Ep. 10 EXPANDED Podcast with Shiva Rose, Holistic Beauty Practitioner and Author

welcome to the podcast which should be of Shiva Rose here of the local Rose also author of whole beauty and then i i'm sure there's not really a soul that doesn't know about Cheever I can't go anywhere without seeing your price in New York here yeah it's just the most special so we're going to get into that as well and she was a major expander of mine in a lot of ways you know how can you explain me the Moshe bud that I'll say before I start asking you all the good questions is recently when I was doing a lot of work on my feminine because obviously we've been trying to bring a baby and I have like very masculine work energy and I was doing one of my deep imaginings and I had a moment where it prompted me to bring all of my feminine expanders kind of in a like a little campfire than you would one of the big one-oh fitters you're so embodied in earth and feminine and the elements you're an expander on many levels but deep oh my gosh that means so much to me we're fun that day right in the gathering with all is so good and I came over because Shiva also hosts teased their mistake like the one in your in your oh it was amazing it was like everyone was just in like these flowy dresses like just stuff that's not normally me right is so angered into the earth and terrains yeah it's so fun you're always fun in my deep imagine and you're a fellow Aquarian and generator in human design right generator generator man just generator yeah I know I'm being an Aquarius yeah your manifest generator yeah yeah I'm starting to get into that whole world oh it's so yeah you have to have a session with Jen I have to I okay I'd love to I guess I just feel like there's so much as it is rose my world that I didn't want add an extra thing but the more I hear about it through you and through other people the more it makes that it makes it's been the most for me actualizing and liberating system so whatever I love that tell us what is your cultural background and upbringing oh okay well I'm half Iranian and half American and I grew up in Iran for the first ten years of my life and my mother is definitely an adventurous spirit so I think I got a lot of my love for nature from her and and a sense of adventure and we lived in the countryside of Iran till I was 10 and then we escaped was it right out of Tehran outside like an hour outside of the city by the mountains so yeah we were sort of nestled by the mountains my mom was sort of a American hippie that would kind of do things like teach yoga and make candles and wine and and there was always something going on she's actually remarkable in that she's I don't have this ability but she can be she's so creative that way like for a while she was carving wood you know and then she would be making candles and that she'd be painting I'm happy and have her bees that was one thing I did learn from her was beekeeping thing the one thing yeah she's scored feel very good yeah and my Munna Scorpio was you're a Capricorn yeah yes it's so funny cuz the aquarium is actually a little bit more masculine totally and the and the scorpio is a little bit more of the feminine watery sexual passionate sexual and I feel like I feel like to stay in your sensuality women should have new experiences and adventure and pleasure and I think that those are all about ways and staying juicy yeah to CTC I'm learning all about that it's really how do Lina um give me your spiritual upbringing and background what was that like living with an American Indian Iranian father they weren't religious I mean my father was probably technically Muslim but he was never religious they never really practiced any form we've celebrated Christmas and all of that so I think I was always seeking like I started to have a conversation with God at a very young age what was that it was you know it's so interesting I just remembered that I used to make little altars around the house but I didn't know they were altars so hostas like past life stuff but I have ultras all over my house now that remembers what our altars so there was something about that like organizing my spiritual spirituality and growing up in an Islam you know in a Muslim country where they pray five times a day and they greet the Sun and I mean it's really profound that ritual so I think I've always been drawn to ritual and so when I was 21 I started practicing Buddhism Japanese form of Buddhism and that's been I've still practice that new chance that I'll still champion what is the one the powerful powerful when I chant it's a SGI Buddhism and I do it because it works yeah it worked and sure because on a manifestation level it's incredible incredible I feel like part of it is because it's mystical it's called a mystic law and then the other part of it is it actually when you're imagining what you want to bring into your life and you're chanting it's a form of affirmation and a vibration kind of vibration sound vibration which is so powerful so now I'm just you know I I'm spiritual I have like so many services somebody give them all give it I mean not like like to certain degree that well look I'll peek into some others and I'll be like I'm happy mm-hmm you know what I just take little tools and we have little tools but I'm also pretty set on the Kundalini prayers that I do every day tea practice that I do every day as the chanting I do every day those do every day I do do a little even if it's just three minutes Wow recent years now years years and years Wow even when your daughter Coco was little you're chanting I was 10 she's called a fortune baby if you're born into the practice you're called fortune baby she just went to New York and chanted at the center there somebody said you're a fortune baby aren't you and she's like yep she feels like she's so special both of them are so they teach me so much they're the teacher i sat in my moon oh my god and they teach me a lot well tell me what was your what was the biggest moment of you on the floor crying your biggest rock bottom your biggest down and out oh yeah really they come every time oh my god I feel like I've had so many lives and this is life I mean definitely you know having something