English 101 Semester Project 1-2min Summary| Interpersonal Communication

hi my name is dayquil white and for my semester project i decided to do the movie Harry Potter in this Sorcerer's Stone I tried to pick three of the elements that got my attention throughout the semester and it was power in influence culture insert culture and interpersonal communication and also perception of self and others and those are the three elements that I felt like Harry Potter movie actually showed actually shown throughout the whole thing I did have some examples for just for a quick example I would say if I could explain something really quick I would say the one that I felt like Harry Potter most displayed was was perception of self and others I feel like that was one big element that was inside of the movie starting off from the beginning when it had something to do with how Harry's Harry's aunt and uncle perceived him as well as that turned into how he perceives himself how he felt like if he was good enough for certain things he really took their opinion it's heart he yeah so he really took their opinion to heart and I was one of the big ones that I definitely say that the Harry Potter movie actually shown as well as those three elements can be definitely used in comes up in everyday life so yes so that's basically what I did my paper on just to sum it up a little bit and not try to like explain like my whole entire paper but like I said using those three key elements and picking Harry Potter I thought it was the perfect book I mean the perfect movie to write my paper on so I hope you guys enjoy the paper

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