Hi everyone, this is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and tonight we have a very interesting guest, I’ve actually interviewed her in the past, her name is Emily Windsor Cragg, and she is a fascinating woman she has a great deal to share with us today, about some investigations she’s been doing into our ancient history I’m going to read her brief bio here for you it’s also on my website project camelot portal dot com so if you’re interested in taking a look at it you can go over there and I also share it here on the screen for those that like to sort of see what I’m going on about, so she was born in world war two and adopted out of her birth families, grew up in a Zionist Communist movement of the radical left she’s trying to figure things out, and this is the story of her life, she tried many spiritual paths, married divorced a few times, birthed five kids over 23 years, worked as an instructor at Xerox and George Washington University she attended the University in the eighties and nineties and completed a Master’s in Conflict Analysis and Communication, she had her own software startup in the early nineties called Play Technologies Inc. which failed to gain funding, I know what that’s like, she was radicalized during the Clinton administration by the university’s focus on globalism and the effects on human life of HR practices, gaslighting by corporations and she wrote a small political theory newsletter when she lived on Capitol Hill called ‘Just Now’ she was red listed in 1998 and spent the next seven years running from gang stalkers, she’s penned six books on Cosmology and Community Development, hosted radio at Blogtalkradio for several years and is writing a seventh book called ‘Where Do We Go From Here’, and I’ve got her links on my website if you want to see her Facebook and YouTube as well as one of her websites, so that is the short story and it’s fairly detailed actually for a bio and so now I’d like to introduce everyone to Emily and Emily put you on the screen here and say hello and perhaps you can augment that bio a bit with your own sort of short history of sort of how you how you came to do the kind of work you’re doing now as opposed to I mean we’ve got kind of a look at your past why are you here now? why am I here now? I’m still trying to make sense of things now that I’m in my seventies and have some time, and I have been kind of disturbed by the chaos between spiritual paths and ideologies and my Master’s is in Conflict Analysis so I decided to try to make to synthesize a single timeline out of all the books that I showed you in my bibliography and so my life goal is to explain life to myself and it makes sense of where we are politically and spiritually and physically and you know I wanted just understand it all put it all together and for the past year I’ve been working on a TV series with New Dimensions TV and Richard Williams that pulls all of the history together with the archaeology and the anthropology and the ideology and I put that aside for a little while in order to get the larger picture of it my mentors have been the late Lloyd Pye the late Roger Leir and Michael Tellinger quite a bit and the books that I have studied in depth A’shayana Deane has done the only work that I have been able to find I know you um interviewed her at least once and she’s fascinating to listen to if you can keep hold because she talks so fast but her Voyagers series are the beginning of the story of this planet because the Bible doesn’t go back that far the Urantia Book doesn’t go back that far none of the other books go back as far as she does and so that’s where the story begins where according to her Voyagers account in which makes sense to me the first two seedings of life here on this life platform failed because of wars, because the indigenous populations being peaceful and law-abiding and intelligent having 12 strands of DNA yada yada they were no match for the predatory races that came here to get what they wanted, that’s absolutely right and very astute got a good summary absolutely ok so the reason that I can look into this it’s not only because of the books but personally I’m a soul incarnate of one of the Annunaki bloodlines and so I have telepathic contact with that bloodline not that everybody in that bloodline agrees together or with me but I am part of the bloodline of King Naanaar who was the Annunaki king who died in late 2012 ok so I have access to their stuff now in 2007, in Iran an Annunaki royal was dug up who was in stasis and I don’t know if you’ve seen his pictures online, a very extremely handsome guy who has apparently been revived there were two other sarcophaga that were collected when they found him, one had an elder gentleman who didn’t make it and the third one was not revealed who it was and I believe, now I can’t validate this, or verify, but I believe that that Annunaki was Nergal and that the other sarcophagus was his wife Ereshkigal and that that’s where my connection is with Ereshkigal because I discovered some coincidence into that myself that related exactly to her likes so she’s my connection to the Annunaki ok now let me let me slow you down one minute here so you think that an Anunnaki sarcophaga guy as you calling him I think, you think they were revived that’s I don’t think that’s common knowledge, why was that a youtube video you saw it and you believed it yeah I’ve seen several references to that youtube video and also I’ve seen references to the secret space functions that have been carried out in Iraq and in Syria and Iran particularly in Iraq when our soldiers winning and destroyed their museum yeah okay okay we’re we’re all familiar with that but I’m still gonna bring it back to this idea of somebody being revived and being in the news ok now the Annunaki gentleman on youtube in several videos and they do not show him conscious they show him just lying in the sarcophagus but somebody pinches him like euh somebody pinches him and his flesh is very fresh and he has hair on his chest and he has a beautiful red beard oh he’s handsome as all gets aha and what is what is the name of this person well it isn’t given because he wasn’t conscious when they took the video showing the discovery of this man in stasis with a tube in his mouth so that he was breathing to some extent but I believe my contacts have told me that that’s Nergal and in the sarcophagus that they didn’t show that his wife Ereshkigal was there also there are some total, let me get this book out in the Emerald tablets of Thoth, now Thoth was the son of Ereshkigal and Enki they had Enki raped Ereshkigal and they had Ningishzidda, Ningishzidda was the techie who designed the Pyramids at Giza and Enki left because you know the Annunaki have mastered the fourth dimension they mastered eternity they do not age so for a long time Ningishzidda served the Annunaki as a technician but later on he became Thoth who kept and promulgated the Emerald Tablets um for particularly for ancient Egypt, ok uh you know that there is a lot of controversy over who did what and who played what roles in this sort of echelon right so I appreciate how you’re laying this out but this is not necessarily agreed upon exactly, ok this is the way I’ve been able to lay it out and I am open be corrected ok no problem and I’m certainly no