Elajjaz Stream Archive – ๐Ÿฆ€ TWITCH IS GONE ๐Ÿฆ€ Dark Souls – All Achievements S … WITH CHAT

Ookami_Desu: !tweet WrestlerBot2000: Latest tweet: “Man Twitch is Pepega as fuck today, not sure if I should wait with going live until it’s fixed or just go for it” at 15:34:07 29.05.19 – https://twitter.com/statuses/1133728227288129536 kerodion: kerodion subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 28 months! elaOk WrestlerBot2000: @kerodion After 28 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM SiloWang: I JIZZ Lagunaab: Pog Ookami_Desu: FeelsAlmostLateMan merchandise_of_cush: Pog VikingsFromSweden: ELAS FELLAS ela13 ELAS FELLAS ela13 JubJubWantRubRubs: holy shit i have an assault rifle elaGa quantumop: SourPls SiloWang: elaGasm I NEED A MIRACLE elaGasm quantumop: SourPls SourPls x3kmak: elaMad elaGun @Elajjaz good you went live in time BleekStone: plebs where are u Arcshined: Heyyy WrestlerBot2000: Elajjaz is now live! Streaming Dark Souls: 🦀 TWITCH IS GONE 🦀 Dark Souls – All Achievements Speedruns! @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram quantumop: elaOk Fafebobo: !elaMad #Tomatoes merchandise_of_cush: balance rifle Pog Arcshined: Any tomatoes in chat elaMad DragonflyJoe: ElaJAM kerodion: !elaMad anderpstoostronk: Pog skywinghero: AYAYA VikingsFromSweden: elaOk quantumop: elaMad tomato reporting in WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Kusocheg: iron95Pls anderpstoostronk: PB Today Pog x3kmak: pepeJAMMER ricardoFlick pepeJAMMER ricardoFlick pepeJAMMER ricardoFlick pepeJAMMER ricardoFlick pepeJAMMER ricardoFlick kerodion: ElaJAM reflektioNCS: elaHi Arcshined: elaMad elaPlan SiloWang: elaSneeze dabs on tomatoes elaSneeze JubJubWantRubRubs: kill the tomatoes elaREE quantumop: elaMad you already accepted this is a tomato right Elajjaz ? 1marcio080: hey chat naroWink Kusocheg: twitch no laggerino pls ๐Ÿ™‚ Ph4ntomi: Pog hyperkontsa: elaMad heres one more Corsad: !AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady 46kong46: elaGa elaGa elaGa Kusocheg: elaMad souldedeh: death stranding channel is lagging too much FeelsLagMan quantumop: AlienPls BleekStone: tomato violence WutFace mrbreadberry: AlienPls JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls ergivanc: @1marcio080 hey AYAYA / Hexarift: Helloooo EljanPls robertoci3: AlienPls Shissel: hello guys pepeL Fafebobo: (ditto) BrowningZen: 🦀 TWITCH IS GONE 🦀 Ph4ntomi: pepeD FappyMcFlappy: I see I scared you into streaming, good job me ๐Ÿ™‚ quantumop: fucking twitch lagging ๐Ÿ™ wandering_pleb: pepeD stu5700: FeelsLagMan Hexarift: FeelsLagMan ClaytonBigsbe: Twitch is ded JubJubWantRubRubs: FeelsLagMan BarghestFenrir_: ELA YOU’RE LATE. Rip 29 days streak Fafebobo: FeelsLagMan Bl00drav3n: cirSlain Ph4ntomi: FeelsLagMan robertoci3: FeelsLagMan merchandise_of_cush: FeelsLagMan tito3211: f Bakureetsu: FeelsLagMan FappyMcFlappy: but wow this lag is ass, unwatchable mrbreadberry: FeelsLagMan Kusocheg: FeelsLagMan hyperkontsa: FeelsLagMan Daerth_: FeelsLagMan SiloWang: elaMad twitch pls elaMad Kal1m3r0: pepeJAM JubJubWantRubRubs: huge F FeelsLagMan Cheapcat: #tomato !elaMad x3kmak: RareEla elaGun elaMad pistaitson: Hi KonCha GoldenFlame1: FeelsLagMan VikingsFromSweden: elaMad Omojjo: ricardoFlick Elajjaz: BILLION Elajjaz: DOLLAR ergivanc: FeelsLagMan Elajjaz: COMPANY callmesephi: FeelsLagMan TWITCH FeelsLagMan JadedWarrior: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek Fafebobo: @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan robertoci3: LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh BrowningZen: elaMad elaTomato merchandise_of_cush: PepeLaugh seggluksanyi: what happened quantumop: elaKek Starsomar: pepeJAM UltraWindow: 🍅 still stuck on an ad FeelsWeirdMan Istog: LULW GodUltimate: Death stranding in 1 hour Pog daley_: elaMad stu5700: LULW SirHansii: hey ela and chat elaH FappyMcFlappy: elaMad Kusocheg: smol indie company Corex82: just refresh stevenm31: ! elaDM Corex82: worked for me Stilgarius: @Elajjaz Ela Im not sure if you ahve read but thats from official Cohh twitter – Switched from VA to Chicago and had immediate issues resolve. Try that guys! Omojjo: YeahBoi Qc7ab: 🦀 TWITCH IS GONE 🦀 🦀 TWITCH IS GONE 🦀 🦀 TWITCH IS GONE 🦀 🦀 TWITCH IS GONE 🦀 🦀 TWITCH IS GONE 🦀 🦀 TWITCH IS GONE 🦀 Bakureetsu: @Twitch 😡 seggluksanyi: gachiGASM SHERLOCK_Y: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid2 Squid4 umuthun: za callmesephi: TEN callmesephi: CENTS robertoci3: AlienPls callmesephi: SERVER GoldenFlame1: FeelsLagMan Clap x3kmak: ArTiFaCt HoSt ToDaY elaGa Elajjaz: i cant use chigago server haha Elajjaz: i live in sweden Elajjaz: its gonna drop like crazy UltraWindow: ok ad boss defeated, whats this lag everyone is talking about.. oh i see Stilgarius: Maybe some other servers works better in EU 4Shrug callmesephi: use elaBruv server Aberrant404: elaCozy banadee: monkaGun stay awake twitch BarghestFenrir_: IKEALUL Eoa Kalgarrr: Chag Clap Omojjo: @Elajjaz Use IKEA server ergivanc: pepeD 1marcio080: use the brazillian server ๐Ÿ™‚ come to brazil ๐Ÿ™‚ Istog: use the ikea server Kappa GoldenFlame1: 🦀 TWITCH IS GONE 🦀 x3kmak: there is always Nerdy Server Kappa Omojjo: pepeJAM Kusocheg: 160p lets go ClaytonBigsbe: Death Stranding is breaking twitch. THANKS WEEBJIMA neigrfdnj: ppHop HaPoww: wait whats going on with twitch? J0hnnyBlade: I can’t use neither twitch nor YouTube on my pc today elaWeird Boshhead: twitch is gone?? BrowningZen: twitch is dying? time to stream artifact PepeLaugh talkman_: HeyEla AlienPls Jaushel: death stranding livestream event thing PogChamp JubJubWantRubRubs: can you use russian servers or something ela? nerdy wasnt lagging this bad robertoci3: pepeJAM killabubbadawg: @Elajjaz are you gonna check out the death stranding trailer when it drops? Corex82: everything is fine for me 4HEad kerodion: J0hnnyBlade elaH huztlepuff: Hey Chat Hey Ela elaHi elaH wandering_pleb: ElaJAM stu5700: ElaJAM GoldenFlame1: twitch too busy squeezing their hog in the artifact section mabtrix: BLELM FappyMcFlappy: there’s always youtube live and mixer waiting to give you million dollar sponsorships ela ๐Ÿ™‚ callmesephi: ElaJAM 1marcio080: its not lagging here naroHodo kerodion: huztlepuff elaH BrowningZen: elaOk Weldosto: KKona pmgi8urrice: youtube stream incoming Pog Ph4ntomi: elaOk Polebegood: elaOk ? talkman_: did we just get gnomed robertoci3: FeelsLagMan Istog: elaOk Sybran57: Hi @Elajjaz and chat ! elaHi elaH imoguo: elaOk PhilRamirez: pepeJAM hentaihero4ever: fianly article 13 comence J0hnnyBlade: @kerodion elaH mabtrix: !KappHD lordpanda616: I have been away 4 days and Twitch dies PepeHands nEur0_o: Kappa BarghestFenrir_: Seems like the lagging is gone for now elaHmm samewousogoja: SONG NAME PLS JubJubWantRubRubs: fucking scuffed AK stream ended at 46 PepeHands mabtrix: !KappaHD stu5700: ElaJAMMER mrbreadberry: elaOk JubJubWantRubRubs: streak* MapleSyrupHaggis: feelsPPKman souldedeh: FeelsLagMan Elajjaz: https://open.spotify.com/track/4RzcujeUhpatTXGnRwQ6qA?si=vfRJw9MwQfmw0iYSOX05eg daley_: just screen share to all of us on discord and stream like that Avunculuz: f stu5700: elaOk misterbudlo: FeelsLagMan mocaffe: elaOk elaOk Polebegood: FeelsLagMan BarghestFenrir_: Nvm LUL UltraWindow: FeelsLagMan Corex82: F Arekska: F Duskfeld: pepeJAM talkman_: FeelsLagMan mrbreadberry: FeelsLagMan aximus_96: LUL LUL Sybran57: Are we gonna watch Death Stranding reveal together ? FeelsGoodMan Cheapcat: FeelsLagMan samewousogoja: thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ mabtrix: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis cohhBot cohhBot cohhBot cohhBot Kusocheg: im fine at 160p ๐Ÿ™‚ Duskfeld: !elaGun MyGoodTwin: Twitch is lagging today FeelsBadMan seggluksanyi: ๐Ÿ™‚ spirato: Twitch FeelsWeirdMan BobTheDrunkBear: FeelsLagMan lordviridian94: 🦀 WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Edition, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Nini____: lol Arekska: FeelsLagMan Omojjo: @Elajjaz We need Vengaboys on YeahBoi xJohnny__: !Kappa JubJubWantRubRubs: oh my GOD twitch elaREE Drachenreiter: idgi, what’s wrong with twitch Ajahi: Oh god, twitch please. I just wanna enjoy an evening of good streams PepeHands Fafebobo: PepeHands Jaargan: hi ela and chat HeyGuysLocation “Gävle Sweden” is invalid or something wen’t wrong. Please try again. Draftingle: i cum in waves too Kappa easyeasy: daley_ YOOOOOOO ela12 / ZeroKiwi: You can jerk it out Loki_nG: Ocean Lag JadedWarrior: it is easy if you know how its done gachiBASS Fafebobo: gachiJAM SEsternO: gachiJAM Fullmetalcheese: gachiBOP IBhunivelze: u look cute when u lag elisa AYAYA HillyBerrington: gachiBASS Ansdr: gachiJAM daley_: @easyeasy kanYe 7oxicshadow: no probs here in uk NosBleid: gachiJAM Amnexiac: easyeasy HeyEla HillyBerrington: gachiBASS JERK IT OFF GamErDino1337: Hello Chat and @Elajjaz TorvaM: elaKek HalflightSpearoftheChurch: this song is about addiction from what i know mrbreadberry: LULW Lykouleon: pepeJAM MurphV: are you still dating that girl, muriel or somethin? Jaushel: FeelsLagMan Amnexiac: GamErDino1337 elaHi elaH easyeasy: GamErDino1337 allo friendo ela12 / AnormalPanda: pepeD Sourcehunter: OMEGALOL lordpanda616: I have missed this chat elaKek NotMaloony: @Elajjaz did you finish layers of fear 2? Mallkez: Hi ela and chat pepeJAM Donating2Africa: Cute stream 2day AYAYA SGkieran: GamErDino1337 FeelsWeirdMan GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz i finally got around to see brighburn solid horror movie you should watch it Ansdr: Muriel elaKek pistaitson: AYAYA MOSHI MOSHI 📞 AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES 📞 AYAYA NEED BACKUP 📞 AYAYA ARIGATO 📞 AYAYA titi14gooner: @Elajjaz How are u? SEsternO: GamErDino1337 elaH elaCozy Fafebobo: AYAYA kunjiru: Fafebobo hey again elaHYUG MORE HANDS FBBlock Lykouleon: gachiBASS JERK IT OUT HillyBerrington: @MurphV No kiniWeird Istog: muriel elaKek Sourcehunter: AYAYA JubJubWantRubRubs: AYAYA Kaspu: AYAYA IBhunivelze: AYAYA MOSHI MOSHI 📞 AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES 📞 AYAYA NEED BACKUP 📞 AYAYA ARIGATO 📞 AYAYA Rotato42: Rotato42 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 18 months, currently on a 15 month streak! pepeD WrestlerBot2000: @Rotato42 After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM lordpanda616: @murphv elaWeird That was ages ago Mallkez: AYAYA Donating2Africa: AYAYA MOSHI MOSHI 📞 AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES 📞 AYAYA NEED BACKUP 📞 AYAYA ARIGATO 📞 AYAYA Arekska: AYAYA te55ura: AYAYA Fafebobo: kunjiru MORE HANDS FBBlock Azeworai: AYAYA SargerusBR: @Elajjaz Mass Effect stream when? Pog JadedWarrior: gachiBASS Vyutheview: vafan e det FRÅGAN OM VikingsFromSweden: SHUT THE FUCK UP WEEBS NaM Lurcelant: AYAYA TheGuyOnAcid: sub 3:30 today LULW ? Ookami_Desu: AYAYA MOSHI MOSHI 📞 AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES 📞 AYAYA NEED BACKUP 📞 AYAYA ARIGATO 📞 AYAYA Sourcehunter: AYAYA MOSHI MOSHI :telephone_receiver: AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES :telephone_receiver: AYAYA NEED BACKUP :telephone_receiver: AYAYA ARIGATO :telephone_receiver: AYAYA Fullmetalcheese: WeirdChamp Brightburn SGkieran: @Elajjaz talking about kids with onid PedoBear UltraWindow: AYAYA Lykouleon: AYAYA CUTIES?! Amnexiac: HillyBerrington HandsUp Prince_Vegetaa: @elajjaz elaHi elaH elaWeird sloggyx: man watching your stream and doing achievements in wow is so relaxing MurphV: Really? wasnt he talking about her like 3 days ago? Motek: AYAYA MOSHI MOSHI 📞 AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES 📞 AYAYA NEED BACKUP 📞 AYAYA ARIGATO 📞 AYAYA that_solid_dude: 3Head titi14gooner: @Elajjaz How are u? DakuSouru: SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS NaM ! hisoklouch: AYAYA MOSHI MOSHI 📞 AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES 📞 AYAYA NEED BACKUP 📞 AYAYA ARIGATO 📞 AYAYA Mirando: AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA Mirando: AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA Mirando: AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA Mirando: AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA Mirando: AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA AYAYA elaYA JadedWarrior: gachiBOP jerk it out Kishiinn: OrnstienPls Pog WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Fafebobo: WeirdChamp neigrfdnj: FeelsWeirdMan dexusb: DansGame perry_1903: perry_1903 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 14 months! Any propa lads in chat? elaBruv Amnexiac: Mirando WeirdChamp WrestlerBot2000: @perry_1903 After 14 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Jusup0v: ela playing so well this time faeyre: PepeUff 💨 weebs easyeasy: Mirando elaOk YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mallkez: elaWeird Ansdr: FeelsWeirdMan Omojjo: @Elajjaz https://youtu.be/7_HUIwLNqkA Don’t know if you’ve seen Ainsley in this! YeahBoi Yozhhik: @MurphV they are friends Mirando: Hello ELajjaz and chat elaH Vyutheview: what is AYAYA? or where does it come from? Donating2Africa: AYAYA MOSHI MOSHI 📞 AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES 📞 AYAYA NEED BACKUP 📞 AYAYA ARIGATO 📞 AYAYA MAceN64: waddup elaHi Sourcehunter: ela1 ela2 Mirando: @easyeasy YOOOOOOOOOo AYAYA elaYA MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: weebs FeelsWeirdMan HillyBerrington: kiniWeird reflektioNCS: oi elaBruv kunjiru: Mirando elaHi L0newolf_: @Elajjaz you gonna finish layers of fear? MurphV: @Yozhhik oh but they dont date anymore easyeasy: pepeD Mallkez: Mirando AYAYA Mirando: @kunjiru elaH Hello cutie lordpanda616: @mirando elaA elaH faeyre: @mirando hi elaH Motek: AYAYA MOSHI MOSHI 📞 AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES 📞 AYAYA NEED BACKUP 📞 AYAYA ARIGATO 📞 AYAYA Clap MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: gachiBOP Mirando: @Mallkez Hello Lovely people L0newolf_: @Elajjaz POGGERS elaH Mirando: @lordpanda616 elaH Love you mate / UltraWindow: 3Head GamErDino1337: @Elajjaz so why do you speedrun again perry_1903: elaBruv easyeasy: LADS elaBruv MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaBruv Polebegood: elaBruv aight lad Mallkez: elaBruv Aberrant404: elaBruv Mirando: @faeyre hello lad elaH PIKAvit2012: Oi any lads in chat? 3Head HillyBerrington: kiniWeird Londoners Fafebobo: elaBruv BobTheDrunkBear: elaBruv Gulega: elaBruv TheGoldenCobra: elaBruv DakuSouru: PabloPls FilthyMidian: elaBruv Monster5crak: elaBruv kokosenpaai: 3head MurphV: muriel seemed nice SargerusBR: Clap2 elaBruv Amnexiac: this is payback for the artifact thing Elajjaz Bestorio: 3Head Omojjo: propa LAD reporting elaBruv faeyre: elaBruv Phelipe_Delta: what is wrong with twitch in fact? Maddox_Gaming: Pog kunjiru: Yoink ela3 Pyrewyrm: @Elajjaz Did you play that alice game yet ? Mirando: @Elajjaz Whats the plan for todays stream lad elaBruv Jormunaattori: what is this aboot Lagunaab: i’m out for a couple hours. Gl on the run later Ela elaH jjioo: AYAYA Sourcehunter: Elajjaz play the Conkers Rock Solid Rave 😡 SEsternO: TriHard Clap some_kind_of_god_of_rage: TriHard JadedWarrior: EljanPls SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM Magellan_: TryHard Clap Maddox_Gaming: Prodigy ๐Ÿ™‚ atomicdestruction: pepeJAM baruishikongii: Playstation Twitch channel is true chaos rn talkman_: headBang HalflightSpearoftheChurch: pepeJam archl1ght123: Prodigy Pog Peanutnotnice: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp GodUltimate: @Elajjaz sub 5 hour run today? Pog mrbreadberry: Man of Steal Chag SEsternO: 4HEad HalflightSpearoftheChurch: pepeJAM faeyre: EljanPls HillyBerrington: 4Head Metzelor: pepeD Ansdr: OMEGLOL easyeasy: LOOOOOOL 4HEad imnotpotatoe: pepeJAMMER Rust_n: OMEGLOL Ted_FatJoe: i remember Pog TheLastZael: WE WANT TWO DRAGONS billyReady Fullmetalcheese: EljanPls UltraWindow: yoinking strats 3Head yoinking content 3Head fucking billionaire 3Head must be elajjaz lordpanda616: Oh you started Layers 2? PepeHands I missed it some_kind_of_god_of_rage: 4HEad kunjiru: OMEGLOL Omojjo: AlienPls reflektioNCS: pepeJAM Banger Alert pepeJAM Boonda2: LÓÓÓÓÓÓL 4HEad Maddox_Gaming: MAGIC PPL VOODOO PPL VOODOO! Eviistix: pepeJAM MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: ElaJAM Ansdr: PabloPls HillyBerrington: pepeJAM joncy: gachiJAM SEsternO: PepoDance juuumand: LOUDER pepeJAM Sourcehunter: ela1 ela2 Sourcehunter: ela3 ela4 Secunda: wrong version gachiBASS UltraWindow: pepeD Kishiinn: PepoDance HalflightSpearoftheChurch: pepeJAMMER perry_1903: ElaJAMMER oh shit this my jam ElaJAMMER PhilRamirez: pepeJAM’ NosBleid: pepeJAM some_kind_of_god_of_rage: gachiCOOL shembop: so many hax JadedWarrior: iron95Pls iron95Pls iron95Pls Ansdr: ela13 Clap mrbreadberry: ela13 Clap reflektioNCS: Clap SeeruM_: PepoDance Boonda2: ElaJAMMER atomicdestruction: iron95Pls AlienPls iron95Pls xacten: Clap2 SEsternO: ElaJAMMER Fullmetalcheese: headBang easyeasy: ElaJAM thewafflewizard: bawkGlad bawkGlad GimiJam: Clap HillyBerrington: gachiBASS I CAN HEAR THE SLAPS NosBleid: Clap Sourcehunter: ElaJAMMER TheGoldenCobra: ela13 Clap sjuften_: (ditto) pepeD (ditto) pepeD (ditto) pepeD FappyMcFlappy: ela you need to add pepeMeltdown Polebegood: PepoDance OscarVBender: ElaJAMMER ExtremelyCold: ElaJAM pepeJAM ElaJAM Ansdr: (ditto) HillyBerrington: gachiBASS I CAN HEAR THE SLAPS gachiBASS kunjiru: pepeD Fhyberr: @Elajjaz practice window skip SargerusBR: pepeD SEsternO: iron95Pls ElaJAM iron95Pls ElaJAM MAceN64: going to be grinding for WR or just messing about with this route for a bit? Dryd_keepomaster: pepeJAMMER Maddox_Gaming: sOURpLS JadedWarrior: pepeD mrbreadberry: iron95Pls joncy: ElaJAMMER HalflightSpearoftheChurch: ElaPls Ansdr: PabloPls FappyMcFlappy: no its fun JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls RanbaleTV: what is the song name? heard it a thousand times, and I never got it Donating2Africa: pepeJAM Sourcehunter: RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM sunshift: I got banned in the Playstation stream for spamming lolis elaFeels wandering_pleb: pepeJAM pepeD pepeJAM ilovehandmadepottery: elaJAMMER UltraWindow: pepemeltdown is good easyeasy: ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ilovehandmadepottery: pepeJAM FappyMcFlappy: your big brother Nymn has it enabled Fullmetalcheese: ElaJAM Smough: pepeMeltdown is great JadedWarrior: pepeJAMMER AtTh3Gates: @Elajjaz Hello Askeladd Hey chat elaBruv kunjiru: sunshift LULW PhilRamirez: ElaJAM SkeletonKeyLimePie: add Pogey Chag ilovehandmadepottery: ElaJam Ducksual: tank a hit from 4 kings Wowee yodo_ld: ElaJAMMER Maddox_Gaming: SourPls BobTheDrunkBear: pepeJAM Killertoast: @sunshift good WeirdChamp SargerusBR: @sunshift serves you right for being a loli lover WeirdChamp HolySnipz: I still heard the slaps gachiBASS Move move move gachiBASS Clap joncy: ElaJAMMER Clap imnotpotatoe: @sunshift PepeHands Fafebobo: WeirdChamp SGkieran: Ela its just ppHop but really fast easyeasy: GOOD IT’S GOOD elaMad Deid_: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: pepemeltdown is like PepeS but more extreme JubJubWantRubRubs: WeirdChamp ilovehandmadepottery: NEMZ CHAT IS THE BEST OscarVBender: @sunshift ela7 PlainlyChris: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD perry_1903: AtTh3Gates yo lad elaBruv notdiri: TriHard RanbaleTV: thanks Ela ๐Ÿ™‚ Ansdr: passionate? Kapp talkman_: WeirdChamp Smough: docile jimjak94: so 2:41 is the wr and we got like 4 hours yesterday? DakuSouru: nymnWHY nymnTF JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Drachenreiter: this isn’t though PepeLaugh MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: nymnWHY ? Gulega: pendlumu remix? GodUltimate: Swimming in DS1 Pog kunjiru: perry_1903 oi 3Head / ManAndWiFi: ManAndWiFi subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! DakuSouru: nymnWHY nymnTF nymnWHY nymnTF nymnWHY nymnTF WrestlerBot2000: @ManAndWiFi Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM FappyMcFlappy: yeah its just pepeS but cooler easyeasy: jimjak94 YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gachiJAM ilovehandmadepottery: NEMZ IS MY PASSION Unskintaaleni: pepeD Magellan_: when will you teach forsen? Pepega kunjiru: jimjak94 elaHi MikeLitoris6999: WeirdChamp TOO FAR ELLAJAZ SGkieran: wait im dumb SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepoDance sjuften_: PepeS is better imo tbh btw perry_1903: kunjiru oi m8 elaBruv / jimjak94: @easyeasy Subtly offensive SGkieran: yes] Ansdr: PepeS JadedWarrior: pepeJAMMER PepoDance pepeJAMMER PepoDance pepeJAMMER PepoDance pepeJAMMER PepoDance Rndm_: Bring back Conker music SwiftRage MasterMalpercio: CHAOS rooH sunshift: don’t worry chat, they were wholesome lolis tpRWBYnora Sourcehunter: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls NosBleid: pepeD killabubbadawg: @Elajjaz playstation taiwan facebook page leaked November 8 as Death Stranding’s release date Lykouleon: AYAYA Sachelized91: nymnWhy nymnTF Ansdr: pepeD some_kind_of_god_of_rage: 💿 Derravia: Communism is a tempory setback on a road to freedom easyeasy: jimjak94 elaThirst elaGun Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu SargerusBR: So Ela is running DS again because Forsen will take his WR? elaBruv WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! NovaMoon: @Elajjaz are you ready to ElaSmash that run today Kapp talkman_: strats monkaX MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: @killabubbadawg Chag oh fuk jimjak94: @kunjiru elaH killabubbadawg: @MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce Pog Sourcehunter: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls JadedWarrior: ElaJAMMER TaLLaHaSsii: pepeJAM Boonda2: ElaJAM ItsCoxy: pepeJAM kokosenpaai: Kapp Cheapcat: PabloPls Naniyo: (ditto) AlienPls (ditto) AlienPls (ditto) easyeasy: RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM SEsternO: iron95Pls Vanset_: KKool Golden04: ElaJAM Fullmetalcheese: headBang MathiasS44: MORE HANDS! FBBlock kunjiru: pepeD TaLLaHaSsii: ElaJAM ElaJAMMER ElaJAM ElaJAMMER ElaJAM ElaJAMMER ElaJAM ElaJAMMER ElaJAM ElaJAMMER ElaJAM ElaJAMMER Fhyberr: @Elajjaz practice window skip scotchy92: @Elajjaz what do u think of forsens trying speedrunning lately Fhyberr: @Elajjaz practice window skip ilovehandmadepottery: ElaJAM MathiasS44: oops wrong chat OpieOP joncy: ElaJAMMER saintjhon: elaHi ela and chatt Voyzine: E-Z Avunculuz: elaK elaK SEsternO: ElaJAMMER MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: AlienPls CasualJojo: Twitch is gone? So how can you stream, Ela? Kappa Hi AnormalPanda: headBang Amnexiac: ElaJAM kunjiru: MathiasS44 MORE HANDS! FBBlock ItsCoxy: ElaJAMMER Ansdr: @saintjhon SeriousSloth doogPaw PlainlyChris: ElaJAMMER easyeasy: Fhyberr allo mate ela2 / JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls JadedWarrior: KretoPls pepeD KretoPls pepeD KretoPls pepeD KretoPls Loki_nG: Oh shit a tune pepeD Fhyberr: @Elajjaz practice window skip faeyre: @saintjhon hi elaHi whiskey_tango666: pepeJAM easyeasy: saintjhon allo allo elaOk / KawaiiJetty: ElaJAMMER AlienPls ElaJAMMER Asher_r: Pog TheGoldenCobra: LULW talkman_: So no diablo 2 PepeHands Akhaen: @Elajjaz Hey ela what is the song on your playlist with a women singing with a powerfull voice, like retro idk how to say it mrbreadberry: Chag Sourcehunter: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls HalflightSpearoftheChurch: Chag Fullmetalcheese: EljanPls jjioo: pepeJAM Fhyberr: Do you know how much time window skip saves te55ura: pepeD Fhyberr: ez 5 seconds Ansdr: God trident? 👀 Aidan93: AlienPls TorvaM: just reset until you get that rng 4HEad Jormunaattori: whos run is this? Rndm_: Did Forsen beat his record? Kappa TaLLaHaSsii: headBang ilovehandmadepottery: ElaJAM MissDina: elaBruv elaGun Kash1m4: CHUUUUUUUNE! Loki_nG: pepeD pepeD pepeD easyeasy: ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ElaJAM RareEla ilovehandmadepottery: ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam ElaJam kirgo36: elaHi elaHi elaHi Akhaen: @Elajjaz Hey ela what is the song on your playlist with a women singing with a powerfull voice, like retro idk how to say it Ttanoraa: LULW talkman_: LULW ItsCoxy: iron95Pls sunshift: PepeLaugh easyeasy: LULW 1080p200fps: sup guys? what’s the goal today? sub 3:30? JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls IzmAYAYA: elaKek SirArcoz: Hey Elajjaz and chat elaH pepeL Boonda2: iron95Pls ElaJAMMER McDumb: pepeD IzmAYAYA: @SirArcoz AYAYA / elaH pepeL MagusMalicart: free Kappa kunjiru: SirArcoz elaH SEsternO: SirArcoz elaH elaCozy MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: @SirArcoz yo ela12 Ansdr: @SirArcoz Hello SeriousSloth doogPaw SirArcoz: IzmAYAYA elaH pepeL sunshift: that would never happen to me TPFufun because I never ran this game faeyre: @kirgo36 elaHi TaLLaHaSsii: ElaJAM 👍 SirArcoz: kunjiru elaH pepeL Kash1m4: gachiVICTORY EljanPls ricardoFlick SirArcoz: SEsternO elaH pepeL easyeasy: 1080p200fps ez sub 3 today elaEZ SirArcoz: MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce elaH pepeL JadedWarrior: pepeJAM LordDynom: AYAYA Cute chat AYAYA sjuften_: PepeLaugh seqone: What is this garbo remix of voodoo people DansGame Ansdr: D: Ttanoraa: LULW Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh PhilRamirez: PepeLaugh SEsternO: PepeLaugh SirArcoz: Ansdr elaH pepeL talkman_: PepeLaugh x2 Darth_Umbra: elaKek LordCalcifer: PepeLaugh Rust_n: PepeLaugh kunjiru: PepeLaugh Naniyo: AYAYA HYPERCLAP TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh kirgo36: faeyre pepeL DwarvenMan: PepeLaugh PrienZ_: PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh 👇 perry_1903: PepeLaugh easyeasy: PepeLaugh SirArcoz: easyeasy elaH pepeL SGkieran: @Elajjaz at least masterr can afford to miss it when it doesnt take 4 hours for a trident Sybran57: PepeLaugh kunjiru: Naniyo elaHYUG Lurker_1: PepeLaugh Bleez93: PepeLaugh easyeasy: SirArcoz YOOOO elaWOW bloodywermin: ez wr PepeLaugh merchandise_of_cush: @Akhaen check out the furi soundtrack, not sure if that’s what you mean though drobille: Record is free PogChamp talkman_: so this is the reccy? Ansdr: RNG manipulation Champ SEsternO: Dick skips? DansGame gachiBASS UltraWindow: EljanPls TorvaM: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls 1080p200fps: @easyeasy basically guaranteed Kappa Amnexiac: EljanPls myfavoriteweeb: EljanPls kunjiru: AlienPls MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: AlienPls Motek: AlienPls Clap Fafebobo: AlienPls IzmAYAYA: EljanPls JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Deid_: ElaJAM Lykouleon: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD perry_1903: pepeD kirgo36: AlienPls Kash1m4: Also doesn’t have sick wizard cap Sourcehunter: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls sunshift: AlienPls Monni98: EljanPls Kunno1100: AlienPls quantumop: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls FilthyMidian: AlienPls Polebegood: AlienPls JadedWarrior: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls mrbreadberry: AlienPls Mrtriggahigga: EljanPls praisedignite: AlienPls stu5700: ElaJAMMER eyskyaldi: EljanPls quantumop: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls HalflightSpearoftheChurch: AlienPls SEsternO: AlienPls TheLastZael: AlienPls Deid_: AlienPls JustCallMeKelvin: EljanPls juuumand: EljanPls callmesephi: AlienPls Loki_nG: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls easyeasy: oh baby EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD TorvaM: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Fafebobo: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls Axemist: EljanPls quantumop: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls PoliteHavoc: AlienPls faeyre: EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls Virhaed: EljanPls Wheels82: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls Naniyo: @kunjiru elaHYUG Amnexiac: EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls KawaiiJetty: AlienPls Lenoskendy: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls OscarVBender: EljanPls MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: AlienPls EljanPls quantumop: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Sybran57: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls atomicdestruction: EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls ProfessorDrunk: AlienPls DwarvenMan: AlienPls stu5700: AlienPls TaLLaHaSsii: PabloPls Naniyo: EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls EljanPls MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls quantumop: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls SEsternO: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls easyeasy: 1080p200fps pretty mucho yes ela12 kunjiru: EljanPls reflektioNCS: FeelsGoodMan Clap HudMo NosBleid: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls easyeasy: EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD EljanPls pepeD Deid_: EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls Zack_sal: tpotHehe futurekaze: AlienPls SilentNewbee: EljanPls quantumop: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Fafebobo: AlienPls the song of my people EljanPls AlienPls the song of my people EljanPls AlienPls the song of my people EljanPls AlienPls the song of my people EljanPls joncy: AlienPls JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Sourcehunter: Fucking AlienPls always cracks me up, its just so silly easyeasy: EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls PhilRamirez: PepeLaugh Amnexiac: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls talkman_: PepeUff kunjiru: LULW MissDina: elaKek elaGun UltraWindow: broken game Istog: elaBlind SkeletonKeyLimePie: IKEALUL perry_1903: PepeUff 💨 Rust_n: so bald LULW easyeasy: O O F A S elaKek richEEE_: PepeLaugh SEsternO: PepeUff MathiasS44: löck on? mrbreadberry: oofas PepeUff SirArcoz: OOFAS juuumand: LULW SeeruM_: PepeLaugh StinkyCheese92: EljanPlsAlienPlsEljanPlsAlienPlsEljanPlsAlienPlsEljanPlsAlienPlsEljanPlsAlienPlsEljanPls L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeUff PIKAvit2012: dude sleep8ng dogs is awesome Fullmetalcheese: elaK JubJubWantRubRubs: pepeD MORE pepeD GREEN pepeD MORE pepeD GREEN pepeD MORE pepeD GREEN pepeD MORE pepeD GREEN SEsternO: IKEALUL Gnash97: PepeUff 💨 easyeasy: JubJubWantRubRubs ok mate EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls Tonton: hey @Elajjaz hey chat MeccaMaster: elaK JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Fafebobo: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls sloggyx: i mean the entire ds1 combat is clunky as fuck Kunno1100: AlienPls Sourcehunter: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls SEsternO: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls easyeasy: Tonton YOOOOOOOO ela12 / Amnexiac: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls kunjiru: Tonton elaHi SykaPlyat: AlienPls KRSpirit: EljanPls Fafebobo: Tonton pepeL IzmAYAYA: @Tonton elaH AYAYA / pepeL easyeasy: EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls pistaitson: @Elajjaz https://clips.twitch.tv/WrongDiligentDootOSsloth PepeLaugh HalflightSpearoftheChurch: AlienPls Fafebobo: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls Fullmetalcheese: AlienPls L0VKIYRusskiy: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls Omojjo: lel JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls SaixSoul: EljanPls UltraWindow: LEL? Tonton: going to watch the death stranding reveal in 40min? @Elajjaz easyeasy: lel ela12 Ducksual: @Elajjaz he got first try trident so he doesn’t need to perry_1903: Lel ela12 redhotchilipepe: song name? faeyre: lel Dryd_keepomaster: LEL? talkman_: PepeLaugh oof DaacDaac: DaacDaac subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 32 months! DwarvenMan: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: @DaacDaac After 32 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Omojjo: when are we getting elaLel redhotchilipepe: thanks @Elajjaz KawaiiJetty: I remember this song from Sleeping Dogs that_solid_dude: duDudu by me ExStorm67: hoSway Fafebobo: AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls Gus6gus7: come on Death Stranding trailer …… easyeasy: Omojjo we have, ela12 is definition of lel talkman_: 4Shrug who knows Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh he doesnt know LordDynom: Are we watching Ela’s run from yesterday PepeLaugh flavasava7: did you finish yesterday’s run ? easyeasy: EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls EljanPls AlienPls PrienZ_: beavsLel cornholio_: SourPls bjoernnn: bjoernnn subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 27 months! why are you running? ZULUL are you afraid of forsen? JubJubWantRubRubs: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls WrestlerBot2000: @bjoernnn After 27 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM sheen_estevezz: elainspect element Raptoe: F Raptoe: D: theKapowner: monkaW talkman_: twitch monkaX Gulega: elaD Doully92: D: KRSpirit: D: easyeasy: elaD STOP DakuSouru: D: UltraWindow: havent gotten a buffer in a long time now MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: 4HEad 624pt2: elaD Kash1m4: twitch has recovered WinningD: D: Kaspu: cirD Drachenreiter: D: ThePigKingLIVE: D: Kaiju_Inferno: D: Istog: its cool now Giacomand: no lag here Szachalasznik: D: Fafebobo: it’s not F anymore Sourcehunter: D: dreamcankles: D: Bleez93: I think its fine now fort_joy: D: perry_1903: Nucleoprotein yooo elaOk / Kunno1100: D: s3rina: D: paleblood_13: elaD SykaPlyat: D: s0wki: D: Boshhead: D: Motek: D: Derravia: D: SupersLive: D: kunjiru: Nucleoprotein elaH Coylie3: rooD JubJubWantRubRubs: i havent lagged in a long time now Samppsom: D: talkman_: D: WTF EvilMuffins1: D: STAHP IBhunivelze: D: theKapowner: D: Redwin_AR: D: dewritobandito: forsen1 grecoromanwrestler: D: YO WTF SEsternO: Nucleoprotein elaWOW elaH C_Fear: D: PlainlyChris: D: Norttii: elaD SevenStrangeMelons: D: WTF ELA BigBagieta: D: Naniyo: elaD nilkkixD: 4Head Fhyberr: watch what he does after picking up the 2 miracles TorvaM: @Elajjaz could you link that picture LULW IzmAYAYA: elaD Kiktor_Ponton: D: robertoci3: monkaTOS jimjak94: elaD don’t atomicdestruction: monkaTOS Koppmoscha: elaWeird ora_muda: elaD Istog: elaD Jaargan: @Elajjaz are u doin a run today or no? FeelsPepoMan Arucia5: I just tuned in and it seems fine perry_1903: elaD Odins_pecs: PepeHands SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsBadMan IBhunivelze: wtf ea Styil: monkaTOS bushw0oki3: elaD Flibbertygibb: just kill yourself man 4Head fort_joy: D: WTF DarkShadow1093: D: TheGoldenCobra: D: mrbreadberry: D: sunshift: pepeD HalflightSpearoftheChurch: FeelsGoodMan Clap JoHoOoOo: D: easyeasy: Nucleoprotein YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO elaOk elaD Robin_CP: i just loaded the stream, it seems fine Raknov: D: NosBleid: PepeHands lenoxx: 4HEad SinnohOne: wtf D: faeyre: @Nucleoprotein hi elaH saugo: D: LordCalcifer: it is time FeelsBadMan wandering_pleb: elaD elaD elaD cmygo: kill myself? D: dosakarud: ElaJAM talkman_: D: monkaTOS STRIMMER ora_muda: D: perry_1903: pepeD AntonioAS7X: D: WTF ELA YOU CANT SAY THAT Rust_n: elaD niced09: ok PepeHands Doully92: AlienPls SEsternO: elaD marckvdv: JustDoIt D: mikevitalesays: You got this, Ella! saoblow: @Elajjaz good morning and hi chat kurikame_: Toxic streamer Kaiju_Inferno: ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER ElaJAMMER Shotgun_CZ: D: bunukka: dont kill yourself Sourcehunter: 5Head Yes, antinatalism is the answer I SEE NOW Carniboar64: D: Visualocity: ok elaFeels perry_1903: PedoBear AnubisYE: IM READY FeelsGoodMan Clap dosakarud: ElaJAMMER Samppsom: ok PepeHands Werelwen: D: JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeHands faeyre: just kill urself? elaD Odins_pecs: AlienPls SEsternO: ElaJAMMER Skrocka: PedoBear paleblood_13: T elaD X I C Fearswe: @Elajjaz Twitch should be fine according to twitchsupport twitter TheCor3: we’re all here why would it be f? Lv_100: CLASSIC Pog SojiOak: @Elajjaz Twitch is fine lenoxx: elaC sunshift: pepeD let’s hear it again Suppennudl: answer to life D: Fafebobo: pepeD ElaJAM Naniyo: Chag ora_muda: billyReady IBhunivelze: D: bunukka: SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER fort_joy: ZULUL Gulega: ResidentSleeper dosakarud: D: SevenStrangeMelons: PedoBear PlainlyChris: PedoBear Kaiju_Inferno: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu JubJubWantRubRubs: pepeD talkman_: T monkaTOS XIC fort_joy: I HEAR IT ZULUL Fhyberr: nah watch Doully92: pepeD Fhyberr: it’s cooler L0newolf_: @Elajjaz playlist? elaH HalflightSpearoftheChurch: AlienPls theKapowner: D: PedoBear BigBagieta: ZULUL MonoSync: ZULUL mrbreadberry: ZULUL HalflightSpearoftheChurch: pepeD Motek: D: WTF Omojjo: @Elajjaz have you seen Ainsley in this? https://youtu.be/7_HUIwLNqkA (good song too) YeahBoi BrowningZen: pepeD Rust_n: ZULUL pistaitson: yes juuumand: ZULUL KeyzRL: ZULUL perry_1903: TaBeRu Naniyo: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls kava06: hes looking for children now chat monkaTOS Darkelorian: Hey Ela and chat. Will you upload the Layers of Fear 2 playthrough? @Elajjaz ora_muda: ZULUL hopeofblossom: ZULUL TRIBAL SONG SmileySam: EZ PZ BlackjackalTV: I haven’t had an F in a little Amahokas: ZULUL kakarott_7: ZULUL NaughtyPedro: Wrong version ZULUL zWettah: SourPls SykaPlyat: ZULUL Stannu: ela allowed us to kill ourselves FeelsGoodMan SGkieran: @Elajjaz play the right version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWNOQA6fWC8 Kaiju_Inferno: ZULUL Bleez93: ZULUL PrienZ_: WTF ZULUL juuumand: VJ EMMIE ON DA MICROPHONE ZULUL VineWood0604: pepeJAM TheYoshi97: This song always reminds me of the Fort Boyard music DakuSouru: MEGAZULUL dosakarud: ElaJAMMER perry_1903: ZULUL thesupercoleywoley: thesupercoleywoley subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! 4 months woo! chudysensei: @Elajjaz say thank you koilM WrestlerBot2000: @thesupercoleywoley I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM MonoSync: YES LULW Kaiju_Inferno: ZULUL Right Version ZULUL juuumand: GWA GWA GWA ZULUL fort_joy: ZULUL hopeofblossom: ZULUL YES dosakarud: gachiBASS ? FenTyrris: ZULUL Fhyberr: See Phantom_range: AYAYA Clap hello weebs Zloezlo: gachiBASS Fafebobo: AYAYA BrowningZen: gachiBASS C_Fear: a reich version? KRSpirit: ZULUL Doully92: ZULUL talkman_: ZULUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: ZULUL VineWood0604: GWA GWA GWA merchandise_of_cush: gachiGASM PrienZ_: ZULUL Tebs_: ZULUL lexusbechus2: ZULUL pepeJAM Werelwen: Werelwen subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! Hello again 4Head Kaspu: ZULUL ThePigKingLIVE: gachiBASS theKapowner: ZULUL NymN WrestlerBot2000: @Werelwen I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM SmileySam: Pog s3rina: ZULUL WinningD: ZULUL BrowningZen: ZULUL Raptoe: Nymn Pog juuumand: ZULUL lostinsiide: ZULUL seqone: ZULUL mrbreadberry: ZULUL RIGHT VERSION GodUltimate: LUL PlainlyChris: ZULUL PrienZ_: nymNW HailRoadhog: stooooppppppppp……….. zWettah: gachiBASS Redwin_AR: ZULUL NosBleid: LULW reflektioNCS: ZULUL Kaiju_Inferno: MEGAZULUL PrienZ_: nymnW Mrtriggahigga: ZULUL robertoci3: LULW Omojjo: ZULUL Fafebobo: ZULUL Deid_: ZULUL Kashimazuki: ZULUL stu5700: gachiBASS Nucleoprotein: @perry_1903 pepeL @kunjiru pepeL @SEsternO elaWOW pepeL @easyeasy YOO elaBruv @faeyre pepeL fort_joy: WTF ZULUL DakuSouru: nymn158 bjoernnn: ZULUL Nichiro99: pepeD perry_1903: GWAGWAGWA ZULUL PrienZ_: nymnU faeyre: LULW what in the Raftelle: ZULUL sunshift: ZULULA Armody: ZULUL Derravia: ZULUL MilchiWay: LUL Ttanoraa: ZULUL SEsternO: ZULUL sunshift: ZULUL Naniyo: DansGame RUINED TorvaM: ZULUL notsodankestguy: NYMN ZULUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: you never heard this? DansGame Jiucoe_9u4ko: ZULUL quantumop: ZULUL Visualocity: GWA GWA GWA ZULUL Kaiju_Inferno: ZULUL WAwaWAwa ZULUL Black_Pleb: RECKFUL Pog lostinsiide: BRUCE U ZULUL Neimyin: ZULUL pepeD ZULUL SGkieran: PrienZ_ Pog odduneven: ZULUL mrbreadberry: ZULUL HailRoadhog: whats the original song called ??????? LordCalcifer: ZULUL dosakarud: BLUCIO ZULUL neigrfdnj: ElaPls zWettah: ZULUL quantumop: this is fucking amazing ZULUL ora_muda: ZULUL BrowningZen: ZULUL GWA chudysensei: ZULUL GWA KeyzRL: BRUCE U ZULUL PrienZ_: SGkieran PogU Virhaed: ZULUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: ZULUL SmileySam: Honestly how long does he spend making these LULW UltraWindow: action is coming ZULUL Asher_r: ZULUL VI VON sunshift: pepeD killabubbadawg: link to this song? easyeasy: ZULUL Jaargan: ZULUL what is this ZULUL AnubisYE: VENJEACE ZULUL PrienZ_: ZULUL GodUltimate: ZULUL Mor0_: wtf is this song s3rina: ZULUL VineWood0604: ZULUL pepeJAMMER ZULUL pepeJAMMER ZULUL pepeJAMMER ZULUL pepeJAMMER ZULUL pepeJAMMER ZULUL pepeJAMMER UbangiStomp: ZULUL KRSpirit: ZULUL NosBleid: EVERYONE KNOW KUNG FU IN UGANDA AtTh3Gates: ZULUL Nichiro99: hey Ela and chat Wowee / pepeD Fhyberr: Told you Kaiju_Inferno: ZULUL GWA Styil: ZULUL enable ? Pog Zleenker: LUL Lykouleon: pepeJAM SGkieran: killabubbadawg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWNOQA6fWC8 ora_muda: ZULUL GWA HailRoadhog: SONGNAME ?!?! LordCalcifer: action is coming ZULUL SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM hopeofblossom: ZULUL GWA GWA GWA tutufuzi: pepeJAM Zloezlo: ZULUL Gothicer: @Elajjaz did you see the forsen elevator clip in your discord from a couple of days ago LULW Domzy: TaBeRu JadedWarrior: pepeD Doully92: ZULUL Lv_100: FACHI UNITE gachiBASS juuumand: ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls Odins_pecs: AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL SirArcoz: ZULUL fort_joy: ZULUL perry_1903: ZULUL GWA GWA GWA easyeasy: ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM Kaiju_Inferno: ZULUL ElaJAMMER ZULUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: pepeD ZULUL PrienZ_: pepeJAM ZULUL Fafebobo: pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL SaixSoul: pepeJAM WrestlerBot2000: 10x ZULUL double digit combo Pog mrbreadberry: ZULUL ZULUL bast1an_: Sup my dudes elaHi h3adhunt3rrc: pepeD talkman_: ZULUL Clap PrienZ_: pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL killabubbadawg: @SGkieran ty Mrtriggahigga: ZULUL GWA GWA GWA Eviistix: pepeD pepeD pepeD pepeD LordCalcifer: ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls ZULUL AlienPls theKapowner: ZULUL VineWood0604: LUL Derravia: ZULUL Clap DakuSouru: Clap2 MEGAZULUL Kaiju_Inferno: ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM juuumand: forsenCD perry_1903: Nichiro99 Wowee / NosBleid: ZULUL Kaspu: forsenCD faeyre: @nichiro99 hi elaHi ThePigKingLIVE: 💿 sunshift: LULW hopeofblossom: forsenCD Clap quantumop: LMAO MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: forsenCD Oath_Of_Revenge: ElaJAM reflektioNCS: LULW theKapowner: ZULUL 💿 Valinore: @HailRoadhog robert miles – children is the og song lexusbechus2: ZULUL bhpaulcar: 💿 Clap Arucia5: ZULUL BrowningZen: 💿 ZULUL s3rina: 💿 PrienZ_: 💿 Asher_r: ZULUL GWA pepeJAM ZULUL GWA pepeJAM ZULUL GWA pepeJAM ZULUL GWA pepeJAM Rust_n: ZULUL talkman_: 💿 ZULUL Raptoe: 💿 Clap AnubisYE: 💿 Zloezlo: 💿 tovaste: !playlist kunjiru: bast1an_ elaHi easyeasy: ZULUL pepeD ZULUL pepeD ZULUL pepeD ZULUL pepeD ZULUL pepeD WrestlerBot2000: The link to the playlist is https://open.spotify.com/user/elajjaz/playlist/2gpBy18ByCG10Qfal78L3y but the playlist is now locked. New songs cannot be added. djlcll: pepeD chudysensei: ZULUL ZULUL YEAH BUT ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ZULUL forsenCD ZULUL BTTV IS LIKE⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ZULUL ZULUL A 3RD PARTY THING Mrtriggahigga: 💿 Clap quantumop: ZULUL Clap DakuSouru: Clap2 MEGAZULUL Clap2 MEGAZULUL Clap2 MEGAZULUL Clap2 MEGAZULUL Doully92: FeelsWeirdMan Boonda2: MEGAZULUL Nichiro99: @perry_1903 @faeyre OhMyDog / Bartis2: Dance Kaiju_Inferno: 📀 Clap sloggyx: man some of these meme tracks are so bad elaFeels easyeasy: ZULUL EljanPls DmKotov: VI VON ZULUL xThrillhouse: holy shit what is going on Gothicer: elaWeird Bartis2: pepeJAM MeccaMaster: Why though PlainlyChris: ZULUL GWA GWA sunshift: pepeD dosakarud: BLUCIO ZULUL Fafebobo: pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL pepeJAM ZULUL Brotoloigos: !song ora_muda: ZULUL GWA UltraWindow: less than 300 followers away from 300k monkaW HEIL_MODS_: ElaJAM Mrtriggahigga: ZULUL GWA GWA theKapowner: PepeHands PrienZ_: PepeHands Abbynaire: pepeD NaughtyPedro: ZULUL fort_joy: PepeHands vadikus samme WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! SGkieran: PepeHands juuumand: forsenE GodUltimate: monkaS Kaspu: forsenE Kaiju_Inferno: Pog Deid_: PepeHands Kashimazuki: PepeHands reflektioNCS: PogChamp quantumop: looks like it is fine BrowningZen: forsenE bhpaulcar: PepeHands vadikus JubJubWantRubRubs: inb4 F Gothicer: @Elajjaz https://clips.twitch.tv/RockyTenaciousNikudonDBstyle seqone: forsenE Clap Fafebobo: 300k followers soon Pog Asher_r: ZULUL VI VON lostinsiide: Pog UbangiStomp: PepeHands wtf Black_Pleb: samme PepeHands notsodankestguy: PepeHands Vadikus and samme Visualocity: ZULUL pepeJAMMER ZULUL Omojjo: @Elajjaz When you getting a cozy WR? Naniyo: elaK i’m sure it’s fine Doully92: pepeJAM Breitey: Sub 3 hours or riot 😡 huztlepuff: What was wrong with Twitch tho? I didnt notice 7oxicshadow: twitch is all good here talkman_: I was hyped for diablo 2 strim PepeHands HEIL_MODS_: it was bad? elaHmm KeyzRL: samme PepeHands Sparkz_o7: honestly this sounds better than the OG easyeasy: elaKek Metapod92: happy Trident farming dosakarud: 4HEad juuumand: ZULUL fort_joy: PepeLaugh dewritobandito: GFMB forsenE bhpaulcar: ZULUL s3rina: PepeLaugh KRSpirit: ZULUL Doully92: ZULUL PrienZ_: ZULUL Kaspu: DansGame BrowningZen: PepeLaugh juuumand: VI VON ZULUL Kaiju_Inferno: ZULUL TYRONE MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: 30 min left boys Chag MonoSync: PepeLaugh JadedWarrior: ZULUL timing SiloWang: “perfect health” Naniyo: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Golden04: PepeLaugh Zloezlo: ZULUL Quesket: ZULUL easyeasy: ZULUL PERFECT talkman_: ZULUL robertoci3: ZULUL VI VON WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz Plays Never Again | Part 1 – https://youtu.be/1mT-7Nt3l1w VauntDanial: Perfect health LULW mrbreadberry: ZULUL VI VON GreatOneDagon: DansGame sunshift: PepeLaugh this is good bhpaulcar: DansGame YOU DON’T ora_muda: ZULUL UbangiStomp: DansGame HailRoadhog: @Valinore thank you ๐Ÿ˜€ KRSpirit: PepeLaugh sheen_estevezz: TTHIS CLIP LULW talkman_: PepeLaugh here it comes PrienZ_: PepeLaugh Zloezlo: LULW h0kkis: forsenE MY TURN easyeasy: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PIutoMash: PepeLaugh Fafebobo: LUL Raptoe: PepeLaugh Quesket: OMEGALUL ThunderZBee: PepeLaugh Kaiju_Inferno: 4HEad fort_joy: PepeLaugh OH NO NO MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh Naniyo: PepeLaugh nymnCorn Zloezlo: PepeLaugh sheen_estevezz: HAHAHA FORSEN LULW Jaargan: PepeLaugh BrascoGaming: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Golden04: LULW hopeofblossom: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES collectedfish: forsenE WTF juuumand: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: he doesnt know PepeLaugh robertoci3: PepeLaugh theKapowner: forsen’s turn PepeLaugh Asher_r: PepeLaugh KeyzRL: PepeLaugh reflektioNCS: I remember that one LULW NosBleid: PepeLaugh PrienZ_: oh no no no PepeLaugh Deid_: PepeLaugh quantumop: uhh ItsRevan: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: oh no no no PepeLaugh Kaiju_Inferno: OEMGALUL notsodankestguy: Finish the song elajjaz 😡 Kashimazuki: PepeLaugh Zloezlo: ?????????????? Tebs_: PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: perfect Health PepeLaugh Eazur: PepeLaugh Tamahowk: PepeLaugh dosakarud: gachiBASS PlainlyChris: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES easyeasy: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: elaKek Jaargan: ooh no no no WHEEZE PepeLaugh Kaspu: LULW quantumop: LMAO Eazur: LULW Kaiju_Inferno: OMEGALUL Omojjo: LULW Fafebobo: OMEGADOWN BrascoGaming: LULW Doully92: LULW JadedWarrior: LULW SEsternO: OMEGADOWN Raptoe: LULW PrienZ_: LULW Golden04: OMEGADOWN hkzen: + reflektioNCS: OMEGALUL Neimyin: OMEGADOWN Emzero: LULW KeyzRL: LULW Derravia: OMEGALUL Lemonsponge: LULW BrowningZen: LULW Teddym4n: OMEGADOWN perry_1903: PepeLaugh Nexy_lol: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek fort_joy: LULW kunjiru: LULW Tebs_: OMEGADOWN Virhaed: LULW Oath_Of_Revenge: PepeLaugh s3rina: OMEGADOWN Norttii: PepeLaugh Maarionete: ??????? Germy_ranch: OMEGALUL tutufuzi: LUL Deid_: LULW Istog: OMEGALUL hopeofblossom: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Kashimazuki: LULW KRSpirit: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Arucia5: LULW Kunno1100: OMEGALUL bhpaulcar: LULW Monsterfisken: LULW sheen_estevezz: OMEGALUL kokosenpaai: LUL Asher_r: LULW gulshan1: LULW Nichiro99: LULW robertoci3: LULW PlainlyChris: LULW talkman_: LULW classic SirArcoz: LULW Jaargan: LULW NosBleid: OMEGALUL Omiyage2: OMEGADOWN mrbreadberry: LULW HEIL_MODS_: LULW Mrtriggahigga: OMEGADOWN payprice: LULW TorvaM: LULW Stnaos: LULW Savience: LULW CrazyCactus: LULW saintjhon: LULW bast1an_: LULW sartorriuss: LULW Redwin_AR: LULW Tamahowk: LULW IzmAYAYA: LULW SmileySam: LULW ItsRevan: LULW Valinore: @HailRoadhog de nada Kappa b faeyre: LULW perfect WrestlerBot2000: 13x LULW double digit combo Pog Visualocity: OOF LULW AintEasyBeingCheesy: OMEGALUL dreamcankles: LULW Dryd_keepomaster: LULW Rndm_: The god gamer Kappa Shotgun_CZ: LULW JoHoOoOo: elaKek KRSpirit: LULW Zloezlo: PERFECT marckvdv: he was way too late Axemist: pepeJAM sebastian_owlsen: OMEGALUL easyeasy: LULW ora_muda: LULW Kaiju_Inferno: F OMEGALUL R S E N HeyChatSpamXD: forsenE Give me your pan Ella forsenHead MeccaMaster: Like you? BigOneD: elaKek BrowningZen: forsenHead PrienZ_: OMEGADOWN JukeboxJedi: LULW sunshift: elaKek JadedWarrior: PepeLaugh Perfectsen s3rina: LULW easyeasy: LULW Clap Golden04: PepeLaugh Mor0_: he waits way too long MartinVP: LUL theKapowner: forsenHead Clap Redwin_AR: OMEGALUL LordCalcifer: LULW SEsternO: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP talkman_: PepeLaugh PlainlyChris: LULW Clap Niloomilo: LULW ace_kaleel: LuL Lemonsponge: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek Clap Tebs_: PepeLaugh Dryd_keepomaster: LUL risingwolf85: Wtf is going on with Death Stranding Kaiju_Inferno: his chat OMEGALUL Ttanoraa: forsaaan sunshift: Why is he so funny when he fucks up PepeLaugh NinjaHunterLife: PepeLaugh2 jimmmyrustles: forsenE kaaniimanii: our retard LULW perry_1903: elaKek Kaiju_Inferno: gachiBASS ora_muda: elaKek sheen_estevezz: i love forsenD “its the perfect name for your run trust me Wowee LidlUser: forsen almost beat the any% wr yesterday PagChomp SGkieran: @Elajjaz hey i dont know im only saying what you are saying NaughtyPedro: it will be midnight in Japan PrienZ_: monkaTOS Teddym4n: just got off the phone with kojima GodUltimate: @Elajjaz Kojima tweet, but he’s a known stroll so xD atomicdestruction: I know ohnKoji MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: kojimbo said on the 30th japan time C_Fear: Tanks arriving in 30 minutes guys NovaMoon: ps4 only elaWeird nooberost: Japan time? Nucleoprotein: VAC BAN INC Asher_r: i know ๐Ÿ™‚ SkeletonKeyLimePie: he’s elaMad but elaSmile mrbreadberry: Hideo Kojima here,its in 10 mins ๐Ÿ™‚ dosakarud: gachiJAM rockstopper: calebW killabubbadawg: @Sunshinewalker sony isnt going to e3 this year deadsnow101: if its not just make chat all die Naaslaarum: i am Kojima ๐Ÿ™‚ Wheels82: K OMEGLOL JIMA PoliteHavoc: doesnt know PepeLaugh N0TE_P4D: Death stranding first dlc in 8 minutes Pog quazarl: @Sunshinewalker Sony isnt atending e3 this year. SmileySam: What does pendant do? MasterMalpercio: PepeHands Sunshinewalker: killabubbadawg: oh ok CannibalLlama: elaMad tomato easyeasy: MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce of elaWeird fuck him then WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz nilkkixD: my dad is kojimas dogsitter Fafebobo: mrbreadberry hello mister Kojima ๐Ÿ™‚ OrionForHire: ricardoFlick muhlman1337: just restream it 4HEad Carniboar64: Swearing PepeHands Polebegood: PogU Reddinator: Pog SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag DwarvenMan: foot break? PrienZ_: PogU rockstopper: PogChamp HEIL_MODS_: PogU KRSpirit: Pog Sparav: PogU Deid_: Pog Minn_Minn: 200IQ Chag Drachenreiter: HARDER NosBleid: PogU soft1445: LULW myfavoriteweeb: Pog Raptoe: Reactela Pog Demoluxx_: true 8bitbarbarian: Pog perry_1903: PepeLaugh Suney: Pog Mr_Jacster: what are you gonna watch) Nucleoprotein: Pog wuollis: YES Tirabolos: Chag DimTree: CONTENT Pog Kaspu: PogU seqone: haHAA Deid_: Chag ChocolateBarni: OOOFAS Dead_moosemeat: FeelsPepoMan Sunshinewalker: React harder 4Head MathiasS44: Chag Naaslaarum: Pog VineWood0604: PogU Naniyo: Chag Niloomilo: Pog kingsxmething: Pog Nelkky: Pog k0tashira: React harder 😡 s3rina: lirikEZ2 zorry4badinglsh: REACTING Pog PoliteHavoc: 😂 react harder Omojjo: Pog Almostnearly: REACT HAREDER 😡 mrbreadberry: @Fafebobo hello,i hope you will rike it my game ๐Ÿ™‚ Lindegrene: Pog REACT STREAMER Chag Never__Ever: Pog CaptainCrunched: Pog quazarl: 5Head Ela Rokjaw: PogU easyeasy: MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce wasting internet elaWeird WrongCaptcha: 5Head icedragon08: Pog GoldenFlame1: React Harder 😡 Polebegood: 5Head brain Fhyberr: Asmonela Asher_r: Pog xanax_ow: CONTENT Pog cho_pin: LULW reaction channel LULW dokomiii: Pog NosBleid: 5Head Clap Emzero: REACT HARDER Chag SiloWang: elaMad REACT MORE elaMad Peanutnotnice: elaGasm Wheels82: elaMad REACT HARDER Saint_Andre: @Elajjaz Reacting? How disgusting! SatoruSan_: Why that music so detuned LidlUser: forsenJoy 👌 REACT VineWood0604: REACT PogU AntonioAS7X: Chag ELA’S REACT sartorriuss: 5Head Naniyo: elaMad HYPERCLAP redhotchilipepe: reactions Pog SGkieran: HEIL_MODS_ i also had to do 2 extra playthroughs on the save cause of popping the sif soul by missing dupe GodUltimate: FARMING REACTIONs Pog Deid_: REACT HARDER elaMad jimmmyrustles: forsenJoy 👌 Qviss: TIME TO REACT TO THIS 5Head Dryd_keepomaster: REACT HARDER THEN 😡 Inventionary: Chag React harder natorboy: !wr BlackupV2: react? LUL faeyre: Chag reacting IzmAYAYA: Pog rockstopper: React to someone else’s reactions datdeathy: just react MathiasS44: Chag double the content Arkkayy: @Elajjaz its been ages since ds2 hobbCry YinxxM: !commands WrestlerBot2000: Some cool commands: !social – social network profiles | !tweet – latest tweet | !yt – latest YT video | !clip – dank clips | !quote – my quotes | !discord – official Discord server | !sub – link to subscription page if you are on phone For full list of commands: https://www.streamelements.com/elajjaz/commands Demoluxx_: red skin colour to go faster ? @Elajjaz Kappa dokomiii: Insane Stimmer Pog Romeo_Poker: Chag Smough: but you dont have the live chat exoperience then junta54: mizkifThink mikevitalesays: watch what? Tattip: Tattip subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! mrbreadberry: 5Head strats WrestlerBot2000: @Tattip Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM Minn_Minn: elaMad REACT HARDER elaMad SGkieran: @Elajjaz do you want me to make a Ellajaz reacts channel? Amnexiac: Elias react LULW deadsnow101: chat reacts to ela taking a bathroom break Hardflaccid: Hardflaccid subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 39 months! please react hard to my subscription thank you WrestlerBot2000: @Hardflaccid After 39 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Mr_Jacster: @Elajjaz what are you gonna watch? BadGuyLP2: how cold is it in Sweden right now? Ploms: REACTION VIDEOS DansGame Empoya: Death stranding will be an auto scrolling cutscene filled snoozefest FeelsWeirdMan Albin_Alligator: Ela the Reactor TaBeRu NovaMoon: react harder elaMad perry_1903: elaGa Naniyo: elaGa NosBleid: FeelsPepoMan cho_pin: can you react like asmongold elaOk @Elajjaz SQGamer: Hallo Mr. Dark Souls and cute chat elaH Raptoe: Pog Hello2030: gachiBOP Kaspu: Pog Hardflaccid: WOW A BIG REACTION Minn_Minn: elaD TorvaM: Pog huztlepuff: Pog Oath_Of_Revenge: yo flaccid Pog Jaargan: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh FeelsPepoMan talkman_: D: zorry4badinglsh: Pog BlackupV2: uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh forsenWut Kn1ghtm4rez: Pepega Tirabolos: Pog Naniyo: Chag YES perry_1903: Swearing btw elaMad SymBiosee: SymBiosee subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 25 months! WrestlerBot2000: @SymBiosee After 25 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM natorboy: wait the record is 2:41 ? SkeletonKeyLimePie: i’m eating grapes essiSmile NovaMoon: a big one Pog mrbreadberry: Chag bast1an_: @Hardflaccid Is that my boy? POGGERS BonusSituation: i made Death Stranding ๐Ÿ™‚ Fx_xF: and then chat can react to your reaction and you can watch chats reaction with chat basically infinite value @Elajjaz Tidusblack: Tidusblack subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 56 months! Pog WrestlerBot2000: @Tidusblack After 56 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM faeyre: @SQGamer hi elaH Hardflaccid: @bast1an_ MY BOI @Oath_Of_Revenge Yo dude. theluckybigdog: not swearing Pog Qviss: Chag Almostnearly: 56 seconds Pog WrongCaptcha: 56 Pog zorry4badinglsh: 😡 NO SWEARING 😡 SGkieran: ACHIEVEMENT GET Pog milfhunter_1992: @Empoya Even if you are right, its from hideo Kojima so I buy it Pepperpotty: Hey Ela elaHi Hey Chat elaHi juuumand: forsenJoy deadsnow101: death stranding is me Never__Ever: Pog MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Chag HeyChatSpamXD: forsenJoy KappasMother: Pog bast1an_: @Hardflaccid Look at your hat PogU GoldenFlame1: 5Head Naniyo: 5Head Kaspu: PogU perry_1903: 5Head Clap rockstopper: PogYou KRSpirit: Pog NosBleid: Pog SaulGoodman_: LUL Rhynin: isnt it faster to quit out the wall break? elaHmm Sparav: Chag Fafebobo: elaHmm Fhyberr: Reacting Andy Bootch: Pog Sunshinewalker: Reactception monkaS mrbreadberry: 5Head Niloomilo: 5Head HYPRBRH: calebJOY LorkiStream: Pog Minn_Minn: 5Head Istog: 5Head Sybot: Pepperpotty pepeL AkaTsubaki_: POGGERS wandering_pleb: PogU Deid_: 5Head Zloezlo: 5Head Qviss: 5Head Raptordio: yes ventomrly: What is the World Record for this run? zorry4badinglsh: 5Head juuumand: forsenJoy 👌 Bootch: 5Head Hardflaccid: @bast1an_ Jealous of my hat PogChamp C_Fear: REACTIONS TO REACTIONS TO REACTION Ttanoraa: 5Head Drachenreiter: STOP SAYING ‘REACTING’ RageFace Almostnearly: missed 56 PepeLaugh Jaargan: 5Head HailRoadhog: 5Head Juh0rse: Pog U Pepperpotty: Sybot elaH Asher_r: 5Head zorry4badinglsh: pepeD SGkieran: @Elajjaz if i am in the chat on screen i will claim the video SirArcoz: 5Head rockstopper: EZ 5Head Eye_cant_writhe: Why do I see 30 FPS even if I put 60 wtf payprice: 5Head EZ SirArcoz: Pepperpotty elaH pepeL Naaslaarum: ninja dagger Pog shiion17: Pepperpotty elaH elaWOW C_Fear: It’s the circle of content influencers labasfej: PepoDance Cinerus_: but death stranding reaction will just be 4Shrug spam deadsnow101: twitch chat reacts to ela taking a bathroom break Pepperpotty: SirArcoz elaH bast1an_: @Hardflaccid yeah Kappa ChocolateBarni: @Elajjaz and then you cant react on chat reacting you Pog endless content perry_1903: gachiBASS dosakarud: gachiJAM Pepperpotty: shiion17 elaH SirArcoz: DO IT AGAIN VaN Rentaz: gachiBOP SirArcoz: 4Play Istog: dat ass elaC GoldenFlame1: gachiBASS ChocolateBarni: can* Hello2030: gachiBOP darth_rev4n: Nice ass NightConqueror: so thicc TorvaM: Champ VineWood0604: elaGasm Zloezlo: Pog x3 Oath_Of_Revenge: lobosGasm PeculiarHerb: gachiBASS Fafebobo: Cinerus_ LUL NosBleid: elaYes Kineticbomb: Oi don’t diss the knoif bruv! danMAD s3rina: BlessRNG xxxxdbxxxx: gachiJAM Ttanoraa: 4Play zorry4badinglsh: gachiBASS pls_dont_permaban: gachiBASS petros757_: gachiOnFIRE toudiisproud: that butty just fine SkeletonKeyLimePie: elaEZ dariaste: Kreygasm easyeasy: gachiBASS ates90: ASS demon payprice: PogU HEIL_MODS_: @SGkieran i pretty much would reset at that point Demoluxx_: WR pace POG SiloWang: Clap Asher_r: DAT ASS gachiBASS Hardflaccid: @bast1an_ Its okay to be jealous luxxPog faeyre: EZ Pog Empoya: @milfhunter_1992 fair enough dragothicx: dragothicx subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 40 months! EZ Clap DwarvenMan: do it again foreplay VaN WrestlerBot2000: @dragothicx After 40 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM keppana666: sub 4 hours incoming?? Pog xThrillhouse: this is the run boys nooberost: Clap2 powder_mountain: phat ass Lordkai78: Big baby majin_duum: YAYY I LEFT AND YOU RESET petros757_: gachiJAM skorpionkinq: almost 5h speedrun PogChamp culsphere: how different is the route for all achievements? Fx_xF: sub 7 hours here we go quazarl: @Eye_cant_writhe Cause the eye can only percive 25 fps PepeLaugh powder_mountain: run activated sloggyx: @Elajjaz have you ever played gothic? Whitesnake777: STILL MISSED 56 PepeHands GodUltimate: 5 Mins Pog gold_dante: @Elajjaz what do you think about Twitch testing subscriber-only streams? Hardflaccid: Achievement unlocked PogChamp Jaushel: @Eye_cant_writhe DS1 is 30fps Qviss: I will post my reaction on your reaction to chats reaction on twitter Fafebobo: PogU Tiddy: hope this run is over before midnight Kappa SGkieran: HEIL_MODS_ nah it wasnt a run or anything i was just doing it, it wasnt anything long just killing like 10 bosses with dark bead wandering_pleb: PogU holophraser: @Elajjaz Do you use claw grip? SkeletonKeyLimePie: you call that a reaction? FeelsWeirdMan NovaMoon: @Elajjaz where did this “react harder” even come from HiHawx: sub midnight run Pog underTaker3424: duregen Pepega bjoernnn: so much swearing monkaS Nopileos: hey @elajjaz elaHi hey chat elaH KirschRing: Pog LidlUser: is this remastered ? SkeletonKeyLimePie: I’ve never tried claw grip Heksyll: Heksyll subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! Who is this guy Pog WrestlerBot2000: @Heksyll Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only 10 I see elaDM captain_elsewhere: @Elajjaz kunjiru: Nopileos elaH Nopileos: SUB HYPE Heksyll PogChamp Ajahi: @NovaMoon When he was playing the last of us I think rockstopper: BabyRage GoldenFlame1: no more swearing btw Kapp GodUltimate: It’s starting Pog shiion17: Nopileos elaH KappasMother: cuz ela didnt react properly while playing last of us 😡 guardian9m: i just wank and its feels so good ๐Ÿ˜€ Nopileos: shiion17 elaH captain_elsewhere: have you ever considered getting a scuff for the extra buttons ? Omojjo: @Elajjaz Why do you use claw grip? show us ๐Ÿ™‚ Pepperpotty: Nopileos elaH faeyre: @novamoon he was playing last of us and new frogs kept hating on how he wasn’t reacting hard enough LULW uNintendoed: POGGERS Nopileos: Pepperpotty elaH Hello2030: D: reflektioNCS: elaBruv saugo: MURDER D: Visualocity: Nopileos elaH Hello2030: 3Head zorry4badinglsh: PepeHands Nopileos: Visualocity elaH GoldenFlame1: 3Head NosBleid: D: Suney: PepeHands k0tashira: Yulia PepeHands Lindegrene: PepeHands Why him? Fafebobo: PepeHands ChocolateBarni: D: Nopileos: PepeHands Croissanito: @NovaMoon from the The Last of Us playthrough PepeLaugh HYPRBRH: PepeHands why him bast1an_: @uNintendoed Bruv elaBruv Lord_Shoe: elaD zorry4badinglsh: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands GetGood6: PepeHands JackHow_: PepeHands faeyre: PepeHands he didn’t teach you dragothicx: Lilla Julia PepeHands SkeletonKeyLimePie: lille yules FeelsBadMan Deid_: not crying at every cutscene of last of us elaMad xXOblivionDarkXx: why men LUL keppana666: D: petros757_: PepeHands UltraWindow: lilla julia AYAYA Naniyo: PepeHands Yulia Motek: Killed him in cold blood D: Juh0rse: @uNintendoed elaBruv uNintendoed: @bast1an_ bruv elaBruv grecoromanwrestler: PepeHands buys from him, kills him after. Just like gta hookers Melanchton95: this is regular ol’ DS, correct? holophraser: RIP run xThrillhouse: why me BibleThump Heksyll: Ignored FeelsBadMan PepeHands uNintendoed: @Juh0rse elaBruv NovaMoon: ela is emotionally dead after 10k h of dark souls. i dont expect any reaction to anything elaWeird LULW ezfake16: PepeLaugh theKapowner: PepeLaugh SGkieran: ElaPls LULW holophraser: chwSad Naniyo: PepeLaugh 👇 krezal: well, what a cute streamer and chat AYAYA rockstopper: PogU ora_muda: PepeLaugh NosBleid: Chag Nopileos: PepeLaugh faeyre: Chag zorry4badinglsh: Pog 1 faeyre: Champ dragothicx: PogU Lindegrene: Chag Clap Sunshinewalker: 5k hours Pog krezal: POGGERS saugo: Pog Suney: Pog ne grecoromanwrestler: Pog YOO WTF Qviss: Clap Chag Visualocity: Weee rooHappy Motek: Pog s3rina: sub 3 PogU mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh 👉 ElaPls Fafebobo: krezal we are indeed elaYA KirschRing: 1st try Pog SkeletonKeyLimePie: Wowee we’ll see Minn_Minn: pewdiepie cmonBruh HEIL_MODS_: @SGkieran oh than its easy peasy HYPRBRH: cmonBruh majin_duum: pogU wandering_pleb: Wowee Clap SGkieran: If you god innovator you kill capra now rockstopper: FrankerZ SkeletonKeyLimePie: OMEGADOWN keppana666: DS1 dogs>DS3 dogs HeyChatSpamXD: cmonBruh ? QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: cmonBruh krezal: OMEGADOWN Samppsom: cmonBruh grecoromanwrestler: cmonBruh PEWDS theKapowner: nymnBridge Clap PrienZ_: nymnBridge HYPRBRH: cmonBruh 🌉 powder_mountain: whats pewdiepie Nopileos: cmonBruh 🌉 Kunno1100: cmonBruh Naniyo: elaMad Rust_n: cmonBrother Dryd_keepomaster: still cursing LULW WrestlerBot2000: Forsen|Clip No.9| https://clips.twitch.tv/FaintEnchantingHawkDeIlluminati VI VON dragothicx: Wowee dosakarud: gachiJAM Visualocity: cmonBruh s3rina: PepeLaugh Whitesnake777: monkaS QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: monkaW HiHawx: pewdiepie skip Sparav: monkaW HEIL_MODS_: monkaW sp0derwan: ded? bast1an_: monkaS Croissanito: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW KirschRing: hobbS UltraWindow: new frogs dont know PepeLaugh Deid_: PepeLaugh Qviss: monkaW Jusup0v: reset NosBleid: monkaW mrbreadberry: monkaW xXOblivionDarkXx: jesus grecoromanwrestler: monkaW rockstopper: monkaS GanDrakeHD: you wanna slowwalk for pdp skip Wowee Sunshinewalker: monkaX Samppsom: Real dogs>video game dogs my opinion is best DansGame SmileySam: monkaW souldedeh: Death Stranding happening right now Nopileos: monkaW monkaW majin_duum: monkaW NovaMoon: which dark souls had the teleporting dogs. was it 3? Jaargan: monkaW Visualocity: monkaW Oath_Of_Revenge: RSTR Pog dragothicx: RTSR Setup though PogU GoldenFlame1: D: QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: D: flyingbisen: D: theKapowner: D: Minn_Minn: elaD WTF Qviss: monkaS AkaTsubaki_: PepeHands okay HEIL_MODS_: elaD Lindegrene: elaD s3rina: wtf D: Nopileos: D: Ph4ntomi: elaD laststand66: D: name400: D: C_Fear: D: Elsbrik: Oh,Ok PepeHands HYPRBRH: PepeHands ok krezal: RTSR setup ruined FeelsWeirdMan KirschRing: hobbHands rockstopper: D: C_Fear: this is humble family strim banadee: ghoul lives matter QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: Kapp Samppsom: PepeHands Ok Nopileos: D: D: NosBleid: PepeHands Juh0rse: D: Norkore: yes FeelsGoodMan Visualocity: sure thing PepeHands easyeasy: elaD grecoromanwrestler: PepeHands anyways HEIL_MODS_: FeelsGoodMan Bleez93: i wish i could FeelsBadMan Lindegrene: Not us FeelsGoodMan laststand66: does dead inside count? NovaMoon: guess its time for me PepeHands bye chat Elsbrik: FeelsGoodMan Not me Jaargan: i wish PepeHands majin_duum: i wish i could die Norkore: i want to die anyway FeelsGoodMan Samppsom: FeelsGoodMan vryn124: D_ swatyo: FeelsGoodMan Hello2030: sorry ela, I had to report you for that one FeelsBadMan vryn124: D: kava06: too late PepeHands Fx_xF: i was about to do it anyway PepeHands Visualocity: not today! FeelsGoodMan AkaTsubaki_: gachiGASM KirschRing: hobbT Heksyll: elaGasm NosBleid: gachiBASS Qviss: chat LULW Dryd_keepomaster: gachiGASM HEIL_MODS_: chat is suicidal PepeHands ClaytonBigsbe: @Elajjaz Looks like Death Stranding thing should be starting soon bast1an_: handsUp Amnexiac: elaGasm easyeasy: oh FeelsBadMan CarthusSandworm: gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiGASM SQGamer: @Elajjaz we get the hint, we go watch a real speedrunner like Forsen PepeHands Sparav: gachiBOP HalflightSpearoftheChurch: gachiBASS Deid_: gachiBASS Norkore: @novamoon ill take the bullet for you bast1an_: HandsUp GoldenFlame1: If you don’t wanna die just say “not today” 4HEad Naniyo: PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: elaK grecoromanwrestler: Kappa nothing i can do TheSlicerr21: Just dont die 4HEad rockstopper: PogU flyingbisen: EZ NosBleid: Pog dragothicx: PogU Rust_n: Chag Nopileos: PogU KirschRing: hard boss Pog Juh0rse: PogU Clap Whitesnake777: Chag TheH3llraiser: Pog TheSlicerr21: PogU Lindegrene: Chag Clap Qviss: ela is only playing dark souls because forsen is Kapp Droncool07: DSR? Romeo_Poker: Chag grecoromanwrestler: PogU yooo god gamer Motek: Pog Clap guardian9m: i just wank for the second time, still feels good ๐Ÿ˜€ Yuggod: hello elaOk bast1an_: kuruEZ Clap Naniyo: monkaW Rust_n: @guardian9m WeirdChamp Bootch: Yuggod elaOk elaH swatyo: POGGERS QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: monkaS grecoromanwrestler: monkaW dunerinno: FeelsWeirdMan SpleX__: Good evening chat pepeL Nopileos: SpleX__ elaHi marquellwilliams12: monkaW GodUltimate: 1 Min Pog Nopileos: monkaW Pepperpotty: SpleX__ elaH Visualocity: @Qviss anneKappa Sourcehunter: @guardian9m nice ๐Ÿ™‚ Yuggod: @Bootch elaH elaOk easyeasy: SpleX__ allo elaOk / swatyo: PogU Lordkai78: The mission here?? faeyre: @splex__ hi pepeL majin_duum: PogU 풍엔도: DEATH STRANDING POG grecoromanwrestler: PogU the strats guardian9m: Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ SpleX__: So many hugs pepeL Omojjo: @Elajjaz Are you strimming this saturday? uNintendoed: Chag Pike27: Yeet Solareclipse17: POGGERS Pepperpotty: !aom WrestlerBot2000: This coming Saturday I’m doing an Age of Mythology marathon starting 12pm CEST! Gonna be playing for as long as I can stay awake pretty much on either Hard or Titan difficulty Yuggod: Pog Naniyo: Chag Ace_Unknown_: will you be watching the streamof death stranding? @elajjaz ๐Ÿ™‚ alkalium91: Pog Nopileos: Chag Sparav: Pog bast1an_: PogU grecoromanwrestler: Pog AOM Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Croissanito: elevator PepeLaugh Deid_: Chag JukeboxJedi: Chag seqone: AoM PogU Bootch: Chag pizzaboy_28: !aom daley_: !aol kurpajutra: Pog AT LAST dragothicx: AoM PogU Minn_Minn: I won’t be here PepeHands Nopileos: Chag Chag saugo: AoM Pog Zloezlo: Death stranding not started DansGame captain_elsewhere: Pog Jaargan: Chag SGkieran: !AOM culsphere: !aom NosBleid: !aom WrestlerBot2000: This coming Saturday I’m doing an Age of Mythology marathon starting 12pm CEST! Gonna be playing for as long as I can stay awake pretty much on either Hard or Titan difficulty holophraser: What about AOE Bootch: Chag AoM Chag marquellwilliams12: POGGG Magellan_: AOM Chag Omojjo: @Elajjaz My bday special stream Pog uNintendoed: Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag MasterMalpercio: AoM on Titan rooH Solareclipse17: @Elajjaz have you played the AOM series before? motoko__kusanagi: jermaChomp Ela! WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! rockstopper: !ELA WrestlerBot2000: This is actually Ela from years ago, totally not anybody else okay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18GHPzRuwOQ Proof: https://clips.twitch.tv/HardPhilanthropicGnatOSkomodo AlmAyum: Jebaited by kojima PepeHands Father_Rawlings: Parry god Pog NosBleid: PepeLaugh GoldenFlame1: NotLikeThis uNintendoed: @Juh0rse Chag @bast1an_ Chag some_god_of_transparency: NotLikeThis KirschRing: hobbS Yuggod: NotLikeThis SuperSymn: attack on monsters Pog Suney: PepeLaugh dragothicx: monkaW uNintendoed: Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag MousseAcebolada: Is this what 5K hours looks like? barbEyes Goop67: !AOM Pppainy: !AOM WrestlerBot2000: This coming Saturday I’m doing an Age of Mythology marathon starting 12pm CEST! Gonna be playing for as long as I can stay awake pretty much on either Hard or Titan difficulty Deid_: monkaW StevenSenegaI: forsenE amateur stuff Sunshinewalker: 90k people Jebaited by Kojima LUL SpleX__: Ela noticed me Pog now i have finished my bucket list SeriousSloth KacekX: Champ GoldenFlame1: MaN bast1an_: @uNintendoed PogU sicariowned: MaN theKapowner: MaN Nopileos: MaN s3rina: LULW HEIL_MODS_: elaKek Lindegrene: elaKek grecoromanwrestler: LULW Norkore: MaN dragothicx: Almost Saved PogU Deid_: MaN chudysensei: @MousseAcebolada he have like 8k now, but yeah elaKek Dryd_keepomaster: MaN juuumand: MEN VA FAN Sparav: LULW WrestlerBot2000: “My hair is so soft it’s like a kitten’s fur… it’s crazy!” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 2 uNintendoed: elaKek Stunningjam: LULW mrbreadberry: LULW Nopileos: MaN MaN Suney: MaN rockstopper: BLOCKING ANDYS sorad3n: cucked LULW theKapowner: MaN Any men? SkeletonKeyLimePie: it didn’t start FeelsWeirdMan ericccccc: @bast1an_ bawkGlad kurikame_: tfw missing the stream this weekend as I’ll be visiting my close friend who lives abroad nooberost: ROV uNintendoed: @ericccccc Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag kompoott: Chag bast1an_: @ericccccc POGGERS Fafebobo: maybe at 100k mrbreadberry: V I E T ___ ? petros757_: MaN tutufuzi: nothing happened Lv_100: !aom WrestlerBot2000: This coming Saturday I’m doing an Age of Mythology marathon starting 12pm CEST! Gonna be playing for as long as I can stay awake pretty much on either Hard or Titan difficulty petros757_: NaM TimoAndTheus: OI LADS 3Head Nini____: your first time ericccccc: @uNintendoed @bast1an_ im a year older today PepeHands detective_columbo: Hi @Elajjaz! Hi chat! elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH elaH huhhmann: ElaPls Gorhob: Pog AlmAyum: 102k people watching nothing Jebaited swatyo: EZ Pepperpotty: detective_columbo elaH uNintendoed: @ericccccc Happy Birthday Eric bawkLove klinkLove detective_columbo: ericccccc FeelsBirthdayMan KappasMother: death stranding looks really bad, its all black with handprints WutFace TaLLaHaSsii: TaBeRu AngelThump TaBeRu rockstopper: Pog Solareclipse17: moon2EZ Yuggod: @TimoAndTheus OI LAD elaBruv faeyre: @detective_columbo hi elaH Suney: Pog detective_columbo: Pepperpotty elaCozy ela12 elaHYUG bast1an_: bast1an_ gifted a Tier 1 sub to ericccccc! They have given 8 Gift Subs in the channel! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @ericccccc the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM SpleX__: @detective_columbo pepeL hi uNintendoed: @ericccccc Chag Chag Chag Chag hopeofblossom: dang Nopileos: SUB HYPE ericccccc elaA GodUltimate: Kojima Jebaited chudysensei: @detective_columbo sup dawg elaDM Polebegood: death stranding will be now they said PepeLaugh uNintendoed: @bast1an_ Chag Chag Chag Chag Chag guardian9m: Nice run ๐Ÿ˜€ you killed them so fast ^^ grecoromanwrestler: LULW I died to these fuckers so many times wtf Pepperpotty: ericccccc FeelsBirthdayMan Fx_xF: sub 10 POGGERS rockstopper: eriiiiiiiiiiiik detective_columbo: faeyre SpleX__ chudysensei ela13 Luke_N_: Chag nooberost: Pog JordyVee1: gachiHYPER bast1an_: @ericccccc Happy Birthday PogU Juh0rse: @ericccccc elaBruv SpleX__: @ericccccc pepeL happy birthday ChocolateBarni: @ericccccc FeelsBirthdayMan GanDrakeHD: did you figure out the new londo stuff yesterday ela? Buschpirscher: Hi Ela, did you already finish layers of fear 2 ? Magellan_: I remember Forsen dying 100 times on this boss petros757_: TakeItBoi ericccccc: @uNintendoed @detective_columbo distLove uNintendoed: FeelsBirthdayMan DwarvenMan: gold Pog TheMoltenGuy: ElaPls GoldenFlame1: pepeJAM JordyVee1: gachiBASS KirschRing: PepoDance NosBleid: pepeJAM some_god_of_transparency: ElaPls Suney: ElaPls LiquidHindo: Hey elaHi Bootch: pepeJAM la_polenta_de_zidane: Pog GLOD Nopileos: ElaPls Sunshinewalker: ElaPls Kunno1100: Pog Deid_: ElaPls rockstopper: PepePls mrbreadberry: ElaPls Naniyo: AlienPls CharleyQc02: glod Pog theKapowner: ppHop dragothicx: pepeJAM Freddieze: world record today ?!?! PogChamp ninjalive2: Pog wandering_pleb: ElaPls nooberost: PlsEla Nopileos: ElaPls ElaPls ericccccc: @bast1an_ klinkLove faeyre: @ericccccc FeelsBirthdayMan Clap motoko__kusanagi: deccShrug Juh0rse: @ericccccc FeelsBirthdayMan TaLLaHaSsii: ElaPls grecoromanwrestler: 😡 kill him too LiquidHindo: This is the most awesome emote elaHi KirschRing: D: Teddym4n: D: ericccccc: @Juh0rse no1LOVE vryn124: pepoRUN nooberost: elaD TheSlicerr21: The old ela car vid is blocked in my country wot 😠 Rokjaw: pepeHands chudysensei: 1:12 pace Pog mrbreadberry: old split music PepeHands elaGlod PepeHands Mrtriggahigga: PONYO PepeHands TheBigSpence: This strimmer is look very fast FeelsWeirdMan lillewille: elaHi chudysensei: gold splits Pog Juh0rse: @ericccccc bawkGlad kurpajutra: I dont have to work tomorrow or the day after tomorrow PogU Carniboar64: Death Stranding stream at 106 000 viewers chudysensei: must be ela Pog nilkkixD: no iis my kapp Kapp HYPRBRH: DatSheffy / littleaidskid: Nerf bastian JustCallMeKelvin: Gonyo PepeHands TheMoltenGuy: Gonyo PepeHands AvalancheSeph: @Elajjaz Do we see a mindblowing Run today Sir Pog ? LiquidHindo: elaHi @lillewille TheMoltenGuy: elaK NosBleid: elaK makeshiftwings30: hi ela elaHi Suney: elaK Lv_100: GLOD Pog HYPERCLAP KappasMother: so slow itll blow your mind MisterSparkleTTV: 100k viewers on death stranding stream monkaS KirschRing: does this include bottomless glitch? Fafebobo: just let me know if something is happening in the death stranding stream ResidentSleeper DhouI: !notes WrestlerBot2000: All Achievements DS1 https://pastebin.com/NQKf1KSn Zar___: Please start over then LUL Silplix: Well Jebaited on the Death Stranding reveal chudysensei: @KirschRing yes NovaMoon: save more time elaMad rockstopper: Just pick it up 4Head Derravia: monkaW ericccccc: elaWOW grecoromanwrestler: Pog KirschRing: @chudysensei thanks hobbH Cheeki_breeki_i_v_damki: gachiPls 3% WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Edition, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz mrbreadberry: Death Stranding Jebaited Kojima master baiter Jebaited dokomiii: I can`t even watch the “How to use a used car” video because it`s blocked in my country FeelsBadMan bast1an_: @ericccccc Enjoy your new weeb emotes 4Head Qviss: death stranding should be in artifact category s3rina: check forsen PepeLaugh dokomiii: Aww Krismer_: @Elajjaz WHY :c grecoromanwrestler: death stranding is going to be wack af PepeLaugh ericccccc: lmfao thanks a lot dude cirLove appreciate it @bast1an_ TheMoltenGuy: does Masterr still have the WR? Trizze: hello friends Trizze: 👋 trizzeMagik bast1an_: @ericccccc FeelsBirthdayMan natorboy: i think i never actually fought this area. always just ran through here lol Trizze: what was wrong with twitch elajjaz? : petros757_: Forsen’s 2,5% flashback HYPERCLAP Krismer_: god damn youtube every time simoncityroyal: VoHiYo Bootch: Trizze elaH Call_me_Zeroo: hej Zoraa: i was gonna fap, then i saw Ela was online. gachiBASS Call_me_Zeroo: HEJJ TheMoltenGuy: I don’t remember what Prox’s PB is elaHmm SpleX__: @trizze pepeL helloooo koinhok104: Friend Pog ClaytonBigsbe: This death stranding shit is getting annoying now. Just show it ffs kurpajutra: gold Pog WrongCaptcha: @Elajjaz can you notice me senpai? VoHiYo skulkbags: are there any speedruns where you don’t use red tearstone ring @Elajjaz Trizze: elaH Bootch cho_pin: @Zoraa WeirdChamp Whitesnake777: Trizze elaH DeathNote_RS: G O L D Trizze: pepeL SpleX__ Heksyll: @Elajjaz you ignored my resub FeelsBadMan im sad now PepeHands dosakarud: gachiJAM xanax_ow: 5Head Zoraa: @cho_pin elaWeird YinxxM: does he still play sekiro MettatonsFan: Hello everybody elaHi Trizze: trizzeH Whitesnke777 Rust_n: Kojimbo Jebaited Bootch: MettatonsFan elaH grecoromanwrestler: @Zoraa Fap to ela gachiBASS Trizze: snke FeelsPepoMan Call_me_Zeroo: did you change headphones ela MisterSparkleTTV: inb4 Death Stranding is a battle royale game LUL EverMeadow: It’s just more Kojima so it will be okay, nothing game changing. StringRipper: StringRipper subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 30 months, currently on a 30 month streak! 30 months Chag Time flies…. WrestlerBot2000: @StringRipper After 30 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Whitesnake777: MettatonsFan elaH Nopileos: SUB HYPE StringRipper elaA HugeEugene: DEATH STRANDING REVEAL Jebaited TheJP4: Hello everyone chudysensei: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/231246107?collection=1XVvi4DjEBVknQ here you have how to use a used car reaction ela13 Kaiju_Inferno: @Elajjaz Did you see the PS4 Death Stranding Pre-order items? OMEGALUL Call_me_Zeroo: what did you get NovaMoon: artifact category has actuall artifact gameplay elaWeird mrbreadberry: Death Jebaiting Jebaited Heksyll: @Elajjaz FeelsAmazingMan Clap Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz can i have your old headphones ๐Ÿ™‚ Gomezio_: Why does he put arrows in the box? HugeEugene: Jebaited KOJIMA ericccccc: @uNintendoed bawkHunk elaDM Call_me_Zeroo: so am i Call_me_Zeroo: ๐Ÿ™‚ uNintendoed: bawkPoggers uNintendoed: @ericccccc bawkHunk elaDM kurpajutra: monkaTOS bojka: this isnt 60fps Onionmaster32: @Elajjaz How is this run compared to the remaster? 🤔 Omojjo: @Elajjaz What’s the benefit of claw grip over normal? Call_me_Zeroo: what new ones did you get dragothicx: Jebait Stranding Jebaited Heksyll: @NovaMoon the banned everybody monkaW Qviss: after mgs5 I’d rather be cautious about the next games plot WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Derravia: gachiBASS Zoraa: I just cant wait for Death Stranding aka. ‘Norman Reedus and the Funky Feetus’ KirschRing: hobbHands xXOblivionDarkXx: the sound of wood in this game is too ASMR KappasMother: claw grip feels better gachiBASS Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz dude they put my esa run at 6am ericccccc: larxaNom theKapowner: gachiBASS some_god_of_transparency: FAP gachiBASS TheSo1idSnake: yo ventomrly: FAP Kunno1100: gachiBASS NovaMoon: @Elajjaz there is a guy rolling blunts in the artifact category LULW Call_me_Zeroo: @Elajjaz i wanted you to couch for me grecoromanwrestler: FapFapFap Zoraa: healing fap gachiBOP Trizze: FapFapFap petros757_: gachiBASS Yuggod: you fap on the elevator? gachiBASS NaughtyPedro: at least DS will come out this year… I hope HailRoadhog: gachiBASS Heksyll: that sentence gachiBASS stormtrooper260: sooo….. sekiro uncool already? Kaiju_Inferno: gachiBOP Tezz_: Tezz_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 44 months! so uhhh it’s been like a year you know Azeworai: skerio is so 2019 WrestlerBot2000: @Tezz_ After 44 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM detective_columbo: NaughtyPedro 9 Nov 2019 Nopileos: SUB HYPE Tezz_ PogChamp bjoernnn: sekiro in current year LULW Call_me_Zeroo: tozz Pog some_god_of_transparency: WHY NOT gachiBASS ZuperGalaxyRumble: @Elajjaz Can you claw grip my dick so i can find out if i am gay or not? ๐Ÿ™‚ thewafflewizard: Is this larxa? larxaKawaii seqone: SEKIR OMEGADOWN Zoraa: elaWeird damage KirschRing: wth NaughtyPedro: noice petros757_: YOU LIKE THAT HUH? gachiBOP gachiCOOL YES SIR mrbreadberry: FeelsWeirdMan damage Qviss: FeelsLateMan DC_Infinity: PepeHands Golden04: PepeLaugh ivan_nnn: DMG LULW Tezz_: zero Pog KirschRing: damage D: Gomezio_: Imagine the grind of a Sekiro all achievements run LUL KappasMother: gachiBASS KirschRing: Pog StevenSenegaI: Kreygasm Shmoop1: Hi ela and chat elaH pepeL , how are my babes doing today? Rokjaw: Kreygasm Derravia: monkaW deth Zoraa: monkaW HailRoadhog: Whats with the damage ß some_god_of_transparency: squadW payprice: Kreygasm keppana666: my dearest sister PepeHands TaLLaHaSsii: Kreygasm SirArcoz: Shmoop1 elaH pepeL Nopileos: Kreygasm Raptoe: monkaW Breitey: monkaW juuumand: LULW NaughtyPedro: is this sekiro LULW Decibel_Rebel: Sex Pog some_god_of_transparency: gachiBASS Shmoop1: @SirArcoz elaHYUG Derravia: milkies HYPERS KirschRing: gg Pog TheH3llraiser: Pog faeyre: @shmoop1 hi elaH swatyo: squadW boiis TaLLaHaSsii: PepeHands Ajahi: elaEZ Clap MassiveToole: @Elajjaz you’re putting yourself through this run again?? lol Zoraa: Chag Golden04: Chag dreamcankles: Pog Omojjo: Anyone remember that game Sekiro? Trizze: nice moves PogU Nopileos: Chag faeyre: Chag simoncityroyal: VoHiYo Azeworai: close boss fight DC_Infinity: PepeHands Kaiju_Inferno: @Elajjaz Does Sekiro have replayability like Dark Souls? (not including speedruns) xXOblivionDarkXx: she came then died LUL OMEGALUL icysprinkles: don’t bully her AvalancheSeph: elaCozy StevenSenegaI: nymnCozy cho_pin: elaCozy Zoraa: @Omojjo seki– what? whats that? elaOk some_god_of_transparency: elaCozy Yuggod: elaCozy Qviss: sekiro in 2019 LULW (wait a minute) Nopileos: elaCozy qwzic: elaCozy Shmoop1: elaCozy ericccccc: elaCozy Railman0z: elaCozy Buurt: i think im gonna play bloodborne again, i miss it elaHmm elaKek QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: 💿 Clap Ajahi: @Kaiju_Inferno Only if you want all endings ta_no_kami: @Kaiju_Inferno not much tbh TheSlicerr21: 5 mins CHAccepted Trizze: is there a way to reset achievements? JackHow_: the gameplay of death stranding looks fucking weird TheSo1idSnake: death stranding opinions Azeworai: bloodborne in 2019 Pog TaLLaHaSsii: PepeUff KevKov: hi ela hi chat elaH Vismarck: DS2 all bosses was the coziest of runs elaCozy ta_no_kami: maybe 2 or 3 runs swatyo: monkaS Nopileos: KevKov elaHYUG tenk420: @Elajjaz can you do this speedruns in ds2? do have the hole game every item etc. in your head? Raptoe: monkaTOS Demoluxx_: woah KappasMother: death stranding looks like generic open world game #10000 including bat vision and all that crap FeelsBadMan Neroph: Frampt ASMR Kreygasm Omojjo: @Zoraa elaOk some sort of souls sequel I think Teddym4n: monkaS theKapowner: 🐍 rawr KirschRing: EZ MONEY Pog mrbreadberry: rawr xD StevenSenegaI: PogU HailRoadhog: i bet there are more secrets in Bloodborne undiscovored Freddieze: cheater :/ Kunno1100: Pog QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: MY MAN 💿 Clap petros757_: PogU natorboy: wtf is this dupe LUL Armody: Pog Nopileos: PogU TheSlicerr21: ElaJAM MuliadSpt: wtf Deminov: That’s some hard core glitching right there Trizze: 💿 Clap Tamahowk: monkaTOS TaLLaHaSsii: PogU HYPERCLAP riskbreakerz: TOS skulkbags: hax wtf paszkodnikk: that grapefruit technique sounds Bootch: rawr :3 Derravia: Wait, what do you need the Pendant for keppana666: ez dup grecoromanwrestler: LULW Trizze: nice money bro Azeworai: you cheated no only yourself pasta snydesnyper: fhaeCop summer___: hey Ela and Chat elaH elaHi Nopileos: summer___ elaH KirschRing: oral decoy Pog petros757_: YOU LIKE THAT HUH? gachiBOP gachiCOOL YES SIR StevenSenegaI: ORAL DECOY gachiBASS karoshi06: oral decoy gachiBASS Kexmannen: Kexmannen subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! WrestlerBot2000: @Kexmannen I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM Fhyberr: pick it up and don’t eat it by accident Nopileos: SUB HYPE Kexmannen POGGERS some_god_of_transparency: ORAL DECOY? gachiBASS Stannu: @Elajjaz HACKER BibleThump Zoraa: @QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI gachiBASS WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz Plays Never Again | Part 1 – https://youtu.be/1mT-7Nt3l1w skookum_ua: skookum_ua subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! WrestlerBot2000: @skookum_ua I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM summer___: Nopileos elaH petros757_: @QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI gachiBOP Nopileos: SUB HYPE skookum_ua elaA QUOTE_ME_IF_GACHI: @Zoraa gachiBASS Punlshed_Snake: Kojima the madman has gotten over 100k people to stare at a muddy wall for over 20 hours PepeLaugh flavasava7: HelloD Catchnaab: cmonBruh LunkTheHunk: Nice character dude SykaPlyat: Twix BlancoB: cmonBruh ?? SkeletonKeyLimePie: snickers or twix timoteh: Snickers 100% xxxwhatdoyoumeanxxx: cmonBruh quazarl: cmonBruh jormuliini: mars kapustadrakon_: Kitkat Nopileos: cmonBruh NovaMoon: milky way Kaspu: MARS AnubisYE: snickers icedragon08: cmonBruh Jokimz: Milky Way countingz: mars last_whoa: Twix MurphV: twix HamerLUL: KitKat Trizze: cmonBruh he keeps saying it Rust_n: Mars Thenastyraven: kinder bueno Beanoh: Wispa edgyedge1337: YeahBoi YeahBoi YeahBoi Febox: cmonBruh Youbetterlikemyburgers: KitKat Nopileos: MARS TheH3llraiser: YeahBoi is the best Mr__CrocK: yeah. Snickers is the best SiloWang: twirl ๐Ÿ™‚ ThunderZBee: Twix Fatslug27: boast juuumand: i agree 100& Buurt: KitKat St0rmEagle: cmonBruh synergie001: MARS Sapphire_Breeze: Mars Flutschfingerz: Lion shawn_u: CruW Dumbidios: twix tony_maccaroni: why snickers cmonBruh Nopileos: MARS MARS Odins_pecs: cmonBruh petras_36: WutFace kill this monster van_tonder: Twix Destmand: Chat elaWeird Stnaos: Snickers Zoraa: @Elajjaz totally agree with you. catzket: COME ON BRO OMEGLOL COME ON BRO OMEGLOL COME ON BRO OMEGLOL COME ON BRO OMEGLOL COME ON BRO OMEGLOL COME ON BRO OMEGLOL COME ON BRO OMEGLOL COME ON BRO OMEGLOL COME ON BRO OMEGLOL COME ON BRO OMEGLOL COME ON BRO OMEGLOL AkrioXx: LUL schatti90: KITKAT juuumand: 100% ThatAlarmGuy: Twiz Bootch: twix Xquade90: sncikers all the way Derravia: Twix hands down Twozu: mars HailRoadhog: MILKY WAY Emilia_: white twix Fhyberr: Peanut Butter Cups flavasava7: ferrero rocher Pizzaaa: kit kat ThunderZBee: twix retro_raiden: waifu character PunOko Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: cmonBruh gunfirinmaniac: cmonBruh Densto__: SNICKER FOR SURE Jcrbeyond: Snickers and KIT Kat Niloomilo: snickers yeah Destmand: Chat stop elaWeird junta54: KIT KAT lostinsiide: LION Xeptix: 3 Musketeers Cielx93: starbar nan0o: monkaTOS Vegvisyr: bounty bois chudysensei: common bro 😂 common bro 😂 common bro 😂 common bro 😂 krezal: FeelsWeirdMan westleedumb: Reese’s Fast Break HailRoadhog: MILKY FUCKING WAY Kalgarrr: chat WeirdChamp CuddIe_Fish: FastBreak jimjak94: Twix is disgusting you degenerates, snickers owns Concon1: Twix ManYourOwnJCKHMR: Kitkat Snapisnoo: Twix White! Narahik0: Galaxy marquellwilliams12: oh henry dukeofrockinghm: 3 muskateers Sunshinewalker: You know its KitKat PepeLaugh moobere: i dont like choco sunshift: Bounty or Snickers wandering_pleb: mars bar obviously atomicdestruction: Crunch Visualocity: Twix gachiBASS Sabertore: Chat FeelsWeirdMan Apocalypse34: Hershey’s cookies n creme>all else BlackupV2: twix is nice Kometri: Wunderbar. Defenitely. xramoj: bounty? Trizze: PIGALL POGGERS PIGALL POGGERS PIGALL POGGERS PIGALL POGGERS PIGALL POGGERS PIGALL POGGERS PIGALL POGGERS Landregan123 : M&M’s Gnasherus: 85% dark chocolate PinkanTV: LION Pog 1mpolar: LION Jaargan: fazer schatti90: KITKAT MONKAS seqone: COMEONBRO forsenJoy COMEONBRO forsenJoy COMEONBRO forsenJoy COMEONBRO forsenJoy COMEONBRO forsenJoy bubblegumisblue: Milkybar white chocolate kurimaydie: BOUNTY abysswatches: Toblorone. SeriousSloth Secklolzzz: bounty Sphixie: @Elajjaz marabou bubblig bullecobra: twix? sorad3n: ANY KINDER SHIT @Elajjaz Destmand: Chat c’mon elaWeird aenamatic: KIT KAT grecoromanwrestler: kitkat gets me moist Kreygasm zepzors: All of the. KKona ProfessorDrunk: Facts yeyohajuh: holy shit the resemblance is insane Romeo_Poker: bounty HeavyB2B: bounty GanDrakeHD: just do it you will see Wowee pefmoo: KEXCHOKLAD Billebit: KinderChoclate HailRoadhog: MILKY WAYYYYYYYYYY hank_the_lord: lion bar is superior pho3n1x92: Snickers juuumand: snickers is too damn good Resselleth: @Elajjaz Kinder Bueno icedragon08: Twix Schpoiink: Snickers elaOk Twix elaBruv MilchiWay: DansGame Sapphire_Breeze: Lion Pog Heksyll: Knoppers elaKek pepper9_: Kit Kat or Twix Takhyon: KIT KAT tony_maccaroni: LI OMEGALUL N Raptoe: KitKat BlackupV2: mars can be good too Bieberhunter: Bounty elaGasm Raizq: protein bar Bootch: nuts DansGame Thenastyraven: Kinder bueno captain_elsewhere: MARS DELIGHT BUT THEY DONT MAKE IT ANYMORE PepeHands grindfatherx: Twix is pretty fire grecoromanwrestler: 🦁 WTF Sabertore: Mars woopsLewd C_Fear: Bounty Yuggod: lion is fucking great junta54: DOUBLE DECKER 100% Z_Sythe: Finially 方姆咪: ๐Ÿ˜€ thetastylemon: BOOST xramoj: shields up for Bounty! yukie_iki: milky way Polebegood: milka oreo Fhyberr: @Elajjaz try copying an emoji into your char name Fullmetalcheese: elaBruv Destruben: Japp is the best Trizze: try Pigall elajjaz PogU SiloWang: Twirl ๐Ÿ™‚ reflektioNCS: Lion is the best NosBleid: elaBruv chudysensei: kinder bueno Kreygasm juuumand: NOICE forsenK MrCharby: cofee crisp GiPeper: Kinder forsenK Jaargan: fazerD name pls Wowee Shmoop1: YeahBoi k0tashira: b d fbhxfgfdeh Pog Nazzet: elaSmile Bootch: elaOk Myareska: Two what cmonBruh TheH3llraiser: YeahBoi Ferretdance: hahahahaha Kaspu: elaOP shevraar: DansGame nucetti: MURICA WutFace shawn_u: Pog faeyre: DansGame BlackupV2: wtf Sunshinewalker: KKona Clap NosBleid: KKona Bootch: KKona Norttii: DansGame Shmoop1: @Elajjaz Search on youtube for deep fried coke elaPuke BlackupV2: LUL Ansdr: elaPuke tony_maccaroni: KKona Clap Fatamerikans: DEEP FRIED IN LARD Pog Visualocity: LULW Wasyash: NoBoi Deathmones: elaOP tyree372: KKona juuumand: DansGame gravitygravy: KKona Clap Thenastyraven: DansGame crossxcut: KKona KevKov: DansGame Cheapcat: elaOP Clap TorvaM: @Elajjaz when forsen started to practice the dark souls speedrun, he didnt know how to start the game PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: DansGame MooseCanon: fried butter DansGame Maffia171: KKona Clap Nopileos: DansGame NoelleFeeLS: KKona Wasyash: KKona Clap mariano_italiano12: YeahBoi faeyre: fuckin hell DansGame Bootch: KKona elaOP KKona It_is_alive: elaPuke Ph4ntomi: KKona Clap s3rina: sounds good KKona Niloomilo: KKona Clap FG_Hagrid: thats fucking disgusting UltraWindow: suicide for KKona s 8bitbarbarian: Hella yah, brother KKona bullecobra: pendant, is there a reason? Tamahowk: KKona LunkTheHunk: So t his is what heaven lloks like`???? NaughtyPedro: HYPERDANSGAMEW SirArcoz: DansGame Gustel_B: DansGame xsnoll: THICC McDumb: OpieOP HYPERCLAP Istog: elaChug Vuljotnaak: elaPuke MilchiWay: NA LUL dokomiii: ewwwwww juuumand: actually disgusting k0tashira: Bacon with chocolate DansGame infa_xd: i see you got that twitch jacket to compliment their server stability? elaGa Zongo16: I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist and that is photoshopped. tony_maccaroni: whachu mean boy KKona Clap Bootch: KKona Clap look aat em NoelleFeeLS: KKona HYPERCLAP Sybran57: ‘Murica ! Fuck Yeah ! sunshift: people were asking like “why does he have the Firebombs” and I just thought they were wrong LUL gulshan1: DansGame dokomiii: DansGame Azeworai: why not? it helps the world thin down the DNA pool Fatamerikans: Pog Clap Febox: the nurse is fitting tho LULW Thenastyraven: Advertising food poisining DansGame Ph4ntomi: Chocolate bacon WeirdChamp NosBleid: elaPuke deep fried butter ContramaestreChorisito: BUÑUELOS KappasMother: look at the people there LUL ClaytonBigsbe: That’s America for you @Elajjaz jaquescamarao: KKona (puke) Adwaiita: Can we are America from the map? Chag l3lack_mamba: KKona Shodann_: Looks like something out of GTA Densto__: thats like 200% american ultRAW: USA is a meme at this point wtf LUL Visualocity: Suicide bar monkaW dosakarud: Kappa Sunshinewalker: The more you look at it the worse it gets (puke) mummy_napkin: because it is 3v0id: DansGame sorad3n: MY MAN KKona s3rina: hell yea KKona Sapphire_Breeze: Gross crossxcut: cmonBrother Gustel_B: N A OMEGADOWN Gilgamezh: so gooood elaOP FylgdarUlfr: Only NA DansGame faeyre: chocolate covered bacon???? DansGame ndilicious: that’s violently american MookiBoi: MookiBoi subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! Hi papi elaDM Zoraa: KKona AMERICAN LAND WOOT WOOT Jaargan: murica FeelsWeirdMan Wasyash: I’m about to have a heart attack just by looking at this Zongo16: @Elajjaz that’s not real shevraar: Coronary Combo LULW WrestlerBot2000: @MookiBoi If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM BVP13: KKona slugplug: FBBlock FBBlock FBBlock sunshift: it’s just decadence jimjak94: They had 3 heart attacks and a death in their vegas restaurant @Elajjaz Nopileos: SUB HYPE MookiBoi PogChamp sorad3n: MY FOOD KKona SlimSlendy: FeelsAmericanMan mkzkSeki: chocolate covered bacon WeridChamp WeridChamp WeridChamp WeridChamp WeridChamp WeridChamp Doge_Kingx: diabetes Pog Golden04: KKona TheZecaUrubu: The garlic dippers look good, though Normonaut: smother me in butter normonGasm NoelleFeeLS: elaPuke Tree60noscoped: there’s deep fried oreos too C_Fear: CHOCOLATE BACON DR_AGxx: KKona hopeofblossom: LOOK THE CUSTOMERS ON THE LEFT OMEGALUL @Elajjaz acekillem: look at the size of the people eating it lol ClaytonBigsbe: So when you coming to Murica? IsakSkippy: KKona tutufuzi: garlic dippers. what faeyre: i get sick thinking about this DansGame jaquescamarao: coronary combo LUL Leonardo565: this is the dream Jaushel: KKona Clap Visualocity: elaPuke elaPuke Ansdr: Imagine the smell NotLikeThis Istog: MURICAA FUCK YEAH Gurnak: i got full from seeing this LULW 3v0id: elaPuke my god grecoromanwrestler: KKona *heavy breathing* Bootch: KKona DEEP FRIED FREEDOM sorad3n: AMEN BROTHER KKona mkzkSeki: WeirdChamp UmbraltheDentist: I want to eat a salad now dotnotbot: all people on the foto are fucking fat LULW Shmoop1: @Elajjaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBUvYam0eSw ZephidsEmbrace: @Elajjaz I mean, you wouldn’t eat it every day…but once? Yeah, I’d try it all once Drachenreiter: nrdyKona you hate freedom, boy? s3rina: ??????????? Carniboar64: That’s why it’s the Heart Attack cafe tony_maccaroni: @Elajjaz you would definetely get something and enjoy it Kappa Kevs: elaPuke AR_Kain: elaGa evoUSA pneh: https://www.heartattackgrill.com/ FG_Hagrid: what the fuck koinhok104: THICC distLewd Chaton_Rose: Deep fried garlic dippers gachiGASM sunshift: the names LULW 8bitbarbarian: I don’t like your tone, boy KKona Kayrotyy: KKona WeirdChamp StrongNico: triple bybass cheese crips KKona Clap BVP13: Jesus christ It_is_alive: elaPuke Pepperpotty: elaPuke SiloWang: thicc Sapphire_Breeze: Ew Kalgarrr: why the fuck deep fried butter tho elaWut SirArcoz: elaPuke HelenWTF: customers LULW FappyMcFlappy: elaOP Cheapcat: elaOP 👌 Nopileos: elaPuke Wasyash: I want cauliflower and celery after this Ph4ntomi: elaPuke DaacDaac: I’m not proud of being NA seumShy Batuhan: @Elajjaz disgusting man Buurt: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird GanDrakeHD: ela do the name code for me pls distGibeD Zoraa: @Elajjaz even as an American, this makes me sick to look at. Ajahi: KKona Clap Naniyo: elaPuke LunkTheHunk: Thiccc eykau: the heart bit stop lmao BlackupV2: insane Winged_God_Of_The_Wind: what are the garlic dippers? I want SaixSoul: ricardoFlick HeadlessFredo: murica mateator: look at the customer LULW Vuljotnaak: elaPuke pneh: Heart Attack Grill in LV, NV even better UltraWindow: WeirdChamp abysswatches: Fair warning there at least. MercyWing1 SeriousSloth MercyWing2 AR_Kain: evoUSA elaOk evoUSA k0tashira: HOly shit, my heart LilacLeaf: Rural amurica is weird man RageCage81: wow Jegerkaj: KKona Clap Denzl: Didnt know you can buy diabetes Pog Visualocity: KKona G’ma THICC mkzkSeki: 4Head Zongo16: @Elajjaz pretty sure that’s just a bad photoshop. Mirando: 10$ For a piece of fried butter @Elajjaz elaKek cmygo: muricans DansGame giant_robots: thats midwest america KKona grecoromanwrestler: KKona AND A DIET COKE PLEASE Mungebimp13: Deep fried oreos are so good Stands_True: You haven’t lived until you’ve had a bacon wrapped double fried corn dog KKona pneh: If youre over 180 Kg you eat for free NosBleid: WeirdChamp america gagin5: America is number one country anyway juuumand: forsenT MrRobot9K: OneHand Jaargan: DansGame pneh: they have a scale outside Trizze: @Elajjaz https://clips.twitch.tv/HyperSavoryUdonGOWSkull also google “Heart Attack Grill” another KKona place tony_maccaroni: i bet ela would enjoy this secretely LULW kronosiii: BACK TO DARK SOULS???!!! mateator: @Elajjaz dont forget to cheat Teddym4n: monkaW Istog: OneHand Rust_n: @Elajjaz reset achievements Azeworai: coke zero b ecause sugar Kevs: are you playing with a steam controller @Elajjaz ? mkzkSeki: elaHYUK juuumand: 👽 Clap FappyMcFlappy: man I wanna go to america just for the junk food dude, its on a whole nother level DevilTaYZ: you ded after you eat that PepeLaugh retro_raiden: @mrrobot9k scarfMlady Wasyash: CUTE CHARACTER AYAYA Nazzet: PepeUff jimjak94: @LilacLeaf there’s a restaurant that is 5x worst from the same dude in las vegas sunshift: Turtle man shade Pog It_is_alive: elaHYUK thewonderfulwizel: they cant sue you if they’re dead Bootch: smol elaHYUK Vtdubz: RESET ACHIEVEMENTS MilchiWay: monkaW ? ContramaestreChorisito: we actually eat buñuelos in spain, they are so tasty NoelleFeeLS: elaOk lets go gnome Plated_Pangolin: @Elajjaz Talking of food, could you share your banana curry pizza recipe? KevKov: monkaTOS fFabi: monkaTOS Trizze: monkaS MrRobot9K: retro_raiden mrrobo4Yay Zongo16: It’s the boss crossxcut: monkaW Bootch: elaHmm retro_raiden: Daijoubu UltraWindow: thats the asylum demon Nopileos: monkaTOS Trizze: flying thing? Sunshinewalker: monkaSHAKE Golden04: monkaS Ph4ntomi: monkaW Ferretdance: rooBooli MeccaMaster: Asylum demon shevraar: monkaW IsakSkippy: that’s the boss slamming NosBleid: monkaSHAKE NoelleFeeLS: monkaShake Jegerkaj: monkaW payprice: monkaW Ghost k0tashira: stray demon LULW Nopileos: monkaS Reddinator: SAME SHIRT LULW unreallevi: bit slower every time Kalgarrr: its like a great bow? GanDrakeHD: its asylum or stray demon randomly turning for miyazaki reasons ela Mr__CrocK: the demon under the ground? LunkTheHunk: everytime s3rina: black knight bow monkaW Thenastyraven: crossbow? elaHmm pistaitson: its thanos monkaS Kusocheg: its me ๐Ÿ™‚ slugplug: boss Sourcehunter: monkaSHAKE dokomiii: monkaW thesupercoleywoley: as a person living in the South US, going to Carnivals makes me sick just because of the dozens of food places like that there SiloWang: 4Shrug Bieberhunter: Anor Londo archers elaS Istog: its me .) i2Lazy2BeLegit: sounds like the bows in anor londo Visualocity: a big ass bow monkaW KevKov: no me ๐Ÿ™‚ Yuggod: yeah thats the sfx from asylum demon slamming his weapon SerApollyon: tdogRat koinhok104: you never get that before? OMEGALUL WinningD: Sounds like a greatbow getting shot Trizze: it’s me nymnCC Sunshinewalker: monkaTOS Slaps_Giving: it’s stray demon wyatt123x: no its me ๐Ÿ™‚ Wasyash: Sounds like a silver knight shooting an arrow lazzervortex: !kitkat WrestlerBot2000: All clips are moved in new !clip command, for more information and list of all clips check http://comradenerdy.com/ela/clips.html To get this clip using new command type: !clip kitkat faeyre: monkaW tony_maccaroni: monkaX Batuhan: its one of the demons @Elajjaz Mrtriggahigga: monkaTOS Clap Teddym4n: 5k hours OMEGALUL Sourcehunter: monkaTOS FappyMcFlappy: PepeHands Choice Chamber MidgetDude110: monkaTOS woodpill: is this remaster Nopileos: monkaTOS Panzearon: isnt it just the hollows growling? Sukiet03: monkaTOS PinkanTV: greekgodx dancing on the roof POGGERS Istog: monkaTOS lord_rimheart: monkaTOS HelenWTF: @Elajjaz Gats swinging his sword monkaW Itsxdnl: DARK SASI FeelsGoodMan Tamahowk: monkaTOS Qviss: wtf cheating monkaW SkeletonKeyLimePie: beautiful character xThrillhouse: CLANG NoelleFeeLS: monkaTOS cheating PepeHands gulshan1: @Elajjaz Why do you start pendant? Jegerkaj: FeelsGoodMan louder AR_Kain: Its gearboi SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag Cheapcat: why do you start with pendant? sunshift: FeelsGoodMan GalaxyGiant: you got a ghost bud KevKov: Pog Ansdr: FeelsGoodMan AnubisYE: KKomrade Tamahowk: FeelsGoodMan Clap Qviss: proof of conker tony_maccaroni: more resets than forsen LULW ChechW: Maybe knight from second time you visit asylum has a bow and is placed somewhere out of bounds? sounds like a bow Istog: proof of cancer Kappa HonorableFist: 4h run ? nice NoelleFeeLS: Agane FeelsGoodMan Clap Gater58: is this a BKH RNG run? flavasava7: are we in reset city ? Thatcrunkcoco: what is this run? xyphrs: @Elajjaz Everytime yo say dark sasi it reminds me of sasori woodpill: is this remaster Deathmones: elaK Bootch: elaK Wasyash: Man, you’re so bad, have you seen forsen, he’s the real speedrunner SiloWang: LADS Tamahowk: LULW sunshift: more of a reset VIllage Kappa Istog: elaK gulshan1: Yeah tony Nopileos: elaK MeccaMaster: ?????????? Yuggod: same zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh 4 SerApollyon: WHAT D: Ferretdance: you’ve never had mac and cheese??? paleblood_13: what Fhyberr: it’s good RocoRamon: What? Tier113: ??? KevKov: elaD MeccaMaster: NEVER? gravitygravy: D: ericccccc: hashWut 1mpolar: WHAT MurphV: whaaaaat??? Nopileos: what Myareska: Gater58 It’s worse LULW Nazzet: elaK sunshift: me neither gulshan1: D: Naniyo: How????? Apocalypse34: eh, its overrated SlimSlendy: WHAT?! Niloomilo: elaD name400: same Stands_True: rooD Adamcp898: yeah it’s shit Pepperpotty: How have you never had that??? Mrtriggahigga: What??? Thenastyraven: @tony_maccaroni good name elakEK DevilTaYZ: wtf 3v0id: elaD captain_elsewhere: wat mackdaddy0629: wtf? Azeworai: its not that great anyway Istog: Never? elaD Nopileos: elaD AvalancheSeph: elaD Zongo16: you’re not missing much, it’s fucking gross. Bootch: me neither LULW dokomiii: Who you gonna call? zorry4badinglsh: me neither faeyre: i had it once paleblood_13: how tf have you never had mac and cheese SlimSlendy: Unfollowed Skorpion9987: mekkan cheese ? Trizze: Neither have I tuberznl: Hope she runs like never before HeavyB2B: OWO Shmoop1: @Elajjaz it’s shit retro_raiden: @ericccccc atamLurk tony_maccaroni: Oit’s overrated idioteastwood: how??? atomicdestruction: It’s alright BabylonYOP: Me neither looks disgusting tbh Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh homeless tier meals SerApollyon: GO MAKE IT RIGHT NOW D: AvalancheSeph: @Elajjaz Make it urself its easy MikeLitoris6999: its trash anyway LUL Buurt: same here elaHmm Railman0z: Same grecoromanwrestler: KKona wtf, unfollowed StrongNico: never had pasta with cheese MidgetDude110: its meh tbh paszkodnikk: easy to make, you should try one alkalium91: Kraft Dinner? StrongNico: ? Bexhloop: why u so amazing @Elajjaz gulshan1: It’s the best warm meal to sit down with tyree372: home made or that trash insta shit? @Elajjaz ThatRichardGuy: I never had it too, doesnt seems good Jaargan: DansGame BongoGT: deepfried mac n cheese Kreygasm IsakSkippy: nope vagabond2k: The types of Mac and Cheese Ive had was pretty bland Bambuh: we just dont have that in europe Gilgamezh: nope Teddym4n: NA LUL ericccccc: @retro_raiden elaBlush St0rmEagle: eaten it once, nothing specal tbh faeyre: yeah basically but cheaper LULW anon_osv: Says the banan-pizza man LUL LUL Trizze: no Omojjo: from what I’ve tried… it’s super overrated LilacLeaf: You’re missing ouuut KevKov: but banana on pizza is fine ? WeirdChamp IINellis: youre a freak, go make some fucking mac n cheese and enjoy it @Elajjaz Mr__CrocK: mac n cheese is so good NoelleFeeLS: We swedes dont like the thought of mc and cheese elaPuke scooooba: tf is wrong with you LunkTheHunk: Character is really good at running despite the physiqe Flutschfingerz: just fatass usa things SpecNight: nope in sweden is not GalaxyGiant: it’s great IsakSkippy: never had it either cheeseball4u: mac n cheese is OVERRATED brish42: kraft mac and cheese contains no cheese. Nazzet: It is trash I agree PepeLaugh Marco_m: I think it’s big only in the US Kadrag: not in europe in general @Elajjaz Thatcrunkcoco: whats this 4 hour run? SkeletonKeyLimePie: my mom made it once, it’s just an inferior version of the european style sTaRduZZt: nobody outside of NA cares about mac and cheese LULW Panzearon: @Elajjaz Not in Norway either. I’ve never had it. Stands_True: Lobster mac and cheese Kreygasm NoelleFeeLS: @Elajjaz no, it sounds disgusting elaPuke pistaitson: @Elajjaz try deep fried mac and cheese scooooba: baked macaroni and cheese is the way to go you’d love that shit McDumb: KKona murican cuisine HYPERCLAP FappyMcFlappy: we have mac n fish and its delish elaOP bubblegumisblue: Strong cheddar n pasta, the best sunshift: Regretably FeelsBadMan GanDrakeHD: the important question tho ela what do you think about schnitzel distThink Astolfo_best_girl: sup cuties heylaurenSmug Istog: @LunkTheHunk light weight helps with running Kappa Jegerkaj: NA food PepeLaugh PinkanTV: stuvade makaroner is probably way better Jobandox: It is only big in NA ZuperGalaxyRumble: Only had it once and it was scuffed Nazzet: Freedom food KKona Clap Kalgarrr: LULW gulshan1: DansGame crossxcut: cmonBrother gunfirinmaniac: KKona Clap Sunshinewalker: NA food OMEGALUL Youbetterlikemyburgers: OpieOP dokomiii: But Käsehörnchen are dope mackdaddy0629: no u Istog: with bacon NosBleid: LULW faeyre: DansGame grecoromanwrestler: KKona fuck you said DrDrago87: dont feel alone ela. i havent had it eater Jaargan: mac and cheese FeelsWeirdMan DansGame Niloomilo: LULW Golden04: why cmonBrother Mrtriggahigga: LULW tony_maccaroni: you started it @Elajjaz LULW Stands_True: Deep fried twinkies KKona Kusocheg: cmonBrother k0tashira: KKona Clap chu say Nopileos: LULW Bootch: cmonBrother nicepeoplewatchstream: deep fried rendang Kreygasm Smough: just deep fry everything KKona paleblood_13: mac and cheese with toasted bread crumbs on top elaOP Clap SlimSlendy: Deep-Fried Mac n Cheese that is then deep-fried again Trizze: no shake this time cho_pin: fried elaGasm faeyre: american cheese isnt real to begin with LULW bubblegumisblue: No mac n cheese balls are actually amazing Panzearon: THIS CANNOT CONTINUE MrDestructoid NoelleFeeLS: you hear that NA? leave this europe stream smh elaYes gunfirinmaniac: just deep fry my burgers and pizza KKona Clap Ph4ntomi: Deep fried Mac and Cheese covered in chocolate Zongo16: don’t feel bad ela, I’ve had it and it was fucking horrible. abysswatches: Deep fried Dark Souls. SeriousSloth Doge_Kingx: didnt hear it again NaughtyPedro: I would like a deep fried water pls MeccaMaster: Good mac n cheese is amazing, but you can make mac n cheese very poorly Winged_God_Of_The_Wind: cmonBrother Almostnearly: pasta and cheese the apex of NA food culture FeelsPepoMan Ciymaoyt: anyone tried deep fried pablo? yoeli: in finland we have mac and tuna, or mac and minced meat, but no mac and cheese Rentaz: deep fried dick gachiBASS nicepeoplewatchstream: VaN sunshift: thicc boy retro_raiden: @astolfo_best_girl Cuties woopsRee Pepperpotty: I think the only things I ever fry are eggs and pancakes Fhyberr: You ever tried deep fried surstromming ela Azeworai: WHO WHO WHO WHO nice soundtrack btw\ Railman0z: Deep Fried Ela elaOP 8bitbarbarian: cachio e pepe>mac and cheese xyphrs: @Elajjaz Everytime yo say dark sasi it reminds me of sasori 🦂 Trizze: elaEZ Jaargan: nobody in north europe gives a shit about that shit DansGame Thenastyraven: 1-2 AYAYA bubblegumisblue: Kraft mac n cheese is naaasty DocDex1: deep fried ela Halla_v2: as a finn, the usual thing in my childhood was pasta, good ammount of butter and cheese slices on top. That is my mac n cheese. Jegerkaj: gachiBASS slap his ass BabylonYOP: EZ Clap BongoGT: deep fried banana pizza probably tastes like ass retro_raiden: elaEZ Ulthane120: Hey Ela, i was wondering, have you played this game before or is this your first playthrough? PwninXcore: Gotta keep our leading cause of death obesity caused!! Seikisu: elaWut FitoBurrito: Hello Elajjaz elaH hello chat elaH Pepperpotty: wtf erialas2: how did he do it with the achievements? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ SkeletonKeyLimePie: wait what last_whoa: havent tried fried eggs? DansGame Pepperpotty: FitoBurrito elaH Nopileos: FitoBurrito pepeL lngleberry: ????????? EvgeniiGrigorev: Why do you always play as thief? Is there specific purpose for that? Zygon___: TriHard ayyy Bootch: FitoBurrito elaH elaH k0tashira: Banana Bizza WTF flavasava7: WTF SerApollyon: tdogPiggy MeccaMaster: Never tried fried eggs? Epiktakguy: Have you tried Couscous ? YokariSen: wut Almostnearly: uh oh QQQQQQQQQWWWWWWWWWWWWW: how bubblegumisblue: HOW MeccaMaster: ?????????????? Nopileos: how SiloWang: what? retro_raiden: @fitoburrito elaH DwarvenMan: @Elajjaz what about deep fried Brautwurst GiPeper: No fried eggs? WTF AcEmAnNeR: cmonBruh C_Fear: you never had fries? pyduuu: TriHard Jegerkaj: ?? LULW Fatamerikans: ?????? TheZecaUrubu: ???? AnTuneeZ: deep fried thesupercoleywoley: you’ve had a fried egg St0rmEagle: TriHard Clap Ciymaoyt: how about fried potatos? LUL Shmoop1: WTF? never tried a fried egg? tony_maccaroni: and fries ๐Ÿ™‚ theluckybigdog: you use keyboard or controller @Elajjaz SlimSlendy: ??????????? FitoBurrito: Pepperpotty elaA elaH sunshift: of course LULW It_is_alive: ?????????? ates90: French fries?? GluteusCortex: fried eggs ? Trizze: Inlagd sill>Surströmming DR_AGxx: LUL cho_pin: never tried fried eggs elaKek Fafebobo: FitoBurrito pepeL mateator: @Elajjaz milanesa Istog: @BongoGT well some people love to eat ass so…. LULW AnubisYE: BANANA DansGame kappa0verlord: gachiBASS Thenastyraven: ?????? gafova: fries? lul Winged_God_Of_The_Wind: essiSmile TheSlicerr21: WHAT? faeyre: @fitoburrito hi elaH Kevs: wtf no fried eggs? Naniyo: DansGame zorry4badinglsh: ??????????? Lemonsponge: LUL gunfirinmaniac: cmonBruh Excesiiv: DansGame Golden04: ??? Kazuma126: but isnt that how you make eggs captain_elsewhere: never had fried sausages ? grecoromanwrestler: duuuuuude wtf DansGame x3kmak: do they frie everything in america? LUL BabylonYOP: ?????????????????????????? Kaspu: Fried banana elaGasm SeeruM_: @Elajjaz you didnt miss anything LULW Azeworai: never had fries LUL bubblegumisblue: ELA YOU HAVENT LIVED Railman0z: TriHard Clap nicepeoplewatchstream: fried egg is really good Lord_Shoe: ??? 1mpolar: you’ve never cooked eggs? LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: surely he means deep fried not just fried Bcloner: WTF fried chicken? FeelsWeirdMan MeccaMaster: Ela lived in a rock in his youth Myareska: Do you even know what fried means LULW QQQQQQQQQWWWWWWWWWWWWW: of course HailRoadhog: ??????????????????? nucetti: LULW Bexhloop: french fries? gulshan1: ???????? go to ur kitchen now and put an egg on the pan Wasyash: My cat just caught a mosquito Fhyberr: how long till next con ela, I’m sure a fan can bring you some surstromming McDumb: (puke) 🍌 supdude900: supdude900 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! WrestlerBot2000: @supdude900 I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM DocDex1: always the swedes paleblood_13: elaKek Kazuma126: LULW Cheapcat: elaOP 🍌 Snowflaxe: hello chat elaH ! Nopileos: SUB HYPE supdude900 elaA retro_raiden: @kaspu scarfMlady Buurt: ????????????? SkeletonKeyLimePie: LULW FitoBurrito: Nopileos elaH pepeL gulshan1: LULW C_Fear: friteuse elaOP datdeathy: deeeep Normonaut: Fri tös normonGasm Omojjo: LULW Istog: what? Bootch: fritoose HuffKy: have you tried fried fries? ๐Ÿ™‚ Pepperpotty: lmao elaHYUG tutufuzi: in friteuse LUL Nopileos: Snowflaxe elaHi Caput_Draconis: LULW bubblegumisblue: SUNNY SIDE UP EGG TheZecaUrubu: LUL HailRoadhog: YOU ARE OVER 20 AND NEVER HAD A FRIED EGG ?????? It_is_alive: LUL nicepeoplewatchstream: LULW Qviss: WTF deep fried is good sometimes Jegerkaj: deepfried banana PepeLaugh Nopileos: LUL Deathmones: D E E P Azeworai: fries are deepfried LUL oudegueuze: Scotch egg: hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried pettsontv: Fri what? DansGame surreal1sm: hahah fritööös HeadlessFredo: !ru Chuwiiie: chips…? Douglasmalavolta: oh thank god LULW Kaspu: @retro_raiden naroEhehe / flavasava7: elaK Kazuma126: he microwaves his eggs HeadlessFredo: !run lostwar44: If you ever get the chance, deep fried pizza is 9/10 FitoBurrito: Bootch elaH St0rmEagle: 5Head last_whoa: Kapp 8bitbarbarian: who the fuck deep fries eggs? sunshift: You never had wiener schnitzel? Thenastyraven: elaGa deep fried captain_elsewhere: aaah scotch egg marshalmv: riiiight……………… DocDex1: 4Head thesupercoleywoley: a deep fried egg couldn’t happen, right? lol Nazzet: elaK Fatamerikans: deep fried banana ? eykau: French Fri ? PinkanTV: fry in a pan btw Seikisu: elaHYUK m0rq: How u deep frie egg? Ph4ntomi: elaGa dokomiii: Fritöse Jarburt: The deep fried elaOP alejandropaezcasas: what about fondue¡ BabylonYOP: French fries ? Fullmetalcheese: ? ThomasRM: im 31, never had a fried egg either FitoBurrito: retro_raiden elaH moon2CUTE Trizze: wtf fried egg? OMEGALUL Skiller567890: @Elajjaz Chips and crisps? WolfEJ2309: elaBruv elaBruv deep fried RocoRamon: ? Lord_Shoe: nb3Shrug NoelleFeeLS: fritös AYAYA Jaargan: Pepega Deathmones: elaGa gulshan1: Who the hell deep fries an egg LULW tony_maccaroni: french accent on point PogU demons_v_: its a spectrum Empoya: deep fried eggs? LULW cho_pin: LULW Zloezlo: cmonBruh Fhyberr: They’re the same thing it’s just one has more oil SkeletonKeyLimePie: OMEGADOWN Shmoop1: @Elajjaz you microwave eggs elaWeird Qviss: OMEGALUL Trizze: oh ye Wasyash: 5Head nicepeoplewatchstream: WTFF sheep_acc: banana chips are great gachiBASS Deathmones: elaGa elaGa elaGa HeavyB2B: Fritöse gebadet nilkkixD: elajjaz what about pastabox aka makaronilåda Youbetterlikemyburgers: what about Schnitzel DatSheffy retro_raiden: ball fried veiBlush grecoromanwrestler: TriHard Clap I gotcha Trizze: deep fried eggs OMEGALUL Istog: i cant follow Astolfo_best_girl: @retro_raiden, distH my favorite cuti heylaurenPat FitoBurrito: Fafebobo elaH Jegerkaj: deep fried eggs LULW Chaton_Rose: deep fried eggs Pog C_Fear: gachiBASS Fullmetalcheese: gachiBASS SkeletonKeyLimePie: a little oil BearackObama: HandsUp Ciymaoyt: 13year olds understanding of fried LUL LunkTheHunk: FRIES captain_elsewhere: you boil it then you deep fry it thesupercoleywoley SeeruM_: gachiBASS Bootch: gachiBASS 0xSaisaki: deep fried eggs OMEGALUL grecoromanwrestler: gachiBASS Snowflaxe: first run or alot of fails so far? @Elajjaz Nopileos: gachiBASS bubblegumisblue: thank god alkalium91: oil???? pettsontv: Dip gachiBASS cho_pin: no one does deep fried eggs LULW nicepeoplewatchstream: HandsUp Aberrant404: gachiBASS LunkTheHunk: FRENCH FRIES HaPoww: are deep fried eggs even a thing? C_Fear: just a little oil gachiBASS demons_v_: what about pan frying??? Pepperpotty: i was like, wtf is wrong with you Ela haha retro_raiden: @astolfo_best_girl veiHug FitoBurrito: faeyre elaH oudegueuze: Scotch egg: hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried DocDex1: dip it gachiBASS grecoromanwrestler: gachiBASS MY KIND OF COCKING NosBleid: gachiBASS oil me ChickenMuffins: Any horror games tonight Ela? Myareska: Yeah, but you call it a fried egg LULW gunfirinmaniac: deep fried eggs KKona Clap Shadfire77: Dip me in ur Oil GachiBass kappa0verlord: gachiBASS Azeworai: never had fries OMEGALUL Zongo16: deep fried pizza rolls though Kreygasm pneh: the dog licked the ole and erbody laughed Fhyberr: It’s the same thing one just has WAY WAY WAY more oil demons_v_: 3cm of oil in a pan AvalancheSeph: elaDM oil BearackObama: 4HEad Bootch: gachiBASS lube thesupercoleywoley: a fried boiled egg sounds odd tony_maccaroni: deep fried egg g dosakarud: 4HEad Omojjo: scotch eggs could coutn as deep fried eggs Nazzet: dip the tip gachiBASS Ajahi: You can deep fry egg, if you freeze it and coat it in batter in a frozen state KKona Clap ArchmaneWasTaken: gachiBASS Oil up! gachiBASS sunshift: You never had deep fried schnitzel or fish? NoelleFeeLS: @Elajjaz can you say your name in swedish? pls AYAYA Trizze: he he he 4HEad Ansdr: @cho_pin I just found some images that say otherwise on google elaSmile Caput_Draconis: 4HEad FappyMcFlappy: yeah I was shocked that so many people deep fry their eggs and were ??????ing like wtf are these americans doing I was thinking souldedeh: 4HEad Sunshinewalker: LUL Youbetterlikemyburgers: elaBruv Barbarbuddy: Does a scotch egg count as a deep fried egg? oudegueuze: Yes it’s called a scotch egg Istog: 4Head m0rq: LULW NosBleid: LULW ? SiloWang: LUL Nopileos: 4HEad Golden04: IKEALUL MurphV: I had some deep fried linguine yesterday, 5/7 meals of the week are fried Fafebobo: LULW Thenastyraven: LULW thesupercoleywoley: I do like Scottish Eggs though Kevs: wtf zorry4badinglsh: PepeLaugh TheGoldenCobra: LULW Jegerkaj: LULW nicepeoplewatchstream: 4House Fullmetalcheese: W OMEGALUL T faeyre: PepeHands Trizze: You lousy rat 😡 retro_raiden: cantaHehe Nopileos: LULW Tetrahom: deep fried sticks of butter MettatonsFan: LUL Bootch: PepeHands why me yalisseu: wait @Elajjaz you don’t use a spoon to scoop hot oil over the eggwhites of your fried eggs so they cook faster but keeping the yellow of the egg intact? pettsontv: KKona SlimSlendy: Lol, it was a dud k0tashira: Yulia PepeHands tony_maccaroni: deepfriued eggshells HQGameplay: elaD neothax: PepeHands Qviss: must be a bethesda game Panzearon: @HaPoww People deep fry mars bars, I’m sure there are some that do it to eggs too LULW PinkanTV: PepeHands Yulia Seikisu: cbrHands 五十八: a dud LUL Fhyberr: chat you ever had boneless pizza, that shit is so good kiluahx: D: Fhyberr: so easy to eat alkalium91: deep fried cock gachiBass Jegerkaj: PepeHands why him, Ela cho_pin: @Ansdr monkaS I don’t want to google it DocDex1: my kebabs don’t work? The_G3ko: Good day peeps Ajahi: Boneless pizza? LULW m0rq: Deep fried water HaPoww: @Panzearon fair enough LUL paszkodnikk: 😠 deep fried ass 😠 Ansdr: @cho_pin doesn’t look bad tbh elaHmm Jaargan: @Elajjaz not even struva? FeelsWeirdMan Omojjo: scotch eggs aren’t even scottish Wasyash: I’m eating crackers LilacLeaf: @yalisseu That’s pretty genius actually Trizze: 4HEad boneless pizza Umbra_Cruxx: elaHi Ela and chat! elaHi bubblegumisblue: Im scottish so I grew up eating fried bread… it wasnt nice Pepperpotty: Fhyberr is there any other way? sunshift: why would pizza have bones? Nopileos: Umbra_Cruxx pepeL Pepperpotty: Umbra_Cruxx elaH nicepeoplewatchstream: Pog pantsu__god: LMAO @Fhyberr doesn’t eat bone-in pizza. Panzearon: @Fhyberr Those are gross, feels way to unnatural MurphV: @Elajjaz you eat deeo fried pizza though right? mysticalEnchantress: ela deep fried the undead merchant Ansdr: @Umbra_Cruxx Hello Cruxx SeriousSloth doogPaw Tetrahom: deep fried ass gachiBASS Deathmones: elaGa Fhyberr: @Pepperpotty people like to leave the bones on because it adds to the flavour LorkiStream: gachiBASS grecoromanwrestler: gachiBASS DEEEEEEEEP The_G3ko: DansGame anything deepfried, bah Lagunaab: deep fried chiken FitoBurrito: Deep fried fantasies VaN Clap kappa0verlord: deep gachiBASS FappyMcFlappy: like deep fried memes 😂 👌 demons_v_: how deeep NoelleFeeLS: elaMad deep fried WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! k0tashira: Deeck fried gachiBASS demons_v_: ? SeeruM_: gachiBASS St0rmEagle: deep fried fantasies gachiBASS retro_raiden: atamLewd Jegerkaj: DansGame 🍌 demons_v_: how deeep Azeworai: so oyu only had chicken and banana? @Elajjaz never heard of deepfrying potatoes? Raptoe: Deep fried tick gachiBASS alkalium91: deep fried ananas? thesupercoleywoley: fried fish? tony_maccaroni: deep fried banana Kreygasm nicepeoplewatchstream: deep my ass gachiBASS nouvart: deep fried memes 😂 👌 BearackObama: cmonBrother Beanoh: deep fried Pizza Kreygasm SkeletonKeyLimePie: of course you’ve had the banana Ansdr: You never ate deep fried banana? elaISee Jaargan: @Elajjaz not even struva? FeelsWeirdMan imLunchy: DEEP gachiBASS DwarvenMan: @Elajjaz Deep Fry my Ass gachiBASS navara99: i have a stronK diG sunshift: @Elajjaz you never had a schnitzel or fried fish? These are usually deep-fried Thenastyraven: Deep fried banana elaHmm Carniboar64: Loukoumades are good (deep fried honey doughnuts) Deathmones: gachiBASS Dick fried Heksyll: FRIES MAN Pepperpotty: Fhyberr so you’re saying you don’t like to suck on a nice bone? Fhyberr: TSeries is OVER Trickery_Games: french fries Teddym4n: donuts OpieOP grecoromanwrestler: DansGame stop with the banana stuff retro_raiden: atamLewd atamEgg 8bitbarbarian: katsu hobbGasm tyree372: baked chicken? @Elajjaz Sarcrai: Hey Ela & Chat elaH MeccaMaster: Have you had churros? They are deep fried HeavyB2B: pömmes nilkkixD: deep fired potato??? Kappa DoctorDrill: No potatoes? Ciymaoyt: what about pommes fritzzz Onionmaster32: @Elajjaz Deep fried memes? FeelsGoodMan Punlshed_Snake: @Elajjaz deep fried shrimp is pretty common too Nopileos: Sarcrai elaHi Secklolzzz: deep fried potatoes Kappa Bootch: Sarcrai elaH Pepperpotty: Sarcrai elaH Sabertore: Deep dicked gachiBASS FitoBurrito: Ansdr deep what banana gachiBASS gafova: Deep Fried Potatoes? @Elajjaz Kappa yalisseu: @LilacLeaf its literally the best way man. you tilt the pan, scoop the hot oil ontop of the eggwhites. so you get an egg that is super crispy on the bottom, cooked on top, and the yellow is nice and runny rooGasm Winged_God_Of_The_Wind: Deep fried fantasies VaN Clap Huntedspam: elaWeird deep fried butter Omojjo: @Elajjaz Ever tried deep fried oil? LilacLeaf: What about deep fried cheese curds? Astolfo_best_girl: @sarcrai, distH paleblood_13: elaOP thesupercoleywoley: what about fried fish? BearackObama: KKona alejandropaezcasas: what about fondue? Bootch: elaOP BabylonYOP: Ela never had French fries PogChamp xThrillhouse: why is it called pewdiepie skip Seikisu: deep fried cheese crocette or meat crocrette elaOP Fhyberr: Speaking of pewdiepie skip, TSeries over 100 mil now NosBleid: elaOP jacoblyth: how about deepfried memes @Elajjaz elaSneeze Thenastyraven: elaOP Trizze: T series hit 100 mil subscribers? PepeHands Jaargan: don’t u have that in sweden PepeLaugh tony_maccaroni: KKona Clap dosakarud: ElaJAMMER Raptoe: OpieOP Sailor_donut780: Donuts you say? MAceN64: ass donuts k0tashira: Deep fried donuts KKona sunshift: they are deep fried too LUL Jegerkaj: KKona Clap Sarcrai: elaH Pepperpotty: oh man I wish I had doughnuts elaFeels nicepeoplewatchstream: Kreygasm retro_raiden: elaOP cho_pin: @Ansdr Huh… interesting elaOP not sure if it’s boiled first or not tho Final_zebraman: !wr NoelleFeeLS: how do you say pineapple in english? An ananans eller ananans? Kapp grecoromanwrestler: OpieOP *heavy breathing* name400: LULW Shmoop1: @Elajjaz never tried fried calamari or croquettes, both of those are deep fried sunshift: here we go LULW tutufuzi: freedom fries you mean Omojjo: @Elajjaz Ever tried deep fried oil?? DoctorDrill: Cheese?! Drerakdan: what about calamares? Bcloner: what about schnitzel ?? timoteh: Plz stop talking about delicious food @Elajjaz I’m starving and waiting for food to dethaw Ansdr: @cho_pin probably not 🤔 WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Final_zebraman: Chat who has the WR? Sarcrai: bananas deep fried? draguzz: Spring rolls! UltraWindow: spring rolls St0rmEagle: nuggets? tony_maccaroni: deep fried vegetables? @Elajjaz Teddym4n: casuals DansGame Secklolzzz: fish sticks Jaargan: @Elajjaz it’s a vappen thing SkeletonKeyLimePie: casual food DansGame TheManWithin: @Elajjaz is this the remastered version ? nicefrcanadian: fish n chi^p durryquill: Fried cheese sticks? retro_raiden: elaOP 👋 ela12 Odins_pecs: Deep fried pepsi CookeiCutter: dp fried fetus elaC tito3211: Donuts Wasyash: Fried ice cream is dope michmiya: Karage?? sheep_acc: Cinnamon rolls gachiBASS Riiogre: Ela you can now sign up for the Code Vein Network test unless you have some inside connections ready C_Fear: ever had frikadel? spellew: Hi ela.PoE Pog Nopileos: MaN Ansdr: @P0RTiG0 Hello SeriousSloth doogPaw NosBleid: MaN please Dismal_Arkt: this will waste the 17 minutes now PepeLaugh SevenStrangeMelons: PepeLaugh this rng Reachf0rtheSky: OMEGALUL k0tashira: please NaM Koldvar: OMEGALUL Meximus322: PepeLaugh x3 Crilow: i have a package of ben & jerry cookie dough but i wanted half baked PepeHands jimjamjahaa: diablo 2 is the greatest game of all time Glindybells: Ela – you posted about your weight loss on IF. What split are you using? 16/8? or 5/2? Decibel_Rebel: Reset LULW Tikonich: widepeepoHappy ora_muda: BlessRNG HEIL_MODS_: LULW TheSlicerr21: Reset LULW FappyMcFlappy: how come you didnt post any topless before/after pics from the intermittent fasting thing dude Shmoop1: @Elajjaz what class do you play in diablo? Glindybells: Thanks, thinking of trying it NovaMoon: @Elajjaz im doing IF too. its so easy if you dont have a job LULW Ansdr: Give smooth 🍅 Wasyash: ASO LUL SevenStrangeMelons: nice shield PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: BabyRage Outcastedbird: @crilow time to raise hell obvi kokosenpaai: LUL juuumand: forsenSWA culsphere: BlessRNG whitehounds: asså LUL Sparkz_o7: assu LUL TheH3llraiser: LULW IangIey: OMEGLOL merchandise_of_cush: OMEGLOL EbiVariance: BabyRage Nazzet: never lucky PepeHands Albin_Alligator: AYAYA grecoromanwrestler: LULW SPEED RUN BASED ON RNG Bcloner: L U L ora_muda: ZULUL kapustadrakon_: @GoAkke Oh, thanks for snitching(jk) ๐Ÿ™‚ seydanator: LAKKI AYAYA cevlarkaviar: ASSALUL thegrompkiller: Hola elias ๐Ÿ™‚ mateator: CURSED LULW baconcake95: ASSA LUL FappyMcFlappy: elaDM them to me TheH3llraiser: BabyRage still cursing ela? paleblood_13: elaKek Meximus322: LULW Ansdr: NotLikeThis NosBleid: elaKek Bootch: PepeLaugh 4 FitoBurrito: Game punishing you for insane time save on silver knight farm PepeHands LazyNewb: PepeLaugh EbiVariance: LULW ziddimon: death stranding has a release date now TheSlicerr21: ASSA LUL Chartalord: actual cursed rng LULW Jaargan: ASSÅ LULW Zeuthos: ASSÅ LULW Wasyash: What are you doing? Just get the item Ajahi: elaKek Nazzet: PepeLaugh we have all night Inventionary: ElaSmash Ansdr: PepeS ora_muda: PepeLaugh shikifujin16: ITS HAPPENING DEATH STRANDING HolySnipz: nrdyKek Ph4ntomi: just get the drop 4HEad Naniyo: PepeLaugh nymnCorn gdeezy275: did ela see death stranding trailer and release date? shikifujin16: NOVEMBER 8 Decibel_Rebel: ASS gachiGASM A shikifujin16: RELEASE DATE Stolz0n: What’s the drop percentage on the shield? drkbef: That feel when game wants you to have future time saves tturkHmm Yozhhik: more content PepeLaugh Outcastedbird: F U C K K O J I M A SoaringTrumpet: @gdeezy275 no Ansdr: @gdeezy275 not the trailer, no Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz insane glod splits elaK too bad you splits are shit elaK GoAkke: Pog TheSlicerr21: OMEGADOWN Zack_sal: cozy farming segments tpotHehe WrongCaptcha: Asså Matthew_ManHo: BlessRNG give him none BlessRNG he likes to farm BlessRNG give him none BlessRNG he likes to farm BlessRNG give him none BlessRNG he likes to farm Meximus322: PepeLaugh merchandise_of_cush: PepeLaugh shikifujin16: NOV 8 BABY Andrezeira: rigged n0v4flux: @shikifujin16 new trailer? Ansdr: elaGun elaFeels WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz TheSlicerr21: PepeLaugh here it comes TheH3llraiser: soul farming PepeLaugh Stolz0n: Reset PepeLaugh blade_73: this is painful Jackster_Hakkinen: What’s the WR for All achi?? paleblood_13: squilRNG Bootch: PepeLaugh 5 Ansdr: D: Niloomilo: reminds me of my luck Dantedvmc4: Hey Ela, did you play Alan Wake? nekro793: elaKek dudica1: Never lucky PepeHands juuumand: just get lucky 4HEad Ph4ntomi: elaD MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaD Riinegan: death stranding Kreygasm @Elajjaz EbiVariance: D: Germy_ranch: D: PLAZAx: D: Naniyo: elaD Nopileos: elaD Pizzaaa: D: Meximus322: elaD Schmommyyy: D: Nazzet: Reset city PepeLaugh nicepeoplewatchstream: LULw Yozhhik: D: Reachf0rtheSky: D: Vivelin: D: Nucleoprotein: elaK pyduuu: D: Bootch: elaD Sohei4649: D: wyatt123x: D: kunjiru: D: HiHawx: D: Nopileos: D: Shmoop1: elaD Wasyash: elaD datdeathy: D: Sody01: D: TheH3llraiser: D: Niloomilo: elaD Fafebobo: elaD zupico: PepeLaugh 👉 🛡️ CrazyKidGo: elaD Levander94: elaD Matthew_ManHo: D: Fullmetalcheese: elaD WOOOAAHH Jaargan: elaD KashmirikWasTaken: D: NosBleid: D: Chartalord: D: Nopileos: elaD Lagunaab: holy shit blauersteinfresser: cirD Ph4ntomi: elaSmile seydanator: elaD Stolz0n: elaD Lindegrene: elaD Kayrotyy: D: IangIey: ๐Ÿ™‚ MettatonsFan: D: Virhaed: D: orangethemaster: D: Bootch: elaD dormuth: elaD Nopileos: elaD elaD lapoutinemogette: rude Xerontheone: elaD NosBleid: elaMad lord_rimheart: elaD TheSlicerr21: D: Schmommyyy: elaD pistaitson: D: MaksimNewfield: Next circle drops the shield galega6: rooD HolySnipz: WTF D: roasted_hamster: @Elajjaz How’s the splits today? ๐Ÿ™‚ Kanitusa: elaD Outcastedbird: pvpWhy gczero: SeemsGood I’ll give you luck to get it this cycle Wasyash: I’m HIV positive elaSmile Nopileos: elaD TheSlicerr21: no ๐Ÿ™‚ CrazyKidGo: DON’T TALK ABOUT MY BRO Nucleoprotein LIKE THAT otzMAD Yozhhik: toxic af D: datdeathy: t OMEGALUL xic strimme TheH3llraiser: this was never a PMA place LULW nekro793: no elaB Jaargan: no bully elaD chudysensei: yeah tell him elaThirst psychokeftes: any bb run? Fafebobo: HAPPY HAPPY elaSmile RESPECT FOR EVERYONE elaSmile EbiVariance: No ๐Ÿ™‚ Drachenreiter: elaSmile GOOD VIBES elaSmile Bootch: elaMad BULLY CHAT HARDER elaMad Istog: elaD HiHawx: moon2YE elaGun posi vibes only pls Fullmetalcheese: elaKek Vuljotnaak: elaD Ansdr: BlessRNG Pax0270: tOxic DansGame Wasyash: MaN TheSlicerr21: OMEGALUL Nopileos: elaD elaD lucas_dogg: CHAT I JUST WATCHED THE NEW DEATH STRANDING TRAILER…..DID ANYONE UNDERSTANT ANYTHING ABOUT THE GAME ?? elaHmm Ph4ntomi: please MaN illethor221: PLEEZ Zloezlo: reset Vimple: plis PepeHands dudica1: PLEASE MaN Meximus322: PepeLaugh MettatonsFan: pls man BlessRNG magjico9: please MaN HappySmile123: elaSmile Happy Happy elaSmile Respect for everyone elaSmile Andrezeira: MaN slugplug: plz wyatt123x: palease mateator: @Elajjaz ATLEAST THEY DONT EXTINCT LIKE DS2 Nazzet: @Fafebobo elaSmile Clap Matthew_ManHo: elaMad DON’T GIVE HIM elaMad DON’T GIVE HIM elaMad DON’T GIVE HIM elaMad Bootch: MaN merchandise_of_cush: PepeLaugh 👉 grecoromanwrestler: PepeLaugh oh no no no nicepeoplewatchstream: Oke MaN Shmoop1: the tomatoes are making ela T elaMad X I C PepeHands Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh k0tashira: run is ded 🦀 Chartalord: pliiiz kevin99gh: chat fid ela see desth stranding tiday? TheSlicerr21: PepeLaugh sheep_acc: D: Deathmones: elaMad i like tomatoes Naniyo: no elaSmile Fafebobo: lucas_dogg 4Shrug nekro793: bullies get red splits elaMad bullecobra: DONT ArguablyOkay: PLEESS IangIey: FeelsGoodMan Evillution: hotfixed PepeLaugh MettatonsFan: this is getting ridiculous Fullmetalcheese: elaMad Yozhhik: toxic people dont get good rng elaMad datdeathy: 1h shield farm PepeLaugh zupico: PepeLaugh 👉 🛡️ Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh FROG WITH TEETH PepeLaugh Gnasherus: come on game, he said please Bootch: PepeLaugh 6 HYPERCLAP Ansdr: PepeHands Jaargan: elaMad tomato ela NosBleid: elaKek kevin99gh: omg lool typos Nazzet: PepeLaugh xmrtopshotx: LUL 1hit Marcille: @lucas_dogg yes, nothing Chartalord: nice rng PepeLaugh umayfuentes: nemzRNG nemzRNG nemzRNG bullecobra: no toxic :rage: PLAZAx: 🍅 mateator: SO BAD LULW Wasyash: Losing 5 minutes PepeLaugh culsphere: elaMad need some ketchup? ora_muda: PepeLaugh Reachf0rtheSky: BabyRage So unlucky Cheapcat: elaKek 🛡 bens1423: what is the drop rate? Fullmetalcheese: BlessRNG FitoBurrito: @Elajjaz rub your Billy action figure for luck HandsUp TheH3llraiser: sub 10 hours run confirmed? PepeLaugh Evillution: PepeLaugh hotfixed PepeLaugh Shmoop1: elaMad Meximus322: Just get the shield 4HEad Darkred28: ButterSauce THE RUN IS DEAD ButterSauce Naniyo: PepeLaugh 👉 🛡️ Looking for this? Stolz0n: elaMad It’s because you didn’t eat your vegetables elaMad bexypoo: elaCozy elaCozy elaCozy jimjamjahaa: can this farm be optimised by waking them all up first so you’re not standing around so much? FappyMcFlappy: elaMad cmon ketchup Ph4ntomi: PepeHands CrazyKidGo: ANIKI novak_v: PepeHands Meximus322: gachiAPPROVE Fullmetalcheese: gachiAPPROVE k0tashira: cant wait for trident farming PepeLaugh bullecobra: scoCrab lettek3: Cmon Ela do this!!!!!!! IangIey: PepeHands Matthew_ManHo: PepeHands BananaKen: AYAYA FitoBurrito: gachiAPPROVE Nopileos: PepeHands Norttii: gachiAPPROVE NosBleid: gachiAPPROVE WrongCaptcha: @Elajjaz remember, in these splits you had really great item luck later on aswell. You might have to farm for half an hour Stolz0n: ANIKI PepeHands TheSlicerr21: PepeLaugh run under 4 hours btw lucas_dogg: This chat is so 5Head just like me Kappa demecy:TheRainbowTurt1e: Pog yalisseu: rooGasm Chartalord: Chag Sincerus: Pog Xerontheone: Pog boshist1: Pog k0tashira: Saved Pog Nopileos: Pog Pog nekro793: green PepeLaugh bushw0oki3: Chag Reedskill: Chag Shmoop1: Thank you fort he lets play @Elajjaz PepeLaugh Clap Vuljotnaak: Champ Wasyash: GAMER MOMENT Pog grecoromanwrestler: PepeUff 💨 Monster5crak: elaSneeze GoAkke: Drachenreiter i thought so too, looks very similar LuL Allakazzaror: jeez, finally got it ela. why’d it take you so long Kappa Nazzet: elaK Inventionary: Sif FeelsBadMan HappySmile123: Sif PepeHands Wasyash: “That;s good” elaK WrestlerBot2000: Thank you @z3vron for the 27.86$ donation elaH jimjamjahaa: lose 7 muntes to farm, quit out to save .5 seconds on door animation Keepo Jaargan: sif PepeHands NosBleid: LEAVE SIF ALONE PepeHands IangIey: Pog nekro793: AYAYA Deathmones: AYAYA Kaspu: AYAYA easyeasy: elaMad CUTIE Tamahowk: AYAYA Ph4ntomi: AYAYA Fafebobo: elaYA CUTE McMarschall: red tearstone setups… oh man the nostalgia Nopileos: AYAYA Pepperpotty: Pog HappySmile123: z3vron elaYA UltraWindow: AYAYA floooooof: AYAYA Meximus322: AYAYA Lagunaab: Pog WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! Jaargan: AYAYA Naniyo: AYAYA Clap Nazzet: AYAYA Clap MettatonsFan: AYAYA namelesshadow: Ela, you know it’s better to keep the god rng for when you already know the run well enough and not when learning CrazyKidGo: elaMad sunshift: Should’ve done DS2 All Achievements, no farming there Kappa Bootch: elaMad Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA mycatsonfire: elaMad cute lulzification: AYAYA Vimple: AND 86 cents Pog Albin_Alligator: AYAYA Wasyash: AYAYA elaMad Kaspu: elaB bexypoo: elaWut elaWut elaWut elaWut nekro793: elaB AYAYA Bootch: elaMad IM CUTE cevlarkaviar: AYAYA Clap VertVentus: AYAYA Stolz0n: elaMad so cute elaMad UltraWindow: 🍅 cute tomato AYAYA Visualocity: AYAYA Zoraa: elaMad ->elaTomato culsphere: elaMad Wasyash: elaTomato Gnasherus: @jimjamjahaa hahaha amemiyaTF: is AYAYA Ela Deathmones: elaMad CUTE ELA cevlarkaviar: elaMad tomato ela FitoBurrito: Angry Ela is manly Ela billyReady flicter: AYAYA Gilgamezh: AYAYA Jaargan: elaMad elaYA magjico9: red ring ? Ph4ntomi: ELIAS AYAYA mateator: RINGGG sunshift: elaMad I don’t wanna be cute NosBleid: AYAYA Moctavius: Hi everyone pepeL , just saw the Death Stranding trailer, i’m actually hyper now Pog Nopileos: AYAYA Zloezlo: HYDRA HandsUp Shmoop1: ela Tomato (no space)=elaMad lulzification: billyReady mayushi10: PepeLaugh 👉 elaMad Riinegan: Ela is a targaryen VertVentus: Elayayajjaz AYAYA Deathmones: elaTomato WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz Plays Never Again | Part 1 – https://youtu.be/1mT-7Nt3l1w mycatsonfire: elaMad mom bought me closes because I was cute elaMad Ph4ntomi: HandsUp I’a Hydra HandsUp Dracconfoo: i already miss rohan elaMad emote FeelsBadMan Darkred28: monkaS Allakazzaror: what, no slope quitouts? weaksauce 0_jacket_0: pepeL IangIey: monkaS Bootch: Moctavius elaH Nazzet: monkaSHAKE Squid4 kunjiru: Moctavius elaH easyeasy: Moctavius allo allo elaOk / xmrtopshotx: 1 health boss Ph4ntomi: IKEALUL Bootch: HandsUp HYDRAA Vimple: IKEALUL paleblood_13: IKEALUL HappySmile123: Riinegan season 9 spoilers LULW Darkred28: Pog Sunshinewalker: IKEALUL Moctavius: Bootch kunjiru easyeasy pepeL Nopileos: IKEALUL Nazzet: IKEALUL IangIey: LUL VertVentus: PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: @Elajjaz was this ladder drop fixed? Naniyo: PepeLaugh Watching NosBleid: IKEALUL Stolz0n: LULW nekro793: LULW atomicdestruction: elaKek Meximus322: PepeLaugh Mato_20: LUL Sody01: LUL Jaargan: IKEALUL Ph4ntomi: swedish IKEALUL Nucleoprotein: LULW Darth_Umbra: IKEALUL Bootch: LULW Nopileos: LUL AComfySeal: IKEALUL marrd_: Android is my brudder sunshift: PepeLaugh Lurker_1: PepeLaugh EbiVariance: LULW tutufuzi: LUL Tamahowk: IKEALUL pistaitson: Pog ? PhysiCle: I’m watching IKEALUL Gumma: LULW EnterDongMode: PepeLaugh slugplug: Kreygasm LUL Shmoop1: IKEALUL Nopileos: LUL LUL wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Oyashirox: IKEALUL grecoromanwrestler: LULW Riinegan: @HappySmile123 LULW Stolz0n: IKEALUL Nucleoprotein: IKEALUL MettatonsFan: IKEALUL Darkred28: IKEALUL Bullet_: atpGasm amemiyaTF: elaK nekro793: swedish sniping IKEALUL Valkata2200: @Elajjaz Swedish KØDPØLSE Wasyash: IKEA AIM LULW tutufuzi: incredible Pog Chartalord: swedish sniping LULW juuumand: SWEDISH SNIPING LULW le_richtero: smaceS Duskfeld: Shot too early elaGasm n0v4flux: SWEDISH SNIPING gold_dante: