And then she said “Let them eat cake”. Crazy right? Yeah. Alright class, so we’re done a little early today, so take the rest of class to talk amongst yourselves. Mr. Washington! Yeah? Last week you said that we would all get tests. What the heck, Nate?! What do you like tests or something?! No… I LOVE TESTS!!! *R.I.P. Nate* My little child heart! Every Test Ever Oh come on, what did you get? I don’t wanna say it. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s not like I’m gonna treat you any differently if I find out. Hufflepuff. Get the f*ck out. Every Test Ever Well, it looks like there’s an 80% chance your arm is broken. 80%. I can’t get a B. *scream* Uhhhh.. 90%. Ahhhhh… A- This might be a bad time to ask, do you have health ensurance? Every Test Ever Hey babe, umm I know you have plans to hang out with your friends this weekend, but it’s actually going to be my dad’s birthday. Sooo, um. You can either hang out with your friends, or you can come to my dad’s. Is this a test? No, you can do either one. You sure? Yeah. Ok, if I can do either then I’ll probably just hang out with my friends. *intense music* ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! YOU’D RATHER HANG OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, THEN GO TO MY FATHER’S BIRTHDAY?! HE’S GONNA DIE SOON! Do you even love me anymore? Is..this a test? *screams* Alright time’s up. Look uh, the results for your drug test came back in. We’re not gonna be able to hire you. Uhh, I’m sorry but it wasn’t nothing but a little bit of weed, it wasn’t like… you know. That’s exactly the problem. You don’t smoke nearly enough weed to be a delivery driver here at Pizza Hat. Come back when your more committed. Maybe try some of that. I bid you.. A good day. Eyes on your own paper! Okay sir, if you want to be an American citizen your gonna need to answer the following questions. Alright. Who was the 13th president of the United States? Well I know that one. It’s Millard Fillmore. I’m sorry you failed. Oh crap. Ohh, what’s the answer? It’s Millard Fillmore but… No one in America knows the answer to that question, we don’t trust smart people. Every Test Ever Hello students! Welcome to art class. Where there are no wrong answers! 9/11 was an inside job. There is one wrong answer. The Earth is flat. Where there are two wrong answers. The Holocaust didn’t hap… OKAY JEREMY GET THE F*CK OUT! Sweet. Hey, can I copy your homework? Alright guys, class dismissed. Oh, Michael can you stay behind for a little bit? Ooooooooooooo!!!! Yes Ms. Shannon. Michael, did you cheat on your test? No. Michael. Yes! Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to cheat on the test but… last week’s essay looked so damn sexy. Oh, I’m a monster! That is not what I meant by cheating! Oh I wish I could quit you! Oh my god! Oh gosh! Every “I’m just gonna ditch” Ever *blows* *beep beep* *blows* Well. You got a 5. Oh, .05? No, you blew a 5. You should be dead. Oh no, I scored dude! Strive for five! Every Test Ever Yo, that was Every Test Ever. Thank you for watching, and thank you even more for subscribing! If you want to watch Every Elementary School Ever, click the box on the left. And if you want to watch Every Rom Com Ever, click the box on the right! Make sure to love yourself, be happy, and be healthy!

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  2. when Olivia was the teacher she looked like my prep teacher. Love you, Miss, Conardo! I don't know how to spell her last name.

  3. Xcggf gydf f Rey dr texrtdr. Tertiary. Rd re. Seething try rssd. So. So sxr xsrdr zodiac fad fxdfxe r r s sxr erss e e untruth u u utrduddu drt rest sets estesery rsest y est steer sets use te set setse of Texas destiny determines who you are

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