Ellen’s Staff Members Play ‘You Bet Your Wife’

Y’all watch Game
of Games, right? My show, Game of Games, yes? [APPLAUSE] The wonderful people
at Hasbro like it too. So they are turning you
Bet Your Wife into a game that you can play at home. It’s called You Bet. It is so much fun. The only difference is, instead
of you dropping into soup, the soup drops on to you. To celebrate the
board game, let’s play you Bet Your Wife right now. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, so this is– my producer Kevin comes up
with all these wonderful games. And Joel is his right-hand man. And every time there’s a
new game or any new trivia, Kevin tests out on
his best friend. Lauren, and her wife,
Elizabeth, here. I guess– well, they’ve
gotten pretty competitive. And Lauren and
Elizabeth have been bragging that they can beat
Kevin and Joel at this game. So we’re about to find out. All right, Elizabeth, how
are you feeling up there? Not great. [LAUGHTER] That’s your segment on
EllenTube, “Not Great.” Did she get that from you? No. All right. Where is she looking? All right. I know, where are you looking? I don’t know where I am. OK. Follow the sound of our voices. All right, Joel,
how are you doing? Doing well. OK, good. All right, the first person
to fall three times loses. I should mention that You
Bet Your Wife is sponsored by pumpkin spice lattes. Spice up your marriage
with pumpkin spice! All right, Lauren, we’re
going to start with you. Oh, boy. [MUSIC PLAYING] How many celebrities with
three names can Elizabeth name? Oh. Oh. I think– oh, gosh. I think she can name four. All right, Kevin? She’s good with celebrities. But I think Joel can do six. Joel can do six celebrities
with three names. Can Elizabeth do seven? Or are you going to challenge? Oh, shoot me! Challenge, right? All right. Oh, my god. All right, Joel. Yeah? Seven celebrities– Seven? I thought it was six! Oh, six, sorry, six
celebrities in 30 seconds. Ready? OK. Go. Sarah Jessica Parker. Dame Judi Dench. Dame Helen Mirren. Sir Elton John. Ellen Lee DeGeneres. Kim Kardashian West. These are not– There they, Lauren. Stop. No, they’re not. Those don’t count. So keep going. Oh, my god. Can’t say Ellen Lee DeGeneres. Ellen Lee DeGeneres! No! L.L. Cool J. [LAUGHTER] That’s got to be six! L.L. Cool J? That’s– yeah, L.L.– [GONG] Joel! That’s not! You didn’t think
that was high, Kevin? No, that doesn’t work like that! There was Neil Patrick
Harris, Jamie Lee Curtis– I said both those. Billy Bob Thornton. I said that one. Tommy Lee Jones, all right. So that’s one drop
for you, Joel. Don’t do it. Wait! Oh! [GASPING] All right. Oh, no. [CHEERING] Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Ugh! All right, come on back up! Oh, I didn’t know that! Oh, God! It’s the pumpkin spice latte. It smells really good. It’s so fun. All right. Oh, god. How does that smell, Joel? It smells kind of good. That’s great. Joel, I’m sorry, but
that was your fault. We’re going to start with Kevin. Kevin, how many ways can
Joel say to cook a potato? Well, now, I’m going
to go with three. All right. You can do four. All right. Joel can do five. Can Elisabeth your six? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I’m sorry! Joe can do seven. (WHISPERING) Challenge. We’ll challenge! Are you serious, Kevin? [LAUGHTER] She could have done that
with her eyes closed. All right, what is
this, seven, right? Seven! Seven, Joel, in 30 seconds. L.L. Cool J does not count. OK. [LAUGHTER] OK, go! You can mash them. You can put them in the oven. You can put them in a stew. Oh, man, cooking potatoes. Oh, make french
fries, potato chips. Oh, you can deep fry them. No, ways to cook. Not the end result. Like, in an oven, in a stew,
you can you can bake them, you can cook them with
yourself, with a friend– [LAUGHTER] You can cook them so many ways! Kevin, why did you– I don’t cook! Cook them with yourself
or with a friend. So what we meant, saute, sear,
steamed, stir fry, roast– Boil. You did mash, that was right. Oh, no, this is number two! ready? Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! No, I’m not going to wait! Oh, my god, it’s so–
oh, God, it’s so sudden! All right, bring him back up. All right, what did you
want me to wait for? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Oh, I just thought that
we’d pass on that one, maybe get the– Oh, no, no, no. All right. We’re doing great. All right, y’all
are doing great. We’re doing great. All right, Lauren. Uh-huh? Breeds of cats, how
many can Elizabeth name? I’m going to go with
three breeds of cats. Four, Joel could do four. Is she not good with cats? I mean, this is
going to be hard. I’m going to say five. Challenge. Oh! All right, five
different kinds of cats. Elizabeth, ready? You got this! Go! Himalayan, tabby, black– No. No. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Persian, Persian! Yes, Persian. Um– I don’t have cats! [BUZZER] I’m sorry! That’s just one drop. That’s all it is. Ah! Oh, God! Oh, God! Lauren, no! Come get me! I don’t think she’s
going to come get you. I can’t! I can’t! Ah! [LAUGHING] [APPLAUSE] All right, come back up! Oh, no! You look great! All right, Barely on you. Barely on you. Kevin, living members
of the royal family, how many can he name? Oh, gosh, Joel can name five. Um, Elizabeth can name six. That’s it? I mean, well, seven. Seven. Eight. Nine. Challenge. All right, Elizabeth nine
members of the royal family, go! Queen Elizabeth, Prince
Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker– uh, Duchess
of Cornwall, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle,
Prince Harry, Prince George, Prince Louis,
Princess Charlotte– [DING] [APPLAUSE] Oh, we won! You lost! But there’s no points. Congratulations, you won. I’ll bring you down so you
can tell them the good news. For playing, you all get
to keep working here, except for Elizabeth,
who doesn’t work here. Anyway, you’re all welcome. And everyone in the
audience is going home with Hasbro’s new game. It’s called You Bet! We’ll be back.

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