EU vs Russia: Europe united

check out the word of my Norse god of sponsorship the Vikings game just had a massive update there are new RPG elements and a new hero you choose your own game style build up your cities and economy our rule through diplomacy or use a huge army to destroy your enemies I advise making sure the food iron and silver are plentiful before waging war bin knows no army can fight on skill alone check out why 12 million players are so addicted to it support my channel today download Vikings from the links below in the description you’ll get your initial protection shield for free and my special bonus of 200 gold for a fast and successful start Riviera hello we’re discussing EU versus Russia in this second and final part we will explore how the full EU alliance do against Russia occupying Ukraine and possibly other bordering nations both sides start with full initial willingness to fight no other allies are involved in any way and nukes are not an option for those who believe lack of European unity would lead to a smaller European alliance part 1 covered that option do also watch it for other aspects not covered in this video Belarus is this time a Russian Ally granting its territory and forces to it Ukraine is considered as completely dissolved and busy fighting with itself with no remaining armed forces so what would be different if whole EU when to liberate Ukraine and protect the Baltics from Russia air power balance would change so EU would control much of the front though still with a steep casualty cost EU has twice as many fighter jets and difference in number of technologically advanced fighters is even bigger front control would be aided by European more advanced and more numerous airborne support platforms Russian Air Force is penetrating over the front would thus lead to unacceptably steep losses Russians would play defensively counting on their air defenses to help them out and that they would is there advance Sam inventory is Russian biggest trump card it would make deep incursions into Russia next to impossible and would prevent carefree ground support sorties for the EU strike fleet EU would gradually accumulate losses and their airpower edge would over time diminish of course by that time Russian air forces would be basically half and confined to occasional harassment strikes you would have to choose between time-consuming and risky relocation of their air bases closer to the front and for sortie rates if much of their air forces operate from home bases they’re fairly potent aerial refueling fleet however would mitigate some of those issues with air defenses and air forces neutralizing each other the two sides would be left with organic ground level firepower to support their troops but before we’d well into that let’s look at overall army numbers EU has a comfortable edge in every segment especially when it comes to actual trained reserve you paramilitary though may not be able to project much of its manpower posture country’s borders though they could form the cornerstone of a mass mobilized army if conflict lasts for a year has talked about in the first video he used biggest issue would be bringing the forces to the battlefield most of the Russian forces would start fairly close by but EU would need to assemble forces from great distances completely you would have some Rapid Reaction forces but those are still fairly minor formations especially if you plays catch-up after Russia is already prepped for taking Ukraine while transport planes will work overtime getting all brigades with thousands of their vehicles to the other side of Europe would with very little exception require rail and road transport it would take months for EU forces to assemble large army groups capable of penetrating Russian defenses Britain would need to hold them through the tunnel or over the sea while Spanish troops would have quite a bit of travelling to do since both sides would transport troops from afar both sides would try to disrupt those lines by air and cruise missile strikes Russia does have a sizeable bomber fleet while EU has no such aircraft but Russia doesn’t have that many cruise missiles as half of their fleet is specialized for anti shipping missions Russian overall ballistic and cruise missile inventory slightly lags behind in numbers but their overall range is greater new rail transport infrastructure would be continuously harassed Russians faced with a potentially overwhelmingly strong enemy might preemptively strike not only at Ukraine but also try and take as much territory as possible before EU armies assemble that includes taking the Baltics trying to hold on to Kaliningrad overrunning moldova and possibly even going into Finland Abed not all those games would be done to hold them but to slow down enemy’s approach making them go through a larger territory and destroy their roads and infrastructure the larger font will however stretch the Russian forces especially the addition of Finnish front and the need to protect its northern fleet space near Murmansk would tie a sizable part of Russian forces stretching their army numbers indeed with Baltics being threatened both sides are more likely to concentrate more to the north Russia might be forced to take a completely defensive stance in Ukraine Russian initial scramble would see most of the Baltics cut off as Russia might go through Belarus first instead of wasting time occupying the Baltics that’s not to say Russia would not go for the three Baltic states as well but it would not be the first priority cut off Baltic states would be easy prey later on even if reinforced by EU by air and sea when finally ready you would likely attack on a wide front including pressing gone through Finland toward st. Petersburg and try and cut off Murmansk part of the British forces could be ferried to Sweden then traveled to Finland by roads joining the Scandinavian effort towards Russia EU surveillance and recon assets are more numerous and more advanced but realistically neither side would be able to hide large army groups and have them perform surprise attacks besides UAVs helicopters of various kinds would be used for recon and attack an area where EU has an upper