Episode 49 Animal Reiki Source Kathleen Prasad on We Don’t Die Radio

>>MUSIC PLAYING Sandra: Welcome to another episode of We Don’t
Die, where my goal is to give you evidence that although our bodies disappear, we survive
physical death. When we aren’t afraid of death, we are less afraid of life. For these
episodes, I aim for all of us to take more risks in life, go after our dreams, have great
relationships, and, of course, some fun in the process. I’m your host, Sandra Champlain,
author of the international best-seller We Don’t Die: A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life
After Death. To our listener today, I want to thank you for taking the time to be here,
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with you as well, so I think you for your loyalty and sharing the show. It’s been
growing leaps and bounds lately and I want to thank you for taking the time to listen.
Today is a little bit different of a conversation. Today, we’ll talk about animals in the realm
of We Don’t Die. I’m delighted because, for the first time, we have an expert in animals.
Let me tell you a bit about her. Her name is Kathleen Prasad and she is the founder
of the Animal Reiki Source and the president of the Shelter Reiki Association. She has
taught reiki to the staff of organizations such as Brighthaven, The Care Foundation,
Best Friends Animal Society, The San Francisco SPCA, and Guide Dogs for the Blind. A global
leader in this profession, she has authored three books in reiki for animals, teaching
how to reiki-animal spiritual energy to heal their animals. She has been published in many
magazines, such as Dog Fancy, Animal Wellness Magazine, and many others as well as being
featured regularly on TV and radio shows. Kathleen offers regular classes at Brighthaven
Holistic Animal Retreat based in Santa Rosa, California and travels extensively to teacher.
So, welcome to We Don’t Die Radio, Kathleen Prasad. Hello Kathleen. Kathleen: Hi Sandra, thanks so much for inviting
me today. Sandra: Oh, I’m thrilled. For our listeners,
if you’re by your computer, if you go to wedontdieradio.com, you can see our episode
and see a picture of Kathleen so you know who we’re talking to. Kathleen, first of
all, I’m delighted because this’ll mix our show up a little bit. Instead of talking
about loved ones in human form on We Don’t Die, we talk about animals. As an animal lover
myself; I’ve had quite a few in my past and currently, I have a cat named Harry. Thanks
for doing what you do and have it be about animals. Maybe you can tell us about yourself,
where you are and how you got involved with animals? I’m going to ask you at some point
what reiki is, because many don’t know what it is and I don’t know too much about it.
Just take the mic away, and tell us about yourself. Kathleen: I live in Marin County, which is
just north of San Francisco. I’m a California girl and have grown up here my whole life,
in the bay area. I adore this part of the world. I live here with my husband, daughter,
and my dog. I have two horses as well, who live in Sonoma. I actually was just visiting
them this morning. I have, over the years, had many animals in my life and I’ve found
them to be my greatest friends, my most beloved companions in life and also my most profound
spiritual teachers. That really, unexpectedly became my life calling. I was a middle-school
teacher in San Francisco for many years. I learned reiki as a self-healing technique
and then the animals in my life came forward and wanted to connect in that beautiful reiki
energy space. Then, everything just took over and suddenly, I became a reiki person. Reiki
became my life. The animals were guiding me through every single step. Although it’s
totally unexpected, I absolutely am so honored and love what I do, which are these days focusing
on teaching people how to connect with their animals through reiki. Reiki is really about
healing and growth in the spirit. Sandra: Could you explain a bit, Kathleen,
about what reiki is? The only experience that I’ve had with reiki is that I had gone to
a spa; someone gave me a full day at the spa and that was one of the treatments. I didn’t
know what it was, and my experience was lying on the massage table on my back. I felt like
someone was putting this really hot – I’m not sure if it was a light or something, on
my belly and it was really hot, almost too hot. I opened my eyes to tell the woman not
to do it and it was her hands over my belly. At that moment, I thought, what is this? It
was just impossible for me to think that heat could come out of a human being. Although
I didn’t understand it, I knew there was something profound to it because there’s
energy going on here. If you don’t mind, explain what it is exactly. Kathleen: It comes from two Japanese words:
rei, and ki. Rei means spirit, while ki means energy. In a general sense, it refers to spiritual
energy, which we’re all made of that; what you’re made of, I’m made of, the chair,
the table, sun and Earth. We’re all spiritual energy. That’s kind of what the word means.
