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All right good afternoon everybody and welcome to another webinar Wednesdays here at Club essential Thank you so much for joining us today to learn how you can drive member Engagement with the right tools as always this webinar will be recorded and sent out by the end of the week So if you can’t make it Or if you need to hop off you will receive the recording so hopefully everyone is Dialed in and you can hear us loud and clear I have to dial in information up here at the top of the screen if you are unable to hear us maybe try hanging up calling back in that’s a call in from a phone instead of your computer to Just keep that in mind, and then you can always send us a chat if you’re having further issues Before we dive in just a few quick house cleaning items We love when you ask questions so at any time during the webinar you may type your questions into the chat box on the webinar Interface at the end of the webinar we will try to leave time to answer your questions But if we don’t get to all of them we will follow up with you after the webinar you can always contact your account manager Sales rep for the support team of course if you have further questions about this webinar or even future webinars or feel free to reach out to us on the education team at education at club essential comm Be on the lookout for a new series tiny desk sig lessons this is a mini web series with your time in mind all sessions will be 30 minutes or less and we’ll take a Deeper look at one topic the first episode is on email templates how to work with them how to reuse them and best practices which will be hosted by our very own jet Hopkins you can sign up for this now at KB Club essential.com Or look out for an email next week for sign up links Our next webinar will be on dining and fitness a holistic member lifestyle on April 25th at 2 p.m. ET We’ll be taking a look at how the industry is Shifting its focus to dining and fitness so be sure to sign up for that again Links are on the kab or lookout for emails in the next few weeks for your invitation If you like learning new ideas and how to use our products better, please visit our blog at vlog central.com There’s a a lot of great content out there that really covers best practices and industry standards to help you work more efficiently so subscribe today Like I said this email or this webinar will be emailed to you However, you can find past webinars here at key Beach Club essential com along with other educational material And how to’s be sure to check the client Resource Center for future webinars as well You can also find us on Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn join our communities so we can get connected during our webinar Please use the following hashtags to connect with us about this particular webinar You have a question want to share your thoughts or takeaways you can tag us with these hashtags and with our handles as shown here Today we have several guests that will be speaking today. We have Danielle Donnelly who is usually on these webinars She’s an education specialist We also have Nick Wright who leads our marketing team, and then we have Aaron Hecker who is our CRM specialist And we have myself Emily Latham. I am also an education specialist So today we are going to take you on a journey a journey through the member lifecycle which begins a Prospecting and ends when creating a member for life along this number path We are going to meet products that help to recruit engage and retain members these products are tools that enhance the members experience by making it easy to interact with your club and Making it easy for you to interact with your members Engaged members are happy members and using the right technology will drive members back to your club to fully enjoy all of the amenities That you offer So kicking things off and looking at our recruiting phase during the member life Cycle is Aaron Hecker will be diving into how this year RM collects prospect data, and how to use it Aaron take it away Thanks Emily our CRM is useful for many things, but one of the largest use cases We’ve seen most of our clients using it for is tracking and communicating with their membership prospects using the CRM You’re able to track your communication with your Prospects from your first contact all the way through the process until they join the club and beyond Once they’ve joined the club you can also reference your prospecting notes from within their member profile in the CRM To tie together all of their communications with your club into one unified experience Taking a look at We’ve got a screenshot on our next slide here Let’s take a look at Brian He’s a new member at the Grand Key Club Looking through his member profile here in CRM We can see all of his basic in framing excuse me all the basic information such as his name member number join date Etc, but if we look just a little bit further down. Let’s take a look at that notes section here We can see a note that was entered since Brian has joined the club Just detailing an interaction that we had with him running into him in the hallway We can also see some notes that were entered from when he was small prospect being able to retain this information from the prospecting period and all of the information from their current member period Can open up doors for more personalized interactions with this member and can lead to a more cohesive member experience? Moving just past the initial recruitment period the CRM can also be a powerful tool for engaging members in their onboarding process as well Many clubs will schedule follow-ups with their new members 30 days after they’ve joined another 60 days after and again 90 days after etc the keeping track of all these follow-up dates can be a tedious process The CRM can enable you to set up a workflow to make this easier to track you can even send you reminders ahead of any milestone dates that you’ve configured Additionally you can leverage the CRM to collect member preferences the onboarding process or even for your existing members Now let’s head back to the Grand Key Club CRM see these in action First let’s take a look at the bottom of the screen where we can see the custom onboarding schedule that we’ve set up For the grantee club in this example we have a series of checkboxes to tracking members onboarding process Through their 30 days 60 day and 90 day follow-ups while we’re tracking if they’ve attended orientation Or if they receive their welcome gift once an action is complete for this member We can just come into the CRM check it off and we’ll know moving forward that this step is complete Next if we look up the page just a bit we can see all the Preferences that we’re collecting for our members at the grantee Club we can collect this data using terms or we can collect this during the new member orientation or From our current long tenured members, and we can reference it throughout their experiences around the club We’ll see some more examples of this later off we can manually enter this data into