expert on this but I know about it but identifying these players and being sure who’s doing what you are saying some things that are different than let’s say the Zecharia Sitchin material and some other people I forget the investigators name offhand that I interviewed but there’s another guy who does, and he’s got a whole nother group of people that he sort of identifies so it does get quite confusing but continue just to clarify that for the people I’m open to other resources and if you want to turn me on to other resources that question what i am doing i love it ok yeah ok no it’s no problem super smooth yes ok so just so people understand where we’re going with this okay go ahead ok so that’s just my source is my connections to the Annunaki now according to the Voyagers of A’shayana Deane 550 million years ago Nibiru slammed into Tiamat created the asteroid belt and broke Tiamat in half and earth was the name change for what was left of Tiamat ok the story is in Sitchin the timeline in Voyagers is a thousand times off according to Sitchin that happened in 550,000 BC not 550 million ok what’s a few zeros among friends ok so around 500,000 BC the Emerald covenant treaty that A’shayana Deane talks about was crafted after the Lyran wars because the Lyrans were very peaceable law-abiding trusting people and when they were slammed by the Alpha Draconi who are basically predatory they were unprepared to deal with it they just simply suffered annihilation so the Emerald Covenant Treaty was written by the founders Elohim in order to protect the white races from predation and that happened around 500,000 BC and after that, now wait one second here, because you’re making a distinction when you say white races why is that? because the Alpha Draconi are reptilian races and the Treaty actually specifies for white races that are supposed to be protected from predators this has turned out to be a very bad idea because what it set up in the minds of the cultures in the galaxy is that white races are somehow more special than others and the truth of the matter was according to where did i read this okay yeah because i am not familiar with this distinction you’re making so I’m wondering where this is coming from i am talking about A’shayana Deane she’s the one who wrote it down well no because there is the rainbow races and there are so many races that are mixed in here and the Emerald Covenant actually covers all the races not just the white ones and that’s the problem and that was the problem because the rainbow races are all 12 strand races are indigenous peoples have all their strands and so they’re very intelligent and their balance and they have a wisdom of their own but the white races in 280,000 BC the Annunaki did some genetic engineering on the white races to produce a race of white gold miners in South Africa and this is Michael Tellinger’s work ok but yeah i just don’t know why you’re emphasizing white because this is not clear, because the Treaty emphasized it and it becomes the predicament that we are in now it becomes our well okay but do you understand that the Anunnaki genetically altered many of the races they were all on planet earth at the time and that what you’re talking about is a frequency fence that was put in place on all of them not just not the white races the gold miners that the Annunaki had were all bearded as you would identify if you look from the carvings and the tablets they were all from the cro-magnon line and in Africa it was the Dogon who worked with the black races and civilized them to a high degree right now there are 700,000 Dogon in Western Africa in Mali in several hundred villages and they live by a very high spiritual path so the Annunaki themselves were discriminatory and that becomes our problem as time moves on because that’s where the idea comes from that we’re more special than other people that’s where the problem started ok so in 280,000 BC when the gold miners were genetically engineered to be smaller and not live as long and not be as intelligent as the Annunaki themselves some of their strands were broken or absent and this is the why behind those northern tribes being so highly intellectual that they lost their balance from the rainbow races they lost their ability ok well I appreciate that interpretation but i have to say that it is different than what i’ve learned and I don’t think Michael Tellinger would be going down that road because i know his work pretty well and I know him very well i’ve done a number of interviews with him and so I I don’t know where this is coming from but I can say that when you talk about rainbow races at least my interpretation my understanding we are talking of what the so-called white races of which there are many permutations we are so many genetically re-engineered at this point you can hardly say there’s one right white race but regardless the rainbow races include the white races they are not separate and they are not all indigenous ok so we’ve got red we’ve got blue at one time you know there are many different shades that go into the rainbow races and the Voyagers specify five rainbow races on the five continents and each race in those days was separated and on a continent of it’s own it took a little while for the races to start mixing I’m talking about in the beginning each continent had a race at once the earth was being resettled for the third time reseeded for the third time and the races were still separated 280,000 years ago when the Annunaki were dominating South Africa they had Ningishzidda had started working in South America but up at the North Pole the Atlanteans were suffering from an ice age and had to move down and migrate into Siberia and North America they were giants 8 to 9 feet redheaded and they all had a common stone technology that we find today in the eastern part of the US and Siberia has a fabulous stone technology profile more than I’ve seen anywhere else and that’s one of the things has been so eye opening for me during this past year is the amount of stone technology and the amount of work in Siberia they have dams where there’s no River they have markings for properties out in the middle of nowhere they have huge stone walls with megaliths like in Colombia and Bolivia and Egypt the amount of stone technology in northern Europe is just amazing the other thing that is amazing is the amount of cave dwellings that developed from the time that the earth became habitable again after it had a couple of floods in 51,000 BC 2 galactic years ago apparently when Genesis who was just an idea in Abraham’s mind he was writing things down because he was told that if he would write things down and journal it he would get a piece of the action his seed would eventually bless the whole planet but 2 galactic years ago when the life carrier, you know the Urantia Book talks about the entire universe as a huge hierarchy this entire universe is lawful ok there is no chaos and anarchy in the universe so Yahweh the Jewish God was simply a life carrier in the middle of the hierarchy he’s a techie he’s not even interested in social systems, when he got here this planet had just had a terrible flood the northern part was all covered with water and it was his job to make the volcanic heating system and the water circulatory system inside of the earth work again