Ex Carbonnation Member Talks Insane Stuff About Natureboy

I can be a very stern and what I want
and if I don’t like something I’m going to say but Rousseau was more of a
sensitive gentle soul and he also wanted to he wanted me to be submissive and he
wanted to control me and feel like a man but I didn’t really make him feel like a
man because of I guess I’m masculine I am so we were issues with that right
and I didn’t think that it was means to break up I felt like hey we could just
you know I can work it out like I care about you like you’re my friend like we
have a bond like we really did share a great connection at first and nature boy
I remember he split us up he broke us up he said no y’all are not going to be
together as long as y’all are here like I’m not gonna be together I don’t want
to see y’all talking to each other I don’t want to see y’all in the same
room with each other y’all leave each other the f alone
y’all ain’t together no more and I’m like what the f like I can’t just
stop my feelings for him and he was the same way he was like look I care about
her why can we please just be together like we tried so hard we just he and if
this went on for a week or two he could make sure we could feel the energy you
can feel it he was like man y’all too man don’t stop that shit right get over
it let it go thinking that we could just you know I’m saying just thinking we
could just let go of each other like and stop being in love with each other right
and so I’m me and Musa were just devastated we we wanted to talk to you
for they’re so fuckin bad and we weren’t just so we weren’t allowed to but we
would look at each other and we I could feel it he could feel it and so it came
down to one night we all had a meeting and Nature Boy was like man we gotta
settle this shit between yah man we gotta settle this shit and I think see
for those of you who have been watching you know that we went live that this day
I got kicked out the first time when I when I went over there
time I got kicked out when I went back for the second time I chose to leave
because I had woken up to around shit but the first time I went over there I
got kicked out and the day I got kicked out we had went live and nature way was
like yo you yet he explained the whole situation to everyone on the knife and
he said y’all think I should let them be together press 1 if you think that they
should stay apart then press 2 right and it was all the size the size is stupid
and I mean Henry like now we want to be together like we want to be together and
we got to we got to express ourselves finally and but then after we got off
the live is stupid because nature was trying to portray shit one way online
like like he was for us getting back together after live he was like really
think y’all gonna be together nah you’re only being together and I’m
just like we just did that whole life you heard what the people said like you
said if they said we could be together that you would let us get another chance
first of all I didn’t like the fact that someone could tell me I can’t be that
should have you so right and then around the house and he pulled up astrology
report okay our compatibility chart and there wasn’t a lot of bad in the chart
but though it wasn’t all good either you’re not saying I feel like all
relationships are going to have a little bit of bad because that you said if you
don’t have contrast then how can you ever grow but you know saying so you
know there were things in the chart that weren’t it wasn’t all good and he was
like reading it to us in front of the whole family he was like you see it says
this about y’all it says that you’re you’re gonna experience this and that
and the relationship see this is why there shouldn’t be together ended up
reading all the bad stuff in the chart he would skip over all the good stuff
and just read the bad and it it wasn’t even like I don’t even think
they’re bad outweigh the good at all right if you speak about the astrology
the whole family was on his side I was the only person that stood up and was
like late I was like yogurt light what about this what about that I’m trying to
explain hard I’m feeling Verizon and he literally he that’s the point he was
like yo he quite like I don’t want to hear another word from you stop stop
you’re being disrespectful you’re being disrespectful now and I’m just like in
the most crying voice I was really just trying my best to get him to understand
or have some compassion and knew better he just shut the fuck up so nothing
because he’s so submissive I’m not gonna call him Nubian tell me one thing and
then Nature Boy would tell him something else and he would totally dishonor his
own feelings and override them with nature boys thoughts okay yeah no I
gotta go with what chief said no I’m saying that she was so aggravating like
anyway so that night all I’m doing is trying to I just plead my case fight for
a man my man I’m like I wanna be with him like I love him like you can’t tell
me what I feel like obviously if me and him both feel
strongly attracted to each other and bonded to each other
there’s obviously unfinished business here there’s obviously something here
that me and him need to learn from each other and the only way we’re going to do
it is by going through the shit ourselves
if we decide not to be together then that should be our decision and I’m
trying to like speak the truth he kept interrupting me yelling at me getting in
my face you’re being disrespectful now you being disrespectful you questioning
me or you’re questioning the question your higher self and then you know then
what really pissed me off is he mine fucked me
he played tricks on me psychologically and I’m not stupid
I’m not fucking dumb I might have been dumb enough to go over there but I
wasn’t dumb to fall for a lot of shit that I went through over there and so
what happened was he was like we all stood up and he asked Moosa music you
want to be with her you still after reading the chart after reading their
astrology you said I wanna be with her I guess Rousseau said yes he was like yes
I do he’s like if you want my honest answer
yes and I was like exactly like we want to be together and I’m in so this was
fucked up okay he was like this is how he played
games on me he was like he asked me he was like okay so you’re telling me if
Moosa left carbonation right now would you go with him and this is a trick
fucking question you know why number one if I don’t go
with him that’s me not being committed to the relationship and loving him the
way I say I do or if I do go with him and I leave the carbonation that’s me
turning my back on my higher self that’s me I run back on what doing the right
thing okay so he was trying to make two wrongs no matter what my answer was he
was gonna make a wrong out of it yeah he played a psychological fucking game on
me and I he asked me that he’s like no answer the question if moosa wanna leave
right now would you go to him and i didn’t even know how to answer that
because in my mind i want to do the right thing i want to live the
quote-unquote righteous path right as i thought i was doing but i also
and I want to be so it was a it was a trick question so I didn’t really know
how to answer that question so I paused for a minute and I really thought about
it and every he was like oh you see that
oh now see what she did there and everybody was like you know yeah and I
was like I didn’t even say anything he was like okay so he just either way he
know he I’m the Viking explained it to you guys he was really fucking me
mentally psychologically playing fucking games with me and so Nubian Musa that’s
the point where he was like your mouth I’m leaving like if I can’t be with her
I’m leaving and I said we’re saying if he’s leaving I’m leaving too we can we
don’t have to be here under your roof to live the truth we don’t wanna live here
to do the right thing we can go and do our own thing we could go and drive
somewhere else together Connor like vibes and flow natureboy try
to split them up too but they stuck together

