Ethical Hacking for Beginners

hi 2019 comm Mary comes you for the ethical hacking course before the starting the course let us understand this word hacker a hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons such as profit protest or challenge he has seen number of near word hacks in last few years or the very famous and the recent one is the Facebook one in which the Facebook founder Zuckerberg ball was had to highlight a security loophole in 2012 witnessed LinkedIn as professional networking websites was hacked and there were six point five million passwords stolen so all these companies which are represented on this slides are very familiar like Twitter Microsoft LinkedIn adult Sony Apple and all these companies some other other time have witnessed hacking attempts and they even had got compromised so who hacks so basically first type of people are blackheads they hack to gain some monetary benefits or to provide some harm so basically they are knowledgeable but they use their knowledge in some other direction or the wrong direction the second type of people are the script kiddies they learn some techniques some tools and they experiment and because of the experimentation they'd write some harm to the applications the websites and networks that type of people are the hacktivists the hack because they want to protest against something or they have a cost or they want to spread a message across and the third type of people are the most important people to do hack just to make sure that the website is secure or the network is secure these are called as the white hats or the white hat hackers so the ethical hackers comes under the white hat Connecticut according to the folks it is one of the highest paying jobs of the future six highest paying of the future one of them is ethical hacker with a median salary of ninety two thousand two hundred dollars per year also industry lacks good professionals so if you are a good ethical hacker you have lots of opportunities available also nowadays Yahoo all are giving bug bounties now what is a bug bounty so if you are able to figure out a security vulnerability in facebook you can report to Facebook and they will revive you minimum of five hundred US dollars same way Google has also started its reward program and as you can see there are lot of different categories of rewards and the revert varies from five hundred US dollars to twenty thousand US dollars so if you are a good ethical hacker this lot of opportunities for you now what are the skills required to become ethical hacker the first and the very most important is to have that attitude to attack something to think from a perspective of an attacker and to fail it on security loopholes and of course you should know how to Google Google and the internet to use it efficiently and effectively to figure out your face to figure out your ways to find security loopholes and you should always have this passion to learn because technology changes and many new new things come up every time don't let your passion die to learn something new so what will gain from this course you will gain the professional methodology of ethical hacking you will experiment it with the best known tools and technologies which ethical hackers are using in the industry also you will be getting the resources and the pointers to become excellent in this field after learning implementing and practicing you will be able to become proficient and this proficiency will help you to apply for jobs in leading information security companies and chances of getting selected will definitely increase that's all for this video

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  1. thanku a lotttttt for bringing a video like these for mee and i have learned alot and what to do in my life thanku you thanks a lot

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  3. did i just come to a video about learning to hack only to spend 5 mins watching a video telling me which companies have been hacked? ive been fkin hacked!

  4. i know how to hack a fb account and i want to report it to fb to win an award ….. can u plz give some contacts to report to fb


  6. Look I'm trying to learn hacking. But I know nothing, I've been using codecademy but idk if its fully good to use or to learn from? How do I find someone to teach me or where do I even start? Don't reply with a bs rat plz đŸ˜’. If someone here so kind with experience that wants to teach me.

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  8. Few questions for anyone who cares to answer:

    Where exactly should I go to learn how to hack?

    Also, is Linux pretty much used by all hackers? Or are there Windows alternatives that work just as well? I'm assuming Linux is the best but I'm just wondering.

  9. Its very interesting, But how i can learn with your site. Upload Other This type of video online on your own website and set number of price than you earn money. ok brother,Thanks for this video.

  10. funny thing is every tutorial on YouTube about hacking never shows u how to hack they only talk about hacking for hrs

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