the CRM as we collect it do interactions with their members or We can create a form to send out to the members to fill out themselves and those submissions will populate into their CRM profiles automatically for us All right now, I will hand it off to Danielle to talk more about leveraging some more technology to further engage your members, Danielle Thank you so much Aaron All right So now that your arms with information on your prospects and member preferences you have the ability to fully customize and personalize your experience And that’s ultimately the goal here, right? We want members at this point in their journey to be engaged so I want to break down exactly what we mean by that We want to capture occupy attract and involve the members interest and attention so I think Engagement is actually more than just capturing their attention as a club you need to prove that you’re relevant in their day to day life So how can a member get an experience with your club that they can get nowhere else? Yes, they can go to a bar or a hot new restaurant to fulfill their dining needs But to those servers know the moment that they come in do they know that individuals preferences for drinks entrees and desserts Has a member been updated on daily specials through a push notification when they walk in the door Does that restaurant provide special attention to family needs? Chances are this level of personalization and service is not readily available as a one-stop shop outside the club creating a well-rounded personalized and detailed member experiences how you maintain this level of engagement with your members So I want to discuss with you today exactly how to do this with your suite of products CRM and Beyond Through various tips and tricks and strategies that we hope will really get your members new and established involved and invested in your club After the prospect has been on-boarded and is now a member. They need to be able to receive direct communication from the club Keep in mind mobile business insights states that worldwide seventy-five percent of all internet usage originates from a mobile device So the next few items I want to discuss will directly allow you to reach the member where they’re typically most often attached to their phone So the mobile app is a vital piece in the puzzle of communication when trying to reach your membership This tool allows for the member to always be connected to what’s going on in the club no matter where they are Not only will the app allow members to be in the know? But it’s also means of convenience so for these reasons and much more I do think that that app is a pretty valuable asset It’s important to start early in promoting the club’s app to get your members familiar with the app and what it can do Social media posting about the app with download links included are a great way to catch your members attention as well as increase accessibility to the app You can showcase this value through an app release party If the app is new to the club Or you would even just like more members to download and use the app We suggest throwing a release party or creating various incentives for membership to download the app Success has been seen in companies that make a big deal out of an app launch Remember the more downloads the more member interaction more member engagement creating a launch party with a few small bites and drinks the club is a great method to get people talking about the app as Well as it means to really showcase what the app can really do If you’re having a hard time getting members to download the app we suggest some sort of incentive to go along with the app download Such as 10 dollars added to your member account upon download one free round one evening of child care early registration for events or even a percentage off dues or fees or event registration costs These are just a few ideas to help engage your members and tandem with the app This is where we’d like to hear from you though so let us know if you can put this in the Chat box, or let us know in social media Ideas that you’ve used to promote new initiatives at your club or any app promotions that have been successful for you We love your feedback so like I said enter it in the chat box You know we want it We want to get that conversation started you can also use those hashtags Emily mentioned earlier on our social media outlets Hosting an event is a great start to engage your membership However, how you communicate these events definitely determines the success of your initiative You can promote your release event and encourage members to download the app with an article Listed on your home page if you use the article plugin Another great method to reach current members would be to use a first impression as most of you know this tool gives you the ability to allow the member to see a pop-up with relevant download information, and any incentives associated with your app release This pop-up can be set to show two members any number of times that you deem relevant Lastly make sure that you’re promoting your app release on your club calendar that way you can connect events to the app or through blast emails or any cross marketing banners on the site which we will be discussing email marketing and cross marketing a little bit later on a Few easy ways to streamline the download process for your members include QR codes Digitally as well as physically placed around the club The member can snap a quick scan of the QR code that will be will take them directly to the app download screen on their phone A resource you can see I’ve included here to create a few free QR code That’s hard to say is this just a go. QR dot me that allows you to create a Free QR code and download that as an image and from there you can do with it what you like? Also you can see here another means of ensuring quick and painless download Methods for your members would be to include download buttons in your communication you can see here on the right I’ve seen this as an image and throughout your website. You can link this to the respective Downloads for whether that’s the Google Play Store or the App Store via Apple? And that’s just a simple means to download the app and a variety of places Don’t forget So we need to make sure your staff members have also downloaded the app and that they know how to use it So a best practice here would be to have your staff download the app and review the functionality with them Prior to any of your release initiatives our client Resource Center as you can see here provides resources on managing your app member downloads allowing permissions connecting to beacons cross marketing Third-party integrations and much more you can see it’s a wealth of knowledge there So we encourage you and your staff to review these items before getting members set up with the app To start getting members excited for the app we suggest creating a buzz about the unique features so to ensure the best experience for your Members we do have some settings to discuss first Something to stress with your membership is allowing permissions