21 thoughts on “Ex Carbonnation Member Talks Insane Stuff About Natureboy

  1. She not being completely honest . She knows dam well they really never wanted her there like that . .she wants to be respected like Velvet but she more like Bambi…dumped her kid. Then stuck up for NB download theory with his sperm etc ewww now she trying to turn it around.

  2. i dont understand how people lst a astrology chart dictate their life ,what about common sense ,the devil uses this tool to control

  3. THE STRANGE…thing about the "charts" is when she say's Bishop said "see, "IT" says this and "IT" says that etc." She still hasn't realized that the "IT", Bishop is referring to is a computer program designed to cover all the bases. "IT" is a so called "reading", designed to be generic enough to more or less, apply to anyone… I sincerely hope that one day she is attended by the realization of just how uniquely rare and UNDEFINED her life really is. A potential individual. An as yet undefined creation of god….All these readings really are in actual fact, is a little bit of specially worded, general criticism and a lot of ego strokin', written in a combination of words that appeals to a person's already low sense of self-esteem.. Internet horoscope sites are designed to make money from lost souls, that's it. – Just like "crystal ball" reading sites or the "Psychic HotLine.. All a computer program can do is impossibly, mechanically replicate the highly sensitive Essence Art of Spirituality (horoscopes), of which there are 3 levels the carnal chart, soul chart and spiritual chart.- Meanwhile….The owners of these sites are making money from other peoples misguided faith. And at the same time….Other people use these ridiculous astrological readings to continually RATIONALIZE their own increasingly DEGENERATE behaviour.

  4. But why do it take these women so long to gain common sense? Well at least she's teaching other women from her mistakes

  5. I used to be so into astrology and tarot until I realized I was letting someone else’s words manifest my life. I realized horoscopes and astrology can put you in this auto pilot state. Don’t let anyone tell your future or how you are at all. It’s like spell casting except you aren’t in control.

  6. He publicized their situation because it was a test to see if the public would agree with him and when they didnt agree, he pretended to side with the public because he is fake but when he got off line, the real him came back. He hats on anyone who seems to be happy and in love because he is not happy and is very miserable. If you are going to be around him and be with a woman, someone in the relationship has to be miserable and submissive and thats why Musa/ Nubian has been able to stay with Joy so long. The women being submissive is what makes him happy, to see a woman push herself to the back means someome is miserable and misery loves company

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