Encephalitis Society highlights

Today a range of landmarks around the
world are being lit in red, and there’s a particular reason for that being the
case. Today is the 4th annual World Encephalitis Day. Today we’ve been over in Liverpool attempting to break the Guinness World
Record for the biggest human organ. We’ve booked an old route-master to take
people on a journey, to make a bit of noise around the condition! Nearly 70% of
people in the UK have never heard of encephalitis. Encephalitis is
inflammation and swelling of the brain often caused by a virus or by the body’s
defences. In Asia we have been involved in major campaigns. In Africa where I work rabies is an important cause of encephalitis. Through this Hollyoaks storyline we are going to reach this huge population, who we wouldn’t otherwise be able to engage. I’m glad that we’re able to do this on
doctor radio today because we need to raise awareness. The work that you do is
just so essential to families, and I don’t know what people would do without
you guys. I feel really honored and privileged to
be here at the Guardian. Having partnerships with people like the
Talbot Hotel, Malton Cookery School, and today York House are absolutely critical. You see the work that they’ve done, it is truly amazing, and I think it’s the
right kind of organisation for us to be partnered with. It’s just nice to have a peaceful
environment, meeting other people encouraging other people.
It’s just a nice atmosphere really. It’s nice to know what everyone else is going through, as well as us. It’s nice that it’s not just you. The weekends have everything.
So you’ve got companionship, you’ve got a kind of sense of other people understand without
having to explain the situation. It’s nice for the kids just go off and be kids after
what they’ve been for as well. Encephalitis not only affects the
person, it affects all of your family, and much wider family as well.
So it’s been an emotional day really. The things I’ve learned today is about
encephalitis. I didn’t know it affected your social skills as well. Today has been, I’m gonna say the best day of my life. Well all the way in my head has been: “we’re doing it for Harry, we’re doing it for Harry.
This is what he would want, something like this.” We never turn anybody away that’s gone
through the experience of encephalitis. The winner is: The Encephalitis Society.

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