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relationship with my sisters Maxine and Dawn and Cindy, we
had an amazing relationship. I mean, we would get
fussed at in the studio. Because we couldn’t even record
sometimes for cracking up laughing most of the time.
-We would get the giggles. Yeah, we’d get the giggles. And it would just
go from one– and as soon as we could
get it together, and then it would just go from
one person to the next person. Then we’d pull it
together, you know. And then we’d get fussed at. Yeah. At the height of
our success, I mean, the sisterhood that we
shared was– it was amazing. And we had each other,
you know, because we were constantly working. So we were always together. And like I said
before, it was always laughs and silliness. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] And Cindy and I made the
decision to continue forward. We had to consider, you know,
how our fans would think. And we couldn’t allow that
to be the driving force. Because this is our
life, our livelihood. And it’s something
that we love to do. Our passion is what drives us. Yeah, it was, you know,
a little heart-breaking. And it was definitely
a big readjustment. Absolutely. There were always people behind
the scenes supplying the story, changing the
narrative, you know. And we– there is a big fan
base out there that each four of the original members have. And Maxine and Dawn have their
good share of the fan base that continued to support them. And we had to learn to
not look at everything that was being said or written. Because it would
really make you crazy. How would I be received? That was always in
the back of my mind. I can’t replace Dawn. I can’t replace Maxine. I never intended to do that. I can only be me, you know? But I wanted to stay
with the integrity of what En Vogue was about. And so that definitely
took some thought.

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  1. En Vogue is definitely the female Boyz II Men. Those vocals and their sophistication in appearance is everything. So happy to grow up the 90s know these voices compared to what we have now a days.

  2. Terry called Dawn and Maxine her SISTERS, yet her and Cindy took them to court over the group's name. Who needs enemies with friends or SISTERS like Terry and Cindy.

  3. I have said it several times. So many people try to put Rhona down as call her a 'bad singer', but she is a great singer. I just think people really want to the original four because this isn't a group where you can just replace a member and nobody cares. It's unfair that Rhona caught the backlash of that.

  4. Dawn and Maxine were tired. They were tired of getting paid peanuts. The singing y'all did, did not equate to what y'all should've had. They understood that the first deal wasn't gon be the best deal, pero after the success of the first album and by the time the second album came out and it was a monster, they still weren't able to reap the benefits.

  5. I would love to have Banarama be interviewed.  They are the biggest girl group from the UK who influenced The Spice Girls.  They didn't fall into the problems that were half as bad as some other Girl Groups.  Sarah Dallin & Keren Woodward still get Royalties because they wrote a lot of their songs and Keren is in a Committed Relationship with Andrew Ridgeley formerly of Wham.  I would also love for Andrew to be Interviewed as well and how he felt when people looked at him as The Man who rode on George Michael's Coattails.

  6. Love Terry and Cindy, and now Rhona. Thanks for never giving up on the group. So happy to hear the latest single ROCKET. Because if were up to Dawn and Maxine, we would never hear music from En Vogue ever again. Too greedy, money hungry, and that's why they didn't have anything going for a while. Dawn was always looking after Dawn. Max made the biggest mistake by siding with Dawn. Legally, they are no longer apart of the group that they helped formed.

  7. The new girl looks lovely but she really does not suit the group but I love her beautiful voice I prefer the old group

  8. is that the lady from the jamie foxx show that work in the office writing jingles i think it is not sure tho

  9. I dunno…Terry has this unease about her. Like the whole split and whatever happened between the original 4 really bothers her and it seems like she's trying soo hard not to 'slip up' in her words and reveal something, so to speak. Meanwhile Cindy seems content in what has occured….I think the main ones to butt heads were Dawn and Cindy but you can tell there is ALOT that went on that the public did not see. it's evident

  10. it saddens me. They have to continue working to sustain livelihood meanwhile, Dawn was right. If the money was right they could be well off to take time off and invest in other ventures with the group name attached and separately and it's sad that never happened.

  11. Dawn and Maxine wanted to fight the record label because they weren't being paid for what they were earning – Cindy and Terri didn't want to cause trouble. Simple

  12. Oh my God!! How are Cindy and Terry in there 50's. They still look like they're in there 20's same with Dawn and Maxine

  13. I miss the original group. I don't listen to the new one. I sure wish they would work it out and come again. It's just not the same.

  14. En Vogue is still together in my heart. The sisters are still fine. If and when they all come back together would be epic!

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