gachiBASS skraalQ: thats what she said PepeHands daddywojo: WutFace drkbef: PREMATURE Kreygasm xxGheTz: gachiBASS WTF Lurker_1: IKEALUL Niloomilo: IKEALUL Darkred28: EU AIM LULW jezii: IKEALUL PhysiCle: Nice scream though HandsUp culsphere: I hate when that happens PepeHands Stolz0n: Clap2 IKEALUL Drachenreiter: 🎯 🔫 FeelsPepoMan GluteusCortex: I shoot too early aswell PepeHands WolfEJ2309: IKEALUL DrDrago87: brags and fails misserably Nopileos: IKEALUL xmrtopshotx: Kappa tyree372: premature casting Kapp jezii: elaKek Jaargan: swedish sniping elaGasm Shmoop1: @Elajjaz did you increase stream delay or twitch is elaGa ? iiwii119: 2 shots Nucleoprotein: @GluteusCortex PepeLaugh iiwii119: not 3 Pepega_Legends: A MEGA LOL 😂 👌 🔥 💯 MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaGa Penny_wise__: premature shot LUL HappySmile123: elaGa Clap Meximus322: elaGa Bootch: elaGa iiwii119: oh was 3 this time Nopileos: elaGa Naniyo: elaGa Clap Twitch CrazyKidGo: elaGa Clap Jaargan: elaGa Wasyash: elaGa RainMaker030: OMEGLOL Shmoop1: elaGa ME Lagunaab: nah he missed one pistaitson: deep fried twitch elaMad SpireFacts: It’s my birthday @Elajjaz Pepega VineWood0604: imGlitch elaGa Jaargan: elaGa twitch elaGa Drags2812: elaGa sunshift: PogChamp imrpoving the run Naniyo: elaMad Twtich HappySmile123: SpireFacts FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Fullmetalcheese: elaMad reddede123xbl: PogChamp CrazyKidGo: Yes elaYes SerApollyon: 🍅 Deathmones: elaK GluteusCortex: Twitch is lagging ? maybe they put alot of resources to some feature they are trying to implement… LIKE SUB ONLY VIEWING D: Wasyash: WeirdChamp imGlitch elaGa dami_exe: Yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Fafebobo: PepeLaugh Pepperpotty: Ela will remember this VashGarland: he does not know PepeLaugh Trynchen: FeelsLagMan Twitch k0tashira: Foo PepeLaugh Nazzet: PepeLaugh Shmoop1: omg Happy bday @Elajjaz POGGERS TheSurvivalistW: Look at hoe muck times he’s sahving PogChamp Drachenreiter: @SpireFacts the spire punishes liars WeirdChamp SpireFacts: I’mma donate a hundred November 6th, tho kiire_: elaBruv kerse4143: D: not wishing his subs happy birthday HappySmile123: D: Wasyash: Invader elaD Ansdr: FeelsBirthdayMan Clap Fullmetalcheese: elaC slugplug: @GluteusCortex LUL Nazzet: PepeUff CrazyKidGo: elaD Dryd_keepomaster: D: 1080p200fps: will this run be over before midnight? shawn_u: D: VineWood0604: elaD Jaushel: D: magjico9: D: Lagunaab: bully PepeHands Stolz0n: elaD juuumand: D: Trynchen: D: Nopileos: D: Ansdr: D: Ph4ntomi: elaD IangIey: D: Matthew_ManHo: d: AntonioAS7X: D: Fafebobo: elaD Meximus322: elaD Emzero: D: Nazzet: D: Sody01: D: tutufuzi: D: VertVentus: D: SerApollyon: D: TheH3llraiser: D: Nopileos: D: D: nekro793: D: grecoromanwrestler: D: paleblood_13: elaD Zoraa: elaD sicariowned: D: seydanator: elaD Chartalord: D: BlackupV2: wooow SoaringTrumpet: D: rexinat: D: TheZecaUrubu: elaD MettatonsFan: elaD Dracconfoo: elaD sunshift: VoHiYo wtf Lagunaab: D: BVP13: AHAHAHA Nopileos: D: Lurker_1: D: Bootch: elaD bexypoo: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump MuliadSpt: D: Mato_20: D: Wasyash: elaD mean to women Sohei4649: D: Antraxo: kuruOMEGA Jaargan: elaD Xerontheone: elaKek Naniyo: T ELAmAD X I C Deathmones: elaD RSalata: D: teufelherz: Kill her!!! Nopileos: D: D: Darth_Umbra: elaD DragonflyJoe: D: WolfEJ2309: elaD elaD elaD EbiVariance: D: Jaushel: wow ela sheep_acc: D: slimy_yet_satisfying: LMAO Koldvar: FeelsWeirdMan BlackupV2: ela plz Drachenreiter: ELA WHAT THE HECK D: Bholorak: elaD atpRtsd TheLastZael: D: Nopileos: D: maxk137: OMEGALUL Xerontheone: elaD xmrtopshotx: D: Azeworai: oprossing wahman monkaS ora_muda: LULW Jdalker_trololo: D: umayfuentes: UWot UWot xThrillhouse: D: TheSurvivalistW: squadW reddede123xbl: rare weapons are included in the run??? GluteusCortex: Soon ela is a Sub only stream PepeHands sub only chat wasnt enough PepeHands now you have to sub to watch PepeHands kratos_4life: is there gonna be vod for this stream later@Elajjaz reddede123xbl: CoolCat TheH3llraiser: this strim so toxic PepeHands MaksimNewfield: Don’t be rude to wamens Nopileos: D: D: boshist1: https://clips.twitch.tv/IcyOriginalHumanHassanChop Meximus322: elaEZ Stolz0n: elaEZ Jaargan: ela is bully elaD FitoBurrito: elaEZ shavo7: E See Bootch: elaEZ Aeonll: elaEZ Naniyo: EZ Clap CrazyKidGo: calebEZ Gnasherus: E C kratos_4life: ty McMarschall: consistent knights FeelsGoodMan PhysiCle: elaISee Nopileos: elaEZ WrongCaptcha: E C Vtdubz: iF tHoU aRt Trynchen: Pog Zoraa: billyReady teufelherz: why you no kill her? SpireFacts: Is streamer getting WR? Pog Wasyash: https://www.cancelwomen.online/ WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Edition, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz TheLastZael: PepeLaugh Sunshinewalker: PepeLaugh BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz WOW JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN’T GACHI WOMEN DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO TREAT THEM LIKE SHIT elaWeird elaD rainypray: E C Slap WolfEJ2309: elaEZ elaEZ Piesito0: LUL nekro793: CoolCat Shmoop1: zfgHmm Meximus322: PepeLaugh Naniyo: elaHYUK BarghestFenrir_: also sorry for caps elaFeels IangIey: OMEGLOL Bootch: PepeLaugh Lagunaab: YeahBoy TheH3llraiser: PepeLaugh NosBleid: SIF PepeHands NightfallJaeger: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh EbiVariance: PepeLaugh Lv_100: HotPokket VAD SA DU?! Teddym4n: we forgot monkaW pacman_Bot: yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa..aaa.aaaa FappyMcFlappy: monkaW we forgot? IangIey: FrankerZ Niloomilo: PepeLaugh Jaargan: sif PepeHands MaksimNewfield: elaBruv iiwii119: LUL shawn_u: Wowee 🔪 Ansdr: Wowee 🔪 DrDrago87: sorry ela runs over MurphV: did you jusy the n word? please repeat that wth Inventionary: hold sif chat PepeHands Naniyo: PepeHands don’t do this Trynchen: Wowee 🔪 Piesito0: Forgot Summons Jebaited HEiiTsYaboY: @QUOTE_IF_CHATS_FAULT Ph4ntomi: PepeHands GoAkke: “no biggie” thats what she said nrdyKek Ansdr: TaBeRu Wasyash: Wowee 🔪 Trynchen: PepeHands Not the dog Tamahowk: PepeHands Meximus322: PepeHands HappySmile123: PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands PepeHands Ansdr: PepeHands Stolz0n: PepeHands DwarvenMan: *zap* PepeLaugh NosBleid: PepeHands you monster Nopileos: PepeHands IangIey: PepeHands ForgottenV: BibleThump blauersteinfresser: PepeHands Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu lord_rimheart: PepeHands TheH3llraiser: PepeHands VineWood0604: elaFeels Bootch: its happening all over again PepeHands Shmoop1: PepeHands Jaargan: don’t kill the dog PepeHands Meximus322: Pupper PepeHands Wasyash: Pupper PepeHands Crilow: choicesHands nekro793: bz bz bUrself Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands Luuxlani: D: sheep_acc: ring? sunshift: Wowee PepeHands radwimp: danCry danCry danCry danCry Naniyo: PepeHands he was suffering slugplug: BibleThump McMarschall: doggo PepeHands briskly_gaming: PepeHands Nightfury_Treann: gg, I guess… PepeHands Frade: Sub 5 hrs today? @Elajjaz Keepo TheZecaUrubu: I’m a doggie pepeJAM TheSurvivalistW: R OMEGALUL LLED Jybel: PepeHands maranhas93: jesus MaksimNewfield: John Wick incoming now Jaargan: doggo PepeHands CharalamBOSS: u just shot a dog 3 times. YOU MAD MAN roasted_hamster: SPLITTAR BarghestFenrir_: Not reacting to Sif’s death elaMad Mrtriggahigga: FeelsBadMan Nightfury_Treann: Victory Achieved, I guess… FeelsBadMan MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: FeelsBadMan Deathmones: OMEGALUL EnigmaticTraveler: FeelsBadMan Ansdr: FeelsBadMan Naniyo: PepeHands no lillewille: OMEGALUL Nopileos: FeelsBadMan merchandise_of_cush: FeelsBadMan reddede123xbl: SeriousSloth xmrtopshotx: peta is watching HiHawx: chat we’ve all seen him die more than 100 times already WeirdChamp GoAkke: dont you have to pick up the ring after sif ela ? kapustadrakon_: FeelsBadMan EbiVariance: FeelsBadMan Bootch: FeelsWeirdMan HEiiTsYaboY: FeelsWeirdMan Sparkz_o7: OMEGALUL IangIey: CoolCat NosBleid: FeelsBadMan illethor221: CoolCat Wasyash: distWow well Nopileos: FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan Mrtriggahigga: FeelsBadMan … RSalata: OMEGALUL sunshift: nyan nyan Mato_20: cat Pog chugcoughsyrup: bUrself Bootch: gachiBASS nekro793: elaWut Deathmones: elaWut jangosan: moon2E reddede123xbl: DxCat FanHeiBai: WutFace exponentialfun: monkaS dudica1: elaWut CarthusSandworm: WutFace xxxxdbxxxx: WutFace Nopileos: elaWut fuzzymanthong: pepeD Bootch: WutFace Visualocity: WutFace Lagunaab: diidn’t remember thbese background noises Sparkz_o7: Glod Pog Shmoop1: zfgGoldOgre Stolz0n: BTW PogU BTW Drachenreiter: PepeHands everything ela kills is suffering PepeHands except if he kills himself, then it’s because he’s FeelsPepoMan PepeHands Thenastyraven: scuffed gold PepeLaugh GoAkke: dont you have to pick up the ring after sif ela ? monkaS TheLastZael: WutFace JingYinMute: @HiHawx 100 times too many PepeHands FappyMcFlappy: Jebaited EnigmaticTraveler: WutFace kapustadrakon_: creepy pasta MeccaMaster: a scary face elaWut Deathmones: elaWut elaWut i saw it ExistentialMisery: WutFace Volbeatz: WutFace HiHawx: elaGlod PepeHands Nopileos: WutFace drkbef: Creepypasta WutFace Meximus322: elaWut Vimple: VuttFace WutFace SerApollyon: Kappa xyphrs: WutFace Buurt: is it me or is it already safe that Death Stranding will have a better story than 98% of all games elaHmm Bootch: i saw a face WutFace sunshift: WutFace why WutFace are WutFace we WutFace wutfacing FanHeiBai: Got spooked xmrtopshotx: kitty Chartalord: WutFace ClaytonBigsbe: Soo Death Stranding still looks super dumb ora_muda: WutFace Deathmones: WutFace chat? Jaargan: elaWut Nopileos: WutFace WutFace psychokeftes: how long is this run? HolySnipz: WutFace Mrtriggahigga: Clap2 WutFace Outcastedbird: @buurt Thats a weird way to spell convoluted NosBleid: LULW Sunshinewalker: Its safe to say thats its gonna be as ridiculous as every kojima story Wasyash: Clap 2WutFace MeccaMaster: EC nekro793: elaEZ Visualocity: WutFace spooky pasta dudica1: DS1 FALL DAMAGE OMEGALUL TheZecaUrubu: Kappa demon Ansdr: @Buurt Too early, it can still be horrible or just average elaOk Hello_Im_Mat: Kappa demon Sody01: Kappa Demon BarghestFenrir_: @psychokeftes 3/4 hours? kapustadrakon_: pepeJAM CrabeSoupe: PogU EC Clap IangIey: Kappa waTdamaTTer: midnight is the target today as well? XD JaynisK: bawkEZ Wasyash: Kappa Demon Skeptical_Reptile: WutFace DON’T MIND ME WutFace JUST INCREASING TENSION WutFace sicariowned: wat? no dogs in there? NosBleid: PogU Bootch: Chag Jaargan: Kappa sunshift: @psychokeftes 2-5 hours, depends on Ela LUL ora_muda: elaEZ ItsVeX: capra demon is absolutely deserving of this music Ansdr: D: Stolz0n: elaD reddede123xbl: ez nekro793: D: Nopileos: elaD Zoraa: elaD Ecklerion: exsFirst Laruta: did ela watch the deathstranding trailer? Stolz0n: PETA psychokeftes: ok ez time to spend Nazzet: D: Wasyash: elaD PETA sunshift: monster Wowee Ansdr: @Laruta nope gridstopper: no talking to shiva PepeHands merchandise_of_cush: Wowee Vimple: not yet @Laruta Naniyo: PepeHands enough dogs have suffered Jaargan: not again elaD PepeHands kapustadrakon_: they should just delete them from the game LULW reddede123xbl: TBAngel Shadow743: @ItsVeX trilluxeANFUETTERN FappyMcFlappy: coffee break soon ella? ExistentialMisery: WutFace Wasyash: elaWut elaGun Wowee ExistentialMisery: BabyRage NosBleid: death stranding is looking pretty cool BananaKen: Kappa demon Kappa get it, it’s because Capra rhymes with Kappa lmao 4Head ItsVeX: @Shadow743 oh lol Ansdr: Don’t kill doggie BibleThump HiHawx: but dogs and poison swamps are staples of souls games IangIey: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Shadow743: md7G Fafebobo: 3Head CrazyKidGo: N OMEGALUL Deathmones: PepeHands iiwii119: awww Filth_: D: scottee: PepeHands HaPoww: D: dudica1: I cant wait until this chat is full of ? elaKek Nopileos: D: RSalata: D: wtf Stolz0n: LULW Naniyo: N OMEGALUL HappySmile123: PepeHands NosBleid: LULW Ansdr: monkaW pistaitson: elaMad shawn_u: he said no and left PepeLaugh Fafebobo: LULW Saint_Andre: @Elajjaz release is November 8, 2020 Meximus322: PepeLaugh LordCalcifer: LULW cevlarkaviar: elaD nouvart: LULW PLAZAx: LULW Nopileos: LULW Nazzet: ignored PepeHands Vimple: OMEGALUL Bifs: LULW Koldvar: OMEGALUL Shmoop1: OMEGALUL kapustadrakon_: gachiBASS ORGY Skeptical_Reptile: trailer is great and has more Kojima riddles/ARG stuff at the end 4Head Wasyash: LULW KARMA maxk137: OMEGADOWN WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ Pepega_Legends: ignored PepeHands like the girls IRL fumufu: elaH elaH elaHi hey @Elajjaz and chat. good luck on your runs, today Ansdr: Pog scottee: insane timesave LostFantasy352: damn they took all gachi down from artifact ๐Ÿ™ FanHeiBai: Chag Clap Bootch: fumufu elaH LordCalcifer: Pog strats FitoBurrito: fumufu elaH Skrocka: PREDICTED Pog Wasyash: Saved 2 seconds Pog Stolz0n: Chag PhysiCle: @fumufu elaH Nazzet: @fumufu pepeL Fafebobo: Pepega_Legends at least they don’t call the police for you PepeHands swoglo: Chag Ansdr: @fumufu Hello SeriousSloth doogPaw pepeL Devilsshow: Is it a WR incoming? ๐Ÿ˜› Samppsom: Death stranding surely looks interesting at least. Wasyash: Death stranding looks like Kojima made it Riinegan: death stranding Kreygasm Lanshii: Elajjaz what was your previous pb? pinkagandalf: what happen to death stranding stream? kunjiru: fumufu pepeL LostFantasy352: done Skeptical_Reptile: they did more than taking gachi down, Artifact made them temporarily suspend all new users from streaming on Twitch 4Head silver6ird: they showed a 9 minute trailer xmrtopshotx: its still going Stolz0n: I’m still going ๐Ÿ™‚ SainEdge: done Flashforward: the trailer is on youtube now in 4k Piesito0: Done MAceN64: !wr killabubbadawg: its done, nov 8 confirmed Pog FitoBurrito: I was watching Lords of the Locker Room on Artifact the other day VaN HYPERCLAP Vimple: They uploaded the trailer seperatly too WaffleOnTheRun: @pinkagandalf they released a trailre and date TRDarkslayer: 8 NOVEMBER RELEASE Samppsom: Hard game Kappa NosBleid: pepo dragon Nazzet: pepeJAMMER Saint_Andre: @Elajjaz Nov 8, 2020 ClaytonBigsbe: Looks so silly Robin_CP: it’s done but they are still going too avetisback: nice cut Kappa Munz2835: noice PogChamp Darkred28: Pog silver6ird: 2019* mateator: Kids gets hyped so easy nowadays xmrtopshotx: nope its done xmrtopshotx: i checked Rainmaker84: FrankerZ FrankerZ FrankerZ SirAlexGargolaz: SirAlexGargolaz subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! WrestlerBot2000: @SirAlexGargolaz You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM Meximus322: 🐀 Nazzet: IKEALUL Stolz0n: LULW skraalQ: @Elajjaz can you do that to my tail too? elaBlush Wasyash: LULW Darkred28: FINAL BOSS monkaW Bootch: LULW paleblood_13: elaKek elaKek elaKek LordCalcifer: LULW scottee: LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE SirAlexGargolaz elaA SoaringTrumpet: LUL Demoluxx_: looks pretty stupid imo magjico9: Sure Sody01: LULW EbiVariance: LULW Shadow743: killed by rat PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW Outcastedbird: ded Lagunaab: elaYes dudica1: ! POISONED ! Demoluxx_: not hyped at all Niloomilo: LULW 0_jacket_0: catalyst indoors LULW stormgamesttv: yes boy Deathmones: PepeLaugh oh no no no Wasyash: remember ds2 rat bosses? sunshift: it’s November 8, 2019 Ansdr: monkaS DethSword_: are you done with layers of fear 2? or black and white make ur head hurt? FeelsBadMan @Elajjaz reddede123xbl: cursed ResidentSleeper Darkred28: monkaS BananaKen: pepeUff HaPoww: the rat was harder than the boss illethor221: 💸 BananaKen: PepeUff Drachenreiter: don’t worry ela that was the hardest part of the game, it’s all cake from here FeelsGoodMan Ansdr: D: JubJubWantRubRubs: kojima will NOT be done november 8th LULW Lagunaab: “too” NosBleid: liar D: HiHawx: @DethSword_ after the run he’ll finish it reddede123xbl: SAME Stolz0n: Blighttown monkaW killabubbadawg: @JubJubWantRubRubs wanna bet on that? xd Darkred28: monkaW cevlarkaviar: lying on the internet elaD WrestlerBot2000: “I never failed the Dragon Aerie skip.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 31 SpireFacts: F P S T O W N GARY8193: dahliaPls Thenastyraven: sorry ela just to bust a myth, are you actually a millionnaire? elaKek @Elajjaz TheZecaUrubu: powerpointTown, the memories… DethSword_: HiHawx OhhhKee Ansdr: 1 flask and poisoned monkaW Vimple: P O I S E oned kapustadrakon_: still better than toxicity LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: killabubbadawg xd NovaMoon: twitch disabled new accounts from streaming because of the artifact thing LULW Bootch: T elaD X I C CrazyKidGo: T OMEGALUL X I C Matthew_ManHo: d: NosBleid: LULW UltraWindow: YOU’RE NOT ALEXANDER! Matthew_ManHo: D: Deathmones: elaMad why are you mad Sunshinewalker: monkaTOS GARY8193: toxic streamer monkaW MaksimNewfield: Nobody likes that part Darkred28: T OMEGALUL XIC avetisback: u dead bro LUL BroqRox: T elaD XIC chudysensei: why so tosic ela SpireFacts: pOisONéËdd’ mycatsonfire: T elaMad xic Robin_CP: Toxic streamer Daniel’sVideogames TheBigSpence: Toxic monkaTOS Outcastedbird: reapplied EbiVariance: T 🍅 XIC Shmoop1: the tomatoes are making ela T elaMad X I C PepeHands sicariowned: @NovaMoon really? muh porns PepeHands retro_raiden: elaOk ✌fela psychokeftes: th toxicity is the ds kappa Tamen_Strange: elaMad Why am I a tomato? Drachenreiter: why are you mad? ๐Ÿ™‚ McMarschall: oh god the poison resets if you quit out LUL GARY8193: 🍅 Dismal_Arkt: toxic? is this DSP now? OMEGLOL Rainmaker84: FrankerZ ??? MilchiWay: boi that death stranding trailer Stolz0n: elaD Darkred28: D: NosBleid: D: TheLastZael: mmm D: Bootch: elaD Nopileos: D: Dismal_Arkt: elaD Theblueprint77: ella back in ds1 FeelsGoodMan retro_raiden: elaD LostFantasy352: no more wrestling T_T EbiVariance: D: SpireFacts: Are you still holding the DSRemastered Any% World Record? Deathmones: elaD Jaargan: elaD HiHawx: !fuck woodboard WrestlerBot2000: FUCK YOU, woodboard gachiDAMA Fafebobo: I thought you were only salty yesterday @Elajjaz elaHmm dwarfzao: D: Shadow743: I think Blighttown with decent fps is quite okay dahliaPls Drachenreiter: lmao that looks ridiculous LordCalcifer: Pog alive GanDrakeHD: McMarschall it doesnt just the bar fills again but goes down faster BulgeConnoisseur: Pog Just barely Ansdr: Pog avetisback: close Thenastyraven: Sorry ela, just want to bust a myth, are you actually a millionnaire? elaKek @Elajjaz izairulf: are you gonna watch the new death stranding trailer on coffee break? @elajjaz Darkred28: Pog NO MORE POISON trolling94: @Elajjaz Where did Soul of Smough come from? TheLastZael: Only WR PepeLaugh Slimmer556: from smough McMarschall: @GanDrakeHD oh really? nvm then haha dudica1: @Elajjaz Did you need to split there? Darkred28: P OMEGALUL ISON SpireFacts: Then it means Remastered is dead Pog Stolz0n: !POISONED! Ansdr: Billionaire Pog drkbef: Smough? paleblood_13: elaKek juuumand: LULW HiHawx: LULW SeeruM_: LULW Bifs: LULW Nopileos: LULW Fafebobo: PepeLaugh e_Saend: split? @Elajjaz IangIey: Pepega MettatonsFan: LULW Jaargan: elaGa Wasyash: LULW Drachenreiter: elaHmm SerApollyon: LULW ttomm1: Split Kilimas: Poisoned GARY8193: 🤔 meatmug: meatmug subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 23 months! You’re a cool dude and I like you. Wasyash: 5Head WrestlerBot2000: @meatmug After 23 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Shadow743: D: Majonez1223: No way Kappa Nopileos: SUB HYPE meatmug Pog WrestlerBot2000: Execution|Clip No.29| https://clips.twitch.tv/RenownedAdorableJayTheRinger WerewolfB: just kill smough 4Head GanDrakeHD: McMarschall typical fromsoft just taking the easy way Wowee Nopileos: LULW LULW Yoshi_hiro: hey did you hear about new Code Vein beta starting on the 31th? you can get the code now trolling94: Oh…thought you haven’t reached that point yet. My bad. GARY8193: 🍑 r34gan: r34gan subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 34 months! Pog WrestlerBot2000: @r34gan After 34 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE r34gan Pog Allakazzaror: I signed up for Code Vein beta. Haven’t heard anything… HiHawx: rrrrrrrrr ricardoFlick MaksimNewfield: How dare you coming late to the Stream @trolling94 Kappa souldedeh: do we have an ETA to watch Death Stranding trailer? Pog elajjaz hienakonata: monkaW CyanPhantom: reagan r34 monkaS k0tashira: code meme PepeLaugh KurosKiraa: Did ela watch the DS reveal live? CyanPhantom: not yet @KurosKiraa Darkred28: monkaS Outcastedbird: Code Vein looks like it has some nice gameplay systems that really distinguish it from a “Souls clone” as folks like to say. bexypoo: oof Lagunaab: hate this place with a passion Kaiochi: what even is death stranding PepeLaugh Darkred28: Damn, these strats are good dwarfzao: @KurosKiraa not yet, when he eat he gonna watch it ziddimon: code vein network test invite for NA is at 11 pm est today NosBleid: no ๐Ÿ™‚ mateator: @souldedeh 2 hours more PepeLaugh Stolz0n: IKEALUL HuntingGolem: great hollow Chag best area in the game Chag Thaane: blasting Nutt.mp3 as you hit the ground Darkred28: KKona Dancingbroccoli2: KKona IangIey: KKona Bootch: KKona BaileyMs: KKona Bifs: KKona Nopileos: KKona GARY8193: cmonBrother juuumand: KKona Wasyash: cmonBrother Meximus322: PepeLaugh paleblood_13: cmonBrother reddede123xbl: LUL kissedurdad: cmonBrother avetisback: that’s aa big mouth kapustadrakon_: cmonBrother Lurker_1: KKona TheBigSpence: KKona PhilRamirez: danKona Darkred28: Pog Lagunaab: juked LULW Yormuth: Pog Nopileos: cmonBrother MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: cmonBrother chudysensei: cmonBrother yes? KurosKiraa: @dwarfzao kay thanks Ansdr: FeelsGoodMan Bestorio: KKona IangIey: Pog Cyasiatic: @Elajjaz have you seen the death stranding trailer? Pog grecoromanwrestler: Pog Vuljotnaak: KKona cevlarkaviar: Pog Jaargan: KKona Lemonsponge: bruv 3Head Splinter075: 3Head oi bruv Nopileos: KKona Ansdr: @Cyasiatic nope Bootch: LULW RUINED FappyMcFlappy: LULW hienakonata: LULW timihyuga: LULW Kaiochi: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh Vimple: Pog PLAZAx: LULW Dancingbroccoli2: LULW Skrocka: monkaS TheDIOtone: LUL IangIey: monkaS NosBleid: elaKek shawn_u: PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: LULW FanHeiBai: LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW dwarfzao: LULW Lemonsponge: LULW CyanPhantom: OMEGALUL Jaargan: LULW Aeonll: LULW HaPoww: RESTART LordCalcifer: LULW Stolz0n: PepeLaugh iiwii119: LUL muglobal1988: LUL Jormunaattori: ds reveal? xmrtopshotx: LUL TheDIOtone: flawless Wasyash: RIP RUN PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW DR_AGxx: Saved LULW FappyMcFlappy: you’re welcome Robin_CP: DONT TOUCH ME THERE Rainmaker84: ZreknarF Allakazzaror: *touch* psychokeftes: dd or ds? Kaiochi: mushroom friends FeelsGoodMan HiHawx: 🍄 elaGun Wasyash: 🍄 pefc58008: Hallo meine dudes! psychokeftes: bb or ds? HillyBerrington: HandsUp TheH3llraiser: TaBeRu k0tashira: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH HandsUp dudica1: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LordDrago: AngelThump Nightfury_Treann: AngelThump aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Bootch: HandsUp GrandmaTits: DONT TOUCH ME IM STERILE dudica1: HandsUp Ansdr: AngelThump Nopileos: HandsUp Meximus322: AngelThump boooonex: monkaSHAKE Cyasiatic: @Ansdr ok, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ IangIey: HandsUp CyanPhantom: HandsUp NosBleid: AAAAAAAH HandsUp kapustadrakon_: HandsUp SUMMON THE HYDRA Chartalord: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH avetisback: wow i have never been in this area before Guts_Pdz: HandsUp hienakonata: AngelThump Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu ChickenMuffins: HandsUp SerApollyon: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH HandsUp HCJobo: ElaPls Komitern66: HandsUp Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp SaixSoul: HandsUp HYDRAA Jormunaattori: or death stranding? reddede123xbl: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Wasyash: Don’t do it, I’m a virgin! muglobal1988: PogChamp Tamahowk: HandsUp Bootch: HandsUp AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH CyanPhantom: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH dwarfzao: HandsUp HillyBerrington: HandsUp HYDRA daso: HandsUp Jubei_Kagero_Gemma: bawkHyper Wasyash: HandsUp Deathmones: HandsUp I SUMMON THE HYDRA Ansdr: @Cyasiatic elaOk 👍 Nopileos: HandsUp TheLastZael: AAH AHH AHHHHHHHHHH HandsUp boooonex: HandsUp AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH HandsUp timihyuga: HandsUp I SEE IT Dancingbroccoli2: HandsUp Outcastedbird: One punch from one of those mushrooms would shatter your ribcage and collapse your lungs Jaargan: AngelThump WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! JustCallMeKelvin: HandsUp CyanPhantom: HandsUp LordDrago: HandsUp HAIL HYDRA IangIey: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Koldvar: AngelThump AlcatraZ567: HandsUp Komitern66: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH HandsUp Jybel: Kreygasm Nopileos: HandsUp HandsUp HCJobo: HandsUp THERE IT IS HandsUp starzo0: HandsUp reddede123xbl: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH Aeonll: HandsUp Bootch: HandsUp AAAAAAAAAAAH SaixSoul: HandsUp AAAAAAAAH CringeRap: this guy has 5 k hours ? HAHAH what a joke TheZecaUrubu: HandsUp IangIey: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp Ansdr: elaKek mabtrix: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm NosBleid: AngelThump kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz do you need to lvlup all covenants? Kananmuna1: I SAW IT HandsUp Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu SoaringTrumpet: AngelThump hienakonata: AngelThump Bootch: HandsUp SHOOTING Koldvar: HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp HandsUp muglobal1988: LUL Jaargan: HandsUp AngelThump Dismal_Arkt: HandsUp AngelThump HandsUp Bestorio: HYDRA gachiBASS LordDrago: HandsUp I SEE THE TRUE HYDRA MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh xmrtopshotx: TBAngel UltraWindow: LULW paleblood_13: elaKek timihyuga: HandsUp dudica1: 9K Chag Deathmones: LULW GARY8193: PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: 9k hours PepeLaugh NosBleid: elaK Kananmuna1: elaKek HappySmile123: LULW Germy_ranch: 9k PogU Nopileos: elaK TheH3llraiser: LULW Theblueprint77: PJSalt WerewolfB: elaKek HiHawx: 8 trillion hours OMEGALUL strob321: LULW CyanPhantom: LULW ViCz6407: over 9000 LULW Bootch: Chag 9k BroqRox: PogU 9000 Ansdr: 9k hours Champ SoaringTrumpet: got em TheLastZael: 9K hours Pog Komitern66: LULW Sunshinewalker: 9k hours PepeLaugh PanKarmelek: this guy has 9k hours? what a joke PepeLaugh Dancingbroccoli2: Chag Duskfeld: Updated meme Larsn2k: more like 50k hours Deathmones: 9K HOURS LULW k0tashira: 10k LULW Matthew_ManHo: flexing huh LULW Maic223: isn’t cloranthy not worth for a 3 hs run? CringeRap: OMEGALUL Meximus322: Only 9k LULW lillewille: 9k hours PogU muglobal1988: LULW Jaargan: elaKek PanKarmelek: also hi ela FappyMcFlappy: still not even a professional RudBoy1018: @Elajjaz Did you see the New Death Stranding Trilaer ? anon_osv: 9k hours LUL LUL ChickenMuffins: 9K Horus huh LuL TheDIOtone: ITS OVER 9000 JubJubWantRubRubs: meme updated elaKek nilkkixD: i mean a stab from a pleb hollow would kill you TheBigSpence: PepeLaugh Niloomilo: LULW Reedskill: 9k hours LULW IangIey: Kappa Maic223: why no cloranthy EbiVariance: Sub 10K LULW NosBleid: Kapp Smough: lets make it 10k LULW Riinegan: FRAGILE Kreygasm MAMA Kreygasm AMELIE Kreygasm JustCallMeKelvin: 9000k hours Pog Germy_ranch: elaK ALWAYS been more norep: do you need all armor/weapons? Kaiochi: 10k hours PepeLaugh juuumand: not even 10k LULW vngphx: new ds trailer Pog MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: not even 10k LULW Chartalord: pfft, 9k, what a scrub PepeLaugh Moctavius: Even worse PepeLaugh Drachenreiter: that just makes it worse for you OMEGADOWN Wasyash: @kapustadrakon_ not all of them, only the ones that give you some required items for achievements Aeonll: 9k hours PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz MettatonsFan: over 9000 Pog Kaiochi: you just made the meme worse PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: 9K and stil lbad LULW Splinter075: 5000k hours Pog amemiyaTF: 9k hours LUL k0tashira: PepeLaugh even worse timihyuga: AH gachiGASM bexypoo: HIS NIC LEVEL IS OVER 9000 kissedurdad: casual OMEGLOL anon_osv: Between 8 or 9 hours LUL LUL mateator: @Elajjaz when someone subs Flashforward: are the achievements different on the remaster? is that why you’re running the original FylgdarUlfr: Not even 10k Pffft Bcloner: 9k hours PepeLaugh Jaargan: 9K elaKek Ansdr: VapeNation ChickenMuffins: Dank TheLastZael: VapeNation Bootch: dank VapeNation Kaiochi: 10k hours PepeLaugh SamTheNoobah: It was over 5k hours before 5k hours mark PogChamp Bestorio: 9K HOURS OMEGALUL EnigmaticTraveler: 9k hours PepeLaugh Sunshinewalker: ela was born with over 5k hours in ds PepeLaugh WrongCaptcha: Asså LordCalcifer: dank FeelsGoodMan Outcastedbird: I’ve spent way more hours than that breathing Dankest: ela12 Yozhhik: 9k hours now PepeLaugh WerewolfB: @Elajjaz 5k in nioh Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu theonlyjacobx: Bruh thats over a year Pog forbiddensnacks: literally played thIs game for almost a year LUL Filth_: DansGame BroqRox: LUL dudica1: W OMEGALUL W Teddym4n: W OMEGALUL W dYnAm1c92: WoW Pog MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: W OMEGALUL W AlcatraZ567: W OMEGALUL W Bifs: W OMEGALUL W Niloomilo: W OMEGALUL W Dancingbroccoli2: W OMEGALUL W Nopileos: W OMEGALUL W IangIey: DansGame Kananmuna1: W OMEGALUL W UltraWindow: AYAYA vegitable! what does the scouter say about his gameplay hours? 🍅 ITS OVER 9000 juuumand: W OMEGALUL W CyanPhantom: W OMEGALUL W Samppsom: W OMEGALUL W Bootch: W Pog W Dismal_Arkt: W OMEGALOL W nouvart: W OMEGALUL W Meximus322: W OMEGALUL W lost_robot: DansGame k0tashira: angry babushka OMEGLOL Grandgreg13: that’s what you said when someone made fun of your hours in DS and you talked about your offline playtime Nopileos: W OMEGALUL W W OMEGALUL W Jaargan: W OMEGALUL W ItsNelm: @Elajjaz You going to play classic? xmrtopshotx: LUL grindfatherx: 9k hours by 13 years old, damn. Wasyash: Spent 9k hours in this game PepeLaugh 5k hours btw PepeLaugh Istog: the meme ia so old you only had 5k hours when it started lulw Sunshinewalker: W OMEGADOWN W thesupercoleywoley: gonna play classic wow/? muglobal1988: LUL LordCalcifer: W OMEGALUL W cho_pin: W OMEGALUL W SpireFacts: Do you have any pets, Ela? ChickenMuffins: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HandsUp bitedamn: @Elajjaz You going to play wow classic? chudysensei: @elajjaz play classic Pog Kazuma126: So is that like 8-10 hours a day for 4 years? kapustadrakon_: @Wasyash Thanks :)wow, alexa, play sea shanty 2 timoteh: @Yokaiin lmao good one MisterPossible: elaSmile TheDIOtone: SWTOR best MMO Kappa RaunchyEwok: I was there chat ๐Ÿ™‚ it was fkin great ๐Ÿ™‚ powder_mountain: why you forget splits? timmyblaster: wow was never good NovaMoon: @Elajjaz you cant experience your first time twice Gronaldo44: I’ve never played an MMO ๐Ÿ™‚ inasio_el_chanclas: are you feeling better at this run today ? @Elajjaz Omojjo: @Yokaiin Never could get into it lulzification: elaREE Deathmones: wizard 101 best mmo elaMad SittingOx: @Elajjaz is that your quite humble opinion to be honest by the way? Kappa Sckeyth: I wonder if I would enjoy Classic WoW as a person who hasn’t ever played WoW. I think it has a lot of neat things in it that aren’t present in many other MMORPGs but it also has a lot of old jank. Thenastyraven: Rappelz was the best MMO ever, no one played that but whatever elaOk QlUl: gachiCOOL hey guys SwedishBrute: @HappySmile123 ever heard of Everquest? Oakishh: wait what game is he talking about? picklerickshank: mmo’s are shit because they are hardly ever competetive in a balanced way, all about hours not so much about skill Kosmic_Eagle: hi ela, hi chat elaH Nopileos: Kosmic_Eagle pepeL timoteh: Why did you smear shit on ur head Ela? Commandant_mazarin: @Elajjaz When you have a break you should watch the new Death Stranding trailer. sunshift: Ela I just remembered you told us to remind you to split around this place yesterday, so here I am reminding you VoHiYo salpo_nolobio: IMHHO Amoh_: real life best mmo elaGa Bootch: Kosmic_Eagle elaH GARY8193: imhho hienakonata: @Kosmic_Eagle elaHi HappySmile123: @SwedishBrute No… elaHmm kunjiru: Kosmic_Eagle pepeL TheH3llraiser: @Kosmic_Eagle pepeL Bootch: imho elaYes PennyGwent: is it possible to get 20 soul spears legit without dusk crown ring in one playthrough? GluteusCortex: IMHHO 4Head Irocam: tbqh in my honest opinion elaHmm Hoady: hey elajjaz hey chat how are we all today? elaH Nopileos: Hoady elaHYUG xThrillhouse: when did he get egged? Kosmic_Eagle: chat pepeL Nopileos: Kosmic_Eagle elaH IINellis: NEW DEATH STRANDING TRAILER + RELEASE DATE @Elajjaz watch pls frostbubbles: You are the reason that i fell in love with Dark souls. Thank you ElaEla ela12 cur_ley: monkaW TheH3llraiser: VaN reflektioNCS: LULW Nopileos: LULW Tamahowk: VaN MORFHI: VaN EbiVariance: VaN Chartalord: monkaW JubJubWantRubRubs: VaN Sunshinewalker: HandsUp Niloomilo: VaN Lagunaab: VaN 0_jacket_0: ANIKI Bootch: VaN ❗ SerApollyon: WOO Nopileos: VaN Mrtriggahigga: LULW FappyMcFlappy: monkaW he forgot Luuchu: OMEGADOWN eyskyaldi: VaN BroqRox: gachiVICTORY gachiVICTORY gachiVICTORY gachiVICTORY gachiVICTORY Shadfire77: VaN wandering_pleb: monkaW Guts_Pdz: gachiVICTORY stu5700: VaN J0hnnyBlade: VaN halawaya119: LUL Tamen_Strange: VaN merchandise_of_cush: VaN eyskyaldi: Perfect woooo faeyre: LULW Nopileos: VaN VaN Oyashirox: VaN Kaiochi: i wish that was lakki SoaringTrumpet: close call timoteh: VaN MeccaMaster: @halawaya119 Same character, just needs to do NG+ as well as NG Majonez1223: monkaW Jdalker_trololo: ANIKI faeyre: WOO VaN Zack_sal: tpotLeatherman Geralt_of_Syria: Pog 🚬 Chag 💨 Jaargan: VaN Matheus_Hack: monkaW kloowz: CAN U PLAY ZELDA BREATH OF THE WILD ? Fhyberr: @sloggyx the beta’s already been showing how classic having a focus on community has already produced some amazing experiences that modern wow doesn’t give Polebegood: gachiBASS CwrK: CwrK subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 30 months! WrestlerBot2000: @CwrK After 30 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE CwrK PogChamp Buurt: monkaW PhilRamirez: gachiBASS Geralt_of_Syria: gachiBASS Zoharus: Hi Ela ! Hi Chat ! Kosmic_Eagle: gachiBASS ThatLuluTho: gachiBASS Peljack: Fhyberr I mean why is he wearing it Nopileos: gachiBASS Dancingbroccoli2: gachiBASS HotFireZ: gachiBASS TheH3llraiser: gachiBOP Matthew_ManHo: gachiBASS Guts_Pdz: gachiBASS JubJubWantRubRubs: gachiBASS Nopileos: Zoharus elaH Darth_Umbra: gachiBASS Meximus322: gachiBASS Bootch: gachiBASS Zgene: gachiBASS Kaiochi: PepoDance RicHaya: gachiBASS MisterYays: gachiBASS Monster5crak: gachiBASS cur_ley: gachiBASS J0hnnyBlade: gachiGASM Jdalker_trololo: Kappa BroqRox: gachiBASS ✋ rigglyglib: just mikiri Kappa FappyMcFlappy: LULW hienakonata: NotLikeThis paleblood_13: elaKek elaKek elaKek Thenastyraven: LULW Nopileos: gachiBASS gachiBASS ChickenMuffins: F PhilRamirez: PepeLaugh Filth_: PepeLaugh MisterYays: LMAO w061a09: FailFish GARY8193: LULW timoteh: OMEGADOWN Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Sunshinewalker: OMEGADOWN Kusocheg: LULW Wikk7: LULW Evillution: OMEGALUL stu5700: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW Sohei4649: LULW Meximus322: LULW Nopileos: LULW crystallizedcs: ‘+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Naniyo: LULW vulpitt: LUL LordDrago: LULW Life796: LULW Lemonsponge: LULW St0rmEagle: OMEGADOWN Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: LULW Tikonich: OMEGALUL Stolz0n: IKEALUL RicHaya: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW troublematicc: LULW karkkipapa: PepeHands sheen_estevezz: never lucky Ansdr: elaHmm Koldvar: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan MettatonsFan: he smacked your ass Kappa TheRainbowTurt1e: LULW F10cKy: LULW Evillution: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL Jaargan: LULW MORFHI: LULW powder_mountain: lul kissedurdad: OMEGLOL 4onimusha4: GET SMAKD Fullmetalcheese: LULW SO BALD 0_jacket_0: LULW Nopileos: LULW kapustadrakon_: 9K HOURS BTW LULW HiHawx: dying on kings WeirdChamp wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Max_____: 10k hours majin_duum: WACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Pajki13: trash hienakonata: elaGa MurphV: 9k ayeimnotgay: ๐Ÿ™ Ansdr: FeelsPepoMan KashmirikWasTaken: NotLikeThis Nightfury_Treann: Pepega Lemonsponge: 50k hours LULW Vimple: PepoDance easyeasy: elaHYUK Sunshinewalker: 9k hours strikes again PepeLaugh Darth_Umbra: 10k hours btw LULW Bootch: elaGa TheGoldenCobra: elaHYUK spacemigit: 9k hours OMEGALUL muglobal1988: PogChamp tyree372: king smacks your ass all the time in tekken gachiBASS Meximus322: elaGa QlUl: enuf IKEALUL Fafebobo: elaGa thats_rich: 9 Billion hours Fullmetalcheese: elaGa ENUFF Nopileos: elaGa xmrtopshotx: LUL Mrtriggahigga: elaGa mewantSnusnu: atpSpiner atpSpiner atpSpiner Guts_Pdz: elaGa Ansdr: NotLikeThis hienakonata: elaGa en en enough en BlackjackalTV: nathanThinking Jdalker_trololo: elaGa Life_fox1992: he touche you LUL Meximus322: 9k hours elaGa Kusocheg: elaGa that_solid_dude: 45 dicks gachiBASS Jaargan: elaGa DrDrago87: so a alternative entrance to 2 kings? Nopileos: elaGa elaGa gagin5: Cirno Tv is better easyeasy: TaBeRu WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! xmrtopshotx: …. CrystalTeardrop: cirHuh MurphV: use this elajaz vator Flachzange42: Flachzange42 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 45 months! Nopileos: SUB HYPE Flachzange42 PogChamp WrestlerBot2000: @Flachzange42 After 45 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM muglobal1988: rip lvl one_soggy_boy: 5000? mOAr liKE 9000 HouRs Wasyash: Why do you need the egghat? that_solid_dude: WutFace nice hat sloggyx: @Fhyberr thats nice and all butz will it hold on for 3-4 months? Raids will probably be cleared faster than it takes to level from 1-60. Dont get me wrong i hope that it will have success so i can get my wotlk server but i doubt it Benzben92i: !wr l0rdblyat: Is that a ballsack on the head monkaS Avunculuz: @Flachzange42 Sub Hype, JD! elaDM princessghetto: @Elajjaz did u see a new trailer Death Stranding? kissedurdad: sloggyx i doubt it MurphV: @Elajjaz Hey can you pause the game I have to use the bathroom kissedurdad: sloggyx but maybe Wasyash: 5k hours a day PepeLaugh Daromberg: @Wasyash unlock pyromancies Sourcehunter: My name is Ela elaOk I like to cheat elaOk I dupe my items elaOk and I say yeet elaOk Naniyo: PepeLaugh Beardie_Twitch: but why fight him at 1 hp Wasyash: @Daromberg got it, thanks Naniyo: elaOk Clap Fafebobo: elaOk easyeasy: elaOk Clap Dismal_Arkt: elaOk Clap Jaushel: @l0rdblyat yes. billyReady christophz: sup Ela how u duin MurphV: @Elajjaz dude im gonna piss myself pause the damn game Jaargan: elaOk ZatomiczBR: elaOk Clap Nopileos: elaOk Clap sheen_estevezz: wtf lol this looks so weird Josekpo611: nice sekiro speedrun Kappa Fhyberr: @sloggyx you’re missing the big picture here, that’s not the point of the game, to rush to max level and do raids, most of the people playing will take weeks if not months to get to the level cap, the journey itself IS the game muglobal1988: wtf xmrtopshotx: LUL reddede123xbl: CarlSmile muglobal1988: PogChamp LordDrago: @MurphV PepeLaugh dark souls doesent have a pause feature you casul easyeasy: new frogs don’t know about this skips PepeLaugh Wasyash: @MurphV Not pissing your pants PepeLaugh Not an epic gamer PepeLaugh Max_____: The King stole that Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh Dancingbroccoli2: LULW baezmejia200: @Elajjaz death stranding release date reveal trailer just out sheen_estevezz: 4Head Teddym4n: 4HEad St0rmEagle: 4HEad Guts_Pdz: 4HEad Running_Simulator: 4Head MONGOLIANCHOPHASEGAWA: 4House reddede123xbl: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL Nopileos: 4Head gravitygravy: 4HEad Dancingbroccoli2: 4HEad Sgt_Fiddles: 4Head Sabertore: JustDoIt Fafebobo: 4HEad KashmirikWasTaken: 4HEad sunshift: JustDoIt Dismal_Arkt: JustDoIt Samppsom: 4HEad Thenastyraven: JustDoIt Drachenreiter: JustDoIt merchandise_of_cush: JustDoIt Headwuend: LUL Nopileos: JustDoIt stu5700: 4Head PhilRamirez: PepeLaugh Lemonsponge: LULW Skrocka: LULW Prosskull0517: JustDoIt SittingOx: LUL TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh LazyNewb: PepeLaugh JustDoIt Koldvar: OMEGALUL SaixSoul: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh BananaKen: OiBruv TheH3llraiser: lulw Kosmic_Eagle: JustDoIt MisterYays: farW1 farW2 Fhyberr: @sloggyx most people playing won’t even care about the raids or ever do them, just playing the game, doing a few dungeons, getting gold, working towards a mount, being in a guild, just hanging out in cities talking with others, the COMMUNITY, that is what an MMO is for Yokaiin: 9Head Ansdr: monkaW McDumb: PepeUff 💨 paleblood_13: elaKek Filth_: OMEGALUL Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh 2 PhilRamirez: LULW Beanoh: LULW Jdalker_trololo: JustDoIt stu5700: LULW Nopileos: LULW SainEdge: LULW Samppsom: D: TheGoldenCobra: LULW Wasyash: LUW Koldvar: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Jaargan: LULW Chartalord: LULW w061a09: stop? sheen_estevezz: tilt LULW Wasyash: LULW Samppsom: LULW Sabertore: LULW Nox15: OMEGALUL Guts_Pdz: PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: OMEGALUL 10 K HOURS baezmejia200: @Elajjaz death stranding release date reveal trailer just out Pog TheRainbowTurt1e: LULW Dracconfoo: elaKek Nopileos: LULW LULW Rainmaker84: FrankerZ Etayn_: LULW legendzzzzzzzzzzzzz: noob Bootch: LULW Sourcehunter: LULW MettatonsFan: dead again LULW Niloomilo: LULW Robin_CP: 9k hours hienakonata: ElaSmash w061a09: kappa princessghetto: fck Lurker_1: OMEGALUL Jiucoe_9u4ko: ZULUL Nopileos: LULW Aristotilis: washed up speedrunner basedust: 5k hours btw LUL MurphV: @Elajjaz dude im gonna piss myself pause the damn game BananaKen: pepeJAM Jaargan: rip run elaKek wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh lukem_cs: LULW muglobal1988: PogChamp Pajki13: LULW xxxxdbxxxx: LULW Vimple: 600k hours OMEGADOWN MORFHI: ASSO ElaSmash Jdalker_trololo: 9k hours bts LULW Ted_FatJoe: worse than forswn LULW EbiVariance: 2 Kings 2 Deaths LULW juuumand: ASSO ElaSmash chugcoughsyrup: 20 soul spears just shoot him WeirdChamp Tsavish: Tsavish subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 6 month streak! Dark souls! elaGasm WrestlerBot2000: @Tsavish You’re the 6 to my 9 elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE Tsavish POGGERS Wasyash: 50 billion hours LULW muglobal1988: Rip Fafebobo: elaMad Shadfire77: 9 k hours btw HappySmile123: 5 mil hour LULW Thenastyraven: PRACTICE RUN PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: NEEDS MORE DERUSTING OMEGALUL MeccaMaster: There’s nothing he could do PepeHands reddede123xbl: 10 hours LUL LUL LUL LUL WrongCaptcha: @Elajjaz do you remember when you said you were gonna save 30 minutes? teufelherz: you need to apply more violence Geralt_of_Syria: YOLO ela12 Sourcehunter: YOOOOOOOOOKEL elaGa legendzzzzzzzzzzzzz: 5000 thousand k hours LULW CameronAllan: CameronAllan subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! Lemonsponge: just a warm up run LULW DrDrago87: it’s ok you still have about 25 min WrestlerBot2000: @CameronAllan I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM DmKotov: @murphv pee in bottle like a real man Kappa Nopileos: SUB HYPE CameronAllan POGGERS Wasyash: 5 hours LULW RicHaya: losing to 2 kings elaKek Geralt_of_Syria: @Elajjaz add gachiW elaMad Daromberg: he was dead, there was nothing he could have done PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Edition, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz one_soggy_boy: 5000 HouRS? moAr LIKe 9000 hOURs ZatomiczBR: elaMad elaMad DrDrago87: do a speed bathroom break reddede123xbl: ???? reddede123xbl: CarlSmile LordDrago: ? Geralt_of_Syria: ??????? Lady_of_Darkness: Hello Ela and chat ๐Ÿ˜€ / Time to become FeelsPepoMan , drinking whisky for the 1st time ๐Ÿ˜› Daromberg: ???? MurphV: @Elajjaz do you get offended by chat sometimes? things said can get pretty rude and personal Sourcehunter: @Lady_of_Darkness monkaSHAKE Daromberg: @Lady_of_Darkness Pog enjoy! SargerusBR: @Elajjaz please highlight MGS4 before Twitch deletes the VOD PepeHands Wasyash: elaWeird>THISToilet AntiGuerilla: why do all weebs love @elajjaz its not like he’s a secret weeb himself Kappa mojhin: ElaPls DethSword_: ElaPls —– 🚽 ElaPls —– 🚽 ElaPls —– 🚽 ElaPls —– 🚽 PlayGamesForLyfe: ElaPls Dyres: ElaPls NOT WASHING HANDS Nopileos: ElaPls ElaPls easyeasy: ElaPls LazyNewb: ElaPls DethSword_: ElaPls —– 🚽 ElaPls —– 🚽 Naniyo: MOSHI MOSHI 📞 AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES 📞 AYAYA NEED BACKUP 📞 AYAYA ARIGATOU 📞 AYAYA JubJubWantRubRubs: ElaPls zorry4badinglsh: ElaPls – ———– 🚽 zombie391: ElaPls krazypleb: PlsEla ozmog: aah gachiBASS DethSword_: ElaPls —– 🚽 ElaPls —– 🚽 ElaPls —– 🚽 ElaPls —– 🚽 Fhyberr: chat anime is cool xraytrey1: Ela 99 blander BananaKen: ElaPls BlackSai1s: PlsEla Ph4ntomi: AYAYA magjico9: AYAYA Nopileos: ElaPls culsphere: MonkaTOS easyeasy: Fhyberr true true elaOk troublematicc: PlsEla JubJubWantRubRubs: PlsEla UltraWindow: PlsEla seepinglight: ThankEgg ticapril: AYAYA OHAYO AYAYA Mrtriggahigga: 🚽 ________________ PlsEla Deathmones: jojo is not cool Kapp DethSword_: 💻—— PlsEla WarAngel1337: quick fap. Kappa PhysiCle: @easyeasy Yeah indeed. Have you tried dragon quest? They’re pretty decent. DethSword_: 💻—— PlsEla 💻—— PlsEla 💻—— PlsEla Nucleoprotein: monkaS Phantom_range: MOSHI MOSHI 📞 AYAYA RUNNING LOW ON CUTIES 📞 AYAYA NEED BACKUP 📞 AYAYA ARIGATOU 📞 AYAYA sunshift: I am an egg elaOk DethSword_: 💻—— PlsEla 💻—— PlsEla xxGheTz: PlsEla _________________ 🚽 mojhin: gachiJAM Dancingbroccoli2: PlsEla Mi2Lethal: RIP time NosBleid: 💻 —– PlsEla jimjak94: literally going for a shit mid run DethSword_: 💻—— PlsEla 💻—— PlsEla 💻—— PlsEla Expleco: pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER pepeJAMMER QuoteMeIfCringe: LULW Ph4ntomi: PlsEla Daromberg: @ComradeNerdy chat is trying to convince me that im a weeb PepeHands am i a weeb sir? PepeHands FeX___: POGGERS Distl17: losing time monkaS DethSword_: 💻—— PlsEla deus2504: PlsEla DethSword_: oh no monkaW Ph4ntomi: monkaW joogurtas: ElaPls OMEGALUL YBSShazi: HEs late REE JubJubWantRubRubs: FeelsLateMan HailRoadhog: IM NOT AN EGG AT ALL DethSword_: monkaW UltraWindow: losing time monkaW Matthew_ManHo: ElaPls WHICH WAY PlayGamesForLyfe: monkaW Run over culsphere: 1 easyeasy: PhysiCle not sure if i want to invest 100h elaKek TheSlicerr21: DansGame not washing hands Shrimpess: FeelsLagMan PhysiCle: Damn Mrtriggahigga: PlsEla DethSword_: Pog he back mojhin: ElaPls sunshift: Pog jimjak94: @Daromberg everybody is a little weeb NosBleid: Pog just in time Ph4ntomi: almost Pog Dancingbroccoli2: Chag PlayGamesForLyfe: monkaW SAVED Pog ClaytonBigsbe: That timing kissedurdad: Pog xraytrey1: -5 seconds Expleco: NO WASH HANDS monkaW UltraWindow: didnt wash hands DansGame wandering_pleb: PogU Alork19: Pog mycatsonfire: didnt wash hands Nopileos: Pog Osmosse: Osmosse subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 11 months! Once again a bend the knee to the true Weeb King elaBlush ALL HAIL THE WEEB KING elaBlush WrestlerBot2000: @Osmosse Just like Mikolash, I’d chase you for 11 months, bby elaDM sunshift: almost optimal 3liaz: are there any darksouls speedrunners that arent WEEBS? Keeedem: hands monkaS JubJubWantRubRubs: Pog ! skulkbags: Jebaited kapustadrakon_: 1:12 PogU Kaspu: Didn’t wash hands DansGame Mrtriggahigga: Chag Zloezlo: WutFace ostrava84: @ElajjazDi you watch the new Death Stranding trailer!!!Its great kissedurdad: optimized Pog ThatLuluTho: monkaS Pudntoogud: monkaOMEGA mateator: 18 years too old ๐Ÿ™‚ Naniyo: monkaW Bootch: WutFace Sabertore: Chag DrDrago87: all that lost time Dryd_keepomaster: Chag Visualocity: WutFace Daromberg: jimjak94 dont kick me while im down PepeHands NosBleid: DansGame didn’t wash hands Nucleoprotein: monkaW MilchiWay: pickle pee PhysiCle: @easyeasy LULW true pretty time consuming. XI is good though, if you need something DethSword_: AYAYA FeX___: FeelsPepoMan Yera_the_Priestess: 🐦 gibe soft aZuma231: ot washing hands elaWeird elaWeird Ph4ntomi: AYAYA zorry4badinglsh: AYAYA crashfort: me ๐Ÿ™‚ easyeasy: jimjak94 is right Daromberg you are a god damn weeb elaYA Clap Nopileos: AYAYA Nucleoprotein: @Elajjaz wash hands elaREE jimjak94: @Daromberg just accept it, or it’ll eat you from the inside mojhin: silky! Teddym4n: me ๐Ÿ™‚ magjico9: you ! you ! AYAYA dubalobical: AYAYA DethSword_: weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz Bootch: GivePLZ troublematicc: no me ๐Ÿ™‚ Naniyo: DansGame handwash skip ticapril: yyyou AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA timoteh: AYAYA Arekska: Arekska subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! chat looks really cute today AYAYA AlcatraZ567: AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @Arekska I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM wevie1: this run is so clam compared to last night elaCozy Chaton_Rose: me? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Lagunaab: me ? Pog Shrimpess: me? FeelsGoodMan Nopileos: SUB HYPE Arekska Pog Dryd_keepomaster: rull Deathmones: you elaMad Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Nucleoprotein: RULL Dancingbroccoli2: LUL PlayGamesForLyfe: LULW Thaane: RULE Kaelrasha: me ๐Ÿ™‚ super_ae: KAN I RULL? NosBleid: AYAYA DethSword_: AYAYA darkmoonblade34: moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS moon2AY ANY WEEBS PhysiCle: AYAYA Rokjaw: AYAYA AlcatraZ567: AYAYA Clap scytherose: You, you, fuck me, hard. Me, me, gonna, cum! AYAYA Jaargan: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA HotFireZ: cute chat AYAYA junglejouzzi93: I can’t get dark souls 1 to start anymore on my pc PepeHands tried everything PepeHands easyeasy: AYAYA DethSword_: CUTE CHAT AYAAY kissedurdad: moon2AY k0tashira: AYAYA AntiGuerilla: elaMad elaGun elaBlush DethSword_: AYAYA Daromberg: jimjak94 that doesnt sound that bad tbh gachiBASS Nazzet: AYAYA Kaploomp: Yo man love watching your dark souls content keep up the fantastic work bro Ph4ntomi: Chat extra cute today AYAYA CyanPhantom: @scytherose FeelsWeirdMan Irocam: elaYes elaGun elaYA Fhyberr: gold ring ๐Ÿ™‚ TPH_MCMXCIX: @darkmoonblade34 AYAYA PatrikStjarna: @scytherose FeelsWeirdMan RonsuDE: dreadsAYAYA Dryd_keepomaster: kahmul? kapustadrakon_: Oscar Champ Kaelrasha: no drops PepeHands Nucleoprotein: elaMad a tomato jimjak94: @Daromberg i can eat you out if you want me to elaC sunshift: LULW ? DethSword_: OMEGADOWN Fhyberr: and TRUEers in chat darkmoonblade34: @TPH_MCMXCIX moon2AY HYPERCLAP NosBleid: IKEALUL Nazzet: IKEALUL DethSword_: OMEGALUL ticapril: LUL Legendary_Boka: OMEGALUL Pixel_hearts: IKEALUL Kaspu: AYAYA DethSword_: IKEALUL Nopileos: OMEGALUL NosBleid: AYAYA docstream: IKEALUL AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA AlcatraZ567: AYAYA Clap Sunshinewalker: IKEALUL demydot: PogChamp CyanPhantom: prepare to die edition? nekro793: AYAYA PhysiCle: AYAYA Ph4ntomi: ELIAS AYAYA BananaKen: AYAYA HYPERCLAP true souldedeh: dark souls 1 Pog CyanPhantom: or remastered? Distl17: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA Maffia171: AYAYA UltraWindow: AYAYA scytherose: IKEALUL Autumn_Flare: AYAYA mojhin: monkaS Thenastyraven: AYAYA WEEB REALM koinhok104: Rull OMEGALUL EvaNoctis: AYAYA Mangoy: vaatiAyaya Naniyo: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Jaargan: IKEALUL AYAYA Zanar18: AYAYA DethSword_: weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz magjico9: AYAYA Clap Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Buurt: Pog ticapril: ELIAS AYAYA DethSword_: weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz pastordrmartinssempa: ZULOL TPH_MCMXCIX: ELIAS AYAYA DethSword_: weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz Fubarz93: billyReady ANY MEN billyReady ANY MEN billyReady ANY MEN billyReady ANY MEN billyReady ANY MEN billyReady ANY MEN billyReady ANY MEN billyReady ANY MEN Daromberg: jimjak94 i wouldnt be opposed to it elaGasm MilchiWay: AYAYA Jaushel: weebs DansGame AyayaCuteChat_: weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz pastordrmartinssempa: INSANE ZULOL Thenastyraven: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA kissedurdad: MaN Dryd_keepomaster: billyReady FlexySanders: Dork Souls for the 1337 gamer Irocam: billyReady easyeasy: jimjak94 @Daromberg that some inve party you are having there bois gachiBASS MaksimNewfield: 10k hours in ComradeNerdy: Daromberg you are who you think you are, feel free to be a weeb too HandsUp Wasyash: men DansGame PhysiCle: No men in this chat, only weebs AYAYA super_ae: ela it gets easier after you complete it for the first time ๐Ÿ™‚ CyanPhantom: monkaX scytherose: OMEGALUL TheH3llraiser: MaN zombie391: billyReady Pudntoogud: EZ Clap jimjak94: @Daromberg gachiAPPROVE DethSword_: weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz BlackSai1s: billyReady DethSword_: weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz 3liaz: DS1 bosses OMEGALUL Snoffak: blap blap DethSword_: weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz TonyValo: billyReady DethSword_: weeb king AYAYA SAY IT AYAYA @Elajjaz Daidez: WEEBS monkaGun Irocam: I blinked monkaW darkmoonblade34: WEEB TAKEOVER AYAYA WEEB TAKEOVER AYAYA WEEB TAKEOVER AYAYA WEEB TAKEOVER AYAYA WEEB TAKEOVER AYAYA WEEB TAKEOVER AYAYA WEEB TAKEOVER AYAYA WEEB TAKEOVER AYAYA Jaargan: elaYA WEEB elaYA KING elaYA scytherose: DS1 BOSSES OMEGALUL wildsoul: llloul PhysiCle: LULW Dyres: gachiBASS GACHI THE WEEBS AWAY gachiBASS GACHI THE WEEBS AWAY gachiBASS GACHI THE WEEBS AWAY Shrimpess: AYAYA Clap PhysiCle: No worries man JubJubWantRubRubs: monkaX weebs captain_elsewhere: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird Bootch: gachiBASS TheLadyCharlotte: ANY TOMATOES elaMad ANY TOMATOES elaMad ANY TOMATOES elaMad PhysiCle: AYAYA Clap Wasyash: elaK nekro793: elaK MilchiWay: AYAYA NosBleid: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA WEEBS EVERYWHERE jimjak94: Eating bootie is like my fave thing to do PhysiCle: elaK DethSword_: AYAYA HYPERCLAP magjico9: a weeb DethSword_: a weeb AYAYA AlcatraZ567: elaK EvaNoctis: elaB SAY IT UltraWindow: MaN 🤝 AYAYA ✌ can we have peace? Nopileos: elaK Deathmones: AYAYA A WEEB Kaspu: A WEEB? AYAYA nekro793: weeb king AYAYA Faronoa: AYAYA A WEEB MaksimNewfield: drop Gurnak: AYAYA gold_dante: Pog Lagunaab: Say what ? Daromberg: @ComradeNerdy im not a weeb sir! HandsUp Wasyash: YOU’RE A WEEB KING AYAYA juuumand: say what ? juicecfruit: the weeb king AYAYA Jaargan: elaMad SAY IT elaMad HotFireZ: a weeb AYAYA Shrimpess: you never gonna say what? AYAYA Autumn_Flare: A WEEB AYAYA Irocam: 43 seconds Pog k0tashira: SAY IT fabulwesen_: missed item drop??? catzket: OYOYO OMEGLOL OYOYO OMEGLOL OYOYO OMEGLOL OYOYO OMEGLOL OYOYO OMEGLOL OYOYO OMEGLOL OYOYO OMEGLOL OYOYO OMEGLOL OYOYO OMEGLOL OYOYO OMEGLOL AyayaCuteChat_: @Elajjaz A WEEB AYAYA Clap easyeasy: PhysiCle elaKek thanks for saying the truth mate, we all are bunch of weebs Bootch: ricardoFlick the weebs away crashfort: do a cute pose AYAYA Seijinsan: ricardoFlick the weebs away! timoteh: AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! scytherose: DS1 bosses=Normal mobs for DS3 OMEGALUL Visualocity: roo4 Say it boi Daromberg: easyeasy feel free to join gachiBASS TPH_MCMXCIX: A WEEB WHO LOVES SAILOR MOON AYAYA docstream: weebs DansGame 👉 🚪 JubJubWantRubRubs: ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO easyeasy: TheLadyCharlotte YOOOOOOOOOO elaMad / TheH3llraiser: ricardoFlick PatrikStjarna: type “AYAYA” to add another member to my ignorelist FeelsOkayMan VineWood0604: elaChug Nucleoprotein: @TheLadyCharlotte here: 🍅 elaK super_ae: ANY TOMATOES elaMad ANY TOMATOES elaMad ANY TOMATOES elaMad Dyres: ELA IS THE TIME WIZARD gachiBASS JubJubWantRubRubs: ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO ricardoFlick elaMad FLICK TOMATO seydanator: elaMad Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! elaMad AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! AYAYA WEEB KING! Naniyo: gachiGASM 🙏 AYAYA PhysiCle: @easyeasy Hell yeah elaKek AYAYA easyeasy: Daromberg OH YEAH gachiJAM kissedurdad: PatrikStjarna AYAYA Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Spoonasaur: AYAYA Kaploomp: Are you trying to go for the world record ? @Elajjaz Bootch: ricardoFlick darkmoonblade34: ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA ELA IS WEEB KING AYAYA scytherose: 7 IQ AI game LULW Kaspu: @PatrikStjarna AYAYA Osmosse: I started this elaKek elaKek Jaushel: ricardoFlick FLICK ricardoFlick Sebastiaan_RS: Hello ela and chatFrampt OpieOP Irocam: Clap CrazyKidGo: ela13 Clap Bestorio: Clap ora_muda: Clap SirArcoz: Clap xraytrey1: what Monster5crak: Clap TonyValo: Clap Fafebobo: Clap tutufuzi: Clap Nopileos: Clap Clap dunnowtw: Clap darkenergy57: KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype Reedskill: Clap catzket: EPIC CHAT MOMENT POGGERS k0tashira: Ve Ansdr: @Fhyberr 10sec delay on what? elaISee MattHue: is this remastered? samewousogoja: rawr xD Chartalord: Clap Praise_The_SunDonger: KomodoHype PhysiCle: @Fhyberr I don’t know what to compare it to monkaW Devastating_Warrior: @elajjaz Were you gonna try the new game from the agony devs or was it a nah? atEast: nepSmug Praise_The_SunDonger: MattHue no Zloezlo: KomodoHype Fullmetalcheese: ela13 summer___: Fhyberr i always get a bad twitch server, i can watch fine for several minutes until my AUTO switches down to 360p mojhin: Clap Sunshinewalker: KomodoHype RAWR extraterrestrebruno: @MattHue original MissFister: hi I love you. MattHue: i see HuntingGolem: is this wr yet? elaGa Jokimz: Imagine not having lips monkaW sheen_estevezz: EPIC GAMES WORKING ON THE NEXT SOULS GAME POGGERS DrSIurp: ela1 ela1 ela2 ela2 Praise_The_SunDonger: MattHue Demastered version OriPeel: Has he seen the Death Stranding trailer ? CDZ_Krull: what is this glitch ur doin? PhysiCle: @OriPeel After this run sheen_estevezz: DARK SOULS BATTLE ROYALE POGGERS Fighterpl: sup Elajjaz hi chat Tiknaps: duping pistaitson: @sheen_estevezz wtf LUL 3liaz: ok super_ae: ela12 sick CrazyKidGo: OKAY gachiBASS Nopileos: Fighterpl elaHi NosBleid: gachiBASS sure Shadowfax71: CDZ_Krull box underflow OriPeel: @PhysiCle I see thanksspeedrun elaOP Clap Erko42: @Elajjaz what is the WR? nekro793: guess i’ll die 4Shrug elaOP italianspongebob: i know you read it PepeLaugh KevKov: @Lagunaab i want some ๐Ÿ™‚ Swift_chamois: just got back from mexican restaurant here dariaste: gottagoeat Huntedspam: Maybe stop being hungry elaWeird magjico9: ResidentSleeper KashmirikWasTaken: Quick someone spoonfeed Ela D: 1080p200fps: just eat while playing 4Head kapustadrakon_: ResidentSleeper this part Jiucoe_9u4ko: ResidentSleeper RicHaya: ResidentSleeper Clap Lagunaab: @KevKov saving some elaH Marshell77: if you start eating before 1pm, then you won’t be hungry CrazyKidGo: DansGame MelonCooker: shit Pog Irocam: ZULUL Reddinator: DansGame juuumand: ZULUL Fafebobo: DansGame Polebegood: elaOP 👍 RandonLoLPlayer: elaPuke Dancingbroccoli2: DansGame easyeasy: DansGame shevraar: Pog Nopileos: DansGame milkforhoney: elaWeird Sunshinewalker: DansGame Lovinwolfpack: That’s what sucks about DS you can’t pause the game OptimisticKnowledge: 💩 ? MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: ZULUL Didrarin: you eat shit? Dismal_Arkt: elaOP HYPERCLAP Yuggod: 💩 ZULUL MelonCooker: ZULUL POOPOO Golden04: DansGame Requious: DansGame eating what Komitern66: DansGame Yera_the_Priestess: ZULOL radwimp: danFat PlayGamesForLyfe: DansGame CrazyKidGo: Eating shit DansGame Dijaxtra: DansGame Nopileos: DansGame DansGame tutufuzi: you what DansGame El__Fuerte: eat ass RicHaya: elaOp super_ae: gachiBASS EATING ASS tyree372: ZULUL mrbreadberry: ZULUL hannonaustin: so much shit . lmao Jokimz: elaOP HYPERCLAP JankMan2: KappaPride Maffia171: DansGame italianspongebob: HALLO MissFister: CB? Shrimpess: @sicariowned what word? nepSmug KevKov: elaOP HYPERCLAP Dismal_Arkt: hallo ๐Ÿ™‚ GluteusCortex: monkaS Golden04: PepeLaugh odduneven: ZULUL da popoo Fafebobo: MIZAKI elaREE Jaargan: DansGame CharleyQc02: eating ass Pog CyanPhantom: I’M PRESSING BUTTONS Reddinator: danKEK Valkata2200: THEY EAT THE POPO ClaytonBigsbe: YOU EAT SHIT? AbsoluteHope: LUL EbiVariance: LULW super_ae: LULW KashmirikWasTaken: LUL GluteusCortex: thats weird dude Turbulist: LULW Nopileos: LUL FanHeiBai: Eat da Poo Poo ClaytonBigsbe: Gross Meximus322: elaKek Alkyroth: LULW CrazyKidGo: MIYAZAKI elaMad shevraar: myazaki 3Head Zanar18: LULW mokkytv: he is eating da poo poo D: Visualocity: ZULUL POOPOO OptimisticKnowledge: MY CONTRORUR k0tashira: cdROLF PepeLaugh SainEdge: LULW Shadowfax71: each other’s dick gachiBASS nekro793: MIYAZAKIIII LULW mrbreadberry: LULW tyree372: lul Komitern66: LULW Nopileos: LULW Auramoth: LULW TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz you’ve got 2 choices, wreck the run so badly it’s dead or finish it in 20 minutes nepSmug PhilliumTV: LULW RicHaya: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW PhysiCle: LULW Expleco: Miyazaki’s fault 4Head squashlord: my contrurur SirArcoz: MIYZAKI 3Head Hiderow: MIYAZAKI!!!! mocaffe: I am the great mighty poo Teddym4n: the core? monkaW Valkata2200: @Elajjaz YOU EAT THE POO POO? Jaargan: MIYAZAKIIIIIIIIIIIII elaREE ora_muda: elaK PhysiCle: @Elajjaz Ohyeah did you get over the tiredness hurdle? italianspongebob: elajjaz what controller do you use? noodle3x3: Oooof Paravozik__Tomas: @Elajjaz thank you for making such wonderful content! Irocam: nanomachines son Lowkas_San:>not using wireless OMEGALUL mrbreadberry: MY CONTRORUR sicariowned: @Shrimpess you what i mean cmonBrug Nazzet: PepeLaugh uncledickbutt: weld it down 😡 GluteusCortex: ” im pressing the button miyazaki ” PepeLaugh add that to elas quotes please ! magjico9: nice ๐Ÿ™‚ C_Fear:>using wireless PepeLaugh>not using wireless PepeLaugh Ansdr: !colors WrestlerBot2000: There are 3 colors: Green Glod and Red. Also, there’s light Green and light Red. Red means losing time and being behind in time. light red means gaining time and being behind. Green means gaining time and being ahead. Light green mean losing time and being ahead. Glod split means best split ever. skraalQ: cord is bad and will go to hell odduneven: 3Head one? Kosmic_Eagle: the 3Head one salpo_nolobio: a fifa controller elaBruv OptimisticKnowledge: should use a red, like your splits PepeLaugh Shinji10TH: PS controllers LULW Shrimpess: @sicariowned AYAYA ? wevie1: it’s in the game wizardofmaz: what’s the name of that swedish cake you like a lot, ela? IINellis: its not the cord, its the controller, i have like 5 all the same problem with any cable i use, Voliharmin: split Ela Flashforward: i couldnt imagine playing dark souls with the awful xbox one LB/RB buttons Bakureetsu: Heeyoo @Elajjaz and chat VoHiYo hadouken980:>not using an arcade stick with turbo settings Tommero: please someone link the controru video RicHaya: just use xbox controller 4HEad Turbulist: elaGasm CrazyKidGo: elaOP rafalbrew1: elaOP hannonaustin: how long did it take for the trident? @Elajjaz UltraWindow: OpieOP OptimisticKnowledge: Mud? DansGame PhysiCle: elaGasm Didrarin: Kreygasm Jokimz: Kladdkaka elaGasm Clap Reddinator: danFat mrbreadberry: elaOP Nopileos: elaGasm jimjak94: elaOP Dismal_Arkt: elaOP Clap CyanPhantom: oof Kreygasm Shadowfax71: mud cake? DansGame Tattip: Tattip subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months, currently on a 5 month streak! When does twitch fix this double sharing elaBruv salpo_nolobio: elaOP odduneven: gachiBASS Bootch: elaOP WrestlerBot2000: @Tattip Are you Dark Souls? Because I would play you for 5k hours elaDM nekro793: elaOP HYPERCLAP KashmirikWasTaken: Kreygasm SirArcoz: elaOP Golden04: gachiBASS Polebegood: elaOP Mmmmmm sicariowned: @Shrimpess damn right. i need the bait Chartalord: kladdkaka Kreygasm Jaargan: princess cake? sjuften_: Kreygasm Kaspu: elaGasm Dancingbroccoli2: gachiBASS Meximus322: elaOP crashfort: i have kladdkaka in the fridge @Elajjaz elaWOW RicHaya: elaOP Clap ora_muda: elaGasm lillewille: kladdkaka Kreygasm KevKov: elaOP Clap mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Irocam: @Elajjaz can you say cocoa? Shrimpess: https://clips.twitch.tv/CuteVictoriousHabaneroImGlitch MikeLitoris6999: EATING MUD DansGame PhysiCle: Mmmmmmmmmmm elaOP walktheabyss: Hello Ela-chan troublematicc: elaOP Clap shevraar: danFat 👌 fadziri: elaOP dariaste: Kreygasm Wasyash: IMAGINE EATING MUD LULW Voliharmin: WHY NO SPLIT STRUMMER xyphrs: split? @Elajjaz k0tashira: elaOP Clap PhilliumTV: elaOP MissFister: I can make you some chocolate mud cake if you know what I mean. wizardofmaz: kladdkaka! That’s it. thanks chat. And sorry ela :/ GluteusCortex: Chocolate mudcake with …. Snickers ?! Chag PhysiCle: @Elajjaz Did you get over the tiredness hurdle, or is the general energy level still low? I don’t have instagram LULW Yera_the_Priestess: snickers FeelsWeirdMan odduneven: dont forget then 4HEad WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz salpo_nolobio: forgett KevKov: stream twitching ? monkaS Didrarin: alzheimers LUL Dismal_Arkt: 4Shrug amaterasu_chase: ok ๐Ÿ™‚ Zenat0: Zenat0 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 21 months, currently on a 1 month streak! Yo, time for resub! Will you be playing AoM with subs/viewers as well? WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Zenat0 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Riinegan: FRAGILE Kreygasm MAMA Kreygasm AMELIE Kreygasm Nopileos: SUB HYPE Zenat0 Pog captain_elsewhere: whats the green dome cake you also like ? Voliharmin: Ela kind of forget Itsxdnl: @Elajjaz what is IF? magjico9: no ๐Ÿ™‚ CrazyKidGo: IKEALUL EbiVariance: LUL Visualocity: mud cake monkaW summer___: düde RicHaya: LULW PhysiCle: LULW Autumn_Flare: Ela forgetting some many things lately. He’s becoming senile FeelsBadMan Nopileos: LULW Smough: D: bl4zter: @captain_elsewhere prinsess tårta JPG1789: Gonna come back in an hour, don’t fuck it up! Irocam: @Elajjaz can you say cocoa? elaSmile Itsxdnl: @Elajjaz what is IF?. captain_elsewhere: ah yeah thats it bl4zter tnx Ryssdota: Did you see the Death Stranding trailer Shadowfax71: @Elajjaz i’ll wreck you in AoM italianspongebob: elajjaz whats the name of your chair? DrDrago87: did he die to pimmwheel? MasterMalpercio: all campaigns? thats like 48 missions rooH xHoneyBearx: !AoM WrestlerBot2000: This coming Saturday I’m doing an Age of Mythology marathon starting 12pm CEST! Gonna be playing for as long as I can stay awake pretty much on either Hard or Titan difficulty DrDrago87: pinn* Dismal_Arkt: @Irocam cow cow PepeLaugh PhysiCle: cowcow elaKek Sunshinewalker: 🐮 🐮 perry_1903: elaGa cowcow Bakureetsu: cow cow? FeelsPepoMan CrazyKidGo: FeelsPepoMan cowcow SirArcoz: Cow cow FeelsPepoMan Turbulist: cow cow LULW Glymner: Its all one big campaign man summer___: cow cow 🐄 🐮 MissFister: wait wait. I’ve played DS a trillion times. how do get that color of skin? @Elajjaz Dismal_Arkt: FeelsPepoMan cow cow FeelsPepoMan pinkagandalf: did Ela watch Death Stranding trailer yet? Zenat0: Yay, Arkatnos, Ajax and Chiron!ravioli Loli_Princess_Pebrock: Water with semen? VineWood0604: YeahBoi lone_scientist: ravioli, ravioli sloggyx: @pneh tortellini and ravioli are two different things right? HEIL_MODS_: c vitamins huh elaHmm lifemissle: he’s drinking his piss spike_the_space_cowboy: @jimjak94 Hi gay MaN Corpsy: Question streamer: Would you rather only play Sekiro and have Gamer GF, or Dark Souls but no Gamer GF icemochablunt: I have two Rhea’s in my world, one at firelink and one in the parish jimjak94: @sloggyx VERY different PepeHands abysswatches: SeriousSloth UltraWindow: way of hwat cmonBruh Sourcehunter: Canneloni Kreygasm easyeasy: jimjak94 ravioli ravioli don’t lewd the little loli elaOk TheXearo: You lack C vitamine a lot to drink this every day Ela ? TheSlicerr21: Gold splits Kreygasm Jokimz: @jimjak94 Easy there buddy, it’s just food. elaD jimjak94: @easyeasy as if i would do that PhysiCle: @jimjak94 Does it matter? It’s pasta in a shape with a filling elaHmm Baronjohn96: Just had Knäckebrot ela elaOP the_firekeeper: water with what D3rrtyD4n: lol Turbulist: LULW kevin99gh: i need vitamin E…my liver dying lol summer___: elaHAA Ph4ntomi: elaHmm Loli_Princess_Pebrock: ??? sheen_estevezz: Ravioli are a type of dumpling comprising a filling enveloped in thin pasta dough. Usually served in broth or with a sauce, they originated as a traditional food in Italian cuisine. Ravioli are commonly square, though other forms are also used, including circular and semi-circular. CharleyQc02: imagine saying gamer GF non-ironicly BVP13: LUL Dancingbroccoli2: DS captain_elsewhere: tortelini is like thin ravioli made into a basket Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Nopileos: lol NosBleid: LULW ? KevKov: OMEGALUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: LULW MettatonsFan: LULW Shrimpess: easy LULW Ansdr: no gamer girlfriend? D: FanHeiBai: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Meekest: LULW ExtremelyCold: a good one Jaargan: LULW ThisisnotAmaro: LUL Captain_PogChamp: LULW Nopileos: LULW Sourcehunter: LULW aforb123: Tortelini and then after lunch I am gonna have a huge sausage gachiBASS lone_scientist: gamer girlfriends LULW souldedeh: no gf PepeHands Dismal_Arkt: elaHmm Corpsy: Answer it….. @Elajjaz wevie1: elaHmm SerApollyon: LULW Expleco: Obvious answer LULW HEIL_MODS_: elaKek zorry4badinglsh: LULW blauersteinfresser: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: dark souls Guts_Pdz: elaKek lillewille: LULW rofIcopter: LULW ? Nopileos: LULW LULW TheZecaUrubu: LULW ? abysswatches: Pepelino TPFufun dubalobical: LULW kapustadrakon_: DS because of girlfriend LULW EbiVariance: 🤔 navara99: answer ? Mrtriggahigga: LULW El__Fuerte: answer NOW PunOko cheeze____: elaHmm GOOD QUESTION salpo_nolobio: elaHmm yes CleverName2: answer the question… Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Trueyez: tfw no gf PepeHands Nopileos: LULW mugenrichie2: How about a Gamer Boyfriend gachiBASS easyeasy: jimjak94 yeah i’m sorry, you are not KrazySharku elaKek NexusName: answer? Pajki13: a good one Mavez0r: deepest of questions elaHmm nouvart: anserw 😡 D3rrtyD4n: dark souls 4 lyfe LULW HiHawx: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ dragonica: is that even question jimjak94: @Jokimz Don’t you know food is a KEY part of italian culture and we don’t like ignorance about it ElaSmash summer___: dark souls, women are annoying, dark souls is cool MikeLitoris6999: ANSWER 😡 Corpsy: Yes magjico9: yes LULW ninjalive2: LULW juuumand: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ D3rrtyD4n: oh shit Pixel_hearts: best question i ever heard Captain_PogChamp: WOMEN DansGame Pianocat0423: LUL Arcshined: He’s not answering elaSmile Smough: everyone knows that gamer girlfriends aren’t real LULW Sourcehunter: DS an gothic gf ๐Ÿ™‚ Corpsy: LOL Shadowfax71: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Reddinator: LULW navara99: its a very fucking good question why would you not answer … EpicVertigo: PepeLaugh Habitual_Balance: neither do girlfriends Ansdr: D: Bestorio: laeThonk MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh atomicdestruction: 4Shrug Nanashi_Sakamoto: OMEGALUL AWetDreamcast: I mean based on the speedrun of sekiro its not a bad question cerulis: @Elajjaz wouldn’t buying a lot of homeward bones with spare souls be quicker than doing the glitch all the time later on? Kosmic_Eagle: yes ๐Ÿ™‚ Visualocity: LULW icemochablunt: would you rather be handsome and an asshole, or the way you are now? yoshimitsu_619: the dillemma Loli_Princess_Pebrock: Only Chads play it LidlUser: forsenThink Expleco: Chag Clap SkeletonKeyLimePie: Pog oooh shit Meximus322: PepeLaugh kaeedo: Would you rather fight one gamer girlfriend sized duck, or 100 duck sized gamer girlfriends UltraWindow: being a gamer is considered a mental disorder now, i want a mentally stable gf KevKov: if its a jap gf i pick sekiro ๐Ÿ™‚ zWettah: 4Shrug EpicVertigo: OMEGALUL Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Turbulist: LULW TheSlicerr21: LULW PhysiCle: elaKek Germy_ranch: I mean XD Nopileos: LULW LULW easyeasy: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: OMEGADOWN IkkisFTW: LULW NosBleid: LUL Ansdr: elaKek spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy he is hella gay tho MaN KappaPride 👉 @jimjak94 Sunshinewalker: OMEGADOWN D3rrtyD4n: LULW ThisisnotAmaro: LULW Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN HEIL_MODS_: elaKek GoAkke: Clap EbiVariance: OMEGALUL Jaargan: LULW kapustadrakon_: ok gachiBASS lord_rimheart: you can have a normie GF with darksouls or a gamergirl with sekiro elaSmile saugo: LULW Nopileos: LULW TheZecaUrubu: OMEGADOWN lone_scientist: DISTRACTED PepeLaugh MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: gachiBASS Cerilysm: I am a girl gamer weeb streamer is that ok? PepeHands MettatonsFan: I mean, fuck me gachiBASS dubalobical: OMEGALUL Yokaiin: I mean fuck me TheRipMan: LULW Visualocity: OMEGADOWN Expleco: D: HEIL_MODS_: elaK Shadowfax71: LULW 5k hours LULW BluBlu_BluBlo: hard question yo mr_adix: got hooked on nioh after you played the alpha – man that game is insane TheSlicerr21: LULW WHAT MORFHI: I mean BlackjackalTV: I’d play Sekiro more if I could play as a woman ๐Ÿ™‚ jimjak94: @PhysiCle TRIGGERED juuumand: 5Head MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaK rofIcopter: elaK dubalobical: LULW Ka_baL: LULW Penny_wise__: clout mod Nopileos: elaK Pixel_hearts: fun FeelsGoodMan Lanshii: same for ds Skeptical_Reptile: play Sekiro for 8 hours, beat it then never launch it again POGGERS Corpsy: elaK El__Fuerte: fucking has replay value tho magjico9: only costume mods ValgrimPLB: no sekiro + boyfriend nouvart: 5Head easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy oh yeah i know MaN KappaPride ora_muda: elaK Ansdr: 5Head elaPlan Kosmic_Eagle: elaK Kugelfischking: 200 IQ Loli_Princess_Pebrock: LUL Using mods to make a game fun LUL Pajki13: thirsty as fuck OmnislashZ: So just play Sekiro NOW Kadrag: Ela would just have to wait for dark souls sekiro mod LUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaK its the mods, ofc Shrimpess: better movement too FeelsPepoMan LidlUser: what if i want a normal gf forsenThink lord_rimheart: elaFeels ninjalive2: Kappa Shadowfax71: and dark souls doesn’t? elaWeird PhysiCle: @jimjak94 HotPokket monkaW Sephirothang: elaK SerApollyon: PepeHands KubaX: Kapp Dismal_Arkt: elaThirst Jokimz: Damn FeelsBadMan Fruchtschorle: and dark soulds doesnt have mods or what? atomicdestruction: elaK UltraWindow: cause he wants to be faithful ๐Ÿ™‚ SkeletonKeyLimePie: ela is already getting married kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz what about playing dark souls and have boyfriend gachiBASS MilchiWay: SeemsGood Razzz: I thought Ellajaz had a GF Croissanito: DS1 randomizer just destroys any Sekiro mods tbh sheen_estevezz: FeelsGoodMan spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy show him the RAW gachi artifact next time gachiBASS sloggyx: because he is getting married Kappa lone_scientist: elaDM are you sure 1999riky: x1999rDAB x1999rDAB Loli_Princess_Pebrock: LUL Game isn’t fun LUL Have to mod it LUL Ansdr: So, who is going to be the girlfriend? elaThirst Ellynas: Ellynas subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 24 months! WrestlerBot2000: @Ellynas After 24 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Ph4ntomi: gachiBASS Nopileos: SUB HYPE Ellynas POGGERS aforb123: rqqFacepalm rqqFacepalm rqqFacepalm rqqFacepalm Arcshined: ela is married to the chat elaSmile magjico9: me ๐Ÿ™‚ TheSlicerr21: We know Sourcehunter: @Elajjaz Would you rather have a masculine girlfriend or an androgynous boyfriend? ๐Ÿ™‚ MeccaMaster: elaK LidlUser: Kapp Jaargan: I’ll be ur gf no matter what elaH LULW Dancingbroccoli2: Chag Dismal_Arkt: elaK KevKov: elaD CharleyQc02: LUL Stilgarius: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK salpo_nolobio: elaD HEIL_MODS_: elaHmm yoshimitsu_619: Pog SerApollyon: nooooooooo PepeHands icedcoffeeboy: whats his name? MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Chag troublematicc: elaK exalzz: Kapp Buurt: I just listened to the insterstellar soundtrack again, already dying inside elaKek Rust_n: elaK El__Fuerte: by me ๐Ÿ™‚ Shadowfax71: elaK rafalbrew1: elaK Lanshii: by me ๐Ÿ™‚ Nopileos: elaK Zarasto: Taken by CB RandonLoLPlayer: elaGa Mrtriggahigga: Chag ? Penny_wise__: Taking by the souls LUL Bootch: elaK Plexandie: Kapp EbiVariance: Kapp wevie1: elaK Xerenix: New Dad Pog saugo: elaHmm Visualocity: elaK grecoromanwrestler: DS mod where all bosses are replaced with gachi gachiBASS HandsUp Volbeatz: ela virgin Pog LazyNewb: Chag Requious: Kapp spike_the_space_cowboy: Kapp Nopileos: elaK elaK MettatonsFan: elaK Naniyo: elaK We know Meximus322: KappaPride TheRipMan: D: dubalobical: elaK elaK MikeLitoris6999: POGGERS id rather have no gf because female contact scares me Sephirothang: elaK elaK blauersteinfresser: Kapp UltraWindow: we all know charise is our new mommy ๐Ÿ™‚ Trueyez: whos the lucky guy? mr_adix: elaK Kugelfischking: el is married to jesus jokkuspokkus: elaK elaK Pixel_hearts: it’s me ๐Ÿ™‚ MilchiWay: he has an AYAYA bodypillow Kosmic_Eagle: elaK KevKov: byy me ๐Ÿ™‚ IINellis: BY ME summer___: taken by billy Drrufus1: TAKEN billyReady Thenastyraven: he is taken guys, he is with me elaDM Myowa_: we know, youre not ๐Ÿ™‚ Ph4ntomi: Ela and CB KappaPride razorxscooter: Chat wants a mom Ela @elajjaz elaB Baronjohn96: Horrorgames later? elaHmm kloowz: can u show us your meal after that ? Stride_Almighty: Nah you are single OMEGALUL jimjak94: @PhysiCle it’s like saying bread and pasta are the same thing PepeHands theoxadam: Just want a girlfriend Kappa azureTreble: LULW Shrimpess: OMEGADOWN sandor_krasna: @Elajjaz are you going to play randomizer dark souls ever again? that shit was fun Reddinator: danKEK Xerenix: LULW Turbulist: elaKek MORFHI: LULW BarbiexEdge: LOOOOOOOOL Nopileos: LULW sheen_estevezz: true monkaS Teddym4n: monkaSHAKE lone_scientist: monkaW ThisisnotAmaro: LUL Worgane: He is bluffing chat. @Elajjaz just wants to GAMER in peace elaOk SkeletonKeyLimePie: true PepeLaugh Rust_n: LULW Naniyo: LULW Jaargan: PepeHands Buurt: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh SoaringTrumpet: wow LUL Kosmic_Eagle: LULW NosBleid: same Kappa summer___: same PepeHands Shadowfax71: what LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW MeccaMaster: elaWut Ansdr: Females elaWut juuumand: lel wevie1: monkaS D3rrtyD4n: OMEGALUL sheen_estevezz: monkaW FEMALES TheRipMan: LUL Visualocity: LULW sjuften_: monkaSHAKE girls OmnislashZ: because SJW cerulis: @Elajjaz wouldn’t buying a lot of homeward bones with spare souls be faster than doing the glitch all the time later on? cheeze____: FeelsBadMan easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy i was talking to him about it, he said “It’s weird even for gay ppl elaWeird ” i think i can agree with that statement exalzz: True monkaW lanndend: cooties monkaS Jobandox: Remember he is getting married PhysiCle: @jimjak94 No no, more like, bread and different bread are the same thing elaHmm Smough: females only bring problems and drain money Erko42: elaWut Expleco: Chat laughs but they’re all like that LULW Reedskill: Females WutFace Reddinator: monkaW womyn Bootch: monkaW females Pixel_hearts: Pog Ralock: Can it also be a boyfriend? That’s the real question boooonex: gachiBASS DrHax_: I want a gf to help me clean my place, its too much for 1 person NotLikeThis Epicziemniak: PepeLaugh lord_rimheart: elaDM who needs female contact? Turbulist: PepeLaugh sheen_estevezz: gachiBASS GRINDED NosBleid: LULW PhysiCle: elaKek Chartalord: id rather have no gf cos im gay PepeLaugh azureTreble: Whoever said that, you’ll be fine. LULW JJJ67: Ela is married to that shamona guy I bet elaOk rafalbrew1: LULW zWettah: LULW docstream: LULW Nopileos: LULW LidlUser: RESET OMEGALUL TheSlicerr21: PepeLaugh not_wintermute: LULW coussin00: inb4 the suit was actually for Ela’s wedding! zherebane: Safe way Shadowfax71: LULW Ansdr: “Safe” grecoromanwrestler: LULW dubalobical: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: Dark Souls Pro Skater Pog WrestlerBot2000: “He has a hole! That’s amazing.