Enhancing Wellbeing through Nondual Awareness: a panel excerpt

other questions or on which is kind of intrigue me for a while now ever since all this literature and the default mode Network came out do other species other mammals for example have this default mode network and what is it for why did it evolve and is it any different than us or has that even been studied so I will say that biologists have studied that and there are some there's some evidence that particularly in the higher top type of primates there is something similar there is a similar type of dynamics but nothing like we have there's a very well-known biologist very highly regarded as neuroscientist who has come up with an interesting biological serials and not nothing about us as a consciousness of what happened to us and when we look at the enlargement of the mammal brain from the small mammals to monkeys from little monkeys to big monkeys and so on we see a gradual increase in the brain size but then between let's say chimps and our something unusual happens the our brain is of course larger but it's not larger just by increasing its size some areas have actually shrunk relative to the size of the brain so our perceptual and motor system relative to the total size of our brain have strengths but other areas which are they used to call them associative they don't have enormous Lea expanded and one of those areas most significantly expanding is that his default mode network and I would I speculate that this had to do with the fact that humans have become something has changed in us as a species at some point we woke up we you know I don't want to say we became conscious but to put it simply something like that so and then I don't know if you'll be getting at the other point which is more of a metaphysical question whether the brain itself is consciousness or whether consciousness is something that the brain registers so that's not question that current neuroscience can answer unless some experiments are set up very specifically to answer that one more question yes I have one and that because you don't get this opportunity frequently yeah you know one of the things I've always been intrigued by since medical student was that the brain cannot feel pain right you put a knife through the brain it cannot feel pain now pain is a form of experience that brings us in a sense to our self you know who or what is experiencing this pain what do you think is the reason why the brain which is experiencing everything else can't experience itself right that's a question that many neurophysiologist are wondering so if any one of you has a migraine right so you know that you can have a pain you said your head but the pain is coming from the blood vessels in your head which do have a pain receptors but brain doesn't right and you have all seen those fantastic brain surgeries where the patient is completely awake and can communicate with doctor and even sing opera you know while they're having brain surgery it is thought that the brain would needs to be free from that level of interference with its own functioning in order to more accurately monitor and represent both the body and itself but as far as I know nobody knows the answer to this you

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  1. Scientology has all of the answers for you arrogant 'non-dual'-ists. #ReligionIsNotDivision #PacifistsAreNotEqual

  2. Being awake is solely instinctive, and not necessarily purely dynamic. Just because a creature is awake, that doesn't necessarily mean that such a creature is also aware. Awakeness and awareness are not one in the same. So a creature can still suddenly, "woke up", but that doesn't mean that such an awaken state is responsible in producing awareness.

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