that happened to be very young very very young which transformed I think you and I have touched on it which touches on your sexuality and how you see the world and then later at 10 escaping Iran and being hijacked and held prisoner that was quite an ordeal I mean losing everything yeah becoming basically refugees and you know losing everything everything my mother brought photographs that was the only thing she could we brought so literally the clothes that you're wearing or all you have so that was a huge shift and then I would say the next one was in my twenties when I had sort of a mini breakdown I had of adrenal fatigue which I didn't know then I was a strict vegetarian I think there were so many things Lou had autoimmune issues and I ended up almost hospitalized that time I think and I actually ironically enough I went to Croatia to do work for the refugee camps no longer women who were raped and they basically fired me because I was such a mess so they had me do clerical work well the u.s. do administrative but like keep away cuz I think I'd be like so hysterical but also my nervous system wasn't strong enough to do all the activists work that I wanted to do and I know yeah that you have to build that that nervous system to hold that space to hold that space I was just fragile so I would say that was the other one and then probably later being hospitalized for sleep issues adrenal fatigue autoimmune and then divorce now I just want to enjoy and eat life and hello and just yeah and give love cuz the feminine is love right now feminine all is all about being loving and in love and showing love and and you know accepting so that the masculine can be the direction and the stability so I like to think of the feminine as fluid yeah and the masculine is like sort of like a solid oak tree the polar the polarities yeah so I'm done with the suffering yeah you've done it you're good on a subconscious level you don't deserve and it's all about with your work which has been so helpful because I think a lot of it between Kundalini and your work its uncovering the unconscious blocks because we don't even know you know and I think 30 years of Jungian therapy may touch on it but if you do you know if you include your work and community get into the unconscious step which I had to do you know after being hijacked I mean revolution of use to having all the things that were like I don't think I'd be where I'm at now in this place if I hadn't cleared him unconscious and I really believed to when you and I really see you embodied in this when you reach a level of true embodiment on a subconscious level of deserving I don't really feel like you attract that staff to you I mean you'll get little things but there's such a sense of self where it's like yes Southworth yeah and that was a lot of your work and yogi buttons he's been talking about it right you know oh my gosh let me talk about I know there's a lot of he gets flack for for a lot of things but at the end of the day he came here to this country to empower women and drug addicts and there's no point of it plus it's not up into City you know at that point so yeah I mean I've seen the power of Kundalini over and over and over again and it was interesting because like I did har I think for far beyond forty days and not much was happening but when I started to do what's opulence in tandem with her it was exactly what Yogi Bhajan said it will be too much prosperity to hand oh yeah and I was like oh this is what he means you have to have the bandwidth yeah the nervous system nervous system oh yeah and I was like oh he's not like like when you hear laughing you keep eyes on things cuz it'll be like ten thousand times but after that I was like man right here Stephanie from solo Stephanie okay so I remember her and I were started doing the head and the prosperity and her she was like girl I'm stopping by but you have to have the system to withhold to hold all this you know the success that's the thing that I think most businesses and people and actors being that we were both actors yes you can get it the success keeping it and it's being able to handle them not implode employer we become like an alcoholic or a drug addict are not worthy enough not assess ourselves yes no stop or destroy your relationship in your marriage or you know I feel you have to get to a place where you have the healthy sustenance to hold her to hold it hold it but the line came from doing I started stepping with guru jacket like five years ago and we would do like three times a week and we all had a download her myself and Jennifer Nicholson we all had downloads at the same time in the same class Wow so you tell me like how how divine energy to find under German you're all meditating together so I had the download to start my line and she were joking about the download for drama and our friend Jennifer had the download start a store in Venice which she says closed but is reopening in Ojai so Wow like that's just too yeah that's also where I think I talked about this with Sahara Rose this week as well I don't really believe anything that's channeling through us as ours I think we're just these vessels and we all have the capability of channeling and it's like anything any of my message on manifestation if number one it's been around for 5,000 years that's even like you know documented far longer than that it's nothing it's not mine it's not none of it but it's coming through in a divine way justice feminine vessels we are literally vessels to contain energy to contain I was like we're good we're made to contain the lingo you have to contain a child remain to contain energy so when you clear that vessel of any unconscious debris yeah it's like free-flowing free-flowing yeah who has been your biggest expander oh yeah well definitely I feel like your mom I mean I think I as a child it was probably a lot of stars we talked about like Marilyn Monroe is definitely you know all the new get me you know Frida Kahlo maybe not so much because there was so much darkness and definitely her independence and her voice right yeah but she was a pioneer not just in you know politics and art I mean she has a limousine oh yeah feminist but so far beyond that I feel like