Explore 204: Animal Rehab & Rescue

[SARA] Being a part of the animal club is really
fun because you get to meet all sorts of different people that you usually wouldn’t meet because
of your common love for animals and volunteering. [RODNEY] Animal Rehab & Rescue started last year by
students here at Metea who are interested in helping the community, bringing students
together and sharing their interest in animals. [ASTHA] I joined the club last year when my friend
created the club. She said “I know you like animals so why
don’t you try this club?” I went to the first meeting and fell in love
with the volunteering and all the help we do. [SARA] In our meetings we do some fun activity. Today we made dog toys with braided pieces
of fabric, two weeks ago we made dog treats and dropped them off at the shelter.
and they really appreciated them. [RODNEY] Giving back I think is one of the greatest things we can do and animals I think is the best recipient of that love [SARA] Volunteering is important to me because it
makes you feel good inside to see the joy in helping the animals and people around you
in the community. [ASTHA] My favorite part is helping out the animals. I love it when we actually get to meet them at the humane society we actually got to play with the
dogs we helped. It was a nice way to see who we are helping
and what we are doing to change the world.

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