The system of reiki started in Japan by Miko Sui in the early 1900’s. The system meets
specific spiritual techniques that help uncover our true selves or spiritual energy. Although
we’re spiritual energy, we usually don’t remember that. Sandra: I know that, yes. Kathleen: We go through our life stuck on
the physical, the jacket that we wear on our short time on this planet. The system of reiki
has techniques designed to shed those layers of forgetfulness and remember our inner, true-self
which is really spiritual energy. When we remember we’re spiritual energy, we begin
to have these profound experiences of connection to others, and in my case, I train people
how to do that with animals, but also compassion. When you realize we’re all one, then you
are motivated to act in a compassionate way. For me, it’s really about remembering that
connection so we can do our heart’s path which, for me, is service on this planet to
others and specifically for my students. We do services for animals; animals in sanctuaries,
shelters, and helping them heal to get a better life. It’s a system of healing and the treatment
you had was a typical human treatment. It looks very different working with animals,
since we wouldn’t put them on a massage table. Sandra: Or a warm cloth over their face, cucumbers
on their eyes. Kathleen: The goal is to rediscover our true
selves and inner-spirit and once we’re in touch with that, we’re in touch with our
infinite healing powers, which each of us have. That’s how the healing comes, but
it comes from a deeper place with reiki. Sandra: That’s really beautiful. It’s
so easy, and in fact, 99% of the time, most of us forget that we’re these infinite souls.
It’s easy to just be living as a human being. One of the reasons I Made this show is to
hear stories and remind us all that we’re so much more. Do you have any stories or experiences
that reiki has made a difference with animals? Then we can get in touch with the life after
death part. Do any stories come to mind where reiki has made a difference with a human or
animal that you can share? Kathleen: It really is so profound for supporting
animals to heal themselves so we can see all kinds of physical, emotional, and spiritual
recovery. I’ll actually share a bit about Brighthaven. It’s an animal sanctuary based
here in Santa Rosa, California which is about an hour a half north of San Francisco; fairly
close to where I live and once a month, I teach reiki classes. It’s been around for
about 25 years and it is a holistic senior and special-needs sanctuary, as well as Hospice,
for animals. Their population consists of lots of cats, older cats, some dogs, and lots
of horses. There are about 25 right now, and they also have a goat, who thinks that she
is a horse. They have several rescued birds like geese, ducks, as well as chickens that
come from a variety of factory-farming situations. They have come, in my cases, from horrendous
situations and usually narrowly escape euthanasia and end up at Brighthaven. When they come
here, they come with a short prognosis. They vet says, well, they’ll die any day but
here, you can have them. What happens is when they get to Brighthaven, they have found the
perfect recipe of holistic care, which means a natural diet and homeopathy and reiki, as
well as a big dose of love. Sandra: Yes. Kathleen: When those things come together,
these animals get better. We see animals who may have been very frightened, so when they
get here, such as a cat, they’ll go under the bed and hide. With all those things, and
with reiki, they eventually come out and become a part of the households and will even sit
on student’s laps during the class. We have our eyes-wide, like, oh god, the cats on your
lap. Then, we have animals that have emotional or physical issues that get better, such as
arthritis that gets better. Even animals, I like to talk about the spiritual healing
in terms of transitioning and animals that have passed; they don’t do euthanasia, they
do natural dying. They get to wind down and choose their own path and journey and they’ve
assisted with over 600 natural deaths, over many years’ time. With Richard Pope, one
of the co-founders of Brighthaven, is that since they’ve implemented reiki into the
transitional journey, each transition has been completely peaceful and filled with gratitude
and peace. Because of the variety of situations the animals come from, that hadn’t always
been the case before, due to past abuses and things happening with the animals. For them
to see that total shift into peacefulness with all the animals, no matter what the situation
was, it was a huge, you know, huge gift and blessing that reiki has brought to them. I
just wanted to share that with you. I’ve also worked with lots of people with their
animals and shelters with animals, waiting for a family and that is the common thing
that reiki brings is peace; peace in the midst of a difficult situation. I can’t think
of anything more profound than that, really, when you think about it. Sandra: Yes, and I’ve been with my cat as
I put her to sleep and she was the love of my life, Milli. She was in lots of pain and
suffering and I believed it to be the right thing to do, since I had no other options
and I didn’t want to see her suffer. To consider for the future there’d be an option
of having peace, because we all know that animals are filled with unconditional love
and just these little angels put on Earth for us to learn love and compassion. They
don’t talk back, although they can be finicky. The stress I experienced with Milli in those
final moments was horrible; there was no peace. You’re opening up something new and using
reiki so they don’t suffer. So thank you, I didn’t know this was something that was
even possible. So, thanks for that. As the show is titled, We Don’t Die, and from human
perspectives and relationships and our soul going on, do you believe our animal friends’
souls go on? Kathleen: Oh, absolutely. They’re no different
from us; we’re a part of the same thing. Sandra: Go ahead. Kathleen: I was going to say that thinking
I knew I was going to be on your show and I was thinking of experiences with animals,
I’d love to share some with you. Sandra: I’d love that. Kathleen: I want to start with Dakota. She
was my very first animal reiki teacher. She was my Australian German Shepard mix that
I rescued in the 90’s, from Sacramento County Animal Control when I was just in college.