physical pain injuries physical pain endurance like being able to withstand and you know and have endurance definitely Georgia O'Keeffe and you know so it's even characters from like check off and Tennessee Williams and you know so sort of obscure ballet dancers ballet was definitely a what that was like my I hold on to that when I was alone lately little refugees [Laughter] guest jeans yeah a Brentwood girls yeah the standard you know you have trans planning to LA talk about that a little bit because I don't think I think when people see you know you or they see someone who is so embodied at this point in their life they never realized that like the shame or the pain that we all go through everyone yeah it is the most democratic thing on the planet but for you like having to integrate into society and American culture in Los Angeles of all places right way west side like like the like the ghetto site at Brentwood there is one that means his back ya know it's like lower Brentwood and higher right oh yeah there was definitely a lot of lonely lonely and that's why I think I became an actress cuz I created my own reality yeah it was the only way to survive saying you know an imagination my fed by books and and you know things like movies and and so I sort of built a characters that could withstand like archetype archetypes yeah and definitely it was lonely I mean and then later I think it was drugs and alcohol and you know being sexually precocious that was like a doorway you know in high school junior high school and I think honestly acting saved my life because I've had very like close friends died in high school like two very close friends died and it was if it wasn't for acting because that was like my my thing my anchor in your therapy and your place and I realize I saw really young I was like okay that's one road or I can choose this road so I just immersed myself and into theater and acting and and tried to like you know make that my life that's thank God because I don't know you know there's a lot of people didn't make it I've had so many of those pivotal moments growing up just because when I was small my mom was very broke and single and we would live in apartment to apartment and I always was so enamored by any other culture so it was like I would hang out with ocean culture later what's that the pair of and I love like being grace into the purple they helped raise me a since plague of birth so I was already multicultural growing up at that time you know and understanding and my uncle was gay and one of the first homosexuals to contract AIDS and died I mean at my mom's an alcoholic I was around my god yes be array of everything so to me everything was normal there wasn't any sense of taboo and those realms but there were moments when I would hang out you know with the kids that were doing drive-bys and stuff like that I wasn't a part of it but like kind of my parents would get worried they're like okay she's really integrating into dangerous situations yeah and I had the exact moment where I was like I have two choices here of roads I can go down I can get pregnant yeah I could do this I could do all the things that I'm seeing expanders reflected back to me do anything or I can choose this other and I oh there was something divine it was always like what a beautiful thing it's so and if we can only show that to other people in that age group I know and that's what I mean we just had this conversation a little bit a bit ago but when we talk about real change in the world I think about my grandmother who I had all this going on around me and I when you grow up as an unwanted child too young pregnancy and being raised in four different households here's the word that defines you unwanted unwanted not belonging and so I look at all of that I was just testing out where to belong where to belong but I think about my grandmother I had a grandmother who identified with so much you know right who was a witch I probably honestly came through her most but she said to me and nobody else really said this just unconsciously they didn't know they had to and a lot of us in society don't know that we have to she said Lacey you can be anything you want to be you can be successful from any dream you have you can make just as much as a man and I manifested all of that and if we want to make some real change in power follow just hear hearing that it's a child like we don't get how that makes the biggest impact even now I find that yeah I mean now if I have someone tell ambition holder yes what I can also throw away they don't even know they're doing no they'll be like Oh Shiva in ten years you're gonna be doing this this I got and it plants the belief system that's crazy you see it I can do it yeah that's the and that's where I'm like oh God we can use you guys that show you you know when you have children you're like oh it's so think about all the things that you don't mean to do truth hey I tell people that I work with they're like how do I do this to be the best parent for a manifester I go eh you forgive yourself that you're gonna up as a parent period you're gonna suck up every kid because every child is unique and authentic so it's like you gotta a forgive yourself on that one and then be I believe the best things we can do with all the crazy we do to our kids and mess up a project on them in our own stuff from our childhood love them give them self-worth validate their belief system whatever it is they want to do do not put labels on them I have this great story of my friend who took her son to school the other day and she was like I have to tell you this I'm driving him and Ashley Nisha's wrote a really beautiful post on this about not finding out the gender of her baby because we can project so right onto a child before if they're they're pure empty slabs when they come onto the planet justly pure loving consciousness yes so she's driving her three and a half year old and she's like you're my little man and he goes I'm not a man she goes well you're my little dude and he goes I'm not a dude and she goes well you're my little because I'm not a monkey and she goes well what are you he goes I'm nothing and if we allow ya them to unfold they and show us and