Ethiopian Emperors Family Tree (Solomonic Dynasty)

hi everyone on this channel I've covered the family trees of many European dynasties and I'm starting to do Asian dynasties as well however I've never done a dynasty from sub-saharan Africa so that's what I'm gonna do today in this video I'm gonna be showing you the family tree of one of the most interesting dynasties in world history the Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia one of the things that makes this dynasty so interesting is that it claims to be rooted in the very distant past the name Solomonic comes from king solomon so that's where i'm going to start now keep in mind that this first part is based on religious tradition not verifiable history but we'll get to history soon so when i say king solomon i mean the same solomon that is a character in the bible according to judeo-christian tradition he was the son of king david and was the one who built the first temple in jerusalem now there's a story in the Bible in first Kings chapter 10 it mentions a certain queen of sheba who came to visit solomon because she had heard of his great wisdom according to that account they talked for a long time exchanged some very expensive gifts and then she returns home but according to Ethiopian tradition that's not all that happened according to the Kebra Nagast which is kind of Ethiopia's national origin story the Queen of Sheba was named Menelik when she returned home she gave birth to Menelik who became the first king of ethiopia metalic later goes back to meet solomon as an adult and steals the Ark of the Covenant and brings it back to Ethiopia the Ark of the Covenant is that golden box featured in the Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark it supposedly held the Ten Commandments inside so if you want to find the Lost Ark you might want to start in Ethiopia but let's get back to the dynasty in ancient times Ethiopia was known as the kingdom of Aksum and Men Olek was supposedly the ancestor of their kings this brings us to Zaha the first historically known monarch of auxin he lived in the second century CE II or 8 D which is when the Roman Empire was at its height during this time Ock soon became a great Empire it lasted about 800 years and we know the names of many of its rulers all of these rulers were thought to be descendants of men Olek the last emperor of Aksum was dil nod according to oral tradition he was supposedly defeated by an evil queen named Judit who had all the male members of the royal family killed she was then followed by the Zog Wei dynasty which went on to rule Ethiopia for about 300 years the first emperor of that dynasty married the daughter of the last emperor of Aksum in order to provide continuity but in 1270 the zog Wei dynasty was defeated by this individual here yaku no unlock and this is where the Solomonic dynasty begins historically hakuna unlock claimed that the last emperor of Aksum actually had a son who escaped gu debts massacre and was hidden away he claimed to be a descendant of that son and therefore the legitimate heir to the emperors of auxin now it's impossible for us to know whether or not his story was true in a literal sense just like it's impossible for us to know whether or not the ancient rulers of auxin were really descended from someone named Menelik and whether or not metalic was really the son of some sort of historical version of solomon and the queen of sheba what we do know is that by the time the Kebra Nagast was written ethiopia was a christian country so it's likely that all these connections were invented in order to legitimize the rule of this new dynasty so if there is any truth to it that truth has likely been stretched and embellished kind of like the story of King Arthur but what we do know is that the Solomonic dynasty can certainly trace its origins to the year twelve seventy now we're not going to go through all the Emperor's because there were a lot of them instead I'm gonna give you a quick overview up until modern times and then we'll go one by one I do want to point out this Emperor here dawat ii he was a descendant of yaku no unlock and he reigned during the Italian Renaissance in fact the painting you see of him here is a contemporary one done by a Renaissance painter he's important because from here the dynasty splits into several branches the two main ones being the Gondar branch and the shewa branch these two names refer to places in Ethiopia where the various branches ruled so after da with the second we get five more Emperor's from the main branch before the throne passes to the Gondar branch we then get three more emperors before an emperor known as Yasu the great he also the great was a contemporary of louis xiv of france and established diplomatic relationships with several European countries the Europeans used the name Abyssinia to refer to Ethiopia following the abdication of EOS to the great in 1706 Ethiopia entered a time known as the era of princes when imperial power declined and most of the country was ruled by local leaders there were lots of Emperor's during this time from the Gondar branch but they were mostly just figureheads this changed with Emperor to Droste ii his reign marks the beginning of modern Ethiopian history he claimed to be a member of the Solomonic dynasty via the Gondar branch he managed to unite the country again but his hold on power was still somewhat tenuous he therefore reached out to the British for help but Britain refused to send troops this made to Ross angry and he reacted by holding several British citizens in Ethiopia hostage including the Consul and responded by sending a massive show of force to rescue its citizens they sent two hundred and eighty ships from India which included 13,000 British and Indian soldiers an even larger number of civilians 44 elephants and 40,000 other animals the forced landed via the Red Sea and took three months to march across the difficult terrain to the Emperor's fortress in the end – dross committed suicide and Britain successfully rescued its prisoners Britain did not stay to occupy the country though and Ethiopia remained independent in fact Ethiopia was the only country in Africa that was not claimed by Europeans during this time period known as the Scramble for Africa after two dros a descendant of the earlier tagua dynasty claimed the emperor ship for a few years but then he was defeated by Emperor Johannes the fourth another descendant of the Gondar branch of the Solomonic dynasty but his son an appointed heir died shortly before him so after you'll Honus the fourth there was a power struggle rossmann Geshe johannes previously known as the nephew of the Emperor but after the Emperor died it was claimed that he was actually the Emperor's son however men elect the second a descendent of the powerful shuwa branch of the Solomonic dynasty won the power struggle and became emperor he is the last confirmed male-line ancestor of the Solomonic dynasty early in his reign the Italians attacked Ethiopia but the Ethiopians were able to successfully defend themselves because menelik ii had only daughters the throne passed to his grandson Yasu v however Yasu was never crowned his father had been Muslim and there were concerns that Yasu might eventually come to support Islam so his aunt judy – became reigning Empress instead her first husband had been the son of Johannes the fourth because Ethiopia had always been ruled by a male this man here originally known as Rastafari was made regent and heir now even if you previously knew nothing about Ethiopian history the name Rastafari is probably familiar to you we'll get to that in a second first of all Rastafari Makonnen is a member of the Solomonic dynasty via a female branch here there was actually another person with a more senior claim through a different female line but he chose to support Rastafari Makonnen so when Empress Judy too died Rastafari became Emperor halay c-elysée the first the most well known emperor of ethiopia and a dominant figure in African politics during most of the 20th century he's also one of the few people in recent history to have an entire religion named after him the Rastafarian religion developed in Jamaica in the 1930s Rastafarians believe that Emperor Haile Selassie the first was the Messiah a reincarnation of God like Jesus they also believe that blacks are God's chosen people the African Americans are currently living in Babylon and that one day they will return to Zion which is Africa most people know a little bit about Rastafarianism because of Bob Marley and other reggae artists who were and are Rastas or followers of Rastafarianism but as for Haleh c-elysée himself he was never a supporter of the movement one of the things he had to worry about early in his reign was the Italians they returned in 1935 for another attempt at conquering Ethiopia this time they were successful and therefore the Emperor had to escape to Britain where he remained in exile until 1941 the king of Italy Victor Emmanuel the third took the title of Emperor of Ethiopia during this time but during World War 2 the British helped halay Selassie to take the country back from the Italians so Selassie was once again Emperor from 1941 to 1974 in 1974 the monarchy came to an end when the country was taken over by communists although there was a short period when Selassie's eldest son was declared emperor this was not considered official and the monarchy was officially abolished in 1975 what exactly happened to Haleh Selassie was not known until the 1990s when the communist regimes around the world fell at that time it was discovered that he was assassinated by strangulation in 1975 in the year 2000 he was given an elaborate funeral today his grandson Zira Jakob is the most senior heir to the former throne however his cousin Prince Amaya's serves as president of the crown Council and officially represents the former monarchy when needed so that's a brief overview of the Ethiopian House of Solomon I don't sell this particular chart as a poster but you can download the image for free using the link in the description if you like learning about famous dynasties from world history be sure to subscribe to the channel thanks for watching

