Establishment Reporter "Viciously Ratio’d" on Twitter

NBC News analyst Howard Fineman had to delete a picture he posted on Twitter which featured himself with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at a party thrown by Maureen Dowd and the reason why he had to delete it is because he claims he was viciously ratioed I just don't understand deleting tweets yeah they've seen it already bro like you've already been ratioed like deleting it doesn't make it any better so let me give you the details he responded to the ratio by saying quote tonight I tweeted a pic of a Georgetown party hosted by Maureen Dowd attended by speaker Pelosi Senator Schumer and DC jur knows in the old days it would have been a benign big-shot brag no more it was viciously ratioed by left and right I deleted it all establishments are hated okay so can we leave it up for a second McGrath he taught at Georgetown oh I don't understand how Georgetown is this used to be a big-shot brag benign Big Shot Bradley it all established SAR hated now we know that Tony was taken in that but instead there should have been like a realization tone behind like all establishments are hated maybe I'm maybe I'm cuddling up with the wrong groups maybe I lost my way maybe I'm in a bubble and I have no idea how the rest of the country is running or what else is going on maybe when I'm bragging about a party in Georgetown hanging out with the speaker and and the head of the Democrats in the Senate maybe people don't like the things that they're doing not just because they happen to be a politicians but happened either things that they're pushing people aren't for if there's no realization that's just how dare you guys get mad at me for being boozy yeah all it was viciously ratio it's so water broke it's like people have lapses in judgment you know I think I've been there and it is what it is but the question is the question you should ask himself and I think he's too in this bubble to even realize it it's not just that people hate establishments or the established you're supposed to be a journalist there are supposed to be journalists at that party and so what a journalist is not supposed to be hobnobbing with the very people that he is supposed to hold you know accountable like you're supposed to do analysis and reporting on these people in positions of power and if you're partying with them as they do with the White House Correspondents Dinner and all that that seeps into your reporting right because you see them as your friends you see them as your buddies you're partying with them you're having martinis with them hold of vermouth and so it look we all we all know what it's like to have to tell a good friend the truth about what you think about what they're doing you're likely to lessen the blow or soften the blow whatever it is a journalist is supposed to speak truth to power and right now we have this situation where we have false equivalencies in the media equivocating all this nonsense and that photo kind of represented that at least for me that was the way that I saw it and Adrian I want to hear your thoughts on it but first let me tell you what the tweet said so the photo he tweeted the photo but it also included this a Maureen Dowd party is always crowded the action is outside her home speaker Pelosi arrived late greeted by the hostess its escorted in by Senator Schumer the event was for Carl Hills nothing against the guy right chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times who has a book about Supreme Court nomination fights okay it's just like it's not gonna connect with people in the way that it would connect for you or with you it's just it's gonna rub people the wrong way anyway no you're absolutely right and not to go back to a negative place but this tweet was coming right off the heels of the Moller hearing where a lot of us as Americans watch various representatives sit and lie or grandstand and really not look for the truth itself and so a lot of America's feeling extremely defeated and for you to post this tweet and pretty much say oh we're just having a blast and a party here while the rest of you suffer it's it's like really bro you really didn't check the tone in the room and then of course try to pretend you're the victim and every establishment is hated it's like no you just missed it and you ain't looking to find it you got a plan you got a plan things Twitter is huge obviously so it's the same thing as you go in front of a camera saying something it's from your face in your mouth right so what did you expect you go on Twitter you write something what did you expect the inspector will go it was that the response you expect and get yeah what was this place and then after you've got ratio then you come back go man they hurt my feeling what do you expect now you already got racial they don't like you two easy ways follow Young Turks want us hit the subscribe button down below then you're a TYT subscriber and second is ring the bell and when you do that on YouTube you are notified of our 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23 thoughts on “Establishment Reporter "Viciously Ratio’d" on Twitter

  1. (4:27) was very cringe. What is it with girls now all saying “bro” especially for someone like Adrienne Lawrence where that word came after her generation and she comes from a legal world where talking like that would be rejected. When I hear women talk like that, they’re just trying way too hard to sound like somebody they’re not and it’s cringe.

  2. "The practice of those freakish Rabbis [circumcision] is that they place their lips on the penis of these young boys and after they have cut the foreskin back, suck the blood from the head of the penis of their own young boys. . . ."
    – Dr. Khalid Muhammad

  3. You guys are also in a bubble. I bet most people I know have absolutely no idea what the word ratio'd means. I know I don’t, and it is sufficiently obscure that the dictionary on my Mac gives me “no results found” when I look it up. How about you explain to us less with it people exactly what the hell that means.
    Edit: Just saw a helpful comment below explaining exactly what it means, but really, does TYT believe everyone is so immersed in the Twitterverse that they will obviously know that expression means?

  4. You guys just don’t get it – This is what you need to be spending your time on on: Concentrating on how democrats can beat Trump and supporting the candidate NO MATTER WHO THE NOMINEE IS! That would be constructive and meaningful. All these hit pieces are meaningless click bait – and don’t do shit except help the Russian Bots. Wake the F up.

  5. Ilhan Omar said the other day that we should be fearful of “white man” and they should be, profiled and monitored. Another case of total racism to go with her endless Antisemitism, totally unjustified, and deliberately ignored by media outlets, even though it involves hundreds of millions of innocent people. Not just four.

  6. Can someone please tell me what getting "ratio'd" means and where this expression came from? Sorry if they explained I'm the video I was only half listening lol

  7. Most “Progressives” are oblivious to the fact that the inequality, corruption, injustice, racism, violence, and the social, political, national, religious, and non-religious, conflicts, and wars, in the objective world that have taken place, past, present, and future, are a result of the “subjective thought process” going on in their minds ”right now”. Most think somebody “OUT THERE” caused the world’s problems, which makes them “True Regressives”.

  8. The moralistic supremacist “progressive” infantile demagogic ideologue AOC said being factually right, is not as important as being morally right like her, and said, there are 3 chambers of Congress, and that 200 million people equals 40% of the U.S. population. She also gloated over losing 25000 jobs, claimed that the U.S runs Nazi concentration camps, and gloated over being compared to the Nazi sympathizer, Eva Peron.

  9. When are you guys going to cover Tyler Wingate?…. ohhh wait…. TYT is not interested in black on white crime.


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