[EN] SWC2019 AMERICAS: Group Stage – Group B

welcome summoner are you ready to embark on the journey to discover the strongest summoner within the Americas swc 2019 will be in Los Angeles California this year the rules have changed for swc mode when facing the opponent players won't be able to free ban the same monster consecutively so prepare for unpredictable matches and result let's talk about the journey these players will take to become America's strongest summoner first there will be an online qualification the first trial will be online preliminaries where 18 players from season 8 and 9 will compete but only 14 players will advance additionally two skilled summoners from swc 2018 will join the fight 16 summoners will compete fearlessly for the America's Cup to be part of these elite players I better step up my game next let's go to where the real battles take place the group stage the returning players from 2018 and the winners of season 8 & 9 will be split into four different groups a b c and d each group will then compete every saturday starting july 20 where to the best summoners in each group will advance to the America's Cup for a total of eight summoners and finally on August 31st 2019 the war of the gods will begin total of eight summoners will compete fiercely for the America's God the to summoners will be sent to Paris for the World Championship and have the chance to claim the title of becoming the best summoner in the world who will prevail so get ready and don't miss your chance to be part of summoners war history [Applause] [Applause] hello everyone and welcome back to the swc 2019 America's Cup group stage B my name is Evan and I'm your host today and I'm once again joined by stoic and make it a bud how are you guys it's good to be back don't act for good glad to hear it I am sick as a dog and doing my best to hide it so excuse me if my brain and my mouth don't quite make the connection they should but I've heard that the best medicine is reviewing tournament format so let's go ahead and take a look at the structure of today's tournament we've got four players in a total of five matches today and this is all to find the two people who will join Thompson and Dreamz Joseph at the America's Cup on August 31st that's right we did a group stage last week and today we have Group B and we will have a group stage every Saturday leading up to America's Cup if these players are all playing for the chance for $20,000 prize pool at the end of America's Cup but also 140,000 dollar prize pool at the World Finals in Paris and today's game mode will be that summer's World Championship 2019 mode featuring that pre-ban but unlike the normal swc mode today's will have a chance an opportunity in which you cannot pre-ban the same monster twice so you will see a lot more led monsters you will see how Thor's today lots of diversity in the pick/ban phase here's a quick look at the swc group stages but the column you're gonna want to pay attention to is Group B we've got tree as well as truck a move jln too and fideo lopez here today we've got another group every Saturday same time same place so be sure to come right back here for all those matches you're looking forward to in the future starting off strong we've got tree the RTA season 9 legend vs. Fidel Lopez as well as truck ammu vs. jail end to this bracket does have a loser's bracket by the end we'll have a high and low seed winner moving on to the America's Cup we're starting off with tree and Fidel Lopez today let's go ahead and get to know these players a little bit better through their player profiles alright so stoic what can you tell me about Fidel Lopez well Fidel Lopez as we've seen before it really likes rafting the CRR really likes drafting Vanessa Fran but more importantly he really likes drafting that light cow go that like light cowgirls really starting to show herself this season we've seen it a lot not too much but we've seen it a good amount leading into a season time and tree is the season nine legend he does use Gainey Hathor a lot with the Memphis and the art of El very well known for having good roots and as we've seen in the prelims has three violent sets on his friend that he loses regularly so we see on this graph here very strong the draft very good roots very good player overall very scary to face and here's some data on these players from RTA Season nine we've got their most picked fans and their most banned against monsters meaning if that you happen to match against one of these players then you're more than likely going to ban one of those five units we've got tree and fideo lopez ready in the first pick band phase of match one round one of swc 2019 group stage be stoic make it a bud take it away that is correct we've got tree we've got Fidel Lopez we're starting off a group b with these two men right here three bands going out it looks like the day lopez does not want to play against the dock does it Queen and tree banning out his friend very smart move by tree knowing that phileo Lopez does not have Gainey Hathor Fran is very good against gamy afterwards so tree taking away one of those units that Fidel Lopez has to counter that who throughs very quick to steal that Vanessa away from him this is we see here knowing that Fidel Lopez likes that Ciara Vanessa but without both speed leads trees just gonna overrun him with speed so we see that fillet Fidel Lopez goes with his trademark Ciara and like cowgirls so early that's right we've seen this light cow goat fast I'm curious how fast it's gonna be up against the tree but we could see tree landing it or bringing in that Danny Hawthorne and we'll see how fast that light cowgirl is but we know tree has very fast moves so likely this like how girls not gonna be fast enough tree with that Gainey Hathor so he's gonna be locking down for Dale Lopez Fidel Lopez should be thinking about Josefina at some point because he's going to be slept for a long time this game yeah that's right for Dale Lopez locking inferred he'll and ager now this is something this is a draft we've seen before from Fidel oh we see this all the time from Fidel Lopez I do like it a lot because it presents a lot of damage with that ager and the defense break from the light cowgirl and that tells me he's going to be breaking apart the Gandy Hathor combo from tree per tree is going with a very interesting pic with the Leo and the Diana here I believe this is our first Leo all swc America's Cup it is oh it is so far and at the same time this tells me tree is banning that vertical because bringing in a Leo into vertical and letting that vertical through is suicide and at the same time Sierra and Egger do pretty well against Leo so I'm not sure about this Neil pick to be honest here vertical is banned paddlers band because Fidel Lopez does not want to go sleep here I do actually favor for Dale Lopez's draft pit he has a lot more threatened hopefully he can really make that threat and this when this match does start you did round up his draft using that rope so let's keep that in mind I'm curious how that's gonna favor Fidel Lopez here in this match alright guys turns going out we know Leo's taking first term will be able to see who he's gonna start focusing out he's gonna start working on that light cowgirl and Fidel Lopez has two units on Wilson we know that they will be popping off and doing a lot of damage here so Fidel Lopez has a chance do make to do a lot of damage from the get-go yep he was able to reset the water for Mary King which was nice big resist on the leo we know that's definitely a high resistant Leo so see our missing a bomb that is not what fideo needs right now not what fideo needs but what tree needs at the moment here because tree needs for Dale Lopez to run out of sea really that's a lot of damage come from that that was a lot of damage we get an additional term where the defense breaks sitting on Leo he's got a bunch of toss it's no looking good it gets revived with the Vanessa passive he's at a club can he drop does not drop leo he is still up we're gonna see leo go hand next because Leo is kind of torn up and it's going to kill a unit off the bat here dad's definitely what's gonna be happening here you can see Diana's gonna start focusing out like cow go not looking good for like cow go she's really really low if he lands his defense break he does if you practice landing that we still have an ignore defense Turin waiting and vanessa gets ventilated here so leo is not gonna go down here and if this video does not go down it's gonna choose is not to set it off and just cycle a little bit of turns but Jo Lopez the kids seeds after that one Trey's taken round one tree with the round one win and the first Leo torrent of swc 2019 America's Cup that is hype that is what I love to see that was a fast passes match as we've seen here and I think a lot of that is that like cowgirls way too squishy that dine of melting right through it had no chance obviously it proct at the end because that diana also has additional violence that's on it but it did not matter that like how a girl went down for dale Lopez had no chance in that game but not just that the rope actually did rope things wasn't enough it wasn't enough but it was exciting to see that so we'll see if you can baby and maybe adjust from there that's right we'll have to see if he can adjust in this next round we got these players ready in the pick/ban phase for round two of match one take it away guys we go guys that was an exciting first match maybe we're gonna see another one coming from de Lopez and tree as well you can see the pre bans here those are original before we're gonna get some new pre bands coming from these two men and so we will see that neftis in action from tree this time here we see that pre ban on Hathor from Fidel Lopez and the pre ban on Vanessa from tree so that tells me that tree is probably gonna favor taking the Sierra earlier or just plans out speed with that neftis yep that is right no Gainey hathir is gonna be out here on this match we saw the guinea Hathorne last match either those Sofia Lopez taking that Fran away from tree and tree does not have a high throw at this point here but does have Neff this probably not gonna take Neff this early nevermind he does take the neftis early even though Fidel Lopez does not have one because tree just wants a lock in a speed lead does not care the epital tree drafting neftis an agony Fidel Lopez locking in his two double drafts like last time the Sierra and the light cowgirl Fidel Lopez going with this trademark light cowgirl that is a little bit too slow for tree tree is going to be able to you take advantage of the speed of that tree is going with that Tiana that we've seen a lot we've seen a pre banned against him a lot tree just wants to end this game early with that neftis Tiana Gainey combo now he's not bringing as much damages fideo but he is bringing a lot of control here the Tiana and the Verde will be a very very good draft yeah and actually that neftis is going to turn all three actually trees bringing in four damaged units because that nefta turns everything in no damage unit for Dale lope is bringing in that rogue again wants a counter damage with damage here not so sure bosses draft though because he's sitting at a very low speed here which exploits him to tree tells me that the band from Fidel Lopez the site is going to be a Tiana whoa all right so Fidel wraps up his trap with the rope and the odor bringing a lot of heat to this fire here and then we have tree bringing in the light vampire I'm not sure about this because Fidel Lopez does have will runes and tree is susceptible to that so Fidel Lopez's on well tree is in a lot of trouble yes this is gonna be an interesting second match between tree and Fidel Lopez lip see you takes first turn here we have neftis taking first turn but just not do it very much only locking down one unit cell Fidel Lopez is going to tee off oh wow so much damage coming from light vampire dropping that friend immediately so the question is Fidel Lopez needs to capitalize with three units to do enough damage can rogue do broke things we need to see that happen from Fidel Lopez or kids oh I didn't do some Vodun things cuz we've got full attack and attack buff on this ode and we're gonna see a ton of damage coming from you might see this row go down before I can do anything because that bird just took in another turn here allowing that julienne to move before that Odin o goes right on it's a vertical verticals way down in HP not sure that's gonna hurt them too much yeah and actually this rock is likely going to take one more turn here Odin here does not have any snacks does not do enough here this is gonna be being a broke Oh we're gonna find out in a minute he's definitely trying to focus out the rope gonna finish it off here with this light vampire any does so broke is gone to for not looking good de Lopez looking terrible from her Dale Lopez right now down to monsters support here unfortunate that rope just being burst through even though he had immunity on his team but we have five stacks on Odin here that's right he was able to fire Brock and finish off the birdie he'll ignore defense comes out enough his necklace is gone it's quickly turned around and at this point here Fidel Lopez does have three sacks on Odin but Odin is reset did not get the attack bar on the frame here so this Odin that friend is not so Louise is Julian you could not throw the game intentionally if you wanted to that is it that is round two goes to tree finishing off the day Lopez tree is moving on in our bracket today the winner of match one of groups HP in the swc 2019 America's Cup Fidel almost looked like he had it at the end there they almost turned it around but tree was so dominant making him making him play at a deficit from the very beginning by sniping that light cowgirl they were both just so aggressive seeing that man this is swc I want to see how aggressive these two players are and they came in very very aggressive and it that aggressive that aggressiveness let's quick games we saw that game and within two minutes there an axe the issue there was just that Fidel Lopez's team melted 2 units dead even through immunity right that rokh was kind of hanging on for dear life and couldn't really hang on too long right and that like cow gold was a liability did not last very long really could have been any other unit in the draft into would had done more maybe a whoosah or something else but it was a like how girl and said yeah and that's a thing to Fidel Lopez picked very similarly to how he did in the prelims and tree has likely been thinking about this since then I think that put him at a disadvantage from the beginning tree is definitely because you notice in that pre-ban he is pre banding of friends and taking guinea hat those he knows he has free rein to take the guinea Hathor so he's abusing it very liberally and very well here so basically his whole Draft revolves around him knowing that he gets Guinea Hathor and Fidel Lopez really has a tough time countering that right that free draft means everything he picked it early just to see what Fidel Lopez was gonna do and then he saw that he picked very similarly to the prelims yeah exactly maybe if he had removed that light cowgirl step back from what he normally likes to draft and brought on something to make his team just a little bit safer and I think that's what he really needed was that little bit of saving grace if something does go wrong and things went wrong because in both games who saw that the like Gallagher was a punching bag right but as a punching bag it wasn't a very good punching bag it was kind of very squishy punching bag which is not a very good one so if you're gonna bring something like that take a Triana take a whoosah take something else that kind of supports a team a bit more like cowgirl not enough aggression because trees too fast for the like.how girl right and that's where those stats those NAT 3 stats really come into play you need something that can also act as a damaged sponge while benefiting your team so maybe it would have helped if fideo Lopez is taking a step back from that light cowgirl even though we love to see it NAT 3 stats but also the slightly or significantly lower speeds I should say yes because if he was faster than if Fidel Lopez had a faster like cowgirl then trees units that's totally a different story because now you're controlling one of Gainey Hathor your a will apply the aggression but he brought in a like how girl that was way too slow for the situation and way too squishy to be a tank so it didn't quite work out in his favor that's right next up we've got truck a move versus jail and two let's go ahead and take a look at these players in there player profiles there we go so we've got track a move coming up next to it what can you tell me about him alright fellow SSA member family knew not super-new but I mean he's been here for a good while now track move one of them great players we have an SSA we know he's got that gianna pick he does have some rude quality under his belt he's able to take a lot of first turns gained some early game control and hopefully we'll see that here against jail into and jail and to is a unit is a player we saw in the prelims does have that rag doll as we see and uses berta hi-oh lot of aggression from Guinea racked up being a very over tuned unit very powerful lots of impact on the board look to see that free band a lot or he's gonna be use it all game today and here's some of that data that was gathered during RTA season 9 the most picked most banned monsters and the most banned against but we've got tronca mu and jl n to waiting in that pick band face already stoic make it a bud take it away here we go guys we got truck move we got jail into round one between