ever said. Poor nappy – ready for the home – just doesn't know it.

  16. Libel and slander are still legal terms and are actionable under the law. People should be held accountable for what they proclaim on social media. You are not faceless on the internet nor are you invisible… these people can be punished for such actions..

  17. Took a look at Facebook once. Realized that the intelligence level of those who frequented it was akin to that of a brain impaired individual, so I've never gone back.

  18. Facebook is disgusting I cut all ties with them I don’t do any business or even touch anything remotely related to them they’re a bunch of political hacks associated with the Democrats

  19. They weren't testing Zuckerberg. They were putting a smear on Sen. Graham. PERIOD. The only test there was .. was what they could get away with!

  20. I shut it down before nappy had the chance to open his compromised mouth. Not the least bit interested in any propaganda spilling out of his mouth. 👎. Come on. Get some decent guests. Don’t cheapen your show.

  21. What great insight does judge Napo has? My dog shows better great insight by simply looking at me and wagging his tail when I'm sad.

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