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 68 Shrimpess: females are scary monkaW Sunshinewalker: OMEGADOWN Jokimz: PepeUff EbiVariance: @Elajjaz How many children have you fathered? Nopileos: LULW LULW amaterasu_chase: LUL IkkisFTW: rip Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Captain_PogChamp: LULW Jaargan: we’re not that scary chat monkaW TheDIOtone: safe LUL Dancingbroccoli2: SAFE LULW HiHawx: OMEGADOWN LazyNewb: PepeLaugh GoAkke: “safe way” shikifujin16: elaWut elaWut elaMad elaMad aforb123: Girls are more expensive than video games TheRipMan: HYPERLUL Phantom_range: sjws are scary PepeHands spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy HES RGHT THO LULW Pepperpotty: safe elaK schwarz54_: reset city winter_akira: PepeUff EvaNoctis: *NOTICE* This just a friendly reminder for chat to remember to hydrate yourself while watching Ela’s stream. Stay hydrated, folks ~ elaChug skraalQ: females are so overrated if I wanted a pet I’d rather buy a cat DrDrago87: saft SummerExile: safe way courier616: arrow int the ass UltraWindow: getting hit in the face is nothing compared to getting your heart broken.. women, not even once monkaW Croissanito: elaSmile mugenrichie2: Grind on it gachiBASS summer___: shamon2SUCC TheMarcFM: mfw no qt gf El__Fuerte: wouldnt have happened if you had gamer GF Sourcehunter: @Elajjaz Would you rather have a masculine girlfriend or an androgynous boyfriend? gachiBASS Ansdr: ElaPls BarghestFenrir_: @elajjaz We know that you are taken since when you did that “work meeting” with a specific person elaK kevin99gh: @elajjaz r u gonna try the VR mod for dark soul? it soo kool thebat13Hype Germy_ranch: Actually Ela’s wedding PogU Cerilysm: Makes me wonder how a Speedrunnerr is in bed elaK tyree372: females are easy to talk to just think they are traps ez AYAYA LULW Ansdr: ppHop saugo: Aren’t you getting married soon? elaA temahaa: is there a clip regarding the origin of elawut? VineWood0604: gachiGASM Ansdr: @tyree372 elaKek the_firekeeper: no gf>sjw gf Nazzet: D: ownyoubyatch: You gonna piss a lot dude spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz what are the benefits of having a GF aside from cooking and pussy ? 🤔 Kapp UltraWindow: tony hawk pro souls 4 PogU Shadowfax71: so am i gachiBASS theoxadam: Man has no chill LUL waTdamaTTer: you are a watercoholoic @Elajjaz easyeasy: spike_the_space_cowboy never saw full thing, only cuts wihtout porn elaOk Fullmetalcheese: cHAG aforb123: Girls can give you std Medicate3: females want me to do things like “shower” and “not be a total and utter asshole”. SMH who has time for shit like that? Fullmetalcheese: Chag imnotpotatoe: distLul razorxscooter: I think that Shomona1 guy is better looking than Ela elaHmm Ph4ntomi: LULW dubalobical: LULW Rokjaw: LULW winter_akira: PepeUff zWettah: LULW grelivicata: LUL Nopileos: LULW Turbulist: LULW tito3211: Ela and Larxa sitting on the tree K I S S I N G Gurnak: LULW Fullmetalcheese: LULW chranokil: sub 3 hours btw PepeLaugh Dancingbroccoli2: LULW Chartalord: LULW Shrimpess: LULW HiHawx: LUL rofIcopter: PepeLaugh Reddinator: HAHAHAHAH danKEK TheSlicerr21: LULW ticapril: LUL Lemonsponge: LULW not_wintermute: LULW Shadowfax71: LULW captain_elsewhere: LIGHTS OUT GUERRILA RADIO Meximus322: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN Dracconfoo: elaKek Kosmic_Eagle: LULW lone_scientist: elaKek zherebane: safe adam_lul: LULW CaxeTV: OMEGADOWN Arekska: LULW Bootch: LULW AddixC: LULW Rust_n: LULW Lordofloser: LUL SummerExile: LULW MrHeisenbergCZ: LULW JJJ67: LULW Jaargan: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW KevKov: OMEGALUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh Chaton_Rose: Chag chibiTrunks11: LUL spike_the_space_cowboy: @easyeasy just the fighting Yokaiin: LULW VineWood0604: LULW Arstondots: well rip LUL MeccaMaster: OMEGALUL saugo: LULW CharleyQc02: @the_firekeeper must be nice to be an incel my dude SainEdge: LULW Lemonsponge: so safe LULW Ansdr: elaHmm hadouken980: Kappa TheRipMan: LULW Mr_216: rep lord_rimheart: elaKek galskab: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW th4nnat0s: kkkkkkk Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh safe Skeptical_Reptile: Chag Fullmetalcheese: elaYes insomnia64: LULW ticapril: wtf dude jimjak94: @PhysiCle Hell naw, tortellini can be compared to pasta, it’s eaten like pasta, it’s small and bitesized eaten with sauces, raviolis are big, eaten using knives and forks, much thinner dough and usually eaten with butter and salvia Jokimz: Nooo PepeUff Reedskill: LULW Captain_PogChamp: RESET LULW yoshimitsu_619: guess you are Drrufus1: Speedrun btw LUL Ivaninsane1: safe path summer___: @Elajjaz 1.When is the Wedding? 2.Is Chat invited? Thenastyraven: to the grave PepeLaugh ninjalive2: Female is temporary but waifu is forever AYAYA abysswatches: @skraalq Feelin feline over feline man.. OhMyDog Kosmic_Eagle: foxpaxLUL Mr_216: majinoBaleyjay chranokil: sub 3 hours PepeLaugh LidlUser: is this forsen speedrunning ? 😂 Samppsom: REEEEEESET DansGame Reddinator: no PepeLaugh ora_muda: 5k btw elagachigasmswoman: elaMad Ansdr: just dont die elaCozy Wasyash: ripe urn LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: 4HEad Shadowfax71: 4HEad LazyNewb: PepeLaugh Xerenix: no ๐Ÿ™‚ lone_scientist: 4:30 pace FeelsLateMan tyree372: 5Head @Expleco Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: LULW Medicate3: forsen speedrun OMEGALUL skraalQ: @abysswatches so true Bootch: 4HEad kissedurdad: FeelsLateMan MartinPKC: @Elajjaz Have you guys seen the new Death Stranding Trailer???!!! Kojima went full Kojima Jaargan: wear the suit in tomorrows stream elaREE elaH Jokimz: I believe in you PepeUff Clap icemochablunt: i wish i could hidden body irl so people notice meless Thenastyraven: safe path btw PepeLaugh NexusName: do you think Great Rune will have better replay value than Sekiro? Smough: peach LULW zWettah: PogU Shadowfax71: PEACH STRATS LUL PhysiCle: @jimjak94 Hmm the couple of times I’ve had ravioli in restaurants, it’s been made wrong then, it’s usually with some sort of cheese sauce and a side order elaHmm kevin99gh: @elajjaz you ever tried VR dark soul mod? jimjak94: Chat is being so awkward Ansdr: 👀 Jaargan: PepeHands coussin00: any horror gems later Ela? the_firekeeper: @CharleyQc02 I am fine thx. hobbT MikeLitoris6999: @icemochablunt same PepeHands navara99: girlfriend are so overrated you can only have sex with them … sekiro give much more pleasure to be honest Dancingbroccoli2: he’s getting married? Chag Ph4ntomi: Ela is getting married? Pog t0rkh: t0rkh subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! Kiss kiss kiss lel Smough: is it ass open @Elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: @t0rkh I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM El__Fuerte: are you renting it? jimjak94: @PhysiCle did you eat them in Italy? Chaton_Rose: @jimjak94 FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: SUB HYPE t0rkh PogChamp Loli_Princess_Pebrock: @Elajjaz Are you wearing the buttplug I sent you? HuntingGolem: @Elajjaz have u seen the new death stranding trailer yet? theoxadam: Speedrun to your death Arekska: ela is getting married? Pog TheRipMan: ELA GETTING MARRIED Pog TheGuyOnAcid: who are you goijng to marry ohCreep: ohCreep subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 23 months! PhysiCle: @jimjak94 Nah, France and Spain WrestlerBot2000: @ohCreep After 23 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Ralock: PRE-ORDERED SUIT LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE ohCreep POGGERS timihyuga: Priscila gachiGASM sloggyx: @Elajjaz when will we see new mom? Pog tyree372: furry suit wedding wow ela you are a great friend for that guy getting married NexusName: Ela doesn’t need a suit couz he’s the bride Kappa PhysiCle: @jimjak94 Specifically Paris and Malaga skraalQ: @Elajjaz can you cosplay as chat’s groom with the suit? elaBlush elaBlush elaBlush gulshan1: me ๐Ÿ™‚ sicariowned: Kapp bag4l1fe: gay af Stride_Almighty: Are Ela and cbrofl finally getting married POGGERS Jaargan: wear it after the wedding elaREE elaH Medicate3: @Elajjaz can chat be your +1? Requious: IKEALUL Dancingbroccoli2: LULW souldedeh: LULW NosBleid: FeelsPepoMan uuuuuh MikeLitoris6999: Kapp KevKov: ???? Rust_n: LULW juuumand: UUUUUUUH forsenWut Nopileos: LULW LULW Shadowfax71: i actually bought a 3 piece suit and i don’t wear it as much as i’d like FeelsBadMan ora_muda: LUKW Qviss: LULW DoctorDrill: You getting married? icemochablunt: the worst thing about girlfriends is that you can only have one haha so hard 2 choose Ansdr: Marrying in friend’s wedding? elaISee ora_muda: LULW MikeLitoris6999: marrying his friend Pog Railman0z: LULW theoxadam: Wedding? WutFace Jokimz: Good memories of goomba-stomping here FeelsGoodMan kissedurdad: i love weddings Yuggod: 7th is friday souldedeh: wedding ResidentSleeper mugenrichie2: @Elajjaz is Twitch Chat also invited? ๐Ÿ™‚ El__Fuerte: saturday is 8 eremiter: 7th is friday Stride_Almighty: That’s a friday but cool yoshimitsu_619: that’s friday summer___: Friends in 2019 elaKek ………………. PepeHands TheRipMan: one day before my birthday Pog tyree372: cb and nerdy moving in? Pog Komitern66: no strem PepeHands lone_scientist: bromance gachiBASS ninjalive2: Free food Pog Smough: are you going full 💿 mode there? Railman0z: Of course it’s not Ela. 12 year olds aren’t allowed to marry yet. jimjak94: @PhysiCle monkaS It’s hard to get very good italian food anywhere apart from Italy, every country applies their own culinary standards to our dishes icemochablunt: it’s kind of like a funeral Ph4ntomi: FeelsPepoMan Kosmic_Eagle: i like wedding cos food PhysiCle: elaGa Medicate3: 7th friday PepeLaugh Ansdr: The food is great elaA BTRNDL: itsitsits KevKov: its nice ๐Ÿ™‚ kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz how do friends call you? Elias or Ela? WestCheese93: I’ve been to 8, they’re not all that Suney: elaGa zherebane: ITS ITS ITS ITS abysswatches: Dang it, feline over female. Point ruined, everything ruined.. bleedPurple theonlyMaria: its its its summer___: it’s its MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elagachigasmswoman Rust_n: elaGa rofIcopter: its its its FeelsPepoMan easyeasy: summer___ i can be your friend elaC tyree372: free food open bar? Requious: FeelsAmazingMan theoxadam: Sex the bride Jebaited marshalmv: its its its Shadowfax71: ela is getting wasted PepeLaugh Darth_Umbra: FeelsPepoMan dvirus55: best part of wedding is open bar LitPord: FeelsPepoMan Dancingbroccoli2: ARE WE INVITED Chag souldedeh: midsommar wedding Pog MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaGa tyree372: @Elajjaz open bar? juuumand: EljanPls Paladin_Neptune: FeelsPepoMan ExtremelyCold: aahhh one of those tito3211: @Elajjaz U going alone ? Thenastyraven: the best kind of wedding then Pog sicariowned: bachelor party? Pog Rokjaw: drunk ela FeelsGoodMan salpo_nolobio: just 13 years old, his firsst wedding ela13 jokkuspokkus: Your girlfriends wedding? @Elajjaz Tsunami747: why are you running dark souls again? charity competition coming up? @elajjaz Visualocity: elaHYUK Trueyez: it is what it is isnt it Jaargan: its its its elaGa DrHax_: might wanna start training your liver then @Elajjaz danKEK AWetDreamcast: xxxMONG KubaX: its its its PepoDance El__Fuerte: chat INVITED CONFIRMED TheRipMan: @elajjaz I’ve worked over 300 weddings they can be very fun Ralock: KappaPride party weddings tyree372: HELL YEAH Joxih: u got a gif right now? @ellajaz giant_robots: gay wedding? Chag spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz ARe you gonna 💿 Him ? gachiBASS bashful_sam: @Elajjaz come to my brother’s wedding in July lone_scientist: Chag KevKov: Pog Tiknaps: never been to a wedding? mugenrichie2: and Shit Pog juuumand: FeelsGoodMan souldedeh: childhood friends monkaSHAKE TonyValo: Chag salpo_nolobio: Chag open bar?? Drunkndragon: chat invited too Pog FrankerSif: Viking wedding PogChamp Jaargan: open bar elaGasm me likes Sourcehunter: We are all invited PogU Turbulist: CHAT INVITED Pog Dankie00: ella gonna get laid Pog Hasuman: aww yiss, my brother’s wedding was like that. shit was cash skraalQ: @Elajjaz its a good place to find a sexy gf elaBlush Sunshinewalker: Time to hit on the girl you had a crush on in school PepeLaugh PhysiCle: @jimjak94 Yeah I guess that’s true! We don’t have any “national dishes” like you do, here in Denmark, so I think it’s hard to relate elaHmm 8bit12: So ela just gets very drunk cool temahaa: @Elajjaz the wedding party is the ideal situation to bring your switch to! Kappa razorxscooter: @elajjaz Will there be a bachelor party with strippers? Pog TheRipMan: CHAT INVITED Pog razorxscooter: elaThirst Kalgarrr: friends PepeHands from childhood PepeHands PepeHands ninjalive2: Can chat go? Pog theoxadam: You can tell he’s a little excited Kappa NosBleid: whole chat invited ? Pog Xerenix: Watch out for Tanner monkaW Rust_n: @Sunshinewalker probably ugly by now NexusName: @elajjaz do you drink out of horns and yell SKALL at Swedish weddings? DimTree: make sure to ask about the orgy after, they might forget to tell you BarbiexEdge: weddings are romantic af bawkAww Cleptomancy: i cried at my cousins wedding its rough man IINellis: i was just at one, got another in 2 weeks, my liver is struggling ora_muda: CHAT IS INVITED PogU Gurnak: childhood friends? AYAYA abysswatches: Not even a shotgun wedding? KappaClaus tyree372: talk to the girl you liked from middle school ela Pog DrSIurp: I’ve been twice to a wedding… of the same person PepeLaugh HuntingGolem: irl wedding stream confirmed? Chag cheeze____: Chat is in a special mood today elaGa Clap BluBlu_BluBlo: all these childhood friends who have nothing to talk about anymore FeelsBirthdayMan Komitern66: @Elajjaz the first rule of a wedding is to kiss the bride Swift_chamois: Worgane he wouldn’t have to shave Shrimpess: let’s go together chat FeelsGoodMan Skiller567890: @Elajjaz Can chat be your plus 1 Wasyash: is this farming segment Ansdr: @DrSIurp elaFeels souldedeh: are subs invited? Pog Jaargan: what friends elaHAA I only have chat elaHAA Cynthelre: CALL FORSEN LUL CALL FORSEN LUL Nopileos: Jaargan elaH Bifs: I’m invited FeelsGoodMan Fullmetalcheese: elaGasm bubblegumisblue: Ive never been to one either and i’m 26 elaFeels giant_robots: lets crash it ๐Ÿ™‚ thesupercoleywoley: If I had known you’d never been to a wedding, I’d have invited you to mine last November in Louisiana ! PicturedMind: Ela playing DS again Pog jimjak94: @PhysiCle I believe the reason why italians get so triggered with people destroying our dishes is that they are VERY localized, each region has their specialties and the economy of each region is built around them so we grow attached to our cultures dishes PlayGamesForLyfe: monkaGIGA exalzz: Are plebs invited Pog ? Epiktakguy: weddings are fun Shadowfax71: @Elajjaz it’s a good place to find a girlfriend, seeing their friend getting married gets the girl’s hormones going wild SeemsGood tyree372: can chat be your + 1? @Elajjaz El__Fuerte: tfw your best friend gets married but you always single FeelsBadMan extraterrestrebruno: @Wasyash i think he is just picking up items on ground 8bit12: Boomer. spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz you still meat up with childhood friends eh ? mine are either in jail or gone LULW souldedeh: 26? D: thepatatorz: How many achivements so far ? kapustadrakon_: 26 Kapp BroqRox: ela12 Rust_n: ela13 MikeLitoris6999: meeting childhood friends that you havent seen for 8 years and have nothing to say to each other anymore so you sit in awkward silence FeelsGoodMan summer___: 26 elaK only 12 MarauderHealth: 26/2 Stride_Almighty: 13 but ok skraalQ: weeding virgin Pog jimjak94: I went to my first wedding at like 16 Epicziemniak: monkaSHAKE TheRipMan: just kill it 3Head Gurnak: having 4 older sisters, been to 2 big ones and 1 smoll Clap Ralock: 262 year old monkaW NexusName: we all know you’re 134 HuntingGolem: ela13 + ela13 ? uncledickbutt: ButterSauce PhysiCle: @jimjak94 Yeah maybe! So it’s a very personal thing that people are destroying SerApollyon: gachiBASS icemochablunt: are you a virgin virgin TeaandScones1337: i went to a wedding when i was like 2 or 3 and never been to one since RicHaya: LULW Jaargan: weddings elaPuke souldedeh: suit elias Pog KevKov: i am not ๐Ÿ™‚ HappySmile123: I am 24, was on 5 weddings or smth LULW Chartalord: wedding virgins PepeLaugh blauersteinfresser: cirLewd PhysiCle: Wedding virgin elaThirst TheRipMan: Pog Clap Tiknaps: I’ve been to like fifteen and I’m 28 lol Dancingbroccoli2: what about virgin virgin gachiBASS TheMarcFM: It’s gonna be epic POGGERS Swift_chamois: time for tail or RIP Arctic_Junk: Are you going to forget the elevator today as well? boooonex: congrats PogChamp @Tiknaps Ph4ntomi: PepeHands Baz1ngo: what is the world record? summer___: icemochablunt i don’t think he will answer that gachiBOP Shrimpess: lost my wedding virginity at 7 PepeHands TheRipMan: HYPERBASS MikeLitoris6999: red wedding POGGERS razorxscooter: cirD Zloezlo: PepeHands Skeptical_Reptile: BlessRNG SOFTLOCK Ansdr: D: Bakureetsu: PepeHands NosBleid: D: Jokimz: Are you gonna ding ding the glass and hold a speech?? @Elajjaz monkaW Medicate3: BUT WHY WHAT SEEKETH THEE Yuggod: elaD Suney: D: radwimp: D: Ansdr: PepeHands Nopileos: D: lone_scientist: elaD Bakureetsu: D: FlexySanders: all the THOTs at the wedding going to snipe them a Twitch Star LULW SkryTobojca7: rooD SpectatorNoX: PepeHands It_is_alive: D: GrafPolskii: PepeHands DrSIurp: Tiknaps here’s a medal 🎖️ Requious: D: Wasyash: @extraterrestrebruno I thought he was gonna farm the darkmoon covenant thingies AddixC: LUL Zloezlo: D: Rokjaw: D: Turbulist: elaGasm AAHA Xerenix: D: PepeHands EpicVertigo: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: D: D: amaterasu_chase: D: iamjustablur: D: PhysiCle: Kreygasm Mr_216: atpGasm BVP13: YES dubalobical: elaD kissedurdad: distGasm KevKov: elaD RicHaya: elaD Cynthelre: 27 years old no job no gf here LUL Jaargan: elaD shevraar: gachiBASS Teddym4n: Kreygasm ThEgIGN: PepeHands Suney: PepeHands Nopileos: elaD Gurnak: AYAYA PepeHands DR_AGxx: D: icemochablunt: i would sex priscilla EbiVariance: D: MasterMalpercio: rooD Aegis__: Kreygasm Ansdr: Noooo BibleThump Caput_Draconis: D: SummerExile: ahhh FlexySanders: gachiBASS navara99: what an asshole D: Meximus322: But why PepeHands PlayGamesForLyfe: LULW TheRipMan: D: NosBleid: D: so rude Mangoy: Kreygasm PhysiCle: I’ve been to plenty of weddings Ela, I can show you how it’s done elaThirst Nopileos: D: Darth_Umbra: PepeHands Hank_e_Panky: PepeHands Guts_Pdz: elaD jimjak94: @PhysiCle Dude there’s a twitter account that gathers screenshots of italians raging at random recipe videos that just completely disregard any kind of culinary taste and just shove butter and deep fry every italian recipe Sabertore: PepeHands Monster5crak: elaGasm AAH sunshift: but why PepeHands grecoromanwrestler: Kreygasm insomnia64: Kreygasm Ostrovson: elaD EvaNoctis: elaD ELA HOW DARE YOU PlayGamesForLyfe: LULW DESTROYED Autumn_Flare: PepeHands Shadowfax71: BUT WHY WHAT SEEKETH THEE PepeHands 8bit12: joomCHAMP joomCHAMP raffnix95: ???????????????? pagiii: Kreygasm imnotpotatoe: you monster radwimp: danCry DrHax_: I never went to a wedding, but to like… 8 funerals by now WeirdChamp extraterrestrebruno: @Wasyash i think he already have it ninjalive2: D: Monster5crak: ANAL LONDO gachiBASS thepatatorz: hey @Elajjaz , what is the IF method exactly ? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ kevin99gh: @elajjaz try DARK SOULS VR !!! lol Salmon_Moose: anal longdong Hasuman: @DrHax_ it’s a sign masterr876: -51 Chag NovaMoon: i would krazyshark priscilla so hard i would probably be executed Yokaiin: mainly 3 kinds of memes in the chat right now boooonex: Maybe you’re just more of a funeral type of person?? @DrHax_ OpieOP Jaargan: when is the wedding i can be your date elaThirst Rust_n: @Shadowfax71 taketh awey PepeHands Striddle: tarkus:( Jybel: During the wedding I had to attend first the heat was unbearable and the smokings werent of much help. LUL Swift_chamois: intermittent fasting ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM PhysiCle: @jimjak94 Oh jesus christ, I think that could piss any culinary country’s people off TBH Pepperpotty: Master master3B coussin00: why don’t you have the softlock here with Priscilla? isn’t it when you oneshot her? jimjak94: Where the FUCK is krazyshark Shrimpess: Called fasting ResidentSleeper NosBleid: lel ela12 spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Fasting ANELE ? WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz sunshift: and what cycle are you doing with the IF, Ela? Suney: Pog Clap Ph4ntomi: FeelsPepoMan Worgane: RaregachiGASM PhysiCle: elaGa LidlUser: forsenT Caput_Draconis: FeelsPepoMan MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaGa Loli_Princess_Pebrock: WORDS EpicVertigo: FeelsPepoMan Dismal_Arkt: FeelsPepoMan sloggyx: @NovaMoon the fluffy tail! thesupercoleywoley: Have you tried Keto? Intermittent Fasting is easier Nopileos: FeelsPepoMan boooonex: plobably AddixC: proba prob pro probably mugenrichie2: elaVator PepeLaugh SittingOx: FeelsPepoMan summer___: Speaking goes horribly wrong first It_is_alive: elaGa Worgane: @ComradeNerdy YOU CAME! PepeHands Darth_Umbra: FeelsPepoMan Ansdr: !elena WrestlerBot2000: RED HOT RUNS ONLY HERE ►►► twitch.tv/elajjaz ◄◄◄ (SIMPLY COPY) tyree372: dont drink to quickly and make sure you dance your ass off and do you have your speech prepared ? @Elajjaz Trueyez: pobably KevKov: FeelsPepoMan Clap ZcortezZ: just dont forget the elevator Kapp PhysiCle: Words are hard man PepeHands Skeptical_Reptile: 16/8 coward ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM Dryd_keepomaster: gachiBASS Guts_Pdz: elaGa spike_the_space_cowboy: @jimjak94 @easyeasy he wants to bang Krazyshark gachiBASS NexusName: FeelsPepoMan ComradeNerdy: Worgane of course Skeptical_Reptile: 20/4 only real cycle byBLC: Im doing 16/8 Kappa gold_dante: I am doint 20/4 Cynthelre: CALL FORSEN Pepega CALL FORSEN Pepega Worgane: @ComradeNerdy FeelsAmazingMan AddixC: 690k souls lul skulkbags: slower than forsen PepeLaugh NosBleid: HO Wasyash: HALT jimjak94: @PhysiCle dude like the whole throw the spaghetti on the wall and if it sticks it’s good, if it sticks it’s overcooked to filth!! Nobody in italy would ever cook any pasta if not al dente, which means the center is stil slightly hard ish ora_muda: ela1 ela2 sunshift: Ho! PunOko EpicVertigo: HALK monkaW Gurnak: @Elajjaz what was your fasting cycle? didnt hear Medicate3: keto is so boring, all the best food has carbs kapustadrakon_: WeirdChamp ✋ HALT MikeLitoris6999: forsen was finished by now WeirdChamp summer___: transsexual incoming gachiGASM spike_the_space_cowboy: @jimjak94 becareful Shark is a thirsty man gachiBASS @easyeasy RicHaya: HALT dariaste: forsen doing pb again Kreygasm HappySmile123: I am eating whenever the fuck I want elaOP WrestlerBot2000: Sasori|Clip No.16| https://clips.twitch.tv/VenomousHardHornetHotPokket ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM Alchemixedtv: 19 / 5 Best one 9-13 navara99: lol 20/4 … try eating 4k with that Rokjaw: 1 skulkbags: forsen already beat gwyn LULW Reedskill: RaregachiGASM Naniyo: WAN AYAYA Ph4ntomi: AYAYA WAN AYAYA TU AYAYA Demoluxx_: 2 Naniyo: TU AYAYA TheMarcFM: 2? Rokjaw: 2 VineWood0604: 2, NosBleid: AYAYA Nopileos: 2 exalzz: 2? Demoluxx_: 3 VineWood0604: 2? Turbulist: AYAYA WAN TU Khadgar1: 4 Rokjaw: 3 astherlu: 3 TheRipMan: is the voice of Gwyndolin the voice of prince Lothric? Dancingbroccoli2: 10 Requious: AYAYA ninjalive2: AYAYA Thenastyraven: AYAYA SURI Leo1293: ResidentSleeper Reedskill: 9? mygromchan: Hellow Nopileos: 3 Shadowfax71: nerdy elaH laststand66: AYAYA nitro108: ResidentSleeper SerApollyon: 3 Pepperpotty: 13 Sauze420: 42069 Demoluxx_: 4 Rokjaw: 4 SerApollyon: 4 astherlu: foh ChickenMuffins: LAKKI AYAYA Ansdr: PepoDance 4 PepoDance Loli_Princess_Pebrock: 7 MeditatedSea: FeelsPepoMan 4 KevKov: 9 Nopileos: 4 Fullmetalcheese: im gonna meme in Forsens chat a bit LULW PhysiCle: @jimjak94 Sounds like something a scotsman would do, those dudes fry everything monkaW Ph4ntomi: 5 EbiVariance: ResidentSleeper 4 bag4l1fe: ResidentSleeper HuntingGolem: for Rokjaw: 5 Ramrocc: count in swedish Demoluxx_: 5 cerulis: SPEED RUN ResidentSleeper TheRipMan: 420 Ansdr: PepoDance 5 PepoDance Skiller567890: 8 Irocam: counting with chat FeelsGoodMan Clap Shrimpess: chat learning to count FeelsGoodMan Clap RicHaya: 4Head Nopileos: for TheLastZael: TheLastZael subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 17 months! WrestlerBot2000: @TheLastZael After 17 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Shadowfax71: Pepperpotty pepeL HuntingGolem: 5 koteikins: ResidentSleeper It_is_alive: @TheRipMan Yep Cynthelre: FailFish Nopileos: SUB HYPE TheLastZael elaA astherlu: faif ComradeNerdy: Shadowfax71 elaH Ph4ntomi: 6 GargusoN: 9 EbiVariance: ResidentSleeper 5 Demoluxx_: 6 Rokjaw: 6 Ansdr: PepoDance 6 PepoDance jimjak94: He can count ! Pog HuntingGolem: 5+1 NosBleid: 6 Pog Dancingbroccoli2: 6 Skiller567890: 5 Nopileos: 6 chibiTrunks11: 90 hadouken980: six Pepperpotty: Shadowfax71 elaH Ph4ntomi: 7 Fullmetalcheese: elaPLan mrbreadberry: ResidentSleeper Demoluxx_: 7 Hasuman: 9 Captain_PogChamp: 6 HOT LOADS LidlUser: 7 SourPls Ansdr: PepoDance 7 PepoDance Fullmetalcheese: elaPlan VineWood0604: 7777777777777 Dancingbroccoli2: 7 radwimp: pepeD pepeD pepeD HuntingGolem: 7 PhysiCle: 777777 ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM NosBleid: 7 PogU Nopileos: 7 hadouken980: eleven Ph4ntomi: 8 easyeasy: ComradeNerdy RaregachiGASM Rokjaw: 8 Demoluxx_: 8 chibiTrunks11: 88888 TheRipMan: @it_is_alive that’s interesting Skiller567890: 8 astherlu: 112 Ansdr: PepoDance 8 PepoDance chibiTrunks11: 888888 Dancingbroccoli2: 8 dunaro2910: 8 Pog SkeletonKeyLimePie: six in swedish is sex PepeLaugh 💦 Nopileos: 8 IINellis: 21 chibiTrunks11: 8888 HuntingGolem: 8 Shrimpess: 9? chibiTrunks11: 88888888888888 Fullmetalcheese: PepoDance Ph4ntomi: 9 Eucalyptuus: !subsound MeditatedSea: FeelsPepoMan 13 hadouken980: 29 Khadgar1: 10 chibiTrunks11: 88 Demoluxx_: 9 Skiller567890: 9 Dancingbroccoli2: 9 Nopileos: 9 Ph4ntomi: DatSheffy 7 DigitalZips: 1 2 ASH 1 2 ASH insurrectionist89: 7 Shrimpess: Chag Ansdr: PepoDance 9 PepoDance the_firekeeper: sleeprun fuckery Lordofloser: nein Captain_PogChamp: DatSheffy astherlu: 11? HuntingGolem: nein Ph4ntomi: 10 TheRipMan: 9 Pog Demoluxx_: 10 Skiller567890: 10 Nopileos: nein EvgeniiGrigorev: @Elajjaz have you played Salt and Sanctuary? If no, could we expect this game to be played by you? TheLastZael: elaH HuntingGolem: 10 Fullmetalcheese: HYPERS NosBleid: 10 Chag Shrimpess: 10 Champ Ansdr: Pog 10 mygromchan: Are you gonna play layers of fear 2 tonight? PhysiCle: Wohoo HandsUp Dancingbroccoli2: Chag Suney: Pog Ph4ntomi: elaD Cynthelre: LUL PowerUpR TheRipMan: Pov Eucalyptuus: !subalert DrDrago87: lern to coumt with ela Rust_n: WOOHOO elaHYUK Nopileos: Pog Suney: elaD PhysiCle: elaD Ansdr: elaGasm Sauze420: LUL Fullmetalcheese: gachiJAM insurrectionist89: 9 Jaargan: elaGa Dancingbroccoli2: gachiBASS azureTreble: yes sir gachiBASS It_is_alive: D: souldedeh: D: gachiBASS iamjustablur: D: Darth_Umbra: gachiBASS xxGheTz: gachi Irocam: gachiBASS xIchigo: gachiBASS MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiBASS 凱格: gachiBASS EbiVariance: gachiBASS TheLastZael: gachiBASS RicHaya: gachiBASS Ansdr: TaBeRu Shrimpess: AngelThump It_is_alive: AngelThump Bakureetsu: gachiBASS Jaargan: elaGasm Reedskill: gachiBASS jimjak94: gachiBASS UltraWindow: show him whos the boss of this gym sjuften_: AngelThump Bakureetsu: AngelThump Suney: JustDoIt Ph4ntomi: TAKE IT BOI gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiBASS gachiBASS Requious: homing PepeLaugh NosBleid: PepeLaugh Leo1293: you have to pay the troll toll first Kappa Ramrocc: 7,11 elaGa mrbreadberry: dont hurt traps PunOko Yera_the_Priestess: AYAYA Clap Fullmetalcheese: Chag NosBleid: OOF Dancingbroccoli2: Champ Jokimz: Noice durmiin: Clap Ansdr: PepeHands Sauze420: WutFace azureTreble: Pog Clap tsoubhia: Pog ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh Nopileos: Clap Rust_n: OOFAS Suney: Clap Gustel_B: Pog PhysiCle: Deaded Pog Clap TheH3llraiser: Pog insomnia64: 3Head RicHaya: Chag Clap mrbreadberry: PepeHands EbiVariance: PepeHands It_is_alive: PepeHands dubalobical: Pog KevKov: ChampClap TheRipMan: EZ Clap flipponator: Chat are traps gay? Swift_chamois: literally all golds Ph4ntomi: KKool KevKov: Champ Clap wealllovetarzan: @Elajjaz Is there issue with twitch ? My Main account cant log in nor be found . Didnt get any ban message or any mail i almost never talk on chat too :'( if i loose my 2year streak i’m gonna destroy twitch headquarters Kappa AyayaCuteChat_: PepeHands AYAYA Swift_chamois: “we should gold this” mrbreadberry: those splits tho Chag iamjustablur: DEDDED Pog Xerenix: @Elajjaz What is WR? elaHmm GimiJam: @flipponator yes, and that’s ok ๐Ÿ™‚ azureTreble: Pog Clap INSANE jimjak94: @Swift_chamois dude his first run he was like 2 hours above wr Suney: elaYes Requious: glod Pog HuntingGolem: YES RicHaya: elaYes mugenrichie2: This Chest should have been a Mimic PepeLaugh DigitalZips: Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Clap2 ela13k Swift_chamois: yeah, i was here jimjak94 Trierdale: RUNNING IN THE 90S TheRipMan: YES NosBleid: – 52 pog Pepperpotty: wealllovetarzan I know a load of people recently got hacked kissedurdad: HYPERCLAP Suney: elaYes Clap PhysiCle: Golden Ela’s in chat Pog Rust_n: elaYes TheH3llraiser: monkaTOS consecutive_normal_waffle: consecutive_normal_waffle subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! WrestlerBot2000: @consecutive_normal_waffle What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE consecutive_normal_waffle PogChamp LidlUser: golden Kappa test mrbreadberry: Kappa Ansdr: D: Dancingbroccoli2: ResidentSleeper TheAllin: elaOP elaPlan Ph4ntomi: elaOP Suney: LULW SixxGoodlol: WAKE UP elaMad TheRipMan: LUL NosBleid: elaOP GimiJam: danFat Nopileos: elaOP Irocam: elaOP insomnia64: Kappa Dryd_keepomaster: a blue one? Kappa consecutive_normal_waffle: elaOP mrbreadberry: elaOP Gurnak: Kappa ninjalive2: 4Head ergivanc: Kappa MuliadSpt: Kappa WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! EightLevelWizard: Kappa Thenastyraven: elaREE Ansdr: !owo WrestlerBot2000: https://clips.twitch.tv/SassyFancyBeefHeyGuys Minkii: Those are rookie number elaEZ Nopileos: Kappa ninjalive2: Kappa CharleyQc02: LUL wealllovetarzan: @Pepperpotty so its a hacking issue ? twitch doesnt even find my ID which is stressing me out more than switching password Demoluxx_: SHHHHHHHH mrbreadberry: rawr :3 Gathmod: Kappa TheRipMan: souls Pog Sourcehunter: rawr xd Acebeezy141: 4Head PhysiCle: PhysiCle subscribed at Tier 2. They’ve subscribed for 12 months! WrestlerBot2000: @PhysiCle What a coincidence, 12 inches is also my size elaDM Chartalord: ecks dee retro_raiden: dafranKappa elaHYUG Nopileos: SUB HYPE PhysiCle POGGERS MeditatedSea: rawr uwu WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz Plays Never Again | Part 1 – https://youtu.be/1mT-7Nt3l1w Devils_Atrocity: You don’t need that ring at last fire? PhysiCle: I also want Clap2 ela13k Teddym4n: 3Head Shrimpess: 3Head Magiox: @Elajjaz death stranding trailer is out SerApollyon: NEIN HuntingGolem: nein nein nein RandonLoLPlayer: 3Head VineWood0604: NOI NOI NOI elaBruv Nopileos: 3Head SerVersta: elaBruv Magiox: go react to it FFS Pepperpotty: wealllovetarzan could it be that someone hacked your account and changed your username and that’s why you can’t see it? that happened to Archain Gathmod: noine mrbreadberry: noine nione noine elaBruv GluteusCortex: Nein 😡 DrHax_: Neun Neun Neun 3Head Bakureetsu: noine 3Head NosBleid: elaBruv Jaargan: 3Head PhysiCle: Bruvsword elaBruv kapustadrakon_: Green split PepeLaugh Dryd_keepomaster: FeelsPepoMan Cynthelre: cmonBruh Ramrocc: bought 98 elaKek Daidez: n Oi! ne TheAllin: elaBruv Sybran57: elaBruv retro_raiden: Clap1 Nopileos: elaBruv Suney: elaYA razorxscooter: @Elajjaz Would you ever want kids when youre married? elaISee giant_robots: golden Kappa check Bakureetsu: Kappa Dryd_keepomaster: cheater WeirdChamp rinto: WR pace Pog kapustadrakon_: Kappa DrHax_: Kappa TheRipMan: 3Head Sunshinewalker: Keepo Carniboar64: Kappa Shrimpess: Ela hackong monkaTOS Irocam: gachiBOP Andre Raymo0n: Kappa yazdes: @forsen not again pepeLaugh Nopileos: Kappa Stilgarius: golden Kapp check DragonflyJoe: Kappa HiHawx: Kappa TheRipMan: Kappa esporchsa: Kappa retro_raiden: @razorxscooter with you veiBlush Drrufus1: Kappa PhysiCle: Kappa wandering_pleb: elaHmm Kusocheg: ElaJAMMER mrbreadberry: Kappa Dryd_keepomaster: Kappa It_is_alive: Kappa SkeletonKeyLimePie: 🅱️ Oi! TheMarcFM: Kappa Nopileos: Kappa Kappa Dancingbroccoli2: Kappa Suney: Kappa ArguablyOkay: Why are the upgrades necessary? Irocam: golden elaMad check Stilgarius: Kappa MrHeisenbergCZ: Kappa DR_AGxx: Kappa Shrimpess: Kapp EbiVariance: Kappa mrbreadberry: elaMad Her0__: U have a cheat sheet for this right ur not just insane plothy: WeirdChamp Trynchen: Fal-chan AYAYA PhysiCle: elaMad jaquescamarao: Kappa Shrimpess: Kappa Nopileos: Kappa retro_raiden: elaMad LUL_is_a_emote_for_kids: Kappa SainEdge: Kappa TheAllin: elaMad SixxGoodlol: elaMad Requious: monkaW VineWood0604: elaMad Kappa DrHax_: golden danSgame check Ansdr: monkaW Lanshii: oofas DrHax_: PogU wealllovetarzan: @Pepperpotty Dunno , when i use my mail to recover the username, he’s not in the list that twitch send me. Sendig a ticket to Suport to see if they can do something about it. Swift_chamois: uh oh Captain_PogChamp: oh no no no PepeLaugh Cynthelre: LUL Dryd_keepomaster: Kapp TheRipMan: Jebaited rofIcopter: elaMad SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsPepoMan elaPlan Sunshinewalker: PepeLaugh razorxscooter: @retro_raiden cirLewd Cutie cirSmug PhysiCle: DansGame GluteusCortex: How would you describe your first blind playthrough of the first dark souls game ? @Elajjaz plothy: KappaHD HuntingGolem: ???? Bakureetsu: golden AYAYA check CaxeTV: re set VineWood0604: golden AYAYA check elaMad jaquescamarao: why is forsen also running dark souls??? LUL Suney: PepeLaugh insomnia64: PogU Sybran57: LULW Lanshii: no blue chunk Irocam: huh DuckerZ mrbreadberry: AYAYA Dustythehamster: holden Kappa is a lie Ansdr: NotLikeThis Shrimpess: AYAYA Suney: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Swift_chamois: missed blue chunk? Frade: run over BibleThump dexusb: ElaSmash 🔨 DR_AGxx: AYAYA retro_raiden: @razorxscooter elaCozy elaH winter_akira: AYAYA rofIcopter: elaHmm TheH3llraiser: LULW Dancingbroccoli2: monkaW hussfx: elaBruv Nopileos: AYAYA MarauderHealth: LUL Ansdr: F PepeS juuumand: oh no no no PepeLaugh jaquescamarao: FailFish PhysiCle: Right here yo elaThirst Frade: AYAYA Istog: LULW Jokimz: Oh no monkaW shiion17: elaISee did ela already watched death stranding trailer? AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA Cynthelre: Jebaited winter_akira: hasKAYAYA hasKAYAYA Bakureetsu: LULW Requious: NotLikeThis 1337kyoto1337: Kappa astherlu: LULW Piesito0: welp gg Rust_n: run over LULW Joxih: bruv Nopileos: LULW EpicVertigo: PepeLaugh FAKH TheRipMan: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Suney: LULW Clap Maffia171: NotLikeThis Ermienerm: OMEGALUL Zanar18: LULW EbiVariance: NotLikeThis mrbreadberry: bruh PepeLaugh Jaargan: elaKek RandonLoLPlayer: FailFish Mr_216: ripperoni Shadowfax71: RIP LULW NosBleid: PepeLaugh radwimp: brkStop PhysiCle: @shiion17 After this run elaH astherlu: RESET MettatonsFan: NotLikeThis Dancingbroccoli2: NotLikeThis crashfort: 😠 Ansdr: NotLikeThis VineWood0604: @shiion17 after the run It_is_alive: NotLikeThis masterr876: bkh knight has one Nopileos: NotLikeThis SittingOx: NotLikeThis nehoroshi: best btw mrjuzo1: hi @Elajjaz and chat spike_the_space_cowboy: @Nopileos MaN gachiAPPROVE Boonda2: 🦀 RUN IS GONE 🦀 winter_akira: hasLASERGRITTY hasLASERGRITTY hasLASERGRITTY Daidez: PepeHands kjelsk: @Elajjaz just feed a blue slab to the worm Rust_n: @mrjuzo1 pepeL Nopileos: mrjuzo1 elaH azureTreble: RESET PepeLaugh Pepperpotty: wealllovetarzan I hope you get it fixed soon. At least if you have subbed to people then you should be able to prove that it’s your account by giving receipts, but I know that Twitch can be pretty slow at sorting stuff out elaFeels bjoernnn: i want waffles elaOP guilhermeotr: Why not use Frampt and a Slab (assuming you have a bunch of them) Irocam: Jebaited Sybran57: Big big big gachiBASS EpicVertigo: Jebaited bakejzciula: #riperinho Loli_Princess_Pebrock: Look at this dude. Look at the top of his head LUL infa_xd: the one for the halbert drop winter_akira: PepeUff Arekska: @Elajjaz cant frampt give you chunk from the slabs? shiion17: PhysiCle VineWood0604 elaH thanks elaCozy retro_raiden: @shiion17 i think no,but we yes elaWOW elaH Cynthelre: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited mrjuzo1: oooh dark souls1 GluteusCortex: De rusted PepeLaugh Watch my speedrun tomorrow PepeLaugh Trust me chat PepeLaugh Fafebobo: ๐Ÿ™‚ Ansdr: elaWOW kjelsk: @Elajjaz just frampt and slab ThatLuluTho: Clap Irocam: Jebaited Clap EvaNoctis: Pog EpicVertigo: WeirdChamp GargusoN: slab into chunk? masterr876: mustve forgotten it yeh azureTreble: NIce save Pog Clap sheen_estevezz: FORSEN GOT DK SHIELD LULW infa_xd: i member that black knight drop too bc of forsen elaKek It_is_alive: Clap Shadowfax71: masterr876 saving runs again elaH Thrisper: Thrisper subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 40 months, currently on a 40 month streak! elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk I DIE TO ARTORIAS elaOk I DUPE MY ITEMS elaOk AND SAY OOFAS elaOk WrestlerBot2000: @Thrisper After 40 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Edition, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Nopileos: SUB HYPE Thrisper elaA Sybran57: LUL shiion17: retro_raiden elaWOW so cool and weird elaCozy kjelsk: @Elajjaz just feed a blue slab to the worm Rust_n: elaOk Pepperpotty: Master got all his new flashy emotes and is too big to say hi to me know elaFeels EpicVertigo: PepeLaugh Fafebobo: elaOk sheen_estevezz: OMEGALUL juuumand: forsenE WTF mrbreadberry: elaOk GluteusCortex: who saved ela ? 😡 Meximus322: PepeLaugh Nopileos: elaOk PhysiCle: elaOk MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh kissedurdad: PepeLaugh TheMarcFM: forsenE masterr876: @shadowfax71 master3G 🙌🏻 LidlUser: forsenE ? Monster5crak: elaOk Clap Stilgarius: @Thrisper elaWut Holy crap my 1 year old copy pasta is alive NosBleid: elaOk It_is_alive: elaOk EpicVertigo: PepeLaugh any bajs MrHeisenbergCZ: forsenE Turbulist: elaOk TheMarcFM: forsen1 forsen2 Nopileos: elaOk elaOk Stilgarius: @Thrisper Love you man elaOk elaHYUG dariaste: PixelBob retro_raiden: elaCozy yes kinda Trynchen: forsen1 masterr876: pepper pepeL sry im doing military stuff in the meantime easyeasy: Thrisper that as horrible elaOk HYPERCLAP daddywojo: bow? Thrisper: @Stilgarius ela12 pepeL kloowz: ela, can u show us your meal after this ? masterr876: split attention CleverName2: forsenE dont consecutive_normal_waffle: IKEALUL aim Sunshinewalker: PepeLaugh Thrisper: @easyeasy ela13 / sheen_estevezz: PepeHands talkman_: PepeLaugh EpicVertigo: PepeLaugh retro_raiden: bajs cuties cirBaka catzket: TriHard MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh juuumand: LULW Pepperpotty: Master how is it going? Can’t be much longer to go now? rofIcopter: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: PepeLaugh Nox15: PepeLaugh PLAZAx: YOINK Dancingbroccoli2: PepeLaugh radwimp: danKEK th0rmator: Heyo Ela and Chat elaCozy Hope you all have a good day today elaH easyeasy: Stilgarius it’s horrible, hope you are happy cuz of it elaOk HYPERCLAP infa_xd: would have been such a good clip PepeHands Bullet_: why are all the forsen subs over here not watching forsen’s stream atpCap Phantom_range: dont you have it already ela? easyeasy: th0rmator YOOO elaOk / shiion17: th0rmator elaH masterr876: still 5 months elaHYUK but it has gotten way more chill CleverName2: @th0rmator pepeL Yokaiin: PepeLaugh retro_raiden: @th0rmator elaCozy elaH galega6: th0rmator rooLove PhysiCle: @th0rmator elaH Kosmic_Eagle: @th0rmator elaH elaCozy Ansdr: @th0rmator Hello elaCozy doogPaw day is going okay I think elaOk Pepperpotty: Master that’s good to hear. HuntingGolem: Yoinking forsen subs Tryhard MikeLitoris6999: @Bullet_ nobody actualy watches forsen for the content LULW jsut for the chat chudysensei: @th0rmator sup waffleDude sheen_estevezz: @Bullet_ hes just resetting til hally i cba watching ComradeNerdy: th0rmator elaH Trynchen: @Bullet_ 4Shrug forsenE VineWood0604: STOP SENDING HEARTS elaMad masterr876: can leave on tuesday night next week bc we got nothing to do 4Head Pepperpotty: VineWood0604 elaH Kosmic_Eagle: NO elaMad RileyTaugorLUV: Hi chat hi strimr lobosHi lobosHi lobosHi Ansdr: !love VineWood0604 ๐Ÿ™‚ WrestlerBot2000: I love you, VineWood0604Ela, 2019 sheen_estevezz: YOU DONT WIN A MEME FIGHT LULW kriszzxd: elaK elaK Claw16: JUST IGNORE WTF LULW DVaWaifu: AYAYA Thrisper: Cant fight Chat elaK JustCallMeKelvin: CoolStoryBob lord_rimheart: but you like sailor moon elaHmm BluBlu_BluBlo: Latent weebs FeelsBadMan Deathmones: elaK imnotpotatoe: distNep Weebs troublematicc: Elias is just that tsundere AYAYA Mrtriggahigga: elaK VineWood0604: elaK sure elaK AlcatraZ567: elaK elaK Darth_Kredol: elaK jimjak94: elaK catzket: TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag TRUE Chag Bl00drav3n: that’s the fun part naroSmug Nopileos: elaK elaK razeghostparticle: that’s what a weeb would say captain_elsewhere: 4Head JUST 4Head BAN 4Head ALL 4Head THE 4Head WEEBS 4Head tallwhiteowl: weeb talk elaK Bifs: AYAYA shevraar: Kapp Komitern66: elaMad Corsad: 13 years old weeb LUL Rokjaw: Closet weeb AYAYA PhysiCle: elaK elaK ThatLuluTho: Weird hill to die on PepeLaugh razorxscooter: @Bl00drav3n Cutie elaISee Draegera: @Elajjaz how do you play Conkers bad fur day? (Emulator) LitPord: @Elajjaz then why not ban AYAYA huh Kappa ? DrHax_: Chat has the highground tho in this battle OMEGADOWN cheeze____: elaKek this will never stop will it Cerilysm: @Elajjaz You hurt my feelings PepeHands secret_buddy: that speech is anime is hell Hoady: Imagine being a weeb elaKek kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz you need upgrade pyro hand to +15? Yormuth: Kapp if it was true you would try to hide it Zalgovich: nice try, weeb zWettah: FIGHT ME WEEBS billyReady Leonardo565: weeb confirmed ๐Ÿ™‚ AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: it sounds liek youre OBSTRUCTING Chaton_Rose: tsundere Chag Thenastyraven: elaWOW elaISee elaB elaBlush elaYA SO MANY WEEB EMOTES AYAYA MUST BE A WEEB STREAM AYAYA 3liaz: vaaarför är du arg Res_Quant: fuck chat Dryd_keepomaster: I’m with you dude fuck weebs WeirdChamp vihainenkampela: seems like something a weeb would say LULW zellot72: HYUKAGE TeaandScones1337: in denial LUL bluewow: that’s what a weeb would say AYAYA ClaytonBigsbe: Hey @Elajjaz I heard you were a weeb. Can you confirm? Jaargan: LULW triggered by chat LULW raesh: TRIGGERED GreatTheDude: denial aiden041: @Elajjaz explain yakuza then Kapp emorium91: @elajjaz you only play nip games you weebg coryeti: sounds like something a weeb would say skraalQ: I play japanese games 90% of the times BUT I AM NOT A WEEB>Ela, 2019 elaK RealLifeTsundere: why is he being weird about it chat ? WeirdChamp zeltaOK: but you can like anime without being a weeb, actual weebs suck ass @Elajjaz Bl00drav3n: razorxscooter are you looking in a mirror naroWOW Riinegan: @Elajjaz so you get annoyed if I call you god gamer? cause that’s not true either LUL ZatomiczBR: Dont Call my FRIEND WEEB elaMad elaMad elaMad GoAkke: did ela just call weebs weak? LuL Bexhloop: the fact u get mad when u are called weeb, makes people wanna call u it more, just stop giving a shit LUL LegendaryArtist1: Thats coz you are ashamed to admit it PepeLaugh FatherOfGreyJedi: elaD elaPlan vryn124: ELA weeb AYAYA Bumblesnack: i’m not a weeb ela1 ela2 hadouken980: watches anime one time….isn’t a weeb…..riiiighhhttt MurderChaos: EXACTLY WHAT A WEEB WOULD SAY LUL @Elajjaz Funny_Story: @Elajjaz My friends watch your stream because I told them you’re a weeb Gniedelhorst: @Elajjaz you are a true wrestler billyReady Chartalord: weeb in denial PepeLaugh Drezak: we all know ela is a lier. says he isnt a weeb, didnt give away his channel…. SittingOx: @Elajjaz you say you are not a weeb but you played ALL the yakuza games 🤔 spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz If you adimit it they will actually quit chat works that way 5Head Kosmic_Eagle: imagine not being a weeb elaKek bukibuki2: i’m sure he has hentai stash Shrimpess: https://clips.twitch.tv/CaringDifficultQueleaNerfRedBlaster razorxscooter: elaOk Trigantix: but u love bunny from sailor moon @Elajjaz AYAYA MOOSE_08: @Elajjaz how did you maage to knock off 45 minutes?? swoglo: do you know that going to asylum is something only weebs do @Elajjaz ? Lemonsponge: “i’m not a weeb 🍅 ✋ ” -Weebajjaz 2019 bag4l1fe: AYAYA Clap sure Autumn_Flare: elaISee So what I gathered is, you’re a closet weeb elaISee Fafebobo: you only play japanese games, come on elaK Thrisper: If Ela is not a weeb how come he knows the theme song to Sailor Moon? elaHmm pilotcale: i watch your stream cause youre a weeb Freeloader259: i could swear that i saw you do a “dab” just earlier today while quoting some “animes” elaSneeze ClaytonBigsbe: Ela has body pillows FatherOfGreyJedi: Ela is weeb king ela7 ninjalive2: One of us Kappa kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz you are a cheater, we dont believe you Ela LULW shiion17: razorxscooter cutie elaWOW icysprinkles: imagine not realizing being a weeb AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: AYAYA ADMIT IT AYAYA PhysiCle: Come out the closet ela AYAYA vryn124: ELA AYAYA WEEB coryeti: I bet ela plays dating simulators off stream k4iley: elaMad not a weeb Cynthelre: widepeepoHappy LitPord: @Elajjaz isnt Yakuza an anime tho PepeLaugh ? Yozhhik: @MOOSE_08 cuzwr is 2 hors 41 or something HuntingGolem: i bet ela sleeps with a sailor moon body pillow elaWOW gczero: DEATH STRANDING release date trailer is out monkaW Ansdr: elaKek captain_elsewhere: well theres 2 easy answers either ban all the weebs or admit you are a weeb elaKek SerApollyon: LULW Cerilysm: Chat he hurt my feelings PepeHands Toxic Streamer ventomrly: How many achievments more? razorxscooter: @shiion17 Im not cute but you are elaOk cirPat 3liaz: if Ela isnt a weeb why does he look like one? hmmmm Naniyo: #ela Chartalord: if theres one thing thats worst than being a weeb, its being a weeb in denial LULW mrjones62: AYAYA DrHax_: If you rearrange the letters in the word Elajjaz you almost get the word weeb… coincidence? I think not 3Head lifemissle: @Elajjaz if you admit it you won’t have to fight it ceriSmart ExtremelyCold: why is there a mad tomato emote? Turbulist: Cerilysm PepeHands Mclunnainn: …that’s not asylum……? myfavoriteweeb: one of us AYAYA Naniyo: @Elajjaz You sure are cute for a normie AYAYA Fafebobo: elaMad HYPERCLAP Ansdr: Bah, he is not really a weeb tbh elaOk Valkata2200: Ela only plays japanese games and says i’m not a weeb LuL Bl00drav3n: just be comfy ela cirComfy sheen_estevezz: @ExtremelyCold elaMad why not Thenastyraven: Guys where is the naruto run clip? Ela needs to remember he is one of us AYAYA cheeze____: Ela is a MaN ly MaN Shrimpess: @Elajjaz there is no winning this conversation LULW Thrisper: LUL WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz quantumop: elaMad Starried: moon2H moon2H moon2H VineWood0604: elaMad Deathmones: elaK elaK elaK BritishPatternBalding: elaMad It_is_alive: LUL Boonda2: LULW wandering_pleb: elaMad Nopileos: elaMad Turbulist: elaMad TOMATO nekro793: elaMad 🍅 AlcatraZ567: elaMad Jaargan: elaMad Darth_Kredol: elaMad seydanator: elaMad Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! elaMad Simplyfied: LUL Bakureetsu: 🍅 Clap TonyValo: elaMad Ansdr: 🍅 quantumop: elaMad is a tomato just accept it Yuggod: elaMad any tomatos razorxscooter: As long as Ela doesnt turn into a furry then i have no problem elaOk Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Nopileos: elaMad elaMad AkaTsubaki_: 🍅 Clap Requious: mad tomato OMEGALUL SerApollyon: 🍅 kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz doesnt seem like asylum PepeLaugh LitPord: 🍅 It_is_alive: elaMad Chartalord: its definitely a tomato ThatLuluTho: New frogs PepeLaugh EbiVariance: 🍅 Jokimz: elaMad HYPERCLAP qajimaz: elaMad sheen_estevezz: elaMad elaGun Kananmuna1: elaMad TOMATO Schpoiink: elaMad i dont wanna be ketchup! astherlu: elaMad zorry4badinglsh: LULW JaynisK: Little Pebble Dude Kevintaku: take away the hat and all of a sudden its a tomato Mrtriggahigga: elaMad HYPERCLAP Nakamura_Shinichi: Why he got Jinx lips KevKov: Tomato Clap jimjak94: elaMad FatherOfGreyJedi: @valkata2200 elaKek radwimp: 🍅 Kosmic_Eagle: elaMad Autumn_Flare: elaMad TOMATO IS A FRUIT elaMad Kalgarrr: elaMad Yozhhik: yes it is lol elaMad Bl00drav3n: naroSmug mayushi10: PepeLaugh 👉 elaMad InfernalPigeon: 100% a tomato SerApollyon: LULW Nopileos: elaMad Gurnak: elaChug and this is for fortnite streams Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh Naniyo: elaWeird + 🍅=elaMad Whitesnake777: LUL quantumop: PepeHands AcidSaber: LULW Thrisper: MAD TOMATO elaMad salpo_nolobio: elaMad a toMADo LitPord: PepeHands Shrimpess: PepeHands Sunshinewalker: OMEGALUL AlcatraZ567: LULW Turbulist: PepeHands Kosmic_Eagle: LULW nekro793: elaBlush Dyres: LULW Nopileos: PepeHands VineWood0604: PepeHands Drachenreiter: elaMad ME FRUIT NOT VEGETABLE elaMad Deathmones: PepeLaugh xuukiii: AYAYA Boonda2: LOOOOL AlcatraZ567: PepeHands easyeasy: gczero interesting thing is that, box of this game dones’t have “ps4 only” elaHmm some maybe it’s gonna be on PC, kojima said it once but then he started avoiding questions Zanar18: LULW datdeathy: LUL Qviss: LUL Raidou_XIV: PepeHands Jaargan: LULW Ansdr: D: It_is_alive: OMEGALUL Arekska: elaWOW Nopileos: LUL Nakamura_Shinichi: Clap seydanator: elaB Yuggod: WHY AM I TOXIC Funny_Story: Toxic streamer advoccat: elaB Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh LitPord: T D: X I C kapustadrakon_: EXP OMEGALUL SED Nanashi_Sakamoto: EXPOSED AYAYA myfavoriteweeb: D: TOXIC Deathmones: elaMad TOXIC Shrimpess: D: atomicdestruction: Don’t talk to me or my son ever again elaMad 🍅 SkeletonKeyLimePie: why am I toxic IangIey: D: Fafebobo: T elaD X I C Visualocity: elaMad elaGun lets agree to disagree MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaD Turbulist: WHY AM I TOXIC PepeHands Kalgarrr: elaD Dyres: IGNORED OMEGALUL astherlu: TOXIC habeb_: OMEGALUL Murika_: D: Ajahi: WHY AM I TOXIC sasukek9: lol dudica1: WHY AM I TOXIC Nopileos: elaD Chartalord: T D: OXIC PhysiCle: TOXIC STREAMER elaMad Claw16: ! IMPRESSIVE ! KevKov: Toxic Streamer elaD quantumop: LMAO gold_dante: LULW Fullmetalcheese: elaYes advoccat: elaB elaB AkaTsubaki_: ElaSmash LazyNewb: PepeLaugh GoAkke: why am i toxic 😡 Fafebobo: ElaSmash Ansdr: NotLikeThis quantumop: elaYes V1PMONKEY: elaYes Clap k4iley: elaYes k0tashira: LULW Darth_Kredol: T elaMad XIC Nopileos: elaYes VineWood0604: ElaSmash CarthusSandworm: LULW Thenastyraven: elaYes Kananmuna1: Don’t talk to me or my son ever again elaMad 🍅 Shrimpess: LULW NosBleid: PepeHands PhysiCle: elaMad dudica1: stripPls mayushi10: PepeLaugh skraalQ: elaMad HYPERCLAP Wasyash: elaYes fakeirimi: ratirlPepe Pixel_hearts: TOXIC Streamer elaD Trigantix: split EbiVariance: LULW Dryd_keepomaster: YeahBoi 3liaz: elaMad elaMad elaMad easyeasy: elaMad TOMATO POTATO elaMad daddywojo: split Fullmetalcheese: elaYes elaGun Mrtriggahigga: LULW ticapril: LUL MurderChaos: TOXIC STRIMMER Nopileos: LULW TPH_MCMXCIX: D: Yuggod: WHY AM I TOXIC elaMad Jaargan: PJSalt elaMad pilotcale: LuL xHoneyBearx: just live 4HEad DrHax_: Serves you right for lying about your weeb-ism Kappa eyskyaldi: WHY AM I TOXIC triquez: yes skraalQ: elaMad HYPERCLAP elaMad HYPERCLAP qajimaz: elaB Ansdr: All because you were toxic elaFeels Fullmetalcheese: LULW roobertti97: PepeLaugh OH NONONO rofIcopter: elaMad Darth_Kredol: PJSalt JaynisK: bawkDoit criscomakesthefistgo: smokeFAIL Cynthelre: cmonBruh JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek quantumop: elaKek G1N_: @Elajjaz how do you reset your achievements? Piesito0: elaKe Lord_Solaire: elaKek Deathmones: elaK elaK Nopileos: elaKek Turbulist: LULW criscomakesthefistgo: smokeTEARS n3ro_4k: WEEB Kappa VineWood0604: PJSalt ElaSmash Freeloader259: I’M elaB NOT elaB A elaB WEEB elaB Thrisper: ela13 It_is_alive: PJSalt Jaargan: PJSalt PJSalt elaMad wevie1: unleash the salt HandsUp kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz do you need upgrade pyro hand to +15? Bl00drav3n: okay cirComfy cheeze____: I used to be a normal person elaWeird but then people started calling me things elaMad Piesito0: elaKek MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh Misericord: caleb1 caleb2 one_soggy_boy: 9000 hOurS Dyres: PJSalt DrHax_: monkaH Turbulist: PepeLaugh Simplyfied:elaWeird ->elaMad dudica1: This is a gachi only channel billyReady Bl00drav3n: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu VineWood0604: @Elajjaz NOTICE US CUITES elaYA Sunshinewalker: Not reading chat btw PepeLaugh Dyres: UPSETAJJAZ LULW Kananmuna1: I SAW IT therealrayleigh: HE LOOKED Nopileos: Sunshinewalker elaHYUG Stilgarius: @k4iley Hello Kailey elaHYUG Jokimz: You made this happen chat FeelsBadMan JoHoOoOo: elaKek Trynchen: Looking PepeHands Kevintaku: those eyes… those chat looking eyes ela1 LazyNewb: nepSmug totally not looking Schpoiink: Triggered streamer elaFeels nekro793: LULW kapustadrakon_: he’s looking PepeLaugh Ansdr: 6 elaFeels spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz YOU ARE GEI ZULUL k4iley: @Stilgarius elaHYUG ninjalive2: LUL Claw16: LULW Murika_: LULW NosBleid: he looked PepeLaugh Deathmones: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: hes looking PepeLaugh skraalQ: DONT LOOK AT US elaBlush Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh Dryd_keepomaster: PepeLaugh Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh Stilgarius: He cant live without us chat PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh dudica1: GACHI THE WEEBS AWAY billyReady GACHI THE WEEBS AWAY billyReady GACHI THE WEEBS AWAY billyReady GACHI THE WEEBS AWAY billyReady GACHI THE WEEBS AWAY billyReady GACHI THE WEEBS AWAY billyReady Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: PepeLaugh easyeasy: @razorxscooter i saw you in ataman chat ela1 rofIcopter: PepeLaugh nekro793: OMEGALUL Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Nopileos: Stilgarius pepeL Dryd_keepomaster: yes IangIey: yes durmiin: PepeLaugh @Elajjaz VineWood0604: elaYes Qviss: LULW Lagunaab: yes Bl00drav3n: naroBlush stop looking at me MurderChaos: Nice forsen imitation stream Kananmuna1: elaYes MOOSE_08: @Elajjaz what achievements do you have left?? mickeyos95: yes Kosmic_Eagle: yes Chartalord: PepeLaugh hes looking spike_the_space_cowboy: PepeLaugh i got him Stilgarius: @Nopileos elaHYUG Nopileos: Stilgarius elaH daddywojo: Kill Komitern66: PepeLaugh Yuggod: elaYes Rokjaw: PepeLaugh c0rnflex: PepeLaugh 👉 👀 Ansdr: PepeHands Claw16: PEEK A BOO LULW Nopileos: elaYes AlcatraZ567: D: AkaTsubaki_: D: myfavoriteweeb: D: Kosmic_Eagle: D: Lord_Solaire: elaD Darth_Kredol: elaD NosBleid: D: Brunault_: D: Trynchen: D: Dryd_keepomaster: rooD k4iley: D: radwimp: D: ThatLuluTho: D: Nopileos: D: Teddym4n: D: Bakureetsu: D: roobertti97: D: Funny_Story: D: Coil_Hype: D: Stilgarius: @Nopileos elaHYUG x2 Komitern66: D: Kransu: D: It_is_alive: D: Rokjaw: D: Nakamura_Shinichi: Peace bitch lord_rimheart: elaFeels Nopileos: Stilgarius elaH dudica1: D: Caput_Draconis: D: Bl00drav3n: cirD VineWood0604: elaD Chartalord: D. skraalQ: D: wandering_pleb: elaYes IangIey: D: Shrimpess: LULW Kananmuna1: D: KevKov: elaD WTH xIchigo: D: insomnia64: LUL Jaargan: elaD Ansdr: Farewell elaFeels AlcatraZ567: elaD ticapril: :O jimjak94: elaD Reddinator: D: blahblah158: D: astherlu: elaD Thenastyraven: elaD vryn124: D: Nopileos: elaD NosBleid: farewell D3rrtyD4n: buh bye LULW qajimaz: elaD Autumn_Flare: elaD Trynchen: Ela mad PepeHands Boonda2: woah D: EbiVariance: D: razorxscooter: @easyeasy elaOk atamEgg KLERR: SAVAGE Conkista: D: Fafebobo: so salty LULW PlayGamesForLyfe: D: skraalQ: D: D: MasterMalpercio: rooD Nopileos: D: Stilgarius: @Nopileos hyug x3 elaHYUG dubalobical: D: DmKotov: D: TPH_MCMXCIX: D: vihainenkampela: D: PepeHands skraalQ: D: not_wintermute: D: PlayGamesForLyfe: D: D: amaterasu_chase: D: Funny_Story: Pog D: wandering_pleb: elaD hew_hew: D: Karoozled: elaFeels ninjalive2: D: Kevintaku: ela looking at chat as he commits murder PepeHands Riinegan: @Elajjaz did you watch tekken top 8 at combo breaker ? Lagunaab: SHES STILL WARM THO elaThirst Nopileos: D: D: cheeze____: Let’s get elaCozy this run is almost at it’s end and you don’t have run through undead burg again Chag ! WolfEJ2309: elaD elaD elaD elaD elaD rooD rooD rooD rooD rooD rooD easyeasy: @razorxscooter elaGasm Komitern66: monkaW roobertti97: farewell PepeHands Stilgarius: PepeLaugh Gurnak: muted strim elaFeels Fafebobo: KevinTurtle monkaW Ansdr: elaWut anthic_bw: D: Raptoe: OMG Forsen OMEGALUL PlayGamesForLyfe: monkaW SkeletonKeyLimePie: elaWut Visualocity: Stilgarius elaH anneYay xyphrs: If u kill quelaag youre a weeb @Elajjaz sasukek9: you monster MasterMalpercio: rooD1 rooD2 MurderChaos: MUTED ??? Claw16: who cares LUL Thrisper: Ela hates us now FeelsBadMan Dastyn_: rooD1 rooD2 easyeasy: ela3 ela4 CleverName2: @Elajjaz why so elaMad D: Ansdr: He is not muted, just triharding ๐Ÿ™‚ Fullmetalcheese: dahliaPls Visualocity: rooD3 rooD4 Gurnak: 🔇 PepeHands Arekska: elaMad MurderChaos: Hey Ela I think you’re muted ๐Ÿ™‚ Dryd_keepomaster: rooD1 rooD2 skraalQ: Ela doesn’t love us anymore PepeHands Trynchen: He looked again PepeHands laststand66: why ela so toxic today? nrdyREE FatherOfGreyJedi: M elaD BudgetSolaire: I’M DEAF CHAT? monkaS Dastyn_: rooD3 rooD4 salpo_nolobio: rooD1 rooD2 mayushi10: ela3 ela4 Visualocity: rooD1 rooD2 salpo_nolobio: rooD3 rooD4 elaGun Thrisper: We pushed him too far PepeHands Nopileos: rooD1 rooD2 secret_buddy: ela is hangry Ansdr: doogMad nekro793: elaMad Boonda2: lmao Kananmuna1: ela1 ela2 easyeasy: chat Clap Fafebobo: ela3 ela4 Kananmuna1: ela3 ela4 Sunshinewalker: See what you did weebs? FeelsWeirdMan Ansdr: ela3 ela4 Arekska: elaB Ansdr: ela1 ela2 cheeze____: elaMad elaGun sasukek9: gg Visualocity: rooD Clap KLERR: EZ Nopileos: ela3 ela4 roobertti97: SwiftRage Marshell77: “this run allows me to read chat a lot”, and then he decides to ignore us Komitern66: ela1 ela2 ticapril: EZ TheMoltenGuy: @Sunshinewalker AYAYA Fafebobo: ela1 ela2 HiHawx: way to go chat FeelsWeirdMan NosBleid: ela1 ela2 secret_buddy: eat the food salpo_nolobio: lobos1 lobos2 Ralane: chat what is this pace like? NosBleid: ela3 ela4 Ansdr: ela3 ela1 darklink_430: what did you do chat? elaD Nopileos: ela1 ela2 Komitern66: ela3 ela4 HuntingGolem: dark souls is a weeb game cause its from japan. ela13 so in conclusion ela spent 9k hours on a weeb game ela13 ela confirmed weeb AYAYA mayushi10: ela1 ela2 Dastyn_: EZ Clap rooSmush WolfEJ2309: ela3 ela4 Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Thrisper: LULW plaisley: weebs ruin everything Yuggod: OMEGLOL Kevintaku: monkaW Doully92: PepeLaugh Fafebobo: elaOk MurderChaos: Deaf streamer quantumop: elaKek Caput_Draconis: LULW Komitern66: LULW Jaargan: LULW Nopileos: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh WolfEJ2309: LULW Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh Qviss: LULW so weak PhysiCle: Damn datdeathy: LULW NosBleid: PepeLaugh Chartalord: gonna send dakimakura LULW Deathmones: LULW Dryd_keepomaster: TALKING Pog astherlu: LULW It_is_alive: LULW Raizq: address then Zaldos: elaK Nopileos: LULW LULW skraalQ: @PhysiCle our hero ninjalive2: LULW Ansdr: elaFeels VentusNova_: Kappa Raizq: Kappa TheMoltenGuy: @PhysiCle I know his address if you want to send him stuff elaC dudica1: 2 hours away Kapp Jaargan: FeelsBadMan Trynchen: 2 hours monkaW Rush103rd: Kappa Funny_Story: Just give us your address then Drgaonborn: letter bomb razorxscooter: Watching Billy lay on the ground while fondling his nipples and playing with his dick together with twitch chat was quite the experience yesterday @Elajjaz elaOk LazyNewb: PepeUff DigitalZips: holy shit, 2 hours away for a PO box? damn Ralane: chat what is this pace like what is WR? VentusNova_: 2 hours Kapp Chartalord: just gimme your address bro Kappa Thenastyraven: interacting strimmer Pog Riinegan: @Elajjaz did you watch tekken top 8 at combo breaker ? PhysiCle: @Elajjaz Allright fair enough LULW k4iley: just doxx urself 4HEad Drgaonborn: Kappa triquez: Just drive there Ansdr: @razorxscooter elaWeird Stilgarius: Pog Doully92: elaK Rokjaw: Pog yalisseu: @Elajjaz Stop living in the arctic circle rooREE IangIey: FeelsGoodMan LazyNewb: Chag durmiin: Pog Arekska: elaK Nopileos: Pog Zanar18: Pog A_S_M_: just give address Kapp BudgetSolaire: @razorxscooter WeirdChamp Murika_: Pog Thrisper: Stranger Danger beware! Jaargan: in stockholm? elaHmm rinto: Why do you live in a wasteland? @Elajjaz Shrimpess: https://clips.twitch.tv/PunchyShortMonitorYee Jokimz: I feel like Gävle should be big enough for a po box elaHmm NosBleid: 4Hour sheen_estevezz: @Ralane wr in this category is like 2:41 i think cheeze____: He’s back Chag razorxscooter: elaOk Kevintaku: its worth for a bodypillow Kapp FatherOfGreyJedi: IT TALKS elaD Autumn_Flare: elaWOW ninjalive2: Pog skraalQ: 4h trip for sailor moon dakimakura? WORTH IT MurderChaos: MAYBE ITS WORTH IT blackhase7: blackhase7 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! hi ๐Ÿ™‚ WrestlerBot2000: @blackhase7 You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE blackhase7 POGGERS Trigantix: its a worth 1 in a month trip i guess @Elajjaz Keepo Ansdr: ๐Ÿ™‚ Ralane: @sheen_estevezz holy hell! PhysiCle: @TheMoltenGuy HAHA really? elaC HuntingGolem: just move to a closer location 4Head Qviss: this used to be a muted stream PepeHands MaTja1: 4hours every month does not seem to bad tbh 🤔 but i guess you do have a busy schedule Elmeit: layers of fear waiting room cykaJAM dudica1: @Elajjaz Just tell us your address so we can send stuff straight there Kapp FuelledByJordan: @Elajjaz Can we have your home address instead? pepeLaugh Myareska: ๐Ÿ™‚ Bakureetsu: ๐Ÿ™‚ Drachenreiter: how does your city not have po boxes ela, that doesn’t even make sense MahoHuh GoldenFlame1: ๐Ÿ™‚ ticapril: ๐Ÿ™‚ Riinegan: @Elajjaz did you watch tekken top 8 at combo breaker ? k4iley: ๐Ÿ™‚ BudgetSolaire: FeelsOkayMan I CAN HEAR AGAIN IangIey: ๐Ÿ™‚ spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz Lets rub our fat brains togetther 5Head Nopileos: ๐Ÿ™‚ Bl00drav3n: hallo ๐Ÿ™‚ Arekska: ๐Ÿ™‚ Autumn_Flare: ๐Ÿ™‚ mateator: Just pay someone to go for it Kosmic_Eagle: ๐Ÿ™‚ TheMoltenGuy: @PhysiCle yeah because stuff like that is public information in Sweden PepeLaugh Thrisper: XD Trynchen: elacheer100 elacheer100 elacheer100 elacheer100 elacheer100 I can’t afford myself a sub but I have those lying around here and I dont know what to do with them Kappa I believe you not being a weeb😡>elaMad HiHawx: @EmptyHandedXIV it’s a baby game ๐Ÿ™‚ secret_buddy: just dont get hit TheDIOtone: shield % run 4onimusha4: SHIELD BASH THE A S S fabulwesen_: @EmptyHandedXIV yeah, it’s great. getting better is the best part about the game Kosmic_Eagle: all achievements @Kalinmir Doully92: ElaSmash Valkata2200: He knows Pog Fafebobo: ElaSmash Murika_: elaYA quantumop: elaMad slaynplay: but dont you have to light and sit at bonfire to warp later @Elajjaz Kananmuna1: elaMad Ansdr: @EmptyHandedXIV Also Dark Souls 3 seems better than the other 2 mechanically wise>.