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I don’t like my nose ya Sometimes I feel like an urban poor I can’t even afford a nose job You know, I bought this new bag at such a
throw away price So cheap, just $5000 Such a steal deal na No, don’t go for the gold facial Seriously? It’s so yesterday Go for the diamond one it’s very ‘nouvelle vague’ Dude, the Panama list is so surprising Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai I know right But I feel so urban poor ya My father’s name is not even there in the
Panama papers No ya What are you saying I’m just an average, regular low maintenance
kind of a girl you know? Yeah just one second No ya Devika, I can’t come for shopping
in that part of the city I’d rather just go to Dubai and shop you know? I finally booked my Enfield And the EMI scheme is so amazing! EMI? What’s an EMI? Is this like EDM music or something? Oh, your sister’s getting married in Kanpur! Nice Where’s Kanpur? Kanpur! it’s in UP You mean the one that’s next to Bihar? Yeah Oh Nice Hi dad Dad I want to go to Switzerland this year No dad, not Dubai Dubai is so ‘passé’ You went to Bangkok? with friends? Who goes to Bangkok, ya? I don’t think even Ramu kaka will choose
Bangkok for a vacation They don’t take credit cards? No ya! My driver just messaged and said he’s not
coming today! What am I going to do? I have to go to the salon, I have to go to
the gym, I have to meet Revant! There’s so much to do Listen, my calf muscle has been aching so much ya Why, what happened? I’ve been wearing my Jimmy Choo’s all day! You know what? It’s a serious problem for women I think, I should write a blog on it No, no, no, no, no I know what feminism is I am a feminist I am a strong, independent woman Oh, wait, my dad’s calling Hi dad Just transfer like five lakh rupees? Alright, bye Yeah so, where were we? Why are you dressed like an NGO? NGO? I’m wearing a tuxedo Ramu kaka, I want black coffee! Hey, what do you call black coffee in Hindi? ‘Kali coffee’ I want ‘kali coffee’ Listen, tell these people what they have to do If you know somebody so rich Or this high maintenance And if you like our video Ok bye

100 thoughts on “Every Rich Girl in the World | Being Indian

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  2. Wtf…i m not like that..nd not every rich ppls are like that…not apprciated😤😤…most ignoramus thing i have ever watched

  3. and other that for your kind information Kanpur is not in Bihar or rather not near to Bihar which is the wrong kind of you guys it is in U P if you don't know the correct thing please don't use it in your videos and other than that every rich girl isn't that don't mind I have many rich friends and none of them are like how you showcased in your video. I will like to request you guys that please show something which is really true

  4. The lead girl is awesome !!!!!!
    If I were rich I would be the same as the female lead is 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. The girl doesn’t even look rich or classy. Plus The hair n makeup looks cheaper with the red lipstick n curly-semi straightend hair. Atleast make your models worthy of watching your videos

  6. whats wrong with bihar? Its just not funny to create fun in context of any state, its just not cool. Bihar had a great history, dont spread hate,remember there are also viewer from bihar.Jai hind..

  7. Bihar what biharis are not human about at least better hearted from this so stop assassinating biharis they r good people

  8. high maintenance is nt always about being so rich,it involves hygiene,way u live,ur talk,ur thoughts,way to hndle situations,way u sit,talk nd vice versa.love to God tht he blessed me wid all nd a propr fmily ,ok enough rich to survive but nt tht rich dude..I felt hppy wid sale ,when I found gd stuff in it too.lol

  9. Seriously man why people make shitty faces hearing bihar?
    That's really so backward view. First of all, we are Indian so please don't make fun of any state. And this is literally not expected from you @being_indian just giving such name is not enough you must withstand it.

  10. Not all rich people have same mentality..It depends on parents how to groom them..Some people do not say that they’re rich..They actually behave like middle class people so that dnt get too much attention and want to b friendly…

  11. Unsubscribed your channel because of your cheap thinking..and by the way UP Bihar ko hi sab dekhte h next pm kiwko bnna rhe h

  12. If other states ki girls asi hoti h Jo ho country me reh k apne State ki respect Ni krti then thank God. Mai bihar se hu m proud to be a bihari 🤗

  13. Hey my father is a business man and we are quite rich but I am not spoiled or dumb , I am the topper of my class and I have good sense of humour every rich girl is not a brat . No hate just saying the right thing

  14. 0:56 abe, LOW MAINTENANCE hai yeh!!???!!!!!!! isse dekh ke to, high maintenance bhi sharma jaaye!!!!!!!!!

  15. Madar chodooo Aisaa Kya hai bee Bihar Mai puraaa desh hum Bihari hee Chala raheen hai samjheee beer bhosdeee walooon, ganduuuu saleee

  16. Why was that Bhechchood Bald wearing a Black T-shirt was so excited after getting answers from that old beggar like a person? Why he scolds God including mother and sister? If anyone doesn't believe on God not Bif deal. But there is no need to Scold God. Have some respect Guys! that f***Kin old bigger and that bald guy. So Shiitttyyy.

  17. Stupid stereotype. We are just jealous of them and we take revenge by making them stupid on screen.

  18. ये वही लड़की है न जो मोमोस वालों से फ्री की चटनी माँग माँग दुकान बंद करवा देती है

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