(ENG/SPA SUB) Sechskies’ Hidden Member, Hee Chul | Life Bar | Mix Clip

(No one seems to remember)
[Hee Chul] This… As the official ‘hostess’ for, [Hee Chul] One day in January of 1998!
Oh, I was a freshman back then – It’s when we released the song
– [Hee Chul] Right, right – [Jun Hyun]!
– [Hee Chul]! Songs like…,
, etc… Hee Chul knows everything about Sechskies Yes, that’s right! – My sister is…
– His sister, his sister! She’s a really big fan of Sechskies Extremely! So, when I told her I was
going to audition for SM, she was like… You are?! “Your sister is Sechskies’ biggest fan!
How could my brother audition for SM!!” – Sechskies were with DSP at the time
– [Hee Chul] Yes, exactly I knew everything about DSP back then (Not just Sechskies)
Sechskies, Fin. K. L… (Knows DSP’s history by heart)
Click-B, and a singer named Kim Hyo-soo – [Hee Chul] And 2Shai
– He’s a living dictionary – [Hee Chul] They were the original ‘Idol’
– He’s a genius (‘Idol’ dictionary)
My sister collected so many albums [Dong Yup] He’s sweating
because he’s amazed People usually think Sechskies
is a dancing-singer group But we actually had
quite a few ballade songs Our fans were probably
the only ones who knew but songs like… Sechskies is good at dancing too but,,,
,… – Um…
– Wow, he knows every song
They sang some amazing ballade songs (What?)
♪ Again~ ♪ What song is that even supposed to be? ♪ Alone~ Again~ ♪ Tap! (So into the song)
♪ Again~ ♪ Tap! I have no idea what that song is Coming back alone – [Hee Chul] They paused in between
– Oh yeah, we did do that before And they always danced like… ♪ Wait, stop! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! ♪ ♪ Your goodbyes! ♪ This, this! (Unstoppable instinct)
‘Your goodbyes!’ This thing! He really knows everything Why do you dance like a comedian? Like this, like a comedian! – You could do better! When Super Junior comes on the show
I’ll go back to being a boy-band-singer Oh, are you? – I’ll act like a comedian till then
– [Jun Hyun] Oh, alright What I remember is… (TV maniac tries to remember)
I think it was 1998 or something It was either 1998 or the end of 1997 It was an SBS music program, and back then, when singers finished their performance,
the next singers would run out to the stage As Taesaja was getting off the stage,
one part of the stage just broke down The floor of the stage! Sechskies was up next with
and they were running onto the stage and the stage started sinking in – You’ve had that experience, right?
– Yes, we did Right? When you released(They were doing their best
for it was their comeback) (The stage had broken down) (The stage is falling apart)
(Funny for him too)has this choreography
where we go like this were both feet No wait, it’s one foot Didn’t it go like this? [Jiwon] No, it was one foot! – [Jiwon] Didn’t it go like this?
– [Jae Duck] Anyway That’s the choreography forYes, this was♪ Stop Chatting! Shut up! ♪ (The spirit has awakened) Shall we see how exact that is? (Choreography-copy-machine verified) Are you the seventh member? The choreography foris this! – Is that right?
– It is, wow (Amazed by Hee Chul’s talent)
Wow, it is! (A round of applause for Hee Chul) (Explosion of adrenalin) The thing that hasn’t changed is… I’m the member of Sechskies but
I feel like he knows more about us Hee Chul knows Sechskies so well I’m the member of Sechskies but
he knows more about us We’ll call you if we can’t
remember something while practicing You can video call me,
I remember everything [Yu Ra] That’s incredible! Do you remember all of
H.O.T’s choreographies too? – H.O.T’s…
– [Dong Yup] You don’t remember that well [Hee Chul] Yes, because I… used to listen to rock and hip-hop,
but my sister always watched Sechskies’… She recorded everything and
bought videos after concerts Back then, internet access wasn’t as easy
and if she watched TV, I would have to too – Yes, of course
– It’s because… – You didn’t have a cellphone or anything
– [Hee Chul] Yea, I didn’t have anything If my sister watches TV, I had to too How do you remember all of that? – He’s a computer
– Is it even possible for Hee Chul to know more about Sechskies than themselves? [Dong Yup] When we talk about Sechskies
none of the members have anything to say Tada~ Oh?! It’s ‘Music Life’ (the 7th magazine from 1997
that has a photo of Sechskies’ debut) They all look the same
None of them changed We debuted in April of 1997,
but if that’s from July… – We took it in June
– It’s when from[Jae Jin] Right after we released the album Wow… The advertisement from back then “I want to get to you faster than light!” [Hee Chul] From a very happy telecom Yes, telecom and stuff like that We did a lot of stuff like 012 015 (What is that…)
