Ellen Guesses If Audience Members Have the Right Moves in ‘Woah or No’

I’m getting a bit of a hard
time from my niece, Eva. I have two nieces. I have Eva and Perry. And Eva is 10 years old. And she makes fun of me when
I do the whoa, the dance. And she’s like you’re
not doing it right. You’re doing it wrong. And I’m like you have lice. And so– [LAUGHTER] She doesn’t. But she may one day. And I always thought
I was the cool aunt. So I’m kind of confused. I spoil Eva and Perry. I let them stay up late. One time I disguised them as a
very tall man in a trench coat so that we could get
in to see Hustlers. And by the way, they’re very
upset about Jennifer Lopez getting snubbed,
not getting an Oscar nomination because anyway– During rehearsal
a couple of days, Andy tried to do the whoa. And he’s average at most things. But he’s below average at this. What is your name? The rho. Let’s do it. Do it again. Is that it? Yes. No. Not even– Do it again. And it’s called the whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. It’s a shoulder
thing, I understand What’s this? What is that? I was doing you. No, do the rho. It’s the whoa. The whoa. Do the dab. It’s something– one off. Oh, yeah, yeah, it’s– I– I– know. [LAUGHTER] Can you do a whoa into a dab? A what? A whoa into the dab? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] That wasn’t really a whoa. That was a wuh-oh. That was– you know you’re the
whoa wrong, when you end up on the ground. That is– it’s something
that not everybody can do. So we’re going to play a game
right now called Whoa or No. Whoa or no. All right, Andy Zenor
is going to choose someone of his own desire. I have nothing to do with this. You pick someone. And tWitch and I are
going to see if we think they can do whoa or no. I don’t feel good
about this one already. Nope. She didn’t even stand up yet. Nope. Just by the lack of
confidence in her. Hi, what’s your name? Kim. Hi, Kim. How are you? I’m good. OK, so well, you
just saw us do it. And you saw Andy do it wrong. So do you want to
give it a shot? I’m going to say,
tWitch, how you feeling? I’m going to say no. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, no, I don’t think– I’m with you. You know what? You may surprise us because
maybe you’re acting like this. And then you’re going to
be all whoa, you know? Let’s see it Kim. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Stand up again, Kim. I should have asked more
questions about you. Man, that was impressive. That was– yeah. There was not just the whoa. There was a bunch of– There was a little
bit of floss in there. It was nice, yeah. Wows before the whoa. Wow. That’s really impressive. All right, so you
can do the whoa. Do you think she– Today’s my birthday. Yeah, she– Oh, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday. 52. Happy birthday. Well, you’re doing 52 proud. You look fantastic. All right, have a seat. And let’s– we weren’t
good at that, tWitch. Wow. That was, man, yeah. She– That was a surprise. That really threw me off. That was– All right, OK. Well, I was just watching her
dance before the show with you. And I can tell she dances. What’s your name? Tonia. Hi, Tonia. Hi. I’m Ellen. [LAUGHTER] I’m going to say I think
Tonia can do the whoa. I think Tonia, yeah, we
were grooving earlier. I feel like she might
have a little something. I think she can do it. Yeah. Tonia, let’s see it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ah, I see what happens. You got to give
it a little more. I see what’s happening. You know, I think you– I believe you just
invented a new dance. I think, it was like
she was tying a knot. Yeah, it was like
she did this hybrid of the Cabbage Patch, whoa. So I didn’t know when
your whoa actually started because you were– it was kind of– It was a long lead
wind-up to the whoa. –to the whoa, yeah. All right, I think no. OK. That’s not to say you’re
not a great dancer. Cabbage patch is mean, though. Cabbage Patch is mean. Yeah. A mean cabbage patch. I’m not saying you’re not
a great dancer, Tonia. You’re a great dancer, OK. Just not with the whoa. I think the whoa is–
there was too much of it. I think cut back on
some of the whoa. Too much whoa. All right, one more? Yes. All right. Hi, what’s your name? Jerin. Jerin, Hi, Jerin. I think she can do the whoa. I don’t know what
to think anymore. I’m a little skeptical. But I’m going to say yeah. I’m going to say yeah. Let’s see you do the whoa. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Actually, I change– OK, OK, I mean– [APPLAUSE] That, what’s happening right
there is polite applause. I think that was not
exactly the whoa. It was whoa-ish. It was– Better than Andy? Yeah, yeah. Anything’s better
than Andy, yes. Yeah, yeah. That was– show us what
you thought it was. Do it again? OK. OK. That would be
called the plunger. That felt like you were
coming up with a plunger. Or yeah– Which might be a new dance,
the plunger, and the tie in the knot with Tonia.

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