because it had been interrupted and harmed when Nibiru slammed into Tiamat and destroyed most of it there was this torus left that’s why we still have volcanic heating systems and water circulatory systems because we are not on a flat platter but we no longer have the complete sphere either we are on a torus with a wall on the outside and then an ice field that more or less covers over the chunks that Tiamat lost we still have water circulation we still have heat distribution because that was Yahweh’s job when he got here, so he spends six days making the earth habitable again and that’s our story in Genesis this is why the Bible Book of Genesis was written that way that is during the time that South America and South Africa were inhabited by and dominated by the Annunaki well ok Yahweh was seen as a vengeful god of the Jews basically that’s correct so i’m not sure where you kind of get him to be I mean I you know this is sort of a paraphrasing and a very you know you distillation of the Jews that his function was as a techie and I found that in the Urantia Book which is you know 2,000 pages read through that a couple of times when it talks about the station of the life carriers and his job is to make the planet habitable social systems were not his job because that’s what the hierarchy does where did he get the name for being a vengeful god in your interpretation of this scenario well the Bible is full of violence in fact just about every religious book is full of violence that is not an answer really no it is sort of an answer because the problem is abductions remember that’s where we started and David what’s his name but anyway he is a police inspector who specializes in tracking missing people and he has determined in the autumn of this year 2016 that 35,000 Americans disappear without a trace every single year the same problem from the beginning people are abducted and they disappear the Lyran problem being law-abiding trustworthy and trusting doesn’t work to halt the abduction problem Yahweh gave through Enlil the Annunaki a set of laws to try to straighten things up a little bit and that didn’t work what was going on among the peoples in China and India they had developed their own devotions their own spiritual practices and they’re pretty sensible Yahweh is dealing with the social system where deceit has become primary in the Garden of Eden which I don’t have a date for but when Satan said to Eve no you won’t die if you eat the apple you’ll be my god and you improve yourself that’s when deceit became the tool for teaching the people on earth how to handle the abduction problem that became the answer well that’s very interesting now look there there if you look at the Garden of Eden that’s actually a distillation of the relationship between the Anunnaki and humans and so when you’re talking about Satan you’re talking about actually an Anunnaki that’s right he was an Anunnaki and the distillation is that the Annunaki have a hierarchy practice that we would call simulations if you listen to what Satan said he was posing a hypothetical situation well maybe it isn’t so and and Eve took it literally but what they found is that straight out laws teach people rogue behavior and rogue behavior is not effective against abductions or violence the people here have to learn more about escaping hiding finessing they have to learn how to be a little bit at least deceptive to stay safe and that was the reason that evil was allowed here and violence was allowed here because we have to be able to cope and confront and deal with violence from ET’S we don’t know we don’t know who they are we don’t speak their language they come here and they take people sure they use them for experiments and they eat them sometimes we have to be able to deal with ET’s from a mindset that’s not gullible not naive and have the ability to confront sophisticated high-tech people that’s why evil was allowed here, and that’s why it’s still going on okay well I appreciate the notion that evil was allowed here and this is a we’re talking about 3d eventually now going into 4d this is a basically a sort of level a dimension of polarity and the polarity was put into the program from the very beginning, so saying it’s kind of like your wording is a little strange in the sense that if you know it’s not like evil was allowed here it was already here these beings came in, and you know I do appreciate that you are highlighting the notion that there was a point in the development of humanity, in which they realized that the races needed this in essence what became the reptilian brain, in order to fight the reptilians in other words in order to survive they had to allow more evil then well say on Lyra or on the Pleiades, yes although those races are you know have subsequently been dealing with that as well and we’re talking right now as a matter of fact I don’t know if you’re following any of this but the William Tompkins information that is just come out he’s an aerospace engineer who’s written a book called ‘Selected By The Extraterrestrials’ he worked for the Rand institute for Hughes aerospace for NASA he worked with the Nazis in the early days of Paper Clip basically designing the Secret Space Program but he’s talking about the Nordic races having helped us and helped the Nazis as well, to devise the technology, to get of this planet and to deal with the reptilians because the Nordic races are also still battling the reptilians themselves and they want humans to act as soldiers so i don’t know if you’re familiar but that may also augment your own work well now that we have a sizable population and we have quite a few of the Annunaki incarnates and the Pleiadian incarnates and the Andromedan incarnates and we have a larger population of people who have telepathic and clairvoyant and remote viewing abilities we are able to share our knowledge and we are able to learn from each other and teach each other and this is the good news, that we’re not limited to the bad stuff from the past anymore we have the Sumerian tablets, we know that there were giants, we know that there are huge underground cave systems where people fled from all kinds of dangers, we know that the earth has been flooded it has been frozen and it has been hit repeatedly with fire and sulfur from heaven ok so we have records of the time of the exodus we know that nibiru comes back periodically, in the precession of the equinoxes 25,772 years there are seven days Annunaki days and each day is a 3,657 year cycle of nibiru coming back so they come back seven times each galactic year that’s why in Genesis there’s a seven-day week because the Annunaki came back seven times in a year ok so we have more information to deal with now than we did in the past and that’s making it much better I am delighted to hear about this gentleman you’re talking about and I will look into it okay the last time that Nibiru came through since it’s a 3,657 year cycle was about either 1600 or 600 BC and we have to how do we figure it out because our records don’t nail it down, that has become part of the problem of deceit that we don’t have a clear history we know that, absolutely, .. temple and the library at Alexandria both were destroyed within a century, about 600 BC and if that’s the case then the next time Nibiru comes, it is here now ok it