He stayed with me for around 16 and a half years, until he passed away. Being a Shepard,
he was on my side an overseeing everything I did. When I learned reiki, he came forward
and showed me that animals liked reiki and can be a part of it. He was the first on that
put me on the path with helping animals with this peaceful energy. I have him to thank
for that. When he got cancer when he was 16, my first thought was that I’m going to cure
him because I’m an animal reiki person, and this is what I do. I make animals feel
better and I make them feel, so I’ll do this. It was interesting because he had lost
the ability to walk and so, he was lying in his bed and I would pick him up and take him
outside during the day. Whenever I began to do reiki, he’d try to drag himself away
from it with his front legs. I knew that he needed reiki and healing, in my mind. It was
frustrating. I’ll never forget, one day, when I was wanting him, I just said, “Dakota,
why won’t you take any reiki?” I put my hands over my heart, out of pain and frustration,
and he stopped and looked at me. He looked so clearly at me and I understood what he
was saying; he was saying I may be dying of cancer but I am okay. You’re the one who
needs healing right now. I realized, looking at my hands on my heart, and realized the
message. What I did was began to give myself reiki and go deeper in my own meditation and
self, to help me deal with his transitional process since I wasn’t dealing with it well.
As soon as I turned my focus inwards, he relaxed and would sit with me and be a part of the
reiki process. It taught me about how, I think, so many times when our animals are passing,
we tend to put all of our emotional stuff onto the animals and it becomes more a burden
than they already had. He was really showing them that the best we can do for our animals,
when they’re passing, is to be nurturing to ourselves and peaceful for them. I meditated
quite a bit, about three times a day with him and he’d sit with me. As I approached
his transition, there was a different energetic space. He was holding me in this different
space. It felt very expansive and sort of far-away. Like, I was in my body, but when
I would sit with him, I was outside of my body or bigger. It’s hard to explain. He
was sharing that transitional space with me and it was quite a gift. There was a profound
experience when I was sitting with him in this space and I felt this cat named Simon,
who lived at Brighthaven and was one of my favorite older kitties that had health issues.
I felt him at my left shoulder; near my ear, like he was right there and it was this feeling
of gratitude. It was like he was saying thank you for everything. I love you, and I’m
okay. It was like joy, gratitude, and love all wrapped into one, in this beautiful, energetic
hug. It was so strong that I jumped and opened my eyes and looked at my shoulder because
I thought he was perched there. I thought, Simon, what’s happening? I finished my meditation
and I went to my PC and e-mailed Gail at Brighthaven and said, I had this experience with Simon,
is he OK? She e-mailed me back a few hours later and she said that he passed away at
7:15 PM, and that was in the middle of my meditation when it happened. Sandra: You gave me goosebumps, wow. Kathleen: That was really – It was so, like,
I could barely have any words for it now. I really feel that Dakota was holding a space
for me to be more open to feel that, or receive that blessing from Simon. Then, there was
a class that I taught shortly thereafter and I made up this new meditation at Brighthaven
called “The Healing Bridge”. You open your heart and imagine it’s a beautiful
light that extends out, like a bridge with love, peace, joy, balance and healing; all
good things and you can offer that to your animal. Your animal can then come forward
to connect as much as they want. I wrote this for Dakota, because he hated when I left and
had to teach and he was miserable, so it was a way for me to connect with him even though
I was away. I went to Brighthaven, this was about a few weeks before he passed and he
was getting pretty weak, so I was here offering this meditation and suddenly I felt this dog,
Patty, who was a German Shepard who had passed maybe a month prior. It was as if she was
behind me; I felt like she was putting her paws my shoulders and I felt again, the gratitude,
love and joy. It was just like she was telling me it’s going to be okay with Dakota. I
just felt that from her. I burst into tears. Then, of course, coming out of the meditation,
I had to explain to my students why their teacher was bawling. Sandra: Right. Kathleen: I said, Patty was this dog and visited
me and my dog is in Hospice and she told me that everything will be okay. She was so clear
to me. I felt that I was connecting to Dakota in this space that he was holding so I could