these two men I would love to see Giacomo take this one for four swag I would just like to see a lot of violent procs back and forth so we'll see what happens and here we notice that track EMU does have first pick but both players I expect to pre ban the L&D units from each side here but Chaka moo will likely take the Hathor if that is not pre-ban so they're kind of going through their options thinking about who has that first pick second pick second to counter picks what they should pre-ban and given phases yep definitely we're probably are gonna be seeing LD units getting pre banned yeah yeah because jaylen does not have a G on a chakram who does have that Gianna jail and who does have that ragdoll both units very powerful slightly over tuned so in this situation here will swing the tide of the game and there they are LD net fives are been track mu does have another LD LD net five in his arsenal so I'm very curious if we're gonna see it or not would love to see the a suma today but don't know if we're gonna see it we're gonna see chalk and we'll probably take the house or taking the conservative pick of the also over tune elemental net five of hathor so we'll see if that comes out here but he could also very well take fran knowing that Gianna's on the table or Ganymede but i really anticipate seeing that half worth there it is taking that hat throw away from jail and – I think track mu could definitely reach into jail in twos box here for a lot of his graphic it's a lot of similar things that he likes to take himself yep and tail into they do share a lot of units Jalen to going with that Ciara knowing that chocolate would likely takes a sierra witness Gianna taking Ganymede I think we're gonna see a friend from chocolate when we do see him counter with a speed lead as well that's right Fran Vanessa it's a strong combination as well very curious to see were tracking we might draft after this I mean daftness is looking pretty strong laughs this looks very strong on both sides of the field here if J ln2 takes it that's a lot of pressure he's putting on this Vanessa and if he bands at Hathor chocolate was no way to deal with his Daphna so daftness an incredibly strong pick here he very easy to exploit rock a move and he can also take an Okeanos here knowing that he has a speed leap and can control that Hathorne alright Jalen – looking to draft his water monkey king Verde he'll interesting choice here going for more aggression here and going for turn cycling but does leave him open to the control of track amou and if Chaka mu does decide that he wants to blow up jail-jail and to steam off the bat can go with the daftest does not though goes with a Diana and a Joseph yeah goes with DES and a Josie we're probably gonna see aunt iris draft and let that Diana through and that's why that Josephine is there to help support that Diana but a Josephine's also a weird pick because Jalen's who does not really have a lot of CC in this situation so I'm not sure about this Josephine it does kind of count us here but on its own does not do enough because Jalen – does not have enough control here so we might see an entire east pick here or you might find some other big damage dealer from jail and – no jail and who's not showing a ton of sustain or not no sustain at all on his team wrapping up his draft with and Ethne I think the up is a response towards that Josephine but see are in the same position could be a response to that Josephine as well could be as well and we might see a ban on either Diana or Hathor here because Hathor jail and who currently does not have an answer to that Hathor if Dani gets banned out so half of likely the ban here should be the band chalk move probably likely going to take the speed lead or the vertical out from jail into sight because those two are very dangerous I agree 100% that the hat though should have been banned he does not be in Hathorne he bans out the and you can see the CRS band out on jail in two side very interesting draft clearly jail into a does not think truck was enough damage can't drachma punished jail into by sniping out a unit that's what he needs to do we'll see if it happens in this game here yeah trachmann reads early game control let's see if he gets that on jail into her jail into can out damage him Fran's taking first time we're looking at immunity and attack bus growing up actually that Hathor needs to throw skill three down because that water monkey moves in front of Gainey and this Hathor will get reset if it does not throw down skill three anyways right now he might possibly just skill to that game as well no goes into the third skill putting down vertical and Ethne it gets resisted by the Ethne highly unfortunate here but at the same time this gives Chaka Moe target to go after the Etha to go for the kill here but jail and who's gonna be able to start showing aggression with that water monkey game en hat there goes the strip onto josephine does land all the strips and it's a pretty good amount of damage as well lands every senator josie Josephine's not gonna have her passive ready and at this point here talking who really needs a land defense break on a unit that will stick goes after the etna i'm not sure about this because Aetna is gonna be able to cycle and get rid of this defense break here so questionable choice of target there from chocolate mousse I'd dip dad is right she also doesn't have the passive opera Josephine if he goes for the second skill or you can go for the third skill if you lands that's done no shields are going up lands that defense break onto onto Josephine here but it also gets that additional turn yeah at this point here you know it's Jalen's who's Hannah's not gonna have a defense break on it so kind of a wasted defense break and now talking would does not have a way to burst down jail and two-sided right position he's probably gonna cleanse up that defense break does so look into attack break or possibly push the attack bar of egg animus chooses go out the end the Polly wants to do a little bit damage and reduce the damage from the esta here so fair choice there chocolate needs to be able to control this water monkey at some point because those all-or-nothing skill trees are gonna do a lock it's definitely gonna be doing a lot stuns go out we do not have to pass a bit as an AoE stun stunning everybody up here shall n twos monkey probably on violent and despair that is three units stunned up on Chaka mu side here so highly unfortunate for track mu and you need to get a stun really looking for the Sun glands that's done on that no that was nice for track aside here very nice for track moot able to prevent some damage coming out from the at the Atlas dropping very soon EUR yep that's right risking to see a third scale onto the frame if he removes a friend no sustains gonna be on track and whose side does he have the damage and keep in mind here this vertical is about to wake up once this burn AHA wakes up jaelyn who's gonna be able to ride that thing to victory because it's gonna give his team a lot of turns it's correct Fennelly goes out on the water Monkey King water Monkey King has his skills up again we could see an all-or-nothing we could see a third skill coming from what a monkey we're gonna see likely and all-or-nothing by the same time josephine does have his passive up so water monkey knock and will do as much as it normally does here and frame does have a seal so it's gonna be able to pick itself up yeah heals himself up ib was begging for violent rock on that one though but did not get it but at the same time i think rock moves in a pretty good spot here jail and who does not have sustained Oh getting the sun's on to Hathor and vanessa pop in the passive onto Josephine Josephine is gonna up here either dropping this Ebner or gaining control should be dropping this Etna here because you want to remove a unit off the table does not proctor so Etha lives one more turn we gonna see a friend going before this after those are some close attack bars you're gonna see a vertical go before the Etna so jail and whose team is going to go in front actually you may even see they gaining me move in front of the Fran here because of that bird a lot of damage coming out from Jaylin to side here this vertol is gonna be doing work that is right he was able to fly all that damage on a Fran going to refer skill stun on to Fran from the water Monkey King here comes Verde he'll to finish off the Jose Finken of you knows he's gonna holy shoppers right here he's cue it again with Yetta chooses not to let's the Fran live that ethnic could have come in with skill to and skilled to me to kill the frame but decides he does not want to take the kill here if that bad is that is correct those great gonna come in with a second skill able to finish off Fran Fran gets revived back with the passive we have a third skill coming up we got heals up looking a little better track a move here but Jay ln2 decides he wants to let the Fran revive and heal the entire team rather than snipe the kill is going to get punished for it at the moment because now track Muay is in a commanding position here that's right dropping the Ethne with half throw hathir does not have that third skill up just yet we're gonna see a third skill coming on to Josephine Josephine still stayed strong with that defense break I do like the decision to switch to that Josephine because that Vanessa passive is popped but at this point here jail and who needs a half three violence that's law on this fertile house and have a chance of win because he is so far behind right now lands to provoke on the bottom Monkey King he really needed that water Monkey King was bringing so much dammit short strong Camus and who's able to get that for folk giving a little bit of control yeah at the same time Chaka mu has to try to moody up on two units so this gaining means steal magic not doing as much as it normally would no not at all I got the reset on the half-door Josephine landing that stun on the water mug King and birdie hill as well Joe's been putting in work he's probably gonna continue focusing out this water Monkey King definitely needs a tickle of water while kicking or the Berta house a fair option here decides to go for the the Sun on the Ganymede does not get it but I think he needs to focus this vertical here because that is a unit that's allowing jail and to to cycle turns and it's highly dangerous and if it's on to violence that's can't bring jail and to back in the game yep that's right big heel going onto that Josie and really needed that landing that defense break on to vertical and that's gonna be his new target I think he has to keep focusing that Verde why the defense I think this vertical is going down really soon here it's got defense break it's less than half help it's gonna go down soon here jail into has three units moving in front of this vertical there was a very nice choice that by that glancing on to Josephine but I mean you can see how low this ver deals looking right now he can cleanse that right up if you really wanted to lose it's gonna go for the kill here take the kill killer you to get it off the field here and water monkey does proc here ghostly all nothing shields are back up it is not looking good for jail into looking terrible for take jail into but looking great for track amou chocolate win a commanding position jail and to good lose this game we could not win this game even if Chaka mu tried to give it away at this point it's a very very hard for he's gonna keep focusing yet water monkey King water monkeying under the control of that provoked he does have skills up now nice stun going on to the josephine the nice stun but at the same time this water monkeys got maybe 2,000 HP left even this friend could take it out in one shot this game is pretty over at this point i'll jail on to definitely gonna be taking his time trying to figure out what he wants to draft for our next match no reason to ventilate I would continue first killing on either the fran or the piezos but for the glancing on to Vanessa yeah and at this point here Dale into content death will let the timer run out really take its time to think about how he could have played better maybe he could have taken out that friend earlier or maybe you could have drafted a little differently to put himself in a position take the game yep correct if Fred file rocking every tour every every match and all of our courts Fran has just been insane with the amount of file approach she's been able to pick up it's a nap three units so maybe violent has an extra effect on these Nazis apparently or something like that but so far jail into again now I'm quitting out taking his time here definitely took his time their track and moves taken round one against jail into truck a move with the first win in the first round of match two of the group stage P Jalen two didn't actually bring any support into the match track a move was way more geared for the late game but Jalen to also at early game control though and then he just lost track of it bad decision at the same time Jalen to brought a very aggressive comp here so when you bring this very aggressive comp the idea is to isolate and take out a unit as fast as possible you saw he had the opportunity to take out that friend through the vanessa passive but decided not to take that chance at down the friend thinking that essa might not have had the ability to take out that friend and I think that's what cost him the game they're ultimately got punished for that Wilson if you can adjust in this next round we got the player sitting in the pick/ban phase stoic make it a bud take it away let's go guys we got round to truck ammu jail until you could see the previous bands here if track and move wins this one he's gonna move forward if Jalen to lose this when he's gonna get bumped down to that loser bracket with a Lopez and what's exciting about this matches we will see two very / toon monsters come into play that Gianna and ragdoll will be present in this draft here I guarantee it I am excited to see this here so we notice here that jail into will have that first pick so we'll see if there's a hassle working any type of pre-ban between the two players I think they're definitely gonna have to split the Gainey Hathor then next question is who's gonna get the CR cuz I could definitely see truck ammu trying to steal that CR to get CR Gianna I agree with you I definitely see that it's a key unit in this lineup because he does have that Gianna that Ciera also lays bombs and detonates it's a lot of threat coming out from chocolate mousse side here so I think there's gonna be a little bit battle for that unit but both players really taking their time to lock in that pre-ban deciding how they're gonna split Gainey Hathor or play around it croc ammu banding out a CR something that he could have drafted himself pans out the CR does not let him have it I am not sure about this but maybe he was very threatened by jail and to CR and did not want to fight one and it may be it's gonna prioritize the Vanessa more jail and to going with a very standard Hathor pick which is extra strong knowing that Fran is pre banned that's right I mean Fran being pre-ban he just took a unit out of his own pool as well I feel like that's crazy to see a CR missing and a friend missing something that is playing against both of them it's a little interesting to see those two units pre-ban but at the same time it makes sense for jaylen to s because he knows he's gonna get first pick so he's gonna take that Hathor and against without a frame and play hatha was a lot stronger track him was splitting that Gainey Hathor as you mentioned earlier taking that eldeen at five Gianna early on establish that he is going to play his best unit in his monster pool will jail and to counter with the Elven at five of his own think we're gonna see a rag doll at some point of the game the question is just when are we gonna see it here a little early on the Gianna probably didn't want him to somehow summon that before we went into these next drafts a little early on that but again Jalen who does go with that trademark rag doll if you have a rag doll it is good in every draft so he takes it here and the Josephine to counter the the Gianna which tells me he's gonna leave the Gianna in which is a good pick from jail and to but keep in mind Gianna does have extra damage from that bomb there so I love the Josephine and rag doll draft something I do often and myself as well we see drachmas gonna lock in Okeanos and Triana and now the Okeanos that is not something you want to draft into ragdoll rag dolls 100% going to be the band one hand here was basically playing his hand face up here all-out control here jail and who can abuse this with Riku knees with water mermaids with Antares he can do all kinds of ways account of this because he can create a draft here and just ban out the fifth unit chocolate mousse goes with the ager which is not a very good pick into chocolate mousse liner but the antar is this decent yeah leotards I think is definitely a fine unit he's gonna need that little bit of orangey going up against rock him lose control he's going to need a lot of orangey going up against chocolate was control here because this angers are sitting duck he's gonna need that thing to proc here choc move rounding out with the water monkey very good pick here makes a lot of sense does damage controls does a bit of everything that's right so you can tell the ragdolls gonna be banned in this one that water monkey is 100% of response to both ager and that an tars gonna beef and I would like to see a Gainey banned from jail n2 because chocolate mousse team is kind of held up by that resetter here Okeanos there we go we see the bans on the game mean the on the ragdoll both players are banning intelligently