Everything Thats Wrong With Youtube (Part2/2) – The Community Guidelines

fucking love you too bro I love this site but YouTube is going downhill fucking quickly and I'm gonna do all the I can to not let that happen YouTube is based around its seven main rules called its Community Guidelines but despite them being the rules pretty much every single one of them is me broken right now this is obviously something that YouTube should care about right but it doesn't it just lets it carry on and to make things worse rather than punishing the channels breaking these rules they've been punishing ones that haven't done anything so call me schnitz I'm going to point out some channels breaking these rules over and over again in the hopes that YouTube starts to punish them instead of the completely innocent channels that has been punishing for absolutely no reason consider this your morning alarm wake the fuck up YouTube let's stop with nudity cuz wanna right and also because this one is ridiculous okay this community guideline very clearly says YouTube is not for porn or sexually explicit stuff right if this describes your video don't post that shit so don't you dare try and post any nude events on YouTube right don't even think about it that being said here's a video of a woman shaving her fucking pussy here's a video of a guy showing you had to put a condom on by doing it on his actual dick rather than just using a cucumber or something here's a video where you can see YouTube superstar Batali's cock and bollocks that isn't on the bang bus is limp as a noodle here as well and here's a video of straight-up heterosexual sex where they put a fucking camera up the woman's pussy so you can see the creampie happening in motion alright here on YouTube you see how ridiculous this is if the Community Guidelines say that there is no place for nudity or sexual content on YouTube then why there's so much nudity and sexual content on YouTube and as if that wasn't bad enough right there's rape on YouTube there's a Nigerian movie called sex in the bush which literally has a rape scene in it welcome to YouTube okay now listen you need to pay attention to this one because there are a lot of small parts to this community guard line and pretty much every single little detail is broken by some huge channels everyone hates spam except YouTube apparently if everyone hates spam why didn't social Antonio get anything done to him for years despite his channel revolving around spam so Flo Antonio is the king of spam so Flo Antonio would literally just reupload his old videos just to get fresh views from him some of his videos were full of comments saying things like you just uploaded this video like a week ago why am I seeing it again but nothing happens to him don't create misleading descriptions tags titles or thumbnails in order to increase views is this a joke that whole conceptual gone bar sexual gone transsexual plenty of people say that he was the one who started all of that that trend was his doing again so for Antonio would do most of these things and he still does look at these fucking thumbnails the clickbait e as fuck and look at this thumbnail that's a boob so Flo puts your fucking man boob away man hey look at me I got some titties on your man could you say something he comes you fucking slut but does anything happen to so Flo no of course not it is not okay to post large amounts of repetitive content is YouTube taking the piss has YouTube ever seen prank invasions content every single video is the same fucking thing is just him going around wearing makeup and wearing eyeliner kissing girls for 40 seconds at time and grabbing their arses that's all he does so if YouTube says that it's not okay to post repetitive content there was this this shit is repetitive as fuck however believe it or not YouTube actually did something here prank invasion recently had all of his videos get aid restricted so he can't make money off his videos anymore and as a result he took all of these videos down that's the I'm surprised isn't it finally a bit of justice and a little bit of YouTube upholding some of its Community Guidelines except it's not upholding his community guidelines at all because his videos are back up again and then no longer age-restricted including the fucking blowjob video I talked about good work YouTube you did the right thing for a change but then you changed your mind topknots why did they undo the punishment why is YouTube correcting their mistakes with the bad guys but not the ones they made against the good guys especially when the bad guys deserve to have them stay elide the computer guy got a strike on his channel for a video he made two and a half years ago so if they're monitoring he lied to that extent why were they not watching so Flo so Flo had everyone in the community complaining about him breaking the Community Guidelines yet nothing got done and prank invasion with his repetitive as fuck and sexually explicit material which twelve year olds could totally wank off to nothing happens to him for years and when he finally does lose his monetization he gets it back in like a week yet dog-walker the Nostalgia Critic lost his monetization for no reason for three weeks and Counting and he only got it back when he got the YouTube community behind him to support him and make a noise about the injustice that he was suffering what the fuck YouTube come on man Jesus Christ is this what you called police in your laws officer Barbrady is a bear in force at the new lot for fuck's sake okay first of all I know some of you might think so but Nicole Arbour does not fall into this category her videos were bad right like really bad but they don't break any of these community garden eyes however one person who may fit into this category is vegan gains now listen I'm all for vegan gains message which is to end animal suffering right that's awesome and more power to him for that but months ago he would spread that message by saying things like how he was happy at a popular youtubers boyfriend killing himself and gloating about another popular youtuber being diagnosed with cancer furious Pete got cancer again oh so sad so who would like a haha you're gonna die of cancer t-shirt and now it looks like he's gonna die of cancer and if you ask me he's getting exactly what he deserved cancer and obviously this is all purely for attention and subscribers right and as if that wasn't bad enough he didn't say this on YouTube itself but he was streaming on twitch TV and he was talking about how he would genuinely like to kill another youtuber purely because of how smug he seemed to him Rep sans a little fucking bitch if I had the opportunity I'd kill him like he's such a smug little bitch I'd like love to just slide a knife right across this throat and just slit his fuckin throat with this knife really like to use this knife on him oh he basically made a death threat to mr. epsiode which is some fucking bullshit right cuz if anyone deserves a death threat it was me I fuckin bodied vegan gains in more to videos on him right and I did it way harder than mr. Upjohn did so vegan gains where's my death threat you bastards dick rise late Monday there is violent content everywhere on YouTube man cannibalism okay but seriously right I've already mentioned how prank channels abuse the fuck out of this community guideline right so I'm not gonna go into that anymore in this video but let's focus on the part of this community guideline that says you shouldn't post content that is disrespectful when it comes to youtubers who are truly hated who comes to mind Sam pepper right well fuck Sam pepper some papers famous fuck videos are absolutely nothing compared to the videos made by this absolute wanker just have a watch of this put that thing in my face and they're taking pictures oh who are you what is your name why are