requested by the app. These are key part in creating that personalized and tailored member experience The club essential member app will ask Permissions for the users location to be able to use beacons which we’ll also cover shortly and push notifications then out be some location It will also request to send notifications to the users phone We recommend telling your members to allow notifications and always allow access to your location so there’s a beacon functionality I’m sorry so the beacon functionality and other announcements will be received these are things like lightning warnings course closures Reminders for upcoming events and mobile ordering so ensuring that permissions are allowed the user can start Experiencing how well-connected they can be to the club? Once your members have gone through the process of downloading the app and allowing permissions You have the ability to make sure that they’re receiving the most current and relevant information in the form of push notifications This may look pretty familiar, this is a calendar layout on the app Calendar events can be marketed through the banner photo on the app which I have highlighted here This is a perfect opportunity to let members know about current events at a glance So we’ll cover event cross marketing of it later like I said But however we see that push Notifications are definitely a great way to advertise these events these push notifications give you the ability to send out a direct registration link to your members for any event promotion Taking a deeper dive question notifications can be accessed from your admin bar and then under the communication header From here you can set up notifications and link back to the app or the website So as an example we can look at the Grand Key Club They’re opening a new area called parrot que grill and they want to boost member visits They could create a push notification here selecting the appropriate members to send to just like you would do for an email Include a short message and then include a link to an event article or a mobile apps menu Item it is important to note here. However that the notification message is limited to 110 characters You need to be sure to be clear and concise and use bitly if needed to shorten your links You can see the examples of push notification that was created on the right so this direct messaging really puts a member in the driver’s seat whether They want to decide how much interaction they want to have with the club? Whole push notifications are an amazing way to get in front of the member What if these notifications could auto populate for your membership based on their location of the club or on predetermined criteria? For instance a beacon placed at the entrance of the club could send a welcome message to all members upon entry as we see here Or even alert the general manager when certain members perhaps board members are on site to make sure that accommodations are met another beacon placed at the entrance of the dining room could automatically trigger a message to the general manager when a member with a birthday walks in or Even a member with an overdue balance when they’ve entered the room don’t dump them This is so beacon notifications show on the members phone if Location and notification settings are loud on the app As you can see here, it’s a simple way to send a brief message to the member and include links if you need to Something important to note about beacon technology is that it does function on Bluetooth? The example I like to use here, so think of it as a Bluetooth speaker You can set it up in your living room start playing music from your phone. Go a few rooms away Typically the Bluetooth range doesn’t carry that far the beacons function in the same way So we need to remember that placement of your beacons is a very important component for proper chen allottee Again then puts the member in charge their experience of the club and their level of involvement as they prefer Let’s not forget according to according to smart insights They say that most members are on their phone of an average of three or more hours a day Even if they’re not actively using their phone Chances are that they have their phone around them somewhere that is of course if the club has a little bit more relaxed on phone policy You can see here How easy it is to edit the content of the notifications that go out the amount of? Notifications the notification criteria as well as the frequency in the beacon manager tool Which if you have beacons can be accessed from the admin menu, and then again under the communication header So what does it look like when a member enters the club? as We saw during Aaron’s segment on the capabilities of CRM you’ve immense amounts of detail at your fingertips when it comes to personalizing your member experience You can see in our example here, but as soon as I remember Andy walks into the club the club admin We receive a snapshot of his photo and a brief listing of his preferences. This is the beauty of location-based services So for example when Andy walks into the bar Someone can greet him because they know what he looks like from his picture and offer up the sweet water if you thirsty The staff member can also use this information to provide a recommendation for a new or local beer that might be similar to his preferences This personalization is invaluable So emily is going to take that and dive a little deeper into how to get members to really interact with these systems Emily all right, thanks, Danielle want to sweetwater now The fare time just kidding all right, maybe you guys are drinking a beer right now. We can’t see you you can’t see us no I’m kidding all right, but in all seriousness by now and remembered your name We need to find a few ways to begin to really delight the member when they’re at your club So we’ve used data mining in order to enhance the prospecting experience And we’ve welcomed our new members with perfectly time push notifications from our beacons to your app But let’s talk about tools and allow your members to really interact with the club and an easy and a fast web Mobile ordering and payments are not new as you can see here who have McDonald’s that we also have my personal favorite pizza Hut as we increasingly become tied to our Smartphones as we turn to those smart phones to replace functions that we used to do on a phone call or even on our desktops part sad to say Having the ability to be able to order online is essential last year mobile payments grew by 17% and most fast food restaurants expect mobile orders to be 10 percent of their sales going forward Mobile pre-orders ordering is expected to be a thirty eight billion dollar industry by 2020 So what does this mean that? Consumers want it and you have to offer it to stay current with technology industry standards So what does this look like for country bugs instead of leaving their round books, that’s not where I wanted to go I wanted to play a video for you guys there We go instead of leaving their round of golf or drying off from the dip in the pool