ENG] IND] [몰카] 헬스장에서 약빨은 회원이 눈 앞에서 운동을 한다면?!!!! – [동네놈들]

NEIGHBORHOOD BROS Hello Neighbors! Welcome! We are “NEIGHBORHOOD BROS” SO TODAY We will be doing some prank at the gym “AHHHH” “YAAAAS” We’re basically going to be THE MOST rediculous gym members of all times LOOOOLOLOL MHHMMM Definitely We’re literally going see what type of hilarious reactions we get when we show up like this haha Okay, since there’s way too many people inside the gym right now~ Let’s start as soon as it gets a bit quieter inside ALRIGHT! ARE YALL READY TO START THIS GYM PRANK!? TURNT! TURNT! TURNT! First target arrives [FIRST TARGET] “Aye Man” “Yeah?” “That’s not for your legs bro” “It is for your legs…” “No it’s not man” “It’s for your neck” “But it says Legs….” “Nah nah bro, I said it’s for pumping your neck” “Neck……?” “Ye for pumping your neck man, come down.” “I’ve been working out for years man, lay your stomach down right here.” (He’s quite working out to see wtf the guy next to him is talking about LMFAOOO) (LOOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOOLOLOLOLOL) “You gotta breathe in when your coming up man.” (MMKEM) “BREATHE IN” (He’s just drinking in the laughter LOLOOOLOL) (We literally feel like the guy next to us is in SHOCK hahahahahaha) (He’s literally biting his lips so hard NOT to laugh) (We were purposely talking about how that neck workout helped pump up the neck to see what he does LOL) “Excuse me, I’m sorry to interupt..” “This eqiupment is actually for your legs. I just wanted to let you guys know it may be bad to use it for your neck..” “Legs? Nah bro you got it all mixed up, it’s for your neck.” “Wait a sec, you workout too right? I’ve been working out for a really long time man.” “I’ve been a bodybuilder for about 12 years now.” We figured out after the shoot that we was actually a super famous bodybuilder LOL (We were honestly too busy pranking this guy at this moment tbh) “I’ve been working out for a REEEAAAAAALLLY long time like I said.” “You worked out before….?” “Touch inside bro, poke it, I got muscle inside man.” “ahhhhh I see…” “It’s for your neck man… its for YOUR NECK” (Honestly we’re lucky if we don’t get punched in the face at this point lol) (At this point we’re going all NASTY AND DIRTY the way) “Look at my neck muscles bruh” “We Apologize” “I….I…See but.. other members of the gym are watching too…” “Since you say you are a bodybuilder, how about trying this like us..?” “ohhhh nono I’m good” “Just trust me on this this for once” (He gave in…..LMFAOOO) (This guy is honestly the most nicest person on the whole planet like why are you doing this LOOOOOOOOOOL) (He’s literally working his balls out) HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHH “How was that?” “I mean..it works….but..” “IT WORKS RIGHT” “You’ve been doing it wrong the whole time man” “How long have you been working out these little babies?” “12years..” “Now it’s going to take you 12 years to lose them :)” “D’you think you can help me more with other workouts too?
The neck workout worked really well.” “RIGHT IT WORKS RIGHT. BRUH I TOLD YOU” “You should work on your neck right now.
Your neck ain’t pretty man.” “Those are just watery muscles man.” “OH PUFFY MUSCLES?!” Boogie comes in! LMFAOAOAOAOAOAOAOO “Excuse me…I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to do that..” “Ins’t this for your hips?” “It’s actually for your le….LOOOOOOLOLOLOLOLOL” “It’s for your neck man for your neck.”