then we go I see that I validate that and become who they're meant to be who they're meant to be and then I go find them an expander a vision holder who's successful in that that creates the space for them to do and accomplish and manifest anything they want so I love that so forgive yourself because you know you well that's the biggest thing about being a parent is that they are not an extension of your ego no they are not no matter how much we want them to be this thing we have to let them be their own thing yeah and probably the biggest gift that's like once I tried to let go because my younger one is such a fierce hurricane she's not graceful you know little ballerina it's just like this force of nature at once I might okay that's just that I just have to you know she must go and my god yeah you'll be running my world 25 oh she's a Peugeot man all right yeah right and Max is also duh my gosh yeah you know what scorpion Lin Wow I think she's gonna be so she already is I mean it's interesting yeah so I just need to step back her let her just you know show you who she is supportive that's and that's the hardest thing I think and this is from someone who doesn't have a child but who gets asked for this and I'm like I'm gonna up my kid okay so tell me what and I think this will be a very inspiring expansive answer from you for the person who looks at your life and they're like Shiva has it all you know she's coming to herself she has her book she has her lying her house is beautiful her family's beautiful let's hear about the brokest down-and-out you've ever been oh my goodness you're like acting hey ya know I think the year that there were a couple years at UCLA where I worked all through high school I started working at 14 did ya see should not that a sexy well I'm from a small town wanna see Lacey I was opportunist Betty Jones I worked at Betsey Johnson but I've worked at multitude of jobs before then but I remember there was a semester where at UCLA I went da and it was a very hardcore it was like my last semester so I took a grand town and I didn't I didn't work it was the first time I didn't work and was just a student and actually was probably one of the happiest times of my life but I could just be a student but I remember you know having that that one muffin that was gonna sustain me that one lentil bag of lentils that was gonna sustain me and then my friend and I she was an artist we needed two art supplies so we dug in the trash Wow we dug in the trash on Hollywood for art supplies to make art or costumes or you know it was definitely but that's those are times he can look back on and I love what Sam French they're at the time so oh for sure carefully they close that out there the one on Hollywood I think closed really maybe not okay we've been out of it for so long I know we've to it like gonna play together oh my students I still have moments around like okay if someone wants me to do check off for Tennessee Williams you're like I'll do I'll come out I'm Sam Shepard its face Shepard I'm happy you that you should be doing that it is one of my favorite yeah so anyways I'm sure everybody's like polarity actually yeah full for love is about the ultimate polarity yes it's about a brother and sister however it is the laughing that's good feminine yeah about and that and I'm all for that I'm all about being a feminine feminist which is what Anais Nin used to say yeah I'm all about you know the more feminine the better and I think that's where the power lies it's not going to come from force and putting other people down and tearing people down it's gonna be about again the loving energy that is the ultimate feminine I'm being an expander and showing people that they can do and be anything they want making definitely I mean I was told at 26 that I have a year to live with lupus scleroderma and rheumatoid so I yes I have so many gifts and treasures in my life right now but there have been dark dark dark dark roads how did you process that time you know thank God for that rebellious nature again and we have a doctor dr. bluestone in Beverly Hills he gave me the diagnosis and I remember I was with my mother my mother's started crying and I was just like an internal you yeah an internal like no way that's not my story so I was just like very I mean that's when that rebellious mist comes in comes in handy and so I was I just had my daughter Coco and I was really tired and achy and exhausted and a friend of mine Eve Gerber said you should go see this doctor he's a Sikh he was a white turban loved it you know he's one of those weird Sikh people but it seems like no but how crazy because that's my practice totally I actually see dr. Surran cos I went to see him and he said I'll make you feel better within the year and he do any I mean it took longer than a year to be honest and there are a lot of dietary things I didn't do at the time which I now know you know was part of the issue but I saw him at white kontrick the last time I was there and I was like crying I thanked him in the book because he's now in his 70s or you know and I was like dr. Serrano I don't know if you remember me but you you know you got me on the path face it's so wild like we're practicing the same you know all the things I guess you do I mean you have a full aerobatic practice physical care your whole line is based in our Veda I mean it makes sense it's all full circle to the whole circle so the poison can turn into medicine always and if you have the medicine for too long when you don't need it anymore it can turn into poison ah you know it's nothing that's so that's so sting but what would you say with all the autoimmune conditions have been the most like the top oh yeah I would say definitely um well you know autoimmune is being allergic to yourself so it's the ultimate not having a self-worth the ultimate self flagellation you know so the Buddhists say that it's like past karma that hasn't been a dream of mine was on my back yes you know materialized there which is your past so I would say definitely going organic cutting out all processed foods adding some sorry vegans sorry but I know forever that you terian for 25 years and I think it was destroying my body because I was eating