Error#54 – Societal collapse

quite the dramatic and trier all right so what not where's that weight made sort of like being lowered into a nightmare already the old nightmare experience must want to continue gee to that inventory I would like you in my inventory flashlight was added it looked like I was waking up on the floor looks sort of like a toilet entrance of a sort oh I swear he placed that is expiry oh okay that's just a wind I guess this doesn't budge much addis rain but Wyatt I'm getting goose bumps all over it this haunted my wife's barricaded all up like this listen to floor that's simply so the offered to flooring is a very old and creaky you look like something from the title screen yeah it's all abandoned and empty I'll keep him to feeling that I'm being watched all already because it's probably just a creaking and Don know something oldest places this looks like some sort of basement ish area what do we have in here that is also quite locked I was always afraid of basement as a child and if this indeed is a nightmare experienced and yeah I did have nightmares on both the attic and the basements so if this is a nightmare and this explains why everything is aware darkness oh looks eerily familiar did I break it sounds like there's something in there but yeah and air early closest on his own yeah this seems but they changed place not a radio was over there by the window and and this girl the newest stunning hair where these old-fashioned chairs were standing are you looking a bit more decayed the glass it's not empty it seems might just be me ballistics me rusty – made out that might just be me not paying as much attention the first time yeah this seems to be a little little pair so I am guessing nightmare them were you opening this way weren't you opening the autumn way is it this might just be me freaking out you know first thing that happens when one gets tense I just forget everything I enter this sort of instinct mode what was that me moaning or was that my shadow or was that a little bit more dangerous it's switched back now I can see so I'm probably worth bubbling I'm not sure that's coming from the radio or from further down if it's the nightmare beckoning me towards its climax oh the creaking what I get for all is playing without very loud love you okay now you are not budging it Zeus how about you yep you open now all right so a tiny little room yeah I'll add you broken lanterns well I already have a flashlight but I guess lanterns might be a little bit less creepy in a way it depends how you look at it cybercrime the latest use for today a dangerous virus has rapidly captured hundreds of thousands of devices around the world American telecommunications company Jain freak has warned users about the active spreading of malicious software called a number 54 this virus has infected hundreds of thousands of computers and this number is growing exponentially information security experts claim that this virus collects all possible information about the user and transmits its to the Creator London and Washington accused Russia of course of spreading virus nothing happened oh there we go I hear her radio some vivid ice for the wall so yeah that's how there aren't a lot of viruses anymore in this day and age why did a radio shut off oh never mind is just proximity yeah lots of there aren't a lot of viruses these days are mostly spy rare and things which are borderline virus but not really virus but if but yeah there's a lot of collecting of information and all of that this is okay now you open up yeah that's weird the mind in this little dream of mine assuming it as nightmare dictates me along as I go not sure that's very Cola because the protagonist seems to breathe quite startling some reasons a little patch of wood on a wall there spooked me but I hope that's me because it sounds very out of place of creepy are there sunny moanings and yeah did a radio burst that it was a weird sort of comfort with this video gap really much that might have been a protagonist doing some weird sort of stepping oh I feel there's something going on on the floor or elsewhere right anywhere it's opening again I guess my memories of it's messy there every time I go here there's like a moaning or breath or mm or something like this all right so the radio didn't move but it's that was that's something to sound like a lock of the door aha there is like a locking mechanism on the outside here not a girl this looks more like a hospital room hmm yeah what do we have here systems of camera device Oh keys I don't know Hospital equipment some sort of down a gastroscopy or something I hadn't wouldn't know that I hope that was me knocking oh okay yep something which I was going on right now is it just music getting darker and darker plotting more thudding it's going from the left okay this was also locked I suppose Ramez me have the PT experience which I didn't play but I watched someone a while back I suspect it's something like something like this yeah that's just how I would react as well the breathing in sigh because it feels tense like a never ending experience but it gets more and more tense alright so we are back here and there's wondering if this is this you're probably the same notes or did it change like like the experience of such a change yeah it's changed in the city of Portland residents reported the loss of a well-known video blogger having on the channel more than 100 thousand subscribers on a channel blogger shared how to fix various system errors and get rid of viruses okay I see where this is going it is known that the blogger at the time of the kidnapping was at home and filmed another video tutorial and even managed to save the video called how to fix number 54 system error the search has already begun I just as the character started breathing everything I thought I saw something on the floor but that might just be my senses going a bit overboard and weird that's care um but ah ow oh