Embroiderer's Helper

if you're like me you're always looking and looking for new tools to help make things easier in the sewing room and embroiders helper is a great tool for doing just that it makes really quick work of positioning right and left chest embroideries on t-shirts and button-down shirt in the next segment we'll show you how to use this great tool okay now we use embroiders helper to stitch design on the left front of t-shirt and first of all you hold my shirt of ham and I'll position embroiders helper with the bottom ribbing on the t-shirt and that this was a button-down shirt I would line this little knot with the top button on a shirt and I'm gonna mark this is a size small shirt so I'm in a mark this size a small notch on a borders helper and then to make sure that it stays straight in the hoop I'm going to mark this bottom notch and it's a small position then when I go to my hoop this is going to be the center of my design and this one will help me make sure that it stays aligned vertically straight in the hoop if I wanted to embroider the other chest we just flip embroiders helper line it up with the bottom of the ribbing and follow that same procedure as you can see embroiders helper is a great time saver in your sewing room and it eliminates all the guesswork you get perfect positioning every time on every size order yours today

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