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so I've had the fairphone to for about over a week now and we've actually had two of them not both for me one is is the colors are lovely anyway on to the review bit of background the fairphone is supposed to be well to my understanding is the only really like ethical and sustainably conscious phone manufacturer that there is out there obviously they're all sustainably conscious but kind of prioritize sustainability and ethical practices over the power of the phone that kind of sums up the fairphone so it's also a modular phone so what that means is you can take it apart and it comes apart pretty easily so when your screen breaks you just order in your screen and replace it and it one saves resources I don't know how long this this phone will last but say you go through the equivalent of three iPhones and you just smash two or three of them they don't need to produce two or three new iPhones with the camera the chip and all that stuff all fairphone need to do is produce one or two screens and that saves a lot of money for you for them it saves a lot of resources for the planet so that's the idea behind it and I'm guessing that lends itself to potentially in the future if they update the camera say you could change out your camera and the lens for a new one that's kind of the fairphone and the brand in a nutshell start off with things that aren't so great about the fairphone number one just has to be the battery life it's compared so what I upgraded from which is an iPhone se II kind of like half it seems it lasts me and I don't use my phone much I just use it for like 20 minutes on Instagram a couple YouTube videos and some texts and calls but not that much day-to-day use I can get maybe two days out of it before it dies on me but if you're someone that has a long commute if you're someone that like watches a lot of content on your phone or takes a lot of video or photos listens to music basically if you have more of a social life than me then carry around a battery bank or get a different phone it's just inconvenient when you get halfway through the day and your phone's already on 10% another little issue is that whenever you type and I think this is where a lot of the battery goes whenever you type and I've done a deep dive into the settings to try change this I can't find out how but when you type any button any key vibrates the phone like a little scissors and to actually physically vibrate the phone I reckon takes up a lot of the battery and when you look at what takes up battery just a screen will display time or whatever but I think that's a big part of it and I can't figure out how to change it another issue is the microphone and I actually believe this is the microphone and the speaker writers now see any other portholes I think this is the microphone and the speaker and it's on the back so when you're holding the phone on the call you're muffling they it's really hard for people to hear you so you kind of need to separate your hand there's a little inconvenience but bit of a design flaw the only reason I can think that they did it is because it's modular and you can take it apart they kind of had to have it there so you can fix it if you need to you can replace the microphone if you need to that's not great another thing and probably the last major ish issue is the plastic enos and so when you get your phone and you see your friends you want to like hey look what I got and say assembly conscious and you want to take it apart and you want to show them and after you do that a few times it starts to like not to click together as well as it first did and this I'll bring it closer so you can hear a bit it just gets a bit squeaky that's if you really like going for it so like tactically it's just a bit plasticky it's a bit squeaky it's not as well built and but I guess that's what you're paying for because it's much cheaper another small issue with it is that you can't really get cases protective cases for the fairphone because they're just it's a very uncommon phone and it doesn't really it's not really out in the market you can probably DIY on yourself and that could be cool but your option is to like just use it when it gets damaged you just take off the pot that's broken and put it back together I guess that's the idea behind the much of the phone but it would be cool just to have a case for it literally unintended just but when that happens and like it just it's another it's another little safety it would be nice to have that extra layer of protection just so you don't have to change your screen after you dropped it 10 times just from what I've seen I haven't used the like new iPhone cameras but the camera is definitely not as good it does have a mode which is called lens blur and it softens up the background but it's really digitalized and it's not good in my opinion i am i do like photography i like video i have like a camera with nice lenses so comparing that lens blur mode like an actual nice lens that can soften a background it's not the same it doesn't look very good to be fair i think the same about the iphone ones it looks a bit digitalized but yeah what's really good about it is one the price so much cheaper I got this for 400 pounds better and iPhone is like half the price which is great in the long run it will save you money because this phone will probably last you as I said two or three other phones maybe because you can replace the screen etc I really like that the charging cable is just a micro USB which means it's the same for my I can charge my camera with it I can charge a Kindle I can charge the like a battery bank that I would carry around for this says one cable for everything which is nice I actually like like the plastic not the plastic enos but I like that it's like fun it's colorful the buttons are blue and it just like it's not so serious like an iPhone tries to be like this like powerful sexy machine and this is just a bit like more lighthearted personal taste I guess compared to an iPhone 6 the screen personal pictures not that kind of personal pictures but the screen is a bit bigger and it's dimmed right now to save battery but it can go nice and bright it's nice to use I mean like this is this is my whole gripe with phones as a whoo and most of Technology who uses the device to its maximum potential like people aren't editing videos and like doing Photoshop on their phone some people are I know but really you could get by without there and people over pain for technology that they're not using as much as they could and also cost the plan a little bit more like putting in all that material and technology into to make something so powerful that people then don't go in you so for me just to like Instagram bit a YouTube phone calls text messages something basic like this is perfect for me I don't want to overpay and I don't want to cross the planet too much it's just powered by Android it's my first time using Android quite like it compared to iOS which I've used before pretty similar to be honest you get rid of used to it I mean the specs aren't incredible it's just like it's big it's quite light it's nice to use what was really good and I really really appreciate it is that the packaging there was not an inch of plastic in sight actually that's not true the only plastic that was around was the screen cover and the camera cover they were just that was the only plastic everything else was just paper cardboard etc compostable recyclable great nice job all in all it kind of depends on what you're gonna use it for getting one of these doesn't solve the world's problems right it does less bad in my opinion it doesn't even do good it does less bad I'm sure it's still using resources and materials that aren't fully sustainable it's not made out of leaves and cow and yeah so it's it's a phone that does less bad way lesser than other manufacturers if you're gonna get a phone and you want it to be a smart phone and you're not that bothered about a really good camera if you're like me and you always carry around a camera and you're just gonna use it's basically the camera thing what else is it just like speed and like aesthetically pleasing feels good and all that stuff if you're looking for that and that's what you care about more than the ethical and sustainability reasons go for the iPhone or whatever other phone if you care more about your impact on people and the environment this stuff bias I'm just gonna piss people off it I don't even know the full like manufacturing process behind this but from what it seems like it's just less bad it's just less bad in the end it's less bad but it's worse is it in terms of power okay after all this blab know after all the blab basically the phone does less bad for the environment and less bad for people working in factories but it's also just worse worst camera worst speed and so I'm sticking with it I feel good about owning it I feel good about supporting this company against supporting the other phone manufacturers so I do definitely recommend it because I have to I mean I can't say it's better it's just i livin I live in a tiny house and I am environmentally conscious and ethically conscious consider myself and I try to be that way so I have to recommend this over an iPhone over any other smartphone that doesn't really share these principles but yeah I hope this was a useful review he says what the was that and airdrop how long is this 20 minutes

