Equipping the next social and environmental leaders

It’s the experience of a lifetime it’s been quite intense it’s a new environment for all of us It’s ahh overwhelming, full on It’s a 2 week period but at the end of the day you’re only working on a project for 8 days and it’s amazing to see what people can do in 8 days You forget what’s going on on the other side of the world and I think it’s important that we confront those challenges That way we’re exposed to it and then we’re really motivated to make a difference Pollinate is now in its 50th program and we couldn’t be prouder to have reached that milestone What I love about our programs is that
we are able to offer a real insight into the challenges that exist in the development sector here in India and in Nepal What is unique to Pollinate’s fellowship program is the number of field visits which happens very quickly You come into it with assumptions and presumptions like what you see in the media, but it’s so different when you hit the ground The community visits have been great for us to find out what the real issues are or what might be barriers for us as well What I see is fellows who come in, are the next set of social change makers We’re definitely looking forward to more programs in the future because we have a huge potential of growing leaders I think it’s so important that people just lucky enough to come from backgrounds like we have to experience what is going on outside, and to billions of people I’ve learnt so much and it’s just been absolutely incredible

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