be aware of what’s on the other side, so Patty could come through to me. I had experiences
like this when he was in Hospice, and then came the day when he had to pass. It was a
beautiful sunny day and the weather was perfect. It was July 5th, about seven years ago now. Sandra: It goes by fast. Kathleen: We had the vet come by and euthanize
him, because he was suffering quite a bit towards the end. When he was sitting under
the tree, the vet was there and I was there with my husband and I told him that it was
okay to go. When he left his body, I could feel his spirit. It went into my heart and
then up. I could feel it go through me. Sandra: Wow. Kathleen: It was so strong that it almost
knocked me over. The whole feeling of that light, or energy that went through me was
joy. Sandra: Wow. Kathleen: So who could think, in the middle
of the saddest moment of your life, or feeling the saddest that you could feel overwhelming
joy in that moment? It just blew me away, and I’ll never forget it. I realized he
was telling me that this isn’t a time to be sad; this is a time to be in full joy because
I’m coming into who I really am. I think that really, when we’re in our bodies, we
love this life and our physical selves, but there is only so much we can do with our spirit
when it’s stuck in our body; especially if you’re an animal, because animals have
a difficult journey. Since humans don’t really honor them and don’t treat them well;
lots of times they end up in cages or tied up, used as food, I don’t know. I think
being an animal is a difficult journey on this planet. To actually move into the spirit
is like opening up into their full strength. I felt like Dakota was this golden angel with
wings, and I was like, how did you fit into that dog body in the first place? You know? Sandra: Yeah. Kathleen: It was amazing. I have one final
part to this story. About two weeks later, after he passed, I was teaching a class at
Brighthaven again. I went to teach the meditation of the healing bridge, like I always did,
and thought to myself usually I’d connect with Dakota but he’s gone, so I’ll connect
and I’ll hold the space for the students. This is me, I’m teaching this stuff but
I’m in the midst of it. Sandra: It’s a whole different story, yup. Kathleen: I’m leading this and holding the
space for everyone’s animals and everyone is connecting with the heart. All of a sudden,
with my eyes closed, I think of this beach in Carmel, which was his favorite. He’s
running around, towards me, and he’s very young. He was grey when he was older, but
during his youth he was mostly black and white. He had blue eyes. He was like two years old
and just running so fast and he turned and saw me and came and ran right into my heart
and I could feel this energy of joy and love enter my heart. I was like oh, Kathleen, of
course, you can still connect. Just because he isn’t in his physical body; he’s still
here. He is still here. Dakota had to remind me of that. I really remember that every day.
I remember Dakota and so much of my work is in honor of all he taught me about reiki and
connecting in his life, dying process, and after-death. You know what, whenever I lead
the meditation to this day, it’s been seven years now, and my students and people who
do the meditation have had the most profound experiences with passed animals. I believe
that Dakota is holding that space to help it happen easily for other people. Sandra: That is so sweet, just incredibly
sweet. I visualized all of what you were saying, and to have that experience of your heart
filling with joy, love and gratitude at a time when you’re grieving and afraid, crying,
all of that stuff. It has to be the real deal. It just had to be. I’ve interviewed enough
people, and even in my own book and research, is that when we transition, we get to have
the body we want. We’re young, vibrant and alive. It makes perfect sense that the same
thing happens with animals. I love the poem when you’re talking about the healing bridge,
I was thinking of the rainbow bridge, which, when I put Milli to sleep was the first time
I read it. Kathleen: It’s beautiful. Sandra: It’s a wonderful thing and those
who haven’t read it, I don’t have it in front of me, but it’s a beautiful thing
that there’s a land where your animal is rejoicing and there is plenty of food, grass,
butterflies, whatever. It’s a beautiful, sunshine day and they live the grandest life
ever. There’s this rainbow bridge, so when it’s our time to go, who’s going to be
there on the other side of the bridge? We’ll see that special friend coming to run in your
arms. Well, if it’s a horse, maybe not into your arms, but it’s up to you. You’re
reunited. I’ve spoken to enough mediums as well, where they’ve seen these animals
and know the names of animals. They’re there. It’s beautiful. Your stories are really
great. Kathleen: Thank you. I often wonder, when