members can open mobile ordering on their smart phones and order food for pickup or to eat in the restaurant So why should a member wait goes straight from the pool? To the dining room with your dinner waiting for you this offers a seamless experience for members and with the mobile ordering industry growing This feature will become an expectation among consumers Furthermore it offers an opportunity to increase sales among your members that may not want to dine in So let’s take a look at what mobile ordering looks like from the members perspective Now mobile ordering is only available with use of the app so a member would open mobile ordering and choose which menu to order from Then they choose the menu category and then add items to their carts pretty simple as you can see here Members can customize their orders this option is available on your menu They will then review their orders before final checkout they can choose to pick up or have it delivered if your Club offers us They can also determine what type of notification to receive either text or email and that’s it It’s a simple process that is easy for members to use without having to call or go to the dining area to order And this is also easy for your kitchen as orders Go directly to the kitchen no middleman no waiters no waiting But let’s talk about the logistics Mobile ordering is going to engage better with members because it’s always at their fingertips Making the process easier and faster for them to engage with the club But how should you promote mobile ordering to increase its use in airport engagement? The tool that works the best is using the app to send push notifications Especially based on location to help promote mobile ordering as Danielle discussed earlier with the push notifications Using push notifications to promote mobile ordering creates a seamless Experience for your members it also allows you to target members that are actually at the club currently You can still promote mobile ordering via social media and using email marketing to boost awareness But focus on the here and now is mobile ordering this makes the process simple for members And it keeps it in front of their mind Here’s the scenario to consider the last tea time of the day has just started you’re probably thinking who about time, right? Using the app you’ve created a push notification that will be set to the beacons on the golf course the Notification is then promoting dinner specials going on and inviting members to use mobile ordering to place that order either to go or to Diane So the beauty of this is targeted marketing based on location and based on time Push notification should be a now-or-never kind of action because it’s instant So in this scenario we’re wanting our golfer to come to dinner because they’ve just finished their round We don’t want them to leave just yet. We want them to keep engaging with the club Here’s another scenario It’s been a long hot summer day at your club this means every child of a member has been Splashing around in the pool all day long But why should the fun in there send a push notification? via the app to all beacons around the pool it happens to be a villager in pizza night with specials created for kids in mind and Anyone that knows anything about kids? I was a nanny and I do know this it’s nice to have a convenient option Perhaps their little ones are tired – the order to go and save the fuss of eating in or having prepared dinner later at home Great now I want a pizza. Thanks, Emily, and there’s that for that you can order that right from your mobile ordering So the events in the scenario is that Emily laid out those are perfect examples of tech in use at your club? So what a better way to make sure that we get these events notice so then on the calendar while using some specialized cross marks angus technique In Continuing our journey. We need to remember that members love to feel included and involved don’t y’all so sending push notifications to the app and Personalized notifications through beacons really help the member feel valued and increase the desire to engage with other members in events the club However in order for them to want to be involved They need these great events to attend as well as information and registration for these events Getting created with event marketing is something that a lot of our clients do really well Including bright high quality imagery and catchy details that really set your event Flyers over the edge so It is important to remember that These Flyers and photos can be inserted in various places across the site where we think members visit the most Such as my profile member directory and in your homepage slideshow I snagged a few of these examples from the homepage slideshow on our testing website so you can see Certain events are promoted on different pages to reach out to the right members That’s something. That’s very important when you’re trying to cross marketed events for example I would recommend to place an ad for beer drinkers only events on a group for the wine society But it takes some time and planning to really make your events hit home visually as well as the content and most importantly that they’re being marketed in a way that will attract the most members and the right members Let’s not forget the more members who see an event the more. They’re likely to attend or share the event All right as Danielle showed us calendar to vet Marketing is obviously a great way to engage and retain members by drawing them back to your club So let’s talk about another aspect of retention that you can easily market to draw members back in which is online Reservations online reservations can be 40 times and house dining court bookings boating spa you name it we can do it These tools can be is on any platform The website mobile website or the mobile app so it’s extremely versatile and allows members to engage on various platforms of choice New members and establish members alike appreciate convenience in today’s world everyone is always on the go in a busy world We rarely have time to take a moment to breathe Which means enjoying time spent at the club is needed more than ever but also harder to come by? By making it Convenient and easy for members to above play time into their busy schedule members won’t forget to book their next meal with you or time on the course Utilizing online reservations is an easy way for members to book on the go Whether it be from the app or from their computer And they can book at any time with the busy lives of most of us leave these days It’s no surprise many of us are using online services to book online after normal business hours Whether we’re booking reservations for tomorrow’s dinner at 9:00 p.m.. The night before or looking at 6:00 a.m. Pilates class before we close our eyes we need the flexibility to be able to book whenever we finally have the time to do so This also gives control remember to manage their own reservations To be able to easily cancel when something comes up or to create that last-minute booking But engagement isn’t just letting your