Explosive Story About LA's Police Department

Los Angeles has a relatively new sheriff and sheriffs in LA much like other counties throughout the country are elected into office and the way Alex via nueva was elected into this position was basically as someone who ran as a progressive he claimed that he was going to take ice agents out of jails and prisons in Los Angeles he claimed that he was gonna protect residents of Los Angeles from some of the draconian policies the Trump administration is attempting to implement but he actually hasn't followed through on that and he ended up rehiring officers who had previously been fired because of excessive force brutality domestic violence he has been a complete and utter disaster and now the FBI is investigating the Los Angeles Police Department because there is apparently gang behavior within the department let me give you the details the FBI probe follows allegations of beating and harassment by members of the Bandidos a group of deputies assigned to the Sheriff's Department's East LA station who ran themselves with matching tattoos of a skeleton outfitted with a sombrero and also pistol so here's an example of what that looks like now I mean it's not some cute group where they get matching tattoos they actually carry out excessive force and in some cases if a police officer within the department needs backup they won't send backup which is a huge problem the cliques members are accused by other deputies of using gang like tactics to recruit young Latino deputies into their fold and retaliating against those who rebuff them and one way that they were bust them or one way they retaliate against those who rebuff them is by refusing to send backup when they need backup FBI agents have been trying to determine whether leaders of the Bandidos require or encourage aspiring members to commit criminal acts such as planting evidence or writing false incident reports to secure membership in the group the deputies say that these leaders Bandido leaders who are alleged to control key elements of the la station operations put others lives at risk by not sending backup to help on dangerous calls enforced illegal arrest quotas and carried out other forms of harassment this is just terrible in so many ways and we have this sheriff now who seems to not want to do anything about it no and it's extremely dangerous and so kind of people understand this LA County Sheriff's Department it's no joke it's the world's largest Sheriff's Department they have a three billion dollar budget 16,000 employees also the nation's largest jail system this man has a considerable amount of power for the things that go down in one of our nation's largest cities and not only did he run on one platform he completely flipped once he got elected when I heard that la magazine called him the Donald Trump of Los Angeles law enforcement that was a huge red flag but there is a serious and significant problem with Villanueva being in office and being the sheriff of LA we could mad a lot about when citizens say something about the police the way they approach things you can get mad say F the police call them pigs all that stuff happens but their danger within the ranks when we talk about how you know police have their their their little cliques or even protective circle the wagons whenever one of them gets in trouble because the training allows them to do that and also they back each other up in that and it's always considered such a conspiracy theory so when the click start happening like this some police agencies amongst each other and and do in and things like not sitting back up in a dangerous situation happen how much do they really care about the safety and security of each other when they say the number one thing a police officer has to worry about is make sure my brothers get home I got to get on my wife and family do you really care when you're doing something like this to your brothers because they didn't get your ugly tattoo and jump on with your click and do illegal acts this training day or something is this Denzel Washington involved in this they've been watching too many movies because if this is once this is out now I said nah I was gonna say if this gets out this being out doesn't cause enough outrage amongst people to say what's going on I'm not sure why we have this anger towards citizens who have a problem with cops but don't have the same anger towards a cop sort of problems with the cops and by the way are putting in citizens lives in the rest too right what did you call the cops and somebody's there and you in some kind of situation and know what else shows up yeah I tell you what when I'm trying to parallel park in Beverly Hills seven of them show up real fast so you're right I mean look there are cops we're worried about their safety and it is kind of amazing that even then a story like this doesn't lead to the ouster of a sheriff like this but honestly in terms of the way the system works in the LAPD in Los Angeles County he needs to be voted out and reelection happens every four years he just got elected so you have to inform yourself and not just believe someone who claims that they're progressive who claims they're gonna do these things he was a lieutenant and so he wasn't you know high in the ranks there wasn't much evidence to his claims of progressivism there was a lot of concern about how the LAPD was operating previously before he was elected as sheriff and it's cost the county seven million dollars in County payouts over the last decade in lawsuits claiming excessive force by deputies known to have these matching tattoos as well as to settle the case alleging harassment by an inked deputy gang now I want to go back to one other part of the story that I think is relevant so villain via Nueva is downplaying the significance of this terrible group okay calling them a cultural norm and a source of intergenerational hazing among lawmen the sheriff claims he transferred from the station 36 people who are associated with the group or were otherwise identified as problematic but it actually turns out that most of these people were either planning on either retiring or resigning anyway or they've been promoted so it's not like they've been fired because of wrongdoing that some of them have actually been promoted and he has rehired people who have been fired for using excessive force and who have been guilty of domestic abuse one of them is a cop his name is a car and man doyon he broke into his ex-girlfriend's apartment and it's not like we're just saying this and assuming it there was video evidence of it in fact let's go to that video right now so there is trying to break into her apartment internal documents showed you know he was again fired for domestic violence and dishonesty and his later rehired by via Nueva he acknowledged having one of these tattoos but he was a member of the Reapers stop trying to break into my house okay tell me filming you my house yeah yeah he broke into her apartment and was later rehired by Vietnam Weber this is what I I've been I've really been dying to get on this one because the thing is not only did he break into her house allegedly he had beaten her up pretty good and she had bruises of that and held her down but guess what she's a fellow deputy she is part of the LA Sheriff's Department and all of a sudden she didn't turn up to the hearing but he was fired you know how hard it is to get a cop fired and that fact that they fired this cop and then the Civic Association that is supposed to be overseeing this the appeal process they affirmed it that's how confident everyone was that this is what this man has been engaged in yet Villanueva one of his first actions in power was to go ahead and hire this guy back on the force what happens I mean his face was on the camp was on her phone obviously I'm usually if you break it if there's a burglar trying to break in the house and someone has a camera on they probably try and cover their face cuz they don't want to get caught he doesn't care because the people in power like a you know it's all right you can do it illegal activity you can break into your ex-girlfriends house after assaulting her like this and we'll be like yeah it's okay your face is on camera because who's gonna stop him it's it's this is like a this is like a whoa be kidding be like a wild west movie cuz Wild West movies have the law coming to get the bad guys but the law is literally the bad guys but if you say it your unamerican you hate the cops blue lives matter all that stuff it's not one of those things where you openly just hate cops there's there I've said this numerous times cops are guys that are in our society men and women that are in our society that happened to have a level of authority and a gun and then if they're off they use that authority and that gun to do whatever they want with it and because we say hey you got to trust the cops because who worried you're gonna believe the cops or this random citizen and we always be the cops because we've been brainwashed to believe the cops despite what you just saw right yep and the fact that she's a cop herself and my concern although they did not release her name is that she's probably not on the force anymore cuz she had the nerve to stand up for herself and say I want this man to stop harassing like justice to them those are the beds of the bad guys yeah she said that he grabbed her by the back of her neck and squeezed it for as long as 30 seconds she tried to hide from him in the bathroom but he kicked in the door and broke it and and you're right Adrian he committed domestic abuse and was later again rehired by via Nueva it's just a devastating story and drugs the reality this is your right you have criminals in police departments throughout the country not just in Los Angeles given the responsibility of keeping the communities safe and that that is not what they're doing that's not to say that all cops are terrible people or bad guys but you're right they're just like their people their people and in the regular population the civilian population you have bad apples and they're supposed to be consequences when you act in a criminal way or a violent way but we have this mindset that we have to protect everyone in the police force regardless of how abusive and how violent they are try getting hired a Burger King how do you assault your ex-girlfriend try and break in her house and get caught on camera doing it you won't get the job bro on the go don't worry we got you covered you can still listen to TYT at our new podcast network find us on Apple podcast at Google Play Store or at TYT comm slash podcast