here very good to see that here I do favor jail and to side a bit here because he has an Tarzan Josefina really I mean there's a lot of bit a lot of rng on jail and to side but I mean I'd have to give it to truck I think charcoal who's gonna have the control in this will see violence violence sets have been doing a lot of work this tournament if that remains true jail and to may have the upper hand here but we will see what happens all right guys we see Lina skills going out rock and we're going with an actress Ely just kill jail into gold with a resistance leader skill all right guys we got round two between jail into and truck truck let's take this bunch of swag man and you can see first turn come from jail and two we have a very very fast I'm not sure about that target but that's a fast Hathor as well truck was gonna go to sleep here that truck but I don't think II was expecting to take first turn using a resistant leader skill there was no speedily going in here he did miss that strip onto the water Monkey King but you can see we've got Gianna sleepin everybody's sleeping on track who said – that water bunk everyone's asleep here jaelyn – rolling out with the premium strategies here we did not expect this here jaelyn – does need to capitalize and does need to take out the water monkey before Chaka mu side comes online yeah that's right able to get that provoked no stun onto the water Monkey King branding effect goes out from the Jager we're gonna see an attack break probably go on him he's gonna hold on to that second skill goes through the attack break onto the water monkey you can tell he's really trying to focus that unit out we're gonna proc from an Tarzan Tom's going in for a first skill changes attention if we see other prominent ours this is the guitarist we see a lot on the ladder here doing a lot of damage constantly parking and this water monkeys almost that's right Josephine flying more damage onto water Monkey King he's probably to put someone to a sleep here and actually jail into in a commanding position because once that water Bucky goes down Chaka mu does not have clean answers to this anger that's gonna go crazy yep that is correct so he was not able to get that sleep on to the tiana he would have had that cleanse coming but he did not the water Monkey King did drop water Monkey King drops here chalk moves very light on damage there's a tiger on the other side of the field and a Josephine Annan and tars if I'm talking mood there is no way I can put up with that type of damage coming in yeah no way he was able to sleep the entire and the egg or passive gets popped by the Josephine Josephine lands that provoked onto Gianna yes at this point here chalk a move massively behind here does not have enough damage when does jail in to hit the auto button will see when that happens here because this is highly in favor of jail and to are we gonna see a cleanse coming from tree huh Fionna but we're not we saw our defense break Ono onto ager yeah we definitely don't see the cleanser because two units were set up on jail and suicide that's a lot of damage coming out when units are stunted their CDs also do not cycle so that is very threatening it definitely does not want to reclaim the whole team there for an attack break on a Janna does not land the attack break he needs to get a stun near can heal and the stun coming from Joseph in a trial Camus also does not have any sustain here and with limited damage this really looks challenged come back most definitely so we've got a lot of dial to danse at nan Jeon arena Jenna's not looking too good and she also does a lot less damage on skill too with a slow debuff on it so that's why he's holding off on that trying to defense break but does not get because Chiana only has a 50% chance it does not make it happen to that wreck Bob's going out onto josephine lands that bomb at this Gianna's almost down here I don't see traumas Gianna being able to spot and tires finally gets another that definitely finished off team ant ours drops the Giada no despair stuns go out not looking good at all Fort Rock ammo not looking good for truck a move but look at great for jail to jail into still taking his time to figure out how he wants approach the next game here even though this is over that's right goes to the air we sleep missus it ought to be okay it's not gonna hurt him too much it's gonna finish up Okeanos some with the NDA and at this point here chocolate moon just decides that's over that's gonna be it that's not it cuz truck and move does have a wind we're gonna get a third match coming from truck ammo and the jail and to Jaylin to evens it up he put a win on the table and proud of him he made it happen and now we get to see a round three of match two truck ammu wasn't expecting jaylen to to be that fast not at all here you saw a Hathorne not just the a Gregor's very fast that was a big surprise but more importantly that Hathor out sped tiana Okeanos an gianna and none of them were on will that was a problem there if they were on will track him a wins that game but they were not on will so his team went to sleep and he basically lost the game from the get-go exactly alright guys we've got round three between jail and two and truck ammu coming up right now those players were in the pick/ban phase guys have some fun with it here we go guys round three track and mu jail in two let's learn from our mistakes guy come on let's just see some good games here good violent procs good action let's see some high-quality damage coming out here we will not see all these so in this game they pre banned them in the first game we will see those things being pretty bad we will see them pre-ban the game again this third game all right pre bands before Ciarra and fran we're gonna see some new free bands probably those LD units again even though Jalen two did a very very good job at controlling that Gianna and not making it a big threat at all he may still pre bin it coming up here it just wants to be fair here if he can't use his LD unit Chaka mu can't use his out of the unit as well either Chaka mu does have first pick so we're likely gonna see that Hathor coming out of chalk a move first and then jail and two responding with a Gainey some way to split up that that out Gainey half on combo here here we go guys pre bands just like we said doc units are coming out rag dolls pre band and the Gianna is pre band very standard pre bands as we softened first game here so we'll see that truck am was likely gonna lay down that hath or hath are being very strong elemental unit with a lot of utility on all three skills but just as an as a strong unit as well that Josephine has been amazing throughout the tournament so we're gonna see a Josephine draft coming from jail and to Josephine has been incredible and it's interesting to know Jalen two goes with the same draft in the first game Gainey ants here and CRE yes taken away that speed leave from chalky more I have not seen a Vanessa come out at Rock mu yet there's a chance maybe he doesn't have in his box I would love to see him counter at the speed lead that is not a friend by more likely a Vanessa but Fran is also a great pick in this situation do we see either a deafness well we see the Josephine which is an interesting early pick here even though jail into has not provided a lot of control yeah not just yet but I mean Josephine Fran it's a strong combination together but if Jalen to isn't gonna bring a ton of stunts to the table that Josephine's really not gonna get used up yeah I'm not sure about that Joe sweet pick here Jalen who can't abuse by taking a deafness a deal with the friend here taking an Okie honest to reset the hat though or just go straight damage with Diana's and other units like Verta Heil we'll see which path he takes o goes water Monkey King and Amelia I mean it's looking a little better for Josephine attract a moose I'd very weird pic of the water Monkey King water Monkey King not really doing great against Josephine and also not doing very much against Hathor either so very questionable pic of the water Monkey King he wants to play friendly in here and whatnot but and goes with the Amelia's telling me he's leaving the Hathor in play I have a feeling Jalen too did not know track mu had the water lightning M / in his box is a new unit for Taraka mu and congratulations shaka mu that water that bull Ark is going to be doing a lot of work here leaving jail in two in a weird spot with this amelia jail in two really taking this time to figure out what he wants to do here i would like to see some sort of avert or deafness or one more damage dealer to death no works great as well here's a great pick by jail into but if i'm track amou here I'm definitely not banning either of the water units here Diana's a great pic actually I think jail and who should probably be thinking about banning that most definitely I mean he has the immunity going up against this south or but then the bulwark is gonna take advantage of all of those buffs Amelia's gonna bring to the table absolutely but at the same time this bull Vark Jalen's who does have control over that Amelia so if he chooses you can leave it in Pony form here and not let that bull walk do anything I personally like both of these drafts right now I like both of these traps here I do give the edge to truck and wheel a little bit we will see that Diana do work if that diana has been doing what we saw in the prelims with why cuz I'm a geez Diana chocolate was gonna be in a good position here if only so you can see the bands are going out Fran and CRA getting banned here at the same time track who does not have sustain but has shields from this Josephine so that Josephine's gonna be very effective against this water monkey and Etna here both as Bowl birch is gonna bring some interesting to stay into the table especially familias going to take those terms like we've seen it before and here we go guys truck boo jail into round three and Ethne stakin first turn Dale and whose team is very fast all four units are moving in front of choco moose here so we'll see likely gonna strip the half-door or the Diana here interesting choice – who went for the Diana does not get a despair stun on – Diana he could go fur and all or nothing but I mean we do it will on that bull friggin bull Berg's got his five stacks right now actually I really like trot to his position he is set up and primed with this bull bark – then go in with a Diana it's a lot of damage that happens after he deals with this attack or reset from the game to me yeah every guy was able to reset the Josephine so Josephine does not have that NASA buff he's freedom to East free to go into immunity immunity form in a human form getting all day to meet him because bolvar can not gain any more stacks of knowledge Chaka was gonna need to sleep this water monkey because if this water monkey or Etna get a lot of stuns off-track Camus might not be able to get his damage off so talking who needs to figure out how he's gonna enable that with this Hathor Hathor needs he needs to make a sweep on the Aetna or the water monkey who was able to get that sleep on to Ethne and we're gonna see a first skill probably coming out on somebody it doesn't really need to be anybody at this point probably gonna poke that Emilio I think chocolate needs to do damage and kill that amelia as soon as possible here whoa big stuns going out stunning everybody up now bull Burke is sitting on those five stacks and are not able to use that skill right now that is a premium water monkey stunning one win unit two water units Ganymede's coming up soon here that was a thousand time to the transformative human form is looking to go for some turn cycle who's able to go back in a unicorn form without that getting me taking a turn very good observation they're shocked were getting a little bit lucky here but gaining me does not have sealed magic either here but the same time does have the ability to refresh that Aetna or the water bunkie to fill in more damage chooses just apply glancing to the Diana though yep applying that glancing stopping Diana from taking a turn unless of course it does vial proc we're looking at a first skill coming from jaelyn to on to the Josephine will see how many sons is to speak this despair Etna gets to stuns are going out hath or bowler gets stunned up they both get defense broken but again we're not seeing a defense break or a stun on to the Diana I feel like trunk was thinking about transforming but chose not to very wise not going for it but Rock moot and in some in a citric tough situation here with two units stunned up and defense program that's right we're gonna see it ventilate onto either water Monkey King or diet reapplying the glancing does not land the second glare the to turn glancing on a Diana and here having all of its skills up against it's gonna be doing a lot of damage now with the scope this stuns everywhere everybody get stunned up by that ethnic everyone gets done up and that's a lot of damage coming with and the third skill coming up right now yep that's right he was able to use that third skill on to diana Diana's looking real low right now go to the captor to finish up that Diana and dust so Jalen to is able to drop yeah Diana so at this point here is jail into in a commanding position Ganymede does have sealed magical that is too much tempo once this bull Bart goes down that is the end of the game very commanding position he was able to stop this bull for taking any turns he's free stuns everybody up with that water Monkey King second skill we're looking at a first go coming out of netha not able to do enough damage third skills coming out can he drop the Josephine Josephine's gone not looking good croc moon a lot of trouble there goes his full Rick he's gonna continue going down this Hathor here and that is gonna be it – takes round three against raka move jaylen to continues on in the winner's bracket sending track amou down into losers bracket congratulations to jaylen – from moving forward and he showed incredible confidence in his team by banning out that friend he knew he could control track of his team and he did that so because he had the Ethne and the water monkey and the Ganymede all units that nedra ponent not to have immunity and Jalen – very confident in his speeds all four units went in front of choco moose so trial Camus had the damage lined up but the damage never went through exactly I was super nervous when I saw that both Hoth or the wind desert Queen Queen and bull vert the water lightning Emperor made it into the match but Jalen – just he handled it so well yeah he really really did I mean just stopping that bull ver taking any turns was really really big because you would think like oh there's Emilia on the field and then we have bulwark here like bull viryx gonna gonna totally wreck face and he did not not at all he was able to control that bull Ric and he did not get a single turn he was sitting there with five stacks of knowledge that whole match not a single skill came from that bull Virg that's right he just sat at five stacks the whole time letting that water unicorn do whatever she wanted to do there we go we got Jalen – moving forward along with tree we're going to be going to a short break but we'll have a lot more exciting matches coming up shortly see you back here in a minute so are you ready to embark on the journey to discover the strongest summoner within the Americas swc 2019 we'll be in Los Angeles California this year the rules have changed for swc mode when facing the opponent players won't be able to free ban the same monster consecutively so prepare for unpredictable matches and results let's talk about the journey these players will take to become America's strongest summoner first there will be an online qualification the first trial will be online preliminaries there 18 players from season 8 and 9 will compete but only 14 players will advance additionally two skilled summoners from swc 2018 will join the fight 16 summoners will compete fearlessly for the America's Cup to be part of these elite players I better step up my game next let's go to where the real battles take place the group stage the returning players from 2018 and the winners of season 8 and 9 will be split into four different groups a b c and d each group will then compete every saturday starting july 20 where shoe the best summoners in each group will advance to the America's Cup for a total of eight summoners and finally on August 31st 2019 the war of the guards will begin total of eight summoners will compete fiercely for the America's Cup the to summoners will be sent to Paris for the World Championship and have the chance to claim the title of becoming the best summoner in the world who will prevail and who will be defeated so get ready and don't miss your chance to be part of summoners war history [Applause] hello everyone and welcome back to the swc 2019 America's Cup group stage B I'm Avinash still your host along with stoic and make it a bud that's right hello guys we've seen tree and jail and to move on into winners bracket we're going to be seeing more from them shortly let's go ahead and look at their player profiles there we go guys so what can you tell me battery tree is the season 9 legend player uses Gani Hathor a lot and does also have a very strong Vanessa and neftis and our de Mille and apparently julianne today so very strong LD monsters has a lot of luck and very good at the pick/ban and then we have jail into here now call me salty but he's drafting really well he's getting really lucky jail in two after that last batch congratulations we've got a great match coming ahead of us and we can see that his luck meters gonna move up just a little bit with Jay Lim – congratulations of that man here we go I can't wait for this man that