has to be 3,657 years from last time because that’s what it is, now why isn’t it why doesn’t the chronology match that was the very interesting part of this study because what happened was some things happened in society that compromised even the examination of what was true, Nibiru is here now our chronology is wrong and what happened apparently have you read the Kolbrin? yes, no, I’ve seen bits of it what happens is the Kolbrin has a very different chronology from the Hebrew Bible and if we take Jesus birth date in the Kolbrin which was a thousand 72 AD and we collapse it back to three BC we recover enough years, that Nibiru ends up here now, and that’s what I think happened, when the Council of Nicea took 14 books out of the Bible, they collapsed the chronology, because the treachery and and blasphemy and heresy was still going on, and so they decided to schedule things differently I think the chivalric organizations and the Masonics know all about this because they give a date for Nibiru’s return in their secret mysterious stuff as 3135 or 3136 which is where we would be if we restore the 1120 years that the change in Jesus’ birthday brought about ok so our chronology is wrong the Bible has been altered, and then there was a problem in Scripture if you follow Jesus teachings you get in a lot of hot water you know he said turn the other cheek and he said be peaceable and so on well he said you would be persecuted well if everybody’s law-abiding there’s no persecution so this is why the Roman Catholic Jesuit branch wrote or had written the Quran to provide a system of martyrdom so they could have murderers and saints and they could validate and verify the teachings of Jesus that Christians will be persecuted so that’s why we have ok ok that’s an interesting theory but you know where are you getting that the Jesuits had the Quran written this is an interesting interpretation of Mohammed’s life that’s I understand known history well I’m certainly that’s not known history okay I can’t I mean known history like that’s a very vague term we can’t actually bend there around because nothing right now is known as you know, because everything of our history are lies within lies, now you’re saying that there is a group of people who sent out this information I appreciate that, uh and it’s on youtube and you can google it, ok but you know you can appreciate there’s going to be plenty of Muslims are going to take issue with the notion that the Jesuits wrote or basically created Muhammad in some way or mind-controlled him or something to do what he did, is that that your idea? that is the history of Islam as I understand it, from dr. Bill Warner ok alright this is somebody that you obviously believe ok is that right? yes and they had reasons for doing it and their reasons for doing it are logically and coherent okay well creating martyrs it is an interesting you know getting back to the life of Jesus and so on so forth Jesus was not actually hung on the cross and there’s plenty of evidence that he was not, the gospel of Barnabas tells that story and that’s one of the books that the Council of Nicea removed, right okay so fair enough but several sources say that no Jesus was not the one hung on the cross it was Judas who was hung on the cross and Jesus got away and he lived long enough to found the Merovingian bloodline from which King Arthur, arose ok we know that that’s part of the Merovingian bloodline from Jesus, he didn’t die on the cross we know that this is true okay well yes that the Mary line, but uh I you know all I’m saying is you know that some of this is highly questionable you you could say that yes you can question all of it this is just what I’m threading together from sources I have no preferences because I don’t belong to an ideology alright I am NOT a this or a that or something else I am just a researcher yeah no I that’s fine ok just trying to clarify here because you know we at this moment we need to really balance it out when a certain things is said that is a statement that may many people who will watch this video whether they’re in the chat now or they’re not I you know eventually will take issue with so if it is my job as the interviewer to highlight these things to get your response and then we can move on so thank you that’s great uh so going on from here, where do you wanna go 1400s according to our present technology what it was according to the original chronology I couldn’t say, all right but it seems somebody seem to think that martyrdom and saints stays in all of that was necessary and so they’re well okay let’s look at that closely because there is the notion of human sacrifice and we are talking about what in essence has become a you know a satanic religion uh and and you have you know the bread of Christ you know eating the body of Christ and all this drinking the blood and so and so forth so there are rituals within it that do stem from a satanic reptilian base and this is very likely where this comes from sacrifice! this is where it comes from luciferian is satanic taken to the level of a whole culture where one culture says to another you’re not as good as we are we’re going to take you all out, ok because luciferian adopts ‘do what thou wilt’ that there are no limits or boundaries to the behavior of human beings anything goes where as Satanism is more formalized and more focused on removing people who are not compliant and not conforming to their societies you find another use for them and take them out I understand that now in the Protestant part of the Christian culture John Cowan in the sixteen hundreds made a change to the church in which he rationalized and made Christian behavior optional, that’s when the reformed the Reformation decided that what you believe, was more important than how you behaved, whereas in the Jewish tradition, how you behaved was settled down to a nice eyelash according to the Calvinist churches it didn’t matter how you behaved as long as you believed now there are some Christian off shoots and a Baptist for instance who take behavior very seriously but because of John Calvin having spread the word in the churches that it doesn’t matter how you really behave, when the ships from England went out to the new world, they didn’t apply the same ethical standards to the others, the indigenous tribes then they did to themselves and that goes back to that original Emerald Covenant Treaty that says it’s okay for one race to consider themselves superior to everybody else, that goes back to the idea that ,we there is an elite, and there are the sheeple ok you I know this is your interpretation of the Emerald Covenant I’ve never heard it interpreted that way, let me just say that, and so I find it you know I have to go back and take a closer look at it and so on so forth but I appreciate this is your take on it so you basically think, this is a new way of looking at history so that it actually makes sense step by step, ok and you so you think the idea was they got this notion, not from some uh i don’t know distorted notion of perhaps male supremacy and then possibly the fact that the white races contained a larger degree of reptilian blood and blood lines and this is where it it would have come out in a more organic sense the reptilians are over at intellectualized and don’t have as many of the