[ENG] 2019 GSL S3 RO16 Group Nominations

25 thoughts on “[ENG] 2019 GSL S3 RO16 Group Nominations

  1. It's upsetting that something so simple as a blood thinner like aspirin could have prevented this. One of my favorite casters has died from a blood clot😔… RIP iNcontroL🙏

  2. 6 Terran, 6 Protoss, 4 zerg. Looks pretty balanced. With the latest mass Protoss nerf, next gsl will be 10 Terran, 2 Protoss, 4 zerg

  3. A easiest group, then D, then B, C hardest.
    Predictions: A: #1 Dark, #2 Keen. B: Anyones on the day but if I had to call it #1TY, #2:Trap, TY > Cure is the only "safe" bet, herO and Cure are very good and probably under rated too, I wouldn't be shocked if either made it. C: #1Maru, #2Stats. Maru > Solar, Stats > Rogue, Rogue might have a chance vs Maru, Solar > Protoss but I think stats can dodge that matchup to get out of the group. D: #1 Classic, #2 Zest. It could be the other way around, PvP is volatile.

    I think Dark got a really good deal but the other zergs got bad ones.
    A weak terran will get through group B but they will probably lose in the ro.8

    With soO, Inno & Gumi underpreforming along with this bracket there will probably be a decent number of protoss in the ro8. I think Maru, TY & Dark are favoured vs all protoss though, even with how well Classic, Zest and Stats are playing.

  4. Finally Special!!! Blizz, listen Special and nerf the zerg, 2018 was their year and this will be if u continue buffing them

  5. I think in Group C, Maru, Stats and Solar are the most likely to qualify. Rouge seems to be in a bad state from the beginning of this year. In the recent match- in Master's Coliseum 5 rouge lose the match against hero and Fantasy. So i would say rouge is most unlikely to be qualify to playoff.

  6. 솔직히 저그가 너무 사기다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 스페셜 말대로…. 토스, 테란을 상향시켜라 !!

  7. Special is hilarious. Didn't he spend so much time in the past whining about Protoss? Now he is whining about Zerg at 20:04


    I think Dark's decision to switch Fantasy and Cure was a mistake. I think it doesn't really help him get to Ro.8 when he could have switched Solar with a strong Group B player to guarantee elimination of more top opponents.

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