oh stop it oh okay the place is shrinking little entrance no exits no beginning no end I'm going ahead with of cuckoo am I in this ever am i in a computer program hmm oh I can't interact with you at this time this place is still in the one that doesn't doesn't you've changed at the moment so I feel a bit safer right now all right let's go this is storm going on and train oh I across for phobia alert do you want oh I would lay as a favorite inspired hair maybe which also features your training points that's very peculiar very peculiar indeed one would assume I might be on some sort of drugs or otherwise going a little bit cuckoo yeah this is again blocked off but there's some notes here and however a radio used to be standing it's defective house understand you street I guess why you wasted an entire a for a sheet just to say why that's sound like a weapon cocking of a weapon mmm-hmm but uh why indeed I guess it's just a sound effect of the paper but it sounded like a cocky oh yeah this is just having a little look Dan Ironmen seems to be changing whose tell him I just not gonna be anything in that it sounds like it I break it every time I yeah Cosette can i okay but because of people just churning I'm okay yeah as I was about to say I turn around I can't trust anything because now there's a little door heard you didn't used to be you the basement dish was a little to the left and it divided into a door trail right what's this more like a person yeah huge mean my mail my nervous I'm not nervous city I can't speak this is what happens in a nightmarish in or out this does feel like a climaxing nightmare okay yeah okay go back to my little I want to say see spate as save ich area but it's a red-haired and the red light has come into this room from the corridor for some reason all the rooms are just meshing together a big mess of impressions and I'm sorry for rambling but that's all I could pushing on it's a bit tense it's the first time I've dive into our experience and a nightmare I thought this reminds me of one of my nightmares even okay that did that fit like I from that sound like a song the issue mode coming from down here what's the door red light it's not as strong I feel it's not the air red light okay this never mind I'm rambling so much oh my flashlights took a toll from that I don't know why it turned off maybe I had my my finger my little trigger finger right on the switch or something and turn it off and I turn it off in a jiffy here yeah hmm some seen America okay yeah it's a headache and some were like a poltergeist thing because it shared just with flying it felt like anyway okay listen okay seemed like an exit door of a kind okay there's another corridor with a red not a red but a white version of the of the lights behind you what what if you said that Oh shame oh it's it's changing everything's changed you got just turn around its shape you want to play what about Heinz seek you're hiding I'm okay can I say no okay okay yeah I can go Arif oh boy oh boy I didn't seek in a corner fantastic it's silent no steps but in the experience which might be full of hallucinations or nightmares or at something that otherwise doesn't not beta at loss of physics then something might just pop out in front of me anyway I just have to look excuse me but I have to look I just so did I win the light with um it didn't feel like it was on until now oh boy I hope it's not my turn to look such a mace oh why is this such a mace are you still in there or did you dissipate did you vanish into thin air like the demon you are uh I feel like my screen sort of blurred for a bit I don't know why Hey hi yeah I was about to say reach over it said Sea Road okay okay cybercrime the latest news for today epidemic of dangerous computer virus moves to a new level yesterday the virus named number 54 seized all the electronic billboards in Tokyo and demonstrated the starling inscription you are next to save the city from this inscription could only be one way powering off the damage caused by the most massive cyberattack is estimated tens of millions of dollars to see the authorities are furious obviously they are you have to turn off all of the city's hell person and everything right Adam I came from here well it seems we are pushed forward I'm just gonna have a little look-see just in case you seem like there is something here but I know I can reach in see in this little dream adventure of mine Meany it's back to this but it's much more darker and how this time around because see it was a little bit illuminated the other times but we are taking a turn for the worse oh that's oh yeah back to the mace hmm so you have iris gets to and be an epidemic quite easily because the Internet is worldwide but I thought I saw a shadow of a human being but oh this is what horror experience just do to me I tense up so much I'm seeing things I'm actually seeing things my heart can't take too much attention a wooden door in a brick mace okay we are on from the unfamiliar we are in from on familiar grounds we're back to the white yellowish ambarish then there's a no tear it seems for back to normal than what it was so Preston's are normalizing a little bit oh I didn't wanna thank you the number 54 virus is the biggest threat to the global economy over the past two days hundreds of millions of people have complained about your banks for stolen money and completely zeroed out cash accounts oh wow the damage is estimated at more than ten billions of dollars as strange as it may sound many now do not advise to use the Internet at all because of the virus number 57 well that's well done here it's sort of like a pandemic the flash game or what's called played ink we just want to exterminate the world do you do with this digital style exterminate the Internet but yeah I work at a computer workshop and there are a lot of viruses right now where well not a lot but occasionally there's like an outbreak of people are tricked by email to download