hand though both sides air defenses might neutralize a good deal of such assets better and more numerous tactical recon platforms would however aid you in local temporary buildups of forces for added local numerical superiority of its troops previous video said partial EU navy would neutralize russian naval threat but could not aid much in the overall war effort the naval conflict would make only a little more sense with full EU alliance with russian fleets dispersed and being so far from each other only the pacific fleet could realistically join with the northern fleet but even if they try they would be badly outnumbered by more technologically advanced opponent option of getting the Pacific Fleet to Mediterranean is not realistic as even if logistics hold EU fleet would be waiting for them at the Suez choke point it is all but impossible Russia could exit the Black Sea with balance of powers shown but equally so European navies could not go into the Black Sea due to international regulations and neutral Turkey of course politically more realistic scenario might go differently but that is outside the scope of this video European Baltic Fleet would equally prevent the Russians from doing much in the Baltic Sea but it would also be quite in danger of Russian airpower so actually making landings around Baltic States or bokade in st. Petersburg would be unlikely pushing north run Scandinavia may be plausible for EU naval might but as they get closer to Murmansk Russian small craft would enter the fray as well as sizable Russian naval aviation Russian submarines would also be better utilized defensively but EU has a vast fleet of anti-submarine helicopters and enough ships to hold them still proximity to Russia would mean Russian land-based air forces would negate all the European advantages EU would risk losing much of their fleet to Russian air force and coastal defences for little to no gain in the end most likely outcome is that Russia would keep its fleets very close to its home but an alert for any possible EU fleet incursion into the Baltic Sea if that happens Russian northern and added Pacific Fleet might sail into Atlantic to relieve the pressure on the Baltics still you could afford to use a good deal of their air defence ships in the Baltics helping in the much-needed air war eventually you fleets in the Baltic Sea would be joined by most of its amphibious landing assets threatening Kaliningrad or other areas not as close to st. Petersburg but even if landings are performed successfully quite close to the frontline in the Baltics there would be but a drop in a bucket Russian Hardware numbers are pretty inadequate against all of you fast early gains before Europe assembles its forces are crucial if Russia hopes to retain some of the conquered land the artillery unusual Russian strong point is an area where Russia lags behind when compared to all of EU while Russia does have thousands of old cold war-era guns and armored vehicles parked around advanced graveyards there simply isn’t enough trained personnel ready to man them Russian armed forces who need to increase several fold first even so most of these new units would be manned by reservists with little real training when it comes to combined arms operations it is unlikely that but a fraction of equipment could be put back into service first several months of the war would be unlikely to bring much movement over the front but once the European armies consolidate Russian coalition could only steadily retreat while inflicting the attackers somewhat bigger casualties Russia has no area in which it has an upper hand except the air defenses but air defenses are a niche defensive weapon with weaker ground forces those air defenses could not play a role in the offense as there would be no offense eventually the European might would mean the overall casualties would remain comparative to Russian ones as said more numerous forces greater battlefield mobility and better aerial recon would help concentrate EU units more efficiently and result in the local overwhelming numerical advantages if political willingness to fight remains high for both sides EU coalition could overwhelm Russia with numbers after a year a huge number of mobilized conscripts could aid Europeans it might be bloody but eventually you would win this fight through sheer numbers and technology but for you to succeed in the real world it would be imperative to either have powerful allies like the US or to have full support of its peoples and foreign policy because if the EU military coalition loses an important member or two if it can rely only on the country’s professional soldiers if mass mobilization does not happen and if you economies do not switch to wartime production levels overall you strength would be almost half and thus the end result would be closer to what the first video in this series suggested instead of a victory and of course such large-scale war could lead to nuclear weapons use you lags quite a bit behind there though realistically we would already be talking about US involvement by then at a global nuclear catastrophe did you know you can buy bing cups t-shirts hop over to our store at vinca comm and pick a design you like it doesn’t have to be just a t-shirt there’s all sorts of goodies waiting for you get in touch with your inner commissar as usual feel free to subscribe and if you really like my videos you can support me by the above link through the patreon crowdfunding website and remember bin cough may talk about hypothetical Wars but only real peace can bring us all together

100 thoughts on “EU vs Russia: Europe united

  1. no such thing as allies or not, cepu, do, be, relatex can do, be , any relatex any no matter what and any b perfect

  2. I don't know that I agree. Russia fought the Germans in ww2 in an absolute brawl that's never been equalled in human history. At one point 40 percent of the Russian population was under occupation and they managed to win the war through cunning and having access to resources aside from manpower. The point is even with losing nearly their entire 1941 army and 40 percent of its manpower pool they rebounded and lost 8 million troops in the fight.

