[ENG/INA] Which Twice member is the best at guessing BTS song’s lyrics?

Hi ~ welcome to Kpop Ongep To support this channel, please subscribe and turn on your notification TVN’s show Amazing Saturday invited twice as their guest People in this show have to guess specific part of the song lyrics given by MC BTS’s songs appear so often on this show They have DNA on their first episode Mic Drop on their 5th episode Fake love on 28th episode Dope on 40th episode Boy with Luv on 58th episode Boy in Luv on 66th episode And on their 77th episode they have BTS’s Fire which will be guessed by TWICE On this episode, Nayeon told that she once sing BTS’s Fire on her sleep At that time it was winter so she slept with an electric blanket Twice member told that suddenly Nayeon was So they all laughed at her Actually this is not her first time she talked about this She already talked about this in 2016 on SBS Radio Power FM Cultshow She also talked about this in 2018 on MBC FM4U 2 o’clock BTS’s Fire contain a lot of Rap so it might be difficult to guess the lyrics Now lets see Twice member reaction hearing a part of BTS’s Fire lyrics Fire, are you ready? (using word play of Nayeon and Jihyo name) Please give the question (word play of Chaeyeong’s name) So, they were confused Because the one used in this quiz is the rap part, so it can be confusing to hear only once Now let’s see twice member’s answer First one, Jihyo’s answer Her answer is far from the actual lyrics The correct one was only the first word First and second sentences are wrong and she didn’t write the third sentence Funny thing is on the second word of the first sentence The actual lyric is 살라 , which mean live But Jihyo wrote it 사나 , member of Twice But because of the similar pronunciation, it can be heard like that too The second one is Chaeyoung She wrote first sentence right But she wrote the second one wrong For the third sentence It was actually BTS Fire’s lyrics but not the part of the quiz But she did great The third one is Nayeon’s answer she wrote it poorly Maybe because she was in hurry so its hard to read If we only see the letters, a lot of it was correct answer But because the arrangement was a mess, so the sentences didn’t have meaning It’s like when baby talk in shambles if we look at the the three answers erlier We know who is the winner Turn out it’s not just us who are difficult to listen to Korean songs Korean people themselves are also rather difficult to hear it if only once After they discussed and hear it for the third time, they found out the lyrics Even Jihyo said that their pronunciation are actually really clear Because they can guess it on their third They gave them reward to eat Congratulations to Twice!! That’s all for this video You can tell your opinions below And you can also request if there is something about KPOP that you want to know. I will discuss it in the next video Don’t forget to like the video and share it with your friends Thanks for watching and good bye

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