strands that connect their nervous system into their emotions okay yes you’re absolutely correct I’m just tracing the events that brought those feelings and those elements together into social behavior alright so the social you’re going to change ok ok so then we go up to 1871 then we have the order of the Masons and the grand commander Albert Pike directs his Masonic orders to stage three World Wars my grandmother was involved in that okay and the third world war staged between islam versus christianity directly it’s completely described specifically that way right and it has been brought about in in perfect fulfillment of Albert Pike’s predictions ok and so the the Masons have kept their secrets and their mysteries under wraps the ordinary people don’t know anything about it on the streets does know one anything about it in fact a lot of the lower levels don’t know anything about it you have to get up to the 33rd degree in order to know what is really on the mind of the leadership ok so the Illuminati in the eighteen seventies made a decision to stage some wars that were going to change the social landscape and that has been fulfilled that’s what i am pointing out yes right yes now in the second world war to take deceit even further Operation Paperclip took the German Nazi scientists and psychiatrists and seeded them into America ok so that the rocketry program by NASA and the psychiatric profession became seeded with money for experimentation and secrecy as a result in 1969 the first lunar shot was one that was staged on a set side stage by Kubrick alright they did go to the moon yeah we know that because we have close up pictures from Apollo 20 that I you know I’ve looked and re-rendered many many times ok we know they got to the moon but the first shot was staged on the Kubrick side stage well I just had it’s just interesting you’re bringing that up i have Jay Weidner on my show today he is one of the pre preeminent experts on Kubrick Kubrick and we were discussing the fact that actually Kubrick he didn’t just fake one landing he faked several and that was because of what they could not show the public we did go to the moon but we had help as it’s said and we had ET help that’s how it went you could actually see because the ET’S have a ship that has a large picture window that they also helped NASA to fill the entire Clementon mission and the Magellan mission so we don’t have a ship with a large picture window to take photographs out of but the reason you know that it’s a large picture window in the upper part of the video there are shadows and by manipulating the contrast and the light you can see the faces of the people standing around the photographer in the upper part of the video so yes in the original Apollo 11 nasa video there are more people on the ship on the command module than just the crew and yeah you can see that they were assisted and across the Clementine mission was all done by the by I think it was the Annunaki because they’re all heavily bearded and very very light-skinned people but yeah that is part of the deceit that has been handed to us with a whole fight over flat earth versus spinning ball is part of the secrets that nasa keeps against the people so evil has been not only introduced into this platform but it has been kept secret all this time and it is part of our problem that the Pegasus mission of Darpa set up a chronogarchy a chronogarchy is what Alfred Webre calls it and that is they have Time machines in which they have predicted several decades into the future and then they try to load the policies and procedures in the history of the media to meet the the prediction so that we have had five presidents in office now who have been part of the Pegasus mission who have been part of the globalist ideology and who have steered the west toward a single outcome that was articulated and described very well in the Iron Mountain conferences Iron Mountain i think it was Pennsylvania in 1962 to 1967 right yes actually well we probably brought it forward over 10 years ago but the thing is that I I appreciate where you’re you’re going with this now it doesn’t sound like you know about the Yellow Book and it doesn’t sound like you know about Looking Glass technology but that’s what I’m talking about Looking Glass technology is what placed the leadership of the United States who are you know rich and have infinite financing available to them ok on a single action track to do the to plan are our world in a single certain way that they want sure that we no longer have governance by consent of the governed we could no longer have transparent public policy we could no longer have an election system that wasn’t already rigged for a certain outcome and a certain candidate who was going to do things in a certain way to lead to that one outcome yes and this is where things went really south, because no other possible option is allowed to service in the Iron Mountain conferences they’re going to have peace alright but it’s going to be according to certain policies of population reduction and blood sports and you know well in essence I mean if you read the Iron Mountain report it actually says that they don’t want peace that that’s actually the last thing they want they want to have an enforced peace where they keep the peace they want and they’re going to use wars for certain purposes well of course yes but so in essence yes that’s what we have yeah there peace is on their terms and their terms are absolute and their terms are rigid now you see I grew up in a family that was from the Bolshevik socialist communist milieu and they believed in a future like that they wanted a future like that, with a huge federalist system of a mommy daddy system that would take care of everybody and so forth and so when I read the Iron Mountain Report it resolved in me the fact that deceit has gone to the point of harming humanity, it is gone too far and that’s why, what I said to you I was radicalized, because that’s not the way I’m gonna go, that’s not the way I want my grandchildren to go ok so then we go up to 1954 the secret Grenada Treaty was crafted and in it abductions were allowed ok there were people who where just considered to be cattle and who can be abducted in return for high technology we had the Northwoods doctrine where deceit and secrecy became part and parcel of what the government was doing that was in the days when George Herbert Walker Bush was financing The Bay of Pigs by selling stuff through Zapata Oil ok and then we had Ollie north in the guns you know financing the war in Nicaragua we’ve had gun running and drug running by elements of our government going back to the fifties and so it is no surprise now that we find out the Clinton Foundation is running guns for the Mideast wars the Syria wars that are run by the Renegades in the Is Is hq dot com company things have remained the more things change the more they remain the same okay, now I had some questions to Alfred who the ET’s were who offered the Looking Glass Technology to MJ-12 do you know who that was? well that’s a very interesting question in essence we were probably told that it was the p52 greys from Orion whether that would be accurate or not I don’t know I mean you know this is speculation, yeah that’s where I am with it too I mean this is what we were told