Ellen Finds an Audience Member’s Embarrassing Glamour Shot

Happy Monday, everybody! [AUDIENCE CHEERS] I don’t know why, but you feel
like a Tuesday crowd to me. And I’m not sure, but anyway– who remembered to adjust their
clocks for daylight savings? [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] And yet, you made
it here on time. Isn’t that interesting? Who’s going to wait five months
until their clocks are right again? [AUDIENCE CHEERS] Yes, some clocks are
easier than others. Are you all on Instagram? [AUDIENCE CHEERS] I don’t know why– I know you are because
I use my extra hour to go through your
Instagram accounts. And now I’m going to show all
of your photos to my followers. And Skylana Roberts–
where is Skylana Roberts? Hello! Hey! Look at that face. Well you posted it! I mean, why are you– you don’t even know
what I’m going to show, but you’re just already scared? All right. Well stand up and be
proud of yourself. OK. Let’s see. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] All right. And you say, when you wanna
watch dem bitches gamble but you gotta drink. All right, Explain yourself. First of all, it’s a good
thing we have cup holders here. I didn’t even– I just built them
into the chairs not thinking anyone
would do that. But tell me about that. Vegas. It was Vegas. That’s it. All right. Also, not to be
nitpicky, but it’s when you watch dem
bitches gamble– comma– you gotta drink. The comma should have been– that’s OK. All right. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] Let’s see– the next
person is Jane Bama Gunza. Bama Gunza. Right here! Hi! Hi! Hi, tell me– stand up please– OK. What is your last name? Tamabungza. That’s right. That’s it. That’s exactly right. OK. So you posted something
of your father. Oh, OK. Yeah. Let’s see what’s going on here. Let’s talk about this. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] That’s my best friend. Yeah. What’s happening? We were having an
ice cream party. Read the caption! I’ve had an ice
cream party before– never anything that
resembles that. That’s it? That’s all? Just an ice cream party. That’s it, yeah. Did he forget where
his mouth was? He did. He did. Yeah, it was
#likefatherlikedaughter or something like that? That’s how you eat as well? Absolutely. All right. When I get to know my people
in my audience, it’s really– Jerry Plummer. Where is Jerry Plummer? [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] That was good. You stood up reluctantly
yet with pride. I like it. Yes. So hi, Jerry. Hi. How you doing? I’m good. Good. Good to see you. I’m a little afraid. Really? Let’s take a look. Let’s see what you posted. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] It say, glamor shot or
porn star– you decide. I hope it was a glamor shot. That’s what I hope. OK. Who is this with you? My friend, Rebecca Greever. Is Rebecca going to be
happy that that’s posted? No. No. I post it on Throwback
Thursday, and she always makes comments like, I’m never
going to live this photo down. Right. And now look where it is. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS AND CHEERS] Yeah. Rebecca! Rebecca, look! Look at you, Rebecca! It’s wonderful. It’s a wonderful picture. Thank you for posting it. Thank you for being here.

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