Evergreen Elementary named National Blue Ribbon School

Evergreen is special because we believe
that all kids can be successful and we hold them to that
expectation and they rise to that expectation and they should believe in
themselves they all can go to college they all can be successful and so we
keep instilling them in them constantly you can do this you can be whatever you
want. Every student who walks through our door is going to be successful. Hey where
you live doesn’t matter, you’re going to get the best education right here in
Spanaway. We’ve received the Washington achievement award, we’ve been a
distinguished award winner for a few years. We also received the National
Title One award last year, and now we just received the National Blue Ribbon
Award, so we are getting awards quite a bit. We at a certain point decided that
we were not going to make excuses for kids and for staff and we decided that
we were gonna raise the expectations for all the kids no matter what their
ability level and in doing so we found that kids rise to the challenge and we
have had a great success for that so it makes me really proud of them that
regardless of the circumstances they are coming from they are rising up and doing
really well at Evergreen oh I feel like we couldn’t do it without our parents
parents support is huge having parents being active part of their kids academic
experience and as a whole child makes a huge difference on whether a kid is
successful or not it’s amazing when they know that you believe in them and when
you have high expectations for them they are more than willing to meet that
challenge to show you what they can do see if student that have succeeded here
at Evergreen we don’t stop there we as the staff truly care how are they doing
in middle school and then getting to high school and graduate and let’s meet
our goal is what happens after high school we want them to go to college or
pursue a career but we just don’t stop and celebrate that success at Evergreen
we want to look at beyond as well evergreen is special because we truly
care about kids at the end of the day we really want what’s best for them

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