by Dan Burisch uh certain things he told us absolutely did pan out to be correct if you haven’t listened to our interviews with Dan you’re probably missing a number of pieces, I listened to all of his all right and I realized that what he could say, it was controlled by himself, so you do have to let it wash in, and what I could tell was that in terms of civil governments the whole doctrine of secrecy classified information compartmentalization need-to-know confidentiality all of that meant that our nation our nation’s government was out of control, completely out of control it has been incorporatized to the point that our local County, ok and I live in the mountains where there is almost no industry and so the County makes their money by giving out tickets and a setting up complaints against people to generate whether they’re a revenue-generating agency they’re not a public service agency and that’s what the corporate Washington DC United States of America Corporation became now my aunt Peggy Denis was the wife of Gene Denis the former general secretary of the communist party USA I know quite a bit about how they were and so in 1978 she wrote a book called the autobiography of the American communist in which and it was also set up on PBS as an American experience television show and she explained why she was signing up for the Republican Party under Reagan and some some alarms went off in my head I said oh oh this is not a good thing and what happened was the neocon she was a neocon ok but there are also neo libs in the Democratic Party and that is how they have controlled everything so that the people no longer had any voice in what is going on and that’s one of the things that I keep pointing out is that globalists were seeded into both US parties so that we have now had five presidents who following the globalist line and we the people couldn’t do anything about it because our voting system was has been um manipulated right now I just found this week online the new constitution for the United States of North America which is an Islamic state surprise surprise where did that come from and reading down to the signature line it comes from a Rothschild who put patched this constitution together according to His understanding now it has not been ratified by the 50 states so it is not in fact but again this is a globalist trick behind the people’s back to control the history of the land that where I live alright without my consent which is the same thing going on in the secret space program when the guys who the what was the name of the guy who went to Mars for 17 years and got involved there in wars that he had no input into that zone right just about destroyed his entire division ok so what has come to me ok can I can I just stop you there because what you you just brought up this so-called constitution written by a Rothschild so where are you getting this information and and why do you think it kind of means anything okay I have given you my outline for today’s interview and that link to that Constitution is on that outline I see but for the purposes of the people listening can you just paraphrase where you’re getting this information in other words finding a link on the internet is all very fine and good can you say why this this so-called Constitution sort of means anything to you why did it resonate it comes from the intention to set up the North American Union um as I don’t know if you know the judge Anna von Reitz yeah I just had her on my show the other day right ok and she analyzes the difference between the federal bureaucracy which is a corporation versus maritime law versus administrative codes vs common-law alright and as a result of her analysis many people have been freed from the idea that we live in a free country many people have been relieved of the notion that the law in this country is about justice and fairness and because of her a movement has arisen to fix it okay and because mr. Trump has moved people’s emotions people want to fix it um Dan Burisch had a lot to do with my desire to fix it and and so did Lloyd Pye and so did Roger Leir because I was I was abducted when I was nine and I had implants that came out of me when I was in my fifties so I know what that’s about and Michael Tellinger each of these truth-telling people regardless of how marvelously they have documented themselves have awakened in me the desire to fix it let’s pull together and fix this mess and in this particular case what I have pulled together is a timeline of deceit the social deceit that has been used as rationalization rationalizations and excuses for clamping down clamping down immobilizing people making people lose their livelihoods moving business out of the nation completely I’m just one more person showing the truth that you see has cost us so much in our human lives ok sure and the things that I’ve brought out the things that I have found were a surprise to me too i had no idea because I grew up in a Communist family and I’ve been they were Jewish and then I tried be being several kinds of Christian and i went to the .. and I’ve been to the Quakers and you know i ve been all over the place i have read a bunch of books I don’t place myself in an ideology I can’t tell you whether i am a democrat or republican or libertarian or whatever i’m just looking for how come we have all this deceit running everything sure and the deceit is what energizes me to continue the work and my grandchildren have been told and thought the most incredible BS in school that I’ve ever heard my granddaughter was talking to me she was she was eight at the time and she was talking to me about endangered species and she was talking about her school mission in and what they did was they all chose a species that they thought might be endangered and then they voted on it to see which one was the most popular and that is the one that was described and won the contest and announced to be the most endangered and I said what? you voted it in to be the most endangered how do you do this you know there are certain laws of causes and effects in reality in the material world here in material reality here in density physical our digestion takes time our learning takes time everything we do is a fight against time third density that’s what it is a struggle against time fourth density people don’t have to worry about that they’re in eternity the fourth dimension is time they’ve mastered time we have not mastered time as long as we’re here if we’re not getting true facts if we’re not getting the real deal and the right information we can’t solve a single problem absolutely ok so what I wanna do is we’ve been going for a while and i we have a choice here i want to give you on the one hand we do have some people in the chat is it possible they want to ask you some questions yeah that’s fine if anyone wants to ask questions please put them in all caps so we can distinguish the questions from the common chat and then the other thing is that you say you’re writing this book and it would probably be nice as kind of a summation for you to kind of talk a little bit about the direction of your book okay alright you want to do the questions first well while we’re gathering questions why don’t you tell a little bit about your book and then then we’ll see if there’s any questions okay