    Russian staying power has no other equal. I find it very difficult that the eu could muster the same political will to keep the fight going and Russia has land to cede gradually, allowing the enemy to stretch their supply lines. Also, the proposed eu based military is a mismash of different countries , each of which is compartmentalized. These nations would have to intigrate into a unified command structure and establish new divisions front the brigades and regiments that exist.

    I just skeptical about Russia losing in this war. I do not believe they could take western Europe either but haven't we learned invading Russia is difficult.

  3. Regardless of combined GDP of the EU, without NATO, the various nations that make up the EU would argue about how resoond to Russian aggression, and the group would fall apart within months of a Russian invasion any where. Think initial British and French responses to early (pre Sept 1939) NAZI German agression.

  4. This is not the same Russia of WW2, and after looking at how many terrorist attacks EU experienced in 2018 I have reason to believe there are still many sleeping terrorist cells ready to wake up and cripple EU's military defences

  5. накой черт вы нам сдались? унас своей территорий хватает.

  6. NATO zonder Turkije is alleen maar NA.En,Europe zonder Turkije is ook niks,kan niks beginnen tegen Rus,

  7. Binkov : UE boring you and your masterpiece of shit. If you want so much the war, go alone, brave heros in rabbit skin !

  8. Europa can win a war with Russia because Russia is communist and other countries in capitalist and america America is quick to help

  9. Would never happen, if Russia would lose…they would launch all their nukes and the current world would end. Rather to die then lose.

  10. So, again everybody is forgeting importance of oil. Russia have oil, europe dont. How will you wage a war without oil? Without it all the tanks and airfighters are useless. Hitler was also desperately try to conquer southern part of russia but failed, and that was beggining of his downfall plus winter conditions.

  11. The video could be shortened to 4 minutes. The first minute – Russian satellites turn off all radar stations on the territory of NATO countries. The second minute – the nuclear submarine fleet strikes a missile attack on the shores of England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland. The third minute – mobile missile systems, as well as stationary mines in the territory of Kaliningrad strike the Baltic States, Poland, Romania. The black sea fleet, as well as the ships of the Caspian flotilla with the same missile strikes clean the entire European coast to Turkey. Fourth minute – credits…If NATO really believe that they will fight tanks and aircraft, they will be very disappointed

    Видео можно было сократить до 4 минут. Первая минута – русские спутники выключают все станции радиолокации на территории стран НАТО. Вторая минута – атомный подводный флот наносит ракетный удар по берегам Англии, Норвегии, Швеции, Дании, Германии, Польши. Третья минута – передвижные ракетные комплексы, а также стационарные в шахтах на территории Калининграда наносят удары по странам Балтии, Польши, Румынии. Черноморский флот, а также корабли Каспийской флотилии такими же ракетными ударами чистят всё европейское побережье до Турции. Четвертая минута- титры…Если в НАТО реально верят, что с ними будут воевать танками и самолетами, то их ждет большое разочарование

  12. Ukraine is busy fighting himself…Ukraine is not fighting himself its fighting Russian Army since 2014 when little green man with masks faces steal Crimea. Then the same green man went to Donbass and try to ukrainize the war but leaders and the tactics and weapons are RUSSIANS. There's no civil war in Ukraine.

  13. Europe and Russia should be able to get along just fine if it wasn't for outside interference after all we are all Europeans.!!!

  14. If war breaks Europe and Russia people will perish and Europe will be run over with Muslims and Africans

  15. Don’t forget a lot of Russians are already in Europe and already some European nations respects Russia

  16. Another big problem for the EU forces would be the language barrier and tactics. The Russians would be using one language and could communicate more effectively. What would the EU use?