so much wheat yeah and GMOs so going organic adding some animal protein having a spiritual practice getting into nature having more fast Wow that's better yeah that was because I was a thin actress yeah I was like you know underweight and you know and acting is all about you know what does it call it you know when you get turned down when you get shut down rejection rejection yeah this is the ultimate form of autoimmune totally totally all of that that you just keeping you and holding you and you go back every day just you know I'm used to say when I was young my family would be like decid hey isn't it hard all of that rejection thousands and thousands and I feel like no I'm no big deal but I also live my life that way about all of the masculine all the spiritual bypass all the positivity and when I really was towards the end of leaving I was like yeah it hurt it hurt really bad getting like emotional now because it's so much of it is the blocks we put up so we don't feel it so we don't feel and the whole idea again to be in the feminine is to feel right yeah and to not be afraid to be you know emotional or dramatic or all the things that I think I was dinner call to be needy is the big guys especially in our climate here in New York there's been the day when I work with clients and dating that's the biggest one we have to meet II crazy yeah all of it crazy but I feel like my hormonal issues when I really went over the edge and was hospitalized I had this epiphany that all the women before me who were supposedly hysterical are put in a way are given lobotomies or hysterectomies it was all hormonal issues that weren't being addressed yeah and I remember like feeling this lineage of of women you know having this connection with them and going oh my god I'm so sorry I'm so sorry you know cuz I was one of those women at 3:00 in the morning in a slip barefoot running in the hills like thinking about killing mice totally normal what was wrong yeah if I didn't have my young daughter I probably would have you know done something and that's all just like a crazy chemical in crazy it's so sad it's sad but what a blessing this time we live in I know like there's also there's a lot of negativity with social media and all the things you know with all the stuff but the blessing is there and I think that's probably one of the vidiians a little frightening because women are we're like and we're getting really blaming her health powerful with it yeah very powerful yeah reclaiming also yet that's okay the crazy thing is such an important topic for women lime lime is exactly a mirror to what we're doing to the planet totally it's exactly how we're decimating our planet is decimating our bodies completely so maybe man-made disease totally I mean there's so many theories now that it's a virus that it's not even you know you ticks and things don't pass it that that just will exasperate exasperated yeah there's a lot of new theory parasites which I know we you and I have gone my whole family's done numerous amounts of Perry because once I realized the parasite this oh yeah oh that's all we are on the planet yeah we're just parasites on the place then my other big question that I love to ask everyone there's – what is the biggest shadow aspect you've had to integrate and you have that Scorpio in you that understands it I know I think maybe coming to terms with the feminine in me mm maybe hmm I mean I growing up in Iran like be like like sexuality and your yoni like that stuff is like I mean women were stoned to death for for that stuff and then ironically enough I had a my mother at my ex-mother-in-law is Eve Ensler and she wrote a play called The Vagina Monologues oh yeah so I always felt like and then I remember one of my acting parts was this girl who loved to get you know have guys go down on her I'm so glad you like these like beautiful mirrors that made you such like drama about that I mean even my gynecologist to this day will dim the lights he's like oh it's she by like yes so I think it's coming to terms with the beauty of the ultimate feminine which is which is that you know yeah in the ultimate receptivity the ultimate I mean yes creation the creation and like a measure and being okay with sexuality and knowing that sexuality doesn't necessarily mean sex that's your energy oh that's really made of energy and there's and there's no such thing I think women can get better yeah and that's the fallacy with their change yes we can change this fallacy that it's the reverse Oh totally I mean I feel like my moon cycle is so in tune right now in my 40s with like you know I get it every every full moon full moon and the new moon Io be late like clock you know thank God no you're so yes it's taken me this much time to respect the rules of nature and my body and that is okay okay Oh Shiva thank you for sharing that I think so many women can relate to that and also if there's one man tuning in also realizing to you know that is a struggle still in today's culture even doing you I know that it was a Middle Eastern environment that you're growing up in at the time but it's so important it's so important you know there's a whole chapter in there on yoni eggs yes I feel like that that's been a big teacher from me and thank you oh thank you for sharing that with us – the book which I'm going to get into in a minute when I first this doesn't happen to me ever Shiva when I think I opened it up to I forget which page I opened it up it was you with the two feathers like really claiming you're Native American heritage and having that beautiful ritual and prayer this one and I almost cried when I saw it and I don't know why it made me so emotional but you were just so embodied in yourself and your spiritual practice in the feminine you know really crying out to the earth working with the elements of the earth that yeah we've gotta get in yeah well the book has been it's not I know it might seem like cliche to hear this but I don't think it came from an ego place hmm I think a few years back I had pitched a book and it got a lot of nose and that felt more from the ego is like I needed to do this that's my point in my career yeah yeah and then this time around it just flowed and that's another