uhm the book is going to be what do we do about this now and one of our problems of course has to do with money and the dollar and one of the things that I found in my studies was the law of seed money the law of manifesting by paying forward so I want to talk about that and I want to talk about alternatives to the dollar or the Frank or the Ruble ok because there are so many other means of exchange that we don’t think about very often there are pawn shops there are thrift shops there are garage sales there are there’s the Bradford pound there are coin collections and stamp collections things that people collect that they can use to trade so that’s going to have a whole chapter on different modes of exchanging now now in education so glad you’re asking me this in education we have to correct the BS the wrong history that our children are being taught every day we have to teach them to solve problems according to causes and effects not according to what’s the most popular notion ok so that i’m going to propose that in secondary school that a year be devoted to the differences in law between Maritime Admiralty Common Law and Administrative Law much along the same lines as Anna von Reitz spoke to you the other day except i want to do it at about a tenth grade level there needs to be a year talking about financing and thrift there needs to be a year talking about the political process and how the precincts work the .. no just go through the steps with young people so that when you see people taking a survey on a video and asking do you know where Thailand is or what’s the name of your state’s senator the people answering the questions are not so clueless our children need to know about thrift they need to know about nutrition they need to have skills that’s where this this book is going to go that if we’re going to fix our society we have to start with our children and what we teach our children to our children are not helpless ten years down the road but they grow up so fast they grow up so fast it’s amazing my grandchildren one of them is 29 years old has a phd already i didn’t realize I was that old okay yeah alright so okay at this moment I thank you for this glimpse into your book and and just why don’t you tell us when you might have it out oh this is the beginning of november and it will not be ready for the Christmas rush good time for it will be around the inauguration alright if there’s going to be an inauguration if selection is naturally going to get carried out, right still a while holidays you know are a big part of the lives of families and that is a part of the sifting and sorting that we need to do between religious dogma custom tradition and just having a good time fun so that’s that’s where this is going this is grandma’s uh grandma’s advice on wisdom and good ideas or something like that all right okay I let’s see now as far as the questions go someone wants to know the origins of rh positive is that positive or negative rh-negative i guess and or just rh and will it ever be revealed I have no idea about that i know there i personally had for a period the same disease that took out George the third and that Elizabeth the first had some of but um I haven’t had any blood studies done in just years and years and years and that’s something i just don’t know i am sorry but that’s not up my alley ok let’s see someone wants me to ask you about Pindar and Marduk excuse me I have to get something to drink oh no problem its water ok Pindar is supposedly the penis of the Dragon the human being who is appointed to be the point person between humanity or between a society of humanity and God or a cosmic being Pindar you can you can claim to be a Pindar but i think i think it’s like claiming to be Jesus the Christ you know well there is one guy who claims to be that and from what I understand he is a black magician ok alright so we’ll just let him make his claim and we’ll find out sometime in the future whether he was right or not thats that’s fair enough ok the other person is Marduk Marduk was Enki’s son and his brother is Nergal the guy i told you they found in suspended animation Nergal is Marduk’s younger brother and Marduk has been a very angry guy, he has been very angry for a long time I have never sensed I’ve never sensed Marduk I have heard that he is an executive in the corporation incarnate right now that’s what i’ve heard about him that’s as much as I know okay well I’ve heard quite a bit about Marduk and there are people that have spent you know that spend times in secret societies worshipping Him and there is evidence that he may have been returned to Earth in a sort of stasis if you will and that Obama and a bunch of I guess Hillary and and and several others went to pay their respects in uh I think it was zimbabwe i remember correctly and this was a couple of years ago and so on so forth and that he is you know he is the Anunnaki who is the Sun when the Illuminati refer to the Sun and to the Sun coming to you know to rule and the Sun rising all this kind of thing that that basically the new world order is supposed to be set at the feet of Marduk thats what i know about it, that is all coherent with what i know now in 2007 I got a picture of um Naanaar with Enlil who were at a conference Naanaar has since died Enlil um, and you could tell that they were really et’s in the picture because their eyes were so close together and they they shown red they were little tiny teeny red eyes and when I illuminated their cloths they had all kinds of lights underneath in dark suits they weren’t human it was really real clear so um Naanaar who is kind of roly poly and Enlil long face and sad ok they have been here that I know and they were negotiating they were at a conference and they were negotiating with the powers that be and probably Marduk was there too ok they don’t age like we do the way they age is they get internally repaired by technologies they have ways of repairing their DNA so they can just keep livin on they are not they are not comfortable or maybe they’re not happy or maybe this or that but their DNA can be repaired with their medical you know i’d like to go to a medical doctor say hey let’s get rid of Porphyria and stuff ok and they can’t do that so yeah well along those lines now you believe that you’re in contact to this day with a certain group of the Anunnaki is that right occasionally yeah usually when something comes up ok what when you say that do you mean that you’re getting downloads how are you communicating they’re mostly checking on because I’m part of their bloodline they’re checking to see that I’m not doing anything to either dishonor them or teach or say what their hierarchy isn’t doesn’t want to get put out and basically what I’ve said here today was ok ok that was okay with them uh yes you probably not heard that before they check with me to see what i’m doing and i can ask them a question now and then but they’re not very forthcoming you always a lot more forthcoming than they are and and oh I know him as a checkie not as somebody who is greatly interested in social systems and that’s why the fact that he’s considered to be a hulking monster who wants to start wars and do all of that is not surprising for me because that’s not his stick don’t you mean it is surprising to you because it’s not his stick