48 thoughts on “Explosive Story About LA's Police Department

  1. What is it with idiots getting caught on camera thinking they can counter by filming their idiocy themselves?

  2. Trump will never deport as many illegals as Obama did. Trump new he was never going deport as many as Obama. He admitted defeat and hired Mark Morgan.

  3. The Bandidos are also a notorious biker gang in Southern California. Nuff said. They need to be disbanded and the sheriff thoroughly investigated.

  4. Right wingers running as Dems or even as progressives is something to watch out for and be aware of. There are many already that have been elected only to be disappointing to the people who voted for them. Do your vetting and just don't rely on the media to to the vetting for you.

  5. I remember being in L.A. back in the early 90s. Before the internet. You should have seen what some cops got away with. And some cops would go after other cops.

  6. What do you expect from ungodly people's the devil's advocates their forefathers were slave catchers white supremacist satanic terrorists.

  7. Look at his shoes He was a gangbanger before he was a cop. just like the white supremacist groups have infiltrated law enforcement apparently so has the Mexican Mafia smart move.

  8. Police is a gang…… Roman style to better subdue and control the slaves…. to protect and serve the master. Only a fool thinks police is here to protect and serve the people. lol

  9. So um lets get one thing straight… LAPD is the CITY of Los Angeles. The sheriff is the County of Los Angeles the city is IN the county they are separate law enforcement entities. Please do not confuse them!!

  10. There IS something called recall. People who have been elected HAVE been recalled. However, it has to be gotten out to enough citizens who have L.A. Sheriff's policing their cities to be able to accomplish it. And this would be a dangerous game.

  11. Basically he pretended to be liberal to get into the department. Once he got in, he became a gang leader like the ones we all know. KKK etc…

  12. Costumed, domestic terrorists, keep your courage in your holsters, pin your badge to your asses, you'll have the same amount of credibility.

  13. More anti law enforcement from those would build a huge government…. This is why the 2nd amendment is important….

  14. Reason #223 on why we need to cut California out of the union. The people of California need to be contained so the politics can't spread to the rest of the country. California used to be a nice place. Now it's a cesspool of liberal Progressive garbage.

  15. Okay – That is the LASD NOT THE LAPD!!! Two different agencies, two different cultures. It is little details such as this which could discredit you as a news source. You owe the Los Angeles POLICE Department an apology.

  16. Seems like the gangs of LA need to work together to eradicate the crooked cops. Maybe once a few of them are in the ground, they'll smarten up. Or they can join them in the ground. This is not new to police departments.

  17. Why didn't she shoot this prick as he came in the house? She has a badge and a gun also…seems justified in this scenario.

  18. This is nothing new L.A. Police corruption goes back to the 30's. L.A. Cops are half as smart as the criminals there after, but twice as corrupt.

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