hello my name is Catherine Tapia and I am an academic coordinator instructor for the American language and culture Institute I'd like to welcome you to episode 8 of our informational video series this one highlighting student life and leadership and the many wonderful co-curricular opportunities available to students at California State University San Marcos a major center for such activity is the student life and leadership office also known as sll which offers more than 100 different clubs and organizations to choose from and with so many choices there is sure to be something for everyone including organizations that focus on academics different cultures fraternities and sororities and others that are religious or service based and even more developed to address specific special interests it's worth mentioning that if you feel that there is a specific type of student organization that is missing from this wide set of offerings you can even work with others on campus to create your own unique group at the beginning of each semester our sol team hosts a large student organization fair this event allows you to visit and chat with representatives from a wide cross-section of organizations so you can learn about their missions and meeting details as well as have a chance to collect some free CSUSM gear we really hope during her stay at CSUSM you will get involved with at least one student organization as this is a wonderful way to meet other students to network to gain professional skills to build your resume and of course to have fun SLO also hosts a variety of leadership programs which include opportunities ranging from off-campus retreats to programming that happens right here on campus one quite popular program is the to quit leadership circle or TLC designed to support development of your leadership interpersonal career and professional skills through weekly workshops and campus and civic engagement activities in addition you will get practical professional training through creating a us-style resume developing your LinkedIn profile and getting first hand interview experience through an actual panel X interview another highly popular option offered through the TLC is to contribute to a mural project in partnership with UNESCO all student participants in the TLC are assigned a peer leader to guide them through the process which is another great opportunity to connect with local CSUSM students and get involved in activities both on campus and in the community through participating in the TLC you can earn up to three different certificates and a leadership medal to sum up we believe involved students are happier and more successful in their studies so we strongly encourage you to get involved with our sll program offerings to enhance your experience abroad with that I'll say farewell for now we look forward to seeing you here and providing you with more information about these great opportunities

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