Ethics in Business: Trust, In Their Own Words

(upbeat music) – It comes down to the culture and it comes down from the leadership and so trust is integrity,
transparency, honesty and be up front with your clients. – I am very conscious of
having an independent mindset and I have the courage to
share this information with the right stakeholders and these are the part and
parcel of building trust. – The greatest challenge for the accountancy
profession and ACCA is to maintain trust in the profession. The public needs to trust that people will first of all
abide by that code of ethics, and on the rare occasion where they don’t, that they will be held to account. – The Banking and Finance
Oath was developed out of the 2008/2009 financial crisis and it was put together
by industry leaders who felt that trust needed to
be recreated in the industry. So The Banking and Finance
Oath, I think, goes a long way to creating individual responsibility. – This concept of lack of
trust is not unique to us, it is across the landscape. As business models change, as
the world gets more complex, do the principles that apply
the way they have in the past, are they still going to support the professional accountant going forward? (upbeat music)

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