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  1. Please note that European royal genealogy also includes legendary figures when dealing with the same time period as Solomon and Makeda. For example, Rome was said to be founded by Romulus, who is not considered historical. Alexander the Great was said to be a descendant of Hercules, who is not considered historical.


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  4. The Most High God is the Power of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/ Israel and the 12 Tribes… Exodus 3 v 13 -15 … Ethiopia comes in second…as Cush/ Kush son of Ham, son of Noah…not by way of Shem, the chosen Son of Noah. All praise to TMH AHAYAH ASHAR AHAYAH bahasham Yashaya ha Machiach, Shalawam


  6. It cracks me up that all these dynasties follow the Male only lines…but it's the mitochondria DNA that is the line that can be followed all the way back to the beginning. Curiouser and curiouser!

  7. Listen carefully to what he’s saying lol Menelik stole Ark of the covenant from his dad Solomon but Solomon’s temple is in South America 😉

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  11. More disrespect and doubt from the mouth of babes. Redo your research and video. You cast dispersion upon a true royal line of majestic people.

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    The irony is he took power from Iyasu the grandson of minillik accusing
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    Many kingdom came and left in all part of the world, but we don’t see
    today just because France ruled England in the 1600 th. Claiming they
    are one , do they ?

  14. The 'Solomon descendants' thing is just a legend made up by the dynasty to elevate themselves, similarly to how the Julio-Claudian dynasty claimed descent from the Roman god Jupiter or the Ancient Macedonian Argead dynasty claimed descent from Heracles. It was a common thing for royal and aristocratic families to do.

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