>Jaargan: elaMad Drachenreiter: so calm ๐Ÿ™‚ silver6ird: plis Nopileos: ElaSmash Golden04: ElaSmash fabulwesen_: elaGasm Kusocheg: elaMad quantumop: LMAO Murika_: LULW Fafebobo: OMEGADOWN Bl00drav3n: naroWhat Nakamura_Shinichi: LULW It_is_alive: elaGasm GoldenFlame1: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW nekro793: LULW wandering_pleb: ElaSmash Yuggod: OMEGLOL IangIey: OMEGALUL 4onimusha4: ULU MarauderHealth: LUL Chartalord: LULW Nopileos: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Boonda2: LOOOOL Rokjaw: LULW meeki93: LUL Lord_Solaire: elaKek Coil_Hype: OMEGALUL Reddinator: danKEK LUL_is_a_emote_for_kids: LOL Gwektro: LOLOL Bakureetsu: LULW Dryd_keepomaster: OMEGADOWN Doully92: LULW rofIcopter: OMEGADOWN Ageingyoungrebel: LULW Nopileos: LUL VentusNova_: ElaSmash Kransu: LULW PokerDweebz: LULW Polebegood: OMEGADOWN auesis: OMEGALUL Ansdr: D: insomnia64: LULW quantumop: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA cerulis: LULW ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh rinto: OMEGLOL roobertti97: LULW basedust: LULW Lemonsponge: LULW Swift_chamois: WOW Nopileos: LULW CarthusSandworm: LULW Jaargan: LULW DimTree: Pog Thorgrimar: ^^ Kalinmir: LuL atomicdestruction: ElaSmash Freddieze: LUL Bl00drav3n: that’s a first naroXD Gronaldo44: HAHAHHAHAHA doeskungenevenlift: danO eyskyaldi: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad Nakamura_Shinichi: Clap yamasa2000: Jebaited Aidan93: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LuL Skeptical_Reptile: gachiBOP quantumop: that was sick skraalQ: OK GOOD LULW dudica1: ElaSmash Zanar18: LULW lord_rimheart: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad imnotpotatoe: distOmega dubalobical: LULW LULW raesh: HAHAHAHAHAHA StygianSky_: LULW Mrtriggahigga: OMEGADOWN gsumbreon: LUL Dastyn_: lulw FanHeiBai: OMEGALUL grimmzy: damn, son easyeasy: elaKek THIS RNG Nopileos: LULW Defahgo: NotLikeThis saugo: elaMad 3liaz: LULW cerulis: DUDE LUL Gilgamezh: LUL Turbulist: LULW Dimleyy: hhAHahahahah 4onimusha4: LUL MarauderHealth: HandsUp IangIey: elaSmash MurderChaos: SNIPED AWetDreamcast: LULW silver6ird: LULW NovusA1: CLIP IT hew_hew: OMEGADOWN Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Nopileos: LUL jaquescamarao: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW HOLY SHIT skraalQ: GOOD LULW MORFHI: ElaSmash VA FAN Doully92: ElaSmash wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh LazyNewb: monkaH masehh: LUL Visualocity: LULW Wwaaaz: I N S A N E POGGERS raaaaawkete: LUL LUL LUL TPH_MCMXCIX: elaSmash Nopileos: LULW rofIcopter: ElaSmash Golden04: ElaSmash ElaSmash ElaSmash Valkata2200: Anyone got the elasmash clip? janisfff: LULW Javiu_: LUL Dokiash: OMEGADOWN datdeathy: OMEGADOWN KevKov: OMEGALUL Deathmones: ElaSmash AkaTsubaki_: ElaSmash MartinVP: how? Nuubster1: SNIPED It_is_alive: PepeHands Drachenreiter: calm ๐Ÿ™‚ Komitern66: elaMad skraalQ: elaSmash FanHeiBai: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW quantumop: becoming a tomato now elaMad Ansdr: I’ve never seen this FeelsGoodMan guilhermeotr: Be calm and do it again! HuntingGolem: 🍅 + 😡=elaMad TheZecaUrubu: “BE CALM AND DO IT AGAIN” Kananmuna1: Just be calm and do it again @Elajjaz ๐Ÿ™‚ Sparkhunter3377: reeeee? StaynFr0sty_: what are the fkn chances lmfao Lhyroy: nice shot LUL Nakamura_Shinichi: SALTY AF OMEGADOWN VineWood0604: ElaSmash elaMad Jokimz: Omega-uff PepeUff DrDrago87: ๐Ÿ˜€ Kransu: Only a real weeb would die there Jaargan: ElaSmash Yokaiin: someone clip it Kappa SonicatorTV: ElaSmash Noquiem: I looked away for a sec, what hit him LuL nekro793: at least you didn’t lose money betting subs ๐Ÿ™‚ Boonda2: Pepega SPEED Pepega RUN Pepega Murika_: ElaSmash MattDawg08: elaKek Komitern66: ElaSmash 3liaz: arg för dåligt Nopileos: ElaSmash skraalQ: ElaSmash THTales: ElaVator FubR_: elaMad elaMad elaMad IangIey: PepeUff BudgetSolaire: ElaSmash FITTA Shrimpess: https://clips.twitch.tv/PunchyShortMonitorYee tito3211: SNIPED ニューハーフ: damn why ela dies in so unexpected places Bakureetsu: ElaSmash quantumop: tomato speedrunner elaMad Reddinator: PepeLaugh 👉 PJSalt IINellis: Hidden body 1999riky: x1999rPOOP Thrisper: asmon1 asmon2 Thrisper: asmon3 asmon4 Nopileos: Clap Bl00drav3n: cirComfy haaaa Yuggod: elaMad VineWood0604: WutFace IangIey: Clap Fafebobo: Clap lgLighter: Look at those 44 min time saves though :^) Bakureetsu: Clap GimiJam: Clap Ansdr: monkaW MOOSE_08: @Elajjaz which split did you drop 45 minutes on? Zanar18: LULW Thrisper: ela13 Jaargan: OMEGALUL PhysiCle: Asmongold WutFace Clap jokerrrr_madness: elaBruv StaynFr0sty_: @Elajjaz what are the chances lol i feel bad for laughing Kosmic_Eagle: Clap sspp_assassin: Sup, Ela av you download network test for code vein+ PlayGamesForLyfe: monkaW Breath GenuineLGN: so, is this ugh… is this still a sub 3:30 run PepeLaugh wandering_pleb: ElaSmash elaMad ElaSmash skraalQ: sodium amount increasing NotLikeThis Jaargan: breath ela LULW HuntingGolem: FeelsTomatoMan elaMad Pyrkin: watch your back! ๐Ÿ™‚ ilovehandmadepottery: OMEGALUL Schpoiink: elaWOW all these weeb emotes Valkata2200: Anyone got the ela smash Clip? MaksimNewfield: elaWOW Golden04: PepeLaugh Bl00drav3n: cirSlain Gwektro: LMAO IangIey: LUL GenuineLGN: elaKek quantumop: elaKek Radausfall: @Elajjaz get your rage pillow from sekiro ^^ Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh Fafebobo: PepeLaugh NosBleid: PepeLaugh Chartalord: PepeLaugh Komitern66: LULW Nopileos: PepeLaugh Denact: LOL ThatLuluTho: Kapp DrSIurp: PepeLaugh Chaton_Rose: Jebaited Jaargan: elaWut DigitalZips: https://clips.twitch.tv/UglyPatientDiamondTheRinger Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Ansdr: PTSD BibleThump Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh PokerDweebz: PepeLaugh 2 ElementalJoints: monkaS iamjustablur: LULW HuntingGolem: LULW PlayGamesForLyfe: monkaW Fullmetalcheese: elaYes Nopileos: LULW wandering_pleb: elaWOW roobertti97: PepeLaugh Captain_PogChamp: PepeLaugh Deathmones: monkaW ilovehandmadepottery: PepeLaugh ilovehandmadepottery: ElaUff salpo_nolobio: TON TON Thenastyraven: https://clips.twitch.tv/ColdbloodedPopularLlamaTakeNRG nekro793: ton ton ton TaBeRu Fullmetalcheese: LULW PlayGamesForLyfe: monkaW monkaW monkaW ACTUAL PTSD imnotpotatoe: PepeUff DragonflyJoe: PepeLaugh silver6ird: tonton Defahgo: DUN secret_buddy: durrr snoowiiee: LUL RandonLoLPlayer: TON Chartalord: don don don FeelsPepoMan Ansdr: monkaW Nopileos: DUN yamasa2000: ๐Ÿ™ WrestlerBot2000: NeverLucky|Clip No.11| https://clips.twitch.tv/TrappedOriginalLadiesMoreCowbell BabyRage Fafebobo: PepeUff Valkata2200: DUN DUN DUN kapustadrakon_: HE LOSING IT monkaW PhysiCle: Blood pressure rising monkaW elaMad Komitern66: monkaW Ansdr: PepeS BudgetSolaire: monkaS HE’S GONE sloggyx: my god this part is so fucked up Reddinator: !clip 50 Jaargan: chill run btw monkaW WrestlerBot2000: ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ Try a number from 1 to 47 or text name of the clip! For full list of clips and additional info visit: http://comradenerdy.com/ela/clips.html vihainenkampela: body temp going up monkaW Saint_Andre: Did Ela watch DS trailer? Ansdr: elaEZ Thrisper: Pog Bakureetsu: Pog Ageingyoungrebel: hard game LULW secret_buddy: ez Kosmic_Eagle: elaEZ Fafebobo: Saint_Andre not yet marshalmv: Pog? Qviss: wtf ela has glasseson that clip sheen_estevezz: elaEZ Yuggod: *music stops* advoccat: LUL Nopileos: elaEZ azureTreble: Pog destroyed ilovehandmadepottery: POGPOGPOGPOGPOGPOGPOGPOG the_firekeeper: pogu BudgetSolaire: ez wandering_pleb: Chag PokerDweebz: H O L L O W V I C T O R Y lochlan1414: no @Saint_Andre captain_elsewhere: theres a new dark souls ? Raizq: u weebs call this a hard game? Defahgo: Dark Soul is hard? Drachenreiter: he wears contacts on stream qviss samewousogoja: FOGGERS Flutschfingerz: !wr ilovehandmadepottery: ELAJJAZ GOD GAMER Doully92: elaK VineWood0604: elaK Drachenreiter: ela HATES people who wear glasses so refuses to wear them elaWeird Kananmuna1: Ok ๐Ÿ™‚ Jaargan: elaK Ansdr: 📝 elaISee jimjak94: ELIAS YOU A GOD Nopileos: elaK Reddinator: AYAYA SonicatorTV: elaISee sournuts1: I was here when ela did things Zaldos: Chag Doully92: monkaW Golden04: Chag Shrimpess: Chag Thrisper: Pog Clap sheen_estevezz: OOOF Requious: Chag Fafebobo: monkaW IangIey: Chag k4iley: Pog Kosmic_Eagle: Chag Minn_Minn: Chag Yuggod: monkaW Nopileos: Chag Bakureetsu: Pog NosBleid: AYAYA WAN TU Gurnak: WAN AYAYA TU AYAYA Ansdr: PepeUff Rokjaw: Chag easyeasy: WAN AYAYA TU AYAYA Kananmuna1: OOF Jaargan: Chag razorxscooter: Ela in glasses gachiBASS azureTreble: Chag lord_rimheart: elaYA Ansdr: Kapp Sourcehunter: PepeUff Nopileos: Chag Chag LazyNewb: Chag Minn_Minn: T Mrtriggahigga: Chag Komitern66: T Kananmuna1: WAN TU elaYA Jokimz: That MarioParty clip LuL Skeptical_Reptile: T Defahgo: T THTales: The angles mmmmmmmm Kosmic_Eagle: T nekro793: WAN AYAYA TU AYAYA PepeUff keppana666: 4th grader strats xD Shrimpess: T Lagunaab: Ela which swedish recipe would you recommend to a food traveler ? KappatainHindsight: I sell glasses ๐Ÿ™‚ Nopileos: T WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Edition, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz Funny_Story: Well, what is it? HuntingGolem: ela + glasses=5Head Yokaiin: Chag Defahgo: T-ing Doully92: elaHYUK nekro793: elaHYUK Yuggod: elaHYUK astherlu: elaHYUK Kosmic_Eagle: elaHYUK Caput_Draconis: elaHYUK Deathmones: elaHYUK ilovehandmadepottery: OMEGALUL It_is_alive: elaHYUK durmiin: FeelsPepoMan Nopileos: elaHYUK wandering_pleb: elaHYUK Kevintaku: hi Jaargan: elaHYUK Valkata2200: @Elajjaz your pretty weeb for a streamer Kappa LazyNewb: FeelsPepoMan Golden04: FeelsPepoMan Kalgarrr: elaHYUK Kananmuna1: Lagunaab köttbullar ๐Ÿ™‚ Jdalker_trololo: elaHYUK AkihikoSanada1: hallo sournuts1: ela what thing would you do if you did a thing samewousogoja: RAWR XD ChickenZePoop: monkaW BigDTwi: elaWut elaGun Sourcehunter: rawr Xd ilovehandmadepottery: Rawrrrr EbiVariance: 💿 Clap BudgetSolaire: 0w0 Zanar18: RAWR XD Lagunaab: @Kananmuna1 i’ll check it out ! Nopileos: rawr Xd Chartalord: rawr ecks dee Shrimpess: https://clips.twitch.tv/PunchyShortMonitorYee Kalinmir: wtf? AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: AYAYA Ela is not a weeb, he is a weeb ally Denact: rawr OwO k0tashira: Farewell. IangIey: rawrrrrr ElementalJoints: farewell! Sourcehunter: My name is Ela elaOk I like to cheat elaOk I dupe my items elaOk and I say yeet elaOk BudgetSolaire: 7u7 TheZecaUrubu: @Elajjaz have you considered replacing elaOP with the frampt “Feed” icon? Minn_Minn: anyways PepeHands Kananmuna1: RAWR Jdalker_trololo: why u dupe if u dont need souls PepeLaugh PlayGamesForLyfe: why does it matter if he loses souls if he can just dupe more ? CasualJojo: Cheater Kappa KappatainHindsight: Cheating PepeHands Skeptical_Reptile: cheating the game and yourself WeirdChamp Zaldos: Fairw Defahgo: wut is that amount of souls!!! kaji_11: ???? kapustadrakon_: @PlayGamesForLyfe matter of time BudgetSolaire: 💿 Clap MY MAN ChickenZePoop: elaOP Clap VineWood0604: elaOP TheGoldenCobra: elaOP SonicatorTV: elaOP kevin99gh: i want green hat emote squadREE REEEEEEEEEEEEE Visualocity: @Sourcehunter nrdyKek Nopileos: elaOP loooooooltyler1: YOU LOOK LIKE EROBB Ageingyoungrebel: elaOP Kananmuna1: elaOP HYPERCLAP Murika_: elaOP Clap k4iley: elaOP is best Thrisper: elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk I DIE TO ARTORIAS elaOk I DUPE MY ITEMS elaOk AND SAY OOFAS elaOk NosBleid: elaOP loooooooltyler1: EROBB IS THAT YOU quantumop: elaOP is sick why would it be replaced Visualocity: elaOP Zaldos: elaOP StrafeMachine: Has ela watched the new death stranding trailer yet? MOOSE_08: 44M souls elaGasm infa_xd: elaC Birthright_Redux: whew those time saves Nopileos: elaOP elaOP TheRipMan: @minn_minn ZFG viewer calebK cerulis: @StrafeMachine no SerApollyon: D: Allebin: D: Deathmones: LULW k4iley: D: Bakureetsu: D: Birthright_Redux: derust% Bawlah: elaD AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: Clap Brunault_: D: Golden04: D: Ageingyoungrebel: JustDoIt LOOOOOL Chaton_Rose: D: Kananmuna1: D: Nopileos: D: loooooooltyler1: D: ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh LazyNewb: PepeLaugh Jaargan: elaD Thenastyraven: LULW captain_elsewhere: all achievements you glitch souls to get all the spells n shit Defahgo astherlu: elaD Kosmic_Eagle: D: kapustadrakon_: 4House LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL DigitalZips: Damn. Gottem synergie001: BALD MIDGET Thamanos: What is WR time? 1h? loooooooltyler1: i will sue you i feel offended BudgetSolaire: D: HYPERCLAP StrafeMachine: cerulis thanks Kevintaku: BigBrother BigDTwi: Ela? more like pepega elaGa Murika_: LULW tyler1 discount code alpha vihainenkampela: erobb is lidl ela LULW Jubular: elaOP LUL_is_a_emote_for_kids: lol quantumop: lmao Doully92: cmonBrother WOT Fafebobo: cmonBrother Skeptical_Reptile: KKona Golden04: IKEALUL loooooooltyler1: oh he got me UltraWindow: elaSneezed on Sunshinewalker: KKona Clap IangIey: KKona Ageingyoungrebel: OMEGALUL MURICA Gronaldo44: cmonBruh Reddinator: True LULW Kevintaku: saved Minn_Minn: sweden has no laws PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: LULW NosBleid: cmonBrother Deathmones: cmonBrother wha Claw16: KKona Jaargan: KKona RandonLoLPlayer: IKEALUL Clap easyeasy: cmonBrother WTF BROTHER AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: PepeHands trapped in sweden LazyNewb: IKEALUL Clap Worgane: THE MOTHERLAND SWEDEN! elaOk Kananmuna1: AND SWEDEN ISN’T PK HUH? LULW ATruthfulLiar18: ANELE somekindofgoth: IKEALUL lifemissle: @Elajjaz that’s even worse PhysiCle: cmonBrother Fafebobo: cmonBrother chu say cmygo: sverige OMEGALUL Murika_: KKona brothers BudgetSolaire: EROBB IS NA ELA LULW Jarepiste: tyler1O tyler1O DrSIurp: Implying sweden is any better PepeLaugh Senor_Ding_Dong: swedistan kapustadrakon_: IN SVIDEEEN kapilhaz: no law suits swe Doully92: cmonBrother Kalinmir: you go to gulag in sweden Jarepiste: ‘ WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz azureTreble: LULW k0tashira: cmonBrother Rotato42: elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk MY SPLITS ARE NEAT elaOk I DUPE MY ITEMS elaOk AND I SAY YEET elaOk k4iley: ill sue u @Elajjaz Mavez0r: why not KKona Birthright_Redux: 2h41m is WR AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: yes you can? Claw16: ARIGHT ARIGHT KKona 젊은흑신: cant sue WutFace Yuggod: cmonBrother wtf why not NosBleid: I can ๐Ÿ™‚ Kananmuna1: elaGa IN SVIIDEN kjelsk: Kapp Murika_: watch me elaK consecutive_normal_waffle: i can ๐Ÿ™‚ HuntingGolem: ela lives in hidden IKEA village IangIey: cmonBrother wh pngt1: KKona Ill sue you bitch BudgetSolaire: KKona CHU SAY Sabertore: NA OMEGADOWN Visualocity: KKona alright alright now FatherOfGreyJedi: ELA ELAAAA AYEEEEEE elaGasm Ralock: How dare you not be murican? I’ll sue you TweenTipp: elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk MY SPLITS ARE NEAT elaOk I DUPE MY ITEMS elaOk AND I SAY YEET elaOk kevin99gh: @wrestlerbot2000 ima sue you squadM jm_boc: Yes we can!! Worgane: SVIIDEN is the greatest country on this planet elaOk Skeptical_Reptile: KKona Urapeons ain’t got freedom lifemissle: @Elajjaz but you can be arrested for being offensive ๐Ÿ™‚ captain_elsewhere: oh god that made me laugh way too hard HuntingGolem MOOSE_08: Sweden deals with crimes with DS2 PvP Drachenreiter: bad opinions train pulled into station WeirdChamp docstream: elaOk zorry4badinglsh: KKona i can sue whoever i want Jubular: extradite this guy cmonBrother uNintendoed: elaOk MY NAME IS ELA elaOk MY SPLITS ARE NEAT elaOk I DUPE MY ITEMS elaOk AND I SAY YEET elaOk PepeLaugh AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: you cant sue ppl the government just throws you in jail instead OMEGALUL Doully92: VaN NosBleid: D: easyeasy: VaN IangIey: VaN PLAZAx: D: PhysiCle: elaD Nopileos: VaN VineWood0604: gachiGASM KevKov: elaD Dryd_keepomaster: cursing Feelsw Birthright_Redux: giv borehead ThatLuluTho: VaN Clap Rokjaw: D: Thamanos: @Birthright_Redux ok thanx. On speedrun.com its lower. fabulwesen_: @Elajjaz Imagine if game of thrones was writte by Geore Hard R. Martin BudgetSolaire: D: HYPERCLAP DrSIurp: ASS WE CAN vihainenkampela: VaN 300 bucks baby kevin99gh: @elajjaz EVER tried VR dark soul mod? RandonLoLPlayer: !fuck BOAR WrestlerBot2000: FUCK YOU, BOAR gachiDAMA Cerilysm: WOOT sournuts1: distAww samewousogoja: Real speedrunners are starting to look down on runners who use glitches… BobbyBigPlays: Hidden body is just a rip off of gachiins sugar HuntingGolem: @Elajjaz next meme stream when? Valkata2200: @fabulwesen_ no way, that would be much better Pog Claw16: PRAISE Jubular: elaK Reddinator: !clip 30 ThatLuluTho: HandsUp WrestlerBot2000: Tent|Clip No.30| https://clips.twitch.tv/HilariousQuaintGooseMcaT TheDIOtone: 44 mil souls LUL chudysensei: @HuntingGolem you mean next “music” stream? Doully92: elaK cheesusnotagain: Kappa vihainenkampela: Keepo Worgane: @samewousogoja ”Real” elaKek Gilgamezh: LUL PhysiCle: elaK Schpoiink: MY NAME IS ELA elaOk AND I SAY SHIEET elaOk BATHE IN NUTELLA elaOk ALL RECORDS BEAT elaOk Nopileos: elaK NosBleid: PepeLaugh Jubular: elaB elaBlush elaWOW CasualJojo: This might take some time Kappa Deathmones: rip 5 dollars Yuggod: elaK Lord_Solaire: elaK Gronaldo44: not a weeb Kappa jimjak94: elaK Shrimpess: Kapp Murika_: elaYA weeb streamer elaYA Turbulist: elaK Zanar18: elaK Eclypsia_TV: Kappa nekro793: elaK you can sub Whitesnake777: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK Kosmic_Eagle: elaK Turbulist: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK DimTree: hey ela what your favorite hentai? astherlu: elaK crashtestisland: elaK Birthright_Redux: @Thamanos for all achievements? I see the same time there AkaTsubaki_: he s not Kapp BudgetSolaire: Kapp core_value_marie: The eye can’t see more than 30 fps Dimleyy: ela weeb? Funny_Story: @Elajjaz If you read this you’re a weeb Arekska: elaK Jaargan: elaK elaK elaK elaK elaK TPH_MCMXCIX: elaK mon_dieud: quick to deny there huh? Kappa Fafebobo: ResidentSleeper Nopileos: elaK jimjak94: MY NAME IS ELA elaOk AND I SAY SHIEET elaOk BATHE IN NUTELLA elaOk ALL RECORDS BEAT elaOk Jubular: elaB 👈 elaK Valkata2200: @Elajjaz tell us the kitkat story then Kappa Sourcehunter: @Elajjaz Would you rather have a masculine girlfriend or an androgynous boyfriend? gachiBASS ThatLuluTho: Closet weeb PepeLaugh yamasa2000: @chat VoteYea if ela is a weeb somekindofgoth: AYAYA Cerilysm: @Elajjaz What do you consider Sailor Moon then? Worgane: I DISKONNEKTED Odins_pecs: billyReady weebs out billyReady Doully92: gachiBASS HYPERCLAP Fafebobo: gachiBASS Yuggod: @Elajjaz elaK is your best emote, the passive aggressiveness is just right elaK Murika_: gachiBASS absolutely_not_haram: are those souls hax? DigitalZips: ffs twitch Jubular: gachiGASM KappatainHindsight: Get new cord, new mouse, new controller Thenastyraven: elaBlush elaISee elaB elaWOW elaYA wdym so many weeb emotes AYAYA must be a weeb stream AYAYA MOOSE_08: Why are you guys being such buttholes to ela LUL tHaH4x0r: Kitkat up bum elaGasm elaGasm raaaaawkete: VoteNay Doully92: elaK quantumop: elaK ChickenZePoop: elaK Worgane: elaK NosBleid: elaK Gurnak: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK Lagunaab: not even at dreamhack ? Kapp Gilgamezh: elaK infa_xd: elaK Turbulist: elaK fabulwesen_: elaMad elaMad elaMad TheGoldenCobra: elaK lord_rimheart: elaK eremiter: elaK Caput_Draconis: elaK BadassSilence: elaK qajimaz: elaK Shrimpess: LULW Sunshinewalker: PepeLaugh dudica1: elaK Thamanos: @Birthright_Redux /facepalm, I missed all achievements.. Thanx. Nopileos: elaK Jaargan: elaK nekro793: elaK cur_ley: LULW IangIey: LUL Deathmones: elaK yeah sure Dr_Jan_Itor: elaK Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh atomicdestruction: elaK Mrtriggahigga: elaK Fafebobo: elaK Qviss: LULW Dismal_Arkt: elaK Murika_: elaK Jokimz: LuL Reddinator: LULW TRUE Kosmic_Eagle: elaK Bawlah: elaK MaksimNewfield: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK Meximus322: elaK ClaytonBigsbe: elAk Zanar18: elaK Thenastyraven: elaK uNintendoed: elaK crashtestisland: elaK DigitalZips: elaK Tapio89: elaK Lord_Solaire: elaK tandrel: elaK TheZecaUrubu: elaK so what LazyNewb: PepeLaugh ClaytonBigsbe: elaK Nopileos: elaK KappatainHindsight: elaK not awful astherlu: elaK Pochiie_: Pochiie_ subscribed at Tier 1. Dryd_keepomaster: Kapp FatherOfGreyJedi: elaHmm Heksyll: elaK Yuggod: elaK WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Pochiie_ the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM vihainenkampela: LULW Jubular: where is elaKitKat? Ajahi: elaK JubJubWantRubRubs: elaK NosBleid: elaK elaK Whitesnake777: elaK KevKov: true PepeLaugh Doully92: elaK elaK CHR92: elaK PhysiCle: Sure elaK Meximus322: elaK elaK Nopileos: SUB HYPE Pochiie_ elaA It_is_alive: elaK Visualocity: elaK Dismal_Arkt: perfect emote elaK Tycen: elaK RandonLoLPlayer: TRUE LULW EvaNoctis: elaK Sure secret_buddy: be nice to ela Ka_baL: elaK JaynisK: bawkGlad Nopileos: elaK elaK DrHax_: CoolStoryBob Minn_Minn: elaK you mad? cur_ley: VaN Pajki13: LUL he subbrf Deathmones: TRUE LULW Babanusch: elaK Meximus322: VaN Yuggod: VaN NosBleid: VaN Fafebobo: WOO VaN Murika_: VaN Arekska: elaK PhysiCle: VaN quantumop: nice vihainenkampela: VaN ! astherlu: VaN+ PLAZAx: VaN Nopileos: VaN Doully92: TRUE elaK LUL Worgane: Sure, talking smack again elaK EvaNoctis: VaN skudududufru: elaK Thenastyraven: elaK wow really ExStorm67: @absolutely_not_haram no he duped stuff and sells it MORFHI: VaN Turbulist: VaN IangIey: NaM VineWood0604: WOO Sourcehunter: HandsUp ThatLuluTho: VaN Dismal_Arkt: VaN cheeze____: it’s absolutely AWFUL yet I use it too elaKek Qviss: PASSIVE Kapp Ajahi: VaN Nopileos: VaN VaN Odins_pecs: VaN Lucius_Voidwalker: Lucius_Voidwalker subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months! TheH3llraiser: VaN lanndend: VaN Lagunaab: that’s why it’s so great elaK WrestlerBot2000: @Lucius_Voidwalker I wouldn’t be able to last 4 minutes with you elaDM PsyceSB: TRUE LULW Jaargan: VaN IzmAYAYA: VaN Rust_n: VaN dudica1: VaN HYPERCLAP Kosmic_Eagle: VaN Mrtriggahigga: VaN chudysensei: VaN WOO nekro793: AYAYA confirmed Nopileos: SUB HYPE Lucius_Voidwalker POGGERS King_Insane: he figured it out elaWut Jokimz: Chat would be so calm if it was removed LuL Visualocity: VaN Zaldos: VaN KappatainHindsight: ruyuPEPAYA AYAYA elaYA ruyuAYAYA rica235: @Elajjaz I love you hoodie! And I love youPokemon Jaargan: elaGa lord_rimheart: so what? Yuggod: yes AYAYA kapustadrakon_: I saw but didnt watch LULW @Elajjaz naczelnyinternetu: shaman king Nopileos: elaGa Shrimpess: yes AYAYA TRDarkslayer: DRAGONBALL Thrisper: D: Naniyo: AYAYA WE KNOW CrazyKidGo: Elajjaz so are you elaK LazyNewb: nepSmug Clap juicecfruit: we know AYAYA cmygo: yu gi oh Pog Wwaaaz: Super mario ‘anime’ LULW SerApollyon: PROJECTING LULW floooooof: AYAYA Clap nekro793: and so are you AYAYA AWetDreamcast: But we can admit it J0hnnyBlade: 5Head Albin_Alligator: AYAYA fenniksss: HEY ELA, I GOT YOUR ASS https://clips.twitch.tv/ProtectiveGenerousHorseSMOrc Gronaldo44: CUTE CHAT AYAYA AkaTsubaki_: yes AYAYA astherlu: yeah, i am not ashamed, i am a weeb @Elajjaz cup0vjoe: atpCap VineWood0604: elaYA YES lngleberry: NotLikeThis ticapril: AYAYA mellowcabelo: AYAYA xuukiii: TRUE AYAYA wandering_pleb: AYAYA Ted_FatJoe: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA Bakureetsu: Yes AYYA Margaretto: we dont deny it AYAYA Locustcocoa: At least we don’t deny it AYAYA salpo_nolobio: YES Clap2 AYAYA ClaytonBigsbe: Ela I’ll admit that I’m a weeb if you admit it Headwuend: rooAYAYA Whitesnake777: yes AYAYA Lord_Solaire: yes rooAYAYA MORFHI: proud weeb AYAYA perpetual_fest: yes AYAYA Slaps_Giving: AYAYA Autumn_Flare: AYAYA HAI Mantyzaz: ela7 elaYA elaYA Funny_Story: I became a weeb by watching you Pochiie_: @Elajjaz wait only weebs know there is a supermario anime Joxih: k Bakureetsu: AYAYA Babanusch: AYAYA AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA NosBleid: AYAYA WE ARE Nopileos: yes AYAYA Gilgamezh: AYAYA Yes HotZeppelin: AYAYA 三式セイバー: mendoAYAYA mendoAYAYA mendoAYAYA TheZecaUrubu: super mario ??? Alkaetraz: hes right AYAYA fenniksss: HEY ELA, I GOT YOUR ASS https://clips.twitch.tv/ProtectiveGenerousHorseSMOrc ! BadassSilence: ilarjStare Mixmashmaster: Bakugan Pog RealLifeTsundere: And PROUD Nopileos: AYAYA TPH_MCMXCIX: TRUE AYAYA It_is_alive: AYAYA RandonLoLPlayer: AYAYA crashtestisland: AYAYA ZatomiczBR: AYAYA Llyfrgell: fuck you ๐Ÿ™‚ mrbreadberry: AYAYA cur_ley: AYAYA snavalo: AYAYA chudysensei: im not ๐Ÿ™‚ sloggyx: @DigitalZips thats my man easyeasy: AYAYA TRUE TRUE seydanator: AYAYA WaffleOnTheRun: is the second part of this run just a speedrun of the second ending Raidou_XIV: @Elajjaz just like you AYAYA ItzNotAlex: AYAYA Reddinator: super mario anime? LULW Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA JaynisK: elaYA DragonflyJoe: AYAYA Doully92: There was a mario anime? LULW mitoo95: Dragon ball adibr2: AYAYA I am Lucius_Voidwalker: Lucius_Voidwalker subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 3 month streak! I love seeing my favorite streamer streaming my favorite game! Nice hoodie btw Eclypsia_TV: WE ARE AND YOU ARE TOO AYAYA Boonda2: we dont deny AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @Lucius_Voidwalker I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM daley_: diggymon Nopileos: SUB HYPE Lucius_Voidwalker elaA Reedskill: yes AYAYA CrazyKidGo: DIGUIMON LULW darklink_430: TRUE AYAYA Corsad: yes we are and so are you LUL Kosmic_Eagle: i know, and i embrace it, unlike you AYAYA Polebegood: diggymon elaGa Qviss: AYAYA Minn_Minn: nothing wrong with that salpo_nolobio: diggy mon? LULW ThatLuluTho: Diguee FeelsPepoMan Cpuff1989: diggy,pm Yozhhik: AYAYA yes AmarokFGC: diggimon Worgane: @DigitalZips WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME? elaREE NosBleid: DIGUIMON LULW Funny_Story: Diggymon JaynisK: DIGGY-MON Mokum73: Never ever elaD Yuggod: we are AYAYA Clap lord_rimheart: ok Deathmones: diggymon LULW Nopileos: Diggymon Naniyo: AYAYA TRUE Sabertore: Chag tyree372: sailormoon bigg weeb S4nG0: diggymon? HuntingGolem: HYUKAGE weebo no justu Marinetastic: someone link the clip of ela doing the naruto run Ramza_: Nice DimTree: so you admit it??/ AWetDreamcast: YES THATS THE IDEA Kirihi: We are AYAYA Margaretto: its true AYAYA Shrimpess: everyone a weeb AYAYA uNintendoed: DIGGyMON rica235: DIGGGGGGGGIMON LULW MORFHI: you are weeb AYAYA JinM0: ok RonsuDE: we are AYAYA starzo0: i am AYAYA azureTreble: DIGGYMON PepeLaugh bobmighty: AYAYA Jaargan: fine with me AYAYA juicecfruit: ela confirmed weeb AYAYA KappasMother: well yes we are? Murika_: elaYA yes IangIey: DansGame Bakureetsu: we are AYAYA pistaitson: @Elajjaz or inuyasha ๐Ÿ˜€ Autumn_Flare: AYAYA Clap nekro793: @Elajjaz TRUE AYAYA crashfort: AYAYA Ted_FatJoe: weeb chat AYAYA Clap Oxyq_p: PogU weeb frenzywolfx: AYAYA mickeyos95: AYAYA TRUE FanHeiBai: We are all weebs AYAYA easyeasy: IT MAKES YOU A WEEB ELIAS AYAYA Flachzange42: IT IS Chartalord: true AYAYA Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: WEEBS DansGame insurrectionist89: TRUE AYAYA Qviss: FINALLY AkaTsubaki_: he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA he admit it AYAYA Visualocity: diggeemon LULW DigitalZips: @Worgane You heard me elaB kitaooji: we are weeb Hezess: AYAYA astherlu: finally he see the true AYAYA Teddym4n: watched moomin? weeb Locustcocoa: AYAYA TheRipMan: no u Thenastyraven: TRUE AYAYA k0tashira: CLIP IT CurryCuriosity: oh no im a weeb PepeHands KappatainHindsight: WEEB CHAT ruyuB ruyuPEPAYA ruyuB AYAYA ruyuB ruyuAYAYA2 ruyuB elaYA ruyuB ruyuAYAYA ruyuB Dustythehamster: AYAYA Checks Out AYAYA easyeasy: AYAYA CUTE ELA WEEB AYAYA perpetual_fest: its true AYAYA Buurt: Digimon Season 1 and 2 are the best thing ever elaMad jimjak94: Dragonball is the most overrated garbage you can possibly find out there FIGHT ME Pochiie_: dyrusAYAYA hashAya AYAYA houndthree: houndthree subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! we know you like mirai nikki, dont deny it atomicdestruction: elaHmm Albin_Alligator: Yes! We are all weebs AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: @houndthree If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM TPH_MCMXCIX: AYAYA ONE OF US AYAYA ONE OF US AYAYA TheGoldenCobra: AYAYA k0tashira: CLIP IT AYAYA KappasMother: WE ARE ALL WEEBS FeelsGoodMan GoldenFlame1: weebs mean you buy body pillows and sleep with them every night Abbynaire: DIGIMON elaH elaH elaH FuelledByJordan: I’ll be a weeb if you are elaHYUG Nopileos: SUB HYPE houndthree PogChamp cheeze____: it’s time to ignore chat’s weeb enabler messages Yozhhik: we arent the ones vehemently deniying it like you AYAYA JaynisK: bawkAYAYA uNintendoed: DIGGY MOD PepeLaugh It_is_alive: A D M I T T E D IT AYAYA Valkata2200: Sailor moon, attack on titan, naruto is more than 2 LuL somekindofgoth: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA iro_zora: WEEBS all over the shop……… captain_elsewhere: super mario cartoons were all made in america elaKek Worgane: @DigitalZips Digimon music is fucking best PepeHands docstream: weebs DansGame 👉 🚪 weebs DansGame 👉 🚪 weebs DansGame 👉 🚪 weebs DansGame 👉 🚪 weebs DansGame 👉 🚪 Minn_Minn: if everyone is weeb, nobody is PepeLaugh uNintendoed: @JaynisK bawkGlad fenniksss: HEY ELA, I GOT YOUR ASS https://clips.twitch.tv/ProtectiveGenerousHorseSMOrc RealLifeTsundere: Difference is we are Proud of it and you are not LUL Purple_HazeR7: WEEB CHAT DansGame Cerilysm: @Elajjaz AHEM, and SAILOR MOON? elaB raaaaawkete: SPRING King_Insane: nope, pretty much grew up with star trek and al bundy elaKek GoldenFlame1: ElaPls Thenastyraven: Has weeb emotes elaYA does a naruto run HYUKAGE not a weeb btw elaKHas weeb emotes elaYA does a naruto run HYUKAGE not a weeb btw elaK lanndend: Yeah, but we don’t 7 body pillows of sailor moon AmarokFGC: spring Purple_HazeR7: WEEB CHAT DansGame WEEB CHAT DansGame dudica1: @Elajjaz If you’re not a weeb then remove ayaya elaWeird sloggyx: i still dont know whats wrong with being a weeb LUL HuntingGolem: @Elajjaz to be fair. sailor moon is OMEGAWEEB lifemissle: @Elajjaz I wouldn’t consider pokemon being weeb, it’s too mainstream. You’re not a weeb DigitalZips: @Worgane That’s because Digimon are the champions. elaOP THTales: Spring som vinden! raffnix95: why dafuq is he speaking german? JaynisK: @uNintendoed elaBlush Araldsen: SELLOUT Minn_Minn: sellout PepeLaugh jimjak94: Dragonball is the most overrated garbage you can possibly find out there FIGHT ME Valkata2200: Is sailor moon any good never saw it kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz DONT FORGET TO SPLIT ON ELEVATOR, YOU ALWAYS FORGET LULW icysprinkles: I preferred Sailor Mars wevie1: monkaS TallWilber: Is this remastered? Yuggod: elaBlush elaISee elaB elaWOW not a weeb streamer elaBlush elaISee elaB elaWOW Odins_pecs: reset Meximus322: PepeLaugh Worgane: @DigitalZips Ohhh elaOP Butterfly masterrace FatherOfGreyJedi: elaSmile elaPlan this is where the weeb hideout is Yozhhik: @dudica1 i see what you are doing elaGun chudysensei: @TallWilber no, ptde Doully92: elaK Penetratosaurus: what controller are you using? captain_elsewhere: have you flagelated yourself naked before holy gachi ela ? elaC no you havent i have purified myself of weeb cancer you havent DigitalZips: LuL Deathmones: elaK Polebegood: elaK dudica1: @Yozhhik HandsUp Gilgamezh: elaK ChickenZePoop: AYAYA Nopileos: elaK BadassSilence: elaK Sunshinewalker: But you should DansGame Bakureetsu: CoolStoryBob Araldsen: elaK Yuggod: elaK Worgane: elaK cmygo: nothing that helps NosBleid: AYAYA nekro793: elaK ItzNotAlex: PART OF AYAYA SIDE easyeasy: elaK Kosmic_Eagle: elaK azureTreble: elaK Thenastyraven: Has weeb emotes elaYA does a naruto run HYUKAGE not a weeb btw elaK Has weeb emotes elaYA does a naruto run HYUKAGE not a weeb btw elaK OnlyAMadScientist: Kapp Nopileos: elaK elaK wandering_pleb: elaK Whitesnake777: elaK Seikisu: elaK Jaargan: weeb bully elaD darklink_430: elaK DrFrank101: Kapp Arahu: AYAYA enabled mon_dieud: Kapp easyeasy: LIES elaK Schpoiink: elaK Ka_baL: elaK Dismal_Arkt: elaK insurrectionist89: not a self-hater AYAYA lord_rimheart: elaK Murika_: elaK BZizzlez: PogU infa_xd: elaK Nopileos: elaK Meximus322: Centrism elaWeird ticapril: LULW Locustcocoa: itswillEndTheStreamMyGuy crashfort: AYAYA 624pt2: elaK PhysiCle: elaK spacerino_: 5Head Doully92: 5Head elaK Reddinator: 5Head Kadrag: What happened about Ela not reading chat anymore? jimjak94: elaK uNintendoed: elaK crashtestisland: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: 5Head Caput_Draconis: 5Head GenuineLGN: ela doesnt mind weebs but he LOVES weeb money elaKek BudgetSolaire: Kapp KappatainHindsight: elaK Autumn_Flare: elaK Brunault_: 5Head THTales: Double Agent Lord_Solaire: elaK Mokum73: elaK elaK elaK vihainenkampela: you need a fist in your ass to MAN UP fabulwesen_: elaK Jaargan: play both sides elaGasm Yozhhik: gachi is weeb LULW Jokimz: The god of balance! 5Head RealLifeTsundere: he admits it?? Pog Nopileos: elaK Res_Quant: more like sellout move Flashforward: 5Head maximizing profit TPH_MCMXCIX: elaK PLAZAx: 5Head k0tashira: Bisexual ? Pog UltraWindow: im the one person here who believes the streamer PepeHands roobertti97: 5Head Kapp kapustadrakon_: 5Head 🍷 INDEED houndthree: elaK juicecfruit: 5Head AYAYA cheeze____: I saw you use elaWOW once and I was really happy PepeHands Funny_Story: @Elajjaz If you’re not a weeb, then why is your stream an anime? Kalgarrr: elaWut elaGun elaBlush Kosmic_Eagle: bet you go into other streams and spam your weeb emotes elaK ClaytonBigsbe: Secretly hates weebs, but embraces them to take their money radwimp: 5Head DrDrago87: so ela is a weeb enabler Thrisper: !quote 106 Yozhhik: you full weeb then LULW SerApollyon: GoT LULW WrestlerBot2000: “SUCK MY DICK, YUKIKO!” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 106 https://clips.twitch.tv/TolerantStrangeDaikonOSkomodo Sp0rtnlife: cirHuh cirHuh JaynisK: Plays both sides gachiBASS fabulwesen_: @Elajjaz farming ela K’s chrri5: ela plays both sides chat gachiBASS 1001Mask: TaBeRu lifemissle: @Elajjaz no one likes the guy on the fence 4Shrug you have to pick a side Thenastyraven: How do you explain the naruto run? elaK @Elajjaz jokkuspokkus: BI-weeb Qviss: manipulating viewers PepeHands Nauman12: yoooooooooooooo Doully92: ElaPls Sourcehunter: Thats how you sell out for capitalistic reasons, never taking a definite side. ๐Ÿ™‚ tyree372: now you need to play 3 sides make a furry emote LULW @Elajjaz Dracconfoo: elaBruv fenniksss: Pog ELA IN GAME OF TWITCH 3 CONFIRMED Pog Aidan93: Weeb sympathizer sumSmash Chartalord: weeb in other words 5Head jimjak94: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Coil_Hype: gachiBASS VineWood0604: ElaPls SerApollyon: both sides gachiBASS LazyNewb: ElaPls durmiin: ElaPls atpToiler HuntingGolem: not a weeb elaB just the biggest sailor moon fan elaB BudgetSolaire: BOTH SIDES gachiBASS Bakureetsu: AYAYA Clap PhysiCle: AYAYA FuelledByJordan: @Elajjaz if they made an anime about gachi would you watch? elaHmm Kosmic_Eagle: AYAYA Clap Mawakute: Still 4:49. PepeLaugh IzmAYAYA: AYAYA AkaTsubaki_: AYAYA HYPERCLAP nekro793: AYAYA Clap Murika_: AYAYA Clap Jorstad: Ela only accepts weebs because they pay him Kiktor_Ponton: AYAYA Clap Nopileos: AYAYA Clap Araldsen: you’re a weeb for sure but nobody’s perfect Kappa @Elajjaz xuukiii: AYAYA Clap PLAZAx: AYAYA Clap Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA ticapril: AYAYA Clap HiHawx: AIYAIYA FanHeiBai: AYAYA Clap Majonez1223: AYAYA Clap AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA Clap Gilgamezh: AYAYA Clap Dzael: AYAYA Meximus322: ElaPls _________ 🚽 Autumn_Flare: AYAYA Clap Locustcocoa: K DrFrank101: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA Clap AYAYA Clap Tiny_PL: atpToiler atpToiler atpToiler atpToiler atpToiler Thenastyraven: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Chartalord: AYAYA Clap rofIcopter: elaWeird captain_elsewhere: or just a weeb in denial Zanar18: AYAYA Clap mrbreadberry: AYAYA Clap Raidou_XIV: AYAYA Clap nosedoge: Hey Elajjaz its me Noshund. Love that you are playing a souls game again! Keep up the good work Leo_0h: AYAYA Pochiie_: @Elajjaz Im only subbed to weebs hashAya Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: its a 10Head move Kadrag: AYAYA Clap DragonflyJoe: AYAYA Clap somekindofgoth: AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP cheeze____: WRWRWRWRWR FrankerZ Nopileos: AYAYA Clap roobertti97: AYAYA Clap Reddinator: the dono overwrites what you said AYAYA Loukku: ela stop being so cute AYAYA baconcake95: Always bathroom monkaS uNintendoed: elaYA Clap elaYA Clap elaYA Clap elaYA Clap elaYA Clap Yozhhik: minmodAwa awa SurQ_: elaK Thenastyraven: How do you explain the naruto run? elaK How do you explain the naruto run? elaK @Elajjaz Naaslaarum: TYPE AYAYA IF YOU ARE A WEEB ClaytonBigsbe: Ban weebs houndthree: if you play both sides, that means youre weeb Rust_n: @Elajjaz being weeb is not a bad thing. just embrace it elaH Bifs: elaWeird Im a weeb and this is still getting out of hand Defahgo: Is this the maximum HP? BudgetSolaire: AYAYA Doully92: LULW TPH_MCMXCIX: AYAYA crashfort: PunOko TonyValo: elaD Zanar18: elaK Murika_: you mean the problem with yourself elaK Reddinator: danKEK Yuggod: yep AYAYA SerApollyon: LULW Nopileos: AYAYA lost_robot: danCop weebs Nakamura_Shinichi: TRUE LULW Worgane: Holy shit was it 2017 when you played Yakuza 0? Kosmic_Eagle: TRUE LULW nekro793: TRUE AYAYA Gilgamezh: elaK Deathmones: elaK quantumop: elaK like you NosBleid: PepeLaugh Locustcocoa: whatever you say xuukiii: true AYAYA EDGAREI: TRUE uNintendoed: LULW Meximus322: elaKek mrbreadberry: LULW PhysiCle: elaKek ChickenZePoop: AYAYA Nopileos: elaK Coil_Hype: TRUE LULW Raidou_XIV: AYAYA MOOSE_08: what is AL Elevator?? Bakureetsu: LULW IzmAYAYA: AYAYA FuelledByJordan: @Elajjaz if they made an anime about Gachi would you watch? elaHmm crashtestisland: AYAYA Autumn_Flare: AYAYA YES LazyNewb: PepeLaugh Oxyq_p: LUL juicecfruit: yep AYAYA Mokum73: Ha ha elaBruv UltraWindow: kinda true though PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: EXACTLY AYAYA YungRak_: TRUE LULW theonlyMaria: its really not LUL DrHax_: danKEK roobertti97: TRUE LULW datdeathy: which one are you? astherlu: true AYAYA Majonez1223: Yes AYAYA Mantyzaz: elaMad troublematicc: AYAYA Clap Arcshined: TRUE AYAYA chudysensei: fuck you ela, im not weeb elaWeird salpo_nolobio: that’s what I was saying in discord earlier SpireFacts: The problem with the weebs is that they exist TigerEichel: TigerEichel subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! Zanar18: he doesnt know PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Ka_baL: LULW mrbreadberry: LIKE YOU OMEGLOL WrestlerBot2000: @TigerEichel If four plus four equals 8, ….then me plus you equals fate elaDM Margaretto: hes like naruto, theres a weeb monster inside him Tiny_PL: you sicken me kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz Which one are you? LULW lord_rimheart: why not? elaYA cheeze____: @bifs indeed ela3 Sabertore: PepeLaugh Fixxin: gotta say i’ve become actual weeb thanks to your streams LULW TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh jimjak94: Whre’s the lie 三式セイバー: mendoAYAYA Clap Pochiie_: cuz we cute AYAYA agx2018: LULW. ElAYAYA, king of weebs ๐Ÿ™‚ ticapril: LULW Abbynaire: I’m a weeb elaYA Nopileos: SUB HYPE TigerEichel Pog Jaargan: like you LULW Kosmic_Eagle: AYAYA DmKotov: you le Freeloader259: you seem to be in a lot of denial JaynisK: elaK k0tashira: Be or be a weeb AYAYA laststand66: nrdyY Yozhhik: exactly AYAYA VineWood0604: 4Head icysprinkles: denial is just an anime which hasn’t aired yet Reddinator: 5Head open lifemissle: @Elajjaz modern weebs have grown into a cancerous fanbase LazyNewb: JustDoIt Nakamura_Shinichi: Cuz thats too easy azureTreble: LOL yeah you just described yourself LULW rica235: Hey @chat ! Just wanted to invite you all to the weeb meetings that me and @Elajjaz run every weekend on our local Uni with fellow weebs! We watch anime, learn how to talk to pillow girls and listen to KPOP. Come join us! AYAYA SittingOx: @Elajjaz WHY ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT WEEBS OMEGALUL FatherOfGreyJedi: Sweeben Corsad: elaBlush Simon_iO: LULW Yeah Ela, why can’t you? Tiny_PL: open this dick UltraWindow: open mind in 2019 will get you into a lot of trouble HotPokket Thrisper: !quote 15 WrestlerBot2000: “ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Umbasa!” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 15 Monster5crak: no ๐Ÿ™‚ secret_buddy: its cus chat is autism tyree372: or furry in denial thats a weeb=nekos furry fox girls furry @Elajjaz Chartalord: which one are you ela? LULW eremiter: DansGame how about no DansGame Autumn_Flare: AYAYA MIND OPEN TO ANIME AYAYA AkaTsubaki_: MOOSE_08 anor londo Yuggod: @Elajjaz because weeb is a terminal illness that is contracted upon birth, yours just hasnt activated yet AYAYA Clap RealLifeTsundere: Difference is we are Proud of it and you are not LUL kaaniimanii: AYAYA Clap weeb in denial Mavez0r: thats not how humans work Locustcocoa: So what you’re saying is, you’re a weeb? Ralock: Selling soul to have weeb emotes as a non weeb is worse than having weeb emotes as a weeb @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Boonda2: Sweeben OMEGALUL Swoogieso: @Elajjaz any horror game after? dronder500: @Elajjaz why do youhate weebs? FuelledByJordan: @Elajjaz if they made an anime about Gachi would you watch? elaHmm elaHmm zorrodood: Why is the elevator split even there? kitaooji: yes ela, why ? why aren’t you admitting like the rest of us ? Thenastyraven: Some ppl are not weebs but no you AYAYA @Elajjaz MOOSE_08: @AkaTsubaki_ thank you DaniDuck: Yooo @Elajjaz !professional gamer tyree372: looooooool quantumop: atpCap Hronak: @Elajjaz just played Draugen, pretty cool, but its just a walking simulator NosBleid: monkaW Pochiie_: Why is every speedrunner swedish essiSmile MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: andre monkaW saugo: Pog koinhok104: LULW TheFearOfReality: that clutch save though Jaargan: LULW Reddinator: PepeLaugh FuelledByJordan: elaWut DrHax_: Oh how terrible CoolStoryBob Penetratosaurus: Hey man, what controller do you use? Thenastyraven: How do you explain the naruto run? elaK @Elajjaz skruey: They are insecure they enjoy dungeon tentacle porn LUL Jokimz: Was ds1 always this funky with camera movement? houndthree: sub 3:30 he said, derust he said e_Saend: I told a girl I just wanted her as a friend and now she won’t reply to my texts, what do i do? TRDarkslayer: @Elajjaz I am gonna warm up on some AOM ๐Ÿ™‚ Yozhhik: more content then for us PepeLaugh Worgane: Does fapping to hentai make you a weeb if you haven’t watched anime? elaHmm SpireFacts: P S 4 G A N G kaaniimanii: i like vore hentai more than tentacles AYAYA Reddinator: !clip weeb run WrestlerBot2000: ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ Try a number from 1 to 47 or text name of the clip! For full list of clips and additional info visit: http://comradenerdy.com/ela/clips.html Geixo: wtf is that life OMEGALUL Peruspulla: @Elajjaz I don’t get why someone in chat call you weeb thats is so wrong. rica235: Hey @chat ! Just wanted to invite you all to the weeb meetings that me and @Elajjaz run every weekend on our local Uni with fellow weebs! We watch anime, learn how to talk to pillow girls and listen to KPOP. Come join us! AYAYA FuelledByJordan: @Elajjaz if they made an anime AYAYA about Gachi VaN would you watch? elaHmm cheeze____: @skruey that sounds pretty hot gachiBASS Murika_: @Worgane it makes you a degenerate DaniDuck: @Elajjaz did you watch the death stranding trailer yet? PogU Zaldos: Hey @chat ! Just wanted to invite you all to the weeb meetings that me and @Elajjaz run every weekend on our local Uni with fellow weebs! We watch anime, learn how to talk to pillow girls and listen to KPOP. Come join us! AYAYA lifemissle: @Elajjaz ps4 controller is a weeb controller AYAYA Reddinator: I dont think the clip command is updated very well danHmm Worgane: @Murika_ Is that worse or better? elaHmm TPH_MCMXCIX: @skruey I’m not insecure about enjoying Tentacle-Senpai AYAYA djinn_94: is fall damage flat or percentage? Funny_Story: It’s a pyromancy Murika_: im not sure elaHmm dronder500: psweeb controller AYAYA Kalinmir: its a pyromancy LuL FatherOfGreyJedi: elaHmm slaynplay: catalyst @Elajjaz … it reduces spell tyree372: NotLikeThis mrbreadberry: elaOP ela12 Worgane: @Murika_ Gotta wait for someone who knows these kinda things elaHmm Yozhhik: @Worgane its better you are safe AYAYA Clap TheLoneUnicorn: COME ON AND SLAM cheeze____: Ela said he’ll elaMad REACT elaMad to Death Stranding stuff after the run elaCozy Worgane: @Yozhhik YAY! AYAYA rica235: @Elajjaz Can I join your weekend Anime club? AYAYA Jokimz: Atleast we have alot of health today monkaW Doully92: monkaS kapustadrakon_: Why does he need different staff chat? Murika_: @Worgane its better than a weeb and a hentai watcher though elaHmm Didrarin: that heal LULW Nakamura_Shinichi: $5 estus LULW Doully92: D: mon_dieud: that heal LULW Teddym4n: FeelsWeirdMan PhysiCle: elaD Shrimpess: FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Yuggod: elaWeird Thrisper: Pog Meximus322: elaWeird Bakureetsu: FeelsWeirdMan Bestorio: FeelsWeirdMan DaniDuck: wait what happened to old elaMad? PepeHands Aeonll: no FeelsWeirdMan troublematicc: elaWeird kaaniimanii: PepeHands Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan GoldenFlame1: WeirdChamp Undead_Prince_: D: no u die MasterMalpercio: rooD Shrimpess: FeelsWeirdMan rica235: Hey @chat ! Just wanted to invite you all to the weeb meetings that me and @Elajjaz run every weekend on our local Uni with fellow weebs! We watch anime, learn how to talk to pillow girls and listen to KPOP. Come join us! AYAYA Mokum73: Thanx elaThirst IangIey: FeelsWeirdMan wandering_pleb: elaWeird fabulwesen_: elaMad Worgane: @Murika_ Interesting elaHmm Yozhhik: FeelsWeirdMan WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ bobmighty: 900k Souls LUL kopla3712: elaMad tyree372: YeahBoi YeahBoi YeahBoi MOOSE_08: @Elajjaz where the hell did you cut 50 minutes earlier??? Dildo_fire: TRYING TO BEAT FORSEN’S TIME? LULW tigeralum11: O&S used to kick my ass.. tyree372: YeahBoi YeahBoi YeahBoi YeahBoi odduneven: LULW ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✅ TwitchVotes forsen: i copied him OMEGALUL azureTreble: elaD Suney: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Jokimz: @DaniDuck Got pepohatifief PepeHands Kosmic_Eagle: D: Coil_Hype: Kapp radwimp: D: fabulwesen_: Aieeegh mon_dieud: PepeHands IangIey: D: Gnash97: D: It_is_alive: D: DarteX_44: D: Nopileos: D: zWettah: WTF Sohei4649: D: Ted_FatJoe: D: tHaH4x0r: Anime makes you weeb LUL EbiVariance: D: ChickenZePoop: elaD DimTree: ela whens the next deadly premonition playthrough? Headwuend: OOOO kaaniimanii: D: Qviss: Kapp datdeathy: D: DarteX_44: PepeHands DarthAnYang: BibleThump Buurt: elaHmm Margaretto: D: Sourcehunter: WutFace Suney: D: Nopileos: D: D: Bakureetsu: D: Ttanoraa: PepeHands VineWood0604: PepeHands TheRipMan: D: Shrimpess: D: D3rrtyD4n: gachiGASM Rodriwastaken: D: riskbreakerz: D: Jaargan: elaD lifemissle: That’s not what a weeb is ticapril: what KappatainHindsight: PepeHands Thrisper: LUL kaaniimanii: BIG TIDDY WIAFU D: Lord_Solaire: PepeHands Nopileos: D: Kosmic_Eagle: elaHmm kopla3712: D: azureTreble: PepeHand NUUUUUU Funny_Story: RIP boobies IangIey: thot slayer D: Drgaonborn: otakus are kinda worse tho Gilgamezh: D: SpireFacts: YIKES TheSlicerr21: 1 hour Pog ThEgIGN: 1 hour Pog tyree372: Dubbed hentai top tier laughs RandonLoLPlayer: spongebob in japanese LULW wandering_pleb: elaD Araldsen: bad ending BibleThump Vazquez1984: no more large chest ahead??? Locustcocoa: Weeb in denial -donation? Oxyq_p: forsen LUL tHaH4x0r: Watching Anime=WEEB AF LUL ClaytonBigsbe: Feniks is a weeb in denial Chartalord: that guy sounds like a fucking weeb LULW kapustadrakon_: i dont ๐Ÿ™‚ hew_hew: we know PepeLaugh Qviss: LULW Mokum73: We know LUL kjelsk: @Elajjaz are people who watch dubbed anime weebs? 🤔 Cerilysm: SURE elaK Thrisper: not a Weeaboo ueberkobi: elaK Golden04: weebs FeelsWeirdMan SerApollyon: we know PepeLaugh Suney: elaK Doully92: PepeLaugh YEP Bakureetsu: we know PepeLaugh VideoNomad: CoolStoryBob lifemissle: @Elajjaz a weaboo is someone who think japanese culture is better than other cultures tyree372: everyone knows dubbed is the best @Elajjaz azureTreble: elaK mhhmmmm Nakamura_Shinichi: True LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW astherlu: elaK Coil_Hype: definition of weeb is Ela IangIey: true Serefki: WEEB Schpoiink: elaK Drgaonborn: TRUE BudgetSolaire: Kapp Nopileos: elaK Boonda2: true LULW vihainenkampela: indeed LULW PhysiCle: KAWAII AYAYA MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh EvaNoctis: @Drgaonborn elaMad elaGun Come again ? Yozhhik: @MOOSE_08 everywhere, his run was garbage, teh world record is under 3 hours Autumn_Flare: AYAYA Ela is actually a weeb expert AYAYA Claw16: yea LULW kaaniimanii: ARIGATO GOZAIMASU AYAYA Headwuend: Ela is a weeb elitist DansGame UltraWindow: yamete AYAYA chibiTrunks11: KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Pochiie_: PepeLaugh Lord_Solaire: true AYAYA TheFearOfReality: nani? MrFunky159: true LULW Yuggod: if you ever heard about anime, youre a weeb AYAYA Clap It_is_alive: LULW Seikisu: elaK ChickenZePoop: elaK uNintendoed: PepeLaugh Cerilysm: MOSHI MOSHI Reddinator: true LULW Meximus322: elaK ventomrly: NANI? Chaton_Rose: if you know what nani means you’re a weeb Nopileos: elaK elaK Ralock: TRUE LULW HeavyM4chineGun: lYes ta_no_kami: sushi LULW VineWood0604: ARIGATO WEEB elaYA Draegera: ohayooo minaaaa trolling94: NANI? Zanar18: AYAYA SUGOI Clap houndthree: but it’s true Thenastyraven: AYAYA DESU NE AYAYA durmiin: DansGame dubbed RandonLoLPlayer: sushi monkaW YungRak_: tru LULW Kadrag: yes PepeLaugh WarZone101: NANI !!!!!!!!!!!!!! mon_dieud: TRUE LULW AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA Ridazirator1: naruhodo THTales: Arigatou skraalQ: IF 95% OF THE GAMES YOU PLAY ARE JAPANESE YOU ARE A FKIN WEEB MellowManu: nani? Shrimpess: true VictorRira: watashi wa MORFHI: @Elajjaz what japanese words do you know Serefki: AYAYA is weeb Yozhhik: hai AYAYA Nakamura_Shinichi: MOSHI MOSHI AYAYA captain_elsewhere: found the weeb Suney: AYAYA Clap walnutcast: if you’ve ever heard of Japan you’re a weeb Jaargan: @Elajjaz say something in japanese LULW NosBleid: CLIP THAT Oath_Of_Revenge: AYAYA kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz sushi? monkaW Zaldos: You’re either born a weeb or you live long enough to become a weeb TheRipMan: NANI??? djinn_94: He said the word ‘Japanese’ DansGame datdeathy: dark souls is weeb AYAYA MrFunky159: if you eat sushi you a weeb LULW Thrisper: Like this game? elaHmm ticapril: NANI AYAYA Da_Flanker: Yamero Pochiie_: @Elajjaz stfu weeb elaWeird VideoNomad: AYAYA nani? AYAYA seydanator: NANI AYAYA TPH_MCMXCIX: BUKKAKE AYAYA baconcake95: Nani monkaS Gilgamezh: AYAYA HAI DESU NEE Meximus322: elaK elaK Worgane: HE’S ON TO US CHAT monkaW kjelsk: @Elajjaz are people who watch dubbed anime weebs 🤔 AWetDreamcast: Yup calebAy Yozhhik: ecchi AYAYA kitaooji: i watch disney=) sp0derwan: hentai? Headwuend: weeb gatekeeping rooWut opernlied: yeah so gachi fans are weebs AYAYA ThatLuluTho: Playing a weeb game PepeLaugh Tattip: If you have weeb emotes then you are weeb elaB Chartalord: hai cheeze____: ur a FOCKIN weeb m8 elaBruv It_is_alive: Uso desu AYAYA DigitalZips: We were taught a small bit of Japanese in 4th grade. Am… Am I weeb? bobmighty: LUL TheDIOtone: Pokemon LUL agx2018: elAYAYA ๐Ÿ™‚ ishakuma: arigato – thank you (you are all weebs now) MORFHI: LULW blueeon: Does Yakuza count as weeb? Mr4Fawkes: mushi mushi – weebs, probably rica235: Hey @chat ! Just wanted to invite you all to the weeb meetings that me and @Elajjaz run every weekend on our local Uni with fellow weebs! We watch anime, learn how to talk to pillow girls and listen to KPOP. Come join us! AYAYA It’s super duper awesomies AYAYA Suney: PepeLaugh TRDarkslayer: If I am fucking hot japanese women, am I Weeb chat ? AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh DimTree: ela whens the next deadly premonition playthrough? Oath_Of_Revenge: nice japanese game, WEEB mrbreadberry: LULW DrHax_: that makes gachiBASS weeb to since the emote is animated WeirdChamp Dustythehamster: Nani is this weeb on about? GluteusCortex: I knew ela is a closet weeb AYAYA welcome oni – chan AYAYA samewousogoja: Real speedrunners are starting to look down on runners who use glitches… dudica1: @Elajjaz Just say you cant be a weeb because you watch dubbed anime Pog azureTreble: elaK Ela-kun stop the denial PepeLaugh Yozhhik: minmodAwa awa Fabianski27: Why you so mean? ๐Ÿ™ juicecfruit: watashiwa weeb desu AYAYA ClaytonBigsbe: Ela plays mostly Fromsoft games. Fromsoft is a Japanese company. WEEB CONFIRMED Locustcocoa: I mean, how do people get so defensive about this shit lobosMindBlank jokerrrr_madness: elaGasm Corsad: nihon go kkenAYAYA Eclypsia_TV: You’re a weeb if you watched anime after 18 years old HuntingGolem: sumimasen nani the f*ck? monkaW kjelsk: @Elajjaz are people who watch dubbed anime weebs? 🤔 DaniDuck: @DigitalZips I’m sorry to say… you’re a weeb FeelsBadMan 7 tyree372: you like sponge bob yu a weeb Kapp lifemissle: @TRDarkslayer it means you have yellow fever ticapril: moshimoshi Serefki: Ela AYAYA Senpai TheDIOtone: Yakuza favorite game eh Kappa BudgetSolaire: @TRDarkslayer proove it and we will judge Kapp airhaut: So weeb is the new hipster ? interesting SpireFacts: Nighty night PepeHands Worgane: @TRDarkslayer What the fuck dude it’s japanese, it’s weeb AYAYA Wealue: only weebs knows definition of weeb FatherOfGreyJedi: Ela smart elaOk captain_elsewhere: singing a japanese song from your favorite weeb game doesnt help your case elaKek DigitalZips: @DaniDuck KONICHIWAAAAAA PepeHands FuelledByJordan: @Elajjaz if they made an anime AYAYA about Gachi VaN would you watch? elaHmm ThatLuluTho: pepeJAM gelberpudding: gelberpudding subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 15 months! elaGa WrestlerBot2000: @gelberpudding After 15 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Shrimpess: pepeJAM Nopileos: SUB HYPE gelberpudding POGGERS DaniDuck: RAW gachiBASS Autumn_Flare: How can you have a name like EL AYAYA S and not be a weeb? AYAYA Cerilysm: @Elajjaz So are you an Otaku then? Khvist: i was told i’m a weeb cause i’m half japanese FeelsBadMan djinn_94: D: Worgane: Do weebs have girlfriends? elaHmm IangIey: D: Soadante: AYAYA Odins_pecs: elaD Fearswe: @Elajjaz I hear you’re having a W-word problem. I could fix that elaEZ BigDTwi: ElaJAM gelberpudding: @Nopileos Pog MORFHI: watching Berserk back then you were badass now you are weeb FeelsBadMan tyree372: @Worgane depends on the weeb Thrisper: True weebs watch Speed Racer in the original japanese Yozhhik: @khvist hmm curious case indeed elaHmm DrHax_: @Khvist doesnt that make you a mud-blooded weeb? WeirdChamp myfavoriteweeb: AYAYA KappatainHindsight: Fashion? Bl00drav3n: TaBeRu DrHax_: Kappa ZcortezZ: uchi AYAYA Eclypsia_TV: This game is made by myazaki, who also made anime movies Boonda2: AYAYA EbiVariance: AYAYA Rodriwastaken: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA mellowcabelo: ding ding ding Araldsen: “uchigatana” DansGame BudgetSolaire: UCHIGATANA IS WEEB AYAYA Worgane: @tyree372 You mean, like, Elite weebs have? elaHmm Nazzet: AYAYA Soadante: AYAYA cute Shrimpess: @Khvist weeb is not a race, it’s a culture nepSmug odduneven: LULW ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✅ TwitchVotes forsen: AYAYA tyree372: @Worgane if she likes anime and he likes anime its fine secret_buddy: pikk Sourcehunter: War 🐷 ventomrly: @Worgane am weabooo can confirm that I have never touched a woman mjau7777: AYAYA ? baconcake95: Uchigatana – weeb word LUL Murika_: @Fearswe ela doesnt want to ban 90% of his viewers though PepeLaugh MrFunky159: oh no chat, he said uchigatana… he must we a weeb VineWood0604: PIE elaOP Thrisper: not touching a woman=incel DaniDuck: Cute game AYAYA being played by a cute streamer AYAYA MrFunky159: WeirdChamp BroqRox: @FuelledByJordan google sarazanmai, is traumatic AYAYA Worgane: @ventomrly You seem like a trustworthy source elaHmm UltraWindow: forsen is catching up PepeS dudica1: -1:00:35 Chag Kalinmir: katana means japanese sword Kappa RabanadaDormida: Sisters LULW TheSlicerr21: ResidentSleeper IangIey: VaN Claw16: VaN dudica1: LEATHER? VaN Yozhhik: @MrFunky159 you said it too now elaHmm Pepega_Legends: A MEGA LOL 😄 👌 🔥 💯 Fearswe: @Murika_ It would be a worthy sacrifice to get even more in the end. DaniDuck: VaN ❗ chrri5: what even is a uchigatana? Murika_: monkaS Funny_Story: If I fist my sister with it, is it an incaestus? cheeze____: a katana Deathmones: PepeLaugh lifemissle: @chrri5 sasuke’s katana PhysiCle: Yeah don’t weeb-shame Ela, chat elaMad ClaytonBigsbe: pepeUff kaaniimanii: “learn” another culture OMEGALUL Worgane: @Elajjaz Should we make a strawpoll with gachi vs weeb and see which side is stronger? elaHmm Redwin_AR: PepeLaugh MrFunky159: @Yozhhik elaREE TheSlicerr21: Fist ? gachiBASS Claw16: gachiBASS Yozhhik: @MrFunky159 PepeLaugh gotcha DaniDuck: chat if you shame elias he will just keep being in denial AYAYA we have to support him AYAYA Jokimz: 5Head elaPlan Murika_: VaN ? Koppmoscha: @Worgane yes elaGasm Coil_Hype: VaN leather shields? dadoukse: I wasn’t even aware that you could do this what the fuck Pochiie_: VaN Kalinmir: is watching samuraj cop a weeb thing? IangIey: VaN radwimp: Pog IangIey: Pog auesis: Clap Claw16: Champ Nopileos: VaN Shrimpess: Chag Golden04: Chag Nazzet: elaWOW Didrarin: EZ Clap TheSlicerr21: Pog VineWood0604: elaYes chrri5: @lifemissle so medium length and straight? It_is_alive: Pog laststand66: Chag Kosmic_Eagle: Chag RandonLoLPlayer: @Elajjaz your favourite game is japanese, you’re a weeb nepSmug Bakureetsu: Pog rica235: Hey @chat ! Just wanted to invite you all to the weeb meetings that me and @Elajjaz run every weekend on our local Uni with fellow weebs! We watch anime, learn how to talk to pillow girls and listen to KPOP. Come join us! AYAYA shevraar: PogU Oxyq_p: VaN Nopileos: Chag Dismal_Arkt: Chag cheeze____: elaWOW elaSneeze elaBlush Cerilysm: @Elajjaz So are you an Otaku then? Worgane: @Koppmoscha fuck he missed it PepeHandz StrafeMachine: StrafeMachine subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! potata dudica1: KNOIGHTS HONOR Nopileos: SUB HYPE StrafeMachine POGGERS WrestlerBot2000: @StrafeMachine I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM Sabertore: Chag tyree372: @Worgane if she likes dude on dude comic books and girl on girl comic books thats a win win Dismal_Arkt: pb time Chag Clap J0hnnyBlade: just as planned 5Head Cynthelre: Pepejaa kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz so you just pushing Gwyn now? Kosmic_Eagle: @rica235 elaWeird Thenastyraven: How do you explain the naruto run if you are not a weeb? elaK @Elajjaz EightLevelWizard: Didnt gachi start as a japanese meme? Bladestep: everyone here is watching a japanese game, youre all weebs Boonda2: Pog Worgane: @tyree372 Is it possible to learn this power? elaHmm FuelledByJordan: @BroqRox they turn in to Kappa? sounds wild elaHmm DidacoWolf: ACCORDING TO KEIKAKU EightLevelWizard: its from nico nico cheeze____: RaregachiGASM Clap trolling94: YOU FORRY SOOL Yuggod: you’re CHEATING? elaD Worgane: @Elajjaz Gachi vs Weeb strawpoll? elaOk uNintendoed: Chag Clap actual god kapustadrakon_: @Elajjaz after Artorias arena or what? fenniksss: @EightLevelWizard yeah radwimp: D: DaniDuck: @Elajjaz whats rekky? lobosThink ClaytonBigsbe: I wanna see Ela’s reaction to Death Stranding SerApollyon: IS THAT ALLOWED D: mjau7777: :cd: ? fenniksss: GACHI IS LITERALLY WEEB CHAT IangIey: 💿 dudica1: 💿 Nopileos: fenniksss elaHYUG Meximus322: 💿 Clap 5tupidi7Y: WATCH FORSEN Pog tyree372: @Worgane just talk to the girl with the anime shirt she will sort you out Thrisper: but Gachi is weeb elaHmm fenniksss: IT WAS MADE IN JAPAN durmiin: moon2CD so ? Deathmones: you cheated not only the game, but yourself cmonBruh mjau7777: 💿 CasualJojo: Al achievment speedrun? More like: All cheats and glitches speedrun Kappa ClaytonBigsbe: Speaking of Death Stranding, Kojima is like a reverse weeb. He loves American shit. What do we call that chat? Yuggod: can i be your dinner sicariowned: !time WrestlerBot2000: Current time in Ela land is 21:24 Qviss: LULW Bladestep: the word gachimuchi is literally japanese LULW Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: summon? e_Saend: @ClaytonBigsbe beew DaniDuck: @Elajjaz whats rekky? lobosRage Worgane: @tyree372 been seeing some of those on tinder but they aren’t often that hot elaKek Riinegan: @Elajjaz any chance of a code veronica playthrough any time soon TM ? Mirando: @Elajjaz Any horrors tonight? djinn_94: @Yuggod elaC Chartalord: @ClaytonBigsbe its called a westaboo Luhhha: westabu Cloudyycap: You’re doing gr8 buddy Thenastyraven: gachi is weeb, even Billy was living in japan and was known as Aniki AYAYA Sourcehunter: @Elajjaz Have you lost weight from doing your fasting stuff? ๐Ÿ™‚ kapustadrakon_: @ClaytonBigsbe beew LULW Yuggod: @djinn_94 elaThirst FuelledByJordan: @Elajjaz arent you fasting? whats your food hours? Mirando: Cool elaH DrHax_: When is Lisa DLC? WeirdChamp Marco_m: did you watch the trailer? ClaytonBigsbe: @e_Saend LUL TheRipMan: GACHIMUCHI @bladestep djinn_94: @Yuggod elaGasm SittingOx: POGGERS LAYERS OF FEAR 2 POGGERS LAYERS OF FEAR 2 POGGERS LAYERS OF FEAR 2 POGGERS LAYERS OF FEAR 2 POGGERS LAYERS OF FEAR 2 POGGERS LAYERS OF FEAR 2 POGGERS LAYERS OF FEAR 2 POGGERS LAYERS OF FEAR 2 POGGERS cheeze____: Layers of Eyestrain PepeHands Worgane: @Thenastyraven So it’s like the hydra is the shield monkaW Thrisper: Where is Krazy ? elaHmm dietcaprisonne: How is Layers of Fear 2 @Elajjaz Yozhhik: @fenniksss i hope you arent getting worked up seriously about this man elaKek its just banter DigitalZips: Finished Layers last night. I hate what they did with the story. MOOSE_08: only 1 homeward bone elaD Nakamura_Shinichi: LULW Fullmetalcheese: yes it is PepeHands Kosmic_Eagle: LULW quantumop: oh elaKek Didrarin: LULW myfavoriteweeb: PepeLaugh sunshift: oh NosBleid: LULW Golden04: LULW Nopileos: LULW Meximus322: LULW Bakureetsu: LULW quantumop: LMAO Cynthelre: wgich part is he on lof ? Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN TheSlicerr21: OMEGALUL Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh Suney: LULW ueberkobi: OMEGADOWN siffof: LUL PhysiCle: Oh elaKek fenniksss: elaKek Ela Literally told yesterday this run will be under 3:30 elaKek Jaargan: LULW Polebegood: PepeLaugh FG_Hagrid: OMEGLOL Shrimpess: LULW IangIey: LUL kapustadrakon_: OMEGALUL H Nopileos: LULW LULW Bl00drav3n: oh naroWOW Sp0rtnlife: cirD Doully92: PepeLaugh Cloudyycap: f TheGoldenCobra: LULW TheRipMan: LULW It_is_alive: PepeHands SoaringTrumpet: LULW Thenastyraven: OMEGALUL BleekStone: layers of fear 2 seems a bit underwhelming ๐Ÿ™ SaixSoul: oh PepeLaugh Fullmetalcheese: elaYes Caput_Draconis: LULW Freeloader259: lobosDied lobosDied lobosDied sunshift: that’s a lotta ddaaaamage Nopileos: LULW DrHax_: 99VIT BTW OMEGADOWN Yuggod: u need some flex tape for that Nakamura_Shinichi: YOU THOT Rodriwastaken: LULW Yozhhik: LULW GoldenFlame1: Use flex tape LuL 1080p200fps: LUL ニューハーフ: naro subs naroEh GerzyCZ: @elajjaz you should be worried, Forsen is going for world record forsenE Funny_Story: RESET quantumop: elaWeird trolling94: pHIL sWIFT INTENSIFIES GoldenFlame1: FeelsWeirdMan djinn_94: @Elajjaz do you why the IF stuff works? Sounds kinda interesting to me Suney: elaWeird Shrimpess: FeelsWeirdMan Aeonll: FeelsWeirdMan Meximus322: elaWeird THTales: Apply Flextape Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan Mixmashmaster: Run dead PepeHands SittingOx: @Elajjaz what is your fasting schedule? 8 hours without eating? IangIey: FeelsWeirdMan Kosmic_Eagle: elaWeird NosBleid: WeirdChamp It_is_alive: elaWeird BroqRox: @FuelledByJordan they turn into kappas by sucking their desires out of their anuses. I am serious. timihyuga: GachiPls trash game Nakamura_Shinichi: Ay chat yall remember when people played Sekiro pepeLaugh Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: LIDL of fear abod420: Im in hospital watching your stream @elajjaz infa_xd: too ambitious elaWeird SYZ2: elaWeird Thrisper: elaMad elaGun 🍅 ATruthfulLiar18: @Elajjaz Are you fat? Riinegan: @Elajjaz any chance of a code veronica playthrough any time soon TM ? nblasty: WHAT IS THE WORLD RECORD? chat xx_bersark: autophagy? DigitalZips: It eats the excess fat? Cloudyycap: You “consume” fat D3rrtyD4n: stored fat fenniksss: @Yozhhik I really wanna debate about this topic elaKek DigitalZips: ahh somekindofgoth: @Elajjaz what kind of fasting are you doing? Breitey: the body just consumes itself ๐Ÿ™‚ djinn_94: @Elajjaz but you’re not feeling low on energy? Yozhhik: @Thrisper killing your own kind FeelsWeirdMan FuelledByJordan: whats your thoughts on Keto @Elajjaz Cynthelre: BELUEVING IN GOD IN 2019 LUL AcidSaber: Its not excess wtf txtshad13: did he finish conker ? chrri5: @abod420 get well soon dude fenniksss: I HAVE SO MUCH FAT elaKek ANYONE NEED SOME elaKek mabtrix: Intermittent Fasting is great just gotta stay hydrated and take multivitamins cheeze____: I am god ๐Ÿ™‚ MeccaMaster: last week you were really tired all the time=/ SittingOx: @Elajjaz what is your fasting schedule? 