thing I've learned if it flows you know that go just go yeah go with it so that was a bunch of green lights like the greatest agent Meg Thompson you know the greatest publishers artisan the greatest photographer the greatest it just flowed I was just like so I'm like oh this is the way it's supposed to go and you're in the right place at the right time yes it's it's meant to be it's bigger than us like you said we're vessels yeah just channeled and no forcing and no for saying gosh now I just have to remember that oh it's like daily like a reminder of the hardest thing on the planet with a Scorpio moon what is the biggest inner-child I'm like taking us to go to inner child believe you've had to reprogram for success and to feel embodied at this point mmm besides not being worthy oh let me see that's an interesting one I think because I was sexualized at such a young age probably that has stuff to do with it too I mean I think flirtation is a great thing yeah and you can flirt with life in general oh it's the most beautiful and creative yeah like flirtation is okay yeah so maybe that's wrapped around shame so I would say getting over the hurdle of shame and the attention being seen all of there's so much and it goes back to the whole thing about the yoni which by the way I just I think this is true I heard there was a study that the last thing people see when they're about to die is a yoni oh really she check that but I think I read that so is that going cuz you're not to go through another tunnel about to go through the town she's a different bird I just got chills but like we're born through the yoni and then the last image that we see is like it's so true yeah I mean we don't know yet but that's what people think but absolutely yes I don't say shame and that's every I think there's not a listener that can't relate to shame and unworthiness again they're just the most democratic shame shame pain unworthiness they all come down to the same thing of unloved ability and in manifestation my whole work surrounds getting rid of it if you can feel like it works been so profound because it kind of again it narrows it down to like not too out there thank you something like my brain yeah that was me too I'm like I can see yeah it's structured and yeah okay so a question I have that I'm really excited about because I've had really profound experiences with each of the products obviously I'm a huge fan of anything our Vedic base especially beautiful beauty base I do so many our Vedic practices or Vedic practices such as Vedic meditation and up younger I mean I do so many that I want to know which products for the person tuning in and correlate really well to different manifestation aspects like the Venus oil if you're working out that feminine goodness and the book I talk a lot about goddesses I really tune into Venus Venus I think my my love sign is ruled by Venus and I just venus is like my girl that's not it I mean she's the goddess of love and beauty and creation and Roman times Greek times and now I don't know if you guys know about these books but okay Sophia code I've heard her yeah I think I may have told you you might have got one yeah her to tell me which is mind-blowing because she sort of connects the dots between Hathor Isis Magdalene mother Mary all of the power all of the lineage a lotta stuff and how it's all one I mean I talk about shows like that's been a huge expander for me was that book so but anyways before I discovered that book I've been on this Venus I have an altar devoted to Venus Friday as day of Venus yeah and when she goes in retrograde I'm like yeah yeah yeah but now mercury I'm sorry um which one is for me Jupiter Saturn or Jupiter Jupiter yeah not mercury I'm always Rachelle the last two weeks the first two weeks oh my goodness but I like prosper mmm rhetoric and that's what Kundalini teaches you to like harness the energy that everybody else is freaking out about yeah it's the time to tune like yay try talking to like lawyers and yeah I'm sorry I listen till after oh my god I sign my house papers this last Mercury retrograde ah Thank You universe bye oh and it's the rebel it's the rebel but go ahead but totally so the Venus I start I think I first created the Venus body oil as an enlarged to Venus and it's made with amber and most people are like so confused as I shouldn't be rose and your Rose I'm like I mean I like rose yeah there's I love amber amber oh my god to get a six sexy and sultry so I definitely made that and I made the sea siren scrub which with lemongrass so it's all about releasing generativity yeah so on fridays you know in iran and japan korea all these countries they have bathing days ritual days and i don't know if any of you have gone to some of the hot springs around LA but we're very lucky to have these korean bath totally i love them oh my gosh it's so good so lucky oh so rejuvenating but i'm created that so you could scrub off the negativity of the day or the week and it just makes your skin really luscious and and juicy and then you're putting on the venus body oil I also have a venous body milk bath that's made with goat milk and Venus the am percent I made that recently and it comes with a seashell and it's all again just to like give thanks to that what about this new guy this is really is I'm so excited this is like latest baby but I'm so excited about it I just can't it's taken me like maybe two years to create but it's really a goldrich orange color the face one this is more body but it has Jasmine frankincense sandalwood cuz it's a little bit sexy and sultry oh those are all the things yeah I want a bit more Scorpio maybe I'm just so embarrassed that parasympathetic nervous yeah I think well I've been doing the biomat which I know you I'm now I'm obsessed with yeah obsessed with but you've been at your no G you've been doing ever ever good so my partner was on it yesterday and he was on it for like a good couple hours and you're like you're hydrated realized today with a headache it's so deep you don't know at the time yeah but it's like getting on a cellular level deep deep deep cellular oh it's to me but I I travel with it you know I when I was in New Yorker in New York Wow because all the same