[ENG SUB] 191025 ASTRO Member Playing Basketball Game

[ASTRO turned on V LIVE at a rest area]
We’re at a rest area, you guys. Yeah, let’s get it. [ASTRO Basketball game at rest area
starts right away]
Who wants to give it a go? – Me!
– Okay, you go ahead. [#1 player: MOON BIN]
Let’s go! [BIN tosses the ball
the moment the machine says Ready!] [I guess it’s not about getting
ready for the game]
– Ready. – Go! [It means to get ready
because BIN is going to be cute] [Very close score] [BIN makes it over 50
right before the game ended]
I made it. Wow, that was spectacular. [BIN is cute all around
but him getting ready to throw the ball
is cute even] – Good bye!
– Get ready. [Timer resets]
Wow! [The machine is not started,
but the ball’s been thrown] [If BIN was a basketball player,
the net would have bowed down
so that he can score] Not yet. [Current score][MOON BIN 106]
[#2 player: ROCKY] [Oh, Park Minhyuk. I guess you have done
some ball playing before]
ROCKY, let’s get it. [Park Minhyuk has scored on the hearts of
7,7 billion residents of the planet Earth] Not
started yet. I see him getting his postures ready already. ROCKY. [SAN-HA went right next to the machine]
– Go you. – Push yourself. [Making signs at the machine]
Okay. [I mean, if YOON SAN-HA goes up
there and blows the machine like that] [63 building would scoot over itself]
Make the last minute count. Oh SAN-HA,
you blowing there like that makes
all the goals missed. [Didn’t go in, but the score went up]
What was that? The score’s weird. [ROCKY passes by everybody’s heart,
right?] [The moment Park Minhyuk passed
by my heart, I give him 2,25 million points]
– You saw that? – I did. It’s in the camera. [BIN who puts great significance on the score
or whether the score is 111 or 106]
You have to accept it as 106. [ROCK making V sign,
you are both so cute] You have to go with this. [Current score]
[MOON BIN 106, ROCKY 111]
– Oh yeah? – 111. – Good job. JINJIN likes basketball the best
out of all the members. – Like basketball.
– I like and I play the most. Whether he just likes it
or plays well too… [#3 player JINJIN]
Show us! [YOON SAN-HA gives him a penalty] Start! [JINJIN’s ball not entering the net] [But JINJIN still has the highest score
for the 1st round] [Myungjun distracts him] [This is a peaceful rest area basketball game
by ASTRO] Will he surpass 106! [Ends with 98 points] [Current score]
[MOON BIN 106, ROCKY 111, JINJIN 98] Hey! I guess you just like basketball. Okay, let’s just say that I just like it. I’ll go now. [SAN-HA enters with confidence]
– I’ll go. – I was better then. Show us, SAN-HA. [#4 player: SAN-HA] [SAN-HA’s score goes up up and up!] [Very good] [Throws anywhere] [Current score]
[MOON BIN 106, ROCKY 111,
JINJIN 98, SAN-HA 140] Good job. [YOON SAN-HA, you’re good at being cute,
being handsome, playing basketball,
what aren’t you good at?] 140! [Power confident]
Put the money in. [CHA EUN-WOO(23) is the proud sponsor
of the rest area basketball game]
To the sponsor… Please put the money in! Please put the money in!
I’ll try now. Basketball…you guys…
is all about the snap of the wrist. [I, Kim Myungjun, will show you what
it really is about]
Here I go! – Myungjun is here.
– I’m coming. [#5 player Myungjun]
Will he really be good? [You can feel from the loud sound] [This is not because Myungjun is poor
at basketball]
I think I can beat you. [The basketball is so fast that
the net got scared and is dodging the ball] Be calm. [Just throws anywhere] [Slam] [LOL]
[On the ground] What are you doing?! [This is a peaceful rest area game show
by ASTRO, which will bring you peacefulness.] [Always play games safe] [Current score]
[MOON BIN 106, ROCKY 111] [JINJIN 98, SAN-HA 140, Myungjun 32]
MJ 32. [#6 player: EUN-WOO]
Start! Oh man… you and I… same… Oh gosh. [EUN-WOO’s balls are going in
when he heard MJ telling him to be calm]
EUN-WOO, be calm. [Master MJ controlling CHA EUN-WOO] [EUN-WOO goes to the second round] [EUN-WOO has this wall that he can never
go over called perfection (perfection in Korean
sounds like wall) – I knew it.
– EUN-WOO made it. – Made it?
– One more time. – One more time.
– One more time? [Neverending score hike.
CHA EUN-WOO, you’re my slam dunk] [3rd round ends] – So…
– The score’s very clean cut. – 222.
– 222. [You thought I was going to make a scene
if you turn around so proudly with 222 points]
222. [I high-fived with the angel of death
around the gate to heaven in 0,000222 seconds]
That’s amazing. Let us show you the score. [#1. CHA EUN-WOO]
#1. Tada! BIN 106. ROCKY 111. JINWOO 98. [JINJIN is shocked to hear JINWOO]
– Yeah, JINWOO he said. – I got 140. MJ 32. EUN-WOO 222! MJ is the bottom! – I will…
– #1. I will resuscitate my pride with this. – Have no money.
– EUN-WOO, money. – We gotta go.
– EUN-WOO, put the money in! I want to do this.
Palm reading. [Cutie who likes doing the palm reading
at rest areas]
– Try it. – I want to try too. – Can I try this?
– Yes. – Then can you lend me 1,000 won?
– Sure. [Digs in]
Me too. [1,000 won bills endlessly coming out of the
pocket] Oh flex! Young and rich! – I want to try this too.
– Left hand. [EUN-WOO looks so cute
with so many 1,000 won bills] [I welcome anything that
EUN-WOO-EMON can offer me] – How many bills do you have?
– Is there a limit? [BIN’s voice went off pitch reading
EUN-WOO’s palms]
You have to take care of you kids’ education. Is this BIN’s?
Health related here. [MJ reading BIN’s health]
– The reason why you went off pitch
when talking is because…- Not mine. [Just keep on reading anyways]
Because you vocal chords are not attached
properly. – You should go see the doctor.
– Scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [It really is a peaceful show…] Please wait a little longer
and we’ll come see you. – Then we’ll pick one later.
– AHHHHHHHHHH! – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
– We will do that. – This was Wanna be your star!
ASTRO. – AHHHHHHHHH! Thank you! Bye bye. See you soon. Bye! Bye!

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