congratulations sounds a little forest right after ISA a commanding win against Rock'em oh he did a great job controlling his team in the midst of a hawthorn and a bull ver jail and ii was undaunted confident in his team we have tree in jail at two sitting in the pick/ban phase of round one of winners match one guys go ahead and take it there we go guys we got tree we got jail in two going for their round group two for their round one and tree pre bands at ragdoll iraq doll being a very strong light and dark monster triple-s here and tree decides he does not want to deal with it in Games one and likely Game three if should occur Jalen drew takes out that neftis because it is a very strong unit tree interestingly ghost with a Gainey over the Hathor first yeah taking that away from Jalen – but I think Jalen – is gonna respond with that a third not letting him have it and the Josephine on top of it and so interestingly enough goes with the Josephine even though tree has not shown any formal control here I highly disagree with this pic here I think Jalen who is playing way too strongly to the counter of control and opens him up to a die in a later on down the line here that's right tree he's gonna draft the Vanessa in the Fran showing a little bit of aggression sustained on his team very standard pics from tree here go with the speed lead and defense berg and lots of sustain and three violent sets on this frame here so very powerful lineup from tree here we're likely gonna see some sort of vertical like to see a DAF this from jail inside to threaten tree here so I'd like to see a daftness without forestry to bring in some sort of resetter or water monkey and the CR it gets drafted Verde OCR for his second draft on the jail and to side into tree interesting pick your tree going with a really cool you and I have not seen a Rika before here Rika is very all in at the unit but the same time jail into does not have immunity so I like this Rica flash here hopefully he sinks it in goes to the agar standard pics here tells me he's likely going to be banning serif he goes with the agar here but he pulls it back Jesus is a bit and goes with another he's bringing out the otter alright jail and zoom and he's got a lot to worry about you seeing that wreak and now he has to mentally prepare himself possibly change this last raft to letting the Rica through and then the tree goes and throws the otter Adam and now Jalen to us and worry about another unit that he's got the counter that he was not prepared for clearly if he locks it in this unit we're seeing a ban on the Atta and he's prepared for this this Rica yeah and so that's actually I love this Juneau pick by Jalen to hear because Juneau also counters this Rica and the Fran because Fran can't dope its shields with the Juneau active so great calls on the band's they're stoic we see that are demel pre-ban too strong mentality Monts are also over tuned as well we see that band on the Juno trees gonna do a lot of work with this Rica here and the Guinea to ventilate it yep definitely is jail and twos got his work cut out for him for this first match going up against tree here we go guys round one between the two we could see Ganymede taking first turn and jazz to his skill non will bruise he is asking to basically be controlled from the beginning of this game here don't know how why he did that but tree is gonna be in the commanding spot once this Rika goes off here that's right the reset on the Hat though Athos got no skills up Josephine's got shields coming from those stuns from a reek a bunch of dots going on the field and at the same time tree does have immunity up on all the units so this year is gonna do absolutely nothing at the same time though vanessa is stripped on Vanessa unfortunate but even if the farm did land tree does have that friend to pick it right back up so not a big deal here that Rica's just gonna lay in more dots once this game even aliens and may choose to save that been delayed because weakest still has skill to though correct we've got it in the first kill coming from a CRS a very fancy arm by the way the Sierra does need to proc a lot here to lay bombs because there is a very narrow of opportunity and he needs need to get this Vanessa down as soon as possible that's right we got an attack ray sitting on CR we have Vanessa thrown an attack break I'm sorry hat or throwing an attack ring onto Vanessa no stun goes onto Vanessa we can see a second skill can you shut everybody down we will see a second skill here Josephine does have passive put passive is down again it needs to proc here to keep this passive up otherwise Jhelum too is in trouble he was able to score that stun on the CR and Hathor now these dots you're gonna see these dots coming into play and just a little bit can heal and that defense break on divert he'll and he does file proc as well cracks that shield moving that off Verdejo does not get a revenge from this vertical so a little unlucky from jail and two two shots does not get the revenge counter-attack here tree it's gonna have a full set of skills on the speaker that's right nice heal going on – vanessa he was able to land that provoked onto Rican but does not stun him throughout those revenge's and trees love feeders not working right now because candy does not pock and neither does Rica so jail into actually a lot of tempo and actually could get a lot of skills and damage off right now Greg's gonna boost up some attack bars here we got a bomb coming from CR and does not get resisted going on a friend we've got a bomb on sets enough stuns up this friend that might become a new target and I think Fran he's just jaelyn to is going to try to control this week as long as possible here and that bird is going to enable Jay into jail into to do a lot but the same time tree does have that full attack bar reset that's right lands that attack break on the frame we're not gonna see a big hill immunity is up lands that reset again on the Hat or trying to keep that skill back and tree very wisely chooses not to attack the bird with the Fran here does not want the chance of being accountable but finishes off that Verde he'll win the finesse oh we're looking at a 4-3 right now can you Lane glancing he does Lane glancing to stop the crit rate Sierra and that creates er does not do enough damage with that attack break on its gonna need a proc a lot of times and land every single bomb highly unlucky given that luck meter of tree yeah big stun going on to Rica so Rica's not gonna have a turn right now we've got a bomb coming from CR can heal and it it's gonna need a land gonna need to throw it on either Rica or the Vanessa here choose a stone or Rica as an anti RG but need to get this friend down here ghost turns like a little bit does not get the additional term we've got a cleanse coming from Fran if you've I approach with this friend like we've seen the best they will get the immunity back up I think he went for a gamble chose nothing clency to get some he's able to get that bomb off a freaking not looking good for jail into time can we see trees luck meter go to 6 we don't know yet but the same time this year is a sitting duck here if this Vanessa can proc that is the end of serum yeah lands at glancing on the CR Sarah can boost up that attack bar with glancing and will fly more damage on the frame landing that provoked Auto Rican no return stun goes out very good patience by Jaylon to go and after the Rica here over the frame and getting the kill I like that too nasty here but unfortunately Ginsu jail and who does not proc you can see it start to focus out see I really wants a drop that you didn't able get a file proc as well can he finish so just go for a healing but the heal instead and this is the same frame we've seen in the prelims take an additional turn over additional turn here giving so many more heels off it's very tough for jaylen to to be able to combat this oh he nailed the streep on Vanessa the stream the strip of the pockets or nests again too many resists coming out I think I've counted three bombers it's two to three bombers this here that is a lot of Miss stuns on jail and from jail into very detrimental Oh was able to finish off the CR it's two for not looking good on jail and to side right now he needs a ton of stuns to gain some sort of control and he is getting the stuns right now but at the same time tree does have venom does have steel man to come for fun Ganymede so that is pretty over and he's got a Rika is tree going to disrespect with the auto button we will see here it is a ferry over at this point there's the passive get popped by a josephine landing that's done on arica jail attitude does not have a way to come back in here does Lepus Josephina proc as many times as possible to have a minor chance but it is looking grim here man look at him trying to really take out take this match the leg reach the ventilate on to Vanessa's passive so that if he does kill another unit he could still get that revive again yeah tree just playing it safe here wanting to keep his units alive four units with sustain are gonna wear down to jail in two is about and loses half over here it looks tougher jail in two E's should be thinking about the next game at this point most definitely he is now you could say he was able to finish off that Hathorne friend may get dropped here but we do have definis a passive that's gonna revive so at this point here jaylen to think about his next game or struggling to find the quick button we don't know yet but either way this game is going to be over very soon what this Josephine goes down that's gonna be it for round one between tree and agile into trees starting us off with a strong win against jail and to possibly bringing him one step closer again one of the tickets to America's Cup is on the line here whoever wins here is going to be our high seed winner of the day man he actually banked on getting that frog from Fred and got it I love that your friend is just an unbelievable unit what an at six it is incredible because you could have went for the cleanse onto the bumper chose not to credible entries hands very dangerous unit I have not seen that many additional turns ever except on the ladder or in trees hands that is incredible there and obviously we saw that rica and that ganymede doing work just totally CC'ing jail and whose team and providing a lot of damage with thoughts Ganymede and rica works so well together that ventilate combo is amazing we've got these players in the pick/ban phase of round two let's go ahead and see if jaylen two has what it takes to adjust here we go guys we got round to treat jail into jail into looking at least take one match from tree nobody wants to get two out here and here we go Vanessa fran are the new pre bins this man know what I'm excited about we're gonna see LD units the most over tuned units in the game we will see neftis we will see rag doll here we have Fran pre banned from tree side so tree likely thinking a lot of hathor candy here jail and you might want to take that Hathor first so tree does not have it the pre ban on the Vanessa we could possibly see and overrun coming from tree side as well but we definitely see a tiana coming out from the tree here because knowing knowing that he has a neftis and a Ganymede he definitely wants to set up that neftis or Gani with that Tiana Tiana becomes a forest ban from jail into if tree decides to lay it down Jalen to drafting Josephine and Siara good picks here good pick on that cierra knowing that Vanessa is pre-ban so there's not well there's an f2 speed lead that not many people have but at the same time there's not another speed lead for tree to rely on goes with the Musa instead which is a great pick means we're likely not gonna see a Tiana out in the field here Bruce is a great pick good for longevity in the game here is not as all in as Tiana yeah definitely a safe draft drafting that loosen goes with the light vamp again we saw this in his first met in the light vamp put in some serious work we're about to see a legend level light vamp in here doing a lot of damage likely means he's gonna leave that cierra in play because he has a Russa up top to protect that light vamp light vamps gonna do a lot of damage and likely gonna take out the Sarah early jail end who really needs to think about how he's gonna counter this probably leaning towards I would love to see a daftness to snipe out of candy or neftis but we're probably not gonna see that from his side here we may see so immunity coming from him because he needs something to handle that neftis and oh this and we saw the timer run out so he decides to go with the farming unit of lapis and the second awakened also farming unit of rock a tree goes with the second speed lead here so math actually quite good against lapis and rogue because of the intense damage here snap pick from tree it's almost like he expected lnto to pick those two units bands go out busan Sierra's gone and I could tell you what all the new players in this game are extremely excited to see their number one draft lapis in here in swc this is exciting I really hope it has roots I hope it has rooms and I hope it works but I don't think it's gonna work we'll see what it's his best room unit watch let's bring it home guys come on Jay Lynn – I've never rooted for you so hard before with this lapis we can see the left this isn't that much for attack bar really wondering which is like – again not believing in will wounds on any of its units that's gonna be punished here as one units gonna drop right now this Julianne is a legend Juliet Oh rogue goes down shields go up not sure that's gonna be enough to save him and he's gonna need a provoke here yeah and tree could hit the auto button from turn one if he's so desired but I think he's gonna show up on a little bit more respect than to do that that lapis does have runes on it did only took about 1/4 health with the defense break so it does have runes on it hopefully it's on disparities you can luck his way back and then we gain no despair ton of damage going out on to cemaat though ton of damage going to Samantha and he actually chooses to use ventilate on the neftis now rather than saving it for some math so if I'm jail into this is my window right now if no attack break goes onto the light vamp really needed it there was a point there second skill comes jln to wants a saber being an swc and decides to stay in the match so he's still gonna hang it out here not get stuck with this Josephine yep Ganymede was able to finish off that lapis disappointed to see that unit go already and I would like to see the some at wipeout Jalen to team off the bat showing him where that quit button is if you can't find it Samantha will show him where it is because at this point it is over there's no chance that jail and two can come back still no attack break going on the light fifth Anton hired finishes off that Josephine this this is gonna be it for Jalen to stays in the match we're gonna see no glance and get supplied continue facing down this Hathor yeah jail into here maybe not realizing he's not gonna play a tree in this in today no matter what but decide to stick it out with the Hathor may be resetting himself and letting him kind of cool down after picking a lapis and a row tell you what that lapis was excited I don't know what you guys think but man to see laps is an SWC one of those first for style units you start this game off with them there it was very exciting to see two before it's clearly so I'd love to see lap tree duo's Jalen to channel two is gonna bump down bump down with truck move we're gonna see those two go at it but congratulations to tree moving forward there we go tree with the two Oh against jail and two man that lapis that lapis was such such a disappointment to see because you know was a timeout it definitely had runes but unfortunately he did get timed out on that I will tell you this though if this was a tanky lapis with despair will there's a chance he could have won with despair astons because that is a very strong unit unfortunately wasn't on the correct build it was likely on a farming build or a storage build and it just did not work exactly it might have been one of those situations where he was opening up his storage to try to look for a unit and you know lapis was at the top maybe he accidentally selected it or something lapis does have some utility in the decreasing attack bar absorption of the tack bar and defense break but not quite applicable in that match kind of reminded me of when that Riku D was drafted last year that didn't have rooms yeah I mean lap is probably sitting right next to like agar water monkey so they almost looked somewhat similar and under pressure you know obviously players you know with times ticking maybe your button your finger kind of slips a little bit I mean I like to call it fat fingered all the time unfortunately that unit not ruined here so he paid for it and he's gonna have to play another match today but I mean we've been talking about lapis who wasn't suit it didn't shine so bright in that but we keep seeing that light vampire who has been amazing these last couple games definitely super strong unit really is very strong doesn't die right it basically leeches HP from your team you can build it on a glass cannon high damage high speed build from tree by the way I think it's pretty fast and it also stuns on skill too so it does a lot has a lot of utility and obviously it's an lndian at five so it's very hard to obtain we don't see it often and it's a treat to be able to see a legend player use it exactly on that native stun is fantastic but it is the reverse of what dang hooah damn the Mushaf ends HP from people so it's hard to kill it you got to go around everybody to kill it first and tree gave us quite the show by letting us see