  17. I’m not sure Russia would be willing to enter Finland. They (Russia) got their asses kicked, last time.

  18. Since the EU is currently lead by Merkel so the EU invasion of Russia will technically be the national focus on HOI4 “Revenge for Stalingrad”

  19. Bullshit, Russia will go through Europe like a knife through butter. You don't even need all of Russia. Chechens alone would win this war in a month. Previously Russia marched to Paris (war with Napoleon), marched to Berlin (1945) and yet you are still delusional… By the way, Russian Iskander missiles would destroy all airports, ammunition depouts and command post in first day of war. They have been aimed at those targets for years. And EU doesn't even have a central command. You have all this countries trying to give orders to their troops – its a mess… Russia has so much land full of gas, oil and other resources. Why would it need poor Baltic States with no resources??????

  20. Russia is weak their only source of economic income is exporting military kits …food oil water and banks would be hit in times of war…therefore Russia will easily lose..moreover Russian kits are known to breakdown or inefficient to modern European weapons. Russian tech also seems quite old

  21. Secondo la cospirazione RETTILIANI le Nazioni si dovranno ammientare reciprocamente per morire molta gente

  22. Europe can not even Handel crap in there own back yard with out the US in the last 100 years proves that, Take em Russia you can have em lol

  23. That will never happend .EU is falling apart(too many different nations in it).Strong EU is not beneficial neither US or to Russia.But if someting happend do you even think that Russia will not use nukes if forgein army invades their territory.Be sure that nukes in that case will be used 100%.Every goverment knows that and only economic presure is applied now and than against Russia ,but with small impact because Russia is one of the worlds most independent countries in term of energents and food production(mostly because it is worlds largest country by teritory).

  24. While Russia fighting Europe, China would take huge land masses in the far east of Russia. Russia can't fight two major powers at once, China would help defeat Russia so it could keep Russian territories .

  25. Russia is not so powerful, it is estimated that even Ukraine is hard to be swallowed. Russia should cede the west of the Ula Mountain to Europe and complete Napoleon's plan.

  26. indian manpower +russian weapons =EU Finish
    long live Russia 🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳🇷🇺🇮🇳

  27. USA support European union than CHINA and INDIA support Russian
    Final result = whole Europe win by Russia and its allies 🇮🇳🇨🇳🇷🇺
    Thank you

  28. Without nuclear weapon, Russia is not powerful as the Soviets in the 80's… She had no match with United Europe…

  29. If Russia were to fight any single country in Europe without help from other countries, that country would be finished in less than a day. That's the reason why they formed NATO, because they're SCARED of Mother Russia. They need allies unlike Russia that can stand ON HER OWN.

  30. Tanks comparisson
    EU :
    – British Challenger II
    – French Leclerc
    – German leopard2A6
    – italian C-1 ariette
    – Polish PL-1 stealth tank
    – New T-14 armata
    – tons of T-92 and T-88

  31. И с какого перепугу Украина на стороне России должна быть???

  32. You're analysis is flawed. Both sides would already be positioned for war in such a scenario beforehand, meaning the EU would NOT have to spend months gathering troops.

  33. turkey and other black Sea nation's alone could dominate the Russian coast to the black Sea, as turkeys fleet is larger than the Russian black Sea fleet.

  34. Europe gets a lot of their energy from Russia. That might constitute a bit of a problem. 40% of oil and gas comes from Vlad. Besides, everyone knows you can't beat the Russian Winter. The Russians aren't exactly soft SJWs. Their actual warriors. Sorry EU. Dasvidaniya

  35. The Russians fought WWII with far less money, and sacrificed far more people than anyone ever. Never underestimate the Russians.

  36. If russia wants us, we will jlin with pleasure. We always got your back, brother!.. Jai Hind!

  37. Information is out of date. The supersonic unbreakable new missiles of Russia will simply turn any military equipment and ships of NATO and the United States into iron coffins.

  38. I think you overestimate the russian ground to air weapons in your videos a bit. Yes the russians do have good ones and quite a number of them but thier impact is not that big. Wild weasel and low level tactics have proven very effective against them. They are the primary targets for the EU airforces and I doubt that russia will use more than the half of what they have without thinning out their lines too much at other borders and far front installations.

  39. Why all these nonsense videos… Why EU and US vs Russia, vs China. Last time I've checked, it was the US and some EU countries invading other country.

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