members use technology It’s how we interact with them to engage them and to enhance their experience you cannot always keep the same employees Unfortunately and members unfortunately do also change over time But you can easily keep staff on top of who your members are by using online reservations. We can track patterns We can see what they look like we can offer a personalized experience to each member whether we know the member personally or not Here’s an example using tea times our employee can see that rusty has a few pegs booked with the number another member here That employees then can hover over Rusty’s name And we confuse profile picture so long as rusty has added one in the directory This allows an employee to recognize rusty when he walked in the door Furthermore that employee can go and actually take a look at his sculpey preferences so perhaps we can use this information to try to sell rusty on items with the golf shop or we can just To make a connection based on the type of equipment he uses for example So we know that members can sometimes be Resistant to change and while a lot of your members are probably happy to try something new it may take a bit of Encouraging to get the rest over that hump, so I quickly want to talk about marketing your reservation systems offer incentives I know this seems like a no-brainer pop and it kind of it super easy to do Run promotions without anyone that looks online during a certain time period to get 20% off their meal for instance You can also try to hold a class this may be especially useful for older members that currently use technology, but are super limited Getting those numbers to adopt a new ID or skill really comes with the proper training You have so many tools available to you that you can help that can help you reach your audience Whether it be emails or text messages or even your social accounts You should be using all of these channels promote the tools you offer to members to make their experience better For instance let’s say you’re posting your weekly dinner menu on social media you have an image that showcases the dishes The verbage in your post can then be booked here now and linked to the dining reservation system The possibilities are endless, but making it easy for your members to get the systems during your marketing plan will help boost engagement Trying to boost golf bookings on the website make sure it is in your Quick Links on your member home page or the first option Under the golf drop-down make it easy if your members to get the tools on their own when they go to your website Lastly whether you’re marketing the tools in person or using other means remember to use target marketing? Don’t mark a few times to a member that doesn’t play golf right it seems simple But it can also be really easy to overlook so in our next section Danielle is actually going to take back over We’ll be diving in how to creep in order to refine your target marketing process? Take away, Danielle Thank You Emily all right So once your members have really settled in at the club they start a booking events they’re engaging with other members They can really start to pick and choose from very various interest areas Or create their own to really hone in on the salons experience that they crave Providing a space and events for various member interests is a surefire way to know that they will be engaged involved and invested in your club Your sites group features Really allow for members to enjoy common interests and communicate with other like-minded people who may enjoy the same past time our hobby For example if there’s a certain group of members who come to pair at Kay grill every Thursday night for tacos and tequila Maybe you started tacos and tequila group that means every Thursday With the creation of this group you can easily notify them of any food specials. Happy hour prices Special events or any other events that you think they might enjoy You can do so by specifically selecting them and adding them to a static group Dynamic groups are also another great feature that can help you market to just the right group of members as a little refresher Dynamic groups are the groups that Auto populate with members based on a specific set of rules that you create So a great example of member engagement through dynamic Groups will be creating a group that includes all members of the club who have a birthday in the current month I know a lot of our clients already do this but you can also then use that group to send out cross marketing for club promotion and Allowing everybody who has a birthday in the current month a free dessert when they dine in By using either of those groups tools you can directly target members in an effort to market more effectively an increase member engagement So now that we’ve review the various ways we can help engage and retain our membership we can’t forget to cover What goes on behind the scenes so Nick is here to talk to us today about? How we leverage the numbers we need and how it accurately and efficiently operate. Yes, thank you. Thank you this has been fun Yeah, I like to keep it fun. Go little off script here look at Danielle Emily Wow I go operate but to kind of segue off of a lot of what you just talked about Danielle’s of the personalized groups I Three and a half years ago my wife, and I we’re going years married We we have fun. We saw have fun We would go out we go out the east live we travel went the carmel-by-the-sea hit up San Franci a ttle Victoria Vancouver everything we traveled a lot It’s none of fun and then max came along I tuned after your old son and our daughter Matilda is 11 weeks old now Her name is Matilda. Thank you. Oh, we want. This is no joke all we wanted is to go out and have a drink And you’ll have somebody watch now and uh You know I say that because we go to this mega church here in Cincinnati, and we’re not really church-going people Laura And I but we got you know invited to go, and it’s a fun church one thing that hooked us Was they they gather information from us from the outset with their app and? Then we have kids and guess what they have they have a babysitting service over there, huh and that’s why we go I’m dead serious and that was the hook that’s why we went and now we’re have because we enjoy go on I tell you this because If you can gather that information that make this practical at your club if you know when somebody has a job or if you know when You know where where they work, or how many kids they have Put that into your database and then target them with promotions and say You know push-ups cases or emails come out come on out to the club, and uh you know? We’ll take care of the kids for an hour – and watch the kids and that’s something really you can do by data mining and spending push notifications targeted and You know I’m not unlike a lot of members of clubs who are strapped for time when they have families who kids? They’re not going to club they don’t see the value in paying the monthly dues so you want to grow with your Communications as your members grow and as their lives