arica in SWC which I really appreciated on his opponents refusal to put will wounds on his units and then having a gain to pair with it just allowed them basically to mow the team down with the other side and just take the take home the game congratulations to tree moving forward with a – OH possibly securing a spot at America's Cup as a high seed that is pretty impressive expected nothing less from the RTA season 9 legend next up we should be having Fidel Lopez versus truck ammo in the first match of losers bracket if you haven't seen them before let's get to know them a little bit better in their player profiles oh actually you know what I don't think we're quite ready with Fidel Lopez and in trunk a move just yet actually we can keep discussing what we just saw between tree and jail and – so what would you have preferred to see if he could actually find the correct unit there I would have actually regardless of unit I would have preferred to see some will wounds we notice in all the games of tree versus of jail and who they're jailing to refuse to put will on his units and she had a commanding advantage every game here it's like he didn't know he was fighting the season 9 let see legend number one player in the world for season 9 took out how to play took out some other big names and just he knew he was being outspent but did not put will runes maybe was praying that attack bars would not be reset or something so interesting choice there and he definitely got punished for that with the gay neon Teresa if you're not gonna take first turn you better have some will ruins on you and be prepared no one wants to get controlled there and that's exactly what happened all right guys let's go ahead and take a look at the results of the games that we've seen thus far so here's an overview of what we saw against tree and fideo Lopez we saw a tree secure the first two O of the tournament moving him further down winner's bracket yeah tree just showing dominance there with his gammy Hathor neftis tiana plays and then we saw in matchup two very close between falco moon jay len – we saw both leds pre-banned game round one and then round three but unfortunately chalking were just not able to close it out jail and – just able to get it done Jalen – with a strong show and that one that was actually my favorite my favorite match thus far and then the match that we just saw treat another 2o against Jalen – yeah tree came in super aggressive against jail and – and Jalen – not having those will runes really put him in trouble that first match and then a little bit of an issue with his draft on that second match going against it's a little bit taking the lapis and the unwilled off of oak there but at the same time tree is just so dominant here maybe it wouldn't have mattered if he had picked the correct units anyways but we're talking about that it isn't the end for JL and – in fact we're gonna see from him again in match five tree however has advanced on to the America's Cup he's secured his spot over with Thompson and dreams Joseph he is now placed as a high seat in the America's Cup next up is gonna be match for fideo Lopez versus truck amou and then we'll be seeing from jln – later on one more thing before we get started guys we do have the first of our coupon codes for you coming up shortly here you should be seeing it at the bottom of your screen right now take a photo of it if you can't redeem it just yet make sure to be watching with us the whole time because we've got more prizes coming up shortly next up we're going to be seeing Fidel Lopez and Rocco Moo let's get to know these players a little bit better through their highlight reel here comes today Lopez Fidel Lopez well known for that light cowgirl ha and Egger action like say you Sarah and Vanessa together but as we saw the first matchup that light cowgirl is a little bit squishy so we know that choco does run good speed so that like how gold may be a liability on Fidel Lopez society and we've got Rock'em oh you're my boy blue we need to see him really come back and take this victory over the Dale Lopez nip we want to see some better play coming from tracking us up we saw a lot of control coming up from his first match steady hat and then he was didn't really favor uh the next match after that but hopefully we'll see truck we learn from his mistakes before and really start to apply this pressure on Tiffany Lopez in this match and secure a win for say swag right that's right and here's that data that we saw before for Fidel Lopez and tronca moves are ta season 9 record and they're ready in round one of losers match take it away guys here we go Fidel Lopez and Rock'em ooh let's go guys we've got round one three bands are going out and Fidel Lopez does have that first pick but for Lopez also does not have either Gani or Hathor or Gianna so unfortunate and I think we're gonna see a war of picking Sierra early for both players they're gonna fight over that unit because that's a speed lead I believe that Chaka mu is the only one that he has but the same time Fidel Lopez does not have Danny hatha this is dangerous chocolate mousse likely gonna play the controller for most of the games here so look to see Fidel Lopez really think about how he wants to pre ban against Chaka mu so that he does not get Gainey Hathor okie Gianna down throughout the game oh pretty bands go out you can see you didn't want to deal with that Gianna track mu going pre bands the light cowgirl but Fidel Lopez setting himself up to be controlled by the Gainey Hathor interesting pre ban on the life now go buy us chalk imply that like cargo has not done very much this entire tournament I would have let it through and pre-ban the Vanessa action because we haven't seen truck and we take a single Vanessa he might not have a Vanessa and that's a very scary unit because Fidel Lopez's wounds may actually be fast enough now now that he has Vanessa and it's definitely scary on track mu sets if they elope is locking in that Vanessa that 33 percent speed lead track Moo's got to make an answer and chocolate would need to take the Sierra now because Fidel Lopez does take Vanessa an CEO together so we're gonna see Sarah Anne Hathaway house are being one of the most oppressive elemental nap fives in the game here here we go track him responding with his own speed lead with the CR in the Hathor Fidel loaf is very quick to lock in the vert he'll and friend very standard picks on Fidel Lopez does leave him very wide open to that Daphna so does truck and move punish it with damage with that daftness would love to see some sort of water Monkey King and juices go double water here double water with the water my king in Haga good picks lots of damage lots of threat here Fidel Lopez needs to include either in Ethne or a Diana in this draft here or else he is going to be out DPS and how pace throughout this game here so if he does not pick that he is giving away this game to chocolate ooh he's drafting a note and this is a little different coming from Fidel Lopez drafting the Soudan I'm not sure we've seen the Diana coming from Fidel Lopez in the past actually taking a wind damage dealer works just as well here Odin doing a ton of damage Blackmore on though is not something we have seen before and you know what while Agron is great here chakra does not run will runes does not believe in the power of immunity here so lag bronze gonna be super effective if it is fast so a little bit of trouble this response here is gonna say a lot in track and was draft if I'm talking move you do take that ochio so you do want that control here but you probably need to ban out either the Vord lag or Odin honestly he chalking was in a really rough spot here Vanessa as well taking up a legs from Fidel Lopez's team but if Laghman is very fast or that friend is on swift track amou could easily be blown up on turn one definitely it's not looking good on track lose such de Lopez with a very strong draft showing he has sustained on his team as well probably gonna see an actually leaders feel coming from track no space late coming from Fidel Lopez here we go guys but they Lopez Mac to take and turn one truck move don't let me down here here we go guys we got a round one loser bracket and we have track moon taking turn one with his Okeanos we have a very slow frame here on immunity but two units on fidel hope is side not on a mute not on will her lack more on not on will so Fran is basically going to buff up immunities but lags not gonna be able to do anything all right yep stunts went out you saw that vertical the lagging Ron go down V attorney up by that friend we have a lot of monkey king probably coming into a strip here on to the verdict healing me silly on those trips and he does so which is really nice pretty squishy vertical here choc mu does have a window to use that eager to pull the down this birdhouse not only does he want to go for it he needs to do it because if that lack brawn goes off that is a lot of stuns and damage coming off on Fidel Lopez aside great sleep on to the ODE and keeping that back which is very very necessary file proctor mode we have io odin here we have a violence a lot of damage here but does not do it very much against us ager I was not expecting to see that amount of damage with the amount of knowledge the Odin had absolutely not and at this point here go so the reset but does not does not remove the attack buff off we're just definitely to help him out it going against the slammer on and only reduces half of the attack bow on the vertical here with verticals almost down and we're gonna see how much damage this lag bond does does he choose to swallow go for a third scale going for the third skill can he know stuns around tag break goes out onto Aegon no stuns at all on anything on chocolate mousse side track move with this luck meter filled here does not get stun and has an advantage now will be all the Sun with this Okeanos very soon that's right lands net branding effect onto Verde he'll get a first skill after that Oh for the lagna instead of capitalizing off of the brave notice the lag wants likely a squishy unit here tracking or deciding does you want to risk having the vert about how revenge trackable has AoE control coming up chalk moose actually going to win here at very commanding position no stunts coming from that but he is gonna get the sleep here with half I think you let that sleep wait because you have a Nokia no skills to be Rana songs but decides to use it anyways gets resisted on the Odin Odin man I stand corrected no Raina stones on the okay oh no so great sleep from the Hathor there Fran does not have it skills up but if it rocks it does have it definitely does now we've got a guy coming up here Eggers still hold on after the assault coming from Odin oh do not bring as much damage as we thought no attack bar gets resisted on Odin glances twice on that Odin and Odin is in a prime position to take out the Sager but that Hathor Brock's yeah really nice attack break but was able to put that Odin to sleep as well you can see he's trying to fly a little bit of damage on to lag Mehran we may see a cleanse onto the vertical bird so birds gonna boost up the team and likes gonna take out this agar right here there it is we've got a squad coming up was able to drop da gir we get five stacks going on to Odin Odin's primed it's a lot of threat coming out from Fidel Lopez aside and Rock'em ooh does not at the DPS or the control that deal with this vertical that's about it light him on fire here he's choosing the target the lag Murrah does not finish it off can he get the additional turn he doesn't not he stone comes out and he's able to finish off that leg Rock actually chock moot in an okay shot but another fire broke up and he is attacked broken but he has five stacks out five stacks oh and ignore defense only drops Hathor dat half should have waited till that tack break was off kind of pay for it by losing her oh man he's able to finish off Bonin to wit the Okeanos landing a stun on a friend and get Z continues to go after ver do the truck but this point does have the game one here as long as you take out that fertile that's right heard how it with the TAC brake not gonna see a ton of damage here needs to heal himself up just a little bit not a bunch he's looking yup an attack Oh backup good sized heels well yeah but Rock'em ooh Fidel Lopez has no way of dealing with this water monkey as its scales in the late game we're gonna see a dead bird aha either now or the next time when the Hokie moves ooh ton of damage goes on to hurt you able to get the additional turn as well goes for a second skill to finish off the fruity old bear deal holds on but it looks like Okeanos it's gonna drop the vertical so fineö Lopez loses the berta house and loses Game one likely and there it is Fidel Lopez concedes truck a move taken round one against Fidel Lopez truck a move with the win on the table of losers match round one the daily Lopez picked up on the lack of will rooms and drafted that win camara which I actually thought was really creative it's just a bummer that it wasn't quite fast enough to get that first impactful turn and also not only that but not on will itself if it was on Willy wouldn't matter if it went first not so kind of a mistake to take that unit in and not making it either a fast enough or on will runes and so he had to kind of wait for that lag to move to be able to tee off exactly guys we've got these players ready in round 2 let's go ahead and see that pick band phase here we go guys round two between Fidel Lopez and track Moe you can see the three bands four for truck Moo banding out that light cowgirl Fidel Lopez banding out Gianna now it worked out from fideo Lopez banning out Gianna because he was able to you know not get controlled too much by track mo and I feel like maybe things could have gone either way during that match but let's see how this one plays out there's one that's gonna be a lot stronger for talking with side because he does have that Gianna and Fidel Lopez has light cowgirl which works in truck a Moo's favor because Fidel Lopez does not have the speed of track a moose so this light cowgirl is going to be a sitting duck for truck a moot if Dale Lopez chooses to bring it in here so we're gonna see choco Moo should be prioritizing the Sierra to get that speed lead I would like to see a pre ban on the vanessa from track a moose so that Fidel Lopez doesn't have it double vanessa bands it's not often that you see two players band the same thing but they removed the vanessa from the playing field and trial can we check it out because he wants that Sierra but Fidel Lopez took it out because he wants us heroes and know is that he is at a speed disadvantage so he cannot fight against a Vanessa so choc mu here could actually take Sierra first if you know is that Fidel Lopez does not have a Gainey or Hathor so we'll see if track who's done this homework here and if he has Sierra is actually the right first pick here to take it away from Fidel Lopez any drafts the Hathor drives the hassle and maybe not knowing that Fidel Lopez does not own a Hathor here so Chaka mu maybe should go back and do his homework next time but Fidel Lopez punishes that by taking Sierra and the front both you and it's great for this set up here see her given that speed lead and Frank giving protection against this Hathorne yep Fidel lope is showing a little bit of pattern we've seen this room before the CR and the friend usually gets followed up by a cowgirl as well let's see if the pattern stays true and like cowgirl again would be a liability of some weight rock and we could get speed on track who chooses to go with the Tiana and Gianna highly aggressive cleave control set up I like this on track Cooper at the same time very easily punished by a Josephine aunt Ari's am droite type style but fideo Lopez does not run that he runs the light cowgirl so we're gonna see like how a girl and a fight for turn 1 and Triton as well as the new unit we've seen from Fidel Lopez it's nice to see something new coming from him that's a new unit we've seen from Fidel Lopez but I really like the Triton pic there is no speed lead present on choc mu side and there are two speed lead from Fidel Lopez aside so truck mu if he's going to play the speed lead speed game and continued need to take to speed units he's gonna put in the Samantha are we gonna see a tableau or some other speed unit we see a gain Ian said he goes for the guinea so he locks in the guinea Hathor t on a combination also followed up by that Gianna as well now I think maybe predicting the ban on some mouth knowing it's a speed lead I mean we might but at the same time Fidel Lopez here needs to take one more fast controlling unit maybe a water monkey or in Okeanos here and then ban house feely chooses to pick a vertical which does allow Chaka mu2 ban out one piece of the speed composition from Fidel Lopez and basically Klaus way back in from the draft let's see if Fidel Lopez bans out the LD now five her bands out part of that Gainey Hathor but he also has a speed lead that he's probably if to see here's the Dale Lopez has to ban out that's the math the way this draft hands out does so chochmah very confident his speeds bands out that zero we'll see how fast this Triton is but if this Chinese any decent Fidel Lopez will have turn one need to take a unit out with this bird like girl like not see if the Tritons faster than this light cow here was a very fast light cowgirl that we saw before let's see where he favored his speed in this match we've got Triton taken first turn followed up very closely by that loud committee might even be a despair train because oh and he's gone for the silences that highly greedy plight here instead of going for the push backs because he doesn't know the speeds but apparently works