8 hours without eating? Or 16 hours without eating? Thrisper: @Yozhhik Sociopath Tomato elaMad abod420: Thx @chrri5 matinashreer: @elajjaz why are you fasting? WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Skeptical_Reptile: 16, 8 hours without eating literally does nothing オレンジ420: HansUp HYDRA DarkWingsAzrael: i do ‘one meal a day’ fasting and its working great WarAngel1337: @Elajjaz why does this wrong warp glitch only work from this specific position? pngt1: is it ramadan? Nakamura_Shinichi: BOPPED Thrisper: Day of from playing games PepeHands Skeptical_Reptile: you need to fast for at least 14 hours to have any benefit at all Odins_pecs: 24/7 streamer Sourcehunter: @Elajjaz Fasting is also good for Cytosis, the body starts to metabolise false folded proteins and similiar stuff that enriches in your cells. elaOk c0rnflex: Keto is tough, also not the healthiest diet IangIey: D: AntiGuerilla: I’ve lost 21kg over the latest 4 months due to keto @elajjaz the food is very good if you can be bothered quantumop: PogChamp Dijaxtra: @Elajjaz You are one dedicated streamer elaOk Suney: Pog Cynthelre: 7Head IangIey: Pog fenniksss: @Elajjaz elaHmm How do I “Fasting” elaHmm I wanna get rid of the fat elaHmm c0rnflex: Loose too much weight AcidSaber: Just eat 4HEad quantumop: lel elaKek Mokum73: Then take a day off!!! elaD Doully92: LUL Adalbert_de_Calcaire: lel Heksyll: IKEALUL Nopileos: lel BroqRox: LUL myfavoriteweeb: PepeLaugh Yuggod: lel ela12 Suney: lel ela12 AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: @fenniksss 4Head just dont eat Perk360: pog Meximus322: PepeLaugh Golden04: PepeLaugh Yozhhik: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: LEL ela12 saugo: No more OMG LUL quantumop: damn Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Doully92: PepeLaugh Meximus322: LULW Thrisper: yoooooo ela12 Nopileos: PepeLaugh quantumop: wrong catalyst IangIey: bruh Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh Araldsen: RESET AkaTsubaki_: i dont know PepeHands fenniksss: @AYAYAClapAYAYAClap I literally dont eat elaKek AcidSaber: 16k hours FeelsWeirdMan quantumop: isn’t it? GlTGUD: full ikea Rodriwastaken: RESET Shrimpess: he want to live maybe? 4Shrug ShumaVaelor: wrong catalyst ThunderZBee: Sub 3 hour btw PepeLaugh Cerilysm: @Elajjaz whenever you eat, you create insulin which primarily stores energy even if you do keto. When you do not eat it will focus on burning fat via ketones Spataprouch: REEEEset Sourcehunter: @Elajjaz Fasting is also good for Cytosis, the body starts to metabolise false folded proteins and similiar stuff that enriches in your cells. elaOk Pepega_Legends: A MEGA LOL 😄 👌 🔥 💯 quantumop: here it comes PepeLaugh Thenastyraven: wrong catalyst indeed Suney: PepeLaugh 1 Doully92: 1 PepeLaugh Golden04: PepeLaugh 2 Suney: PepeLaugh 2 Thrisper: LUL myfavoriteweeb: PepeLaugh Doully92: 2 PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh imadariusmain: 2 Meximus322: PepeLaugh Aeonll: PepeLaugh Suney: PepeLaugh 3 Fullmetalcheese: 4Shrug Doully92: 3 PepeLaugh Pepega_Legends: sub 8 hours maybe? PepeLaugh rofIcopter: PepeLaugh Jaargan: PepeLaugh imnotpotatoe: 4Shrug Golden04: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh fenniksss: 4 cheeze____: Actual wiki chat SeemsGood imadariusmain: 3 Suney: PepeLaugh 4 Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh 4 Nopileos: PepeLaugh Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: 4Shrug Doully92: 4 PepeLaugh SLASH_HERO: Restart Meximus322: PepeLaugh 4 reddvelv: 4 PepeLaugh fenniksss: 5 imadariusmain: 4 quantumop: PogChamp Fullmetalcheese: 4Shrug Clap Oxyq_p: PogU Doully92: Pog Coil_Hype: Chag Aeonll: Pog Suney: Pog 5 mentalvary: Clap Nopileos: Pog Golden04: Chag k0tashira: PepeLaugh Clap Meximus322: Chag BroqRox: PepeLaugh Cerilysm: @Elajjaz whenever you eat, you create insulin which primarily stores energy even if you do keto. When you do not eat it will focus on burning fat via ketones Kosmic_Eagle: Chag rofIcopter: Chag reddvelv: Chag Fullmetalcheese: Chag Adalbert_de_Calcaire: Pog Rodriwastaken: Pog SLASH_HERO: PogU It_is_alive: Pog Hagane7: sub 3:30 PepeLaugh Nopileos: Chag radwimp: Chag Duhrakos: Pog more content Pog BroqRox: PogU F4IIT: Pog Secklolzzz: Clap QuothTheRavenn: Pog secret_buddy: all thos sols gone Kalinmir: wtf LuL ventomrly: -876662351 FanHeiBai: @Elajjaz Where is the promised sub 3:30 run? elaMad Pepperpotty: I fast for at least 5 mins every day Rucnicek1: Chag reddvelv: WR Pog Whitesnake777: Chag Sourcehunter: @Elajjaz Fasting is also good for Cytosis, the body starts to metabolise false folded proteins and similiar stuff that enriches in your cells. elaOk Nopileos: Chag Chag Ac7_: i dont get what just happened MrFunky159: @fenniksss you basically stop eating for 16 hours, stop eating 2 hours before bed 7-8 hours of sleep and then 6 hours of waking up and not eating anything basically Pixel_hearts: sub 4h Pog Yozhhik: yes someone bragged about sub 3:30 yesterday LULW Kosmic_Eagle: 5Head Aeonll: 5Head Clap TheSlicerr21: 5Head AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: LUL not even -2 hours Suney: 5Head Meximus322: 5Head Bakureetsu: 5Head joniburz: god run Araldsen: 5Head DaniDuck: 5Head Golden04: 5Head Jaargan: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head NosBleid: 5Head riskbreakerz: 5Head Murika_: 5Head Clap SittingOx: 5Head Coil_Hype: just dont eat 4Head WrestlerBot2000: 10x 5Head double digit combo Pog KevKov: 5Head ATruthfulLiar18: @Elajjaz Why are you following it primarily? mrbreadberry: 5Head Kosmic_Eagle: good job chat 5Head rofIcopter: 5Head Pochiie_: any m0xxers 5Head gulshan1: 5Head No problem my friend spyer23: well i do have a degree in bro science Nopileos: 5Head 5Head Gomezio_: Nice HP bar LUL TheHexmage: is there a reason why people dont use that warp in any%? nymmeh: 3Head fenniksss: @Mr4Fawkes bruh, I think my stomach will do some weird shit I try something like that elaKek Gonna try, thanks elaH jimjak94: @MrFunky159 how do you have enough energy to go through the day with 1 meal a day? Like i don’t get it Sourcehunter: 5Head )))) elaGa Go now my minion secret_buddy: only anime characters have energy levels. weeb mabtrix: Hackermans for the Human Body Pog Yozhhik: LULW Suney: TaBeRu FuelledByJordan: @Elajjaz do you still need Black Knight weapon? Araldsen: BibleThump ATruthfulLiar18: PepeHands Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu vihainenkampela: PepeHands kazaam187: I do IF too @Elajjaz and is important to not eat high carb food after your fasting time …stay low with the carbs Thrisper: TaBeRu shevraar: PepeHands slarkiee: PepeHands Murika_: pling pling plong PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands Meximus322: PepeHands vihainenkampela: poor old man Nakamura_Shinichi: Bopped mrbreadberry: PepeHands starzo0: PepeHands bobmighty: wow Suney: PepeHands ratnapper: PepeHands Doully92: PepeHands bubbe1448: OMEGALUL Boonda2: G OMEGALUL D Headwuend: BibleThump Kosmic_Eagle: PepeHands GoldenFlame1: PepeHands FatherOfGreyJedi: We are pure energy Nopileos: PepeHands PepeHands BigDTwi: The important question is, do you get solid shits during keto? Jaargan: PepeHands mabtrix: LUL Pepega_Legends: GWYN PepeHands mimmble: PepeHands no father It_is_alive: PepeHands Golden04: PepeHands Jdalker_trololo: Clap Worgane: @Elajjaz Did you have any job before you became a strimmer? You’ve probably said this many times but I dont remember Rokjaw: PepeHands djinn_94: I have big energy issues when I don’t eat for short periods so I dread to think of me doing IF LuL cheeze____: gg Chag HYPERCLAP Cerilysm: @Elajjaz I did a even more intense diet. I did 5 weeks of only meat and eggs. Nakamura_Shinichi: GG ramand000: @Elajjaz Are u going to try the OMAD( One Meal A Day) someday? FatherOfGreyJedi: Humans are 99.999999999% energy GoldenFlame1: Pog fenniksss: @jimjak94 I think the idea in burning fat by using energy inside it elaHmm Dismal_Arkt: Chag Clap LazyNewb: Clap Bakureetsu: Pog Clap radwimp: Chag paleblood_13: Clap agx2018: GOOD SHIT Nopileos: Clap mentalvary: Clap Suney: AngelThump VineWood0604: AYAYA GG elaYA Clap Shrimpess: AngelThump NosBleid: Clap Kosmic_Eagle: Chag HYPERCLAP Dryd_keepomaster: AngelThump laststand66: Chag Clap Samppsom: Pog Clap vihainenkampela: Pog Clap It_is_alive: Pog Clap PhysiCle: Chag Clap Teddym4n: Chag kloowz: I WANT TO SEE YOUR MEAL ELA ! Doully92: PepeLaugh Riggedi: elaSmile Nopileos: Pog Clap blahblah158: GG Chag Clap Dismal_Arkt: ElaPls Caput_Draconis: Chag Clap rofIcopter: ElaPls Golden04: ElaPls 🚽 kapustadrakon_: Champ Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu TaBeRu shevraar: AngelThump Pixel_hearts: Chag mrbreadberry: AngelThump Fullmetalcheese: Chag WR riskbreakerz: 5Head Clap Doully92: ElaPls Riggedi: AngelThump WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! AkaTsubaki_: ElaPls Murika_: TaBeRu Nopileos: ElaPls Daerth_: Chag Clap FanHeiBai: Chag Clap ThEgIGN: Clap MaleFunction: Chag uNintendoed: GGGGGGGG Jaargan: ElaPls fenniksss: DEATH STRANDING Pog Mangoy: Chag Clap PhilliumTV: Pog myfavoriteweeb: ElaPls 🚽 MidgetDude110: PogU Clap rexinat: Clap kunjiru: Pog DarkWingsAzrael: BATHROOM FOOD ? WutFace Nopileos: Clap Maffia171: Pog Thrisper: TaBeRu StrongNico: Chag Clap Jokimz: TaBeRu GoDoFtHeNoObS: Amazing Tshakko: Bathroom food? Gilgamezh: AngelThump DrFrank101: AngelThump Pochiie_: AngelThump PhysiCle: Getting food from the bathroom DansGame SpectatorNoX: Champ Nanashi_Sakamoto: Chag Zeref_swe : TaBeRu sunshift: TaBeRu Pixel_hearts: AngelThump It_is_alive: AngelThump Nopileos: AngelThump DaniDuck: food from the bathroom?? 🤔 Ajahi: Is this WR Chag kazaam187: Food from the bathroom FeelsWeirdMan Fullmetalcheese: AngelThump Gilgamezh: TaBeRu Mokum73: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Rerrcave: TaBeRu benamation: Does dark souls not have an ending cutscene? Tamahowk: Chag SLASH_HERO: 2 HOURS FASTER PogU SkeletonKeyLimePie: getting his food from the bathroom PepeLaugh Trierdale: Pog laststand66: TaBeRu Sohei4649: TaBeRu QuothTheRavenn: AngelThump Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu Nopileos: TaBeRu ThatLuluTho: Weeb credits PepeLaugh SiloWang: is it world record? t1kezZst4r: Death Stranding Chag Abbynaire: AngelThump MrFunky159: @jimjak94 its not one meal, you eat lunch as your first meal of the day and then dinner, in between you can have a snack.. but between the hours you are allowed to eat obviously SoaringTrumpet: AngelThump sir_mordred_: BibleThump atomicdestruction: WR Pog WolfOfTheOldWar: OWL2019hype OWL2019hype OWL2019hype OWL2019hype Worgane: Does he eat shit? DansGame Gomezio_: Nice final boss, From 4Head nymmeh: bathroom food DansGame DrDrago87: wait you store your food in the bathroom ela? sir_mordred_: AngelThump It_is_alive: AngelThump AngelThump AngelThump Pochiie_: Weeb music DansGame cerulis: @benamation he skipped it Llyfrgell: elaOk Valkata2200: Going to the bathroom to get food PepeHands he is eating shit guys Fullmetalcheese: THAT FONT elaGasm Monster5crak: what is rekky?’ SerApollyon: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH HandsUp Nazzet: AngelThump EvaNoctis: *NOTICE* This just a friendly reminder for chat to remember to hydrate yourself while watching Ela’s stream. Stay hydrated, folks ~ elaChug Thrisper: Ela throws up his food inthe bathroom and then reeats it so sad PepeHands williammb: 30% – time BroqRox: gachiVICTORY 3: 36 benamation: @cerulis oh derp, he did it so fast k0tashira: PepeHands i always cry with this ost DaniDuck: @Valkata2200 no wonder he lost 4kg PepeHands Fullmetalcheese: elaChug sunshift: EZ sub 3 hours he said elaK jimjak94: @fenniksss ohhh it’s just a fat burning thing, i mean i get it but if you have an active lifestyle you will not have energies to live your da,mn day WolfOfTheOldWar: welynOof OWL2019thumbsup imLunchy: ElaJAMMER FuelledByJordan: all japanese names, weeb game VaN Hoady: Nice run though nakwrx: wakamoDOIT Sourcehunter: TaBeRu It_is_alive: AngelThump SLASH_HERO: elaWOW elaBlush elaB elaYA takoH takoLove takoMG takoChamp takoLewd sunshift: still good tho SeemsGood RandonLoLPlayer: “folks” WeirdChamp OdeToTheNut: TaBeRu mikevitalesays: GG Naaslaarum: weeb game AYAYA weeb music AYAYA weeb streamer AYAYA weeb chat AYAYA lifemissle: @MrFunky159 So I’ve been fasting my entire life but haven’t realized it gachiBASS DrFrank101: its beautiful AngelThump SiloWang: elaSneeze dabs on tomatoes elaSneeze Cerilysm: I lost 20kg by eating Meat only for 5 weeks. GlTGUD: game of throws flashbacks running through my veins monkaS MrFunky159: @jimjak94 some people actually eat as much as they want between those hours Monster5crak: elaSneeze Sentinamania: CHAT! Who will win: Chelsea or Arsenal? PixelBob mrbreadberry: elaSneeze fenniksss: @MrFunky159 am I allowed to eat like salad and stuff like that? elaHmm Odins_pecs: monkaW Deathmones: Liverpool elaBruv Aeonll: elaSneeze haraldthehammer: will he do another run? matheusdcoliveira: !wr WarAngel1337: this is so beautiful shaking all my memories. BilbleThump WarAngel1337: ๐Ÿ™ It_is_alive: AngelThump SLASH_HERO: billyReady ela1 ela2 billyReady SLASH_HERO: billyReady ela3 ela4 billyReady zymweth: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nopileos: Clap wrappins: F jimjak94: @MrFunky159 yeah but you still don’t spread your meals throughout your day,which means you might have a seriously lack of energy during the day SkeletonKeyLimePie: Clap mrbreadberry: ela13 Clap zymweth: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BigDTwi: Clap Deathmones: Clap Sentinamania: Clap Yozhhik: Clap Thrisper: @chat remember when Ela used to eat normally PepeHands https://clips.twitch.tv/LachrymosePreciousGazelleDxAbomb Llyfrgell: Clap It_is_alive: Clap DrFrank101: Clap @SLASH_HERO Cerilysm: @jimjak94 you do not lose energy WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Oath_Of_Revenge: AngelThump Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu lucas_dogg: ela3 Clap fenniksss: @MrFunky159 (salad like Chinese Salad and Brokoli, apple’s, and stuff like that) MilchiWay: this isnt sub 3 though Keepo NosBleid: TaBeRu MrFunky159: @fenniksss in the 16 hour fasting, no cause it wouldnt be a fasting otherwise… you can drink tea/coffee and water It_is_alive: TaBeRu Bakureetsu: TaBeRu durmiin: TaBeRu Nopileos: TaBeRu PraxisMaximus: TaBeRu kekniko: just get your macros in, rest is bs Skeptical_Reptile: that’s not how that works jim, eating is very stressful on your body, reduces eating window gives you more energy not less Gilgamezh: TaBeRu Mrtriggahigga: TaBeRu shevraar: TaBeRu Cerilysm: @jimjak94 the body is designed to create energy for you thanks to ketones Sentinamania: @deathmones Liverpool indeed SeemsGood Jaargan: AngelThump SiloWang: ela1 ela1 ela2 ela2 Sourcehunter: PepeHands 🎻 akmannen: This is a banana pizza, you got pizza on it and bananas Skeptical_Reptile: your internal organs are working hard for 2-3 hours after every meal Cynthelre: 4Head DragonflyJoe: TaBeRu tragedy666: did he watched DS trailer? LickMyPretzel: Horror game now? lucas_dogg: no radwimp: not yet It_is_alive: TaBeRu KevKov: TaBeRu Pepclone: TaBeRu jimjak94: Ok i know shit about human biology, i was just wondering Nopileos: TaBeRu TaBeRu captain_elsewhere: i randomly saw a picture of a cat hugging a babies head but i though it was a cat with a massive tumour on its chest untill i looked closer elaKek fenniksss: DEATH STRANDING Pog Skeptical_Reptile: spreading out your meals is outdated science from the 50s fabulwesen_: @tragedy666 he is going to after he comes back DaniDuck: @Elajjaz we are here for you, you dont need to subject yourself to this methods so you can lose weight, you dont need to eat food from the bathroom PepeHands Kapp MrFunky159: @jimjak94 thats only in the first weeks of the fasting method… your body then adapts to this and as Ela says, you actually feel more energized this way MarcoIsDa: !wr Raizq: one meal a week is where its at DrDrago87: wait you store your food in the bathroom ela? Ajahi: Forsen speedrunning again Pog Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu lucas_dogg: !quote Nanashi_Sakamoto: Death Stranding Chag WrestlerBot2000: “Can I jump on the dicks, I wanna get up there.” – Elajjaz, 2017 No. 87 https://clips.twitch.tv/SoftTemperedPonyOneHand For full list of quotes and additional info visit: http://comradenerdy.com/ela/quotes.html 5tupidi7Y: WATCH FORSEN! WR PACE Pog WATCH FORSEN! WR PACE Pog WATCH FORSEN! WR PACE Pog WhackyMuffinMan: WhackyMuffinMan subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! WrestlerBot2000: @WhackyMuffinMan You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM Rust_n: Death Stranding Chag StrafeMachine: You already said it, don’t sweata it @Elajjaz Fullmetalcheese: elaOP Clap Nopileos: SUB HYPE WhackyMuffinMan elaA Pochiie_: Weeb music DansGame @Elajjaz freak__devil: @DaniDuck pepeL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Chag DS time WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Edition, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz akemicat: hi cutie chat elaH DaniDuck: @freak__devil pepeL Skeptical_Reptile: TIME TO WATCH THE REAL DS Chag DaniDuck: @akemicat pepeL Nopileos: akemicat elaHYUG Pepega_Legends: ElaJAMMER Yuggod: reaction channel time Pog MilchiWay: Death stranding reaction PogChamp fenniksss: @Elajjaz Ela, I got your ass https://clips.twitch.tv/ProtectiveGenerousHorseSMOrc CHR92: akemicat elaH Trynchen: Pog Death Stranding incoming Dragonaxe160: Dragonaxe160 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 14 months! WrestlerBot2000: @Dragonaxe160 After 14 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM secret_buddy: its toilet sous vide AbsoluteHope: AngelThump Nopileos: SUB HYPE Dragonaxe160 Pog StrafeMachine: Death Stranding reaction Pog Pike27: World Record Pog ShinoEleven: TaBeRu CHR92: So, what now? elaSmile @Elajjaz It_is_alive: AngelThump PhysiCle: Btw chat it’s not taken out of context LULW Doully92: PepeLaugh Geneziz_: react harder plz ๐Ÿ™‚ JoHoOoOo: @Elajjaz ITS TIME TO REACT elaMad Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh Golden04: PepeLaugh Nakamura_Shinichi: LULW Polebegood: PepeLaugh freak__devil: @DaniDuck where is your badge monkaW SiloWang: AYAYA Pepega_Legends: dark souls 2 all achievements PogYou SLASH_HERO: elaBlush elaBlush elaBlush elaBlush Fullmetalcheese: LULW Nopileos: PepeLaugh PhysiCle: AYAYA Reddinator: danKEK fenniksss: elaKek Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Yuggod: AYAYA Clap MeccaMaster: LULW MilchiWay: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: LULW Fullmetalcheese: gachiBOP lord_rimheart: LUL TheGoldenCobra: LULW SerApollyon: LULW radwimp: LUL Jaargan: AYAYA Nopileos: LULW It_is_alive: LULW NosBleid: AYAYA IzmAYAYA: AYAYA Clap BobTheDrunkBear: PepeLaugh Pochiie_: LULW juicecfruit: AYAYA rofIcopter: PepeLaugh silver6ird: AYAYA mrbreadberry: AYAYA kapustadrakon_: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA Gilgamezh: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN Sohei4649: OMEGADOWN BroqRox: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA ShinoEleven: LULW Doully92: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Jaargan: LULW reddvelv: AYAYA Da_Flanker: LULW Caught Mangoy: AYAYA osef2195: AYAYA HYPERCLAP MilchiWay: AYAYA Autumn_Flare: AYAYA Hellu: PepeLaugh JoHoOoOo: AYAYA akmannen: Im a fucking weeb ??????? AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Amro_bhr: AYAYA splitting_: AYAYA Fullmetalcheese: gachiBASS Polebegood: elaK F4IIT: AYAYA Clap rica235: WE GOT HIM PepeLaugh LazyNewb: PepeLaugh daley_: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Thenastyraven: CONFIRMED LULW ShinoEleven: AYAYA Clap AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: AYAYA Clap Frosturia: AYAYA ONE OF US frenzywolfx: AYAYA Clap GlTGUD: you’ve eaten asparagus, thats like katamary damacy Kawfeeine: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Nopileos: AYAYA Clap Lagunaab: EXPOSED WilsonAJ: AYAYA Clap iiioku: AYAYA MaleFunction: elaYA floooooof: AYAYA HYPERCLAP myfavoriteweeb: elaK Reddinator: Kapp Ajahi: AYAYA HYPERCLAP 624pt2: confirmed ๐Ÿ™‚ moofss: GOT IM Cursed_Spectre: cirAYAYA Llyfrgell: PepeLaugh Nakamura_Shinichi: elaK NosBleid: CLIP IT durmiin: AYAYA Clap NovaMoon: undeniable proof Rodriwastaken: AYAYA It_is_alive: AYAYA VineWood0604: elaK Skyrobine: AYAYA Golden04: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Slaps_Giving: AYAYA Marptic: Hi @Elajjaz and chathttps://youtu.be/J7VwrfSr1mw Darth_Kredol: 4Shrug the game Guts_Pdz: AYAYA PURAYSTAECHION crashfort: looked incredible Riinegan: @Elajjaz did you pre-order laready ? PogChamp dexusb: 😡 react harder 😡 Yoshi_hiro: gameplay confirmed Gustel_B: Click link in descripion @Elajjaz FlexySanders: DIE HARDMAN?? Y U NO CAST BRUCE WILLIS KOJIMER? Berendey2k: KOJIMA GENIUS JoHoOoOo: DSP elaKek Tiny_PL: the fall of 76 Pog WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Robin_CP: YOU PLAY AS A TECH GUY WHO TRIES TO BRING GOGLE FIBER TO THE ENTIRE WORLD jormuliini: gachiBASS KOJIMA gachiBASS Valkata2200: @Elajjaz CUREZET Raizq: uber eats simulator Pog jaquescamarao: the coolest looking part was the environments, looks like a comfy traveling game. the combat looked kinda meh FeelsWeirdMan Ph4ntomi: REACT elaMad Deathmones: @Elajjaz watch DSP LULW tyree372: DENK nit0burrito: HYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAPHYPERCLAP GluteusCortex: only 500k views ?! monkaS Trynchen: Mui mui Pog houndthree: someone show him the new last of us trailer kingmeza: What programs do you recommend to edit videos? DethSword_: APOCALYPTICA IN TRAILER TOO Kreygasm ElaJAMMER APOCALYPTICA IN TRAILER TOO Kreygasm ElaJAMMER ThatLuluTho: DSP PepeLaugh Nazzet: pepeJAMMER SeekerAloy: muy confusion Flashforward: there is a synopsis that explains the game a lot better grindfatherx: Did look sick LickMyPretzel: It’s gonna have 5 hours of gameplay and 20 hours of cutscenes AnAnonymousGifter: An anonymous user gifted a Tier 1 sub to AyayaCuteChat_! WrestlerBot2000: @AyayaCuteChat_ You’re the 7 to my 9 elaDM Xu_Shu: dank memes next pls tangSip k0tashira: muy interesante Pog Blood_Rooted: @chudysensei but chat is made of people PepeHands silver6ird: it’s impossible to read sunshift: muy interesting KKona SaixSoul: muy 4Shrug lNatey: lNatey subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! MrFunky159: I dont know what to think about the gameplay so far elaHmm Im kind of bored of the typical survival open world shit, but we’ll have to see how it goes WrestlerBot2000: @lNatey I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes with you elaDM Nopileos: SUB HYPE AyayaCuteChat_ Pog MinatoV6: best game of the year already AbitRusty1: ladder seems fun BroqRox: @Elajjaz read kojima’s tweet Sourcehunter: Ensure lock is closed WarAngel1337: DANK MEMES! King_Insane: That’d be worth a purchase for mads performance on its own already Ph4ntomi: AYAYA OriPeel: we did WilsonAJ: Jebaited Golden04: FeelsWeirdMan Filth_: FeelsWeirdMan AlcatraZ567: AYAYA ArthurVinte2: The fall of 76 Pog PhysiCle: AYAYA AlcatraZ567: AYAYA Clap crashfort: AYAYA NosBleid: AYAYA SonicatorTV: AYAYA Clap Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA gagin5: Kojima is 5Head osef2195: AYAYA Kexmannen: AYAYA VentusNova_: AYAYA Thenastyraven: AYAYA IzmAYAYA: AYAYA Clap Shrimpess: AYAYA VineWood0604: AYAYA astherlu: AYAYA Kaspu: AYAYA LoadandPlay: this has to be kojimas shortest project time with 3 years after annoncment silver6ird: AYAYA spyer23: @Elajjaz have you see the fall of 76 video ? datdeathy: AYAYA Niloomilo: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA DethSword_: AYAYA Gustel_B: AYAYA Clap mrbreadberry: AYAYA cho_pin: AYAYA ShinoEleven: AYAYA J0hnnyBlade: PepeLaugh payprice: LULW Bakureetsu: AYAYA Clap Zanar18: AYAYA Guts_Pdz: AYAYA nikitos_boom: @Elajjaz WHEN YOU WILL REACT elaMad Deid_: elaWeird Trynchen: AYAYA splitting_: AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA GOT EM Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA Raidou_XIV: AYAYA Clap Istog: AYAYA Albin_Alligator: AYAYA spike_the_space_cowboy: Mads is such a good actor It_is_alive: AYAYA OriPeel: @Elajjaz Mads was holding it up Jaargan: WeirdChamp crashtestisland: AYAYA Neroph: Fall of 76 LUL lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz NOW EXPLAIN THE GAME AS A GREAT 5Head Natan220: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Niloomilo: Elajjaz https://twitter.com/HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN/status/1133765190921670657 easyeasy: AYAYA ? Boonda2: AYAYA Fullmetalcheese: That was Pog D3rrtyD4n: im buying it fo sho VentusNova_: 5Head MrBenigG: ayaya NO Ifunche: AYAYA CLAP StaynFr0sty_: @Elajjaz that last line of message is from kojima to us about E3 maybe ? LickMyPretzel: Watch the Pusher movies if you like Mads gagin5: AYAYA game=great spooody313: @Elajjaz read the extra info on website pls. About story, online ,etc Tommero: PLEASE the fall of 76 is so good AyayaCuteChat_: @AnAnonymousGifter AYAYA HYPERCLAP ARIGATO Fullmetalcheese: MAds Kreygasm Norman Kreygasm Jaargan: MADS elaH Riggedi: this will be one hell of a ride elaOk dietcaprisonne: Gameplay looks like an evolution of MGSV – Cant wait payprice: elaMad React Harder Ozbkia: graphics look incredible Kalgarrr: watch Fall of F 76 LULW sunshift: Whole cast is POGGERS af Deathmones: click on image Maffia171: KKona Wall Filth_: KKona Clap Ph4ntomi: KKona Teddym4n: KKona SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeLaugh sunshift: elaHmm Golden04: KKona Hellu: nrdyKona taeyeon__ss: KKona Deid_: KKona Nopileos: KKona jaquescamarao: Trump villain of death stranding LUL shevraar: KKona Darth_Kredol: KKona Wall gamezocker: KKona HYPERCLAP Reddinator: KKona Moctavius: WALLS ?! KKona AlcatraZ567: KKona RandonLoLPlayer: KKona splitting_: KKona Jaargan: KKona yyrcbry: KKona MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: KKona PillTheBomb: KKona build the wall xillgian: cmonBrother Nopileos: KKona KKona WrestlerBot2000: 12x KKona double digit combo Pog spike_the_space_cowboy: KKona VentusNova_: WALLS KKona souldedeh: Pog Clap Pog Clap Pog Clap Pog Clap Pog Clap Pog Clap Pog Clap Pog Clap Pog Clap Pog Clap NosBleid: 5Head Da_Flanker: Most of the budget was probably spent on graphics and actors Llyfrgell: elaHmm yyrcbry: KKona MURICA D3rrtyD4n: atpShh Zeldak: KKona EbiVariance: KKona SLASH_HERO: KKona HELL YEAH It_is_alive: KKona jaquescamarao: KKona Nopileos: KKona shruu: 5Head cho_pin: DansGame Denact: itsvex FeelsWeirdMan souldedeh: Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Pog HYPERCLAP Da_Flanker: Don’t expect riveting gameplay dariaste: ladders LUL gagin5: Hideo Kojima POG saugo: KKona It_is_alive: Pog HYPERCLAP LUL_is_a_emote_for_kids: @jaquescamarao thats what i thought. you know the ring wing alt media will lose their minds over it sunshift: haHAA silver6ird: 5Head yes i see Bakureetsu: Hide 5Head K 5Head jima GlTGUD: HolidayCookie everything isgreat Polebegood: 5Head xillgian: 5Head 5Head 5Head UltraWindow: suble kojima ticapril: KKona stranden SkeletonKeyLimePie: I see FeelsPepoMan Ph4ntomi: 5Head Aeonll: 5Head CrazyKidGo: Pog Jaargan: 5Head Filth_: FeelsGoodMan easyeasy: wait wat Nopileos: 5Head Neroph: Sam Porter who cmonBruh ? Golden04: 5Head Clap Dryd_keepomaster: multiplayer ? BrascoGaming: Chag J0hnnyBlade: 5Head Blood_Rooted: Kojima is TheIlluminati confirmed Valarrarara: character literally named Sam Bridge LUL D3rrtyD4n: nice Niloomilo: 5Head SpectatorNoX: PogU Fullmetalcheese: 5Head as Fuck nakwrx: !quote I have to get my food from the bathroom DethSword_: go to music again ElaJAMMER @Elajjaz Polebegood: so it’s online? StaynFr0sty_: @Elajjaz that last line of message is from kojima to us about E3 maybe ? Sourcehunter: Clap Hellu: 5Head stuff ItsVeX: @Denact dude, I thought this picture only had to sentences when i tipped LUL WrestlerBot2000: ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ Try a number from 0 to 116! For full list of quotes and additional info visit: http://comradenerdy.com/ela/quotes.html VentusNova_: 5Head jormuliini: gachiBASS KOJIMA gachiBASS Meximus322: 5Head Clap spooody313: @Elajjaz extra info on website about story,online,etc. Read it pls Ph4ntomi: GOD KOJIMA Pog shevraar: Kojima Sama Doully92: 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug 4Shrug dariaste: multi WutFace NosBleid: 5Head nice SiloWang: sounds like a globalist game silver6ird: KOJIMA Kreygasm gulshan1: Kojima too 5Head GluteusCortex: Clap DethSword_: 5Head kojima Androsix: WUT ??? Jaargan: KOJIMA PepeHands GenuineLGN: we dont deserve kojima PepeHands MousseAcebolada: KOJOMBO Berendey2k: KOJIMA GENIUS glodrug: every kojima game has to have a message LUL SoaringTrumpet: so, gamers connect online? what a new concept Kappa Epiktakguy: Humanism k0tashira: HIdegod Kojima LULW GluteusCortex: Actually a good trailer BrascoGaming: The treasure are the friends we made on ourr journey PogU frogeater1982: I need a playstation gold_dante: GENIUS Riinegan: @Elajjaz did you pre-order already ? PogChamp Da_Flanker: ISOLATION BAD FlexySanders: That rustled my Kojimmies Kevintaku: elaD lifemissle: @Elajjaz he really forged those connections in hollywood Kappa Gustel_B: loook at the collectors edition @Elajjaz cho_pin: Fölger elaMad Maffia171: D: duumed: yay pretentious bullshit Da_Flanker: CONNECT PEOPLE gagin5: Play Yakuza series sunshift: 69 Följare du känner WutFace Monster5crak: elaD SkeletonKeyLimePie: (chompy) Doully92: DSP LULW Deathmones: DSP LULW NosBleid: DSP OMEGALUL VentusNova_: DSP LULW lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz now explain the game lore and story as a great 5Head easyeasy: B-BUT KOJIMA IS A GOD BabyRage nakwrx: death stranding>metal gear solid???? Blood_Rooted: @SiloWang damn those male suplements are good KKona Da_Flanker: Get it Wwaaaz: DSP POGGERS VineWood0604: YeahBoi pistaitson: Elajjaz watch this PepeLaugh –>https://youtu.be/J7VwrfSr1mw shevraar: dunkey Pog Jaargan: PUPPIES QQQQQQQQQWWWWWWWWWWWWW: watch dsp videos SilentNewbee: @Elajjaz PoE trailer Pog SLASH_HERO: CHUG PogU functionoverflu: DUNKEY MousseAcebolada: DSP LUL AlcatraZ567: Rekommenderat Meippi: elaD elaD MaleFunction: elaMad EAT ASS elaMad DrSIurp: WATCH ANIME Elajjaz Aeonll: Pog WATCH FLORIDA VLOG Murika_: BadLandsChugs Pog spyer23: watch fall of fallout 76 @Elajjaz Yokaiin: JUST DO IT boondockdewock: Kojima forcing politics into games smh gagin5: Kojima-senpai is god sicariowned: @Elajjaz watch forsen jormuliini: layers of shit LULW Valkata2200: @Elajjaz deep sea creatures Epiktakguy: DSP trolling94: DSP JoHoOoOo: @Elajjaz Fall of 76 ? Jaargan: PUPPIEShttps://youtu.be/J7VwrfSr1mw Ifunche: AYAYA CHAT WutFace Deathmones: elaK nemz? ayahuasca_n: fall of fallout 76 @Elajjaz jaquescamarao: you ca LUL gagin5: Make fun of forsen all % chudysensei: fall of 76 sunshift: Just stream a movie in the Artifact section 4HEad LucasClassik: We want the undisputed champ mr sonnen dexusb: @Elajjaz Worms worst shot ever 2012 SerApollyon: @Elajjaz FALL OF 76 Pog Kalgarrr: watch Fall of F 76 LULW nibeio: forsen needs help PepeHands MrIzvrashenec : @Elajjaz new dunkey video Pog Geneziz_: Fall of 76? Pog Flachzange42: Fall of 76 Da_Flanker: Forsen getting stuck on O&S again Niloomilo:>watches Nemz at the end of the stream King_Insane: Not stealing from nemz elaKek Jegerkaj: dsp recommendations PepeLaugh gonbat: just GUIDE FORSEN, its like free lessons Mannjik: new dunkey video Pog D3rrtyD4n: 5Head 5Head 5Head Lagunaab: AINSLEY OR RARMSEY Epiktakguy: OKEJ Pog theonlyMaria: BIGLANDS CHUGS PogU VentusNova_: Elajjaz fall of 76 PogU Thrisper: monkaS InternetJunkyPrez: @Elajjaz fall of 76 PillTheBomb: forsenHappy Jaargan: THANK U ELA elaH elaH wevie1: florida vlog PepeHands Flachzange42: the Fall of 76 silver6ird: awwwww JoHoOoOo: @Elajjaz Fall of 76 redzaki: FALL OF 76 Pog Aeonll: Wowee houndthree: look he subbed to joe rogan, he must be alt right Ph4ntomi: AYAYA Monster5crak: HYPERCLAP k0tashira: monkaS Reddinator: danAww Kaspu: Cute animal videos forsenSleeper Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA EvaNoctis: @Elajjaz How about DBD ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-Tm0h0Wxfs Raidou_XIV: AYAYA MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: pepeL Bestorio: Subscribed to Tonight Show DansGame PillTheBomb: awww mizkifCozy Nopileos: AYAYA Trynchen: Cute pupper AYAYA sunshift: POGGERS VentusNova_: AYAYA AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA CUTE Jaargan: elaH vihainenkampela: PogU ANIMALS Hellu: Clap Meximus322: POGGERS SerApollyon: FALL OF 76 Pog Raknov: otters are cute af AYAYA Clap Thenastyraven: AYAYA KAWAIIIIIII Jokimz: FeelsGoodMan Clap Moctavius: WeirdChamp Niloomilo: AYAYA Shrimpess: ResidentSleeper wow Flachzange42: @Elajjaz the Fall of 76 NosBleid: AYAYA cute animals AlcatraZ567: AYAYA ThunderZBee: Watch Fall of 76 shruu: FeelsGoodMan Clap PhysiCle: Fall of 76 Pog SpectatorNoX: elaBlush D3rrtyD4n: otterly adorable Pog secret_buddy: slapping contest or die BlackjackalTV: CUTE AYAYA GlTGUD: steal HORSEN content hyubC Kmynis: Otters can be angry ๐Ÿ™ mayushi10: FeelsGoodMan Clap DaniDuck: fall of 76 super_ae: @Elajjaz dont be grumpy elaMad Da_Flanker: Cute SeeM_Villain: it’s otterly a-dog-rable Ralock: OTTERLY AMAZING SLASH_HERO: AYAYA chudysensei: @elajjaz fall of 76 Flachzange42: Fall of 76 G8mate: cute JoHoOoOo: elaA Deathmones: AYAYA justanotherheroo: Fall of 76 Pog dexusb: @Elajjaz Worms worst shot ever 2012 Filth_: elaREE Ph4ntomi: DansGame Kaspu: WATCH IT Pog DaniDuck: PogU Wwaaaz: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Polebegood: Pog Murika_: @Elajjaz watch badlandschug elaChug Androsix: elaH vihainenkampela: Pog ! Deid_: Chag DarkRiveeR: yes chudysensei: yes Pog Hoady: hopefully the dog gets eaten faeyre: wholesome i guess FeelsGoodMan gonbat: Otters rape seals btw WeirdChamp OnlyAMadScientist: elaREE Breitey: Pog Nopileos: Pog reddvelv: DansGame SLASH_HERO: DansGame WTF CrazyKidGo: Pog Jaargan: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU 4Circ: hey look it’s otters and a dog PogU expandarrr: Pog ThunderZBee: 10/10 watch ArthurVinte2: Pog AmarokFGC: Pog MrJekyll16: Pog PhysiCle: It’s fucking good Ph4ntomi: I WAS WATCHING THAT DansGame Nopileos: Pog Pog Elsbrik: PogU Darth_Kredol: PogU SerApollyon: YES YES YES Deathmones: Pog SpectatorNoX: elaREE Thenastyraven: great video Golden04: Chag mayushi10: DansGame Riggedi: it’s pretty good Monster5crak: elaD MidgetDude110: Pog Yuggod: LULW hardstones: WATCH IT IRAGEQUEEN: DansGame Kaspu: @Elajjaz It’s a very good video BlackjackalTV: I WAS WATCHING THAT DaniDuck: its really good Nopileos: Pog ayahuasca_n: Pog Parfumerie: DansGame Natan220: reeeeeeeee Skeptical_Reptile: dude this video is fucking great dietcaprisonne: YESSSS MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Chag ticapril: Pog InternetJunkyPrez: yes PogChamp NosBleid: internet historian Pog Flachzange42: Pog MilchiWay: LUL payprice: LULW Nopileos: Pog Pog sunshift: but the otters elaHYUG KevKov: Pog YES Valkata2200: Pog best video GlTGUD: this is muy reddit SerApollyon: Pog Istog: Chag yes Geneziz_: Pog Niloomilo: Pog Da_Flanker: REACTION CHANNEL LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW THIS Kalgarrr: Pog osef2195: POGGERS Sabertore: Chag durmiin: Pog Mannjik: Internet Historian Pog Nopileos: Pog Naniyo: it’s too looooong Abhraxaz: LUL Trynchen: 26 minutes Pog mrbreadberry: LULW THIS IS GOLD Aeonll: OwO abbassakir26: watch forsen DarkRiveeR: you havent seen this wtf PogU chudysensei: watch it Pog Virhaed: Chag countingz: good bideo imnotpotatoe: OMEGLOL expandarrr: WATCH IT Pog nouvart: Pog PandekagePiraten: @Elajjaz Fall of 76 is a great video VentusNova_: ITS SO GOOD sjuften_: Chag Internet historian SilentNewbee: Pog Elsbrik: Reaction channel when? PogU @Elajjaz thedirtylukii: ITS REALLY GOOD MasterMalpercio: watch it it’s great rooKek SLASH_HERO: HISTORIAN PogU ThunderZBee: Watch it Its really good Neroph: Pog gczero: watch it NamelesssPleb: yes Junri: Must watch Ph4ntomi: 26 mins LULW Cheapcat: Asmongold OMEGLOL 624pt2: its good not_wintermute: yes dietcaprisonne: WATCH IT vihainenkampela: it’s really good Pog Flachzange42: Watch it Blood_Rooted: YES JubJubWantRubRubs: hehe this channel is funny AkaTsubaki_: @Elajjaz sooooo gooood jaquescamarao: 26 minutes LULW Darth_Kredol: Internet Historian PogU Da_Flanker: It’s pretty funny Arcshined: react to asmongold reacting to it elaSmile Shrimpess: Fall out 76 LULW ticapril: it’s good PhysiCle: It’s really good aye Pog DethSword_: REACTION STREAMER OMEGADOWN Kaspu: @Elajjaz Watch it PogU Flachzange42: it is good Kalgarrr: Watch pls Pog TheZecaUrubu: Yep Natan220: yes Gustel_B: HGAHAHAHA for the like 7th time im gonna watch this now on stream @Elajjaz Monster5crak: 10/10 video Geneziz_: HERE WE GO SaixSoul: yes Polebegood: you will LULW Thenastyraven: yea really worth it @Elajjaz GreenHencel: it’s porn @Elajjaz LazyPixel: pure Gold LordDugong: react Pog QQQQQQQQQWWWWWWWWWWWWW: fo 76 circlejerk DaniDuck: its berry nice DarkRiveeR: i watched it like 5 times LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: 26 minutes WeirdChamp Wwaaaz: 26 minutes Pog MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: DansGame rica235: SO GOOD @Elajjaz Pog Kaspu: @Elajjaz Watch whole video 😡 k0tashira: Elajjaz react to Fall of 76 Pog Naniyo: @Elajjaz watch at 1.5 speed LightmareLive: best yt video since years @Elajjaz DaniDuck: watch it all elaMad cheeze____: Cool I haven’t seen this video on every twitch reaction channel OMEGADOWN Solitaryvision: it’s a fucking glorious video kapustadrakon_: you will LULW gonbat: wATCH at SPEED x2 Meximus322: PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz Plays Never Again | Part 1 – https://youtu.be/1mT-7Nt3l1w TheSalikawood: it’s good if you care about bethesda, not really if u dont Baronjohn96: Its good Bakureetsu: LULW GenuineLGN: internet historian elaKek captain_elsewhere: oh dear god Ph4ntomi: LULW rofIcopter: REACT HARDER 😡 Shausherinio: Watch WHOLE VID Jegerkaj: Fallout 76 PepeLaugh thedirtylukii: WATCH THE WHOLE THONIG @Elajjaz Lord_Solaire: elaKek mrbreadberry: LULW MaleFunction: bethesda pls NotLikeThis KappasMother: vid is hilarious TheGuyOnAcid: YEEEEEES spyer23: it’s so fucking good Pog sjuften_: PepeHands Fallout HEIL_MODS_: LULW Riggedi: FeelsGoodMan nymnCorn MrBenigG: @Elajjaz this video is freaking amazing pls watch it Filth_: D: Deid_: monkaW Ph4ntomi: elaD chudysensei: monkaW Rust_n: @Elajjaz watch it all DryLegend8: YAAAAAAAASSSSSS SonicatorTV: monkaW y_u_dodiz: D: Neroph: D: AlcatraZ567: monkaW BrascoGaming: D: VentusNova_: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW Moctavius: monkaX MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: monkaW Golden04: monkaS CrazyKidGo: monkaW Bakureetsu: monkaW captain_elsewhere: it really good Reddinator: monkaW gonbat: D: Aeonll: monkaW DaniDuck: monkaW SilentNewbee: monkaW Niloomilo: monkaW payprice: elaD Da_Flanker: Good Nopileos: monkaW monkaW Claw16: monkAW Jaargan: monkaW freak__devil: monkaH BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW D3rrtyD4n: i know 76 is shit, dont need a 30 minute vid atpCap KevKov: elaD mayushi10: monkaW SonicatorTV: LUL A_Very_British_Fox: this isnt dark souls BlackjackalTV: D: imnotpotatoe: PepeHands Deid_: KKona Nopileos: monkaW TheZecaUrubu: LUL DatSouls: LUL F4IIT: monkaW Naniyo: @Elajjaz watch it at 1.5 speed mrbreadberry: this video is sad actually rica235: LUL South Park LUL SerApollyon: Pog VirJhinnn: yes nice video ๐Ÿ™‚ chudysensei: no PhysiCle: Yeah rica235: Yes € dokus09: no durmiin: EljanPls Istog: no DaniDuck: no VentusNova_: not hate BroqRox: LUL Nopileos: no Da_Flanker: 76 was such a hilarious fiasco spyer23: no hate just facts Deathmones: no Ajahi: No pistaitson: nno Thenastyraven: not at all Flachzange42: no Yuggod: no its just laying out the facts Ph4ntomi: no Monster5crak: no GenuineLGN: ITS A DOCUMENTARY GluteusCortex: 10/10 transission Jegerkaj: Todd Pog Nopileos: no no shevraar: TOD LULW JoHoOoOo: no tyree372: no sunshift: it’s documentary Dryd_keepomaster: LOL THIS VID LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: KKrikey no Bakureetsu: Todd Champ SonicatorTV: TODD Chag PG_13_Username: “hating” mrbreadberry: pure facts Junri: Not hating just facts @Elajjaz Darth_Kredol: “hating ” OMEGADOWN Ph4ntomi: pls no DaniDuck: its a documentary TheZecaUrubu: More like the story of the game DmKotov: monkaS MrJekyll16: No, these are facts supersupras: todd the scammer Slaps_Giving: I love Internet Historian Reddinator: todd danP Hellu: I enjoy Fallout 76 as a game, but I loved the video too elaSmile Da_Flanker: Not hate, just describes the whole fiasco tyree372: its explaining everything spacerino_: OMEGALUL vihainenkampela: T OMEGLOL D D lana_del_krey: BuyMyGame HEIL_MODS_: elaHAA cheeze____: well this person makes a lot of good yt videos, not just this one y_u_dodiz: Chag payprice: 76 PogU dariaste: todd Kreygasm Denact: LULW LerajeRandom: Todd’s voice sounds like Linus Bakureetsu: LULW Golden04: Chag VentusNova_: Chag Nopileos: Chag PhilliumTV: LULW mrbreadberry: OMEGLOL Kalgarrr: its good vid, with facts Monster5crak: LULW DaniDuck: PogU chudysensei: 76 POGGERS AlcatraZ567: Chag sjuften_: Chag 16 dark_medieval_times: klinkLUL klinkLUL klinkLUL Deid_: Chag Reddinator: LULW Kaspu: PogU SkeletonKeyLimePie: internet historian is actually funny Ph4ntomi: OMEGADOWN SonicatorTV: 16 Chag Nopileos: PogU Syaraz: LULW Filth_: Chag DaniDuck: 16? PogU supersupras: 16x times silver6ird: 16 Pog Germy_ranch: F OMEGALUL 76 DethSword_: PogU ticapril: todd LUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Chag Aeonll: Pog vihainenkampela: PogU 16X D3rrtyD4n: ooof that annoying voice nibeio: 16 LULW AlcatraZ567: Clap PhysiCle: Pog Thrisper: Pog CrazyKidGo: LULW SLASH_HERO: PogU Nopileos: PogU PogU Shrimpess: LULW ArthurVinte2: Chag 76 Bakureetsu: 16 Pog Meximus322: LULW VentusNova_: 16 Chag Deathmones: Chag VineWood0604: 16x Golden04: TODD Pog Darth_Kredol: literally the shittiest game of all time “hating ” OMEGALUL mrbreadberry: Chag SaixSoul: hahahahahaha Raidou_XIV: Pog sunshift: 16 TIME THE DETAIL MaleFunction: Chag Rust_n: LULW Nopileos: Chag NosBleid: Pog troublematicc: 16x Chag Sabertore: Chag AlcatraZ567: LULW Blood_Rooted: Chag OnlyAMadScientist: Chag gonbat: Chag Tamahowk: PogU c0rnflex: Clap Jegerkaj: 16 Pog Clap KevKov: Champ 16x ? Sohei4649: 16x Chag DatSouls: Pog BobTheDrunkBear: Pog jaquescamarao: Pog Rentaz: OMEGADOWN DethSword_: POGGERS Nopileos: Chag Chag Ph4ntomi: Pog Qviss: Chag W000: LUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Chag Pog Polebegood: elaGa HYPERCLAP wooo Jaargan: Chag SLASH_HERO: PogU WOW payprice: Chag Goty Trynchen: Chag ThatLuluTho: PepeLaugh sjuften_: Chag HYPERCLAP y_u_dodiz: Chag OMFG OnlyAMadScientist: Chag Chag ! Da_Flanker: Sometimes it doesn’t just work Nopileos: Chag MidgetDude110: PogU silver6ird: WOOOOOOO Chag spacerino_: OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN Bakureetsu: Pog HYPERCLAP GlTGUD: we care… haHAA Golden04: Chag HYPERCLAP VaIenToSeIan: people are still just salty that F76 is like any other non modded Bethesda game Kappa Thenastyraven: Pog Clap Reddinator: WOOOOOOO taeyeon__ss: Chag SonicatorTV: 4x Chag pastordrmartinssempa: HotPokket Clap DaniDuck: 4x PogU Blood_Rooted: Chag Clap crashfort: todd lying as usual elaK sunshift: FOUR TIMES THE SIZE supersupras: lies lies aizawa49: Chag ArthurVinte2: Chag 4x MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Chag SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag laststand66: Chag CrazyKidGo: Chag Nopileos: Chag Chag lord_rimheart: bethesda won E3 Pepega PhysiCle: Pog Clap VentusNova_: 4x PogU shevraar: Chag Jobandox: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited cheeze____: “All new” except not Ph4ntomi: Chag SilentNewbee: 4 Chag D3rrtyD4n: Clap LULW Rust_n: Chag azureTreble: Chag Clap easyeasy: Chag HYPERCLAP nikitos_boom: Pog CJWM8te: Chag Nopileos: Chag DatSouls: 4x Pog seggluksanyi: Chog SonicatorTV: Champ HYPERCLAP Astahrath: OH he’ll yea, it’s time to watch a 4th reaction to this video DethSword_: POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS payprice: LUL Wwaaaz: Professional wooooers FeelsWeirdMan DethSword_: POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS VirJhinnn: @Elajjaz i watched this video with 10 different streamers, guess its time to watch it with you ๐Ÿ™‚ Dustythehamster: Pog 4 times the size HYPERCLAP Meximus322: elaKek SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM DethSword_: POGGERS POGGERS AlcatraZ567: NO Riggedi: pepeJAM MousseAcebolada: SWEET LITTLE LIES PhilliumTV: Chag SerApollyon: PogU chudysensei: elaKek VentusNova_: Jebaited y_u_dodiz: elaGa SonicatorTV: pepeJAM Shrimpess: pepeJAM rofIcopter: PepeLaugh Blood_Rooted: REACT HARDER 😡 kapustadrakon_: pepeJAM GenuineLGN: LULW Nopileos: pepeJAM y_u_dodiz: LULW xuukiii: LULW PokerDweebz: gods I was strong then Chag Filth_: OMEGALUL CrazyKidGo: LULW Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh PillTheBomb: PepeLaugh shruu: LULW maresal34: dis video is great AlcatraZ567: LULW laststand66: Jebaited Thrisper: LUL Kmynis: Jebaited Clap Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: Jebaited Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW spacerino_: LULW LazyPixel: nymnK nymnK nymnK nymnK nymnK nymnK nymnK SapphireSarah: lol Da_Flanker: That was hilarious VineWood0604: LULW SonicatorTV: LUL Ph4ntomi: 50? DaniDuck: LULW easyeasy: LULW VentusNova_: LULW Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL Golden04: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh BroqRox: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW vulpitt: LUL D3rrtyD4n: PepoDance DatSouls: monkaS Sunshinewalker: OMEGADOWN AlcatraZ567: OMEGADOWN Lord_Solaire: LULW Kaspu: LULW Bakureetsu: OMEGALUL Reddinator: danKEK Meximus322: OMEGADOWN Natan220: LUL Blood_Rooted: KKool MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Jaargan: LULW Nopileos: LULW Thrisper: bUrself Dryd_keepomaster: THIS FUCKING GAME LULW Polebegood: pepeD SaixSoul: hahahaha LULW PhilliumTV: LULW Da_Flanker: It was so bad OnlyAMadScientist: monkaW Sourcehunter: bUrself ayahuasca_n: OMEGADOWN SonicatorTV: pepeJAM Ph4ntomi: KKool MaleFunction: good for you y_u_dodiz: WutFace Claw16: pepeD Naniyo: pepeJAM rofIcopter: pepeJAM SilentNewbee: LULW Nopileos: pepeJAM Yokstrike: @Elajjaz be glad you didn’t TheZecaUrubu: For good reason AlcatraZ567: WutFace Fulgator: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv Blood_Rooted: KKool Clap payprice: PogU So many Bugs AlcatraZ567: pepeJAMMER vihainenkampela: lulw Hellu: It’s quite patched nowadays elaSmile Bakureetsu: LULW saugo: yeah, the game deleted itself, it was horrible elaMad elaWeird Dustythehamster: LUL elajjaz thought it was a GAME shamshamalam: BUGS BUGS BUGS pepeJAM GlTGUD: my god i was bobby b then monkaS AlcatraZ567: LULW SpectatorNoX: LULW Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: LUL mrbreadberry: LULW Nopileos: LULW NosBleid: pepeJAM Deid_: monkaW Reddinator: monkaW Naniyo: monkaW Riggedi: monkaW DaniDuck: monkaW DatSouls: LUL advoccat: LUL sunshift: jesus LUL JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW SerApollyon: LULW AlcatraZ567: T Aeonll: T SiloWang: T Nopileos: LUL Da_Flanker: Just your typical Beth incompetence Raidou_XIV: T Meximus322: elaKek lord_rimheart: LUL VentusNova_: T SonicatorTV: T super_ae: ElaJAMMER Deathmones: T italianspongebob: T Sourcehunter: ElaJAMMER reddvelv: T SilentNewbee: T SaixSoul: T Kaspu: LULW Blood_Rooted: KKool Clap KKool Clap KKool Clap KKool Clap 624pt2: LUL Nopileos: T dark_medieval_times: klinkCool klinkCool klinkCool TheGoldenCobra: LULW BroqRox: BWAHAHAHHAHA TheH3llraiser: T D3rrtyD4n: yeah NosBleid: LULW Ph4ntomi: yes quantumop: holy shit AlcatraZ567: YES payprice: T Pose PogU GOTY chudysensei: yes lord_rimheart: yes PhysiCle: Yes SonicatorTV: yes Da_Flanker: Worse Mattgphoto: YES Nopileos: yes MrJekyll16: YES DaniDuck: ye Istog: yes LULW OnlyAMadScientist: yes TheSalikawood: ye Minn_Minn: yes Solitaryvision: yes DigitalZips: Yes Rust_n: yes King_Insane: Yep rofIcopter: yes MaleFunction: yes CrazyKidGo: Yes BroqRox: YES nouvart: yes sloggyx: yes Flachzange42: yes Jaargan: BUGS BUGS BUGS monkaW saugo: VoteYea TheKillerStove: yup TheZecaUrubu: Yep kapustadrakon_: YES LULW Germy_ranch: YES shevraar: bethesda LULW Fulgator: elaPuke elaPuke dietcaprisonne: YES AlcatraZ567: YEAH Kosmic_Eagle: YES LULW Junri: Just watch LUL reddvelv: YES BeztTopEU: yes easyeasy: YES elaKek HotFireZ: worse Nopileos: YES Drachenreiter: where’s nerdy to defend this OMEGADOWN GenuineLGN: IT WAS WOIRSE OMEGALUL EvaNoctis: Yes DGS_Howling: yes Geneziz_: here we go LULW Meximus322: Typical Bethesda PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: ye laststand66: yes Kalgarrr: yep LULW Mirando: Yes xd Im_Mugen: Yes Sunshinewalker: The problem is the game would still be trash with 0 bugs outtasion: Internet Historian is great, sub to him! tuckfimo: not for everyone tho Buurt: its getting even worse with the IRL shit they did reaperzofdeath80: YES Nopileos: yes Hellu: Not all at once, these are all separate bugs from other people elaK SonicatorTV: LUL quantumop: lmao ComradeNerdy: was pretty bad at release, can confirm slavLUL Da_Flanker: It was typical Bethesda quality JubJubWantRubRubs: HandsUp DaniDuck: LULW PhilliumTV: LUL Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: @ComradeNerdy elaH payprice: So Good PogU Reddinator: danKEK Baronjohn96: Yea it was Nopileos: LUL Kaspu: 3 hours monkaW GenuineLGN: LULW ComradeNerdy: DaniDuck elaH VentusNova_: 1001 OMEGALUL quantumop: LMAO D3rrtyD4n: 3 hours atpCarl Virhaed: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW SerApollyon: LULW sunshift: 1001 LUL Filth_: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: LULW ayahuasca_n: OMEGADOWN Raidou_XIV: Pog Moctavius: 3 HOURS LULW Reddinator: HAHAHA Nopileos: LULW Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL Hellu: LULW Denact: LOL JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW y_u_dodiz: LULW Qviss: LULW Deid_: LULW xuukiii: LULW nouvart: uuuh SilentNewbee: LULW c0rnflex: Pog vulpitt: LUL jaquescamarao: LULW AlcatraZ567: SO BROKEN FlexySanders: LULW Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: LUL Nopileos: LULW LULW Riggedi: pepeJAM CrazyKidGo: LULW Bakureetsu: OMEGALUL GlTGUD: it’s like beths has created a buggy engine? Jokimz: Omg LuL Syaraz: LULW DatSouls: PogChamp Shrimpess: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW Golden04: LULW sjuften_: LULW Dryd_keepomaster: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW FatherOfGreyJedi: FAILOUT 76 starzo0: LULW Meximus322: LULW OnlyAMadScientist: monkaW Lord_Solaire: monkaS Minn_Minn: OMEGADOWN Jaargan: OMEGALUL wouterman81: Evenin all farHi valthorvaliant: xDD Ph4ntomi: LULW Smough: uhhh BroqRox: OMEGADOWN BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Kaspu: LULW quantumop: holy shit Nopileos: LULW LULW Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Jybel: Ey Joseph. ๐Ÿ˜€ sunshift: love a good trainwreck nepSmug nymnCorn Neroph: Y2K LUL spike_the_space_cowboy: UM ? FORSEN LULW Smough: forsenWut uhhm NosBleid: LULW bethesda MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh Reddinator: ๐Ÿ™‚ FatherOfGreyJedi: FAILOUT 76 LULW Thrisper: LULW GenuineLGN: it just keeps getting worse elaKek valthorvaliant: well done Bethesda Kappa // silver6ird: me ๐Ÿ™‚ PhysiCle: LULW Golden04: PepeLaugh VentusNova_: LULW Meximus322: elaKek Nopileos: LULW reddvelv: LULW Epiktakguy: LULW D3rrtyD4n: lol Jaargan: LULW Moctavius: Is this forsen in the background ? SaixSoul: hahahaha Natan220: LUL Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Kaspu: OMEGALUL quantumop: jesus Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: Jebaited vulpitt: LUL SerApollyon: LULW nouvart: @Elajjaz do you hear forsen uhhhm in background? FlexySanders: MILFSLAYR Nopileos: LUL Polebegood: 4Shrug not our fault payprice: LULW Blood_Rooted: MilfSlayr Qviss: LUL Virhaed: PepeLaugh Deid_: PepeLaugh MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Reddinator: danKEK Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: LUL Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Todd SonicatorTV: 4Shrug sjuften_: PepeLaugh Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh PillTheBomb: T OMEGALUL D D Nopileos: PepeLaugh Fulgator: elaBruv It_is_alive: OMEGALUL Lord_Solaire: elaKek VentusNova_: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Reddinator: 4Shrug Filth_: OMEGALUL zombie391: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: wait for it PepeLaugh sunshift: murica SpectatorNoX: PepeHands King_Insane: Ask Todd elaKek DaniDuck: because money PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: 4Shrug Skeptical_Reptile: because the industry has no self policing Jybel: Money and greed OMEGALUL TheZecaUrubu: @Elajjaz it gets worse SilentNewbee: Pepe:uagh ComradeNerdy: wanted to make it in time for Black Friday sales PillTheBomb: Rushing game devs FeelsBadMan Blood_Rooted: IT JUST W OMEGALUL RKS Qviss: some actually defend this game Kalgarrr: its just works LULW AlcatraZ567: NO Da_Flanker: Their launcher, their rules D3rrtyD4n: LULW Vanset_: wait for the best LUL WilsonAJ: KKool nymnCorn Ph4ntomi: LULW SilentNewbee: PepeLuagh spyer23: @Elajjaz this video is so good SonicatorTV: LUL DaniDuck: LULW Nopileos: LULW Rust_n: LULW VentusNova_: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh shevraar: cmonBrother Bakureetsu: LULW Epiktakguy: Todd : “Who’s laughin’ now” dokus09: elaKek Drachenreiter: LuL y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh SacredChickenNugget: @ComradeNerdy Did you see the new OMEGAPATCH for ATOM Pog osef2195: LUL Nazzet: RaregachiGASM ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM FlexySanders: LULW cakeordeath11: Todd Howard the Coward OMEGALUL SilentNewbee: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: LULW Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWn Aeonll: gachiOnFIRE spike_the_space_cowboy: ANELE Blood_Rooted: monkaW Darth_Kredol: monkaW NosBleid: ANELE ComradeNerdy: SacredChickenNugget heard, but haven’t seen yet Da_Flanker: elaOP Filth_: elaREE Ph4ntomi: DansGame TorvaM: DansGame spyer23: 1 MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: DansGame Minn_Minn: elaREE Claw16: 1 Nazzet: elaREE quantumop: ElaPls Nopileos: DansGame Reddinator: danRE Sohei4649: DansGame Kaspu: elaREE Aeonll: DansGame Tamahowk: rooREE BobTheDrunkBear: ElaPls Epiktakguy: 18 Golden04: DansGame MarauderHealth: REEEEE OnlyAMadScientist: elaREE sunshift: elaChug durmiin: ElaPls Hieho: DansGame Nopileos: ElaPls lord_rimheart: elaOP akmannen: REEE dexusb: Refil SLASH_HERO: Dansgame Lord_Solaire: rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE rooREE B3arHands: pausing andy DansGame Remkar: DansGame Cheapcat: FeelsLateMan Sa1ersky: DansGame t1kezZst4r: elaPls JubJubWantRubRubs: DansGame AlcatraZ567: 3 Hellu: ElaPls elaOP consecutive_normal_waffle: 3 Nopileos: DansGame Fulgator: ElaPls mayushi10: 1 TaakeFrost13: elaREE reddvelv: elaREE Shrimpess: DansGame Trynchen: No ๐Ÿ™ It_is_alive: DansGame DaniDuck: 1 AlcatraZ567: 4 mayushi10: 4 Yuggod: ElaPls Nazzet: My immersion elaREE pinkagandalf: RUINED Jaargan: RUINED elaREE WilsonAJ: DansGame crashfort: PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko PunOko Nopileos: 1 consecutive_normal_waffle: 4 MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: DansGame IMMERSION Drachenreiter: nrdyREE IRAGEQUEEN: DansGame Darth_Kredol: elaOP ElaPls imnotpotatoe: PlsEla yamasa2000: 18 PokerDweebz: BabyRage Kalgarrr: PepeHands Dryd_keepomaster: rooREE PhilliumTV: DansGame Jdalker_trololo: 1 DaniDuck: 2 PhysiCle: My immersion DansGame Epiktakguy: 16 SkeletonKeyLimePie: elaMad Autumn_Flare: DansGame SLASH_HERO: DansGame NosBleid: DansGame VineWood0604: FeelsPauseMan laststand66: DansGame dunaro2910: DansGame DansGame DansGame Schorhard: RUINED PepeHands vulpitt: DansGame mayushi10: 5 spyer23: 5 sunshift: PepeLaugh JoHoOoOo: 6 Ph4ntomi: I WAS WATCHING THAT DansGame Epiktakguy: 15 G8mate: DansGame DansGame GenuineLGN: ElaPls DaniDuck: 4 advoccat: elaMad Nopileos: 5 payprice: ElaPls 20 S k0tashira: MUH IMMERTION DansGame sicariowned: 6 SiloWang: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad A_Very_British_Fox: rooREE Purple_HazeR7: DansGame Serefki: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DaniDuck: 5 Ifunche: WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace Xer_0: 16 cakeordeath11: 😡 HEY I WAS WATCHING THAT 😡 Claw16: 8 TheGuyOnAcid: 1 theonlyMaria: 6 Nopileos: 1 sicariowned: 7 Wwaaaz: Oh shit he is into it, video streaming time SonicatorTV: elaREE ggbrREE syunREE ggbrStab MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: nymnREE Epiktakguy: 14 starzo0: elaREE DaniDuck: 7 BobTheDrunkBear: PlsEla VineWood0604: elaMad Golden04: ElaPls PlsEla sicariowned: 8 yamasa2000: 13 Thrisper: muh immurshun PepeHands Claw16: 9 JoHoOoOo: 9 SaixSoul: PlsEla jimjak94: Review bombing is the msot CHILDISH and DUMB FUCKING CONCEITED thing someone can do ticapril: 17 KevKov: yoou dont pause DansGame Nopileos: 7 osef2195: 😡 FASTER 😡 HotFireZ: 9 FG_Hagrid: @chat has he watched the death stranding trailer? Da_Flanker: Tick tock, Mr. Lonn Riggedi: PlsEla DaniDuck: 8 cakeordeath11: HEY I WAS WATCHING THAT 😡 LightmareLive: refill your food …. ok ๐Ÿ˜€ GimiJam: danFat food sicariowned: 9 Serefki: 15 DaniDuck: 9 advoccat: elaMad elaMad elaMad Nopileos: 9 sicariowned: 10 cho_pin: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad DaniDuck: 10 Purple_HazeR7: 10 Polebegood: 💻 PlsEla cakeordeath11: 😡 HEY I WAS WATCHING THAT 😡 lempys: 11 yamasa2000: 8 gelberpudding: 99 JoHoOoOo: 12 Serefki: 16 Abhraxaz: DansGame sicariowned: 11 Trierdale: MY IMMERSION DaniDuck: 11 mayushi10: 11 Nopileos: 11 cakeordeath11: HEY I WAS WATCHING THAT 😡 sjuften_: ElaPls Yusor183: Hey chat elaH theonlyMaria: 12 Ph4ntomi: 11 HotFireZ: 13 ticapril: 3 sunshift: Express your outrage on Reddit and Twitter Kappa MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE nymnREE sicariowned: 12 DaniDuck: 12 nouvart: 777777 Dastyn_: rooREE rai_asura: 13 VineWood0604: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? elaMad Ph4ntomi: 12 Claw16: 15 yamasa2000: 4 sicariowned: 13 DaniDuck: 13 cakeordeath11: 😡 HEY I WAS WATCHING THAT 😡 Serefki: 13 theonlyMaria: 15 JoHoOoOo: 13 mayushi10: 13 Slameguy: 😠 Ph4ntomi: 13 DaniDuck: 14 sicariowned: 14 Nopileos: Yusor183 elaHYUG advoccat: 50 cakeordeath11: HEY I WAS WATCHING THAT 😡 yamasa2000: 2 Claw16: 16 ayahuasca_n: 15 lempys: 16 Nopileos: 12 DaniDuck: 15 TheGuyOnAcid:>:( Ph4ntomi: 14 Eufrazy: 🍅 SO MAD PokerDweebz: 15 Serefki: 15 consecutive_normal_waffle: 15 sicariowned: 15 cakeordeath11: 😡 HEY I WAS WATCHING THAT 😡 yamasa2000: 1 Yokaiin: 17 DaniDuck: 16 mayushi10: 15 Flachzange42: 8 Nopileos: 15 Shrimpess: FeelsLateMan Ph4ntomi: 15 Claw16: 17 JoHoOoOo: 16 yamasa2000: 0 Hellu: ComradeNerdy did you watch this video btw? I thought it was funny, still enjoy the game too LULW k0tashira: 🍅 MUH IMMERTION DansGame sicariowned: 16 sloggyx: @FG_Hagrid yea you just missed it rai_asura: 17 It_is_alive: elaREE elaREE theonlyMaria: 21 Yokaiin: 19 SiloWang: elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad elaMad mayushi10: 16 ayahuasca_n: 17 DaniDuck: PogU qounzer: WHAT IN THE COCK jimjak94: Review bombers will ROT IN HELL Yusor183: Nopileos Nopileos: 16 Murika_: Pog Hieho: Pog JoHoOoOo: 18 sicariowned: 17 Flachzange42: 6 Serefki: SAFE mayushi10: Pog Darth_Kredol: 69420 ayahuasca_n: Pog yamasa2000: FeelsLateMan GlTGUD: -00001 MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Chag lanndend: Pog consecutive_normal_waffle: 16 seconds Pog Nopileos: Pog GenuineLGN: Pog Virhaed: Chag lempys: Pog JoHoOoOo: Chag Natan220: Chag ticapril: SAVED Pog rai_asura: He made it Domanel: Pog Ph4ntomi: Pog Kalgarrr: Pog Auramoth: Pog Yusor183: elaH Nopileos: Pog Pog Claw16: Champ Riggedi: @Yusor183 elaHi Yuggod: NEW PB Pog Epiktakguy: PB Pog Llyfrgell: Clap Sabertore: Chag ReverseHollow: share foods pls Darth_Kredol: Pog Da_Flanker: Fast boi Champ DaniDuck: LULW Jaargan: FeelsLateMan Trierdale: Pog k0tashira: WR Pog y_u_dodiz: D: Nopileos: Chag saugo: Pog Yusor183: Riggedi elaH VineWood0604: LULW ComradeNerdy: nah Hellu slavLUL SonicatorTV: D: Ifunche: WR POG BroqRox: hahahah SilentNewbee: Pog Doully92: KKona quantumop: LMAO Moctavius: sumSmash PillTheBomb: POGGERS Garshmecky: KKona y_u_dodiz: elaHYUK payprice: elaD Rude Thrisper: Pog MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: KKona rofIcopter: KKool Nopileos: Pog Da_Flanker: elaHYUK VentusNova_: PogU MrJekyll16: LUL Filth_: KKool vulpitt: LUL Sourcehunter: KKona Deid_: KKona Clap SilentNewbee: KKona Bakureetsu: KKona Virhaed: KKool GuitarTime SkeletonKeyLimePie: PepeHands Ph4ntomi: KKool Kaspu: KKona Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL Jegerkaj: FeelsPepoMan Golden04: KKool Meximus322: KKool Nopileos: KKona Trynchen: KKona Fulgator: elaHYUK Aeonll: elaHYUK PhysiCle: elaHYUK azureTreble: KKool GenuineLGN: elaHYUK Garshmecky: KKona Clap Gustel_B: KKool Clap MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: KKona GuitarTime dark_medieval_times: klinkLUL klinkLUL klinkLUL It_is_alive: elaHYUK spacerino_: elaMAD / \ 🍅 / \ elaMAD / \ 🍅 / \ elaMAD / \ 🍅 / \ elaMAD / \ 🍅 / \ elaMAD / \ 🍅 / \ elaMAD / \ 🍅 / \ elaMAD / \ 🍅 / \ elaMAD / \ 🍅 / \ elaMAD / \ 🍅 Nopileos: elaHYUK Sourcehunter: KKool richEEE_: @Elajjaz help forsen with the speedrun PepeHands Cheapcat: KKona GuitarTime bisch058: KKool quantumop: KKona Ajahi: elaHYUK PhysiCle: KKool Nazzet: pepeJAMMER Sphixie: FeelsPepoMan Shrimpess: KKool GuitarTime Ph4ntomi: KKool GuitarTime payprice: PepeHands leonel2789: leonel2789 subscribed with Twitch Prime. SirArcoz: KKona Claw16: TaBeRu WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @leonel2789 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Androsix: KKona vihainenkampela: KKool Da_Flanker: Beauty DaniDuck: KKona y_u_dodiz: KKool VentusNova_: haHAA JubJubWantRubRubs: KKona Nopileos: SUB HYPE leonel2789 PogChamp ticapril: KKool GuitarTime Epiktakguy: KKona ariegeoisdeter: almost heaven SonicatorTV: KKona KevKov: monkaW zombie391: KKool JubJubWantRubRubs: KKool Nopileos: KKona SaixSoul: KKona jaquescamarao: KKona chudysensei: yep Rust_n: KKona Bootch: KKona silver6ird: KKool Monster5crak: KKool GuitarTime Hellu: ComradeNerdy the video is good, and not just blind hate helps it too Naniyo: It gets much worse Sabertore: KKool Jaargan: KKona Epiktakguy: KKool BlackAtomic: 25sec… for real Nopileos: KKool MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: yes PepeLaugh GlTGUD: yes it is shit LUL Saburi: it gets worse @Elajjaz lifemissle: @Elajjaz it gets worse Buurt: its even getting worse elaKek osef2195: There’s worse LUL MasterMalpercio: yes and it gets even better rooKek PhilliumTV: KKool dagouda13: it gets way worse DarkRiveeR: this is not even the worst LULW Dryd_keepomaster: ITS ONLY THE BEGINNING LULW GenuineLGN: IT GETS BETTER PepeLaugh Yuggod: @Elajjaz it gets so much worse LULW sunshift: how does that even happen Raknov: @Elajjaz steam had that too once Thenastyraven: YOU HAVENT SEEN ANYTHING YET LULW @Elajjaz Istog: it was only the beginning ela LULW Da_Flanker: Pissed Pablo MetalMordred: that’s just the launch of the game OMEGALUL SacredChickenNugget: AJ Pog reddvelv: JOE Pog Jegerkaj: ANGRY J OMEGALUL E SkeletonKeyLimePie: foooour hours Lim3Fru1t: @Elajjaz Thats just top of the iceberg ela12 Kaspu: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh spacerino_: elaMad / \ 🍅 / \ elaMad / \ 🍅 / \ elaMad / \ 🍅 / \ elaMad / \ 🍅 / \ elaMad / \ 🍅 / \ elaMad / \ 🍅 / \ elaMad / \ 🍅 / \ elaMad / \ 🍅 / \ elaMad / \ 🍅 Caput_Draconis: LULW FiveSevenOwen: just wait for the duffle kerfuffle Trynchen: IGN LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW sunshift: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW Deid_: LULW OctosharkLP: LUL Ph4ntomi: LULW dexusb: 😡 JOE Qviss: LULW It_is_alive: Angry Joe Pog Nazzet: LULW payprice: LULW Reddinator: danO Ifunche: LUL Niloomilo: LULW Bootch: LULW GenuineLGN: LULW Da_Flanker: Even Enraged Enrique didn’t like it mrbreadberry: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW sunshift: morally LUL Bootch: RUINED LULW Riggedi: PepeUff spacerino_: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW icysprinkles:Shadman MaleFunction: elaC Naniyo: elaGasm SiloWang: Kreygasm CrazyKidGo: elaGasm Shrimpess: Kreygasm Nopileos: Kreygasm Zgene: gachiBASS Niloomilo: elaGasm Bootch: elaGasm FlexySanders: TODD LER It_is_alive: elaGasm jaquescamarao: Kreygasm Aeonll: elaGasm NosBleid: Kreygasm HotFireZ: Kreygasm MousseAcebolada:>payprice: Kreygasm vulpitt: Kreygasm Nopileos: elaGasm Claw16: YeahBoi mrbreadberry: elaGasm Peanutnotnice: elaGasm zombie391: Kreygasm Phobiuspl: geilerSpicy geilerSpicy geilerSpicy vihainenkampela: Kreygasm vault meat Sapphire_Breeze:>Shadman Jaargan: elaGasm Thenastyraven: B TEAM OMEGALUL GlTGUD: LUL shamshamalam:>Shadman k0tashira: Kreygasm oh boi kapustadrakon_: SHAD Kreygasm Kaspu: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: LULW Sohei4649: LUL Doully92: LULW Ph4ntomi: LULW Nopileos: LUL Kosmic_Eagle: LULW SonicatorTV: LUL VentusNova_: LULW PillTheBomb: LULW Lord_Solaire: LULW It_is_alive: LULW VineWood0604: LULW Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaW Niloomilo: LULW Aeonll: LULW Thrisper: LULW cakeordeath11: LULW easyeasy: LULW Syaraz: LULW Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL Remkar: LULW Nopileos: LULW HEIL_MODS_: LULW Bootch: LULW Raidou_XIV: Pog Tasarion: OMEGALUL payprice: LULW vulpitt: LUL SirArcoz: LULW LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW jaquescamarao: LULW CrazyKidGo: LULW Jaargan: LULW Sa1ersky: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Hellu: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Istog: LULW xuukiii: LULW Valarrarara: LULW Natan220: LUL vihainenkampela: LULW GenuineLGN: LULW Virhaed: LULW atomicdestruction: JustDoIt mrbreadberry: LULW TheH3llraiser: LULW Fulgator: elaBruv DatSouls: LUL TheGoldenCobra: LULW Rust_n: LULW Androsix: LULW Nopileos: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Sanzibal: LULW It_is_alive: OMEGALUL BroqRox: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Ifunche: LUL MidgetDude110: LULW djinn_94: Sounds like my job LuL Nexy_lol: LULW Germy_ranch: 16x detail PogU Dryd_keepomaster: LULW Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: LUL SerApollyon: OMEGALUL Kalgarrr: Anthem vibes PepeHands Nopileos: LULW LULW Bakureetsu: LULW Da_Flanker: Smooth JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW k0tashira: HAHAHA OMEGALUL PhilliumTV: LULW Ph4ntomi: WutFace payprice: Genius PogU y_u_dodiz: LULW Nazzet: OMEGALUL Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh dark_medieval_times: klinkLUL Nakamura_Shinichi: LULW quantumop: elaKek SonicatorTV: monkaW spacerino_: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW Da_Flanker: LUL Sohei4649: OMEGLOL shevraar: OMEGALUL Thrisper: D: Raidou_XIV: D: Meximus322: LULW Garshmecky: D: FG_Hagrid: LULW NosBleid: LULW VentusNova_: monkaW shruu: LULW WilsonAJ: LULW SerApollyon: LULW LULW LULW LULW Claw16: LULW Lord_Solaire: monkaW Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL Hellu: monkaW silver6ird: LUL Bakureetsu: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW LULW Niloomilo: OMEGALUL SilentNewbee: PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: elaD It_is_alive: LULW Deid_: monkaW rofIcopter: OMEGADOWN iiHex: go watch Forsen Da_Flanker: Is she ok? Shrimpess: LUL Cheeseek: monkaW GenuineLGN: elaKek MasterMalpercio: rooH SLASH_HERO: WutFace SonicatorTV: pepeJAM Polebegood: pepeD SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM Claw16: pepeD Kaspu: LULW Nopileos: pepeD quantumop: LMAO Aeonll: pepeJAM Naniyo: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM Ph4ntomi: ElaPls spike_the_space_cowboy: UMM FORSEN LULW endlesss31: 5 Bootch: pepeJAM shiion17: 💿 shamshamalam: pepeJAM Meximus322: elaKek Denact: LOOOOOOOOL Darth_Kredol: ElaPls Deid_: ElaPls lord_rimheart: moon2SECRETEMOTE easyeasy: pepeJAM elaKek SacredChickenNugget: Pepega Riggedi: elaKek Tasarion: ElaPls Nazzet: SANIC OMEGALUL Lord_Solaire: LULW Pixel_hearts: LULW Jaargan: elaKek Nopileos: elaKek FlexySanders: LULW It_is_alive: pepeD Korhain: PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: LULW kapustadrakon_: pepeJAM Bootch: OMFG elaKek Virhaed: pepeJAM sunshift: Pog vulpitt: LUL payprice: PogU GOTY Niloomilo: PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh Bakureetsu: OMEGALUL Clap kloowz: ELA CAN U SHOW US YOUR FOOD PLEASE Nopileos: PepeLaugh MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: UUUH FeelsPepoMan spike_the_space_cowboy: @Elajjaz can you here FOrsen UMM DarkRiveeR: level 260 LULW Bootch: PepeLaugh Amallgamite: what’s the title of this video spike_the_space_cowboy: hear* Filth_: monkaW Dryd_keepomaster: rooBonk DaniDuck: monkaW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: 4HEad VentusNova_: monkaW Hellu: monkaW PillTheBomb: TODD LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW SonicatorTV: monkaW Doully92: LULW Nopileos: monkaW BobTheDrunkBear: LULW JoHoOoOo: elaS JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Thrisper: LULW Ph4ntomi: LULW Natan220: LUL GenuineLGN: elaKek quantumop: elaKek Nexy_lol: monkaW Hieho: LULW SerApollyon: LULW Deid_: monkaW mrbreadberry: THEY JUST WANT TO DIE Niloomilo: LULW Nopileos: LULW Jaargan: monkaW Bakureetsu: LULW SirArcoz: LULW Qviss: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaH Rust_n: LULW Shrimpess: monkaW Sanzibal: LULW SilentNewbee: SPEEDRUN’S DREAM PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: monkaH Zeldak: LuL Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN vulpitt: LUL LUL PillTheBomb: TODD monkaW Nopileos: LULW LULW Deid_: 5Head Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW vihainenkampela: T OMEGLOL D D consecutive_normal_waffle: this just works LULW HachiCube: LULW Polebegood: 5Head RonsuDE: LULW Riggedi: 5Head nouvart: LULW Yuggod: 5Head VirJhinnn: 5Head Murika_: 5Head 三式セイバー: mendoGun mendoGun mendoGun mendoGun Nakamura_Shinichi: 5Head Ph4ntomi: 5Head Filth_: 5Head Tasarion: 5Head shevraar: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head Doully92: 5Head Nexy_lol: 5Head Aeonll: 5Head quantumop: 5Head Clap y_u_dodiz: 5Head MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: 5Head Thenastyraven: 5Head shruu: 5Head Bakureetsu: 5Head VentusNova_: 5Head Hellu: 5Head Sourcehunter: 5Head CrazyKidGo: 5Head BrascoGaming: 5Head Claw16: 5Head HachiCube: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head 5Head Skeptical_Reptile: 5Head kapustadrakon_: 5Head Naniyo: 5Head Bootch: 5Head Darth_Kredol: 5Head SonicatorTV: 5Head Jaargan: 5Head Rust_n: 5Head Raydia_: 5Head