you stalking me with a fucking camera I'm a victim of identity theft then what are you trying to prove on the Internet I had enough of this shit I am a fucking victim of identity that motherfucker get your goddamn camera out of my fucking face meet Joseph Costello this cunt has well over half a million subscribers and this is the kind of Content that he makes all he does is just goes up to people on the streets and just harasses them that's literally all he does and YouTube has no problem with it the Community Guidelines also state don't encourage others to commit specific acts of violence right now listen once this is not violence it is harassment so I would like to think that this logic applies to harassment is well right and given that YouTube is breaking this rule themselves by letting channels like this stay up and be as successful as it is it totally encourages others to make videos just like it do you not think that some fame-hungry morons can be sat at home thinking holy shit are you telling me that I can get half a million subscribers by just going up to people on the street and harassing them well let me go grab my camera and my War pistol filled with more cats piss this videos going viral listen I can't be asked to talk about this one just have a quick read yeah all right let's move on I've already covered copyright in depth in my previous video but I need to bring up some quick extra points about the copyright strike system on YouTube now listen he's not the only example right but YouTube's super cunt Sam pepper thanks for the sub by the way has a fucking habit of filing false copyright claims even if a person has done nothing to break copyright Sam pepper can still go and find a false copyright claim against them and get no punishment against him at all the person receiving the false claim absolutely suffers right he loses out on views that they could have gone the subs they could have gotten he no doubt goes through the stress and headache that comes with a copyright strike and he has to take his attention away from video making so he can saw out this false copyright claim that he did nothing to deserve meanwhile nothing happens to Sam pepper at all he doesn't get punished in the slightest so here's my question why do people who file false copyright claims locks Sam pepper get absolutely nothing done to them let me just remind you that filing false copyright claims is illegal it makes no fucking sense that Sam pepper would not get punished for something like that I listen there's plenty of other details about the strike system on YouTube and the punishments that come as a resolve that right but I don't have time to go over that just have a quick read or YouTube can you fucking fix this mate YouTube is a place where literally anyone can make a name for themselves and that's something that I love about it right but personally I don't think that you should be able to make your name by breaking the rules breaking laws and playing dirty that's some scumbag shit because YouTube hasn't been doing anything to please them over the years you've got YouTube prank star slowly getting worse and worse and we now have fake bomb threats happening which is a crime it's illegal right you've also got every single reaction channel completely disregarding copyright laws which is again illegal and you also have YouTube doing absolutely nothing about the waves and waves of companies and other YouTube channels that are filing false copyright claims and DMCA's which again is absolutely fucking illegal YouTube there are so many laws being broken on your platform routinely you need to stop punishing these channels man and for the love of God if you're not going to punish them for some fucking reason why would you punish these guys they did nothing wrong The Situation's gotten so bad that YouTube actually drove away one of its most successful creators elide the computer guy while he will still make videos he's going to focus a lot less on YouTube a content creator with over 600,000 subscribers was driven away by YouTube's negligence and unprofessionalism YouTube you drove him away you're fucking innocent channels over instead of protecting them why are you doing this and this rate is only a matter of time before anyone and everyone is affected even if you don't make videos yourself your favorite youtuber could be hit by this shit tomorrow youtuber I hate everything on his channel taken down immediately with no warning whatsoever and he didn't break any rules at all so in a way it affects everyone on YouTube whether you make videos or not all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing and let that shit happen don't let shit happen the importance of making a noise and kicking up a fuss cannot be fucking underestimated man I'm sure plenty of people know about this but joke thievery had been going on for ages in the comedy scene for example right and one of his biggest joke thieves was a guy called Carlos Mencia everyone in the industry was silent about it because no one wanted the confrontation what is the everstorm I can't do it but it's just words look here's anyway it's good to see you comedians like you are afraid of confrontation the bull shiri was allowed to carry on cuz no one said anything about it but then joe rogan comes along and he makes a noise about it and he confronts the issue head-on cuz he's a fuckin badass and what happened as a result of joe rogan making noise the only way to stop him from doing that was to make a video like this it was the only way and what happened what was the aftermath he's gone Carlos Mencia is now considered a huge fucking joke in the comedy circuit and his bullshit came to an end all because one guy made a fucking noise about it and God bless you for that Joe Rogan sky's the limit in a minute if the whole fine but the scenario a few weeks ago has proven anything it's that when the whole YouTube community gets together they can absolutely make a difference now listen I've never told my viewers to do anything and I never win okay all I'm saying is that if you personally give a fuck about this you could help make noise and we could tweet someone and make a fucking difference maybe who the fuck knows right the best person that I can think of is the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki as if her being the CEO of YouTube isn't enough Time magazine had her as one of the most influential people in the world in 2015 but more than all that stuff right she seems really truly passionate about YouTube and seems to genuinely care about the environment on YouTube for us YouTube creators but I want to leave you all with one final message YouTube succeeds only if you our creators succeed so YouTube strategy will always be the same to invest in you our creators now you guys are pretty good at telling us when our stuff needs work and we listen well let's tell her then right so she seems like a pretty perfect candidate for who we should treat her perfect so listen again I am not telling you what to do but what I'm saying is if you do care about all of this shit that I've mentioned in this video I think they might have a decent chance of actually making a difference if a lot of people tweeted her and got attention on this issue so if you wanted maybe you could tweet her saying something along the lines of hey Susan no one respects YouTube's Community Guidelines and it's slowly destroying YouTube hi stagg wake up YouTube hashtag make YouTube great again YouTube is the website that we all use women on the toilet and we have a good 30 minutes to waste let's not let something as beautiful as that slip through our fingers we have the power to change this man and we can do this individually we are weak but together we are strong man let's burn together and make a change right let's make YouTube great again vote for grade 2016 you you

