Ethical Fashion Haul ft. Everlane

hi guys it's Kate Lee welcome back to my channel I hope you're all doing well today I have an Evaline haul for you guys and I'm getting to try out a lot of their different products and I'm also partnering with them to share with you guys their new sneaker brand tried by a Berlin I'm so excited to be sharing with you guys a sustainable sneaker option that's under 100 dollars out of all the things that we wear sneakers are one of the items that has the biggest footprint they require a massive amount of energy to produce are often made largely a virgin plastic and they never break down billions and up and they'll thin fill each year because it's something that we so often repurchase and replace I can't wait to share with you guys a timeless affordable stylish option that is meant to last I have these in two colors one color being from their new color refresh that's launching today as you guys are watching this video if you're watching it on the Thursday I'll have a link below I have them in sand if you're interested in purchasing I'm definitely recommend sizing up if you're in between sizes I actually get an eight and a half and I got these in a nine and they fit perfectly probably the best thing about the sneaker is that it is completely carbon offset it's read by every lane works with a third-party firm she calculate the full carbon footprint of the trainer and then they partnered with native energy to support projects that are working to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in a variety of ways and of course they have pledged to continue doing better in the future I can definitely continue going on about these but I have so much more to share with you guys so if you're interested you can just head on over to their website to see the other colorways and find out more about the sustainability behind the sneaker I also wrote Rockies and the tried and threw off white colourway so sleek and simple and I feel like you can wear them with literally anything no crazy branding then I have some clothes from other Lane so I have this tank top that I'm wearing right now I believe at the retail on this is $18 super comfy and chic and I'm sure that I will be living in it this summer next is one of my favorite pieces it's something that I've been searching for forever and I'm not sure why I haven't came across the one on the other Lane site and it is a black linen button-up shirt I got this in a size 6 for reference and I believe the retail on this face the tag $58 which oh my gosh the other ones that I was looking at what their favorite vintage or not we're all much more expensive they have this and some other colors on their website as well if black isn't your thing I can totally envision myself wearing this like a full linen look this summer totally something that you could wear to a meeting or throw over swimsuit so many options next I picked up the lightweight wide leg Chino and blog and haven't gotten around to wearing these yet and the regional Emmys is $68 but when I tried them on they were seriously it's so comfortable so I'm sure they're going to be a great pant for the summer wear sneakers or sandals or boots or heels there's so many options and I love the elongated on the bottom I've got such a nice detail and of course they have these and some of their colors as well next I have a pair of denim shorts I was so stoked to find these because I feel like it's really hard to find denim sure that aren't super short which my younger self would think I'm so funny now because I used to always want to wear the shortest shirts when I was younger but now I'm not really that into it anymore these have the perfect vintage watch saw him at the bottom I'm usually a size 26 and in size up one size just so that I could have a bit more of a relaxed fit and those retail at $58 as well next I grabbed their air oversized fruity I got this in a size medium and it's perfectly the retail on this is $25 I feel like the sleeves are the perfect length they hit right above the elbow so not too short but not too long either and I think I'm gonna have to get this and some other colors myself next is something I've actually been meaning to pick up remember laying for a while and it is their renewal fleece I ended up getting the full zip and oat I'm not sure if you guys are already familiar with this but there were new fleece is made of 100% recycled polyester says that it's made from 40 renewed plastic bottles I picked this up in an Excel because again I love a relaxed oversized fit and I'm planning or hopefully planning on taking some more hiking vacations this summer where it's a bit cooler beaten band from Canada if any of you guys have recommendations there but I will definitely be wearing this also just in New York I feel like the mornings can be kind of chilly so if I'm adding to a workout class or something I'll totally throw this on it's so comfortable this will be linked down below as well from the price on that it's $70 next I got just a classic collared button up I live in these be telling this with $50 you love to style these under t-shirts or just and a whole suit look if I'm feeling it that day just a couple more things I picked up these carpenter pants in white I am typically someone that is super scared wearing white pants just because I always still food on myself seems and living in New York I feel like it's just so easy to get dirty on your daily commute I think these are nice because style of them they sort of look like painter pants so I feel like that'll look great dirty they have plenty of pockets for storage so definitely practical a bit cropped and high-waisted they're super flattering I got these in a size 6 for reference you know look up the price for you guys this is the a bone colorway and they retail at $68 and one last thing is this super sweet boxy collar button up that's short sleeves I haven't had a chance to wear this yet either this is the cotton short sleeve popover shirt the retail is $55 and I got it in a size 6 I feel like this is just one of those things that you can throw on with trousers and sneakers it just looks so cool even though there's not really anything going on with your outfit so that's all that I have to share with you guys I hope you enjoyed this video I would love to know what your favorite pieces in the comments down below and I will see you guys very soon bye

37 thoughts on “Ethical Fashion Haul ft. Everlane

  1. The problem with everlane is that they are perceived as sustainable but they actually are just focused on transparency. Just because they say what factory something is made at, doesn’t mean it’s sustainable. This is coming directly from someone I know who works there. The only sustainable pieces they have are the ones specifically saying so such as Tread or ReNew. If they were a sustainable brand they would have tried to stop using plastic from the beginning, not years later

  2. I used to watch you when I was like 9 years old , now I’m gonna be 16. You changed beautifully, thanks for being a part of my childhood

  3. The shoes are so cute!! Just to let people know though, it looks like on their website they’re made of leather (non-recycled) so they’re not vegan if that’s your preference.

  4. Love everything. Summer time!! So excited. I'm in Northwestern Colorado, it's definitely still cold here in the morning and at night.

  5. Love your new hair Kailee! 🥰
    I've always love you styling your everyday long black trousers but now I'm excited to see how you style the black chino pants! xx

  6. Love your hair and love growing with you as you learn more about sustainable fashion! You actually inspired me to do on Instagram to promote education around sustainability! Thanks so much for always being you Kailee 🖤

  7. Kailee, what are your thoughts on Everlane? They get a low rating of sustainability on Good On You even though they are advertised as an ethical brand. I really trust your opinion and knowledge and respect you so I’d like to hear your thoughts.

  8. Hi, Kailee! I hope you're having an amazing day. It's clear from your videos that you do a lot of research on ethical fashion so I'm wondering what are your thoughts on Everlane in this regard? They were one of the first brands I found when I started my sustainable fashion journey but I stopped buying from them since seeing the "not good enough" rating from Good On You, which described how Everlane did not share enough information about their practices. I do like their line and the number of sustainable brands is limited, so I would love to be able to shop from them and support them

  9. girrrl.. your haircut is incredible <3 i'm cutting mine next month and now i'm extra excited. you kill short hair.

  10. Beautifully calm video with some lovely clothing sending love kailee! <3 would be interesting to hear about you speak about your personal growth (and also the idea of becoming a mother!) xoxoxo

  11. Just wondering but since everlane is taking a more environmentally conscious approach to clothing design and processing, is there anything they’re doing differently do produce denim? Like those shorts you purchased?

  12. The hot springs in Banff are special as well as the drive to Lake Louis!!!! I'm so excited you're coming. Truly a special place

  13. Love love love seeing you put out amazing content like this, I’ve been watching you since I was 15, and I’m now 22, which is insane 😅

  14. Amazing haul as always and your new hair is sooooo badass👊🏻💜Wish i looked good in a short sleeved button up like you do though

  15. Hello, I’m korean boy!! 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷
    I love your video 🙆🏻‍♂️🙏🏻❤️
    And I love your fashion 😛

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