out in his favor here but we're gonna see it Gainey and Hathor be able to reset and control the team here so let's go risk by Fidel Lopez yep definitely definitely little bit of a wrist you can see he's got the defense break on a Gianna trying to capitalize off of that Fran's gonna throw up attack buffs and immunity and actually calculated and paid off with because at this point here shock moves in a weird spot Danny moving be for Hathor meaning that a little bit worse spot here chalk moves gonna only have one sleep and John is silent so not gonna be able to strip the other team he's gonna have to strip this light cowgirl but keep it back from doing any damage does not lay in the sleep definitely not good from Janek and Gianna cycle out she does no more defense break Thank You tsunami comes down pushes back the attack parts of tropical snail opens actually in a commanding spot because this bird is gonna go crazy giving him more turn letting that like cow go actually do something for once yeah that's right John I've taken a whole ton of damage here like cowgirls gonna finish off the Gion and does not finish up the Chiana guess he knows that Murder House moving next let's the bird found seem to kill uses a like I'll go add a control and defense breaker very smart play from Fidel Lopez aside but is gonna eat a sealed magic right now yep sealed magic comes out dumps all attack bars berryhill's up here flying more damage under the defense broken a thorn but at this point here trough moves in a rough spot here that Hathor is continuously controlled by that light cowgirl yep definitely is go ahead and Collins as units boosting up attack bars see the ventilation is still sitting on Gannon because it's using use it know when for the glancing at a vertical miss that and if the day lope is continuing to down this Hathorne and Fidel Lopez here does go for the silence this is it on Hathor really needed that on half throws gonna get a sleep up though if a third does not die here we're gonna see an attack buff going onto Verde Hill so we're seeing the like cowgirl wolf itches isolating and controlling that Hathor here yep that's right drachma read that he knew that match was gonna be lost but Danny Lopez takes round 2 against Rock'em oh no I'm me Fidel Lopez evens it up that's a 1-1 we're going to round 3 guys round 3 dude Fidel Lopez really showing the power that light cowgirl after we all faltered in our faith love the light cowgirl that was actually a power of the Triton the Trident going first at that high speed allowed him to set off let that out like cowgirl move it could have been any other unit but that tryna loud for their Lopez to take control the game from the beginning that's what made it so difficult for truck a mood a draft and stoic what did you think of that opening silence instead of the attack bar pushed I probably would win for the attack bar pushback you know getting the full strip on everybody pushing attack bars back I think that was probably the right place I mean it worked out for him anyways getting the silence out there to turn silence it's definitely strung similar similar results yeah I think I think I better throw the silence because there's a Tianna on the field as well so if you just push it back and then the Tiana uses his third skill maybe choco move comes back so I think I actually liked that play retrospect that's good I'm glad to hear it all right guys one-one we'll see who moves forward after round three take it away guys that's right who moves forward after round three track amou got a step up winner moves forward so let's see if Fidel Lopez can either make an upset here taking out truck move can't rock a move overcome Fidel Lopez that's right they need to step up here because winner stays home that's right stays home and gets a watch swc from the couch but the winner has a chance to come live in Manhattan Beach to play so lot on the line here and last time we saw Vanessa's pre-banned we did not see Gianna's pre-ban so we might see Gianna removed preemptively by Fidel Lopez more than likely I believe that was his first band going to these despair that was his first pre-ban here so likely gonna pre-ban that again oh no we chose to keep he pre-banned his own unit he pre-ban the Sierra because he has first pick and he wants to take that Vanessa first and wants to go in front but that's gonna let Rock and we run a Gianna base comp yep definitely is you can see the Dupree band at that light cowgirl that's not gonna be a Lopez aside Fidel Lopez locking in the vanessa sofa dado Lopez recognizing that speed is a big issue takes that Vanessa first chalking will go in with very standard frame likely even of Earth there we go deals of heard from Fidel Lopez Fran verge start enough truck is draft here and thus Fidel Lopez have a deafness in his arsenal that would be very strong against this friend yeah but we might see something from days starting to change up his draft or seeing some new things from him we are absolutely seeing new things I think we'll see an egg or though some because he loves his acre we see anger and water monkey and water monkey response is that Verde Hill so hopefully Chaco Moo has some sort of a Dianna action coming or some sort of an ethnos some sort of wind units wind damage dealers to be able to deal with this high damage output from Fidel Lopez now I'm not sure we've seen the entire from Friday or before so if he does draft that Dianna be curious to see if we'll see an aunt iris response from Fidel or not that's a good point aunt Ari's counters Diana very very well here truck a move going with that Diana goes the Hathor because he's caught on the Fidel Lopez does not have Danny or Hathor yes oh we see the rope Pablo come from daily lives we've seen the table and the rope before from Fidel Lopez a lot of confident in that draft there lots of confidence lots of aggression rope doing quite well to reduce the cooldown of the ager and the tableau and the water monkey so great as a support issue knit but also if it procs a lot and does broke things we may see a blow-up a vertical or Fran early and we've seen some rogue things coming from him before he was able to eliminate units off of one team up ability track move recognizes that and he brings in some safety that wind Roo I actually really like this winter picker we may see a ban on the rail or the Vanessa here we see a ban on the Rope the reason why is because Giacomo has too heavy wind bruisers so he's able to use those two to solo the two water bruisers of Fidel Lopez that's why those neither the water bruises are the ban here broke is a band Diana's ban here does not want to fight a why cuz I'm a gene that we're looking at a fast not a fast fish I'm sorry we're looking at a long man we've got a lot of sustain on track moose I he's got a lot of safety as well so let's go guys we got round three with the de lo peasant rock a move let's see you take first turn the de Lopez with Diego that's a very fast eager action moving in front of the water monkey so we're gonna see likely gonna start jumping on this vertical trying to down it yep jumps right on top of that Burrell plant that's haunted damage on a chakras vert oh and actually for their Lopez's entire team Musa for chocolate mousse even that tableau so we're gonna loot this chopping was gonna lose this vertical right now yep definitely is first kill comes out there's a branding finishes off we do have a revive with that winter with those that may not be the end of that video that's true he does have that revive from that wind ruied so it's gonna time it with the frame to be able to pick it up but at this point here for de Lopez it's just teeing off on chocolate mousse frying here we're looking at that Fidel Lopez he did not remove that was the will but he was able to get another proc here can he do some serious damage onto the friend friend is not looking good right now so we've got to heal up not at all looking good for chocolate well that's a lot of pressure that frame is on when Fidel Lopez's team moves again but truck moot does Brock big file and proc from friend we've seen it before got the mutant attack buff up meeting that second skill is gonna be a massive heal coming from Fran we've got a third through sorry third skill come from Hathor can you put everybody asleep no resistance everybody goes to sleep of course except that water Monkey King of width will and at this point here track a mood does have a chance to stabilize and does take it because Fidel Lopez's team is put to sleep here and he does not kill the bird truck was gonna climb back in that's right what a time for a revive with everybody sleeping as well it goes for its act break on the bottom a king lands it he's probably gonna continue focus down water monkey absolutely has to because everything is slept on Fidel Lopez aside and actually chocolate movie to stabilize fast that frame needs to continue parking that's right can you do some more work to this water Monkey King goes the wild boat smashes the water Monkey King Oh 1 shot KO water Monkey King Goes Down and furnace how it goes down for a second time that's right I mean we've got a couple turns before we're gonna see another revive coming from him but he's got to eliminate this water Monkey King right now needs to eliminate that as soon as he can here so it's a 3v3 matchup here so that's what tracking was focused should be it should be taking out that water mochi that's right applies more damage using the friend we've got uh yeah Thor here probably gonna put somebody to sleep and at the same time that wind routes moving in front of any of Fidel Lopez's units so that winter is likely gonna down this water monkey right now everybody gonna sleep we've got a sub water Monkey King take in a turn you can he all nothing get an AoE stun and he gets the stun and the additional turn on very lucky additional turn because now he has alter-ego attack which gives him invincibility and saves him that just saved him by so much you can see oh that was a beautiful stun going on a tableau that was really nice we have sustain coming from friend we have sustained this friend needs to do it friend does all-tournament needs to proc care needs to be able to heal more does not get the additional turn Fidel lope is gonna continue focusing up frame we got a ton of damage coming from ager right here finishes off Fred fred is gone it's not looking good for trauma right now looking very tough here it's 43 it is to win units on track mu side here but win druid still does not have revive up and does not have sustained anymore the wind druid is a fantastic unit right now in this strip but it has a lot of work ahead of itself it has a ton and it needs to take out that water monkey first and then probably proc a couple times into the Sager goes for that while blo finishes off water monkey King not over yet though because if this house Lord does manage to proc a lot chakram who does have a chance to come back that's right that was a pretty good hit coming from ager on to this win druid though yeah Hawk came on the other side the field there so what's Fidel Lopez further head turn use able to roll doubles again against an additional term of the table low again does not roll again but at will happen skills up next turn that's right we're gonna see some more tack bar gain from that table low tack break goes out onto a gore we've got this attack buff doesn't really do as much much damage Gator because we don't have defense buff but we're gonna see another strong hit coming from this win drew it wild blow comes out Oh does not finish off the a go so we'll see how if this ager is gonna be able to fight through glancing here and gets half of it off and it's gonna start slowly healing does he need to use that I don't think he's uses their skill he does not gets the stun on the both targets and at this point here trotting was entirely summed up he gets a third skill if he's gonna put everybody to sleep here man truck really needed this radio you need to put that down does have a chance to come back here at the resistance on the attack or already chosen not to select the his later Zach bar was full that's correct here and this win druid does have a revive coming up so chocolate needs to revive that Fran and pick himself up there's another product from the tableau table is gonna boost up attack bars or chooses the first skill this win drew it comes out returned ice here none of his units proc here truck moon needs to make this revive count there's that attack break can heal and enough damage to eliminate Vega is the Vanessa passive up yet don't think it is but he chooses to provide the frame but friend does not have a TAC bar so if this friend goes down that is tough for the revive is now up on Vanessa so whoever dies here is gonna get revived again we get a double additional turn rolling doubles able to almost finish off that friend rolling doubles but this anger moves in front of the friend that is the end of friend again that's right so brand is gonna be gone here I feel like she should've went to the kill on the egg instead of going in for that revive able to vial proc oh just happened yeah looks like we got bumped out of here there's too much action in too many additional turns taken from that tableau that the game just quit out much gambling on that second skill over vertical or did proc again and put that sleep do that slow debuff on chakram aside likely affecting that turn order of agar versus friend and that was giant there now we've seen this moment before yes where we we came out of a matching we didn't get to see the outcome here who could you give it to at that point so in the other one that we thought it was very clearly clean up garbage time end of game type duty I am going to side with the opinion that this is also cleanup duty to because track mu is in a very bad spot does not have cooldowns just lost a friend after blowing revive so there's no way to come back and Vanessa as passive up again and Vanessa on its own is going to be able to handle any of chocolate mousse units so I think at that point is game over I'd have to give it to Fidel Lopez in that one as well yeah he would have to find a way to survive long enough to get his wind druid skills back up but unfortunately because that eager the water barb King wasn't killed fast enough I think there's too much damage for him to actually get that I feel let down there's a chance maybe you'll come back for killed gbg you know the exhibition match we have come in in the America's Cup but we'll see what actually exactly yeah maybe track a mood could represents a swag again in a different more direct way you know in exam for know exactly but so stoic why did why did track him who wait so long to bring out this um clearly amazing wind druid I love the winter I thought the winter was a really cool trip I feel like when it comes to his strap his strats always he likes first turn he likes gaining that control and that's not anything that that wind druids gonna be used for the wind Roo was gonna be there for security you know you want to be safe you get all those defense buffs up he's a defense base unit not a ton of speed goes on to that so we're looking at first turn you know one unit I think would have been a little bit better wind Jude was great but I think in Ethne would allowed would have allowed shock a mood to fight for turn one a little bit more because what we saw there was Fidel Lopez basically blew up a unit off the bat right right and that was a lot of aggression and that was you know I quite honestly why Fidel Lopez was able to take that it was he blew up a unit off the bat and had track him we've been able to fight for turn one put a little disruption out there I think that's a little bit wouldn't allow him to come back into the game that's right Fidel Lopez his whole team got to essentially go twice because of table low the light dice magician now did you how did you feel about the pre-ban unlike Cal girl I am NOT a fan of pre abandoning the light cowgirl simply because I think Chaka Moo could draft in a way to give himself a speed Lee taking a sear a little bit earlier because if truck mu does have faster units that light cowgirl does not do very much up although we did see that like how girl work in Game two it's because it was set up by a Triton but if truck a move preemptively takes a Triton then like how girls not an issue right once it's set up properly that basically means that there's a unit on the other team that's never gonna take a turn again correct I mean the like I'll go basically nullifies a unit and then applies defense breaks that's right it looks like we might be gearing up to have a fideo Lopez rematch versus trunk a move right now I think that that gate did kind of look like Fidel Lopez had a little bit of an advantage let's go ahead and take a look at a highlight reel from what we've seen today while we were getting those players ready there we go guys so this is a replay highlight reel of the match between Fidel Lopez entry from earlier today this was a not so bright unit for unit I mean a match for Fidel Lopez treats a full control even seeing a tort coming out on honestly that was according to so much control in that man interesting that leo is actually not that great into Fidel Lopez's team knowing that tree is just way too fast but Leo just able to work because the trees is and such an advantage this was one of my favorite parts of the match too because I know you can notice that tree is going so aggressive he wasn't putting up those shields to protect his Leo because he knew that he had the finesse and save it and get the toy eventual give everybody what they wanted here's a clip of round two of Fidel Lopez versus tree the artist formerly known as Sai we note that Jalen – has very fast wounds and that's how he was actually able