it’s my time to transition, I wonder if all the animals I’ve helped to transition
over the years with reiki, not just my own but so many others, are they all going to
be waiting? It’ll be so crowded. But, I hope they do. When my spirit opens her eyes,
I hope she sees hundreds of animals waiting at the bridge. That’ll be the most beautiful
moment. Sandra: You’ll be expansive. You may be
hovering over that sea of animals and human beings that are behind waiting their turn
to love you. Wow, that’s beautiful. Have you read the book, The Art of Racing in the
Rain? Kathleen: No, although someone was talking
about that with me the other day. Sandra: Man, is it wonderful. My day job;
I work with race-car teams and I’m a chef. My mom and I have a catering company and we
travel around. Someone had given me this book and I didn’t read it because, although I
cook for the racing guys, I wasn’t interested in a racing book. Enough people told me about
it and I got the audio-book. It’s a story about a guy who wants to be a race-car driver,
but told from the perspective of a dog. It’s really well done. You’re buying into it
that the dog is telling the story. The dog wants to be in the race-car, things like that
but it goes from the dog being a puppy to the dog taking his final breath and I won’t
give away the ending because, when you think it’ll be a sad book, it’s along the same
lines of us talking about joy and gratitude. Anyone, lots of folks who listen to this show
are suffering from the loss of a loved one and talking about life after death is near
and dear to many of our hearts and how we have lost someone special to us. Inside this
book, and I listened to the audio version, there is lots about grief and so many good
things balled up in this extremely entertaining book. Kathleen: Oh, wonderful. Sandra: It’ll put a big smile on your face
and its right up your alley. Well, anybody’s, you don’t have to be a dog lover but you’ll
be entertained and your heart will be warmed. It fits. The author is someone who believes
in life after death and it’s cool. It’s really nice. So what else can we talk about,
do you have any more stories or are you good with that? We can – I don’t want to use
that word but, transition. Is reiki for all of us, something we can – how do I say this.
We’re obviously recording the show and it’s before Christmas of 2014 and of course, you
can still be listening to this many months or years later, but just the fact that it’s
the holiday time, Kathleen, a lot of us have had our pets we loved and lost. As much as
I share about our human companions here and it’s okay to place a part for them at the
dinner table or as you decorate the tree, they’re there with you. But, any tips with
connecting with an animal that we can’t see, that aren’t with us? Or, the ones that
are with us, how can we connect with them on a different level? Kathleen: That’s a great thing to talk about,
especially with the holidays. They’re a wonderful time but also a difficult one, for
those who have passed away that we’re remembering that thinking about. It’s all about connecting
and remembering to connect with the heart. The heart is always connected, so that love
and relationships is always there. It’ll always be there. Take some time during the
holidays to honor the love that you shared with your animals here, but also for those
who have transitioned. One of the things we do each year for Dakota; he had a Christmas
collar that was like Santa’s. It was red with white fuzzies and had bells on it. Sandra: How cute. Kathleen: We hang that on the hearth each
year and he also had a pillow that said, it’s all chewed up, but it said “Santa, I’ve
been a good dog”. It’s funny because it’s all chewed up. We put that out with his Christmas
collar on the hearth to remember him. I like to actually, when I’m putting that out,
and every time I look at it, I like to thank Dakota for everything he brought into my life
just to bring gratitude to my heart. I think that’s really important when we feel sad,
is that we can transform sadness into gratitude if we take the time to remember a happy memory
or a time you shared with the animal that was full of joy. We can shift our emotions
into that more positive space. I like to think about and remember past Christmases with Dakota,
or walking on the beach in Carmel with him, or other times we had together. I think our
mind is a powerful thing. Sandra: Yes. Kathleen: If we can sort of choose to be sad,
or we can choose to be the opposite, which in this case is grateful. How blessed are
we that these little angels of light come for this brief time in our life to be on our
side and teach us about unconditional love, compassion, grace and harmony. How lucky are
we to have them for that time, although we wish it’s longer? It’s such a blessing
so it’s great for me, just to take the time and honor all they brought into your life.