things happen to me when I'm in nature so if I'm in Sun and then also have all the extremities on the earth it's the similar thing like negative ions are released the morning infrared rays are coming through but here in LA I've concrete in the back you know and in New York especially do you return my teeth yellow last time I was there oh it was so hard on my system it was hard on my system too I think I reached out to you I had a hard last time was energetically and just thought I think there's 5g in there now and I don't know we're just gonna have to move to Texas Texas yeah we have no soul yeah okay so finish telling us about this oh so it's got all sorts of incredible oils and it's a nourishing body butter so it just melts like butter and I just envision people putting it on their skin it's called golden soul it's an homage to the Sun because we we need the Sun and now everyone of course everyone's realizing the sunblock is terrible ok you've been practicing that for ages not my face but I do put my body and my whole body in the Sun I don't only cuz I get in the last month yeah but I love oh my god I hate Geico lotion oh I'm like you know the that's the thing I feel like I have one thing but I'm also very much like need that is the nature yeah I talked to Nadine yesterday yes me Dean is the icon she's one of them first I was like let's all go to dinner you Sheba and I know the Aquarian 16 hours I know everybody to be on planet Earth looks beautiful yes she's you know that's the one thing I feel again it makes me so much not like we have such a beautiful community of people very like you and Nadine and nitsa it's very like like these like women you know Amanda it's just like there's so many like people doing things that are that are coming from the light into a power to empower them here yeah yeah and if it gets hard at times and you feel like you're you know you just have to remember it's bigger than us oh it's so efficient it has nothing to do with that it's so much yes there was one thing I wanted you to tell us about well first what do you tell us about Texas I wouldn't know more deep I never know why I wanted to hear for the people who because she but you've been through so many cycles and relationships you were with the same man for so long and had beautiful children with him and then had to go through being your own woman again after but you finally have manifested in your guy right now it means amazing and you feel very very blessed tell us about that manifestation process of him well he's uh we definitely I mean he makes fun of me but I like that oh yeah I suppose oh yeah it's the ground it it's the ground do it and he keeps me in check that way so and we laugh like you have to be able to laugh about our stuff oh this is holy like throwing your bottle back oh my god I go home my dad thinks this is the funniest but this is like a real shift in the paradigm he's such a cowboy we were some real feat last weekend yeah like the biggest of cowboys but the real paradigm is shifting number one I and this is so surprising he's one of my fish my biggest vision holders because he's going around La Vie I've always loved your dad at never met him oh you'll love what he's in a great area yeah that's right he wasn't crazy he's amazing and so where he was having dinner at the house for the first time this last weekend or a couple weekends ago and and he just him trying to tell people what I even do is fascinating and everyone's like that this is their exact expression Oh cowboys mouth every day what do you tell us people this is so cute he's like we're gonna see you're on TV how cute is that number one I'm like I don't know if I want that yeah it sounds like a lot of he's that image maybe we can get him and dancing with the pork rib please bring the man important and Matt yeah what's a support group on how to deal but max he's not the best because he was raised by like this strong yes like spiritual feminist mom because the most amazing woman so he's like he's always I can tell but you saw he goes to breath work every Sunday like people day my man meditates he does act as though yeah he's a mate well more because you got it festive it I mean yes because I think on my list was you know definitely spiritual practice that's so important to me that's like a whole language that's a whole lot is so lovely it's the love language because everything comes and goes but if you have that found you know you could build something yeah and you can constantly change and grow and you can grow you have a you have a way to do that and someone who can build things with their hands he's a welder and that's what he does he does that but he's also and also I this on my list you look at the list you go how are you gonna get all this in one person the other thing was a creative artist so you look at it you go how kind of creative artist be a welder be a spiritual practice though it's like yeah but he's an incredible musician amazing musician his name is damn dire and please look up his music because it's amazing no good it's so good and it's also when I listen to it because I've looked at thank you yeah but he sounds a very old country which is that favorite that's his we listen to like really no but yeah Joe chemistry old old country which I have such an appreciation for now with him which strangely enough I was grown up with my grandparents so we used to listen to old country on your mom's side on my mom said that's who I was the closest to it we go on summer trips every summer of camping and Yosemite and well she was race where she lives now my mom he they lived up in Northern California yeah yeah Millbrae oh but they every summer they would take us to the redwoods sequoias that we put in a country or all the road trip so I grew up with that Patsy Cline oh yeah so so crazy and I kind of the Persian girl get into like you know same wish me I'm not Persian but like a person I love a person music just as much my favorite Go Go Go goose yeah and all old sixties seventies personal a misdial so you manifested him all and so i madness today my knees all those things and i'm so grateful and we're going to create a sanctuary in texas amazing and she would just let me know that because