to fight trot Kumu for turn openings exactly so now once we start going into the pick/ban phase here do you expect to see the same freebandz from before see that light go getting pretty bad if he learns from his previous matches that he just had I think track move I hope truck move but at the same time I think the pre ban on Vanessa is a hundred percent correct fighting for speed lead and fighting the speed game is exactly what chakram will need to do to win if this game does go through here so I think taco needs to keep that in mind fight for that Sarah knows Fidel Lopez does not have gained ear Hathor's so there's no need to take those two units early set up your speed sped up your set up your speed so that you can fight with turn one exactly we're gonna see that that that go for the CR early on trying to get that but the benefit of getting a rematch or redo on one of these games is that you get to learn from your decisions before even if they might have been seemingly okay so we'll probably see a reevaluation on the light cowgirl pretty bad as well completely and you get to see exactly what your opponent favors in the draft phase versus you or that they even had a wind route in their lineup because that's something we hadn't seen all day and now Fidel Lopez knows that truck who has it that's right exactly and now Fidel Lopez knows that that wind druid is capable of one shot in your monkey so you get better wounds on the monkey or you need to control that wind Roo it somehow exactly maybe that's what we were doing right before the redo he's just reroute in the monkey real quick alright guys so we've got Fidel Lopez and Truong can move ready and waiting in the pick/ban phase we get one more round of this exciting match go ahead and take it away guys that's right guys we've got a redo here with Fidel hope isn't rock amou and it's a 1-1 so the winner of this one does move forward so now during that last match it was not looking good for truck but I think there's a lot of things that he's got to learn from and he's banning out the light cowgirl again Fanning it out they may be forced to take the same draft you know we'll see what happens Lee looser this gets to watch swc from the couch at the end of August and the winner has a chance to come here live person so a lot on the line here we might be doing same draft as last time I think we are doing they're picking so fast and not thinking about it it might be the same draft and they're just gonna play it out here but and exactly Fidel Lopez reaching in the same order chalk move going for the same order so but then he throws in the G I don't yeah there we go he's correcting himself we go Diana Thor got to be playing by the rules here Fidel Lopez is going to pick out the the remainder of his comp here so we're gonna see a repeat of the rogue tableau but again Fidel Lopez is moving in front of Chaka mu so we're gonna see his same results on who's gonna lose that Verta high off the bat yep now last time though chalking we did not get any revenge Brock's so if he does get revenge Brock's that changes the game a lot that would definitely change the game some better decision-making here as well there was opportunities where I think for Dale Lopez could have dropped a unit quicker and chose not to take that I believe and I think there was a moment like that and last match so let's see if he actually goes and dives it for it and they're taking time to remember what leader skills they took what they finally remember speed lead and resist lead going up on both sides that is correct so let's go guys we've been technically round four but this is gonna be matched through the decider moves forward we've got Fidel Lopez way got rock a move Fidel Lopez taking first turn with a go we're gonna see does this burn high it does resist though the resistance there we go so we do a full attack bar with the vertol so it does resist that's a very big luck there but at the same time tableau does move in front of friends so that bird is dead anyway it does get resisted but we can see he's really trying to force out this Verdi although unlike the FIR previous game Fran will not be under as much pressure this time so still favors Dale Lopez a lot but the chalk moves in a better spot here yep definitely a better spot here I know he's missing a unit right now but let's see if he can learn from his mistakes from before we get a judicial turn coming from waterbug King no first skill stun it was out on a friend it sees really trying to bring this friend down and friends actually under the same amount of pressure as the last game is dead here unless we vile frog no my puck goes out onto the friend that would have been different compare the last time and like last time here but they although that should be going to sleep so trial Camus is not able to put Fidel Lopez's team to sleep here so not able to just sit on the water but he has to play differently now revise a verb which is probably gonna die very quickly yeah exactly this is plane table just a lot like last time can resist the defense break no defense break it's linen does he fire frack no additional turn he is gonna get a heel off of it but does he choose to heal himself or the Verde got to heal the bird here cuz the bird is what's gonna bring your tea carrier team to victory Oh gets in a different term with tobblo stuns go out stuns up the birdie he'll he's not giving him a chance misses all those stuns on its at Rock'em ooh big thunder actually shut down the France Mart moved around afraid with water Monkey King we're gonna see a big hit coming from the wind a druid but we've got to be huh invincibility sitting on the water monkey can't focus that one out we see some damage coming out to table low he's gonna continue focusing that unit out there's the counters first time we've seen vertical counters on these two today a little bit taking a very dangerous game of poking that bird gets punished by the bench pop can't talk and move punish him with additional turns and here we go he really really needs those additional turns a chalk move here needs to burn through that Vanessa passive and start working ASAP so we need to take out this tableau here tap will be almost dead why don't blow comes out it drops the table table gets revived up by the Vanessa passive we're gonna see a first skill from this table key to get lucky enough to roll some doubles again doesn't not but does get a defense break on the bird which means that how Thor needs to land sleep on to this water bucket and can you get the strip in the sleep there it is he's able to do that no there's a file frog coming up from that water bug King finishing off that birdie he'll very unfortunate that Prop a secretion game that definitely sealed it right there for down Lopez takes out tronca move Draca moves not going to advance croc a move no but Fidel Lopez congratulations on getting one step closer to the America's Cup fideo Lopez is going to be moving on to meet with Jay Ln two in the next match that game played out very similarly to the round that we saw before yes it's just too much pressure from the beginning again took out the bird I was actually surprised by how much damage that friend took again it might have even been more than the previous game there so that was just a lot of damage and basically decided by the pick/ban yeah we suffered a Lopez move with a similar a similar move set that he did with the first round right he took out that bird early now just with more confidence to get the bird took out the friend put trunk a move in a similar position exactly yeah and unfortunately it's just very difficult to come back from a monster deficit and try to secure a win guys we still have one more match coming up after this we've got one last break beforehand we're gonna see you back here in about five minutes welcome summer are you ready to embark on the journey to discover the strongest Summoner within the Americas swc 2019 we'll be in Los Angeles California this year the rules have changed for swc mode when facing the opponent players won't be able to free ban the same monster consecutively so we're therefore unpredictable matches and results let's talk about the journey these players will take to become America's strongest Summoner first there will be an online qualification the first trial will be online preliminaries there 18 players from season 8 and 9 will compete but only 14 players will advance additionally two skilled summoners from swc 2018 will join the fight sixteen summoners will compete fearlessly for the America's Cup to be part of these elite players I better step up my game next let's go to where the real battles take place the group stage the returning players from 2018 and the winners of season eight and nine will be split into four different groups a B C and D each group will then compete every Saturday starting July 20 where to the best summoners in each group will advance to the America's Cup for a total of eight summoners and finally on August 31st 2019 the war of the gods will begin total of eight summoners will compete fiercely for the America's God the to summoners will be sent to Paris for the World Championship and have the chance to claim the title of becoming the best summoner in the world who will prevail and who will be defeated so get ready and don't miss your chance to be part of summoners war history [Applause] hello everyone and welcome back to the swc 2019 America's Cup group stage B I'm Evan and I'm still your host I'm still here with stoic and make it a bud welcome back guys it's good to be back it is good to be back and we've got our last match of the day still ahead of us it's going to be Fidel Lopez versus jln to what we saw before the break we just saw Fidel Lopez versus track amou and ultimately Fidel Lopez came out on top even after a redo on the final round very dominant win we saw the wind Rude make it appearance on truck a moves side but let's go ahead and get to know these players fideo Lopez and Jalen to by looking at their profiles so we know Fidel Lopez does like to use that light cowgirl a lot likes that aggression off the back and likes his vanessa sierra does not have either game your Hathor so we'll see if jaelyn to can't abuse at this matchup then we have jail and two we know he's got that rag doll in his ass '''l but hopefully we'll see a little bit more coming from can encounter the the Fidel Lopez now you can draft a lot of units that fail Lopez has and we've seen these two and they got I'm not sure if they've ever gone at it before I don't think they have but at the same time jail and to just have so many more bouncers have that Danny house or ragdoll ragdoll being quite the best monster in this screen right here this lineup that we have so I think jail into very favored just based off of the monster pool here and jail into showcasing some very high speeds in the earlier matchups right we know that Fidel Lopez likes to stick to his core those five or six units that he likes the most light Carol girl especially we'll see if he has what it takes in the last chance the winner of this match moves on to the America's Cup and we've got Jalen to and fideo Lopez waiting in the pick/ban phase that's right here we go guys Jalen to fideo Lopez winner moves on to America's Cup and we could see the free pans are going out Vanessa being pre banned by Jalen to see Oregon pre-ban by Fidel Lopez no speed leads interesting choice to pre man out the speed leads from both sides here if I'm Jalen – unless you don't have Vanessa no reason not to take a jail and – should also know that Fidel Lopez does not have Gainey Hathor so kind of a weird and may be incorrect pre-ban from jail in – but we'll see how he wants to play this game here definitely he's gonna use that rag doll most definitely gonna be seeing that rag doll coming from jail in – and he's gonna first pick the verde all taken that away from Fidel over there Lopez is going to rely on that agar and water monkey lot because digit Dale into is weak to water showing that vertical and it is a little squishy as we noted in the previous game say Lopez locking in Fran and now the attack buff – water monkey king water king is not exactly the best unit in Iraq although so with that all-or-nothing hitting all of the units and giving full attack bars so rag doll maybe an auto ban here Jalen – is going to go with a josephine and an Ethne josephine Ethne that's a okay response towards this water monkey knowing that he's gonna be stunning with that all or nothing but then also stripping this attack buff coming from Joe's face okay responds but allows for Dale Lopez have taken later if he wants Fidel Lopez going with his rock and his like cowgirl though yep interesting seeing those two coming back from Fidel Lopez scene jail into just hitting the giddy outdoor button hitting the Gainey Hathor button but leaving the ragdoll button off the table here choosing that he does not want to bring in his overpowered unit into this game here chooses to go with the Gainey Hathor and likely a very fast speeds here needs a disrupt for Dale Lopez aside here but there Lopez we'll see if he takes in a tableau or some other speed lead to build a counter jail into that's right now not taking the ragdoll here he's free to free he's free to pre-bid that ragdoll for the next match as well yes absolutely and Fidel Lopez does take that speed lead as mentioned takes that tableau because he wants turn one that like he'll go may not be fast enough without a speed lead to counter Danny or Hathor or ethyl that's a lot of speed threat coming out from jail inside and the verticals also a lot of threat yep most definitely I think he's gonna have to probably ban out that speed lead eliminating that attack by a booster coming from today Lopez we may see a light cowgirl ban or Fran ban coming out from jail into and on Fidel Lopez the side you're gonna disrupt one of the win units Oh Pablo gets been half Thor gets ban in jail in two side well if he's banned out the tableau then jail into his very confident speeds here but at the same time this one says Aetna and Gainey go off here he is wide open to Fidel Lopez's damage I don't like this banned by jail and – I think Fidel Lopez has a chance to eliminate this bird off bath alright we're gonna find out in a second Jalen – Fidel Lopez round one between the two of them like cowgirls taken first turn and Jalen – not believing in will wounds only has will on the ganymede which is not gonna be able to do very much here because you have a right oaks that's gonna be able to come right into this effort that's right reset goes under the water monkey king able to dump attack bars on the non wheeled units up no we capitalized that defense big enough that finishes it off no robots going out no nothing and that is a one-shot ko to not getting the first turned initiative that you wanted or maybe you did by the same time losing two units off the bat that is over Fidel Lopez please hit the auto button let's end this game right now we're gonna see the second skill coming out all or nothing this Shields already been pumped goes to the old jaelyn tune just might be stunned and in shock right now not knowing exactly what he just saw I don't quite know myself but all I know is that jaylen to Pat four units and now he has one man that rope just ripped through jaylen to open round that sent me into a coughing fit Wow Fidel Lopez with the win against Jalen to Commission holding he's sniper unit right away with the road it's an attack buff to Rio oak and the problem is Jalen to does not believe in will ruin so he is wide open to control any types of anything coming at his face basically and the ganymede only had two targets on the seal magic so he is going to eat damage from the broke so jail and to kind of set himself up for that one taking out the tableau instead of taking out some other damage unit like a friend that the attack without the attack bought the rogue probably would not have one shot that Ethne so Jalen's who kind of dug his own grave there happen so fast that he does not see it will see more time to think about it but they're already in that pick band face so let's see if Jalen two can pull out a win on this one the last chance match alright guys Jalen do Fidel Lopez can we get a match just as quick as the first one you can see the previous bands we've got Vanessa we've got see our bolt speed leads being free band out last turn baby jail and two will go back to using that ragdoll but gets denied at this time there it is the pre ban on a ragdoll jail into making sure he doesn't have that friend taking out that friends actually a very smart decision because now Jalen too can abuse that Gainey Hathor knowing that Fidel Lopez does not have either Fidel Lopez will need some sort of Josephine or needs to push first her digression likes to do he's taken that speed lead from the sea are on Fidel Lopez decide jail into gonna make a response Fidel Lopez with that see our first pic because he does not want jail and to to take that Sarah J land who may not have a vanessa and if that's the case that gives phileo look Fidel Lopez a massive advantage jail and to locking in Gani Hathor from Fidel Lopez can Gani Hathor work the speeds coming from Fidel Lopez not sure given the fact that Fidel Lopez is like Cal go actually will move in front of jail and twos two units and jail and true does not need to take candy hath or there because there Lopez doesn't have it but I guess Jalen's who did not do his homework and decides just to take it like a standard match there we go like cowgirl verde he'll taken from Fidel Lopez Jalen to responds with a nagger taking that away from Fidel Lobo could also see a water monkey coming out here there we go lot water monkey a girl lots of damage signaling a ban on the Sierra if he does so definitely most definitely Fidel