a attachments they fake like the National mail service or ISP provider with their logos and everything and the doctor they click on their invoice and it either encrypts their entire look just leave this place how mm Oh God Oh oh-oh-oh my shoulders as I was about to say like they decrypt the entire hard drive contents maybe Network contents if it's Janson to a network how do you need to pay to open it up or they empty what they call around and tell people to download a piece of software and they emptied a bank across but if they well I can't even focus like the most common thing is that people claim to be from Microsoft they call people tell them to download things and then they scam them and empty their whole bank accounts if you contact the bank right away in most cases they will be able to return the cash to you and diversity swing though so to speak okay I have to admit that was tense but we don't seem to have waken up yet and I can't relate to that because I used to I just have a climax s of us nightmare climaxes that sounds so weird nightmares crime action and at the point where you would usually wake up all sweaty and scared you think you wake up but you don't really wake up so get ready for the next big scare and all I used to have so much of that okay there's a little light over here let's have a look what this could be this is where I came from this is probably where I came from probably I'm about my mind is literally empty right how I yeah okay there's nothing there I mean if someone finds this lost footage of this poor school of running around in there namely me I thought it might be easier for them to keep track of everything but me with my mine all empty because I'm simply a mess of nervousness it's not so easy for me to keep track of everything I have the memory of what I want to see the memory of a goldfish but I think it's proven that goldfish don't really have bad memory or as bad us we claim they would have as the rumors would say anyway there's research on it recent research I believe but it's time for disco fish to move on before the cats sticks this big hazardous pas into the fishbowl or a maze stupidest people I might have a look over here because there's light coming from there I know I shouldn't walk to us and light I thought I heard getting there all right no I think it's it's much more dense now I feel quite a bit of dead ends what did I come from over here I think I might have come from over there Oh am i okay yeah because I came from there I didn't stick to the left okay not that left apparently they were here and then again to the left and we might be getting somewhere okay not there either it feels like I'm walking the catacombs the big catacombs below Paris simply nicknamed the catacombs were named the catacombs maybe for all I know officially but yeah there's like a catacombs under Paris a decisive Paris and only a tiny tiny portion is over to the public because he wouldn't get luck when I get lost down there but there is footage allegedly of someone being lost down there and running and never being found again I'm rambling the number 54 virus is the biggest threat to the global economy well yeah at this points over the past two days hundred of millions of people have complained about their banks but this is why I've already read isn't it's completely zero out cash accounts maybe this is just yeah okay it's it's back to this place leave this place well but where do I just go this way okay I'm gonna go this way because I don't know okay I'm just I can hear Rodman this is horrible little bit of paranormal activity ambiens going on there it sounds like he's slowing down maybe oh boy the thing about this mace I don't even know where it's where the sounds are coming from okay I'm gonna go I'm gonna go I'm gonna go I'm just gonna go run just run what's with that sound are you what's blocking what's with the blocking is it a glitch it's probably a glitch it sounds like the steps he makes even those sounds aren't helping there's something in Emmaus I feel like a Minotaur is chasing you're not still in there are you oh yeah it sounds of its Oh oh good so far everything seems locked yep that's still locked now oh oh you seem to have pair out of nowhere okay okay go go go go go go go go go oh oh no no just go okay I guess these are the keys for Go Go no no no oh okay I don't know fail ever ever number fifty-four oh thank you for break oh my poor ears I'm gonna have to make sure to adjust that down definitely Sarah that was every 54 than apparently based on some sort of virus that was made shutting effectively shutting down the Internet and partly the society that is seeing us out dependent we are on internet these days but yeah special thanks to all these I'm going to put a link to this game in the description if you want to try it out for yourself plus you get a chance to donate too so that drop the order and helping put it on Steam as it says here and develop it further grammatical error since I'm from Russia now I think there it seemed like it was pretty good from what I could see then again my my brain level was pretty low which big fence I'm not gonna say for sure but it seemed pretty dramatically accurate from what I'm for I can see thank you for watching and have a pleasant night don't that ever fifty forget to you or your internet

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  1. hey! i just recently started viewing your videos and i wanted to say you are already one of my favorite content creators. keep up the great work! your videos are awesome and you surely deserve more viewers 👍❤

  2. Have you played alien isolation? It would make a great series. Just like SOMA. The tension there is great aswell.

  3. Your content reminds me of the stuff you'd see on youtube back in 2007 and I love it. Not to mention that your voice adds more tension than the games sometimes, you sir have an excellent voice!

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