[Jun Hyun] They have 015 77 Wow, H.O.T! (H.O.T’s school uniform ad) – [Yu Ra] Oh, really?
– That’s cute We did the same ad! – [Dong Yup] After this?
– Yes, after this… (The beginning of popularity) It looks cool! (Side by side uniform advertisements) (Back to memory lane
with the magazine form 1997) Wow… If you take a look here…
Wow, Epik High’s Tablo… – Whoa, really!?
– [Hee Chul] His wife, Kang Hye Jung – Is it really her?
– [Jun Hyun] It is? – [Yu Ra] Really?
– [Hee Chul] I think it is (Hye Jung’s teenage-self)
[Jae Duck] Yes, I think it is her [Hee Chul] I think she is Hye Jung…
And wow, this is fun? Hong Jin Kyung! [Hee Chul] It’s Jin Kyung! (Pretty because it sparkles?) (Her love for pigtails)
[Hee Chul] She’s in ‘Unnies’ already! [Dong Yup] This was 20 years ago! (Hee-Chul-patch is so funny) [Yu Ra] This is so much fun (Let’s take a look at Sechskies)
Oh! They’re here! Sechskies! “Living for coolness
and dying for coolness, starting July [Hee Chul] These goggles
were in trend back then (But why swimming goggles?) [Hee Chul] They really haven’t changed much [Yu Ra] They all look the same – They used to look young though
– [Jae Duck] How did you keep it so clean? Oh yes…,
,… Be-! Betrayal! ♪ I’ve found something out~ ♪ ♪ Your new man~ ♪ [Jun Hyun] I have this comedian friend
who dances and sings exactly like this Just join Sechskies Honorary Sechskies! (Requested to be a member of Sechskies) [Jiwon] Wow, that outfit! I cut the outfit with scissors, myself – Why?
– [Jiwon] We ripped everything? They were called manufactured material… We used to get our
on-stage outfits custom made It was stretchy rubber – [Jiwon] We would sweat so much!
– Sweat doesn’t dry out? It’s even waterproof (Zero ventilation! Zero absorption!) (Jumping around in their
rubber-ventilation-proof outfits) (They used to perform with
all their hearts in the beginning) (It’s hot) (It’s hot) (Sweaty) (Sweaty) (Can’t resist it anymore!!!) Because we were so busy,
we couldn’t even wash those After one performance,
they would be soaked with sweat Of course, the material
used to be horrible back then! – [Yu Ra] We have something like that too!
– That was July, in the middle of summer [Sung Hoon] We used to wear those in summer [Jiwon] So, we thought that
we should rip them apart In order to get new outfits [Jun Hyun] That is something
you would think of And they actually did give us new outfits Wow… I also remember Singer would wear
custom made outfits that…was your ‘IGII’! – Right?
– Yes (Chills)
[Hee Chul] And the eyes inThat’s scary When you say ‘second’,
you mean ‘IGII’, right? Inyou had… – Owl eyes for
– [Jiwon] We had angels on our outfits – [Hee Chul] And owl eyes!
– [Dong Yup] Yes! They used to do that before!
They used to expose the brand! Right! I think they had something like
‘safety zone’ inHe knows all the brands too! You get why I feel
small in front of him, right? It happens every time
I meet up with Hee Chul So, your face got really small I feel like even if he lies,
I would believe him Later on, if I go like,
“Sechskies had 7 members!” They would go like, “Did we..?”

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    Wiki idol kim hee chul. Where they talk about the history of korean idols.

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    SECHKIES : What song is that 😂

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  8. Heechul makes any group feel good. When he's doing their dances, singing their lyrics, talking about things they said only hardcore fans would know. You could see on their faces that they were so appreciative that he remembered all that about them despite his sister being the stan LOL

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  10. 4:24 LOL why this is so funny
    Jiwon : "we'll call you if we can't remember something while practicing"
    Heechul: "you can video call me, i remember everything"

  11. I kind of relate to heechul in a sense. I still remember the lyrics to all the songs my brother listened to. The time where phones and the internet was still so slow, whatever your older siblings watched/listened to, you have no choice but do it with them hahahaha

  12. What the heck
    I can't even remember current year. I will be like 2018 then some one beside me always scold me saying its 2019
    Respest to universal star KEEM HEECHUL

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    SECHSKIES: Just join sechskies!

    then Heechul shares about brandnames related to sechskies

    SECHSKIES: You get why i feel small in front of him, right?

    being a petal really requires you to love sechskies too, or get to know them at least 😂😂

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