I’ve been in contact with him now for 25 years you think he’s being misinterpreted because he wants to be or and because he created that because he doesn’t care about the whole scenario of the social stuff it’s not his business it’s not his problem he’s busy working on the vulcanic stuff and dealing with the chemtrails because the chemtrails is keeping our atmosphere separate from Nibiru so there’s no explosions and pumping oil out of the ground is when a meteor hits the land doesn’t explode he’s dealing with physical stuff and not you know the hierarchy the founders the Annunaki and their their teachings you know the catholic church the Vatican is the epitome of Annunaki teachings including the Jesuit faction who are Marduk ok and so you know Yahweh is not social sciences ok so you you are you believe you’re in contact with them and are you seeing them in person or are you just getting some sort of mental pictures or what I’m not clear voyant I’m only clear audient alright so what I can hear i can hear their alarm system when a meteor is about to hit somewhere I get tones in my ear when that happens different kinds of tones i hear music particularly songs that are specific to certain meanings to certain messages when for instance last night i was awakened three thirty in the morning and I don’t know exactly who it was that I was communicating with in terms of my thoughts about what I was going to do here but it was the intention was very direct that what I said today to you was going to be guided and so it has been guided I simply done what they I am just a secretary okay I’m just a secretary I say what they want me to say and I do what they want me to do and so that’s why I’m comfortable I realize you’re not comfortable some of the things I said ok that’s alright because as I said about other things it’s all gonna come out in a wash all the truth is coming out gradually the processes in areas where deceit has been dominating are being exposed sure absolutely that’s the important thing and there are people who are a lot better and telling the interesting facts than I am ok I am just a grandma and I’m doing what I can and so my relationship with them is very inform because I’m considered to be one of them you know I’m just a secretary ok uh so someone is asking about your abductions do your abductions relate to your relationship to the Anunnaki yes I was born in very bad condition Oh with Asperger’s and Porphyria and .. psychosis and so on I almost died where I was born I was born on my .. and um and so when I was nine years old and I was on vacation with my mother in Minnesota I was taken for a 12-hour period of missing time and after that for ten years I had these terrible fainting spells but it did something to my way of thinking when i was 12 i went through a mental exercise to swallow the whole universe so i had a map of the universe in my mind which I’ve had ever since ok so i’ve always been strange i’ve always been slow methodical way you know just kind of plodding i’ve always been plodding and and that’s why I don’t consider myself a good speaker not even interesting sometimes but about 10 years ago little black plastic triangles with the seed inside one popped out of my arm and the other one popped out in the toilet and then I realize oh I have implants and so then I was allowed to know about when I was taken and where I was taken and what happened to me when i was taken and I was taken for 12 hours in 3rd dimensional time but in fifth dimensional time I was taken for several weeks and I was tortured and a whole bunch of stuff on me that was the only time and i repressed the memory and i rather don’t talk about alright okay and and so how old were you at that time I was nine when they took me and 12 hours older when they brought me back i had fading spells for ten years after that nobody could figure out what they were I mean I just be standing standing here talking to you and just fall over half a dozen times in my teenage years that finally went away and then in my fifties the implants go out so are you aware of like the Neanderthal bloodline that that that you may be part of no i am Annunaki ok but you know they made human hybrids right i am not a human hybrid you don’t think you are i am an incarnate one of them all right I’m really I don’t fit in in human society at all and that’s just how it is and their way of thinking makes sense to me and i just fit with them better Yahweh and i have a very open relationship in terms of trading meaning and thought back and forth we can just talk i have a terrible time trying to talk to my children ok and then yeah I was as Ereshkigalgal I was part of the royal line royal bloodline and on Mars i was part of the royal bloodline and so now I’m one of three illegitimate daughters of the Duke of Windsor i’m part of the royal bloodline again what that means to me is hey I get all these hereditary diseases you know that’s that’s what I got out of it the oldest daughter of the Duke lives in tennessee she’s 82 her name is Elizabeth I forget the last name she has a website called we three dot org and the next half sister lives in Virginia her name is .. she has a youtube account she has a lot to say on youtube she doesn’t like me very much and i .. we are half-sisters alright well yeah well that’s what Royals do is they spread the seed around so that’s what my dad did that’s what he thought was the important thing and I have you probably know that i have challenged Queen Elizabeth with my claims yes well and for people that are interested in that side of of what you have to say we did do a pretty you know involved interview on that subject already so i’m gonna refer them to that your entire interview and anything else you have you have a youtube channel and on the YouTube channel you do have your own videos as well as other people that have interviewed you correct that’s correct and also i have the claim against the crown okay that’s on your website trending videos that i put up recently ok so at this point we’re gonna close this down uh thank you so much for being on my show and for sharing thank you very much for allowing me to tell my story and to provide new information people didn’t have before okay see how it all works out absolutely well let’s stay in touch and you take care all right and thank you everyone for listening and for watching and we’ll be back next week with us some more shows so i have a great night and Emily you take care and it’s it’s been delightful to have you on the show Thank You so much Kerry ok take care bye-bye okay so hold on one moment here and we’re going to ok so thank you everyone for listening and for watching again i do want to make a note to people in the chat that if you do not want to hear from the person who was interviewing and you only want to hear from the guests that I suggest you go to the guests website and see their their videos because they can talk non-stop and you can just hear from them if you are not interested in hearing my kinds of questions and the way i do an interview then please go elsewhere because i do a certain kind of thing here and I know exactly what I’m doing and why do it the way I do it and if it bothers you please move on okay thank you very much and everyone take care bye-bye

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