It’s a very healing thing to do. Sandra: I’m a little bit choked up right
now, so I’ll share why. I’m sitting on my couch at my home in Massachusetts, and
I have my laptop in my lap and a brown blanket over me. When I wrote my book, Kathleen, my
kitty Milli would snuggle on my right side on this blanket. She would put her head on
my laptop which was often in my way as I typed out the book. That’s where she was the whole
time I wrote my book. After we put her to sleep, and I was devastated, and my book hadn’t
yet come yet, but I got the final copy from the publisher that I had to read one last
time before it went into print. It was the day after we put Milli to sleep. It was like,
I didn’t care that I wrote the book. There are lots in my book about grief and proof
of life after death. It’s like, in that moment, I was so devastated about losing Milli
that there wasn’t anything else I could think about. Unfortunately, at the moment,
I thought it was a bad thing. I was forced to read my own book. I didn’t want to because
I was a mess – truly. For any one of us that have pets or companions, we can often
love them more than human beings. That’s a real thing. I was forced; it took me two
days to read it cover-to-cover. I went from a grieving mess to so filled with joy and
gratitude, like you said. Believing that Milli wasn’t gone, understanding that even in
me, there is a soul in a human body and we’ll meet up again, with the tools in my book that
helped my grief. So, it dawned on me that Milli left this Earth just at the perfect
time, so I could see the impact my own book would have on lives. Kathleen: How beautiful. Sandra: I’m super passionate about sharing
it. I give more copies away than I sell. But, I don’t care because it makes a difference
to me. My sweet Milli was an angel to me as I wrote it, and even as she departed. So,
like you said, it’s easy to be sad and miss someone or something but then to look at the
gratitude; it’s a whole different spin on things and can leave us in a powerful place.
I think a lot of the troubling things that happen help us grow and to be stronger and
help us learn what we’re supposed to here on Earth. Kathleen: Absolutely. Sandra: I’m mushy right now. Can animals
hear us when we’re talking to them? You know what I’m getting at. Is it something
they understand with us when we’re verbally talking to them, or with their mind? Do they
understand us? Kathleen: Yes. It’s hard to say if they
understand the language or see pictures; it can depend on the animal. With reiki, it depends
more on the vibration. You can have the vibration of sadness or gratitude. It’s the same when
we talk to our animals or we talk about our animals. We can talk with a positive vibration
that’s loving and supportive, or we can talk like oh, they did this wrong, that’s
wrong and our vibration changes to a negative place. I always say to people, since so often
if I’m doing reiki with an animal, there’s something wrong so that’s they want me here.
But, if they go on-and-on about what’s wrong, the vibration is so heavy and negative that
the animal becomes resistant to connecting. I say, talk to your animals or presence like
they’re a five year old. What would you say if your five year old was next to you,
how would you talk? It’s the same as animals. They’re so aware of what we’re saying
and it’s important even if they’re having challenges. This is something I haven’t
mentioned yet, that I wanted to say, so I’m glad you asked that question. When we see
our animals, I challenge you to look deeper than their issues. Even as they’re transitioning,
you may see they look weak or look not like they used to. They look rickety. Look deeper.
This is something the meditations of reiki can help us to do. If we look deeper, we can
see the heart of our animals, the spirit and essence which is always perfect. It’s always
bright and always in balance; always in harmony. If I go into somebody’s house and see their
house for their true essence and how beautiful are bright they are; now my vibration is so
positive and open and they want to come over and connect. On the other hand, if I feel
sadness or pity, scared, whatever because of their appearance, now my vibration is small
and tight. I call it sort of unpleasant to the animal. They sense that negativity so
animals may run out of the room. We have to go deeper and connect from the spiritual level,
especially with animals having issues or may even be transitioning. If we want them to
feel comfortable and good about our presence and connect with us, we must do that. This
is what I teach in my classes is how to see with our hearts and connect and if you can
do that, you can get through any situation with a positive and peaceful resonance. Sandra: I wouldn’t doubt, Kathleen that
what you teach and what they practice on animals carries in their interactions with humans. Kathleen: I hope so. My work over the years
tells me that animals are teaching how to be with each other. Sandra: Wow. That left me kind of speechless.