expand, and maybe they have family members and kids So hope I get you for our face thing um No, it is. Just absolutely perfect. It’s true and just one thing not to interrupt you and before you dive into your statement here But if one of the things where I think that some people worry about What kind of information are you are you taking from you know his story? But I think in today’s age so many people are so used to it and the reason That it’s important to have that is because then you can offer those tailored experiences to some day And you know what they want because realistically none of us want to be sold on something that doesn’t apply to us You know and there are so many different tools With Club essentials that you can do that, and how’s that information for your members to meet their needs? So it’s a really cool feature to have and yeah now my dad 70 will never use it, right Of course that’s the thing, but that’s not everybody that’s why I was just yeah You have to look at the people that you’re serving and get to know them and adapt to the to the different communication purposes Mom wouldn’t use it either, but that that’s fun if they were still paying members. You know penalized for not using something It’s you know everybody’s paying to be members, but anyways I digress I just want to kind of wrap it all up there so from an operational side Who is this this is Jeff basis the founder and CEO of Amazon? I love this photo He’s got kind of a farm look in his eyes like you know something in the future that we don’t and he kind of does he’s kind of the godfather of using data to understand customers and Where things are going trends? What’s he more spending money on on Amazon recommending products a lot of stuff that you know we kind of talked about? in the past our Authority with our product set, but you know more than ever he’s built Amazon into a data driven company and that’s a You know the kind of direction a lot of companies and other industries are going nowadays is using operational and reporting data to make smart decisions and so as I go on to the next slide one of the You know one of the things they launched is Amazon. Go. I think this is a picture of the store in Seattle near their headquarters But you know it lets people go in use their app and then only you have to do anything to put their groceries in their Cart and walk out and the charges or their their bill from house Some way so it hits on the convenience factor, but from an operational standpoint I was reading an article the other day that the Amazon team is able to watch the the shopping trends See what the inventory is what’s hot what’s not and to help them adjust inventory strategy So what does this have to do with private clubs and you’ll have to be just basis you know I have to have their deep pockets and marketing spend and you just have to have access quick and easy access to Reports that you need to make the decisions you need so you need access to the transactional data As quickly as possible in real time from your back office Operating system and accounting system the point-of-sale system and really getting that data and getting those reports should not be an act of Congress and It is right now for far too many people Using you know their accounting system. I’m not going to name names There’s only a few of us in the market that offer accounting systems But I will say this couple weeks back at the fit our piece of the CMA show of San Fran I’ve talked to countless general managers Who use us on the front end and use somebody else on the back end who came up and they would point blank telling me? You know biggest struggle we have is getting the reports we need Quickly like who’s spending? What what are different membership categories spending was you know the different demographics? We have to turn outside companies to get the data out of our own system and I thought that was just a Sad it shouldn’t be that way so you know I’m touting our own product obviously I don’t feel ashamed to do that here But this image here on the Left shows A depiction of our platform, it’s kind of a different way to show the same graphic that Danielle and Emily were showing with the little recruit engage retain icons That’s what’s on top there on the left then the operational parts off behind the scenes data is flung in your accounting system You know we’ve got it all hooked up real times the information flow between the modules Going to help you make smarter data-driven decisions and a lot of our competitors Who are also so-called all-in-one platforms? You know they do a stable products But a lot of daylit data lives and sylars in the FMB department and the retail departments It’s not easy to get that information Drawing up quickly and what happens is a lot of general managers and club managers are making decisions based on hunches instead of the real data, so You know you should be able to dive in the data And see what people are spending money on see what shoes are spending money on what products you need to restock which vendors You’re spending the most money to and if you’re using our product. We’ve got a feature called the data genie built into accounting that It’s free to use. It’s just built cooked into our accounting system we’re looking at a screen shot here this does not do it justice you have to get in and see it, but What we’re looking at here is I drilled into The members that are between 40 and 49 years old, and I’m highlighting the krona row And we’re looking at different trends here across months of the sales numbers the quantity sold between February and May You can quickly highlight over the row and see the bar chart at the bottom you know it’s kind of like a pivot table built into the product the cool thing about it is you set it up as A daily email report to anybody you want it to go to So when you have the board member walk in ask for a very very specific report that they need from the meeting that night oftentimes you can just use this and build it on the fly ad hoc and Show them and then print out the PDF And he brings a meeting you can tell them hey, I’m going to get this sensory inbox every Monday morning It’s pretty slick and it seems to be the biggest differentiator between us and the other Products out there. We all we all have the data again. I’m broken record here It’s just how quickly can you get to it to make the decisions? You need to say okay? What do we need to stock? Etcetera the next screenshot here shows Another feature get asked fields on the fly there’s a custom field to see the variation the change in sales month to month And says next screenshot shows an added column that has changed if we’re looking at March for instance. We can see that the 42 49 year olds dropped 106 dollars and 82 cents and the interns are spend so again, it’s We’re living in a data-driven world now to make decisions based on the data I’m not saying you don’t ever make decisions based on guts, but the data. Is there if you can access and use it It’ll certainly help with smarter operations so how about I lose anybody my story about churches