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[SINGING] [WATER TRICKLING] [ELEPHANT TRUMPETS] It's such a magical place. [LION ROARS] People are very happy. I mean, I'm sure they
work hard and have troubles like everyone else,
but they just seem very happy. And they have songs to get
through all the hard work, which I think is
just the best idea. For me, responsible travel
is actually one of the things that's really important,
because we're both Navajo and we grew up on
the reservation. And so we had a lot of tourists
coming through our town and getting a glimpse
of our culture. So that's something I take away
when I come to other countries. I try to have that respect. [SINGING AND CHEERING] Unemployment is
high in Tanzania, and it's not only because
there are no jobs, but it's also the lack of
income-generating skills. Anza wants to achieve
the overall goal of creating a healthy ecosystem
for all entrepreneurs. Our mission as Anza is to
nurture social entrepreneurs while providing jobs as well
as products and services that impact the
well-being of Tanzanians. So OneSeed Expeditions is
an adventure travel company. We also invest in
local entrepreneurs through our
microfinance program. So investing $0.10 from
every dollar of our trips. I am a potter, and the pottery
things, it is in my blood. My mission is to bring or to
give the people of Tanzania clean and safe water to drink. Children who are
in the area here are mostly affected by
amoeba together with typhoid. So by having this water filter,
they won't have such problems. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] It will serve 10 adults
together with 12 children. A total of 22 people. Anza– we came in to
support that business to grow from an
idea to a business. Now it's serving
over 5,000 lives. Before Anza, I was just
selling my products. I went to Anza, I learned
how to market my products, and since that time, I hired
some people to help me sell. Travelers pass here for
learning and discovery. They buy filters, and
then they can distribute the filters where the
people have really, really contaminated water. And they do something
for the people within the country to
make them feel good that they can
interact their lives with the people in our country. It feels great to know that the
money that I'm spending abroad is going to the people
who can use it the most and need it the most. You know? You really want to
support the people who are so warm and so welcoming
when you travel abroad. All world nomads really believe
that travel changes lives. And it not only enriches
the traveler themselves, but it changes the
lives of the people that they meet along the way. [SINGING] [INAUDIBLE] People, when they get
education, they'll get to fulfill their life,
make their life good. When they finish here, we
are going to find them a job. Or if they not get in
the job, then they're starting their own business. They touch the lives of people. The most important part is
those interactions that you have when you're talking
to local people. And you learn a bit
about their lives, and you understand
their culture, and you understand
about their families, and– and how they just–
generally about how they live. We're really trying
to build communities of like-minded
travelers who want to be aware and engaged about
how their travel impacts local communities. We need seed funding, so
that's kind of in our name– OneSeed Expeditions. Anytime someone travels with
us, 10% of that trip cost goes back into the
local community. So we work with an
organization called Anza, and they invest in local
entrepreneurs, one of which was Victoria here at Dataksy. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING AND CLAPPING] Health care in
Tanzania is expensive. For you to access good care,
then you have to pay in cash. And at that moment, the family,
they don't have the money. Woo-hoo! We are selling our
products to the community, through
the community. And this is the challenge
that John discovered. And he thought, is it possible
to create a health insurance cover for people who
do not have so much, to create a scenario
where they are not worried about what will happen
to them when they are sick? Especially for the
potters and guides, they go to the
mountain for five days. If their family
falls sick, then they can just go to the hospital
and they can get care. That is what peace
of mind means. You relax. They do their work
without worrying. As a guide, I'm making these
people, their dreams come true. Also, my dreams come true. We are proud when
our client, they are on top of the roof of Africa. This is not usual for us
to do this much hiking and this much work. And when I'm tired, and when
I'm walking up the mountain, and I see your faces, and I hear
you singing, it fills my heart, and gives me energy,
and gives me strength. And we got to the [MOUTHS] f…ing top! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] When you think about everything
that a local community does for you as a traveler,
it's so important to give back by making sure
that when you are traveling, that you are making
a conscious effort to try to find the most
responsible operators or the most responsible
activities that you can do, so that you are constantly
putting money back into the local community and
into the hands of the locals themselves. See his tail? Hallo! I kind of like to live my life
gathering experiences and not being focused on possessions. It feels purposeful
to understand or to know that you are making
changes in people's lives. [SINGING]

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