Lopez looking to round off his draft probably gonna round off with a Diana Tablo some form of second speed lead from the tablet that's definitely gonna be here I would love to see some sort of in esna or some other high speed high damage threat might even see a rail to be honest like a tableau a oak but we're definitely gonna see a second speed lead because Fidel Lopez is thinking to how he wants to enable this light cowgirl the Odin who's so he's looking to get just more buffs and hopefully sniper unit out as quick as he could with that Odin I'm not too sure about the boosted because I am not sure about the whoosah either because that doesn't do very much against the Gainey Hathor I know it puts up immunity but Hathor is just so good here so this tells me that Fidel Lopez will probably be thinking about banning the Gainey or half hour splitting that but jail and to going with one of the best units in the meadow right now with daftness with the ability to one-shot doesn't care about will runes and Fidel Lopez if that light cowgirl is the band will not have a stripper nope not at all and it means that he will eat a deafness to the face here but unfortunately that Sierra was a band we noted that that was likely the band earlier when he took to water units but now Jalen to need to keep need to let ensure that his deafness goes through we'll see if a Dale Lopez is able to lock that down later skills go out we're gonna cook great lead we got a speed lead coming from a foot Dale Lopez I'm sorry I'm not sure now that was an actually come no I'm not too sure if that was a speed li come from Fidel Lopez but we've got anger taken first turn go to reduce the attack bar off that light cowgirl getting additional turn and hopefully landing that branding effect and Fidel Lopez not believing in will runes either so he is going to be wide open to this Danny sealed magic coming out here and actually Jalen who can choose to take out this Odin if he so desires right now he can this Hellfire primed and ready does he go for it goes to finish off like y'all go now lady that demons break has the branding effect and he's able to drop that leg round kick like cowgirl without a buff so defense break does not get applied there but at the same time he knows that that light cowgirl is squishy and he goes what the killin takes it out that's right landing that stun onto the moose a very important no immunity no shields are coming up he's gonna continue focusing down this Odin and Odin got reset here so no more passive to come back up you're gonna see more damage tunneled into that jail into in a commanding spot here with that dampness it's gonna pump one more damage into Odin that's right does he go for the reset skill so the one turn reset come from deafness does get a 1 turn reset on the vertical which does not do anything at all but at this point it doesn't really matter jail into it's such an event that would did absolutely nothing this game that's right now we've got four stacks here can you limiting one of these units does not really do much damage at all the Darcy with four stacks of not that's Odin not doing very much either because both units are slow and had Fidel Lopez taking the tableau this be a very different lineup here but unfortunately Fidel Lopez on the back foot here about a loses Odin does not have passive it's gonna be a two before here that's correct finishes off the odor here with the water monkey can you see first kill coming on to Woodson that is gonna be Fidel Lopez concedes that match jerilyn two takes round two jl n 2 and fineö lopez both at match point we're gonna be seeing round three in the last chance match now Jalen to adapted really well was deafness your MVP stoic I mean Jeff definitely was the MVP be able to finish off that light cowgirl immediately not laying in the defense break but the branding was just enough finished taking away a unit that quick is super important especially gets Fidel open he made the judgment call that he did not need defense break their check out like a girl because we saw how squishy that like cowgirl was in previous matches so once that unit went down I mean it was pretty game over right real quick I saw you physically cringe at the was a pic because I think Fidel Lopez need to play the Speed game he has a light cowgirl there in his path to victories to blow up a unit on turn one Russa does not do a lot of damage in fact it actually protects her team so in that situation the Russa while being a fast unit actually did not even move in front and at the same time would not protect him against Gainey Hathor or Daphna so I think is a big liability to take that was in and as we saw it did absolutely nothing that game yeah such a bummer there we go guys we got jln to infidel Lopez ready and waiting for round three of the last chance match here we go guys last match winners going to move on to SWC freebandz you saw before Fidel Lopez pre-baiting at the ragdoll Jalen to banning out that friend both speed leads pre-banned as expected well as we saw in the first game here so again as you mentioned winner goes to have a ticket to come out to Manhattan Beach a play and loser has a ticket to play to watch from the couch at the end of August let's see who gets the win here Jalen to does have that Gainey hassle combo that Fidel Lopez does not have but I think jail and who needs a fight for some unit maybe a water monkey over that Fidel Lopez really likes to use Jalen to stealing bird away from Fidel Lopez now the Gani Hathaway actually hasn't been working at all against Fidel Lopez it has not because Fidel Lopez has been moving has been way too fast right they've been able to counter Daniel jail into going for an acre first pick which is highly odd here opens himself up to all kinds of units like water monkeys and Diana's so we see the water monkey friend come out from Fidel Lopez there it is I'm not sure the ager was that big of a steel when he also has that water Monkey King being a part of his team as well yeah and at the same time Hagar is not exactly the best unit into Fran here so kind of a weird pick to just lay it out early I would perfect be perfectly fine seeing a Fran first pick but the ager first pick not conventional doesn't work but the same time Gainey Hathor does work though so follows that up with Gainey Hathor combo that tried-and-true and always works yes see Fidel Lopez gonna be drafting here we could be seeing the Rope again possibly it was very very good no we see him with the triton and the light cowgirl so Fidel Lopez signaling to us that he wants first turn this might be a split on the Gainey Hathor with a tableau last pick coming out from Fidel Lopez because he needs to fight for turn one here if I'm jail and to I'm a little nervous I may be paid taking a Josephine or even and in tar YZ would be pretty good with a ban on the water monkey and if ours is very strong there Fidel Lopez may remember that there's no will ruins on jail and to side so we know that that ganna me is gonna be wheeled up but we're looking at four other units that are not gonna have will no one else is good into any situation rag doll we see rag doll on the field here a good unit into almost any situation here for there Lopez having to AO e units three AoE units now that signals that I really think either ragdoll ban or either a Gainey Hathor split so we'll see what Fidel Lopez ends up deciding is the bigger threat I think with Fidel Lopez knowing he's gonna get turned one I think ragdoll has to be the man and he's gonna go for a snipe on maybe Hager off the bat here ooh taking care that light cowgirl already and of course the ban on a rag doll I like that a lot because like how girl does give Fidel Lopez defense break and by taking that out jail and who might not lose a unit off the bat yes take care of that water Bucky thing as quick as possible here we go guys jaylen tube fideo lopez going for this match number three when it moves on and it looks like Fran's gonna be taken first he need for three up here because the attack bars on gel into team are moving those skill to that's fine as well here does land them although yep does land silence onto all three units except the Gani of course and at this point here this Hathor everything is silence except the candy but Janie's gonna be able to do absolutely nothing when he gets his turn here we go third skill coming out on the a go see how much damage gets applied here not too bad especially being attack buff and at the same time acres on nemesis so it's quite tanky when acre does get skill three going it's gonna be able to heal itself over time we're just massive applying some pressure onto Fran not a lot of damage of course at this point here Fidel Lopez has a choice here just do more damage tableau does not do tableau things yet nope no doubles were rolled there and at this point jail and who needs to decide what unit to go after the size accomplice Fran which is usually the squishiest unit and generally the correct choice pushback landed the pushback on everybody we're gonna see a skill one come out for the attack break on to Hagar can you get the AoE stun coming from this water Monkey King and Hagar at this point is almost dead no stuns go out from this water Monkey King that is unfortunate Fidel Lopez not having any luck this series here that water monkey not landing anything as you said so he's gonna have to wait a while to get that all or nothing back and no attack parts because he did not land anything yeah that's right roll doubles there's two able to take an additional turn and tableau does have that skill three still hold back on it though it gets a file proc for another turn if he rolls doubles he'll actually go again and while skill two again doesn't that roll doubles but gets a defense break defense break onto a Gernon looking good at all he's able to eliminate the Sager he's gonna gonna get a turn off he goes to the reset on the tombow stop in that third skill now Tritan de plied a little bit of damage on that Egger he needs to cycle out of this defense break he needs to also cycle to put that skill three off cooldown so you can start healing that's right no stun goes onto this water monkey water Monkey King looking to take care of the zig and Hager is probably gonna go down here it's got defense break it's going down soon there it is we've got it can you do it there he goes he shuts down to that eiga we're seeing the skill three coming up with everybody to sleep him at this point here Fidel Lopez is going to face Gani Hathor that's gonna keep off on him here so we're about to see why Danny Hathor is so feared here so gamy hathir he should be going after the Triton first we'll see what he goes after all the other units has to turn sleeps we'll see what jaylen to does does make the crack play goes after to try never shows focus out this Drive apply some glancing he's gonna start really focusing down that unit no he did that early on to the Hat though Hathor does have skills up can we see a stunned going on it Triton no stumble no provoking now you don't slam the stunt those line of Sun should throw this sweep down again just in case for the old Lopez rocks that's right laying it on everybody he turned a friend did take that turn so she's got a 1 turn sleep right now now we're looking at a stun there's another stunt Josephine doing her job right now and that's landing those stuns so that Fidel Lopez is not gonna get any turns enemy does have a shield magic up he's gonna seal the friend hearing he knew to work the team and he's gonna be able to ventilate the Hathor next turn that's right so he's able to do so much damage as a friend you can ventilate the Hat door next turn Oh a nice vile proc out but it's not gonna do him any justice not gonna do him any justice at all because at this point here that Josephine is gonna take out that frein on that next turn that's correct we do have the ventilate up because it does choose to use it getting that third skill up from Hathor Altos gonna put everybody down again he needs resistance here he needs big resistance here and nobody resisted everything everybody goes to sleep now he works down that friend eliminating that you and he's gonna be working on to that Triton here and at this point here Fidel Lopez is pretty much out of the game Jalen who is playing solitaire with this candy handler combination but he does have a Triton with signs coming up sweeping wave comes out gets the to turn silence onto both Gideon Hathor gets immediately stunned up by that Hathor so at this point here there Lopez does need a proc on one those two units or he will lose this game it's right ton of damage going on to that Triton he's able to finish off that Triton here who does he wake up next probably the table low definitely should be thinking about waking up the tableau here tableau does not have any skills so we're gonna he's gonna need a roll a lot of doubles no doubles here no dice no dice gone at all and jail into half skills up again yeah that's right able to reduce the tech curve everybody you wanna Monkey King gets reset we're gonna see the sleeps again from outdoor this is why the giddy Hathor so devastating imagine if he had a unit that did more damage than that Josie but the Josephine's just so safe with the amount of stuns that he doesn't that it's gonna be a good to see jail into in America's Cup congratulations to jail into if you haven't forgotten I'm totally sick congratulations to jail into moving forward joining up with the likes of Thompson and tree in the high seat and dreams Joseph in the lows seed congratulations and thank you for the awesome match to finish off today jaylen too clearly showing us the power of candy and Hoth or why they're so feared yep definitely I mean it's not often that we get to see the Gainey Hathorne swc not a lot of people like to let that through and I mean Fidel Lopez couldn't draft the Gainey or the Hathor and we saw her Jalen to attempt the Gainey hassle before and he totally paid for it when Fidel Lopez got him on the ropes like that with a lot of I aprox high damage as well but Jalen – was they able to finish him off that time yeah at that point once the Gainey Hathor came on line with one more supporting unit to apply a lot more damage that was boom which came over and as we saw there Jalen who didn't even get any procs on the game near Hathor imagine is they a proc that would have been even harder to come back on that's right Kenny mitigates hot doors cooldowns and essentially makes them two or three turn cooldowns instead which is incredibly powerful I got to point out for Fidel Lopez though great show I really like seeing his progression through these games at the all-in damage with the rogue or the Odin and eventually transitioning into a more control oriented approach with those Triton's but Dale Lopez had some really really exciting matches I mean even those match against uh against tree or who's able to eliminate so many units I mean I know it wasn't a match that he won but like it was exciting you know we saw some some some new units from Fidel Lopez and we had some very exciting matches coming exciting to see the rogue doing a lot of damage removing units off the table having the quickest matches we've ever seen always exciting to see that you know and bringing in the tableau correctly but unfortunately just you know against Gainey Hathor is just difficult and plus the rag doll which is a four span there that's right we've seen a lot of great matches today let's go ahead and take a look at the results of today's tournament there we go so here's for groupie the losers match we got Truong Camus getting the first win in that round against video Lopez but Fidel Lopez ended up turning it around moving forward in losers bracket Fidel Lopez showing a lot of aggression they're basically sniping from Game one and there's what we just saw the last chance match where Fidel Lopez got that strong win in the beginning but wasn't able to replicate it in those later two rounds I know Jalen – made the proper changes from that first match going into that second man really able to deal with Fidel Lopez and then of course the Gainey hat they were coming in with that third match gaining full control finally throwing in that rag doll as we know is a very powerful unit becoming a force man from Fidel Lopez aside and ensuring that Jalen – has that game II have more that's right and now here's the bracket that's all filled in this is the journey that we just went through with these players we've got tree and jln – advancing to the America's Cup tree as a hi-c and Jalen – as a low seed joining up with Thompson and dreams Joseph from the last group and again we'll have another group stage every Saturday same time same place this has been Group B and guys we got one more coupon code for you just for hanging out with us spending your Saturday thank you so much for being here with us today and stoic and make it about it has been an absolute pleasure commentating with you guys it's always a pleasure yeah likewise love you guys you guys do great and thank you so much for watching today guys and bearing with me while I'm sick we'll see you right back here next week for group C see you next time

13 thoughts on “[EN] SWC2019 AMERICAS: Group Stage – Group B

  1. Only tomato and how2play have a chance against tree. Tree just has way too many diverse units. He probably has all of them actually.

  2. Ganythor must be nerfed. I don't see the point of decreasing atack bar on her skill 3. Also, why in the hell gany has to decrea attack bar AOE?

  3. What the heck was the most banned against diaz on jln2???

    Btw: Tree wasnt banking on the fran vio proc, since he still had vanessas revive up and just wantes rica to move again (so the bomb wouldnt stun her while she dies)

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