ENTP & ENFJ Relationship

[Applause] hello everyone today I'm gonna talk to you about a couple the INTP and the ENFJ so of course these two are gonna have a good time together they're gonna have lively conversation they're gonna be able to meet at the imagination have deep intellectual conversations with each other and other people and that's part of the fun like there's endless topics that they can discuss and that's really quite satisfying for both types so they're both extroverted intuitive so it's nice to have a couple of preferences in common I think there can be a pretty intense strong attraction to each other with these two whether it results in a relationship or not they're often drawn to each other or they feel close or they feel an attraction there's just this magnetic hole this curiosity this deep interest these two can talk or engage rarely and that conversation is going to last for a very very long time so in other words some relationships you keep coming back for more every day but with this one it could be so intense that one conversation every now and then is so strong and so impactful that it satisfies for a long long time they can say the right things to each other they can connect on the right frequency their wide variety of conversations gonna be far reaching and they really enjoy hearing the things that each other are accomplishing or their new ideas they can have a pretty powerful spiritual connection with each other or be able to get into theories and speak their thoughts and how they feel about different scenarios together they can both be friendly outgoing people and enjoying making connections and getting into the minds of other people connecting with them helping them with problems I know as an ENFJ I find that if I'm struggling with something and intp is a good person for me to go to because they're gonna help me delve deeper and not all types can get me to that place or challenge me in a way that it actually gets me out of a rut or takes me to a new level of thinking so sometimes I need to be mentally stimulated and this type can be great at that so I'm gonna say a couple more really positive things but just to warn you I'm gonna talk about some frustrations because I have to be fair you know there are two different people and in any relationship where you are together all the time there's going to be some point of conflict unless you are just incredibly fortunate so please don't take it personal if you do just skip over it they can both have a very wide variety of friendships EMT peas can really enjoy how warm and intellectually deep the ENFJ is and they like how comfortable and at ease they are when they're engaging with people they also admire how organized and structured they can be and how they can get things done ENFJ usually crack up when they're around NCP's because they can be incredibly funny and creative they can have a very playful teasing relationship with each other and the good thing is they can figure out ways to overcome challenges that they may face in their lives I think there are a lot of people who are auntie peas that have an it factor a very strong it factor they can be very good with engaging with people they can act with boldness they have a lot of charisma that the ENFJ really is drawn to they can really help each other a lot in a variety of ways like the emt-p can help the ENFJ get out of situations that they don't want to be part of they can help them to take a few chances and not get stuck in a same old routine enfjs can help ENT chase focus more and hone into their organizational skills and stay true to their values prioritize and stick with commitments that they make and enfjs can help them to become more sensitive to other people in an interesting way en fj's and an TPS can be similar in the sense that they both have a very high level of people skills so you know if James may not say everything that they're thinking because they don't want to hurt someone's feelings they like using tact so you may not be getting the full viewpoint intps can do the same thing but in a different way and it's because they kind of know what people want to hear even if it's not totally correct here's where it can get a little tricky I think both of these types can be pretty darn good at reading people even though they may read people in different ways and so if one type feels like the other one is playing mind games then the other one is going to catch on to that very easily and quickly and that's going to become a problem where they can become frustrated is how they make decisions because the entp they need for things to be rational and make sense so sometimes they need the ENFJ to be a more objective or they don't understand how your feelings are getting so involved and the choices that they're making they want to be objective about things the ENFJ might take things too personally and forget to listen to things objectively and take in constructive criticism and appreciate it at times enfjs may become frustrated with a plethora of ideas that the entp comes up with and because they're gonna need to execute and finish all of those in order to feel satisfied and sometimes that's where they may differ when an ENFJ starts pointing out all the different reasons why their idea is not going to work it could be really like a deflating to an en CP because they want to play around with their ideas because it's fun ent peas are gonna be more spontaneous they may have company over unexpectedly that might not go over so well with an ENFJ now some enfjs may love that but that type of spontaneous interruption of time could be bothersome to an ENFJ so let's talk about some things that you can do to have a successful relationship and there are lots of things with this couple so here's some tips let's start with ent piece if you have an ENFJ partner you want to always validate their feelings let's face it doing what someone's feelings can be hard especially when they're upset about something but you don't want to give the message that they should just get over it here's another tip acknowledge their caring ways towards you they'll really like that enfjs are not naturally spontaneous like you so this is an area where you'll want to exercise patience not criticism that will get you further and it may help them to develop their spontaneity skills and not crush them into never wanting to be if you make plans be sure to follow through with those because that builds trust with your ENFJ mate take an active role in things that need to be done around the house those are not so fun things to do but it will take the weight off of your mate have patience with your mate when they want to talk about something that's emotional for them because that's kind of the way that an ENFJ may work through their anxiety and frustration even if they've already said it to you before be a sounding board be a listening board reassure them and encourage them enfjs here's how you can reach your entp mate it's for one thing I think it would be fun for you to be open to debating with them sometimes on some issues you also have very strong opinions on some things so get in there with them and don't take it personally give them room to keep some things open everything doesn't have to have closure if your mate comes up with five or six things a month if they want to try or be adventurous with then try to go with at least one of those where you're open and you go with the flow remember praise goes a long way so you want to be positive when your mate does do something around the house that you really appreciate rather than nagging get excited when you're entp mate has creative ways for moving forward career-wise they appreciate your enthusiasm allow your partner to express their many and varied ideas and just have fun listening to them refrain from making Corrections or pointing out the things that you don't feel will be effective put that on reservation so I hope you enjoyed learning about the ENFJ and entp relationship I think this can be a really great one if you'd like to see more couples relationship videos like these then hit the thumbs up button remember to subscribe and thanks for watching tam psych advice and I'll see you on the next video bye

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