“ye for your neck bro.” “for your neck, YOUR NECK” “Lemme show you, he worked out for 12years and didn’t know too” “Look his neck muscles are all built wrong” “I mean I did.. I did it like that but..” LMAOAOAOAOAOAOAOOA (He’s like wtf is going on) “Touch it man, this is how it’s supposed to be” “Sorry man you just got pranked LOLOOLOOLOLOL” “WHY IS HE SO NICE LOL” “I mean… it .. actually worked a bit…” LMFAOAOAOAOAOAOOAOA “Would you mind if we post this up on our youtube channel?” “That’s totally fine!” “I THINK THIS GUY CAN TOTALLY PRANK WITH US!” “AYEEE! THAT SOUNDS BOMB!” “IM DOWN! I’m not about to get pranked alone here haha” “then…shall we…together?” “Alright then, why don’t we start after a little bit, once we have new members coming in and out.” “Do you workout here often?” “Yes, I workout here all the time~” “Jinho decided to talk waaaaay too much in the car for an hour, so we decided to prank in a different way this time!” [Second Target] “Excuse me” “Sorry to interupt” “So I used be a Bodybuilder” “Can I ask from when..?” “Since elementary school so…. about 20 years now?” “oh wow sorry sir, I didn’t recognize with respect.” “how long have you been bodybuilding?” “about 12years now sir” “You don’t mind me being comfortable around you since I’ve been longer in the industry right?” “So i see that you were f*cking up your triceps right?” “That’s not how you f*ck up your triceps bro” “okie triceps” (LMFAOAOAOAOAOOA THE GIRL IN THE BACK IS DEAD SHE DIED) “So you gotta tighten when you get down again” LOLOLOLOLOLLOOLOLOLOLOLOL “what you were doing earlier is I would say…like YMCA typa thing bro” “haha like little kids exercise sir” “oh you know like what you’d do at your junior high club teams” “Did you prepare any poses?” “Alright show me what you got, anythings fine man” “See now that’s f*cked up bro” “Dyou see your tits are waaaay to out man” “tits bro” (she prolly peed a little laughing tho) (Honestly she’s laughing so hard the reaction is INSANEEEEE HAHAHAHAA) LAUGHING MY F*CKING ASS OFFFFFF LOLOLOOOOLOLOL “Alright let’s see your thighs now” “woooo you ate alot of chicken breasts didn’t you?!” “what you’re doing is waaay to basic” “like this bro” “Your shoulders are too weak man” “Lemme show you” “Okie shoulders” “no look , LOOK” “IS THIS FUNNY?!” “Alright that’s it for today man, good job” Jae Hyung & Boogie comes in! “what workout should we do today?!!” “I say chest bro!” LOLOLOOOOLOLOOOOLOLOLOL “HAHAHAAH sorry maam this was a prank!” “alright no forreal how do I look tho” ahah “Ma’am if you don’t mind can we use this clip for our youtube channel?!” “Yes yes! haha” “This guys was SO DAMN SERIOUS like so good haha” “Thank youuuu!”

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  1. 안녕하세요! 이번 영상에 출연한 송기흔입니다!
    저는 '잠백이'라는 회사를 운영하고 고등학교시절부터 보디빌딩을 하고 있답니다! 이번에 정말 좋은 재미가 될 영상에 출연하여 너무 기쁩니다!! 저는 운동관련 채널을 운영중이니 관심있는 분들은 놀러오세요!
    다음에 기회가 되면 또 출연하고 싶습니다!  동네놈들 만세!♥

  2. came back to watch this coz of that big muscular guy whos on their other vids as well…glad to see him cooperate for the LULZ

  3. 안녕하세요, 저는 베트남 출신입니다. 정말로 당신을 사랑하지만 베트남어로 튜브 비디오의 자막을 만드는 방법을 찾을 수 없다면 한국어를 이해할 수 없습니다, 감사합니다

  4. 송기훈 선수 목운동 하는거에 빵터져 거의 실신 했네요~
    진짜 간만에 오지게 웃었습니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. 근데 첫번째 저거 진짜로 목 근육 운동임. 미식축구 같은 스포츠는 목부상이 심하게 올수도 있어서 목 운동도 한다고 함.

  6. that leg extension machine is good for neck actually I'll try it, won't care if I look dumb. neck training is underrated

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