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  1. Considering how Apple and Samsung treat their workers, Apple has suicide prevention built in to their factories which are worse than first world prisons in many aspects, especially when it comes to living conditions. It is to me amazing how we have come to accept that, I don´t know anyone in Denmark willing to work for 4 dollars an hour, 12 hour shifts and Sundays off only. The average electrician gets 30 dollars an hour here, excellent overtime pay and a bunch of other benefits … I guess the clothing industry has been doing it for a very long time, so it´s nothing new.

    I am looking to buy a phone from a company which actually follows standard first world procedures when it comes to the treatment of their employees.

  2. you're likely to generate less waste and further reduce the use of unethically extracted materials if you just fix up and flash your current phone, or any phone that's already in circulation as opposed to going out and buying a fairphone.

  3. Well, the problem with "ethical but not powerful" is that in the end, it could end up being even less ethical than a mainstream phone. I understand the environmental reasons to stay with a device for a long time, to repair not throw away. But you can’t "repair" obsolete technology. As mainstream phones become more powerful, the software becomes more demanding as well and at one point you are forced to buy a new phone unless you aren't bothered by constant lag. Fairphone makes it easy to replace broken components for sure, but most of the hardware that gets more powerful over the years — the CPU and RAM — is not provided in a modular fashion, but is part of the core module, which according to Fairphone itself is responsible for 60% of the phone's environmental impact. Thus you can't just upgrade RAM — you'd have to buy the whole module. Therefore it's not so different from mainstream phones in that the modular approach doesn't really extend to handling obsolescence, only to helping fix broken components.

    The most ethical choice is to just buy a used phone. You'd probably get even better performance if the phone used to be a high-end model for probably the same price and a considerably smaller enviro-social impact.

  4. I thought this key vibration thing was solved ages ago … Didn't this work ?

  5. You can change the vibration while typing if it's using Google keyboard you can go into the settings and turn it off

  6. Great review, good information. I hope more people care about the "less bad" for environment and people when buying stuff.

  7. There are always bugs with a new device. Can't wait to purchase. So glad to not have Android or IOS peering into my life! It's open source!

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