and drinking actually we had somebody asked if this shirt have beer the church if So why let’s all talk of my street and it like kind of stutters Your complaint. It wasn’t one of our put it on their lyrical aeneas like we don’t Sparkle if it could call a guy across from a pantry which is Awesome for in town so go and get your bitch after that It’s time to get a drink together my wife, and I but it’s supposed to snow eight inches Which sits and I use a lot I know some of you up in Northeast laughing of that. Yeah anyways I’m going to shut up now, and uh hand things back off possum. Thank You Nick Alright, so operating efficiently and understanding the metrics that are available to you obviously Nick pointed out There are a vital piece in the member cycle So observing trends in the member experience definitely allow you to keep pulse to keep a pulse on your membership we learned the capabilities of the CRM from Aaron, and how they allow for an unparalleled look at member activity how to best utilize the tech tools you have on hand such as beacons the app mobile ordering and groups and then how to really Drill down and understand the operations side of things through the various reports that are available to you At the end of the day we strive for member engagement and member pride in the club these components help make a member for life At the end of the day an engaged member is a member for life So now we would like to take the time to answer any questions We do have some really good questions that have come in. I love the comment. There’s one of 72 yes well That’s excessively and act as a webmaster for Association just saying that can’t happen back to my face there. Yes, that’s good I mean that’s an outlier, and I wish this it is maybe it’s not now I don’t think that it necessarily at might so be amazing But they had enough credit my 97 year old grandmother is on Facebook Facebook like she logs in to Facebook and comments and Interacts like on social media, so I think that as we keep progressing and moving further Into the years here, it’s just going to become a norm everyone using technology, so you can’t discount the fact that No matter. What age group. They’re in Would you like to be using a technology or they might not you would also maybe be surprised There are some young people out there that refuse to use technology now right or they don’t want to use certain types of technology So it’s hard to really gauge But I think the answers at least most people do so it’s still the best way to connect, but yeah, I love that High rated es or intimidated Gav download it as an excel yes It can the data Junior force can be excel PDF and there may be work, I’m not sure about Word document, but We do also have some feedback when I was asking about incentives that were successful for your club one of our One of our clients that we distributed a coupon in our restaurant if you showed your server that you downloaded the app You received a coupon for a free appetizer in your next visit perfect That’s yet another way to get member engagement and get people to download the app There’s so many a question about For the folks who are not early adopters and take pride and not even having a computer for instance How do you counter that kind of pushback is a club we want to be a part of their members tech needs and I think? Realistically the answer here is if they’re not going to be using it Don’t force it on them right so some people are going to use it some people are not That’s why it’s really important though to use all of the tools at your disposal In order to engage with people because you’re going to have some of your members who are never going to read your emails and then You have some that only rely on email you have others that want to just receive text messages or push notifications Or just find you on social media So being able to use all of the different platforms to connect will ensure that you’re going to get that message across And if you have members that aren’t using technology at all Obviously that human in-person connection is still super important. It’s not that we want that to go away face to face Advertising and realistically and word-of-mouth advertising is still pretty huge in the world so you still need to rely on that as well We do have a few questions about kind of how things integrate for those of you to have other providers as far as The mobile app mobile ordering you do need at this point to have our office product for that to be successful eventually down the road You know it says it’s in the works to be able to accept third-party like we do with our other Web portions, but for right now you do need to have the office product so do want to cover that Also that the app is not included in just with your website that is an additional service that we offer Just a good question any best practices practices. I’m getting members to even log into the website We’re going to have trouble getting members excited about the app if they won’t even login to the website I think again, you know you might have a certain percentage of your membership who just isn’t going to use it And it’s unfortunate, but if you can’t get them to use it you can’t but at the same time I think getting people excited about using something is reminding them that one is super easy to use and that it’s been created with their convenience in mind right so we have the app so they can easily connect so that they can within two clicks book a tea time or reserve their spot to come in and Dine with you whatever it may be that realistically the app is a lot easier to use on the website There are less pages very short. It’s just action items So it really benefits them to want to be using the app so I think if you position it like that that should help Another ideas to do is have an Appy hour which we’ve mentioned before where you have people come in and you say okay? Well if you show us you’ve downloaded the app We’ll give you a free drink and we’ll walk you through how it works They think that empowering people and education is also another tool to get them excited about it a lot of times when people Aren’t excited. I think it’s because they don’t know what they’re doing with something and so they’re hesitant to even try it So that can be another good tactic to use And they said they did a free app. It’s a membership server or that they download the app. That’s pretty cool. That’s perfect. Yeah Uh Where’s that quick? looks like we have a question talking about members being opposed to using beacons they think it might violate their privacy and This client is asking how can we help them overcome this resistance? Thank you wanna handle that one Yeah, I mean we can offer some best practice advice place use number one you need to have Bluetooth turned on on your phone which a lot of members probably now already have I have mine on of a Volkswagen a facade it just fires up whatever, I’m listening to my phone and So a lot of members are probably like that. They have it on if you do need Bluetooth on now in terms of Violating what what happens