Evil Superman vs Justice League | Justice League 4k HDR

He’s back He’s not alright He’s scanning us What Because He’s not alright Oh No Clark please

100 thoughts on “Evil Superman vs Justice League | Justice League 4k HDR

  1. Wonder Woman = Has a rope and weapons that are actually physically useless (really fancy and worthful though!)
    Cyborg = Has amazing weapons that are 1) Prone to malfunction 2) Utterly useless 3) Easily interferable and 4) REALLY fragile
    Aquaman = Useless in water, MORE useless on land
    The Flash = Has powers that are LEGITIMATELY useless in EVERY single way
    Batman = Just useless in general if he doesn't prepare for actual years in advance, in which case he is useful… for fighting allies

    Their villains: literal fucking morons

    Superman = Not even that powerful??
    Superman's Villains = USELESS?????

    These characters, apparently = could defeat thanos

  2. Why doesn't DC and Marvel have any good asian or brown super heroes? Oh that's right, the Jews are incharge Hollywood

  3. 4:24
    all these peopel with super powers failed to stop superman, then that police draws a glock9 on him for everyone's safty

  4. my 11 year old nephew just asked an interesting question after he saw this scene."why superman said batman would not let him live? doesnt both of them fought against doomsday in previous movie?"😅

  5. Sooo batmans back didn't just break by getting thrown into a car by superman??? 😂🤣😭 DC is so garbage I mean that MCU is trash too but this shit is pathetic I can't stand DC and hate superman and batman but let's be real superman would slap all these mfs effortlessly… DC writers r garbage and lazy. Everything in DC has plot armor or they r weaker to make shit like this happened and then they r put back to OP status smh… DC u suck lol

  6. Holy Fuck I remember watching this for the first time and thinking it wasn’t that bad but now that I’m rewatching it it looks so awful the CGI is so bad

  7. 3 segundos de video y el subtítulo ya me saca de quicio. “A vuelto”. De verdad la gente no sabe hablar? Nadie les corrige? Nadie se preocupa por hablar de forma correcta? O en su defecto mejorar cada día. HA VUELTO. Así debería estar escrito. Y ya no me meto siquiera en corregir la traducción que sería un tanto más subjetivo. Pero por favor, si hace videos de lo que sea, si escriben cualquier tipo de texto dirigido a las masas procuren usar un lenguaje correcto (del tipo que quieran).

  8. Haven't seen the movie, but it looks pretty f*** dumb and probably will never watch it – even if they paid me to watch it.. Just seeing this little piece looks shitty.

  9. Cyborg’s hand turns into an arm cannon against his will
    Everyone: Victor STOP!
    Victor: I can’t control it!
    Everyone: STOP!

  10. 3:45 superdoof lifts fatman up to his eye level yet the next cut at 3:48 it shows him lifting him up again when theyre already floatin

  11. Bruh he wasn't evil, not even a little bit, Diana said he will ve confused when he comes back, how do you think you'll feel when you see the man who basically killed you after you been revived, plus cyborg shot at him so he's defending himself, please change you title, this was the dumbest thing I've seen today

  12. Il s'est passé quoi avec ce studio sérieux….
    2008: The dark Knight meilleur film de super héros sortie à ce jour.
    2017: Justice League meilleur fan made movie de super héros sortie à ce jour.

  13. сколько можно снимать эти штамповки сказки, бесит уже

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