[Eng Sub] JYP SIXTEEN Member #10 MINA 미나

Hello I’m Mina from Japan Britney spears- breathe on me, Choreography by Ali Please watch untill the end and cheer me on Airing May 5th, 11pm

79 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] JYP SIXTEEN Member #10 MINA 미나

  1. Omfg, why do Japanese girls always sound so cute and pretty when the speak??? I'm over here with me deep ass voice, while her voice and visual is so pretty.

  2. for a long time , in my mind, k-pop have was shit, when i see suzy(or sushi or smt else) i think it's a beautifull shit, and now when i know her , k-pop is still shit , she from japan , i love japanese.

  3. OG Mina was so cute even from the very begining, her softness, her shyness, and also her hidden sexiness on stage <3

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