when you download the app is a message pops up asking if you want to accept location services and that message is Pretty common with a lot of apps that use location services some members are basically opting in from the outset Now if you do get the app use the beacons we could help you educate numbers through different methods emails Fliers around the club, but the gist of it is it doesn’t follow you around It literally is sending out different spots around your club where you want to sit and you can see when somebody Has the app and able the Bluetooth enabled? Walks past that spot, so it’s not Following them around. It’s just sighs anything privacy concern was Correct okay See we’re going to take a second and review a few more questions that have come in make sure that we can get those answers Because we still do have a few minutes left, so I want to try and get all these answers for you Okay looks like we have another really good question from a Attendee here. How hard is it to switch from a different back-end provider to club essentials? Thank you want to handle that one. Yeah, I mean, it’s With not we don’t have a silver bullet You know there’s it? It’s it’s not painless I’ll put it that way anytime you make a change you have to have the resources lined up on your end to make the change Changing out your back office accounting system is a huge excuse migration, but the cool thing is We’ve got the people in place we have a lot of employees who work that clubs as controllers who helps guide you step-by-step through the whole implementation of the switch out from the other accounting vendors to us, so It’s not out of painless is the right word They’re there. There’s a lot of hand-holding. There’s a lot of steps, but It’s well worth it from the clubs to switch over what we’ve heard it’s well worth it and we’ll walk you through all the steps and We have best practice and thought leaders to kind of kind of guide you every step of the way And I know that some folks on here that are asking if their answer questions got answered if we if we don’t get an answered during this call will fall off the view we’ll have somebody policy we got a pretty big queue here of questions that we’re trying to get through I Do see a question asking for literature on the group tools that I discussed? When we send out that information we can try to include links to our client Resource Center that has a plethora of information on those group tools static and dynamic groups That way you can You don’t read up on that if you have more questions You can contact our support team of course or education at club essential.com, but we’ll make sure we get that information out to you on the knowledge base the client Resource Center I had You already answered this about people logging into the website yeah, alright, so I Mean one thing I don’t if you mentioned it the app Forgive me if you did then y’all order to answer that how do you say login the apps are not going on the website? It remembers their username password. He said that yeah, well at that Lake to me when we launched it It was not a big deal until we talked to people using it They’re like. That’s a very big deal. If you log into the app once like most apps This is not just Club potential app it remembers unless you delete history or using a different device And so there may be a lot of members aren’t logging in the website because they just forget their password which is a big deal And that’s a common. That’s a common problem. It has a big deal and Somebody had asked. There’s a follow-up question that we were talking about the beacons and push notifications the Bluetooth right so that individuals need to have Bluetooth been able to order in order to receive beacon messages and That’s true So if you’re sending out push notifications based on Location which is going through the beacons they do have to have Bluetooth and able to pick those up Now if you’re just sending out general push notifications to the app that’s going to go to anyone that has the app and push notifications Enabled, then know they don’t have to have Bluetooth turned on for that it could be a thing too and some people do turn it off and get state battery or they don’t want it on all the time You can get them to try to turn it on when they’re at the club and show them the benefits of having it on while They’re there because they’re not going to be there for eight hours out of the day. They’re there for a short period of time Perhaps you can try to entice them to want to turn it on But if not just rely on regular push notifications still get the message out that way Someone had a question and clarifying whether we’re referring to the mobile website or an app our Websites are responsive just show on a mobile device, but yes, we do have an actual app to clarify that CRM an extra add-on circle essential is a great question. Yes CRM is an extra add-on for das that’s an x-ray out on the club a central you sell the product on the cart because not No, two clubs are like we have some clubs that just want to website through us So we’re not going to force on the ticket bundle with the back office accounting and our management point of sailing around so it is a An add-on product, and that’s something where after this call will divvy up the reports all of our team members So they’ll follow up with me if you have any questions or want to get further information on any of the products If there are some more questions about the data Genie you see those But the graphs can those be downloaded and then can you export I know there’s another question about exporting the information Yeah, I’m not sure if the graph can or can’t be I would imagine it can be included in export But I need to follow up make sure that’s a good question That’s that’s one we will follow up on Ok perfect. They can keep here’s only can you elaborate more on exactly what office product is needed to operate? Mobile ordering and how to retrieve it office is literally the name of our accounting system so It’s a danielle touch on this mobile ordering will work Down the road with other accounting systems, but it’s not going to work as well as it would with ours. I mean just people Isis It’s all under one roof. That’s just reality everything talks with one other um So is the office product that we’re referring to is our back office accounting system yeah cool Well, I think maybe we should probably Call it for a day Thank you so much for everybody to join. Thank you for all of your questions We did not answer your questions on the air today. We will follow up with you later on and again, please check out KVL essential comm for future webinars And don’t forget to subscribe to blogs acts of essential comm for all of your education needs We are sad that another webinar Wednesday has come to an end, but we’ll still next month It will see you next month April 25th 2 p.m.. Et is to look out for the sign up legs alright Have a great day everybody. Thanks again Ready to learn more unlock more knowledge at KB Club essential.com

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