Expertise On How Popular Opinion Is Controlled

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  1. I am a personal follower of Webster. I think he is a being with an incredible ethical conscience. He has stated the reasons why he doesn't support Larouche anymore. I see him as being "flying alone" right now. And it's fine. I like many things about the Larouche movement, but I'm not a member and I don't need to be one in order to do good and progresive things. I assume the same for Webster and many other ex-members who now go "alone".

  2. I know what he said: He denounced LaRouche for being allegedly a guy that does disinformation for the CIA; has a cult around him, doesn't tell the truth about 9/11 (wich would be, blaming the CIA) didn't opposed the Obama campaign, and then when Obama was president, he did, when it was too late. Finally that the constant focus of LaRouche and the movement on Obama is actually helping Romney. He also talked about the "Why we left" text, of Shields and other ex-members.

  3. Check out his website, the World Crisis Radio podcast; and listen to these two programs: September 22, 2012 and September 29, 2012. He talks about the text produced by Sky Shields and the others, like Perevikobsky and Teng. Although, Webster's interest in this text is because of Romney and the fact that the guys that left actually realized that they were an auxiliary arm of the Romney campaign. Always talking about Obama, and paying no real attention to Romney. Look it up.

  4. The fact that the LaRouche movement holds that the CIA was not involved in 9/11; but that it was the fault of the saudies, something absurd, already makes me be suspicious about the CURRENT situation of the movement. Tarpley is the one of the most honest men i've come in contact, his views don't change as fast as Larouche's. He wrote two books debunking Obama even before he ever came to the presidency. LaRouche didn't; and then, when it was too late, he found out that Obama was the new Hitler.

  5. If anyone knows any other good search terms (concerning the NWO), preferrably something that isn't already covered on my channel and contains either actual documented evidence or media imagery with an accurate report, please feel free to reply to this comment.

    If you know a video with particular clever or insightfull remarks concerning the NWO it's allright, but actual history, events preferred, not theories, plans and schemes (so also no revolution plans, non-compliance, demonstrating, etc.).

  6. So what about the Indians? Were they purposely left out of the so called good beliefs of the early Americans? What I hear doesn't exactly match with what happened during those times.

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