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  1. 6:45 he lived and had just got diagnosed a third time a few months ago and is fine he is cured this is why vegan gains is a fucking asshole

  2. I've said and asked this before
    1: why the fuck would people dislike the video? Like I want an actual reason
    2: who the fuck are the people that disliked this video? Some dickheads huh

  3. Don't make light of this, GradAUnderA, this is a direct assault on the 1st amendment by Left-Wing cunts from California who hate the majorities opinions. They're heading down a dangerous path with this socialist society. Here's the fucking future, people.

  4. YouTube can’t take down his channel because there will literally be a protect outside of YouTube headquarters.

  5. Vegan Gains can suck a dick. Furious Pete and him live in the same city. I'd love to see a 1 on 1. Pete would eat him alive.

  6. Mumbo Jumbo had Warner Chappel put a copyright claim on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO HE EVER UPLOADED IN THE PAST 3 YEARS (he uploads daily) because in his 20 minute video, he has a 4 second intro, which contains a sample of music, and that sample contains another sample of music which is copyrighted. So he had to file an appeal for EVERY SINGLE VIDEO, and if he got just 3 wrong, his channel would be terminated.
    WHAT THE F!?

  7. My friend got copyright strikes for 30 mins of slow quiet music. If it wasn’t that, 4 seconds of copyrighted music. Thanks youtube.

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  9. Joseph Costello's channel is still up 3 years later. And judging from one look at his channel, it seems like he's now capitalizing on sexual stuff.

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