[Eng sub] JYP SIXTEEN Member #7 JIWON 지원

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang choregraphy by Lia Kim Hello I am the power vocals, Jiwon When I am singing I think I have a stronger vocals than the other girls I want to let others hear my song Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang choreography by Lia Kim If you eliminate me, You’ll regret it I will work my best! Airing may 5th, 11pm

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  1. WOW she has a great voice. She may just have taken dayhyun's spot as my favorite. And, girl, there's no way anyone would eliminate someone with a voice like that

  2. I wonder if she'll be able to take a spot from the girls that already are members becuase she's a red box….?

  3. thank you for the sub.. Sixteen, fighting!!

    but what will happen with the members who eliminated? whether they will be given the opportunity to form another group, or will not get anything? I was confused to choose which one..

  4. She's pretty good but Having a "power vocal" isnt the only thing need to be an idol she needs to have the so called "soul". Just like all the judges on kpop star 4 told Grace Shin. Techniquea can be learn but Soul cant.

  5. Is she like the female Youngjae, you know powerful vocal and loud smile. Love it, found my next favourite after Dahyun!

  6. Is it really necessary for her to compare herself to the other girls by saying she thinks she has the strongest vocals than the other girls. Having a strong vocal wont guarantee you that you'll win. She is debuting as a group and yet she's already lookinh down at the other girls skill.

  7. I like her voice but bang bang is not the song to showcase her vocals. bang bang is in a higher key, and while it takes strong vocals to pull a song like that off, she doesnt really do it

  8. If there's JIWON included in TWICE, I WON'T follow TWICE even other members are my bias or how her talent is good. I found there's a very bad thing about her. She is NOT a humble person when I watched SIXTEEN ep 1. The way she talked to JIHYO n JUNGYEON when they're exchanging practice room. She teased them about they're in minor. I don't care if it's just a joke. SHAME ON HER!!  I EXTREMELY want she to be eliminated!!! I'll start to pray JYP kick her off plz!!!

  9. her voice sounds really pitcy and like she was forcing it. but tbh I think she has a lot of potential with the right training.

  10. Thats why JYP's going bankrupt, all those talented trainees were eliminated and forced to leave, but after they debut, JYPs always surprised and say ooh I didn't know u could sing/dance back then sorry to eliminate u!

  11. To Be Honest, She Should Debut As A Soloist Because Her Voice Would Match Better As A Solo Rather Than In A Group

  12. Im still here.You have been one of the most anticipated for twice to debut for me!Now to support you in idol school with the hope you can finally debut with natty and eunsuh! GOODLUCK

  13. She looks like an actress named Shin si kyung.. hmm i think she suits better in twice as she can sing very well . Twice relies on jihyo too much in vocal. Nayeon is stable but she cant hit high notes like jiwon . Putting jiwon can balance out twice. Sincerely , from a twice fan

  14. Uy no ,a esta se le subieron los humos pero UF! "tengo una voz más fuerte que las otras chicas" "Si me eliminas te arrepentiras"
    JAJJJAJJA ¿Q pensara ahora q no esta en Twice?
    Talvez tenga linda voz, pero tiene una personalidad de diva egocentrica

  15. For those of you saying she deserved to be in twice and she was the most talented I BETTER SEE YOU NOW SUPPORTING HER IN FROMIS_9, SHE DEBUTED BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE

  16. She think that she has power vocals?? power vocals issss…
    T. W. I. C. E
    1. Nayeon
    2. Jeongyeon
    3. Momo
    4. Sana
    5. Jihyo
    6. Mina
    7. Dahyun
    8. Chaeyoung
    9. Tzuyu

  17. she may have the talent but she have an attitude maybe thats why the public didnt like her. y

  18. She is talking highly about her self and her skill because this was a competition. She was just saying why she should have been picked and what she brings to the table. I'm sure they edit and ask questions to up the "drama" factor as well. It seems the girls all had great respect for one another and their talents.

  19. I'm just so happy for her cause shes in fromis_9. Also she has an english name megan and can speak it really well and has a crazy personality .. she would've actually been a great asset for twice with western media.

  20. My another baby♡♡♡
    My three biases in SIXTEEN are shining brightly now(even though they all got eliminated)♡♡♡
    IZ*ONE♡ITZY♡ FROMIS_9♡(My top 3 fav groups♡♡♡)사랑해♡ 영원히 응원할게 ♡♡

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