Encyclopedia Of Cat Love: Old Rescued Cat Raises Stray Kitten 2017

welcome back to Nine’s Catudio! This
wonderful holiday season we would like to share the colorful story of the old
rescued cat Junior adopting the stray kitten Nine. Here it goes… it was all that good to begin with this is the first video of Nine and Junior
hanging out together Nine had broken out of his quarantine room and Junior
was very happy and quick to check out the new kitten. So what we thought was a true
success story as they were getting along so good but then something like that happened after that episode I kept them apart for
a while but then one night I let them be in the same room again
Grandpa, is it okay if I just lay on you? like sleep on you? well don’t call me
grandpa because I’m so capable and able well but just whatever can I just stay
on your you’re so cozy and soft. okay just be quiet go to sleep okay okay okay!
and then from that point on it was like love from the first sight pretty much. Junior
would mostly groom Nine which would irritate the kitten a lot but then also Junior
taught him how to fight how to show dominance. Those fights aren’t really
scary as they appear to be, trust me. They will also watch videos together. Junior
never watched movies before but Nine as you know from his videos is addicted to TV so
he quickly got Junior interested in those action movies as well. And then
outside Junior took the role of the babysitter no matter what Nine did to his tail again he won’t leave Nine’s side sleeping together
that’s norm – Junior won’t sleep without Nine and then back to grooming Junior. would just
pin him right down and poor little Nine take it all and to the point where one
day he said hey look dude look at I can do it here and there and there and there
myself! one night they don’t really had a fight
the fight was caused by Junior not being able to sleep the night before because
Nine was moving his bottle caps all over the place. You can also see watch
that video to know what the story is all about. But love wins again! I love you, Grandpa! and sorry look at me
do you forgive me? “Well, whatever! I just need a good night of sleep”
Hey look let’s play I’ll see you in the morning I gotta take my pills! Nine was growing getting stronger and bigger . After all, he is a Norwegian Forest cat and will grow into a big cat Who else would he practice his hunting and fighting skills, but his ever loving ever forgiving grandpa? Nine was
getting stronger and bigger and Junior was realizing that.So most of the time
the fights were really not that vicious as Nine I would see his grandpa waving his
paws in the air or be quite submissive to the
little guys attacks. Sometimes I will step in and make sure that they stop
fighting most of the time it’s peace and love at
the Gingerbread House this holiday season we would love to wish you all of the
best and all your dreams come true Merry Christmas Feliz Navidad Счастливого Рождества! Happy Hanukkah. HOWEVER YOU SAY IT, – JUSTLOVE!

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  1. Wonderful video!! I bet Nine was the cleanest kitten ever 🙂 I love that Juniors voice sounded a little gruff and Russian lol. Merry Christmas and I hope for continued peace between the boys.

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