ETSI Security week 2019 – debating different aspects of cybersecurity

the HT security week is a series of events during one week and where we have several workshops around different cybersecurity topics we also hold things like hackathons we have posters displayed in the lobby area and also some demos presented by several companies the aim is to gather all cybersecurity stakeholders including administration's governments the European Commission industry and also consumer associations to discuss about the latest hot cybersecurity topics if the vendors are here the operators are here some of the service providers are here standardization people it's actually a condensed week of pure information hammering the subject matter is very clear it's easy to follow it has the right people here which is very important and I think the maturity of the discussion is very high always useful contacts on the side of the legislature and the regulator's this event allows us to exchange and have a meaningful exchange out a strategic discussion that will help us in formulating policies about these things in India this is read the best face and is the only place to have it an earlier information what's really going on the key advantage is the networking and to meet a lot of different people from all around the world it's one of the few opportunities where there's the possibility for an open and free opinion exchange we hope how delegates will gather all the information they are looking for and that they will enjoy all the networking facilities we are offering during the week

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