It does, because I think that we have someone in our lives that you want to tell them a
thing or two, why are they the way they are? But, to look even at human beings and know
they have this kind, loving heart; you talk to somebody and it’s clear when you talk
to someone and see the best in them, they respond differently than if you see the worst
in them. It’s the same with animals. I live with my aunt, and Harry is our kitty. She
had spent more time with him and loves that cat to pieces. It’s all about Harry when
she is home. It’s cute because, Harry knows about the time she comes home from work and
will sit in the window waiting for her. Very often, even before she pulls in the driveway,
he begins to meow and I know that in the next few minutes, she will be home. She follows
him around like a dog and will jump on her lap. No matter when it’s time for her to
go to bed, there he is. With me, we’ve had Harry for about two and a half years; I’m
just like someone who feeds him. I tease her because we’re both single ladies, that Harry
is her soulmate. It’s so evident. Kathleen: How sweet. Sandra: It is. What a wonderful opportunity
for us to experience love. I do think, if someone’s on the fence about getting a cat
or dog, any animal, go for it because there is so much love. Aren’t there studies that
people live longer who have pets, and it decreases stress? Kathleen: Yes, and if you look at therapy
pets; cats and dogs that visit those in hospitals and Hospice. I don’t know if you have seen
the movie “Horseboy”, but it’s all about an autistic boy that couldn’t speak, yet
when he puts his hands on a horse he could speak and say horse. His parents go on a journey
to heal this child but it healed him through horses. They start a riding center for disabled
kids; it’s a wonderful story. This is another reason I do this work with reiki and animals,
because I feel they do so much for us. They heal us, just being who they are, it’s not
like they’re trying. They bring so much love and joy to our lives and to the world
that we owe it to them. As humans, we owe it to them to go deeper and be smarter; to
let go. Sometimes, we’re in our intellect. Let go of that, of how we know how to do these
things, and remember our ancient connection between Mother Earth, which is about our heart
and being. I heard Depach Rocher say that “we’re more of a human doing, rather than
human being”. I love that. I think animals bring us into this state of being again, so
we’re close to who we really are; that true essence. Sandra: That’s so beautiful. Thank you so
much. Now, I have a cat. You touched on reiki. How do I find out more about what I can do
for my kitty, or learn about reiki, or you and what you’re up to? How do we connect
to you? Kathleen: I have lots of resources on my website,
which is animalreikisource.com. I also have an Animal Reiki Source Facebook page, which
I put up daily articles and quotes of inspiration. I Have an Animal Reiki Source Youtube and
I share lots of videos about working with animals, as well as energy and healing with
animals. So, I invite people to look for me. Sandra: Yes, and by the time you’re listening
to this, if you look at wedontdieradio.com and click on Kathleen Prasad, just beneath
her picture I will have the link to her website, Twitter, Facebook, all of that. Kathleen: Thank you. Sandra: You’re welcome. Any closing words,
my new friend? You brought so much love into my heart right now, thinking of these wonderful
beings filled with unconditional love. Kathleen: Aren’t they amazing? Sandra: Yes. Kathleen: One of my main teachings is that
animals are our spiritual teachers. I don’t mean the ones that live with us, but all animals.
They can show and teach us so much. Even the butterfly in the garden, or the squirrel in
the backyard, all creatures have so much wisdom because they’re much closer to the ancient
wisdom of Mother Earth. We’ve lost touch with these things. One of the ways I love
to sign my books and sign-off on my videos is that I finish with, and I’ll say this
today, is “All that you do, as you go forth, may the animals light your way”. Sandra: How beautiful. Kathleen Prasad, thank
you. Kathleen: Thank you so much Sandra, it’s
been a lot of fun. Sandra: It has, I just have this giant smile
on my face. I do. And to our listeners, thank you for being here too. As a gift for you,
I know I refer to things in my book over and over and that is not to tease you; if you
go to wedontdieradio.com and at the top there will be a “Click here to be a part of the
Inside Listener’s Club”. When you click on that, I have my book as a PDF file, so
you have to read it on the computer, but it’s of my entire book and I’d like to give that
to you as a gift for being here. There are also some tools on dealing with grief and
things on life after death. But, I’d like to see you have it and again, it’s more
about making a difference than selling copies. I want to encourage everyone to check out
Kathleen’s website and remember, our little companions; some may be big, some small, those
are our animals and they make a difference in our life and concentrate on being grateful
and feeling the joy and love. This is Sandra Champlain, and I do believe that life is an
educational for the soul, and every one of our lives here on Earth is truly important.
We do share them with the animal kingdom. Thanks for being here, thanks for listening,
and we will see you soon.>>MUSIC PLAYING

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  1. ThNk you so much for this video. I lost my little baby. She passed in her sleep Dec1st. She has been my rock and only companion in my lonely world. I’m devastated that I didn’t get to say goodbye to her.

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