Evolution of Society – Jiddu Krishnamurti

What we are trying in all these discussions and talks here is to see if we cannot, radically, bring about a transformation of the mind not accept things as they are nor revolt against it revolt doesn’t answer a thing but to understand it, to go into it, to examine it give your heart and your mind, with everything that you have, to find out a way of living differently but that depends on you and not somebody else yesterday evening I saw a boat going up the river at full sail driven by the west wind it was a large boat heavily laden with firewood for the town the sun was setting and this boat against the sky was astonishingly beautiful the boatman was just guiding it there was no effort, for the wind was doing all the work similarly… if each one of us would understand the problem of struggle and conflict then I think we will be able to live effortlessly happily with a smile on our face go all over the world, wherever you will every human being on this earth goes through all kinds of sorrow every human being has had great loneliness despair anxiety confused, uncertain like you and we want to escape from all this you can see it on every face on this earth so is it possible… please, listen if you will is it possible to have a brain that is free from problems so that you can solve problems not a cluttered brain, full of problems is that possible because without peace inwardly, psychologically first the brain cannot flower human beings cannot live completely, (w)holistically just see the pattern of it not accept what the speaker is saying, that’s absurd he is not an authority he’s not a ‘guru’, thank god we’ve said how important it is to have the capacity to doubt to question everything that is taking place in the world not only externally but also inwardly all our thoughts, our feelings is one is aware of one’s own illusions to question all those because skepticism without cynicism has a great, beneficial effect our brains are programmed for two thousand years according to the Christian world and the Hindus and the Buddhists, three to five thousand years they have been programmed like a computer Catholics, Americans, Russians believers, non-believers… specialists psychoanalysts, psychiatrists and so on we have been programmed and of that, there is no doubt about it because this programming has resulted in our being conditioned and unless we question doubt have a great deal of sane skepticism the brain can never be free (the sum is greater than the parts) human society is so constructed throughout the world that most people are occupied with jobs pleasant or unpleasant from 9-5, every day of their life that is an intolerable imprisonment I don’t know how you feel about it probably you like being in prison probably you like your jobs from nine o’clock to five o’clock – rushing, rushing back and all the rest of it what shall we do? to the speaker, he won’t tolerate it for a single minute for the speaker! I’d rather do something which would be pleasant, helpful and necessary but most of us accept this prison, this routine right? We say it is normal it’s the way of society, it’s the way of our life… it’s the way we must live but if we all see, together that such a… imprisonment which it is, actually and that we all feel this is intolerable not just verbally but actually – do something about it we’ll create a new society we will! if all of us say we will not tolerate for a single day this routine, this monstrous activity of 9-5 then we’ll bring about not only psychological revolution but also outwardly right? we may agree about this, but will we do it? you might say, no I can’t do it because I have responsibility I have children I have a house an mortgage insurance thank god I haven’t got any of those and so you might say, well it’s easy for you to talk about all this… it’s easy for the speaker to talk about it because he refuses to go in that pattern from boyhood he refused it now, if we all consider psychological as well as physical revolution of this kind, not bloody and all the rest of it… then we’ll create a quite a different society, won’t we? so, you want others to create this society and you can then slip into it that’s what we’re all waiting for few struggle work, create and refuse to enter into this rat race and the others say yes, after you have constructed what you think is the right society… then we’ll all join you but we don’t do it together that’s the whole problem like as, if you refuse to have wars killing other people in the name of your country, your god – whatever the ideal is if we all refused to kill another there would be no wars but we have constructed a society built a society based on violence armaments each nation protecting itself against other nations and so we are perpetuating wars killing your sons, your daughters – everything and we support it in the same way we support maintain this imprisonment it may be pleasant for those who have a agreeable job… so the problem is do we see the importance or the necessity of this change after all… the human mind is not merely occupied with a particular job pleasant or unpleasant the human mind has the quality of other things which we disregard we are concerned with the whole of life, not just career, 9-5 how we live what we do what our thinking is whether there is affection, care, love, compassion… ALL that is part of life but we are so conditioned to this idea that we must work and create a structure of a society that demands that you work from morning till night the speaker refuses to play that.. enter that rat race it isn’t that he has got certain gifts or that somebody will look after him but he refuses to enter that I wouldn’t go for a single day from 9-5 for anybody for anything I might die, but I wouldn’t do that in the same way I wouldn’t kill another human being whatever the circumstances I know what you’re going to say – what if your sister is attacked – you know all that game… because violence produces more violence but we are all so timid we’re all so nervous, frightened, anxious… we want the security which we think we have which we haven’t got so, will you go into this and find out if you can free yourself from that rat race and to find out one must exercise capacity, intelligence not [just] say I won’t do it you don’t do it because you are intelligent not because you are told or you have read in some book or some philosopher I think it’s very clear wait a minute, just go slowly the speaker says this for everyone but everyone is not.. hasn’t got the energy, because it’s dissipating in all various ways for the brain which has been conditioned, narrowed down, has lost it’s tremendous vitality it’s great.. immense capacity do you understand all this? to be totally free from all bondage, from all measurement, from all conflict so the brain becomes quiet utterly still and that silence, stillness has it’s own.. beauty, it’s own truth it’s absolute sense of… an immeasurable thing and that is beauty that is love

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