Austin is so it's so liberal you can sunbathe topless amazing I know I was deaf I was astounded no cuz I think here you could get arrested and we think there's our selves so grateful yeah but I need to talk to anybody about mitochondria help they're gonna be like sunbathe nude when you're ready so it's interesting I love Texas because it's almost what California used to be yeah because California now has become so corporatized in our I mean look vaccinations are mandatory like Texas that that ain't gonna fly berry are their own people yeah they are their own stay there they don't even think of themselves as Americans are Texas so you know I love that rebellious yeah I'm up with such a rebel I know for the fact so there's a lot of interesting things about Texas around my call oh that's a new paradigm I got you and how amazing that Texas would get your like and he would come in Washington Oregon there yeah I know I know Italy here that's where you need but I did put it out there that I was ready to leave yeah you know my home here eventually in transition and transition so what else can we expect from you what else has come you know thank you I think well please the book and the blog definitely has had some shifts we're trying to like get it more more active you're in love well dad and also the skincare line it's just has a lot how many balls can you juggle and do it well and that's one thing I've learned from my Virgo partner is you know you've got to do one thing and do it well but are doing it I can be scattered I can be a hummingbird I can be like I'll do but this little that little bit and that works to certain extent but truly you have to give it all your focus I agree so much yeah and for the book tell us the premise of the book because I look at it when I'm you know reading it and looking at it the ritual is such a big part of this book and it just really steeps you it I think that's why I found it so emotional and moving because I used to do a lot of the practices that you have in there and I've gotten just too busy or too far away or too masculine that explain to people what they're getting into when they are digging into this book I think it's about like once we nourish ourselves then we can nourish others once we nourish our Salzburg and Irish our land and our community how do you nourish yourself what you don't need necessarily you know thousands of dollars that you can create an altar with just a beautiful scarf and a flower or what's in nature or what's the nature is the Sun yes or use the Sun you could just do it what given to us by God or source and it's connecting to that source and it's connecting to that spirit which for me has been the greatest lesson and that's one thing I've realized and also being in a relationship now like nothing is ever not nothing no relationship no child no no work nothing is going to come between me and source I mean either nothing worse I don't care what you're trolling on my back what you are up to I am so kind of you to have that your unshakable unshakable and that's like such a beautiful gift that I hopefully show that in the book you do and that doesn't cost money so you're not being elitist you're not being you know this is about your connection to your your heart and your higher I agree so in your breast pieces recipes beauty recipes teas tonics things like about your hormones crystals goddesses yoni eggs it's sort of cover the whole gamut yeah the whole thing think and that's why I find it beautiful I've been taking it up to Mariposa yeah has I've been like deep in pagan studies I'm not a certain not a certain not like Sussex or this or that I'm really so curious how before the first Testament was channeled how every culture around the world essentially celebrated within reason the same practices the same holidays all because we relied off of just the elements we didn't we needed rain for crops we needed harvest like and I love this unity that's in that I mean it's so fascinating it's a rostrum ISM have you ever looked to know the ancient Persian oh yeah hi Jen which is beautiful Zoroastrianism is all about the Sun and the moon the elements it's it's Prius I met I think there's no elements of it yeah but I wanted to do that just type that the art oh it's all about the game the pagan you know before we were all burned at the stake yeah burned the witch hunts yeah and then I was new witch but what I will say and it's gonna be so fun is it for is it for you'll think it's it you'll or because I'm so new in all these studies or is it it's it you'll that that's when you Chris what's the time no I'm actually thinking of winter solstice that's what I'm thinking of yeah and so I can't wait I'm going to invite my whole family up to the house for it my Persian pool and I'll bring in like all the person has my candle like it's like a big part of yield because you're celebrating the light that's gonna come after the dark exactly and staying up all night having all the little a fire you know because there is the know this is very much like again the sarasu T&V yeah all about that and that's exactly like Nowruz is the embodiment of you know sir st and paganism yes where you bring in the a goldfish dreams i mean that's so the offering and that's why it's withstood it you know it's high generations jenner and like everything modernization anything it's so beautiful to so beautiful so maybe you'll have to come I was gonna say I want to come back and some book that I would love to do in the future is on Persian Oh like going back to that play you through the night the rest Judaism and please you know I want that book maybe I'll be right oh my god please I love the dichotomy of taxes I'll take you such a good rebellion everything well I love you chip I'm so pretty thank you so much God bless you and for all you're doing and all the light you're putting out there too thank you I really I just I think you're such such an expander such a beautiful source of energy and the most grace that I know so thank you

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  1. Beautiful podcast! Thank you both for sharing. Would you be willing to share what biomat you both are using?


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