[ENG] WIN: YG introducing Team B members (Yunhyeong,Donghyuk & Junhoe)

How much can he change in a year? In two years? In three? Junhoe/Donghyuk/Yunhyeong
That’s what I think when I look at them Hanlim Multi Art School, where Yunhyeong studies He used to call and be all
“I was crying like a baby” Didn’t you want to go into acting? YUNHYEONG: I did want to go into acting Yunhyeong started his training at YG in April, 2012 Initially, I didn’t want to become a singer
My dream is to become an actor
So I studied acting at school I did like singing, but didn’t work towards becoming a singer, so I was at square one BOBBY: When he first got here, it was unbelievable he couldn’t sing, He couldn’t dance, he wasn’t particularly good at anything B.I: Out of the six, Yunhyeong’s change the most BOBBY: He got here on pure effort JINHWAN: Now he’s indespensable to our team, and I’m thankful to have him around Donghyuk’s audition tape for YG November, 2012 DONGHYUK: When I was a little I used to study hard
I just concentrated on my studies At elementary school, I was class president every year and in my last year, I was student president I particularly loved playing the piano, and spent hours in front of it No one in my family expected me to like dancing, singing, being on a stage, that sort of stuff YG: Can such a good boy’ make it in YG?
There was no Hip-hop feel to him But then Yunhyeong and Donghyuk made me think they can.
It works Maybe these guys will be more Hip-hop than B.I. or Bobby
thats what I wonder, while keeping a tab on these boys Junhoe, a former participant of “K-Pop Star” JUNHOE: I didn’t like singing, I just want to be a dancer Koo Junhoe, thirteen-year old Michael Jackson”
Im auditioning so I can become a singer like
Michael Jackson Junhoe made his “Star KIng” appearance as “13 year old Michael Jackson” JUNHOE: As much as I was recognized my dancing I wanted to impress people with my singing
My goal was,to hear people say
“Wow, you sure can sing His first audition at YG was at age of 13 Following his defeat at “K-Pop Star”‘ Junhoe return to YG for an open audtition He eventually began his training in April, 2012 He learns so fast, and his singing improved has tremendously In audition to his dancing. I think he will keep growing Team B started of in 2011 with B.I., Jinhwan and Bobby Junhoe’s join the team in April, 2012 Yunhyeong joins the team the same month with Donghyuk in November, the six-member Team B is complete The founding three members help the new three adjust smoothly YUNHYEONG: I think we’ve come this far because of the founding three members JUNHOE: They led as well,so we’ve had good teamwork
I’m always gratefull, really

29 thoughts on “[ENG] WIN: YG introducing Team B members (Yunhyeong,Donghyuk & Junhoe)

  1. So that means when Yunyeong just joined YG, he couldn't sing nor dance? I thought once you audition you need to like have the potential for it? No? But seriously Yunyeong has improved so so soooo much. I love him. <3333

  2. Funny Junhwe said he didn't like singing.. when his voice is practically the best out there XD 

    Such a great voice = want to be a dancer (wth defies logic lol)

  3. wow its so funny how june didnt want to sing but right now he is tge noisiest because of singing hahaha

    Yunhyeong from actor to singer
    Donghyuk from an outstanding student to singer
    June from wanting to dance to being a singing lover

    you really cant guess how you will turn out to be in the future 😎

  4. JunHoe's "I didn't like singing, I just want to be a dancer~" But ended up being the Main Vocalist of the group 😂 Haha! Many people were shooked by his singing skills thou~ During K-Pop Star, BoA even complimented his singing 😀 And now look at him, Both a great vocalist yet an amazing dancer too at the same time 😍 All of the members are lit actually, And together the 7 of them give us dope stages and performances 😉

  5. yunhyong has an amazing voice, hes not strong like Junhoe but he can definitely do pop.
    Donghyuk is a tenor, his voice is crisp and clear like his dancing. if he was in SM he would definitely shine more. His looks also fit SM's style
    Junhoe is like a hidden Ace Card even if you give him the smallest part he will make the biggest impact

  6. Aww I love Dongdong so much. His father passed away when he was so small but he still made his parents proud by being the best student and playing the piano and now being the aboslutely angelic voice of kpop !!!

  7. ok but can we talk about how junhoes voice had like the roughest puberty of all?! 2:37 how can his voice go like that within ONE YEAR?!

  8. Junhoe didnt want to be a singer but he become the main vocal of the group.. lol..

    Im cryin to this.. look at them now…. iKON fighting!

  9. See? Even though Yang Hyun Suk has many haters, I know that he’s choice of members will be great. #YGTreasureBox

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