sjuften_: 5Head bloodcaleb: 3Head Valarrarara: 5Head rofIcopter: 5Head xuukiii: 5Head AlcatraZ567: 5Head Shrimpess: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head WrestlerBot2000: @bloodcaleb ruined the 35x 5Head combo DansGame SilentNewbee: 5Head Germy_ranch: 5Head NosBleid: 5Head Niloomilo: 5Head italianspongebob: 5Head Reddinator: 5Head Caput_Draconis: 5Head cakeordeath11: 5Head Nopileos: 5Head 5Head shamshamalam: 5Head HEIL_MODS_: 5Head BobTheDrunkBear: 5Head RandonLoLPlayer: 5Head DaniDuck: ESSAY LULW SausageMaster07: 5Head Parfumerie: 5Head Clap It_is_alive: 5Head KevKov: 5Head Virhaed: 5Head AlcatraZ567: LULW Androsix: 5Head payprice: 5Head EZ Da_Flanker: Smooth damage control Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Nopileos: 5Head HotFireZ: 5Head zombie391: 5Head AlcatraZ567: ESSAY LULW Vanset_: LUL Kaspu: OMEGALUL SonicatorTV: LUL Nexy_lol: LULW Tasarion: OMEGALUL Visualocity: rooBonk rooBonk Ph4ntomi: 200 word essay WutFace MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh rofIcopter: PepeLaugh Thrisper: D: FG_Hagrid: elaKek Deid_: OMEGADOWN Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh Syaraz: LULW Jaargan: LULW shruu: LMAO Filth_: PepeLaugh HachiCube: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW Stennis: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: LULW WHAT THE FUCK MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh heponatnokto137: LUL Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh sunshift: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL V SilentNewbee: LULW sjuften_: PepeLaugh SirArcoz: OMEGALUL Korhain: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek sunshift: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL PillTheBomb: gachiBASS quantumop: LMAO Bootch: LULW Trynchen: gachiBASS Elettrodomestico: @elajjaz PUT SUBTITLES ON Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW not_wintermute: LULW Shrimpess: LULW DatSouls: Pog Nopileos: LULW LULW BobTheDrunkBear: elaKek Niloomilo: LULW Hellu: LULW BroqRox: OMEGADOWN Meximus322: elaKek SerApollyon: LMAO LULW King_Insane: Yep, that happened GenuineLGN: ELA DOESNT KNOW PepeLaugh Reddinator: 5Head 🍷 quite vulpitt: LUL WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ SpectatorNoX: OMEGADOWN Da_Flanker: Only Bethesda… Tasarion: a fucking essay PepeLaugh Filth_: PepeLaugh nymnCorn SkeletonKeyLimePie: dev island Chag Nazzet: PepeLaugh Thrisper: LULW shevraar: OMEGALUL Ph4ntomi: oopsie LULW SonicatorTV: elaKek JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek Hellu: PepeLaugh Kaspu: PepeLaugh quantumop: atpCap DigitalZips: Reporting on this game was both a joy and an eye rolling experience. Nopileos: PepeLaugh spacerino_: PepeLaugh Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh Riggedi: pepeJAM Bootch: elaKek Doully92: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: Persona 5 OST Chag NosBleid: p5 OST Pog killabubbadawg: Persona Pog Virhaed: P5 Chag DaniDuck: persona PogU Aeonll: oh nonono PepeLaugh Bootch: TriHard reddvelv: Persona 5 Chag VentusNova_: pepeJAM PhilliumTV: PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL Sohei4649: LULW Germy_ranch: AYAYA PERSONA SamuraiEdgeplay: P5 Pog Bootch: TriHard Clap Meximus322: LULW Kevintaku: monkaW sunshift: PepeLaugh Dryd_keepomaster: LULW SirArcoz: lulw payprice: LULW Nopileos: LULW Natan220: LUL Jaargan: monkaW BroqRox: HAHAHAHA Majonez1223: P5 Pog Fulgator: Chag Clap RonsuDE: LULW atomicdestruction: elaKek 💰 Deid_: monkaW tyree372: inb4 ESO has A DEV ROOM LULW BrascoGaming: Persona 5 When? SonicatorTV: monkaH Bootch: TriHard Clap Cheeseek: $ Pog $ SerApollyon: YOINK TriHard Kaspu: OMEGALUL Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: monkaH Doully92: monkaW spacerino_: LULW bloodcaleb: T OMEGLOL DD Filth_: D: Ph4ntomi: elaD sloggyx: @Germy_ranch fuck yea AYAYA Germy_ranch: D: vulpitt: LUL Shrimpess: monkaW GenuineLGN: OMEGALUL CasuaIPlayer: LULW payprice: Genius Chag Nopileos: LUL JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Rust_n: LULW urkric: D: Niloomilo: elaD SirArcoz: elaKek Kevintaku: elaD RonsuDE: monkaH y_u_dodiz: GabeN Get fakt FiddIeMyDiddle: 💿 WTF AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: quantumop: nice MasterMalpercio: pepeJAM urkric: monkaS AlcatraZ567: YOINK Nopileos: elaD Germy_ranch: @sloggyx AYAYA HYPERCLAP Niloomilo: Imagine putting 900 hours in that Darth_Kredol: 👍🏻 MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: nymnM easyeasy: elaKek Clap Lord_Solaire: elaKek GlTGUD: imagine being this bethesda FeelsBadMan Kosmic_Eagle: OMEGALUL Qviss: LULW Bootch: elaKek Reddinator: danKEK Valarrarara: LUL Cyclops1703: we nned ela to play persona 5 SerApollyon: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh WilsonAJ: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: LULW Nexy_lol: LULW Nopileos: LULW Claw16: YOINK spacerino_: elaKek HYPERCLAP Rerrcave: persona 5 Pog BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Reddinator: 4Shrug GenuineLGN: LULW VentusNova_: IT IS LULW chudysensei: 4Shrug BroqRox: IS REAL Kosmic_Eagle: elaKek Daravae: LUL crashfort: incompetence MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PhilliumTV: LULW Nopileos: LUL HotFireZ: LULW Hellu: It just works Yuggod: OMEGLOL DatSouls: LUL AlcatraZ567: EPIC FAIL Buurt: Bethesda is complete bullshit A_Very_British_Fox: shit company Da_Flanker: They’re incompetent sjuften_: PepeHands bethesda shevraar: because bethesda LULW easyeasy: BETHESDA IS A JOKE elaKek HachiCube: HOLY SHIT LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek sunshift: IKR LULW bloodcaleb: they’re pepega Polebegood: elaGa desdaka12: IT IS LUL dexusb: GREED urkric: OMEGALUL akmannen: Its a real shitshow Kalgarrr: it is real LULW Thrisper: elaOk Smurf Account Tasarion: IT JUST WORKS PepeLaugh Bootch: TriHard Clap Nanashi_Sakamoto: A C OMEGALUL MPANY osef2195: BETHESDA LULW TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Mirando: THE GREED elaKek Filth_: elaSneeze JoHoOoOo: elaKek DaniDuck: because its bethesda LULW quantumop: elaSneeze Darth_Kredol: bethesda is legit shite spacerino_: elaGa MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elagachigasmswoman Deid_: elaGa Riggedi: first multiplayer title elaKek @Elajjaz SonicatorTV: elaGa SirArcoz: LULW Fulgator: 4Shrug MrJudaine: I’m fuucking crying Nazzet: PepeLaugh tyree372: ITS in every game @Elajjaz Nopileos: elaGa Niloomilo: elaGa Meximus322: elaGa jaquescamarao: DAB Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: LUL MetalMordred: he doesn’t know PepeLaugh Kevintaku: 4Shrug payprice: LUL Germy_ranch: elaSneeze MaleFunction: it gets worse Bootch: elaGa Senordingdongs: People keep buying their products so, shrug? Jaargan: elaKek FKN HELL elaKek DimTree: THATS HOW MAFIA WORKS Nopileos: elaGa elaGa Dryd_keepomaster: ITS ONLY THE BEGINNING LULW Schorhard: IT GETS WORSE LOL$ JoHoOoOo: @Elajjaz JUST WAIT MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaGa MrJekyll16: IT JUST WORKS SacredChickenNugget: Bethesda is a meme not a company JoHoOoOo: elaKek Kosmic_Eagle: it’s actually 5Head BroqRox: !song dangerdonger420: It gets WAY WAY worse Ela just wait saugo: Yeah, it was horrible @Elajjaz vihainenkampela: it just works 4Head vngphx: bethesda is shit Nexy_lol: elaEZ Clap Lady_of_Darkness: Well I was a Bethesda fan but seeing this fuuck that company docstream: 5Head Thrisper: elaOk HotFireZ: IT JUST WORKS 4HEad Raydia_: LULW Dustythehamster: That’s how the Mafia works ThatLuluTho: When modders can’t fix your games PepeLaugh HueHang: no modding to save the game LULW Qviss: LUL Jaargan: I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS THIS BAD elaKek elaKek Ifunche: LUL GenuineLGN: LULW HERE IT COMES Sabertore: LULW Nopileos: LULW JoHoOoOo: elaKEk Da_Flanker: Bethesda brings a whole new level to the word incompetence JoHoOoOo: elaKek Jonathaen: persona 5 music pog VikingsFromSweden: Persona 5 music FeelsGoodMan Skeptical_Reptile: 76 was literally a multiplayer DLC for FO4 that was scrapped because it didn’t work repackaged as a full release to make money on the assets easyeasy: HueHang true elaKek FanHeiBai: True, only my smurf got banned PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Wheels82: ZULUL tyree372: they never changed engine i think unles im wrong on that @Elajjaz KevKov: ZULUL Annonn140: persona 5 AYAYA Ryuk_CC: CHOTTO MATE MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: ZULUL spacerino_: PepeLaugh Rust_n: PepeLaugh cheeze____: because bethesda is a horrible company with too many elaGa circlejerk followers because they made a game that jacks you off for everything you do GenuineLGN: Pepehands Ph4ntomi: LULW Kaspu: LULW Stennis: PepeLaugh Clap sunshift: OMEGALUL shevraar: OMEGALUL Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Deid_: PepeLaugh Minn_Minn: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW It_is_alive: LUL JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Tasarion: OMEGALUL Nazzet: LULW SonicatorTV: LUL Bootch: LULW Nexy_lol: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW DaniDuck: LULW easyeasy: I REMEMBER THIS SHIT elaKek AMAZING VentusNova_: LULW Thrisper: LULW Denact: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Sapphire_Breeze: LULW Qviss: OMEGADOWN Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Bakureetsu: LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh Doully92: PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Aeonll: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Niloomilo: LULW reddvelv: LULW Bootch: elaGa troublematicc: PepeLaugh VineWood0604: LUL Virhaed: LULW not_wintermute: LULW King_Insane: if you’ve played ANY of their games in the last 10 years other than ID or the wolfenstein devs, you’d see this coming from the first announcement SilentNewbee: LULW RonsuDE: OMEGALUL Syaraz: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW TorvaM: OMEGADOWN starzo0: LULW Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN vihainenkampela: LULW Meximus322: no fucking way elaKek spacerino_: OMEGADOWN xooroth: OMEGALUL Rust_n: LULW dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh Clap THEY DONT KNOW Reddinator: danKEK SerApollyon: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Redwin_AR: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: elaKek vulpitt: LUL Nopileos: LULW Ixcariot: OMEGALUL GenuineLGN: LULW shevraar: xD CrazyKidGo: LULW bloodcaleb: XD Ph4ntomi: XD Jaargan: LULW Qviss: LULW quantumop: LMAO Deid_: xD rofIcopter: xD SaixSoul: hahahahahahahahah suuure LULW BrascoGaming: xD Virhaed: xD sunshift: pls BibleThump Nopileos: xD xuukiii: XD Sohei4649: PepeLaugh THEY DIDN”T KNOW DigitalZips: XD Germy_ranch: XD SonicatorTV: xD AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh sjuften_: xD JubJubWantRubRubs: XD PhysiCle: xD quantumop: xD VentusNova_: XD LULW cakeordeath11: xD CrazyKidGo: ECKS DEE zombie391: Jebaited jaquescamarao: xD Nopileos: XD chudysensei: ecks dee Niloomilo: xD Remkar: xD Thrisper: XD iiioku: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: XD BobTheDrunkBear: xD Bootch: xD Riggedi: Ecks Dee Reddinator: danXD spacerino_: xD TheH3llraiser: XD EvaNoctis: XD DaniDuck: xD Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh xD datdeathy: XD rai_asura: Lmfao Nopileos: xD CJWM8te: xD easyeasy: xD Lady_of_Darkness: I dare them to make a new game, that would be so LULW KevKov: xD Shrimpess: xD shamshamalam: xD SilentNewbee: xD Kalgarrr: xD Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: LUL DmKotov: xD Dryd_keepomaster: xD dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh Clap THEY DONT KNOW PepeLaugh Clap THEY DONT KNOW PepeLaugh Clap THEY DONT KNOW PepeLaugh Clap THEY DONT KNOW PepeLaugh Clap THEY DONT KNOW Nopileos: xD xD saugo: xD urkric: XD Lord_Solaire: rooXD PhilliumTV: xD docstream: 5Head SerApollyon: xD Istog: xD AlcatraZ567: xD DaniDuck: 30 bucks LULW Deid_: PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: OMEGALUL HERE IT COMES skudududufru: Can you put subtitle on please ? SirArcoz: LULW TheRainbowTurt1e: rooXD masterr876: PepeLaugh Nopileos: xD Bootch: PepeLaugh SirArcoz: OMEGALUL Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO payprice: 68$ PogU Da_Flanker: What a steal Deid_: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO urkric: 3 OMEGALUL Dusty_Degenerate: You’re finding out how this all happened Shrimpess: OMEGADOWN Ph4ntomi: LULW CrazyKidGo: OMEGALUL Bootch: PepeLaugh 👇 DaniDuck: FREE LULW L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh y_u_dodiz: LUL SilentNewbee: PepeLaugh Filth_: LUL Kalgarrr: LULW Nexy_lol: LULW easyeasy: elaKek KevKov: DatSheffy 7 Nopileos: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Kevintaku: Pog atomicdestruction: FTP Pog Ifunche: OMEGDOWN LUL Germy_ranch: LULW juicecfruit: LULW Tasarion: PepeLaugh freak__devil: LULW Da_Flanker: forsenSheffy / VentusNova_: PepeLaugh Kaspu: LULW Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN Fulgator: elaBruv Nopileos: LULW LULW Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL quantumop: LMAO BroqRox: LUL Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL DatSouls: LUL Doully92: PepeLaugh Androsix: LULW BrascoGaming: LULW Bootch: PepeLaugh 👇 melk1022: OMEGALUL CrazyKidGo: LULW Gloriousbonerstoner: DatSheffy Jaargan: OMEGALUL urkric: LULW Meximus322: elaKek zombie391: PepeLaugh 👉📉 spacerino_: PepeLaugh 👉 📉 sunshift: OMEGADOWN rai_asura: ROFL SerApollyon: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW GlTGUD: i swear all the actual devs from early days of beth just left it FeelsBadMan ThunderZBee: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LUL Sunshinewalker: OMEGADOWN Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW MaleFunction: elaKek Hellu: PepeLaugh Dismal_Arkt: LULQ SiloWang: lmaooooooooooooooooooooo Rust_n: LULW Niloomilo: LULW HotFireZ: LUL AlcatraZ567: AYAYA Clap freak__devil: haahhahahha oh god LULW payprice: PogU So Good ayahuasca_n: OMEGADOWN Bootch: PepeLaugh 👇 Gualachester: LULW ThatLuluTho: It was 5€ over there PepeLaugh Deid_: AYAYA Da_Flanker: Literal trash JoHoOoOo: elaKek RonsuDE: OMEGALUL Kaspu: AYAYA VentusNova_: AYAYA Thrisper: Pog Nopileos: AYAYA shevraar: AYAYA Trynchen: AYAYA SonicatorTV: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Ph4ntomi: AYAYA Nanashi_Sakamoto: AYAYA BadassSilence: AYAYA Clap bloodcaleb: GabeN HYPERCLAP ticapril: AYAYA crashfort: AYAYA Kosmic_Eagle: AYAYA Soadante: AYAYA Snake_w: AYAYA Thenastyraven: AYAYA Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: LULW lord_rimheart: AYAYA Joxih: lulw HotFireZ: AYAYA PhysiCle: AYAYA Nazzet: Loot box PogU Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA FatherOfGreyJedi: ECKS DEE elaKek Bakureetsu: AYAYA salpo_nolobio: AYAYA SamuraiEdgeplay: AYAYA mikeymelikey: AYAYA AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: AYAYA Redwin_AR: AYAYA FanHeiBai: AYAYA VikingsFromSweden: Shut the fuck up weebs NaM Moctavius: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Korhain: AYAYA osef2195: AYAYA Clap EvaNoctis: AYAYA AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA BroqRox: AYAYA SausageMaster07: AYAYA Clap Hieho: AYAYA HYPERCLAP BlackjackalTV: AYAYA HappySmile123: Can I get a link pls ? WrestlerBot2000: 10x AYAYA double digit combo Pog crashtestisland: AYAYA ChibiKuro: Clap2 AYAYA SirArcoz: AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! JubJubWantRubRubs: monkaX Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA k0tashira: AYAYA Clap real weeb spacerino_: PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 SonicatorTV: LUL durmiin: PepeUff PhilliumTV: PepeLaugh Qviss: LULW easyeasy: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Moctavius: OMEGALUL Ixcariot: LUL mikeymelikey: PepeLaugh quantumop: what Nazzet: LULW MaleFunction: PepeLaugh Natan220: LUL LUL LUL Kaspu: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Germy_ranch: Jebaited NosBleid: LULW Nopileos: LULW VentusNova_: LULW AlcatraZ567: OMEGALUL spacerino_: OMEGALUL y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL HYPERCLAP sunshift: what Meximus322: OMEGALUL vihainenkampela: LULW Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: OMEGALUL SirArcoz: OMEGALUL Thrisper: LULW SerApollyon: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: OMEGALUL Qviss: WTF LULW LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Dryd_keepomaster: OMEGALUL Sunshinewalker: LOL WHAT zombie391: OMEGALUL Daravae: OMEGALUL juicecfruit: OMEGALUL Hellu: PepeLaugh Stennis: PepeLaugh Just like my sekiro copy AlcatraZ567: ONLINE CODE urkric: PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 PepeLaugh 👉 📉 darklink_430: Jebaited LULW Ph4ntomi: elaMad skudududufru: @Elajjaz Can you put subtitle on pls ? Nopileos: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL MidgetDude110: LULW Jaargan: what PepeLaugh Doully92: PepeLaugh BroqRox: what is the link of this vid, this is gold wevie1: that is amazing JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek Kevintaku: GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!@ MurderChaos: THIS IS LITERALLY INSANE Niloomilo: elaKek Qviss: OMEGADOWN Da_Flanker: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: “Is my hair becoming an epic dank meme in this chat? Like I cut it? Because I didn’t.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 5 houndthree: @Elajjaz they also gave it for free when buying an 1 hdd abysswatches: They stick it hard to the product so you cant remove it before leaving the store.. SeriousSloth King_Insane: @Elajjaz keep in mind – Anthem fucked up even WORSE Sa1ersky: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO captain_elsewhere: WHENS NEW VEGAS spacerino_: PepeLaugh mr0lo: :thumbsup: AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh easyeasy: PepeLaugh melk1022: PepeLaugh Qviss: LULW Nopileos: PepeLaugh VentusNova_: PepeLaugh Kaspu: PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh here it comes MasterMdrn: nylon bag part is teh best Nazzet: CS LULW Shrimpess: PepeLaugh Deid_: PepeLaugh Meximus322: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh FlexySanders: LULW DaniDuck: PepeLaugh Niloomilo: PepeLaugh Kalgarrr: PepeLaugh SirArcoz: PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh ChibiKuro: nepSmug nymnCorn SonicatorTV: LUL GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO NO BobTheDrunkBear: PepeLaugh VentusNova_: 3Head Kaspu: Pog sunshift: yess Deid_: Pog seydanator: Clap zombie391: PepeLaugh Hellu: PepeLaugh shevraar: PepeLaugh SilentNewbee: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: N OMEGADOWN Reddinator: 3Head Nopileos: PepeLaugh OnlyAMadScientist: Clap NosBleid: Pog payprice: LUL Da_Flanker: It’s pretty good RonsuDE: PepeLaugh Annonn140: PepeLaugh y_u_dodiz: Song sounds a lot like FM Attack – Sleepless Nights danHmm AlcatraZ567: elaBruv Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh chudysensei: Pog JubJubWantRubRubs: yeah do it its good elaKek ThunderZBee: Yay Pog Redwin_AR: PepeLaugh sir_mordred_: PepeLaugh SerApollyon: Pog DGS_Howling: Pog Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Jaargan: PepeLaugh MasterMdrn: PepeLaugh Clap Niloomilo: Knew it PepeLaugh easyeasy: PepeLaugh bethesda elaKek Riggedi: MrDestructoid spacerino_: elaKek HYPERCLAP Rust_n: PepeLaugh timoteh: PepeLaugh Clap MasterMdrn: MrDestructoid Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN nymnCorn PhysiCle: Yeah it’s really good elaKek vihainenkampela: LULW Kaspu: OMEGALUL Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN Ph4ntomi: LULW L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh quantumop: LMAO urkric: OMEGADOWN Sohei4649: LUL SonicatorTV: monkaH Nopileos: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Da_Flanker: LULW quantumop: EEEEE spacerino_: elaD y_u_dodiz: E-E-E Lord_Solaire: rooBot BroqRox: HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA Aeonll: monkaW Bakureetsu: LULW Nazzet: LULW Clap Kevintaku: monkaW Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL NosBleid: E Ph4ntomi: elaMad AlcatraZ567: LULW VentusNova_: DIEEEEEE MasterMdrn: SwiftRage Filth_: elaMad Darth_Kredol: monkaH GenuineLGN: monkaW lord_rimheart: elaMad MousseAcebolada: JOHN MADDENJOHN MADDENJOHN MADDENJOHN MADDENJOHN MADDENJOHN MADDEN JoHoOoOo: elaKek vulpitt: LUL Blood_Rooted: this video is amazing PepeLaugh Clap payprice: monkaH Nopileos: monkaW MasterMdrn: ElaSmash Tasarion: OMEGALUL VentusNova_: monkaW AlcatraZ567: elaREE TheGoldenCobra: LULW SerApollyon: LULW Deid_: elaMad atomicdestruction: ElaSmash mikeymelikey: ????? PhilliumTV: monkaW Virhaed: sumSmash Doully92: D: Germy_ranch: I’m a GAMER ๐Ÿ™‚ easyeasy: PhysiCle it’s a fucking joke man elaKek Shrimpess: monkaW tyree372: fake spacerino_: OMEGALUL urkric: monkaW DatSouls: PogChamp quantumop: damn he’s mad Ph4ntomi: elaD Bakureetsu: D: BrascoGaming: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: monkaW monkaW MaleFunction: sumSmash Nazzet: D: myfavoriteweeb: elaMad Aeonll: D: Meximus322: LULW timoteh: elaSmash y_u_dodiz: cmonBruh FlexySanders: KEK Hieho: xigD Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh payprice: monkaH Don’t shoot Nopileos: D: TorvaM: monkaW Kosmic_Eagle: monkaW Sourcehunter: D: quantumop: elaMad friar_t: fake SamuraiEdgeplay: dude Cheeseek: monkaW AlcatraZ567: ElaSmash 1mpolar: he’s dumb gczero: dont ever do this chat valar_2: TriHard HYPERCLAP SilentNewbee: ElaSmash Nakamura_Shinichi: LULW Aristotilis: so fake Jaargan: monkaW BobTheDrunkBear: elaD SpectatorNoX: elaD MasterMdrn: OMEGALUL gamers rise Da_Flanker: Another happy customer Ph4ntomi: LULW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: Syaraz: monkaW Stennis: monkaW Jarik23: Now thats mean PepeHands Nopileos: elaD Abbynaire: monkaW sunshift: elaFeels urkric: BRUH Denact: ElaSmash Claw16: IDIOT shruu: LULW freak__devil: Kkona RonsuDE: monkaW darklink_430: monkaW Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: TriHard Kosmic_Eagle: elaD Qviss: LULW Niloomilo: monkaW WilsonAJ: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Nopileos: monkaW GenuineLGN: the dude answering the phone elaKek faeyre: wack elaD MiKeLaJo: Yea that shit wasnt fake Valarrarara: that’s a mess monkaW Ifunche: LUL LUL LUL dietcaprisonne: HAHAH Monster5crak: LULW brian Kaspu: LULW FlexySanders: FUCKING GAMESTOP PhysiCle: @easyeasy Aye elaKek I’m so glad I didn’t invest time and money into it MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO NO NO Hellu: LULW tyree372: brian KKona SonicatorTV: LUL Kosmic_Eagle: LULW UmiSen: elaWeird Ph4ntomi: pepeJAM Bootch: elaMad Nopileos: LULW easyeasy: pepeD urkric: OMEGALOL MasterMdrn: PepoDance Shrimpess: pepeJAM DaniDuck: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: KKool Sohei4649: pepeJAM shevraar: ElaJAM Doully92: KKona salpo_nolobio: pepeJAMMER Nazzet: TaBeRu AlcatraZ567: pepeD CrazyKidGo: LULW Ixcariot: pepeD kapustadrakon_: KKool chudysensei: KKona Nopileos: pepeJAM SacredChickenNugget: Faker than Fake taxi y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL Darth_Kredol: pepeJAM Stilgarius: Fallout 76 was added to rubber thumb caps for PS controller in Poland PepeLaugh (It was for around 2$ PepeLaugh ) ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: KKona MasterMdrn: LULW MaleFunction: pepeD Sabertore: KKool SirArcoz: KKona Soadante: elaGa shamshamalam: KKool urkric: OMEGLOL Nopileos: KKona RonsuDE: OMEGALUL talkman_: pepeJAM payprice: pepeD spacerino_: LULW HappySmile123: link pls Abbynaire: pepeD Deid_: OMEGADOWN GenuineLGN: OMEGALUL VikingsFromSweden: KKool Ifunche: KKona LUL MasterMdrn: scuffed version best version MasterMdrn: KretoPls MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: gachiBASS Visualocity: rooXD salpo_nolobio: gachiBASS MasterMdrn: Kreygasm Claw16: gachiBASS ZatomiczBR: D: WTF AlcatraZ567: gachiBASS Lord_Solaire: elaGasm Nopileos: gachiBASS SaixSoul: gachiGASM Monster5crak: gachiBASS easyeasy: PhysiCle i wanted to buy it like a year after this big memes, still not gonna buy this dogshit elaKek Da_Flanker: elaGasm spacerino_: OMEGADOWN zombie391: gachiBASS baezmejia200: gachiBASS MasterMdrn: KKona Jaargan: IT JUST KEEPS GOING elaKek elaKek AlcatraZ567: WutFace MurderChaos: What a fucking clusterfuck Hellu: monkaW Dryd_keepomaster: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Bakureetsu: WutFace MasterMdrn: KKool GuitarTime Jegerkaj: WutFace Provoco10: @HappySmile123 fall of 76 on yt Visualocity: gachiJAM Nopileos: WutFace FlexySanders: LSD Daedro: WutFace WTF was taht PhysiCle: @easyeasy Oh hell no elaKek Thrisper: LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: 3Head MasterMdrn: GivePLZ GenuineLGN: IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE elaKek MeccaMaster: Chelsea OMEGALUL JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Natan220: LUL Darksoulz21: I fap to this lawsuit KappaPride sunshift: fuck yeah, get them lawyers SilentNewbee: HERE COMES THE BEST PARTS PepeLaugh PillTheBomb: 2023 lulw Nazzet: 2023 OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW Aeonll: elaHAA Jarik23: CHELSEA OMGEALUL HappySmile123: Provoco10 thanks payprice: 2023 PogU spacerino_: OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP Da_Flanker: THAT’S HOT Niloomilo: MeccaMaster Oi Jegerkaj: ADS Pog SonicatorTV: monkaW Kaspu: @Elajjaz Skip this part easyeasy: PhysiCle also i love this video elaKek 10/10 Deid_: monkaW Neroph: #AD Polebegood: monkaW Ifunche: WutFace Shrimpess: DansGame Nopileos: monkaW cheeze____: welcome to AAA gachiBASS Kalgarrr: the canvas bags prepurchase fail LULW SerApollyon: AD LULW Daedro: haHAA yaaaa mariusx01: ad LULW DaniDuck: ADS PogU sjuften_: monkaW Naniyo: elaWeird chudysensei: ADS Pog MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: monkaW nouvart: ADS Pog urkric: AH das hot GenuineLGN: monkaW VentusNova_: monkaW Nopileos: ADS Pog AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: monkaS easyeasy: monkaW Bakureetsu: monkaW BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW Buurt: @Elajjaz skip add Jaargan: monkaW 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PepeLaugh NosBleid: PepeHands Nopileos: PepeHands UmiSen: ADS Pog Da_Flanker: Of course not. 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GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: Jebaited quantumop: wooow Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Neroph: Duffel bags OMEGALUL sunshift: oh no PepeLaugh Korhain: PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh Nazzet: W OMEGALUL W payprice: PogU Denact: this part LUL Kaspu: PepeLaugh BobTheDrunkBear: elaKek easyeasy: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh OH NO BroqRox: Oh hod Shrimpess: PepeLaugh rofIcopter: W OMEGALUL W Kosmic_Eagle: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh Meximus322: The duffel bag PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh oh no no no silver6ird: BOX Pog Jaargan: WHEN WILL IT END elaKek elaKek Niloomilo: PepeLaugh NosBleid: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: Jebaited mrbreadberry: P5 MUSIC Chag CrazyKidGo: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Money well spent Deid_: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES Fulgator: Chag Natan220: WOW Valarrarara: PepeLaugh this gone be good Auramoth: PepeLaugh Virhaed: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh urkric: W OMEGALUL W Hieho: W OMEGALUL W KappasMother: best is the nuka cola PepeLaugh Murika_: PepeLaugh Darksoulz21: That was Kanuck the Crow Nanashi_Sakamoto: PepeLaugh odduneven: PepeLaugh on ho ho Sa1ersky: PepeLaugh jaquescamarao: the bag LULW Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: Chag y_u_dodiz: AngelThump BroqRox: oh god Aeonll: Pog kapustadrakon_: Champ WOW lord_rimheart: I remember this elaKek mikeymelikey: PepeLaugh oh no no no PepeLaugh oh no no no PepeLaugh oh no no no BadassSilence: Pog payprice: PogU Cool Lord_Solaire: elaKek KevKov: oh nonono PepeLaugh Ace_Unknown_: literally Jebaited MiKeLaJo: PepeLaugh Oh no no no no darklink_430: OH NO LULW secret_buddy: loool cakeordeath11: It was shit PepeLaugh FlexySanders: HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOO TomHorst: PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Redwin_AR: PepeLaugh Tasarion: oh no no no PepeLaugh 0_jacket_0: S OMEGALUL Y wevie1: Pog box OnlyAMadScientist: PepeLaugh nouvart: PepeLaugh Stennis: PepeLaugh Looks cool Rentaz: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO melk1022: PepeLaugh Res_Quant: only retards still buy bethesda games Hellu: PepeLaugh MaleFunction: PepeLaugh mrbreadberry: oh nonono PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh spacerino_: CUCKED HARD AS FUCK PepeLaugh PhysiCle: Oh yeah elaKek NiceThings_: oh nonono Cheeseek: Jebaited Smough: this shit LULW easyeasy: “LOOKS” PepeLaugh SaixSoul: Pog bloodcaleb: it was a jebait OMEGADOWN faeyre: PepeLaugh VentusNova_: PepeLaugh Sa1ersky: CANVAS Kreygasm Rust_n: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeLaugh oh no no no no EvaNoctis: THEW DUFFEL BAG DRAMA elaKek mikeymelikey: PepeLaugh oh no no no PepeLaugh oh no no no PepeLaugh oh no no no PepeLaugh oh no no no AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Jebaited Daedro: OMEGA Jebaited RonsuDE: I remember PepeLaugh Monster5crak: sure PepeLaugh Doully92: LULW SausageMaster07: PepeLaugh super_ae: PepeLaugh oh no no Aeonll: oh no no no PepeLaugh Sohei4649: SCAMMED Jebaited UmiSen: Just wait LUL timoteh: PepeLaugh Oh no no no Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh oh no no no Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Germy_ranch: Don’t tell him chat PepeLaugh urkric: OMEGADOWN Remkar: PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: Oh no PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: I like how it gets worse and worse Bootch: PepeLaugh Vanset_: OH NONONONONO shruu: OH NO NO NO NO PepeLAugh Dismal_Arkt: PepeLaugh oh no no dariaste: BAG Nopileos: Germy_ranch pepeL It_is_alive: elaKek Deid_: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES HotFireZ: Jebaited dangerdonger420: yeah but it came with Fallout 76 Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh JoHoOoOo: OH NO NO NO elaKek easyeasy: oh no no no PepeLaugh L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh HEIL_MODS_: PepeLaugh Mysweatyth1ghs: PepeLaugh ayahuasca_n: BRUH Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Tiny_PL: LULW Sa1ersky: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh FROG WITH TEETH PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: BRUH DatSouls: FailFish AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh urkric: BRUH Ifunche: LUUUUULLLL Moctavius: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh PhysiCle: elabruv VentusNova_: BRUH Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh Meximus322: LULW Mysweatyth1ghs: BRUH xooroth: Oh no no no OMEGALUL zombie391: PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: BRUH PepeLaugh chudysensei: bruh Nopileos: BRUH spyer23: BRUH Dustythehamster: bruh myfavoriteweeb: elaBruv consecutive_normal_waffle: OH no no no no PepeLaugh Dryd_keepomaster: cmonBruh Jarik23: bruh PepeLaugh Keeedem: BRUH Shrimpess: LULW Annonn140: bruh vulpitt: LUL Daedro: BRUH cmonBruh dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh BRUH Doully92: LULW LULW LULW NosBleid: biggest Jebaited of this 10 last years yyrcbry: BRUH Nopileos: bruh Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO SaixSoul: hahhahaa Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN quantumop: oh boy shruu: OH NO NO NO NO PepeLaugh Jaargan: PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: BRUH Syaraz: LULW SerApollyon: BRUH LULW Monster5crak: BRUH spacerino_: OMEGALUL HYPERCLAP PhysiCle: Bruh elaBruv Virhaed: BRUH PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh BananaKen: Pepega bag Samppsom: Jebaited urkric: bruh Thrisper: LULW faeyre: “duffel” bag Kaspu: LULW Remkar: SCAMAZ PepeLaugh Tiny_PL: BREH Ph4ntomi: LULW payprice: LULE Da_Flanker: Quality shamshamalam: Bruh Bootch: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW warfarehunt3r: certified bruh moment Niloomilo: Oh yeah this shit OMEGALUL Qviss: LULW easyeasy: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW dosakarud: Kapp Germy_ranch: @Nopileos elaH payprice: LULW Blood_Rooted: bruh Nopileos: Germy_ranch elaH consecutive_normal_waffle: PepeLaugh Korhain: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: SCAMMED PepeLaugh k0tashira: Oh no no no no RonsuDE: LULW quantumop: bruhbruhbruh Ph4ntomi: BRUH faeyre: yikers PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW LUL_is_a_emote_for_kids: lol NosBleid: bruh AlcatraZ567: Bruh gosamigo: SCAMMED LUL Hellu: PepeLaugh Meximus322: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: canvas shortage on 2018 PepeHands sunshift: that typing lol TheSalikawood: bruh silver6ird: hackermans spacerino_: LULW MaleFunction: cmonBruh Mannjik: BRUH Abbynaire: Pog Haukanne: LUL Nopileos: bruh spyer23: LULW yyrcbry: PepeLaugh JoHoOoOo: elaKek GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh FenTyrris: PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: elaKek MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh easyeasy: PhysiCle i think the biggest meme is this nuka cola bottle elaKek CrazyKidGo: calebKek GenuineLGN: elaKek uncledickbutt: THE BAG IS BETTER WITH FRIENDS LULW DaniDuck: LULW its true btw RonsuDE: monkaW quantumop: LMAO AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Daedro: LULW Ph4ntomi: LULW Deid_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN AlcatraZ567: LULW melk1022: OMEGALUL y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW Doully92: WTF LULW Virhaed: LULW Aeonll: PepeLaugh Tiliger79: PepeLaugh TheH3llraiser: LULW sunshift: OMEGALUL Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Da_Flanker: LULW quantumop: HOLY SHIT Polebegood: PepeLaugh VentusNova_: LULW BroqRox: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek sjuften_: PepeLaugh oh nononono Darth_Kredol: elaGa dayhappyx3: PepeLaugh LUL_is_a_emote_for_kids: LOL ThunderZBee: OMEGALUL Tasarion: OMEGALUL dosakarud: LULW Wheels82: LULW jaquescamarao: OMEGALUL Mysweatyth1ghs: LULW yyrcbry: LULW lord_rimheart: elaKek Indes999: LULW LULW LULW Nopileos: OMEGALUL BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Stennis: PepeLaugh TheKult: LUL Reddinator: HAHAHHAHAHAHA Nazzet: LULW Nexy_lol: LULW Niloomilo: LULW NiceThings_: ๐Ÿ™‚ DGS_Howling: LULW Shrimpess: LULW PillTheBomb: LULW Hellu: LULW Caput_Draconis: OMEGADOWN Meximus322: elaKek Nopileos: LULW easyeasy: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek timoteh: OMEGADOWN Riggedi: oof lord_rimheart: yes HEIL_MODS_: LULW rofIcopter: ??????? OMEGADOWN Daedro: OOF SirArcoz: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: P5 OST AGAIN Chag Polebegood: yes BritishPatternBalding: IS THAT REAL GenuineLGN: LULW talkman_: Jebaited Wheels82: YES JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW YES Androsix: OMEGADOWN Valarrarara: YES LULW Darth_Kredol: YES consecutive_normal_waffle: OMEGALUL Ph4ntomi: yes OMEGADOWN Jarik23: Yes BroqRox: YES SamuraiEdgeplay: yeah RandonLoLPlayer: LULW Minn_Minn: OMEGADOWN dvirus55: yeah Fulgator: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Sapphire_Breeze: YES TheKult: Yes MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh YES Daedro: YES HachiCube: yes nouvart: yes titoine28: yes Thenastyraven: YES LULW AlcatraZ567: yes ThunderZBee: YES OMEGALUL sir_mordred_: yes It_is_alive: OMEGALUL easyeasy: YES elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek GoldenFlame1: LULW Driggonny: LUL SaixSoul: hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa Sa1ersky: LULW YES CrazyKidGo: YES LULW Nopileos: YES YES Sabertore: LULW Thrisper: LULW MasterMalpercio: yes it is rooKek DaniDuck: ye LULW HotFireZ: yes LULW akmannen: OOF saugo: LULW MidgetDude110: YES LULW Niloomilo: yes zombie391: OMEGALUL sloggyx: YES EvaNoctis: Y E S quantumop: fucking unbelievable Nopileos: LULW ayahuasca_n: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Zeldak: Yes Abbynaire: yes Ifunche: YESSSSS Qviss: WTF! Ace_Unknown_: OMEGALUL HOLY LULW LightmareLive: TRUE faeyre: LULW Flachzange42: yes Reddinator: LULW FG_Hagrid: yep Liransherman: yes Monster5crak: OOF AlcatraZ567: LULW rofIcopter: YES Redwin_AR: yes PepeLaugh dangerdonger420: oof Nopileos: yes Pure_Dominance: OOF SerApollyon: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW 624pt2: yes LUL Istog: yes LULW tyree372: yes bloodcaleb: OOF OMEGADOWN Tebs_: LULW Roxas253: YES Kosmic_Eagle: YES LULW The_Internet_Man: retroS king_boxing_banana: LUL spacerino_: SPEECH LVL OMEGALUL WilsonAJ: OMEGALUL PhilliumTV: LULW Samppsom: Speech 0 LULW AlcatraZ567: OOF Nopileos: yes LUL Bootch: LULW Jaargan: BETHESDA IS FKN FALLING APART elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek ressa2: FeelsWayTooAmazingMan Kalgarrr: Y3S furiadonordeste: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL PhysiCle: @easyeasy Yeah holy shit, they look so shit elaKek IkkisFTW: YES LULW Joxih: yea Blood_Rooted: OEMGADOWN L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh Skyrobine: yes 100% true Bakureetsu: OMEGALUL i0wnswag: WTF payprice: PogU Best Answer Da_Flanker: Never doubt Bethesda to make things worse JoHoOoOo: YES elaKek BritishPatternBalding: WTFFFFFFFFFFF OMEGADOWN houndthree: yeah y_u_dodiz: They can LUL saugo: They did vulpitt: LUL YES BananaKen: OOF tigeralum11: speech 0 k0tashira: O O F MY GOD Meximus322: Yes atomicdestruction: Customer service elaKek SpectatorNoX: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN tyree372: no quantumop: wow Nazzet: W OMEGALUL W Blu_dudeX2: yes LULW Mysweatyth1ghs: Yeah Slacker1977: true. writer probably got fired Jegerkaj: W OMEGALUL W FG_Hagrid: just wait LULW timoteh: W OMEGALUL W Sparkhunter3377: OMEGALUL Deid_: W OMEGADOWN W karakovv: YES LULW Nopileos: W OMEGALUL W Ph4ntomi: W OMEGADOWN W Im_Mugen: YES ALL TRUE MrBenigG: lu Doully92: 3Head Tasarion: W OMEGALUL W Mirando: elaBruv Abbynaire: they did LUL SLASH_HERO: W IMEGALUL W spacerino_: W OMEGALUL W VentusNova_: THEY ARE LULW PWN3D__: Too expensive LUL Annonn140: 3Head quantumop: LMAO Meximus322: False advertising Da_Flanker: Varys? PillTheBomb: D: Ace_Unknown_: LULW Daedro: LULW sunshift: “We aren’t playnning to do anything about it” OMEGADOWN Polebegood: elaBruv Kaspu: OMEGALUL Yusor183: YES PepeLaugh MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaBruv Bakureetsu: W OMEGALUL W spacerino_: LULW Nopileos: LULW Aeonll: W OMEGALUL W kapustadrakon_: 3Head Reddinator: W OMEGLOL W Moctavius: elaBlush Wheels82: elaBruv Qviss: LUL easyeasy: LULW Jegerkaj: 3Head OI MaleFunction: elaBruv Thenastyraven: 3hEAD Shrimpess: W OMEGALUL W Nopileos: LULW LULW houndthree: yep Bootch: OMEGALUL NosBleid: elaBruv Caput_Draconis: LULW Niloomilo: LULW MrBenigG: LULW SonicatorTV: elaBruv Natan220: LUL Blood_Rooted: W OMEGALUL W Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN KevKov: elaBruv It_is_alive: LULW Kaspu: SO BALD LULW Nopileos: LULW Ouronos: Yes, it was true.. Yes they can be sued.. yes, they were Noctis_21: lol BrascoGaming: LULW cheeze____: Youtuber OMEGTUI vihainenkampela: LULW JESUS FUCKING CHRIST Jaargan: LULW shamshamalam: 3Head urkric: W OMEGALUL W fabulwesen_: Manchildren LUL Monster5crak: elaBruv MiKeLaJo: I mean its fake advertising right? cheeze____: OMEGADOWN darklink_430: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: OMEGALUL houndthree: false advertising DaniDuck: 5 BUCKS PogU Mysweatyth1ghs: Pog lord_rimheart: elaKek Doully92: LULW LULW LULW talkman_: 3Head what a lad SLASH_HERO: LULW sretlaw: this is murica Darksoulz21: Was that Jim? Golden04: LULW dosakarud: LULW spacerino_: 3Head NICE ONE THERE LAD Daedro: DansGame W OMEGALUL W SkeletonKeyLimePie: Chag Nopileos: LULW LULW lukem_cs: ElaBruv quantumop: holy shit sunshift: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Lord_Solaire: LULW Meximus322: LULW SonicatorTV: LUL Shrimpess: OMEGALUL not_wintermute: LULW Stennis: Chag Clap easyeasy: elaKek OH MAN elaKek Kosmic_Eagle: LULW melk1022: Pepega SirArcoz: LULW Nopileos: LULW DGS_Howling: LMAO timoteh: LULW sjuften_: PogU 500 atoms SirArcoz: OMEGALUL RonsuDE: LULW payprice: Pog Best Fallout zombie391: LULW Doully92: That is shocking wtf LUL Da_Flanker: Chag WORTH easyeasy: I CAN’T elaKek MY SIDES Hellu: PepeLaugh faeyre: LULW brilliant idea Ph4ntomi: Pog SerApollyon: PogU AlcatraZ567: LULW PillTheBomb: LULW spacerino_: OMEGALUL quantumop: jesus christ Nopileos: LULW LULW Kaspu: LULW karakovv: LULW Keeedem: LULW Mysweatyth1ghs: Pog 500 Atoms ThunderZBee: OMEGALUL YAY OMEGALUL PhilliumTV: PogU Dryd_keepomaster: OMEGALUL ThomasRM: hahahaha Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL yyrcbry: LULW Nazzet: $200 LULW ? SonicatorTV: 500 atoms Champ Korhain: PepeLaugh Daedro: LULW Oni1313: it´s getting better starzo0: LULW Captain_PogChamp: Pog xuukiii: LULW Nopileos: LULW Bakureetsu: LULW lukem_cs: elaBruv BrascoGaming: LULW LULW bethesda Syaraz: Pog vulpitt: LUL Reddinator: danKEK LightmareLive: he is such a whoreson xD xooroth: LULW Deid_: Chag zombie391: Pog Da_Flanker: PogU WHAT A DEAL Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Pure_Dominance: OOF MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Chag Nopileos: LULW LULW NosBleid: Pog 500 AlcatraZ567: Chag Captain_PogChamp: WTF Pog yyrcbry: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Bootch: elaKek easyeasy: FUCK YEAH Chag King_Insane: just wait for the punchline elaKek JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW LULW LULW LULW ressa2: PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: wood floor laminate Pog Empoya: PogU Annonn140: PogU PillTheBomb: OMEGALUL darkmoonblade34: Pog VentusNova_: 5/18ths LULW Riggedi: 5/18 elaKek NiceThings_: LULW Jaargan: WORSE THAN BLIZZARD elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Golden04: Chag Nopileos: PogU Thrisper: 5/18ths Gloriousbonerstoner: Chag MurderChaos: WHY ARE THEY SO FUCKING INSANE ??? It_is_alive: OMEGALUL cheeze____: when I saw that when it happened I could not believe it KappasMother: wait for the nuka cola bottle PepeLaugh easyeasy: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Sa1ersky: LIGHT WOOD LAMINATE Pog yyrcbry: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Nakamura_Shinichi: LULW equinoxx397: HandsUp y_u_dodiz: danH MiKeLaJo: OMEGALUL Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Tw1tOne: LUL LUL salpo_nolobio: light wood laminate FeelsGoodMan light wood laminate FeelsGoodMan light wood laminate FeelsGoodMan light wood laminate FeelsGoodMan SerApollyon: LIGHT WOOD LAMINATE Pog Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Stennis: LIGHT WOOD LAMINATE Chag spacerino_: LULW Virhaed: lightwood laminate cHag vihainenkampela: Pog LIGHT WOOD LAMINATE Neroph: light wood laminate FlexySanders: LAMINATE Jegerkaj: Pog saved AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Aeonll: Pog LIGHT WOOD LAMINATE SamuraiEdgeplay: LULW wtf is light wood laminate dangerdonger420: light wood laminate light wood laminate GenuineLGN: Pog Rust_n: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW Meximus322: LULW Sanzibal: LULW shamshamalam: LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE LIGHTWOOD LAMINATE Mirando: ACTUALL FALLOUT FANBOYS LUL Nopileos: LULW Blood_Rooted: OMEGADOWN Sunshinewalker: Anyone who pays that much for a Bethesda game deserves to get scammed tho LUL VentusNova_: LIGHT WOOD LAMINATE Chag payprice: Chag 500 atom Abbynaire: LIGHT WOOD LAMINATE VexX159: LULW Remkar: elaKek Habitual_Balance: disconnected or greedy. timoteh: LULW Kalgarrr: 18 dollars sk8n LULW Mixmashmaster: 500 Champ 500 Champ 500 Champ 500 Champ 500 Champ LordCalcifer: LULW y_u_dodiz: D: Blu_dudeX2: light wood laminate Pog RonsuDE: PogU Nopileos: LULW LULW rai_asura: D i s g u s t i n g quantumop: boogie elaKek Darth_Kredol: 🖕🏻 easyeasy: LULW Ineedhugs: I’m so moist, put it in daddy KaitoKidShadow: elaHi hello everybody elaH whats this Ph4ntomi: KKool y_u_dodiz: KKool Da_Flanker: Why are you so surprised? elaKek Bethesda always find ways to make things worse JubJubWantRubRubs: KKool MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: KKona Doully92: KKona Filth_: KKool BroqRox: LUL Nopileos: KKool salpo_nolobio: pepeJAM Noctis_21: meticCozy Aeonll: KKool Sa1ersky: KKool Rust_n: KKool SirArcoz: KKona HotFireZ: KKool VikingsFromSweden: KKool shamshamalam: KKool Sabertore: KKool karakovv: KKool Bakureetsu: KKona Tasarion: KKool easyeasy: KKool Daedro: KKool Reddinator: KKool Nopileos: KKool KKool Ace_Unknown_: KKool SaixSoul: KKona WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Annonn140: LULW talkman_: KKona AlcatraZ567: KKool spacerino_: KKool HYPERCLAP k0tashira: KKool 0_jacket_0: S OMEGALUL Y S OMEGALUL Y S OMEGALUL Y S OMEGALUL Y S OMEGALUL Y S OMEGALUL Y timoteh: KKool It_is_alive: KKool SonicatorTV: KaitoKidShadow its a great video about fallout 76 Dryd_keepomaster: KKool SonicatorTV: KaitoKidShadow also pepeL Nopileos: KKool Qviss: LULW spacerino_: OMEGALUL DaniDuck: Shortage LULW Deid_: OMEGADOWN Liransherman: SHORTAGE OF MATERIAL LUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Darksoulz21: Here yee here yee Todd Howard is a fucking moron bloodcaleb: Jebaited Kaspu: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Da_Flanker: KaitoKidShadow elaH yyrcbry: LULW Doully92: LULW OMG SerApollyon: LULW quantumop: oh no Nopileos: LULW easyeasy: OOOOOOOOOOH elaKek Meximus322: elaKek Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: OMEGALUK lord_rimheart: elaKek SonicatorTV: Jebaited spacerino_: LULW sunshift: LULW LULW LULW LULW Bootch: LULW WilsonAJ: LULW Ph4ntomi: game journalists LULW Dryd_keepomaster: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW Gorgodrn: LUL CrazyKidGo: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Deid_: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh SirArcoz: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: LULW Da_Flanker: Nice LUL VentusNova_: LULW Abbynaire: LULW Virhaed: PepeLaugh Niloomilo: LULW Qviss: WTF LULW Reddinator: INFLUENCERS OMEGLOL Syaraz: LULW Nopileos: LULW BananaKen: OMEGALUL Daedro: LULW what the fuck dosakarud: LULW Jaargan: PepeLaugh zombie391: LULW Indes999: LULW LULW LULW dexusb: Fucking influencers jaquescamarao: @Elajjaz they gave you a bag??? payprice: LULW KaitoKidShadow: SonicatorTV nrdyOwO elaH SirArcoz: OMEGALUL wevie1: OMEGALUL AlcatraZ567: LULW JoHoOoOo: elaKek timoteh: Pog CANVAS spyer23: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW RonsuDE: OMEGALUL Hellu: PepeLaugh Korhain: PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN MurderChaos: ITS LIKE POETRY vihainenkampela: PepeLaugh L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh LordCalcifer: LULW Valarrarara: LULW influencers Samppsom: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW saugo: OMEGALUL Nexy_lol: LULW KaitoKidShadow: Da_Flanker elaH Nopileos: LULW OnlyAMadScientist: Chag spacerino_: PepeLaugh Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek SaixSoul: PepeLaugh SilentNewbee: LULW GenuineLGN: OMEGALUL harding: shitshow supreme Jaargan: LULW Daedro: OMEGADOWN Jebaited easyeasy: LULW Kaspu: AYAYA talkman_: PogU wtf SonicatorTV: AYAYA It_is_alive: LULW AlcatraZ567: AYAYA Nopileos: LULW LULW SirArcoz: AYAYA VikingsFromSweden: Shut the fuck up weebs NaM y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN Samppsom: DansGame mikeymelikey: AYAYA spacerino_: OMEGALUL Wwaaaz: Literally Scamazed PepeLaugh easyeasy: elaKek OOOOOOOF Mangoy: AYAYA quantumop: LMAO Nexy_lol: OMEGALUL Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek TheH3llraiser: LULW uncledickbutt: he said the word PepeLaugh Shrimpess: OMEGALUL SausageMaster07: AYAYA Clap Moctavius: LULW Sylhux: KappaPride Mysweatyth1ghs: LULW Note enough for virtual bag Samppsom: WeirdChamp Bootch: OMEGADOWN Deid_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW LULW HotFireZ: LULW Tw1tOne: LOL this cant be true… this is comical by now LUL Stennis: OMEGLOL Qviss: LULW Remkar: OMEGADOWN Kosmic_Eagle: OMEGALUL talkman_: Jebaited SerApollyon: OMEGALUL GenuineLGN: LULW BroqRox: OMEGADOWN JAMMnX: oh the world shortage of canvas Nopileos: OMEGALUL Sa1ersky: OMEGALUL H spyer23: YES LULW houndthree: you cant even buy it with the 500 atmos lol CharleyQc02: LUL vulpitt: LUL LUL AlcatraZ567: they should just sell it limited LULW SirArcoz: LULW NosBleid: LULW BananaKen: AYAYA Samppsom: LULW darklink_430: Jebaited Monster5crak: PepeLaugh RonsuDE: LULW SerApollyon: JUST WAIT PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW KaitoKidShadow: oh Da_Flanker: Of course sunshift: This has everything Captain_PogChamp: ITS NOT OVER PepeLaugh ilovehandmadepottery: OMEGALUL OMEGADOWN dexusb: OH IT GETS timoteh: PepeLaugh He doesn’t know how bad it gets JoHoOoOo: JUST WAIT elaKek vihainenkampela: this is only the beginnig Lord_Solaire: OMEGALUL Da_Flanker: Beth can only make it worse NiceThings_: and it just keeps going NotLikeThis SenorToast: Its gonna get even better GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh chudysensei: @elajjaz you’ll see in few mins PepeLaugh Daedro: IM QUITE DISSAPOINTED WIITH MY BAG(c) LMAO Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh spyer23: here it comes LULW Hellu: uh oh PepeLaugh nibeio: PepeLaugh Kaspu: OMEGALUL ThunderZBee: HERE IT COMES PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh y_u_dodiz: LUL Daedro: OMEGADOWN VentusNova_: PepeLaugh quantumop: holy shit b_ikki: oh no no Doully92: 4-6 MONTHS LULW Rust_n: PepeLaugh consecutive_normal_waffle: PepeLaugh PhilliumTV: PepeLaugh Vanset_: OH NONONONONONONNOO Aeonll: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh Annonn140: PepeLaugh easyeasy: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Keeedem: OH NO NO PepeLaugh Sa1ersky: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Shrimpess: PepeLaugh spacerino_: PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA Korhain: it never ends PepeLaugh Meximus322: elaKek Nazzet: PepeLaugh payprice: PogU Reddinator: PepeLaugh here it comes MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO NON NO SonicatorTV: elaKek Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: HERE IT COMES CHAT elaKek Jaargan: PepeLaugh Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh CrazyKidGo: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: they didn’t know PepeLaugh DatSouls: LUL Samppsom: 4-6 LULW starzo0: BEST PART Deid_: PepeLaugh HERE IT COMES Nopileos: PepeLaugh Fulgator: doodLewd elaKek elaKek zombie391: PepeLaugh L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh DigitalZips: Here it comes anatsu90: OMEGALUL dunaro2910: Oh boy talkman_: PepeLaugh here it comes VexX159: FeelsOkayMan BobTheDrunkBear: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: LULW ThunderZBee: OH NO OMEGALUL Kaspu: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh mikeymelikey: PepeLaugh richEEE_: @Elajjaz watch forsen speedrunning PepeLaugh houndthree: this part is the worst lol Virhaed: PepeLaugh JoHoOoOo: OH NO NO NO NO elaKek Ixcariot: PepeLaugh フェイタン: elaKek urkric: monkaW CaptainCrunched: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh BananaKen: this part PepeLaugh Sa1ersky: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO KappatainHindsight: PepeLaugh laststand66: 3Head Daedro: PepeLaugh IT KEEPS GOING spacerino_: PepeLaugh Pionside: PepeLaugh Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek yyrcbry: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: LULW iiioku: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE ? Doully92: OMG LULW Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh Nexy_lol: LULW quantumop: oh my fucking god spacerino_: PepeUff 👉 BETHESDA JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeLaugh oh no no no no DaniDuck: DOXX LULW Daedro: monkaX Niloomilo: PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Stennis: LULW Natan220: LUL LUL LUL RonsuDE: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: OMEGALUL LUL_is_a_emote_for_kids: ?LOL Thrisper: LULW Joxih: lol ThunderZBee: HAHAHAHAHA OMEGALUL ressa2: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Monster5crak: PepeLaugh Nazzet: LULW Clap AlcatraZ567: LULW SirArcoz: OMEGALUL yyrcbry: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh v Polebegood: PepeLaugh FlexySanders: LELLE SerApollyon: LULW MurderChaos: This can’t be real advoccat: LUL crashfort: 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 easyeasy: OH MY GOD MAN elaKek Bootch: PepeLaugh wtf AlcatraZ567: OMEGALUL Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW vihainenkampela: D OMEGLOL X X E D spacerino_: LULW quantumop: WHAT Nopileos: LULW LULW Ace_Unknown_: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP BETHESDA IS FUUUUUUUUUUCKED Hellu: PepeLaugh PillTheBomb: monkaW SpectatorNoX: elaWut MaleFunction: LULW WTF BroqRox: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh SirArcoz: LULW KappasMother: PepeLaugh yyrcbry: PepeLaugh Doully92: WHAT!!!!! Kosmic_Eagle: LULW advoccat: LULW captain_elsewhere: 6 months elaKek Redwin_AR: PepeLaugh OriPeel: monkaW faeyre: oh boyyyyy LULW Nopileos: LULW Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: NA COMPANY LUL AlcatraZ567: LEAKED Vanset_: LUL SirArcoz: PepeLaugh dosakarud: LULW Mysweatyth1ghs: OMEGALUL bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP GenuineLGN: OMEGALUL Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh FROG WITH TEETH PepeLaugh Abbynaire: monkaW zombie391: OMEGALUL shruu: WTF PepeLaugh Habitual_Balance: Kapp Nopileos: OMEGALUL Tw1tOne: LOOOOL Androsix: FailFish Bootch: OMG AlcatraZ567: LEAK SirArcoz: elaKek SonicatorTV: LUL ComradeBender: This is hilarious. I’ve never seen so many fails in such little amount of time. elaS elaS MurderChaos: THIS IS NOT REAL HOLY SHIT ayahuasca_n: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN yyrcbry: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Riggedi: elaKek melk1022: OMEGALUL quantumop: HAHAHAHAHAHA Indes999: LULW LULW LULW LordCalcifer: WTF OMEGALUL timoteh: PepeLaugh Oh no no no NosBleid: Jebaited VentusNova_: LULW KaitoKidShadow: LULW BritishPatternBalding: OMEGADOWN CrazyKidGo: LULW ThunderZBee: HAHAHA jaquescamarao: LULW Monster5crak: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh SilentNewbee: PepeLaugh spacerino_: OMEGALUL Bootch: DOXXED OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Syaraz: PepeLaugh CJWM8te: LULW Hellu: LULW saugo: LULW Daedro: LULW darklink_430: LULW Jaargan: OMEGALUL IkkisFTW: PepeLaugh Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Qviss: LULW Shrimpess: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW sjuften_: OMEGADOWN GenuineLGN: LULW Blood_Rooted: LULW i0wnswag: fck they rly bad yyrcbry: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh v SerApollyon: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Darkilon: Oh my, this is so fucking bad HotFireZ: LUL advoccat: they fucked up so hard Dryd_keepomaster: OMEGADOWN SaixSoul: hahahahaha PepeLaugh PepeLaugh vulpitt: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL Suney: LULW sir_mordred_: PepeLaugh Reddinator: danKEK danKEK danKEK CharleyQc02: HAHAAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAAHHAHHAHHA Soadante: elaGa WEEEEE quantumop: dude what the fuck y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL Sabertore: OMEGADOWN AlcatraZ567: LULW MasterMalpercio: rooKek Natan220: weeeeee urkric: BRUH gosamigo: PepeLaugh Bootch: ACTUALLY DOXXED OMEGADOWN ticapril: LULW talkman_: PepeLaugh easyeasy: elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW payprice: PogU Niloomilo: LULW spyer23: LULW AlcatraZ567: SO BAD LULW Annonn140: OMEGALUL yyrcbry: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Ph4ntomi: SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING Tasarion: PepeLaugh oh no no Daedro: OMEGADOWN LightmareLive: OMEGADOWN sunshift: GDPR fines up to €20 mil, here we go VoHiYo DatSouls: FailFish LUL BrascoGaming: ???? LULW spacerino_: QUEST COMPLETED OMEGALUL Korhain: PepeLaugh Res_Quant: fuck bethesda they are total retards TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh PhilliumTV: LULW Da_Flanker: Well, this whole fiasco was extermely entertaining to watch go down at least elaKek GenuineLGN: NOT DONE YET PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: Pog Aeonll: Pog MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: OH NO PepeLaugh WilsonAJ: bethesda LULW Clap JAMMnX: oh god OnlyAMadScientist: oh boy KappasMother: HERE WE GO PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: OH NO PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: elaChug Annonn140: NEW VEGAS Pog BananaKen: Duffel Kerfuffle SonicatorTV: RUM Champ Bakureetsu: LULW PhysiCle: @easyeasy Here we go elaKek NosBleid: Pog mikeymelikey: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh OctosharkLP: jesus christ Nanashi_Sakamoto: PepeLaugh dormuth: HOW THIS COMPANY NOT BANKRUPT Deid_: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO easyeasy: OH NO NO NO NOT THIS SHIT PepeLaugh FiddIeMyDiddle: PepeLaugh Fridgieee: PepeLaugh OH NO Shrimpess: PepeLaugh jaquescamarao: this one as well OMEGALUL Joxih: this one Qviss: LUL Vanset_: LOL payprice: PogU Cola Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek TheMoltenGuy: THE FUCKING RUM BOTTLE LULW MiKeLaJo: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Keeedem: obsidian PepeHands mikeymelikey: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Nazzet: $80 LULW Sergantuss: can someone link me this video in PM plz JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeLaugh oh no no no no OnlyAMadScientist: PepeLaugh L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh shamshamalam: OH NO NO NO NO NO Sourcehunter: PepeLaugh Ixcariot: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: 80$ plastic 5securi5s: 5securi5s subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! y_u_dodiz: LULW WrestlerBot2000: @5securi5s After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM spacerino_: HERE IT COMES CHAT PepeLaugh kapustadrakon_: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO NO NO Joxih: lulw Korhain: I forgot about the rum PepeLaugh KawaiiJetty: 80$ OMEGALUL VentusNova_: PepeLaugh Sa1ersky: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO KevKov: OH NONONO PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Nopileos: SUB HYPE 5securi5s Pog tyree372: rum Pog mikeymelikey: PepeLaugh LazyPixel: the cola PepeLaugh Ifunche: LULW salpo_nolobio: bootle SerApollyon: bootle Pog xooroth: Here we go OMEGALUL CrazyKidGo: Bootle LULW b_ikki: bootle PepeLaugh pistaitson: oooooh nooooo PepeLaugh Thrisper: Bootle spacerino_: PepeLaugh mikeymelikey: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Bootch: PepeLaugh easyeasy: PhysiCle OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh I CAN’T BREATHE elaKek AlcatraZ567: plastic PepeLaugh Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek captain_elsewhere: oh fuck the rum timoteh: PepeLaugh Bootle Da_Flanker: Spared no expense Monster5crak: sure you will PepeLaugh Dryd_keepomaster: OMG THIS SHIT LULW Akeitos: BETHESDA FILTH OMEGALUL Ouronos: Yes, @Elajjaz – this is all true.. I remember all of this happening, though I was not involved with it at all. faeyre: kewl bootle PepeLaugh Kaspu: LULW Daedro: LULW rofIcopter: PepeLaugh NosBleid: D: Ph4ntomi: WHY IS THE RUM GONE Shrimpess: LULW Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN uncledickbutt: kewl bootul Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Nopileos: LULW AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: talkman_: Jebaited HotFireZ: LULW SirArcoz: LULW MaleFunction: PepeLaugh Bootch: Jebaited Suney: PepeLaugh Thrisper: Wheres the rum gone? HachiCube: D: wroomer: OMG, did someone connect an internet cable to one of their hard drives?!?!?!? zombie391: Jebaited Daedro: WHY IS THE RUM GONE LULW Jaargan: PepeLaugh DatSouls: monkaS faeyre: no rum PeepHands lord_rimheart: where’s the run gone? GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh xuukiii: LULW Jarik23: Is it just a prop? PepeLaugh Mysweatyth1ghs: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Sourcehunter: THIS IS TO GOOD OMEGADOWN SonicatorTV: elaKek Polebegood: standard PepeLaugh quantumop: what Nexy_lol: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW Riggedi: elaKek Deid_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN DGS_Howling: LULW Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh Kaspu: OMEGALUL Bakureetsu: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Filth_: PepeLaugh Virhaed: OMEGADOWN Liransherman: FALLOUT STANDARDS salpo_nolobio: pepeJAM bloodcaleb: standard OMEGADOWN Doully92: LULW SirArcoz: PepeLaugh Reddinator: STANDARD LULW Aeonll: PepeLaugh ThePepoScythe: PepeLaugh OnlyAMadScientist: xD AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeLaugh oh no no no no Stennis: LULW Nopileos: PepeLaugh Mirando: elaHAA It_is_alive: LULW ChibiKuro: 2huThink CrazyKidGo: PepeLaugh timoteh: LULW Fallout standard nekro793: PepeLaugh y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL Rust_n: LULW Tasarion: FALLOUT STANDARDS OMEGALUL Meximus322: elaKek elaKek KaitoKidShadow: LOL troublematicc: PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: Oh really? PepeLaugh easyeasy: LULW Shrimpess: OMEGADOWN Ph4ntomi: LULW VentusNova_: LULW spyer23: LULW Nopileos: LULW Nexy_lol: PepeLaugh Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Remkar: elaKek NosBleid: LULW karakovv: LULW Sunshinewalker: Standard OMEGADOWN Niloomilo: LULW vulpitt: LUL SerApollyon: LULW Bootch: PepeLaugh quantumop: LMAO BobTheDrunkBear: PepeLaugh RonsuDE: LULW WisdomDota: LUL Tiliger79: LULW SilentNewbee: PepeLaugh Redwin_AR: PepeLaugh fallout standart Annonn140: PepeLaugh gosamigo: LULW yyrcbry: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Monster5crak: LULW Nazzet: LULW Sa1ersky: PepeLaugh SaixSoul: hahahahahah Zgene: LULW Daedro: monkaSHAKE LULW 0xSaisaki: OMEGALUL richEEE_: PepeLaugh Denact: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW not_wintermute: LULW TheHolyFonz: OMEGADOWN Abbynaire: elaKek JoHoOoOo: elaKek shamshamalam: LUL BananaKen: LULW Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: LUL JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW silver6ird: PepeLaugh sunshift: PepeLaugh Lord_Solaire: LULW LordCalcifer: PepeHands Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek Albin_Alligator: TaBeRu MurderChaos: WHY ARE THEY SO BAD Nopileos: LULW LULW SirArcoz: LULW zombie391: OMEGALUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: 4HEad easyeasy: STANDARDS elaKek WHAT STANDSRDS Annonn140: AngelThump quantumop: IT JUST WORKS Meximus322: elaKek vihainenkampela: LULW LULW LULW Sparkhunter3377: OMEGALUL Hellu: PepeLaugh AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: AngelThump Ace_Unknown_: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP BETHESDA IS A MEME CrazyKidGo: IT JUST WORKS 4HEad Jaargan: FALLOUT STANDARD elaKek elaKek ThunderZBee: 4HEad TheGoldenCobra: LULW Mirando: MEABY THATS BETTER elaKek chudysensei: just works btw LULW qounzer: LULW HotFireZ: It just works 4HEad sloggyx: and people STILL defend them LUL A_Very_British_Fox: they are such a joke company now Darth_Kredol: IT JUST WORKS elaEZ Samppsom: Fallout 76 was such a mess it’s embrassing Stennis: I wonder what the hell was in the bottle then LULW PillTheBomb: FORSEN IS OUT OF FIRE BOMBS FOR GWYNEVERE PepeLaugh VikingsFromSweden: Persona 5 music FeelsGoodMan Fulgator: LUL payprice: PogU Good Company Cycanee: king crimson it just works easyeasy: IT JUST WORKS BOIS elaKek Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh Bordinlas: Bordinlas subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 26 months, currently on a 26 month streak! ‘ello bruv elaBruv NosBleid: P5 OST Kreygasm Daedro: LETER WrestlerBot2000: @Bordinlas After 26 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM bloodcaleb: 🥖 Clap Darksoulz21: Goddamn Todd Howard is a fucking moron souldedeh: Persona 5 AYAYA Nopileos: SUB HYPE Bordinlas PogChamp SainEdge: persona 5 music Kreygasm RandonLoLPlayer: HON HON HON FiddIeMyDiddle: Pog Kalgarrr: and i had so much hope for F4 PepeHands L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek Martel_BecdeCorbin: LuL french google voice ChrisCage788: Persona Kreygasm JAMMnX: why does bethesda still exists LuL Admiralshiroryu: compared to this no man’s sky is great AlcatraZ567: LUL AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh TheMoltenGuy: Pog nitro108: Persona 5 POG Nazzet: monkaW Filth_: Chag GenuineLGN: OMEGALUL Annonn140: persona 5 AYAYA Bootch: LULW SonicatorTV: Chag WisdomDota: LOL Daedro: LULW talkman_: PogU Nopileos: Pog quantumop: D: zombie391: Chag easyeasy: 8.8k elaKek BroqRox: LUL Aeonll: D: spyer23: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW LULW CrazyKidGo: elaD SonicatorTV: elaGa Deid_: elaGa Samppsom: DISLIKES Pog timoteh: LULW Filth_: monkaTOS Hieho: xigD AYAYAClapAYAYAClap: D: payprice: Chag Nopileos: LUL spacerino_: LULW Niloomilo: LULW talkman_: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaGa Habitual_Balance: jnbKnee Germy_ranch: D: Shrimpess: LULW Doully92: OMG LULW anatsu90: nice ratio Reddinator: LULW NosBleid: LULW easyeasy: LOOK AT THIS SHIT MAN elaKek Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP RandonLoLPlayer: elaKek Nopileos: LULW ThunderZBee: OMEGALUL Llyfrgell: elaGa AlcatraZ567: Plastic Mysweatyth1ghs: LUL SerApollyon: LULW Hellu: LULW Daedro: monkaX AlcatraZ567: LULW Minn_Minn: OMEGADOWN Da_Flanker: LULW WisdomDota: LUL Nexy_lol: LULW Polebegood: PepeLaugh BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Virhaed: PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Moctavius: ysangGreed Deid_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Kaspu: LULW AlcatraZ567: OMEGALUL It_is_alive: LULW VentusNova_: LULW quantumop: OH MY GOOOOD SonicatorTV: LUL y_u_dodiz: OMEGALUL jaquescamarao: LULW TheMoltenGuy: OMEGLOL Thrisper: LMAO Stennis: OMEGLOL crashfort: 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 Kosmic_Eagle: LULW CrazyKidGo: LULW Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek ThunderZBee: HAHAHAH Zgene: OMEGLOL vihainenkampela: LULW saugo: LULW Caput_Draconis: OMEGALUL Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW spacerino_: OMEGADOWN Aeonll: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Annonn140: LULW Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Bakureetsu: OMEGADOWN easyeasy: elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW KaitoKidShadow: hahahaha S_Darji: LULW Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN BroqRox: LULW melk1022: OMEGALUL KappasMother: PepeLaugh vulpitt: LUL LUL Jegerkaj: PepeLaugh SerApollyon: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW KawaiiJetty: PepeLaugh yyrcbry: LULW vidyafgj: LULW karakovv: LULW Suney: LULWW Reddinator: Jebaited LordCalcifer: OMEGALUL kapustadrakon_: 😡 Darth_Kredol: PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff CJWM8te: LULW Lord_Solaire: OMEGALUL FlexySanders: LULW Riggedi: OMEGADOWN Jaargan: PepeLaugh Ace_Unknown_: HAHAHAHAH LULW LULW LULW Jarik23: OMEGALUL NosBleid: Jebaited Ph4ntomi: OMEGADOWN SaixSoul: hahhahaha PepeLaugh PepeLaugh SirArcoz: OMEGALUL Nopileos: OMEGALUL Rust_n: LULW DGS_Howling: LMAO PackYourYak: LULW Qviss: LULW yyrcbry: LULW LULW timoteh: OMEGADOWN 80 FUCKING DOLLARS OMEGADOWN Abbynaire: OMEGALUL xuukiii: OMEGALUL spacerino_: OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP Nazzet: LULW AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh sjuften_: LULW BlackjackalTV: PunOko Nopileos: LULW faeyre: PepeLaugh Moctavius: 😡 Martel_BecdeCorbin: 😡 MaleFunction: 😡 elaMad Ifunche: LUL LUL LUL LUL zombie391: OMEGALUL MurderChaos: OH MY FUCK Bootch: LULW rai_asura: ASDSAD LOOOL Daedro: OMEGADOWN Jebated AlcatraZ567: OMEGADOWN sunshift: NotLikeThis qounzer: OMEGALUL bloodcaleb: PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP RonsuDE: OMEGALUL 0xSaisaki: fallout standard OMEGALUL NosBleid: OMEGAJEBAITED Captain_PogChamp: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: OMEGALUL Monster5crak: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL gosamigo: LULW payprice: PogU Plastic ressa2: OMEGADOWN HotFireZ: 😡 greenye800: LULW Sa1ersky: PepeLaugh OctosharkLP: LUL TheGoldenCobra: LULW Dryd_keepomaster: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW L0VKIYRusskiy: 😡 sartorriuss: LULW PhilliumTV: PepeLaugh easyeasy: THIS IS elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW SerApollyon: 🍅 Nopileos: LULW Indes999: LULW LULW LULW BananaKen: LMFAO talkman_: OMEGA Jebaited JubJubWantRubRubs: KKool salpo_nolobio: PepoDance Sabertore: KKool Mixmashmaster: TaBeRu Darth_Kredol: PepeUff Doully92: KKool yakdan99: F PhysiCle: KKona Daedro: LULW GenuineLGN: ELA DIDNT KNOW OMEGALUL Ph4ntomi: KKool Nopileos: KKool NerdIRage: and barely anyone talked about it too SonicatorTV: Jebaited jaquescamarao: pepeJAM quantumop: KKool Smough: imagine buying that shit LULW TheHolyFonz: KKool cheeze____: 80$ plastic baby gachiBASS Darth_Kredol: PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff Keeedem: KKool Tasarion: KKool talkman_: PepoDance Kalgarrr: all is true PepeHands shamshamalam: pepeJAM mitters23: pepeJAMMERS Sohei4649: Actually a scam Jebaited Nopileos: KKool KKool spacerino_: OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP OMEGLOL HYPERCLAP dexusb: PepoDance yyrcbry: pepeUff Blood_Rooted: and still people buying stupid bullshit like this Bestorio: PepoDance dark_medieval_times: klinkLUL KaitoKidShadow: KKona VikingsFromSweden: KKool Golden04: ElaJAM Da_Flanker: Bethesda quality PepeLaugh TheRainbowTurt1e: KKool Shrimpess: KKool ThunderZBee: 80 $ EZ Clap ticapril: 80$ LULW Darth_Kredol: PepeUff im_flik: SUPER PREMIUM Filth_: PepeUff 💨 PepeUff 💨 PepeUff 💨 PepeUff 💨 PepeUff 💨 PepeUff 💨 PepeUff 💨 PepeUff 💨 PepeUff 💨 Nopileos: KKool sunshift: I can’t belive Bethesda still exists Captain_PogChamp: UHM i0wnswag: trolololloolololo Sunshinewalker: 80 dollar plastic bottle OMEGADOWN RonsuDE: pepeD SkeletonKeyLimePie: pepeJAM k0tashira: SourPls Daedro: AND IT KEEPS GOING I N S A N E LULW Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek King_Insane: its so awesome you cant fake it if you tried elaKek Claw16: KILLA QUEEN! Darth_Kredol: PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff PepeUff SamuraiEdgeplay: PepeHands They ran out of GLASS you guys Jaargan: BETHESDA IS FKN FALLING APART elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Polebegood: Kapp Doully92: LULW NovaMoon: i paused my anime to watch this. worth it shamshamalam: pepeJAM pepeJAM PhilliumTV: trikoo Mysweatyth1ghs: ??????? Hellu: PepeLaugh MurderChaos: I THINK SOME CRAZY NUTJOBS RUN BETHESDA Liransherman: OF COURSE FiddIeMyDiddle: Kapp AlcatraZ567: LULW mikeymelikey: Kappa da_ul: link to video please JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Kaspu: OMEGALUL ThunderZBee: OMEGALUL Annonn140: PepeLaugh Aeonll: Kapp PhilliumTV: KKool OriPeel: ????????????? Nopileos: Kapp CaptainCrunched: LULW mikeymelikey: Kappa OK Stennis: Bethesda showing EA how it is done LULW Meximus322: elaKek MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Kapp SonicatorTV: LUL AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh spacerino_: LULW Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL Liransherman: TWICE AS MUCH Thrisper: LULW GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh JAMMnX: i need a cancel that shit button Liransherman: Kappa greenye800: cancel that shit LUL SirArcoz: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LUL Shrimpess: Kapp Caput_Draconis: LULW captain_elsewhere: ive tried this rum its like 5 times worse than captain morgans elaKek Hellu: LULW Reddinator: danKEK Daedro: PHIL LULW mikeymelikey: Kapp darklink_430: yeah sure LULW Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek ScotchDream: CANT WAIT FOR ELDER SCROLLS SIX AlcatraZ567: elaK DatSouls: LUL Virhaed: UUUUUH pepeJAM atomicdestruction: People will buy it anyways oddoneVillain Riggedi: pepeJAM Kosmic_Eagle: Kapp SirArcoz: LULW LULW Ace_Unknown_: PepeLaugh TWICE AS MUCH WTF SaixSoul: PepeLaugh easyeasy: SURE MAN elaKek LULW ChibiKuro: nepSmug nymnCorn mikeymelikey: forsenE anatsu90: OMEGADOWN MastarBlastar: pepeD FleetOfPigeons: @Elajjaz This whole thing has made me boycott Bethesda. LuL and i used to love their shit. shamshamalam: pepeJAM spacerino_: OMEGADOWN Empoya: forsenWut pepeD forsenWut pepeD forsenWut pepeD FiddIeMyDiddle: FORSEN LULW Captain_PogChamp: UHM pepeJAM wevie1: OMEGALUL spyer23: LUL timoteh: LULW reflektioNCS: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW mikeymelikey: forsenE UUHHH Nopileos: LULW Polebegood: PepeLaugh sunshift: “Fallout standard” Doully92: LULW LULW easyeasy: elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW Kaspu: LULW SerApollyon: LULW Dyres: LULW Deid_: LULW Ph4ntomi: LULW Smough: forsenWut uhhm ticapril: LUL Qviss: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Stennis: LULW crashfort: LOL SonicatorTV: elaKek Hellu: PepeLaugh lord_rimheart: elaKek Nopileos: LULW LULW Nazzet: LULW Mysweatyth1ghs: LULW Nexy_lol: LULW Tasarion: OMEGALUL troublematicc: LULW yyrcbry: LULW Lord_Solaire: LULW AlcatraZ567: OMEGADOWN CrazyKidGo: LULW LULW Bakureetsu: LULW harding: lmao Yozah_: LULW rofIcopter: OMEGADOWN payprice: LULW zombie391: LULW Nopileos: LULW Jaargan: LULW Bootch: LULW Draddrick: LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh Redwin_AR: LULW Fulgator: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Monster5crak: PepeLaugh DaniDuck: LULW Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: LUL yyrcbry: LULW LULW 624pt2: LUL SacredChickenNugget: LULW Shrimpess: LULW rai_asura: LULW gonbat: LULW SirArcoz: LULW LULW LULW gosamigo: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW KaitoKidShadow: hahahahahah Kaelrasha: OMFG crashfort: HAHAHAHHA Golden04: LULW ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN S_Dasaav: forsenWut uhhhhh Niloomilo: OMEGALUL VexX159: LULW Daedro: LULW MiKeLaJo: LULW Abbynaire: LULW Nopileos: LULW It_is_alive: OMEGALUL Kosmic_Eagle: LULW melk1022: PepeLaugh WTF Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW LULW spacerino_: LULW Auramoth: PepeLaugh BobTheDrunkBear: LULW BananaKen: LMFAO Blood_Rooted: …………. Joxih: omegalul k0tashira: OH MY FUCKING GOD talkman_: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL GenuineLGN: OMEGALUL Daedro: monkaX Nopileos: OMEGALUL TheGoldenCobra: LULW Qviss: OMEGADOWN dark_medieval_times: klinkLUL juicecfruit: OMEGALUL AlcatraZ567: LULW easyeasy: LULW payprice: PogU Doully92: LULW Ph4ntomi: LULW AlcatraZ567: OMEGADOWN darklink_430: so bad OMEGADOWN MaleFunction: NotLikeThis SonicatorTV: LUL Emzero: LULW Nexy_lol: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW mrbreadberry: LULW HotFireZ: LUL Dyres: OMEGALUL dosakarud: LULW Ifunche: LUL spacerino_: OMEGADOWN Annonn140: PepeLaugh Stennis: The last one was legit better LULW Qviss: LULW TheMoltenGuy: Pog talkman_: PogChamp anatsu90: this is fucking unreal LUL SonicatorTV: Chag Daedro: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW AlcatraZ567: Chag Thrisper: ETSY Clap Habitual_Balance: LULW la_gougoutte: historian SirArcoz: LULW SerApollyon: LULW IkkisFTW: LULW quantumop: lmao Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Darth_Kredol: Pog greenye800: LULW bloodcaleb: OMEGADOWN CrazyKidGo: LULW SonicatorTV: elaKek GenuineLGN: LULW Nexy_lol: PepeLaugh spacerino_: LULW Nopileos: LULW VentusNova_: LULW faeyre: gods this looks so terrible NotLikeThis LULW Sohei4649: LULW Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL vulpitt: LUL Daedro: OMEGADOWN LightmareLive: OMEGALUL nymnCorn thats what you get for preorder nekro793: elaKek easyeasy: elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW SamuraiEdgeplay: LULW Rust_n: LULW RonsuDE: LULW Shrimpess: LULW NosBleid: LULW Dyres: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW Reddinator: TRUE LULW LordCalcifer: LULW Ph4ntomi: SOWWY Habitual_Balance: LULW even their bottles are bugged yakdan99: LUL WrestlerBot2000: 10x LULW double digit combo Pog MuliadSpt: LUL Meximus322: elaKek Deid_: gachiBASS vihainenkampela: gachiBASS Aeonll: gachiBASS Monster5crak: LULW Virhaed: gachiBASS dosakarud: gachiBASS PillTheBomb: gachiBASS Abbynaire: LULW Nopileos: LULW Suney: LULW atski: this is some kind of meta trolling Jaargan: LULW WisdomDota: SORRY FOR WHAT Mixmashmaster: gachiBASS Dyres: gachiBASS Daedro: gachiBASS juicecfruit: LULW SirArcoz: gachiBASS Niloomilo: LULW VentusNova_: gachiBASS Doully92: LUL Bootch: gachiBASS It_is_alive: OMEGADOWN HotFireZ: gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiBASS zombie391: gachiBASS Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN Remkar: gachiBASS talkman_: gachiBASS Qviss: OMEGADOWN yakdan99: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL Abraham0207: This is just too good to be real spacerino_: OMEGALUL BubblesDelFuego: DansGame WarWeeny: what video is this? Dyres: Jebaited ThePepoScythe: Did they show the jacket yet? PepeLaugh Jegerkaj: Jebaited gottem Kaspu: forsenClown SonicatorTV: Jebaited silver6ird: 🤡 Dyres: nymnHONK GlTGUD: i wish i was dead ngl monkaS S_Dasaav: uhhhh forsenWut AlcatraZ567: LULW Daedro: PepeLaugh Ph4ntomi: LULW Da_Flanker: forsenClown Abbynaire: elaD Bakureetsu: LULW Aeonll: Jebaited Dyres: LULW Nopileos: LULW yyrcbry: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: OMEGALUL bloodcaleb: Jebaited HYPERCLAP Hellu: Jebaited Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Doully92: LULW FiddIeMyDiddle: UMM xuukiii: Jebaited spyer23: LULW Kaspu: LULW coolmorning: 🤡 PhysiCle: LULW easyeasy: elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW elaKek LULW WTF quantumop: oh my god Deid_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW LULW shamshamalam: pepeJAM JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW LULW LULW ThunderZBee: OMEGALUL Rush103rd: @WarWeeny Fall of 76 DatSouls: PogChamp Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek AlcatraZ567: PAID REVIEWS Stennis: monkaW spacerino_: @ThePepoScythe OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh Nexy_lol: Jebaited WilsonAJ: Clap VentusNova_: LULW nekro793: PepoDance Dryd_keepomaster: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Qviss: LULW Korhain: PepeLaugh Sabertore: OMEGALUL BananaKen: LULW SirArcoz: LULW HotFireZ: Jebaited Nopileos: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW NosBleid: Jebaited GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh Annonn140: PepeLaugh Shrimpess: LULW KaitoKidShadow: Jebaited Nazzet: LULW 0xSaisaki: FailFish dormuth: vineClown vineClown vineClown Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Kalgarrr: LULW SpectatorNoX: elaPuke Draddrick: elaHmm hmmmmm rai_asura: Yiiiiikes Nopileos: LULW LULW AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Bootch: FailFish Dyres: OMEGALUL SirArcoz: elaKek Samppsom: FailFish zombie391: Jebaited Doully92: WOW LULW Elasticband: not scummy at all LUL ThunderZBee: HAHAHA Jaargan: PepeLaugh Mysweatyth1ghs: LULW spacerino_: LULW saugo: LULW Syaraz: LULW starzo0: SCAMMZ BIG TIME Albin_Alligator: haHAA Nopileos: LULW Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Bootch: FailFish FailFish FailFish FailFish FailFish PackYourYak: PepeLaugh payprice: PogU bethesda is the BEST KawaiiJetty: OMEGALUL CrazyKidGo: LULW BETHESDA Germy_ranch: Jebaited L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh MurderChaos: DOES IT END ? BobTheDrunkBear: elaKek Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL darklink_430: elaKek Caput_Draconis: OMEGADOWN SonicatorTV: elaKek SerApollyon: LULW Nopileos: elaKek b_ikki: Todd Coward PepeLaugh qounzer: LMFAO LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: Pog CastleBoss: this is the biggest oof jormuliini: LULW bloodcaleb: scam masters PepeLaugh HYPERCLAP consecutive_normal_waffle: this whole thing is so unbelievably scummy GenuineLGN: STILL NOT OVER PepeLaugh# mikeymelikey: forsenWut UUUH kapustadrakon_: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO Samppsom: KKona Filth_: PepeUff 💨 PepeUff 💨 PepeUff 💨 Apocalypse34: so what is the name of this vid? might want to watch again later fakeirimi: Pog c0rnflex: IKEALUL HYPERCLAP Sourcehunter: The sad part is, people will still buy BETHESDA STUFF OMEGALUL RonsuDE: pepeJAMMER Kaspu: PANT elaGa SerApollyon: PANT LULW Polebegood: elaMad silver6ird: PANT Pog SonicatorTV: PANT Chag VentusNova_: PANT LULW Meximus322: PANT elaKek KappasMother: wait for DAT ASS timoteh: PepeLaugh PANT TheMoltenGuy: cmonBrother razorxscooter: elaKek urkric: C OMEGALUL OMEGALUL L spacerino_: elaMad HYPERCLAP easyeasy: gachiBASS Daedro: elaMad JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Kristoferr_: EAT PANT sartorriuss: cmonBruh WisdomDota: DAT ASS myfavoriteweeb: gachiBASS CrazyKidGo: gachiBASS Abbynaire: Pog Ph4ntomi: gachiBASS Germy_ranch: elaOP vihainenkampela: gachiBASS nice Nopileos: gachiBASS MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: elaMad Dyres: gachiBASS Jegerkaj: gachiBASS jaquescamarao: gachiBASS SamuraiEdgeplay: gachiBASS Da_Flanker: Garbage bag jacket PepeLaugh SacredChickenNugget: T H I C C gachiBASS talkman_: ONE PANT PogU Niloomilo: elaKek sunshift: elaHmm Bootch: gachiBASS Res_Quant: and retards will still buy bethesda games after that MrBenigG: T H i C C Nopileos: gachiBASS gachiBASS reflektioNCS: LULW BroqRox: LULW dosakarud: gachiBASS DatSouls: LUL BananaKen: LOL J0hnnyBlade: gachiBASS gosamigo: gachiBASS MaleFunction: gachiBASS AlcatraZ567: gachiBASS vulpitt: Kreygasm Monster5crak: gachiBASS timoteh: IKEALUL Ph4ntomi: LULW 0xSaisaki: y u heff to be med LUL Nazzet: IKEALUL Nopileos: gachiBASS Deid_: IKEALUL PhysiCle: IKEALUL JubJubWantRubRubs: IKEALUL TheMoltenGuy: IKEALUL urkric: gachiBASS VentusNova_: IKEALUL Suney: LULW Reddinator: IKEALUL Riggedi: IKEALUL Annonn140: IKEALUL Caput_Draconis: IKEALUL AlcatraZ567: LULW Nexy_lol: IKEALUL Dismal_Arkt: IKEALUL xuukiii: IKEALUL nekro793: IKEALUL TomHorst: IKEA Nopileos: IKEALUL DaniDuck: LULW Golden04: IKEALUL Empoya: IKEALUL Zgene: IKEALUL Hellu: IKEALUL reddvelv: IKEALUL Daedro: IKEALUL not_wintermute: LULW Pixel_hearts: IKEALUL SirArcoz: IKEALUL Bakureetsu: IKEALUL easyeasy: elaKek IKEALUL spacerino_: IKEALUL k0tashira: gachiBASS KawaiiJetty: IKEALUL mikeymelikey: WutFace Nopileos: IKEALUL IKEALUL yyrcbry: IKALUL akmannen: IKEALUL Jaargan: IKEALUL dream_the_cast: IKEALUL OriPeel: ??????????? Remkar: IKEALUL timihyuga: LULW It_is_alive: IKEALUL Sabertore: IKEALULU Niloomilo: IKEALUL AlcatraZ567: IKEALUL CrazyKidGo: IKEALUL Virhaed: IKEALUL Shrimpess: IKEALUL Nopileos: IKEALUL urkric: LULW KaitoKidShadow: IKEALUL SonicatorTV: IKEALUL LordCalcifer: IKEALUL yyrcbry: IKALUL Clap shamshamalam: IKEA Ph4ntomi: IKEALUL kapustadrakon_: IKEALUL Kosmic_Eagle: IKEALUL Kalgarrr: IKEA LULW darklink_430: IKEALUL SerApollyon: IKEALUL SilentNewbee: IKEALUL NiceThings_: LULW Nopileos: IKEALUL IKEALUL BuggeredAll: ikea jacket LULW kaskelott_: IKEALUL imnotpotatoe: IKEALUL L0VKIYRusskiy: IKEALUL yyrcbry: IKEALUL Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek Dryd_keepomaster: IKEALUL HEIL_MODS_: elaKek Bootch: IKEALUL souldedeh: IKEALUL WrestlerBot2000: BunnyPls|Clip No.39| https://clips.twitch.tv/ExuberantObliviousCheesecakeBigBrother uncledickbutt: IKEALUL HandsUp Draddrick: monkaW Fhyberr: Why is ela turning into asmongold elaHmm dariaste: HOW MUCH Nopileos: IKEALUL Lord_Solaire: rooKek Stennis: Toddler body bag monkaW Elasticband: styling lol ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh MaleFunction: IKEALUL quantumop: atpRtsd SpectatorNoX: monkaW FiddIeMyDiddle: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Ph4ntomi: me ๐Ÿ™‚ bloodcaleb: me ๐Ÿ™‚ Sa1ersky: PepeLaugh Sohei4649: SeemsGood print nekro793: toddler babybag elaKek WisdomDota: SeemsGood Nopileos: me ๐Ÿ™‚ easyeasy: elaKek GOOD JOB PRINT THIS SHIT Darth_Kredol: SO SHIT LULW GenuineLGN: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW timoteh: PepeLaugh OnlyAMadScientist: PepeLaugh Bootch: SeemsGood Doully92: LULW KKona urkric: thicc SonicatorTV: LUL SerApollyon: LULW Tasarion: KKona Dismal_Arkt: LULW dosakarud: NA OMEGALUL FatherOfGreyJedi: @fhyberr elaHmm Annonn140: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW mikeymelikey: KKona jaquescamarao: MURICA LUL Niloomilo: LULW Deid_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN reflektioNCS: OMEGALUL Kaspu: LULW souldedeh: OMEGADOWN Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Hellu: LULW Germy_ranch: OMEGALUL Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek daley_: elaOP shamshamalam: was me ๐Ÿ™‚ Remkar: LULW PhysiCle: LULW Rust_n: KKona PillTheBomb: LULW spacerino_: G OMEGALUL OMEGALUL D J OMEGALUL B Ph4ntomi: NA LULW LordCalcifer: LULW TheSalikawood: LOOOL dapsoul: OpieOP Clap kapustadrakon_: KKona Denact: lmao Samppsom: KKonaW Thrisper: LMAO Zgene: LULW SausageMaster07: LULW Sunshinewalker: 3XL KKona Clap Pixel_hearts: KKona Mysweatyth1ghs: LUL nekro793: bodybag* KappasMother: PepeLaugh ChibiKuro: KKool Jaargan: LULW gonbat: LULW Niloomilo: KKona bloodcaleb: KKona KaitoKidShadow: FAT Drachenreiter: OMEGADOWN payprice: Chag Good job Reddinator: danFat Da_Flanker: KKona anatsu90: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LULW LULW mikeymelikey: KKona KKona KKona dosakarud: NA OMEGALUL NA OMEGALUL NA OMEGALUL NA OMEGALUL Samppsom: KKona Clap Ace_Unknown_: PepeLaugh 3xl wow Ifunche: 3XL LUL mrbreadberry: LULW uncledickbutt: KKona BrascoGaming: LULW SonicatorTV: elaKek spyer23: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW LULW LULW LULW easyeasy: YES elaKek Nopileos: LULW Thrisper: Clap VentusNova_: LULW Abraham0207: IT JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE pvpS GenuineLGN: elaKek Darth_Kredol: elaKek Kosmic_Eagle: elaKek MrBenigG: TriHard Annonn140: YeahBoi It_is_alive: OMEGALUL Fulgator: elaKek Rust_n: elaKek WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz uncledickbutt: not really suprising KKona NovaMoon: there is more?? Nopileos: elaKek Mixmashmaster: TaBeRu Larsn2k: The quality of these products are still better than the game LUL Ph4ntomi: elaD SonicatorTV: monkaW Tasarion: it’s not over ela PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: Oh nononono Aeonll: ElaSmash AlcatraZ567: sumSmash Daedro: Chag Shrimpess: D: Qviss: D: nekro793: sumSmash Kaelrasha: THIS IS AMAZING SerApollyon: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: sumSmash OriPeel: Pog Da_Flanker: LULW Nopileos: sumSmash Jaargan: IT JUST KEEPS GOING elaKek elaKek KawaiiJetty: Still December 2018 PepeLaugh Smough: it never stops LULW yyrcbry: Chag VentusNova_: ElaSmash Daedro: OMEGADOWN timoteh: Pog FUTURE sunshift: ZULUL Meximus322: elaKek MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: Chag Darth_Kredol: 5Head spyer23: FUTURE LUL Suney: PepeLaugh Draddrick: LULW Ph4ntomi: Pog GenuineLGN: THEN THEY ADDED P2W OMEGALUL sjuften_: Pog easyeasy: monkaW FUTURE Nopileos: Pog payprice: Chag Push to Talk Thrisper: LULW L0VKIYRusskiy: Chag SonicatorTV: Champ Rentaz: elaGa elaGa vulpitt: LUL ThunderZBee: It was ALWAYS ON VOICE CHAT LULW BrascoGaming: FUTURE Kalgarrr: tbh PepeHands Fallous was sooooooo gooood spacerino_: Chag CrazyKidGo: LULW BananaKen: More trainwrecks PepeLaugh Niloomilo: LULW Filth_: FeelsBirthdayMan SirArcoz: Chag Nopileos: LULW Doully92: KKona Clap dosakarud: gachiBASS OriPeel: NO WAY Pog Daedro: LULW SonicatorTV: elaOP SirArcoz: lulw Annonn140: KKona KaitoKidShadow: elaOP SirArcoz: LULW Mixmashmaster: FeelsBirthdayMan TheHolyFonz: KKona Clap shamshamalam: NA Clap Samppsom: OpieOP urkric: LULW Nopileos: elaOP OriPeel: Pog spacerino_: OMEGALUL kawaii_lolis_AYAYA: gunLOL Stennis: Chag Hollow_void: 4Head GlTGUD: this is truly the clown world we live in MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh Deid_: 4HEad Doully92: haHAA Kaspu: 4HEad SerApollyon: LULW TheMoltenGuy: LULW dosakarud: haHAA JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Hellu: PepeLaugh Daedro: OMEGADOWN Empoya: 4HEad easyeasy: elaHAA elaHAA elaHAA elaHAA elaHAA elaHAA Nopileos: 4Head AlcatraZ567: haHAA Aeonll: 4HEad CrazyKidGo: calebHa Darth_Kredol: haHAA spacerino_: 4HEad Da_Flanker: 4HEad timoteh: 4HEad richEEE_: 4HEad Annonn140: haHAA SonicatorTV: 4HEad y_u_dodiz: danHaha Hahhahaaaaa! S_Darji: elaHAA Niloomilo: 4HEad mikeymelikey: 4HEad KawaiiJetty: 4HEad Nexy_lol: 4HEad VentusNova_: 4Head okeeeeeee: 4HEad Bakureetsu: 4HEad HotFireZ: 4HEad KevKov: haHAA Nopileos: 4HEad ThunderZBee: 4Head reddvelv: elaHAA Samppsom: 4Head SirArcoz: elaHAA MaleFunction: 4HEad BrascoGaming: 4HEad Rust_n: elaHAA ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Dryd_keepomaster: 4HEad payprice: 4Head KaitoKidShadow: 4HEAd Nopileos: 4Head RonsuDE: 4HEad mrbreadberry: 4HEad PhysiCle: AHAHAHAHA elaHAA urkric: 4Head Shrimpess: 4HEad Germy_ranch: D: Samppsom: 4HEad NosBleid: todd haHAA KaitoKidShadow: 4HEad Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL GenuineLGN: LULW BananaKen: 4Head cakeordeath11: what’d he say? urkric: 3Head Nopileos: 4Head 4Head Worgane: This is actually killing me inside Polebegood: pepeJAM TheLunetta: vargTodd mikeymelikey: pepeJAM TheMoltenGuy: pepeJAM Filth_: PepeLaugh nymnCorn LordCalcifer: gachiBASS dangerdonger420: pepeJAM Tiny_PL: SourPls Meximus322: elaKek elaKek Tasarion: pepeJAM FatherOfGreyJedi: elaHAA Monster5crak: pepeJAM It_is_alive: pepeJAM mikeymelikey: pepeJAM pepeJAM pepeJAM Sa1ersky: pepeJAM SonicatorTV: pepeJAM Nopileos: pepeJAM Shrimpess: KKool yyrcbry: PepeLaugh Mysweatyth1ghs: pepeJAM easyeasy: elaKek silver6ird: the editing on this video is amazing SirArcoz: pepeJAMMER Tasarion: PepeLaugh Daedro: monkaW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW faeyre: ElaJAMMER Dryd_keepomaster: its coming PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: monkaH Ph4ntomi: pepeJAM MasterMalpercio: rooKek JubJubWantRubRubs: PepeLaugh oh no no no no easyeasy: THIS FUCKING GAME elaKek VentusNova_: monkaW timoteh: PepeLaugh gosamigo: LULW Elasticband: cant wait for the E3 conference Niloomilo: PepeLaugh L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh Claw16: pepeD Nopileos: PepeLaugh RonsuDE: pepeJAM Ph4ntomi: AYAYA mikeymelikey: AYAYA AlcatraZ567: AYAYA Clap easyeasy: AYAYA SonicatorTV: AYAYA OnlyAMadScientist: AYAYA Trynchen: AYAYA Sourcehunter: The sad part is, people will still buy BETHESDA STUFF OMEGALUL Doully92: PepeLaugh Kaspu: PepeLaugh Mirando: AYAYA NosBleid: AYAYA VentusNova_: AYAYA Hollow_void: AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA JAMMnX: lootboxes TheMoltenGuy: AYAYA juicecfruit: AYAYA dragonica: and they don’t stop coming SirArcoz: AYAYA VikingsFromSweden: Persona 5 music FeelsGoodMan Korhain: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA Mysweatyth1ghs: AYAYA Clap urkric: AYAYA Kosmic_Eagle: AYAYA Sunshinewalker: What a scumbag company holy shit LUL richEEE_: PepeLaugh Niloomilo: AYAYA Darth_Kredol: oh PepeLaugh RookieOnTheJob: Should we be mad? VikingsFromSweden: Shut the fuck up weebs NaM Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA UmiSen: AYAYA SerApollyon: JUST WAIT JUST WAIT PepeLaugh BananaKen: AYAYA HYPERCLAP KawaiiJetty: AYAYA Clap splitting_: AYAYA HEIL_MODS_: oh no no no PepeLaugh kawaii_lolis_AYAYA: kyosAYAYA kyosAYAYA easyeasy: Sourcehunter elaKek ChibiKuro: AYAYA Slaps_Giving: AYAYA TheMoltenGuy: christmas emotes LULW CrazyKidGo: A T OMEGALUL M I C S H OMEGALUL P payprice: PogU Atomic Shop AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh zombie391: PepeLaugh Daedro: monkaX Bakureetsu: OMEGALUL sunshift: elaWeird Jaargan: PepeLaugh MAKE IT STOP PepeLaugh easyeasy: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Skyrobine: microtransaction for the win advoccat: LUL Daedro: WTF mikeymelikey: PepeLaugh sartorriuss: NotLikeThis kaskelott_: IKEALUL razorxscooter: elaOk elaOk elaOk elaOk elaOk spacerino_: OMEGALUL GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh King_Insane: The ONLY thing that works properly btw – the store im_flik: just mod the game lol SirArcoz: elaKek NerdIRage: play BDO, these are normal prices Kappa Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek richEEE_: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO SonicatorTV: elaKek J0hnnyBlade: IKEALUL Liverpoc: elaKek bloodcaleb: LULW Fulgator: elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv elaBruv mrbreadberry: IKEALUL Nopileos: elaKek JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Ifunche: a santa for 20! DansGame Draddrick: elaKek Caput_Draconis: LULW Dj_Birdman123: PepeLaugh GenuineLGN: elaKek Kaspu: LULW Daedro: DansGame gosamigo: Micro Transactions OMEGALUL CrazyKidGo: elaKek Annonn140: PepeLaugh BrascoGaming: WTF timoteh: PepeLaugh Oh no no no Elasticband: Pog Nopileos: elaKek elaKek AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO mrbreadberry: LULW MurderChaos: HERE’S A THOUGHT ; DONT FUCKING BUY THIS SHT DatSouls: monkaS Kalgarrr: PepeHands ZebraStriker: poe slyly averting gaze LULW Doully92: PepeLaugh Stennis: LULW Filth_: KappaClaus KappaClaus KappaClaus KappaClaus KappaClaus KappaClaus KappaClaus KappaClaus KappaClaus KappaClaus KappaClaus MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh Dj_Birdman123: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh BroqRox: LUL Kosmic_Eagle: PepeLaugh vihainenkampela: bl2 Pog Nopileos: PepeLaugh Larsn2k: 50% though NosBleid: elaKek urkric: FFVII Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh easyeasy: NerdIRage DUDE FUCK BDO elaKek i played 500h fuck this game man p2w dogshit elaKek sunshift: who would pay for emotes elaMad Daedro: OMEGADANIELSVIDEOGAME DansGame Nazzet: LULW Kaspu: PepeLaugh ThunderZBee: ILLEGAL NicNacNinja: LUL quantumop: what Doully92: LULW SonicatorTV: LUL HotFireZ: LULW Nopileos: LUL ftwitchtvvmodz: Jebaited Clap spacerino_: PepeLaugh Daedro: LULW Ph4ntomi: LULW vulpitt: LUL Reddinator: PepeLaugh oh no Korhain: PepeLaugh JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW LULW LULW LULW Shrimpess: LULW Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek AlcatraZ567: LUL Niloomilo: LULW Kaspu: LULW Bakureetsu: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: scam masters LULW djinn_94: anchoring LuL NerdIRage: @easyeasy i agree PepeLaugh private servers are better Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Nopileos: LULW BrascoGaming: LULW SerApollyon: LULW MaleFunction: Jebaited Clap Monster5crak: Jebaited KaitoKidShadow: elaHmm Mixmashmaster: Anyone remember Evolve’s microtransactions PepeLaugh TheMoltenGuy: THATS ILLEGAL LULW Aeonll: PepeLaugh Nakamura_Shinichi: Clap spacerino_: BLACK FRIDAY LULW quantumop: oh jesus Sourcehunter: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Mysweatyth1ghs: LULW VikingsFromSweden: JUST LIKE GTA5 GenuineLGN: LULW Dryd_keepomaster: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LordCalcifer: LULW TheHolyFonz: Clap DatSouls: FailFish L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh Moctavius: OMEGALUL Juippi: Clap Thrisper: Pog Nopileos: LULW LULW Sohei4649: Clap2 Jebaited Kosmic_Eagle: LULW SamuraiEdgeplay: Clap nice SirArcoz: LULW urkric: Clap Daedro: Jebaited Clap Meximus322: But ofcourse elaKek elaKek elaKek Tasarion: actually illegal OMEGALUL Annonn140: KKrikey Draddrick: elaHmm Jaargan: LULW Clap Lasdalias: O O F A S tHaH4x0r: tbh a lot of shops do that MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: KKrikey Elasticband: KKona SirArcoz: OMEGALUL faeyre: Clap urkric: ILLEGAL melk1022: OMEGALUL RETARDS zombie391: Jebaited xuukiii: SCAMAZ LULW RonsuDE: Jebaited HiHawx: elaBruv Liverpoc: EU OMEGALUL b_ikki: riddit CrazyKidGo: EU elaBruv Vanset_: KKona advoccat: LUL LUL Bootch: monkaTOS AlcatraZ567: LULW yyrcbry: KKona Pepperpotty: And in the UK Doully92: WOW LULW Da_Flanker: LULW JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Stay_Pepsidrated_Bot: NA LUL TheKult: NA LuL Nopileos: LULW Sourcehunter: KKona GOTTA LOVE AMERICAN CAPITALISM payprice: Scam PogU Ph4ntomi: YIKERS Trynchen: Not in the US LULW timoteh: monkaTOS Lord_Solaire: LULW PhilliumTV: LULW A_Very_British_Fox: LUL urkric: OMEGALUL Daedro: LULW WOW Nazzet: LULW Clap Ouronos: So @Elajjaz – do you have time to talk about our lord and savior Anthem? Jaargan: KKona MURICA ilovehandmadepottery: LULW Medeival: cmonBruh cmonBruh Caput_Draconis: LULW Nopileos: LULW LULW NosBleid: PepeLaugh bloodcaleb: Jebaited HYPERCLAP ilovehandmadepottery: OMEGALUL It_is_alive: OMEGALUL BrascoGaming: LULW LULW SCAMMERS KaitoKidShadow: scummy mrbreadberry: OMEGLOL Abbynaire: LULW AlcatraZ567: SCAMMAZ Fulgator: elaKek elaPuke Valarrarara: LUL faeyre: Jebaited easyeasy: NerdIRage i wanted to play crimson desert but i am not sure about priv servers elaHmm Dustythehamster: EU flag LULW SamuraiEdgeplay: PepeHands when does it END Samppsom: EU Pgo s3am0nkey: yikes LULW ilovehandmadepottery: OMEGALUL MURICA VauntDanial: @Pepperpotty UK follows EU Laws Jebaited Samppsom: EU Pog Dunao: whats the link? Blood_Rooted: yep, bethesda sucks WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! sviat93: Bethesda LULW GenuineLGN: HE DIDNT EVEN COVER EVERYTHING OMEGALUL Loheb: How low they have fallen rai_asura: I dont think I ever wanna touch a Bethesda product Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek ThunderZBee: LULW Stennis: stenniS SonicatorTV: elaKek TheMoltenGuy: BINO BOOST LULW Dryd_keepomaster: FUCK BETHESDA LULW jaquescamarao: DARK SOULS 2 Pog sunshift: How can this pay off long-term NotLikeThis They act like some shady scammers VentusNova_: LULW SerApollyon: LULW greenye800: this is disgusting! BubblesDelFuego: oh coverslides Nopileos: LULW amemiyaTF: they ARE NicNacNinja: NicNacNinja subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 32 months! WrestlerBot2000: @NicNacNinja After 32 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Ph4ntomi: 2.0 BINOBOOST Pog spacerino_: OMEGADOWN RonsuDE: LULW Draddrick: bethASSda LULW Seany_Bee: bino boosting Pog Gloriousbonerstoner: not illegal in US, nice EleGiggle fakie_420: hello am typical bethesda worker moon2PEEPEEGA Nopileos: SUB HYPE NicNacNinja Pog 智子黒木: F U C K bethesda F U C K microtransactions Dmitry_B: @Elajjaz just the worst AAA game ever MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: OMEGADOWN KaitoKidShadow: D: BroqRox: video link pls @Elajjaz Abbynaire: KEK payprice: Teleport PogU Niloomilo: Pog Da_Flanker: Nah Lasdalias: CAMERA BOOST Chag Hollow_void: cmonBruh Sergantuss: GIVE ME A LINK TO THIS VIDEO PLZ Bakureetsu: 4Shrug SonicatorTV: 4Shrug Filth_: 4Shrug mikeymelikey: cmonBrother Captain_PogChamp: nymnBenis Nopileos: 4Shrug SacredChickenNugget: 4Shrug daley_: 4Shrug myfavoriteweeb: cmonBruh Shrimpess: 4Shrug Riggedi: 4Shrug OriPeel: Kapp AlcatraZ567: 4Shrug durmiin: bino boost Pog italianspongebob: 4Shrug Samppsom: Nope LULW spike_the_space_cowboy: cmonBruh Pixel_hearts: 4Shrug VentusNova_: 4Shrug kenxxys: normal in America LUL DethSword_: 4Shrug Rust_n: 4Shrug Nopileos: 4Shrug 4Shrug silver6ird: 4Shrug Reddinator: 4Shrug Dryd_keepomaster: 4Shrug MaleFunction: 4Shrug dosakarud: 4Shrug SirArcoz: 4Shrug Tasarion: 4Shrug Bootch: 4Shrug Qviss: 4Shrug bloodcaleb: sure Kapp PhilliumTV: 4Shrug Neroph: More Internet Historian Pog Aeonll: 4Shrug Blood_Rooted: 4Shrug WrestlerBot2000: 13x 4Shrug double digit combo Pog Abbynaire: 4Shrug Nopileos: 4Shrug Virhaed: 4Shrug Niloomilo: 4Shrug Tamahowk: 4Shrug Trynchen: 4Shrug souldedeh: Pog easyeasy: NerdIRage i love BDO but this p2w memes AAAH shaking my smh NotLikeThis seggluksanyi: eShrug NiceThings_: Pog talkman_: 4Shrug Daedro: Chag No Man Sky is actually good MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: monkaW PokerDweebz: 4Shrug LightmareLive: Bethesda is dead if they fuck up ES6 Suney: 4Shrug AlcatraZ567: monkaW Deid_: 4Shrug Nopileos: 4Shrug 4Shrug kurpajutra: Did he finnish layers of fear allrdy? King_Insane: @Elajjaz the “xmas emotes” weren’t different emotes btw – they were just ICONS only YOU would see yourself elaKek timoteh: Chag SKYRIM 2 karakovv: monkaW RonsuDE: shruu IzmAYAYA: 4Shrug LordCalcifer: SKYRIM 2 Pog Kalgarrr: PepeHands Gorgodrn: Based on their games, no, they wont HotFireZ: Skyrim 2 LULW Bakureetsu: Skyrim 2 Pog SonicatorTV: monkaW 0xSaisaki: pewds Chag SaixSoul: naaah 4Shrug VexX159: 4Shrug mikeymelikey: monkaS JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW Habitual_Balance: imagine being a Bethesda fanboy in 2019 urkric: monkaX quantumop: monkaW chudysensei: skyrim 2 Pog Ansdr: monkaW Hellu: 4Shrug GenuineLGN: PepeLaugh Nopileos: monkaW ChibiKuro: nepSmug Clap Fulgator: 4Shrug Lord_Solaire: monkaW Meximus322: LULW Jaargan: 4Shrug easyeasy: 4Shrug OnlyAMadScientist: Skyrim 2 Chag TheHolyFonz: 4Shrug Deid_: monkaW souldedeh: Champ Denact: @Elajjaz you should watch a bug compilation or something like that after this Nexy_lol: monkaW richEEE_: SKYRIM 2 PogU houndthree: king of sweden Nopileos: 4Shrug Daedro: monkaW It_is_alive: LULW razorxscooter: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek jaquescamarao: SKYRIM 2 LULW mikeymelikey: monkaS monkaS monkaS Shrimpess: monkaW HEIL_MODS_: LULW Mirando: @Elajjaz Fun fact – its like 50% of bullshittery around this game elaKek k0tashira: Skyrim 3 LULW JoHoOoOo: @Elajjaz E3 IN 2 WEEKS elaKek BananaKen: 4Shruv Monster5crak: 4Shrug Pepperpotty: VauntDanial oh they said EU? Didn’t hear that elaHYUK Sourcehunter: KKona GOTTA LOVE AMERICAN CAPITALISM OriPeel: IMAGINE THIS YEARS E3 LULW mikeymelikey: monkaS monkaS Daedro: monkaX Da_Flanker: Chag NEW SKYRIM Dustythehamster: Skyrim 5Head Murika_: Pog Res_Quant: never buy games from bethesda ubisoft and EA NerdIRage: @easyeasy the private server that i know of has a good population and it gives you daily Pearls for just logging in SpectatorNoX: monkaX nazar1us: +Like Mirando: @Elajjaz Elajjaz Reacting to Fallout 4 when? elaKek Sunshinewalker: And millions of idiots are still gonna buy next bethesda game LUL Ph4ntomi: Skyrim 76 Pog Jaargan: LULW kurpajutra: @Elajjaz Did u finnish playing layers of fear allrdy? Ace_Unknown_: FeelsLagMan TheMoltenGuy: this video is so fucking good lmao Trynchen: Skyrim 2 monkaW TheLunetta: hey ela and chat vargTodd vargTodd vargTodd advoccat: LUL sunshift: E3 in 2 weeks nepSmug nymnCorn Nakamura_Shinichi: GOOD VIDEO Clap sjuften_: monkaW Nopileos: TheLunetta pepeL WilsonAJ: Clap StueckKuchen: @Elajjaz you should see the other vids too Tasarion: they better get their shit together for TES6 WeirdChamp TheHoelnz: New Olbivion Pog Slacker1977: 11 days til this year’s E3 press conference SonicatorTV: HYPERCLAP Doully92: LULW Elvem: Please don’t fuck up ES 6 PepeHands Kosmic_Eagle: LULW y_u_dodiz: LULW Da_Flanker: Chag SOYFIELD Nopileos: LULW karakovv: LULW urkric: Clap StueckKuchen: LULW IkkisFTW: skyrim 2 5Head Clap GenuineLGN: LULW SkeletonKeyLimePie: monkaX Caput_Draconis: LULW Sa1ersky: LULW spyer23: LULW shruu: PepeLaugh Fentu: LULW NerdIRage: HYPERCLAP Bakureetsu: LULW Daedro: LULW Liverpoc: Clap JubJubWantRubRubs: how do you feel ela LULW Virhaed: HYPERCLAP Nopileos: LULW LULW Hellu: LULW spacerino_: LULW BroqRox: LUL Abbynaire: LULW Jaargan: this is fkn insane NotLikeThis Tamahowk: LULW akmannen: fallout 76 seems good ๐Ÿ™‚ Komitern66: Clap SerApollyon: MORE INTERNET HISTORIAN Pog vulpitt: LUL AlcatraZ567: the marketing team should fire in this company LULW SirArcoz: TheLunetta elaH pepeL shamshamalam: Clap Dusty_Degenerate: I’m ready for es6 to suck LUW Blood_Rooted: good video Clap Nopileos: LUL advoccat: LULW mrbreadberry: LULW StrongNico: LULW Suney: LULW Clap starzo0: LULW mikeymelikey: Kappa not_wintermute: LULW laststand66: Clap TheLunetta: Nopileos vargTodd Tiny_PL: the quality and the polish of the video is 10/10 @Elajjaz Niloomilo: LULW Raydia_: LULW Samppsom: SELLOUT DansGame advoccat: LUL Nopileos: LULW Sergantuss: GIVE ME A LINK PLZ VentusNova_: LULW JoHoOoOo: elaKek Doully92: monkaTOS amemiyaTF: LULW Clap CrazyKidGo: LULW Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW Filth_: Chag chranokil: Yeah, dont think im gonna buy another bethesda game Neroph: Oh no no SkeletonKeyLimePie: D: OnlyAMadScientist: Chag Dusty_Degenerate: LULW OsvaldGruppen: Bethesda will never do what HelloGames did. LUL LUL LUL Nopileos: LULW LULW sjuften_: PepeLaugh Clap urkric: LULW KaitoKidShadow: LULW DaniDuck: PogU faeyre: Clap Stennis: monkaW Ph4ntomi: LULW Hellu: monkaTOS Claw16: D; Qviss: LULW HiHawx: moon2MD k0tashira: LULW Clap Darth_Kredol: rapist LULW TheSalikawood: Clap FG_Hagrid: LULW GenuineLGN: WATCH MORE Pog vihainenkampela: PLAY FALLOUT 76 Pog payprice: LULW Nopileos: LULW KappasMother: rapist LUL Mattgphoto: I had friends who wanted me to play it too HEIL_MODS_: elaKek Liransherman: RAPPIST monkaS timoteh: LULW RAPPIST ZeroKiwi: The new ES is going to have to be absolutely fucking amazing for them to win anyone back mikeymelikey: monkaS Natan220: LUL Draculino9810: rapist SamuraiEdgeplay: monkaS PhilliumTV: LULW Clap Meximus322: elaKek vulpitt: LUL LUL TheLunetta: SirArcoz vargTodd MeccaMaster: RAPIST OMEGALUL ThunderZBee: Rapist monkaW dark_medieval_times: klinkLUL Valarrarara: LULW It_is_alive: OMEGALUL c0rnflex: monkaSHAKE Crab_with_Tophat: @TheLunetta thelun10Smug blahblah158: LULW NosBleid: LULW anatsu90: FeelsWeirdMan Abbynaire: monkaTOS Nopileos: LULW LULW Elvem: Rappist LMAO Da_Flanker: Hah, hah urkric: rapist greenye800: rapist LUL Monster5crak: PepeLaugh ChibiKuro: E3 PepeLaugh nymnCorn nepSmug nymnCorn PhysiCle: LULW StrongNico: its great gooney16: PepeLaugh JoHoOoOo: D: ThatLuluTho: monkaTOS Clap PillTheBomb: D: RAPIST Mattgphoto: I’m like, dude, you can’t pay me to touch that game Jaargan: rappist monkaW cakeordeath11: rapist monkaS Blood_Rooted: rappist OMEGALUL SenorToast: Rappist captain_elsewhere: bethesda is lucky they have ID software cash cow to keep them afloat Ka_baL: LULW MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: KKool Liverpoc: elaHAA dariaste: WutFace RonsuDE: monkaW Ph4ntomi: WeirdChamp jaquescamarao: pepeJAM TheLunetta: crab vargTodd TheMoltenGuy: Pog Annonn140: WeirdChamp richEEE_: @Elajjaz watch forsen speedrun PepeLaugh spacerino_: OMEGADOWN Doully92: LULW ComradeNerdy: Luna elaH CrazyKidGo: elaGa uncledickbutt: he sounds a bit like Tyrion urkric: OMEGALUL Sohei4649: LULW TomHorst: LUL JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW PhysiCle: Pog Daedro: OMEGADOWN Aeonll: Pog Denact: LULW Nopileos: LULW Lord_Solaire: LULW gooney16: pepeDS Tiliger79: PepeLaugh rica235: @Elajjaz Your reaction to this video is exactly what we wanted for TLOU 😠 SonicatorTV: LUL CrazyKidGo: OMEGALUL Loheb: Become a patreon 🍅 CasuaIPlayer: LULW Pure_Dominance: so are we playing Fallout 76? @Elajjaz CaptainCrunched: LULW Pixel_hearts: LULW VexX159: LULW HEIL_MODS_: elaGa Meximus322: elaGa Nopileos: LULW LULW Hellu: elaGa spyer23: Pog SerApollyon: LULW It_is_alive: LULW SainEdge: LULW NicNacNinja: LULW Shrimpess: LULW timoteh: OMEGADOWN Zgene: LULW darkmoonblade34: Pog RapThis Dryd_keepomaster: LULW Abbynaire: OMEGALUL faeyre: LULW Nopileos: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW yyrcbry: Pepega Raydia_: elaGa Joxih: lulw Thrisper: Clap Darth_Kredol: elaGa TheLunetta: nerdy vargTodd Jaargan: LULW DaniDuck: LULW Caput_Draconis: elaGa Soadante: RAP GOD Pog karakovv: OMEGALUL AlexanderKOV: LULW Daedro: RAP GOD LITERALLY Chag JoHoOoOo: elaKek SirArcoz: LULW Nopileos: elaGa chranokil: chat is going so fats nobody is gonna notice im agy Da_Flanker: Nice BobTheDrunkBear: LULW KappatainHindsight: What the hell happened to bethesda PepeHands k0tashira: @TheLunetta pepeL Rentaz: 16 TIMES THE DETAIL Pog Simplyfied: Rap god lord_rimheart: and after all of this people will still pre-order the next bethesda game elaSmile kratosmuscle: no fatih in sequel for elder scrolls @elajjaz AlcatraZ567: yeah Stilgarius: Fallout 76 was added to rubber thumb caps for PS controller in Poland PepeLaugh (It was for around 2$ PepeLaugh ) ihssoy: Yep Nakamura_Shinichi: It was that bad Wwaaaz: Yes chudysensei: yes hardstones: yuuuuuuuuuup FG_Hagrid: yep Daedro: yes Coolra1n: yes Mysweatyth1ghs: Yes Nopileos: Yes Tamahowk: yes BroqRox: yes dosakarud: LULW SonicatorTV: yes elaKek TheLunetta: thrisper vargTodd RonsuDE: Leave a like monkaW akmannen: IT IS JubJubWantRubRubs: YES LULW Rush103rd: Yup MasterMalpercio: yes ariegeoisdeter: this video is a monument spyer23: complete shit fest Ph4ntomi: yes Valkata2200: YES Nopileos: yes Lagunaab: Yep Pixel_hearts: yes Sourcehunter: The sad part is, people will still buy BETHESDA STUFF OMEGALUL Monster5crak: YES Saimaan: yes Mattgphoto: yes Istog: yes titoine28: yes easyeasy: NerdIRage i know that here are 2 privs? or 3? i know that one is pretty much also p2w, this Crimson Desert is quite new and peps are saying that it’s quite good TheMoltenGuy: how chaotic IT IS LULW nekro793: yes LULW ftwitchtvvmodz: LUL yes Niloomilo: Yes PepeLaugh nouvart: yes Annonn140: PepeLaugh yes KaitoKidShadow: idk Slaps_Giving: yes Nopileos: yes yes Filo155: YES Da_Flanker: It was this bad Androsix: yes Lasdalias: yeah Dokiash: yes Jobandox: E3 is going to be a mess for Bethesta saintjhon: LULW ThunderZBee: FALL OMEGALUL UT Nopileos: yes Kaspu: OMEGALUL UmiSen: VoteYea spacerino_: YES LULW reflektioNCS: it’s crazy GenuineLGN: WATCH THE DASHCON VID TheSalikawood: yeah Cheeseek: Yup pretty much JoHoOoOo: YES tyree372: yep Liverpoc: Bethesda PepeHands Liransherman: @Elajjaz its not over Dustythehamster: LULW he said WAS IT STILL IS Sa1ersky: yes LULW Serpentinex9: Yes dragonica: it was shit show eyskyaldi: I don’t know what worse Fallout 76 or Metal Gear Survive Drgaonborn: Asmongold OMEGALUL Flachzange42: yes Nopileos: Yes Kaelrasha: I N S A N E ThatLuluTho: “Jontron did nothung wrong” PepeLaugh Mirando: @Elajjaz Even more shit happened LUL consecutive_normal_waffle: its just so scummy 624pt2: it just works ๐Ÿ™‚ zeltaOK: the internet historian is great houndthree: still is Zeref_swe : VoteYea Ni_Sokkusu: Mind if I post a link to watch? Oni1313: WAS?????? King_Insane: @Elajjaz the “xmas emotes” weren’t different emotes btw – they were just ICONS only YOU would see yourself and there was more elaKek ZatomiczBR: IT IS tbh Nanashi_Sakamoto: Yup silver6ird: rappist OMEGALUL fakie_420: true events PepeHands Qviss: it keeps on giving Riggedi: poor customer service elaKek Stennis: OMEGLOL Ouronos: Yes.. yes.. it was definitely this bad Samppsom: The more chaotic is paying to this guy patreon LUL TheLunetta: Da_Flanker vargTodd cheeze____: This guy makes great videos apart from this one too Oakateer: NEVER BUY BETHESDA GAMES EVER AGAIN Jaargan: RAPPIST monkaW SnuskOlof: Bethesda OMEGLOL Darth_Kredol: it’s even p2w now PepeLaugh TheMoltenGuy: THEY DID LULW shamshamalam: Asmongold LUL Monster5crak: LULW Thrisper: @TheLunetta LULW Loney1989: they are FG_Hagrid: they have ihssoy: They got sued Daedro: no LULW Ph4ntomi: they did akmannen: They are wandering_pleb: “Was” it still is PepeLaugh spacerino_: FELL OMEGALUL UT BananaKen: Time to play fallout 76 ๐Ÿ™‚ Nopileos: They are urkric: RAPPIST Dryd_keepomaster: HE DIDN’T EVEN COVER EVERYTHING LULW Annonn140: they did deadsnow101: Yes gabber__: it was all over media and yes theres a lawsuit JubJubWantRubRubs: LAWSUIT IN PROGRESS LULW OriPeel: they have LULW easyeasy: THEY DID elaKek Sa1ersky: they are LULW StrongNico: class action ๐Ÿ˜€ Wwaaaz: They are being sued ZeroKiwi: they are being sued dangerdonger420: theyre being sued right now Hellu: Asmon OMEGADOWN JAMMnX: they did Cheapcat: Asmongold OMEGLOL not_wintermute: meta TheSalikawood: ongoing MidgetDude110: they did LULW Kaspu: ASMONGOLD LULW ninjalive2: LULW yes Darth_Kredol: they did Meximus322: elaKek Slacker1977: thy have, it was IN THE VIDEO Yuggod: @Elajjaz they are in the process of being sued iirc SLASH_HERO: asmongold LULW Serpentinex9: I knew that shit was a scam Raptoe: @Elajjaz https://clips.twitch.tv/JoyousDullSushiLeeroyJenkins LULW cakeordeath11: ASMONG OMEGADOWN LD splitting_: AUTOPLAY Komitern66: LULW yamasa2000: WATCH 3 HOUR BUG VIDEO kaskelott_: ASMON OMEGALUL JAMMnX: still are Valkata2200: Asmon LuL Mattgphoto: well there’s the class action they talked about, but progress is slow Gualachester: ASM OMEGALUL N silentdream12: LUL Ouronos: It is still in litigation shamshamalam: ASMON OMEGALUL KaitoKidShadow: like lel TheKillerStove: Class action suit is ongoing tyree372: attempted but fell thru in court i sure @Elajjaz hardstones: the lawsuit is in the works @Elajjaz marckvdv: did you even watch the video? LUL Da_Flanker: TheLunetta elaSmile Nukle: ASM OMEGALUL N TheZecaUrubu: suits are ongoing BrascoGaming: asmon LULW Jaargan: ASMON monkaW mar_man2: he just said there was a ciliv suit Marokith: Asmon LUL Soadante: ASMONGOLD OMEGALUL Draddrick: BethASSda OMEGADOWN FleetOfPigeons: @Oakateer im with you on that. and i used to love bethesda. FlexySanders: gonna subscribe to this mad lad now sunshift: I always HATED Bethesda, I am both shocked and gleeful at how bad it was spacerino_: ASM OMEGALUL N ShadoStream: i believe there were a few class action lawsuits Mattgphoto: still going kapustadrakon_: ASMONGOLD REACTS Champ Reddinator: watch the 3h bug video LULW dormuth: no stop TheHolyFonz: ASMON OMEGALUL DarkRiveeR: its still going on ZeroKiwi: still going, class-action Deid_: ASM OMEGADOWN NG OMEGADOWN LD FG_Hagrid: its still going Niloomilo: A S M OMEGALUL N uncledickbutt: Jebaited StaynFr0sty_: @Elajjaz they are in the process of being sued still Thrisper: asmonC timoteh: Upload your reaction to this video like all the other streamers LULW @Elajjaz Liverpoc: ASM OMEGALUL N Neimyin: AUTOPLAY OMEGALUL nouvart: ASMONGOLD OMEGALUL CrazyKidGo: ASM OMEGALUL NG OMEGALUL LD AlcatraZ567: OMEGALUL jaquescamarao: they believed his lies PepeLaugh spacerino_: PepeLaugh KaitoKidShadow: elaKek REACT Blood_Rooted: REACT CHANNELS OMEGLOL Habitual_Balance: Kapp GlTGUD: yeah no shit elias doesn’t read chad hyubLMAO Ouronos: @Elajjaz – it is still in litigation… the suit is not over yet Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL S_Dasaav: ASM OMEGALUL NG OMEGALUL LD MiKeLaJo: Imagine instead of playing Fallout 76 you’ll spend all your time and money in Atomic shop PepeLaugh easyeasy: elaKek NerdIRage: @easyeasy that may be the one? the one i played was called like GameZ or some shit, would suck if it was p2w now kapustadrakon_: OMEGALUL Kaspu: Is he farming again? LULW Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek Raptoe: PepeLaugh mikeymelikey: LUL timoteh: F OMEGALUL RSEN Nakamura_Shinichi: Clap Honny782: FeelsLagMan MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh SonicatorTV: FeelsLagMan PillTheBomb: LULW sunshift: twitch pls SkeletonKeyLimePie: FeelsLagMan Daedro: FeelsLagMan Ph4ntomi: 10k internet PepeLaugh Enigma2311: i am still going to buy the next elder scrolls game cause i like them 4Shrug Nexy_lol: PepeLaugh Nopileos: FeelsLagMan CrazyKidGo: FeelsLagMan ftwitchtvvmodz: LUL twitch reflektioNCS: farming OMEGALUL TheHolyFonz: FORSEN OMEGADOWN Thrisper: asmonE1 asmonE2 Bootch: FeelsLagMan Monster5crak: FeelsLagMan Dustythehamster: Jebaited Twitch rajupieru: have the canvas bags been made / shipped? Stennis: LIDL internet PepeLaugh BrascoGaming: FeelsLagMan Shrimpess: FeelsLagMan Da_Flanker: Good one, forsan elaGa Fafebobo: @Twitch FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: FeelsLagMan FeelsLagMan sjuften_: FeelsLagMan Polebegood: 4Shrug mikeymelikey: forsenE SilentNewbee: FeelsLagMan cheeze____: farming souls LUL marckvdv: souls LULW LordCalcifer: 1500 souls Liverpoc: nothing LULW Annonn140: 4Shrug Niloomilo: FeelsLagMan DaniDuck: FeelsLagMan Ph4ntomi: 4Shrug Trynchen: 4Shrug JAMMnX: a brain Raptoe: He got killed by black knight ThunderZBee: He is SPeedrunning OMEGALUL chudysensei: 4Shrug Fafebobo: 4Shrug Soadante: forsenE Nopileos: 4Shrug Naaslaarum: a brain PillTheBomb: He died at the same time as the black knight LULW S_Dasaav: SOULS OMEGALUL GluteusCortex: It was SO HARD to beat no mans sky level of bullshit , but they did it PepeLaugh mikeymelikey: forsenWut UHHHHHHH richEEE_: WATCH HIM SPEEDRUN PepeLaugh 88joni88: PepeLaugh he doesnt know dosakarud: LULW King_Insane: @Elajjaz the “xmas emotes” weren’t different emotes btw – they were just ICONS only YOU would see yourself and there was more the video skipped over elaKek PhilliumTV: LULW spyer23: he’s going for that sub 2h 20 min run payprice: 4Shrug ZatomiczBR: FeelsLagMan AlcatraZ567: 4Shrug Sa1ersky: ???? mikeymelikey: forsenWut KawaiiJetty: He’s too pro to understand SLASH_HERO: Forsen LULW deathman105: lost souls Sergantuss: what? Forsen is a speedruner now? wtf is going on Kayvonnn: have you been helping him? 88joni88: forsenE WTF Casulono: speedrun strats POGGERS reflektioNCS: he died on bkh so he needed souls to level up BadassSilence: PepeLaugh Polebegood: ZULUL kapustadrakon_: Forsan LULW TorvaM: @Elajjaz forsen discovered today why you punch the twinkling lizard PepeLaugh it was funny easyeasy: NerdIRage yeah GameZ was p2w dogshit or so peps claim Captain_PogChamp: PepeLaugh Liverpoc: PepeLaugh Stilgarius: @Elajjaz https://www.x-kom.pl/p/479593-obudowa-naklejka-na-konsole-speedlink-nakladki-na-galki-playstation-4-fallout-76.html In Poland they were selling rubber caps for PS controller with Fallout 76 as a bonus item PepeLaugh Kaspu: OMEGALUL Doully92: LULW gabber__: OMEGALUL ChibiKuro: nepSmug HYPERCLAP Virhaed: PepeLaugh ticapril: LUL spacerino_: elaKek HYPERCLAP TheMoltenGuy: LULW SerApollyon: LULW sunshift: OMEGALU KaitoKidShadow: HAHAHAHA Stennis: OMEGLOL SkeletonKeyLimePie: LULW Meximus322: elaKek elaKek elaKek elaKek Liverpoc: LULW ThunderZBee: OMEGLAUL Bakureetsu: OMEGALUL Riggedi: elaKek Sa1ersky: LULW shruu: LULW Kosmic_Eagle: LULW Hellu: LULW Nopileos: OMEGLAUL Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL lord_rimheart: elaKek talkman_: He’s actually doing a 2nd run PogU ? Polebegood: elaGa Clap Neimyin: OMEGADOWN Heksyll: LULW 1mpolar: LOL Captain_PogChamp: LULW jaquescamarao: LULW myfavoriteweeb: LULW Tiliger79: LULW timoteh: OMEGADOWN NosBleid: LULW IkkisFTW: he’s doing his own route Kappa melk1022: OMEGALUL SonicatorTV: LUL KirschRing: LULW Reddinator: danKEK reflektioNCS: LULW tyree372: LOOOOOOOOOOOOL JubJubWantRubRubs: LULW PillTheBomb: OMEGALUL Redwin_AR: LULW easyeasy: elaKek WHYY Nanashi_Sakamoto: LULW spyer23: LULW Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN b_ikki: LULW Clap Qviss: LULW nouvart: omegalul hardstones: LOOOOOOOOL Denact: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Tebs_: OMEGALUL Nexy_lol: LULW SLASH_HERO: NEW STRAT PogU Niloomilo: LULW HEIL_MODS_: OMEGADOWN spike_the_space_cowboy: LULW DethSword_: OMEGADOWN ybbat: LUL MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: LULW 0xSaisaki: OMEGALUL Bootch: what LULW zonk3di: LUL Korhain: PepeLaugh Jaargan: LULW CrazyKidGo: LULW Nopileos: LULW Ph4ntomi: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL VexX159: LULW Zane_Within: LUL LazyNewb: PepeLaugh TILEST0NE: LUL imnotpotatoe: 4Shrug mrbreadberry: OMEGLOL Moctavius: LULW Deid_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Annonn140: OMEGALUL Blood_Rooted: ?????????????????? SaixSoul: PepeLaugh Kaspu: LULW Pure_Dominance: RareEla karakovv: LULW S_Darji: elaKek Nopileos: LUL zombie391: OMEGALUL TheGoldenCobra: LULW DatSouls: LUL mellowcabelo: PEPEGA NicNacNinja: OMEGADOWN Thenastyraven: OMEGALUL Raptoe: Pepega talkman_: dark sign??? LULW cheeze____: oh my god Raydia_: LULW MaleFunction: LULW J0hnnyBlade: OMEGADOWN Auramoth: LULW Neimyin: SMART LULW king_boxing_banana: LUL Ph4ntomi: LULW Nopileos: LULW Aeonll: LULW NosBleid: OMEGADOWN BadassSilence: forsenE BroqRox: LUL DethSword_: OMEGALUL RonsuDE: OMEGALUL Doully92: LULW LULW LULW easyeasy: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW It_is_alive: LULW Rust_n: LULW spacerino_: LULW RandonLoLPlayer: LULW ChibiKuro: WOW atomicdestruction: elaKek DaniDuck: LULW Sunshinewalker: F OMEGALUL RSEN UmiSen: LUL TheKillerStove: LUL Nopileos: LULW LULW JoHoOoOo: AHAHAHAHAHAHAH elaKek DethSword_: LULW Ph4ntomi: OMEGADOWN HachiCube: forsenE Bootch: GENIUS LULW Ace_Unknown_: LULW HYPERCLA[ FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN LULW PackYourYak: LULW Mysweatyth1ghs: LULW talkman_: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN urkric: lULW Darth_Kredol: OMEGADOWN k0tashira: OMEGLOL crashfort: LOL richEEE_: PepeLaugh ftwitchtvvmodz: OMEGALUL ilovetechies12: LULW Nopileos: LULW NaomiNow: ? Bryan0174: OMEGALUL Zgene: OMEGADOWN Lord_Solaire: LULW freak__devil: LULW NO WAY kapustadrakon_: OMEGALUL SirArcoz: OMEGALUL Lasdalias: OMEGADOWN MyPillowTouchedMyPOnce: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Jokimz: OMEGALUL Monster5crak: PepeLaugh iamjustablur: LULW Nopileos: OMEGALUL ticapril: LULWHAT troublematicc: OMEGADOWN uncledickbutt: LULW PRO GAMER Heksyll: elaGa KaitoKidShadow: LULW Da_Flanker: forsenWut seggluksanyi: explain shamshamalam: LUL S_Darji: elaKek elaKek elaKek dosakarud: HORSEN LULW furiadonordeste: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL vihainenkampela: LULW quantumop: that’s fucking great atpRtsd shruu: LULW LULW LULW Nopileos: LULW saintjhon: LULW Ph4ntomi: PepeLaugh ihssoy: That was full Pepega SerApollyon: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW Hellu: OMEGADOWN S_Dasaav: forsenE wtf rofIcopter: OMEGADOWN Denact: he doesn’t know LMAO Niloomilo: IM DYING OMEGALUL rai_asura: Whats so funny o.O???? giant_robots: 5Head Clap greenye800: LULW AcidSaber: OMEGALUL Darth_Kredol: FeelsPepoMan Tamahowk: LULW GenuineLGN: LULW L0VKIYRusskiy: PepeLaugh Liverpoc: LULW LULW RanbaleTV: LUL KevKov: OMEGALUL NosBleid: elaGa KappasMother: LUL PhilliumTV: LULW Ph4ntomi: elaKek Nopileos: LULW LULW Daedro: OOF LULW Dustythehamster: OMEGALUL fakie_420: LULW gotta go back again akmannen: IKEALUL VideoGameLui: LMAO souldedeh: OMEGADOWN Blood_Rooted: 5Head 5Head 5Head 5Head 5Head 5Head 5Head 5Head 5Head 5Head 5Head 5Head 5Head Liprez: LULW Zeref_swe : POGGERS Tasarion: 5Head NerdIRage: @easyeasy bummer, played a while ago for a few days and the daily pearls were nice but them charging is dumb nichisi: LUL bossun90: holy shit JAMMnX: yes forsen LuL Darksoulz21: Wtf is his chat? Res_Quant: full retard sunshift: that must SUCK PepeLaugh TheMoltenGuy: 5Head EvaNoctis: elaKek ??????? Raptoe: OMEGALUL Dryd_keepomaster: PepeLaugh Qviss: GOOD REACTION Bootch: 5Head Fafebobo: LULW TheRainbowTurt1e: specimen LULW rai_asura: Whats the joke guys timoteh: OMEGADOWN PROFESSIONAL STREAMER Reddinator: I cant danKEK Ifunche: LUL LUL LUL LUL Minn_Minn: 2 hours any%? urkric: LULW SkittlesCorgi: what happened ftwitchtvvmodz: LUL wtf hahahahah Stennis: Unlucky dude Ace_Unknown_: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LULW LULW LULW BuggeredAll: Pepega Jaargan: 3Head forsen Cycanee: teach him CHR92: LULW TheZecaUrubu: elaGa NosBleid: elaGa Clap TheSalikawood: lmao Samppsom: He has played all souls games and he doesn’t know FailFish Dismal_Arkt: LULW Stennis: Nothing he could have done Majonez1223: LULW CHR92: This is great! Captain_PogChamp: RESET LULEW Soadante: PepeHands Nopileos: LULW ninjalive2: LULW TILEST0NE: I actually feel a bit bad LUL Habitual_Balance: good reaction streamer Hollow_void: THATS FUCKING 5Head RIGHT THERE Pog 0xSaisaki: because you make it that way OMEGALUL talkman_: 5Head BuggeredAll: elaGa Da_Flanker: FORSAN elaGa Ph4ntomi: elaGa RonsuDE: He forgot PepeLaugh mikeymelikey: monkaS monkaS 88joni88: monkaW FORGOT Skoutel: @Elajjaz check out NERF mk CHARACTERS NerdIRage: LULW benamation: @Elajjaz Wait what happenend? Captain_PogChamp: RESET LULW dayhappyx3: EXPLAIN STREAMER 😡 Niloomilo: elaGa KawaiiJetty: Never seen someone doing it, honestly urkric: Pepega Yuggod: cani get that clip link Thrisper: Autism test : forsenE FeelsGoodMan Clap I’m clean FeelsGoodMan Clap Savislav: LULW Lasdalias: I’M DEAD OMEGADOWN AWetDreamcast: Link please LULW Aeonll: elaGa Blood_Rooted: 5Head HYPERCLAP Gloriousbonerstoner: darksign OMEGALUL Mysweatyth1ghs: PepeLaugh GlTGUD: back 2 försan PepeHands dragonica: its not life you dumpus lul Vanset_: lLOL Cerilysm: @Elajjaz https://clips.twitch.tv/GrotesqueSavageLouseDancingBaby yakdan99: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL dosakarud: LULW furiadonordeste: LUL LUL LUL sunshift: He only played the game once… Dj_Birdman123: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh rai_asura: Explanation?? shruu: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW jaquescamarao: watch forsen stream PepeHands mrbreadberry: i feel bad for him tbh spike_the_space_cowboy: PepeHands @Elajjaz leave hjim alone Skeptical_Reptile: that dark sign came out of nowhere, nothing he could do tbh k0tashira: He doesnt know PepeLaugh TorvaM: @Elajjaz he is farming mobs coz he died at the same time as black knight Daravae: LUL UmiSen: elaGa elaGa mocaffe: I feel bad for him ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Raknov: Cx BuggeredAll: elaGa forsaan , i have souls elaGa TheKillerStove: @rai_asura Darksign returns you to bonfire without souls Rodriwastaken: LUÑW Dustythehamster: 5Head plays Liverpoc: elaHmm TorvaM: @Elajjaz he is farming mobs coz he died at the same time as black knight LULW razorxscooter: elaISee Yuggod: @Elajjaz can you post that clip link LULW dexusb: CoolStoryBob spacerino_: PepeLaugh tyree372: CAN some one link me that clip plshttps://youtu.be/J7VwrfSr1mw dronder500: @houndthree and he’s already saving 50 mins on his second run tyree372: ty Ph4ntomi: Layers of Fear? Pog Darksoulz21: What chat? All I see are spambots Kappa Liverpoc: Pog WITO: @Elajjaz find Forsen vs Sens skip LULW crashfort: https://clips.twitch.tv/EmpathicFilthyPoxGrammarKing PillTheBomb: @Elajjaz Everytime he got the halberd, he fell off at the same time so he had to farm every single time LULW BinBaggedOsama: LOF2? @Elajjaz Raydia_: Pog dayhappyx3: GLOD Pog Thrisper: OMEGADOWN only a true memer can swallow the omegalul FeelsWayTooAmazingMan mikeymelikey: forsen1 houndthree: @dronder500 not surprised, like i said i wouldnt have done it any better. KaitoKidShadow: a little better than yesterday i see, good job! Zanar18: LULW gdeezy275: What are your thoughts of death stranding? LickMyPretzel: lol urkric: G Pog LD ザーンガ: LULW dronder500: @houndthree I think you would do GREAT:( UltraWindow: WeirdChamp rofIcopter: WeirdChamp ClappingKappa: WeirdChamp TPH_MCMXCIX: Cute Team FTW AYAYA lord_rimheart: elaWeird Darth_Kredol: WeirdChamp cho_pin: AYAYA mrbreadberry: AYAYA Nopileos: WeirdChamp themostfowl: weeb battle monkaS Jaargan: WeirdChamp KaitoKidShadow: WeirdChamp chudysensei: @NautilusV2 WeirdChamp Caput_Draconis: WeirdChamp AtTh3Gates: elaWeird Trynchen:>:( mrbreadberry: ela7 AkaTsubaki_: NautilusV2 WeirdChamp cheeze____: He’s sorry PepeHands fenniksss: Fucking finaly TyrantZedd: Weebs in worms elaWeird Reddinator: NautilusV2 WeirdChamp Ansdr: FeelsWeirdMan Darth_Kredol: pepeJAM Norttii: pepeJAMMER Darth_Kredol: ppHop shruu: pepeJAMMER ClappingKappa: pepeJAM UltraWindow: pepeJAM bullyhunter_03: Stay cute chat AYAYA easyeasy: pepeJAM Prosskull0517: pepeJAM Nopileos: pepeJAM kurpajutra: I could have played, but i got scaed PepeHands Ansdr: pepeJAM Androsix: ElaJAM Valtha: pepeJAMMER ueberkobi: ElaJAM NiceThings_: pepeJAM AlcatraZ567: ElaJAMMER rofIcopter: pepeJAM Zeret: pepeJAM MrCosmonafft: pepeJAM saugo: pepeJAM ssssip: pepeJAMM orangethemaster: pepeJAM wandering_pleb: pepeJAM Nopileos: pepeJAM pepeJAM Lasdalias: ElaJAMMER BigDTwi: @krazyshark FeelsWeirdMan HEIL_MODS_: LULW lochlan1414: WORMS POG Darth_Kredol: pepeD ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd good look nepSmug / Raydia_: STOP WEIRDING NAUTILUS CHAT elaREE Caput_Draconis: pepeJAM PhilRamirez: pepeJAM HeavyM4chineGun: pepeJAM TranceReality: pepeJAM UltraWindow: more weebs please nepSmug Jaargan: pepeD Nopileos: pepeJAM fenniksss: FOR CRAZY SHARK! I WILL WIN! mizoreeee: me ๐Ÿ™‚ MrCosmonafft: Prepare your ears PepeLaugh Deathmones: elaOP easyeasy: TyrantZedd nepSmug gl nep Darth_Kredol: elaGasm KaitoKidShadow: no AlcatraZ567: elaOP ueberkobi: elaOP LickMyPretzel: I have kit kat Chag gczero: LUL ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd luck* (i tuired) Sunshinewalker: yes sir gachiBASS lord_rimheart: elaOP Clap Jaargan: gachiBASS Nopileos: elaOP It_is_alive: elaOP GlTGUD: #AYAYA NosBleid: LULW jimjak94: Wait krazyshark is in the house? cheeze____: THICC KaitoKidShadow: ohh gachi, kitkat up my ass Daedro: my game was scuffed elaWeird cant even launch it chudysensei: gachiVICTORY WOO MaleFunction: gachiVICTORY Gurnak: AYAYA Androsix: elaOP AtTh3Gates: LUL Kaspu: LULW Thrisper: !clip 5 WrestlerBot2000: Kitkat|Clip No.5| https://clips.twitch.tv/StupidUnusualParrotTriHard http://i.imgur.com/y0yurWg.gif MrCosmonafft: LULW Daedro: LULW UltraWindow: LULW Nopileos: LULW KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA PhilRamirez: danAIm ekcolocke: OMEGLOL Minn_Minn: Jebaited Norttii: AYAYA easyeasy: LULW ChibiKuro: nepSmug Clap Clap2 AYAYA Valtha: elaK Caput_Draconis: LULW Jaargan: AYAYA bullyhunter_03: AYAYA WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz Plays Never Again | Part 1 – https://youtu.be/1mT-7Nt3l1w BroqRox: AYAYA LAKKI wandering_pleb: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Nopileos: AYAYA fenniksss: THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT easyeasy: AYAYA Trynchen: AYAYA orangethemaster: AYAYA PhilRamirez: danAY TPH_MCMXCIX: AYAYA payprice: AYAYA Cute AlcatraZ567: LULW chudysensei: DansGame ueberkobi: AYAYA It_is_alive: AYAYA DevilTaYZ: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AlcatraZ567: elaBruv Reddinator: 3Head Nihasa9451: LAKKI AYAYA Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA HEIL_MODS_: elaKek MrCosmonafft: 3Head UltraWindow: 3Head ClappingKappa: LULW VentusNova_: 1 2 ASH 3Head easyeasy: ASS gachiBASS MaleFunction: elaBruv SaixSoul: hahahaha PepeLaugh Valtha: elaLad payprice: LULW mizoreeee: every. single. game. weeb. luck. elaK fenniksss: @Elajjaz BRUH, 100% NOT EXLOSIVE ueberkobi: elaBruv ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL Redwin_AR: 3Head Deathmones: 1, 2 ash elaBruv DamnDutchman: FeelsWeirdMan these sound effects Valtha: elaD BritishPatternBalding: ela12 YOOO Jaargan: elaGa Ansdr: 🐛 Hoady: lmao nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA Zalinero_: PogChamp payprice: elaD 0xSaisaki: ooooh KitKat im my ass gachiBASS Nopileos: elaD Aeonll: elaD chudysensei: Pog Jaargan: Chag VentusNova_: FUCK YOU WEEB D: Baronjohn96: elaBruv AyayaCuteChat_: elaD It_is_alive: D: rikze5: LULW Annonn140: elaYA Germy_ranch: D: Hoady: fuck you, weeb hahahah nemzANANA nemzANANA nemzANANA fenniksss: OH YEAH CHAT elaKek HOW TO BACKWARD JUMP elaKek DevilTaYZ: Clap2 AYAYA Autumn_Flare: elaB easyeasy: NO BULLY MISTA STRIMER elaMad Valarrarara: LULW mizoreeee: OMEGLUL Nopileos: elaB HEIL_MODS_: LULW AlcatraZ567: elaD DamnDutchman: fuck the weebs gachiBASS BroqRox: LUL Nazzet: 🖕 AYAYA you too chudysensei: LULW Caput_Draconis: LULW KaitoKidShadow: yes Virhaed: LULW Annonn140: PepeLaugh PhilRamirez: elaD Podriquez: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW Nopileos: LULW Jaargan: OMEGALUL DrSIurp: Elajjaz I dont get that map, is there an origin story to that kitkat mania? Lagunaab: EXCELLENT VOICEPACK Romanzes: 3Head wandering_pleb: nepSmug Romanzes: 3Head Clap easyeasy: elaKek fenniksss: @Elajjaz OH YEAH elaKek HOW TO BACKWARD JUMP elaKek Ansdr: elaKek Lasdalias: WTF are those lines OMEGLOL ekcolocke: @fenniksss double tap space nepSmug KaitoKidShadow: lol Vodaskloaki: elaA VentusNova_: 2 incher PepeLaugh AtTh3Gates: elaKek ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN 0xSaisaki: gotem 4HEad Nopileos: elaKek Kaspu: @daley_ OMEGALUL TyrantZedd: LULW fenniksss: OMEGLOL UltraWindow: 3Head its not about how big it is, its how you use it Ansdr: Clap LickMyPretzel: lol shruu: LULW AlcatraZ567: OMEGADOWN MrCosmonafft: LULW lord_rimheart: elaKek Norttii: PepeLaugh ueberkobi: OMEGADOWN Nazzet: IKEALUL Prosskull0517: OMEGLOL Nopileos: LULW KappasMother: PepeLaugh Androsix: OMEGADOWN DigitalZips: HAHAHAHAHA Reddinator: danKEK GoAkke: daley plays LuL saugo: LULW Jaargan: elaGa themostfowl: LULW RonsuDE: OMEGADOWN WITO: I know ๐Ÿ™‚ DamonDaNerd: LULW fenniksss: @Elajjaz OH YEAH elaKek HOW TO BACKWARD JUMP elaKek s3am0nkey: LULW gczero: Pepega Valtha: 5/5 Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW MrCosmonafft: Omeg daley_: its been a while… DigitalZips: elaWeird ekcolocke: elaK rathox97: OMEGALUL not_wintermute: Clap rikze5: gachiBASS Romanzes: W OMEGALUL W wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Hank_e_Panky: LULW hyperock: SUICIDAL AkaTsubaki_: kanYe KaitoKidShadow: kitakt up his ass elaKek King_Insane: i know as well ๐Ÿ™‚ 1080p200fps: 4Head NosBleid: gachiBASS DevilTaYZ: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh HaterDave: OMEGADOWN easyeasy: we know it man elaK you just stole a kit kat from a shop or something Germy_ranch: Ela put a kitkat up his butt lmao AYAYA TPH_MCMXCIX: LULW SenorToast: 4Head Gurnak: AYAYA Clap PhilRamirez: gachiBASS RonsuDE: AYAYA ekcolocke: @daley_ I believe in you ChibiKuro: AYAYA 0xSaisaki: ela was drunk and put a kitkat up his ass gachiBASS payprice: AYAYA Kill ela Thrisper: !clip 5 MrCosmonafft: @daley_ was that you LULW GlTGUD: music is fine for me PepeLaugh WrestlerBot2000: Kitkat|Clip No.5| https://clips.twitch.tv/StupidUnusualParrotTriHard http://i.imgur.com/y0yurWg.gif DrSIurp: Elajjaz pls do share WITO: @Elajjaz you told it at Twitchcon when we where drinking elaKek RonsuDE: pog masterr876: just rewatched the fallout fiasko master3N boy oh boy Trynchen: AYAYA UltraWindow: weeb on weeb violence D: NosBleid: AYAYA Valtha: Don’t kill nepSmug DansGame DrSIurp: WITO tell it pls Jaargan: AYAYA TyrantZedd: Kaspu elaB AlcatraZ567: AYAYA Elyas2: what a stage lmao Nopileos: AYAYA GoAkke: FeelsWeirdMan Polebegood: FeelsWeirdMan RonsuDE: FeelsWeirdMan AlcatraZ567: elaOP shruu: WeirdChamp ueberkobi: elaWeird AkaTsubaki_: nepSmug Clap Deathmones: elaWeird WITO: I remember differently. Aeonll: WeirdChamp easyeasy: elaWeird Androsix: elaWeird MrCosmonafft: FeelsWeirdMan Actually_Toxic: hey maser TheExtro: @masterr876 Champ Darth_Kredol: this nep in the corner PepeLaugh Nopileos: elaWeird Kaspu: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp k4iley: @masterr876 fallout fiasco? chudysensei: kill all weebs worms FeelsGoodMan Clap kill all weebs worms FeelsGoodMan Clap kill all weebs worms FeelsGoodMan Clap KaitoKidShadow: YEAH GACHI, SHOVE A KITKAT UP YOUR ASS GACHI HandsUp lord_rimheart: MrDestructoid wandering_pleb: elaWeird Reddinator: MrDestructoid Jaargan: elaWeird easyeasy: WITO maybe you were drunk elaKek WITO: And I can say it’s overhyped. Lasdalias: Gamers ๐Ÿ™‚ Darth_Kredol: that * DevilTaYZ: MrDestructoid Clap StrongNico: how was the end of layers 2 @Elajjaz ? fenniksss: NOT NERDY PepeHands masterr876: @k4iley the thing ela watched earlier mizoreeee: Wito is just imagine that ela told the kitkat story because wito was too drunk 4Shrug ssssip: Nerdy PepeHands Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh masterr876: extro elaWeird rikze5: D: k4iley: i wasnt here D: @masterr876 AlcatraZ567: elaD Nazzet: D: Aeonll: elaD Kaspu: cirD KaitoKidShadow: D: VentusNova_: D: Nopileos: elaD ThatLuluTho: D: payprice: elaD Lykouleon: D: nekro793: D: DamnDutchman: OMEGALUL Darth_Kredol: elaD PRANKZX: D: PhilRamirez: D: shruu: 3Head Jaargan: elaD SaixSoul: hahahahaha Daedro: OMEGADOWN HEIL_MODS_: LULW SirBrundolf: nerdy D: Caput_Draconis: D: ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Nopileos: elaD elaD MaleFunction: elaD Sunshinewalker: PJSalt PepeLaugh LazyNewb: D: AtTh3Gates: elaD Hoady: lmaoooo Gurnak: NICO NI AYAYA Jarburt: elaD 0xSaisaki: elaBruv DevilTaYZ: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh It_is_alive: D: MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh saugo: D: amaterasu_chase: D: AlcatraZ567: AYAYA Nopileos: elaD easyeasy: mizoreeee i smell lies elaOk Actually_Toxic: D: Hoady: fucking love nemz WITO: @mizoreeee elaWeird HEIL_MODS_: that one line PepeLaugh Trynchen: AYAYA timoteh: Lemme guess, you shat yourself while fucking a girl while camping @Elajjaz cheeze____: the apex 3Head TPH_MCMXCIX: NICO NICO NIII AYAYA BlackjackalTV: AYAYA UltraWindow: nepSmug SirBrundolf: gachiBASS masterr876: @k4iley watch back in the vod right after the souls runs,recommend PhilRamirez: elaD GlTGUD: AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: lol Nopileos: AYAYA SaixSoul: gachiAPPROVE Meximus322: PepeLaugh Lasdalias: TOXIC STREAMER Nemz D: chudysensei: gachiBASS nekro793: anyways PepeHands NosBleid: VaN KappaJon: IMMERSION rofIcopter: gachiVICTORY Lagunaab: this is weeb af elaWeird rikze5: PepeHands MrCosmonafft: gachiVICTORY MrMamut: hey all ๐Ÿ™‚ Darth_Kredol: gachiAPPROVE Ansdr: pepeL KaitoKidShadow: gachiAPPROVE Norttii: gachiAPPROVE easyeasy: gachiAPPROVE Billyrino: PepeHands Aeonll: gachiAPPROVE ClappingKappa: gachiAPPROVE Prosskull0517: gachiAPPROVE Nopileos: gachiAPPROVE Meximus322: gachiAPPROVE RonsuDE: My immersion WutFace Valtha: PepeHands TheH3llraiser: PepeHands NiceThings_: PepeHands MaleFunction: gachiVICTORY SirBrundolf: ANIKI PepeHands gulshan1: gachiAPPROVE AzoBoii: gachiAPPROVE ueberkobi: billyReady bullyhunter_03: BILLIY PepeHands MrCosmonafft: gachiAPPROVE BroqRox: gachiAPPROVE LickMyPretzel: elaFeels Jaargan: gachiAPPROVE Nopileos: gachiAPPROVE gachiAPPROVE maxk137: gachiAPPROVE It_is_alive: gachiAPPROVE DevilTaYZ: gachiAPPROVE AtTh3Gates:? KappaJon: gachiBASS BroqRox: He shoplifted a kit kat monkaTOS Lasdalias: Dealing kit kat to kids in the hood monkaTOS k4iley: elajjaz fanfic gachiBASS Darth_Kredol: fanfiction elaGasm ChibiKuro: Clap2 AYAYA mew182: its thicc ela ekcolocke: @Elajjaz you sound like shane dawkins or whatever his name is when he was denying cumming on his cat on twitter elaKek Ansdr: For some reason elaK HEIL_MODS_: elaKek GenuineLGN: he shoved a kitkat up someones ass who was underage monkaW RonsuDE: pepeD bersiGaming: PedoKat Larsn2k: In public Ansdr: !kitkat easyeasy: gachiBASS Meximus322: elaK saugo: elaWeird Minn_Minn: why is that illegal cheeze____: but YOU said that LUL uncledickbutt: he abused a kitkat D: GluteusCortex: Tenkara no megumin da AYAYA KappaJon: did you tho? Kapp @Elajjaz WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! WrestlerBot2000: Kitkat|Clip No.5| https://clips.twitch.tv/StupidUnusualParrotTriHard http://i.imgur.com/y0yurWg.gif RonsuDE: never mew182: so you’re not denying it? Gorgodrn: Why’s Maral not here when we need her to tell the KitKat story PepeHands fenniksss: NOT TODAY KaitoKidShadow: you ate a kitkat out of a friends ass GoAkke: ela give us a hint, would you eat the kitkat after what you’ve done with it? elaHmm ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd eliminate the anti weeb team at all costs elaWeird 0xSaisaki: shop lifting will not get you in jail ela, nor will gay tendencies with kitkat bars and rectums Lasdalias: He went after an underaged kit-kat monkaTOS Trynchen: gachiBASS lindwormen: performing sexual acts in the public, such as shoving a Kit Kat up your ass, is illegal. elaKek SpectatorNoX: monkaTOS kitkat containing heroin SirBrundolf: VaN GlTGUD: we casn INFER monkaS kurpajutra: Criminal monkaW cheeze____: I just like to believe RaregachiGASM Jaargan: VaN mocaffe: £ guess you where selling KitKat at your school at inflated prizes Jorstad: I don’t think shoving a kitkat up your ass is illegal maxk137: gachiBASS VentusNova_: Just like you placed it nice in your ass gachiBASS RandonLoLPlayer: nepSmug ZebraStriker: you went to the kitkat club while underage, is that it? SirBrundolf: PunchTrees GAMER Pog Ansdr: monkaTOS b_ikki: where did he place them gachiBASS TyrantZedd: ekcolocke I shall do me best nepSmug Valtha: monkaW spyer23: @Elajjaz is that why ponyo is gone ? monkaS WrestlerBot2000: “I hit her because I was bored.” – Elajjaz, 2015 No. 34 UltraWindow: was it sexual monkaTOS BobTheDrunkBear: monkaTOS Jaargan: rape monkaW k4iley: i need to hear this story HarrisonDOPE: ela was in a kitkat club….i bet cha ssssip: he tried monkaTOS ThatLuluTho: monkaTOS HYPERCLAP ueberkobi: OMEGADOWN jormuliini: killed someone while stealing kitkat to get away ChibiKuro: AYAYA LickMyPretzel: Did you murder someone with a kitkat? Slaps_Giving: monkaW Murder iimp053: murdered with a kitkat ekcolocke: bullying cute team PepeHands Marinetastic: beat a man to death while high on kit kats Nox15: lured a kid using kitkat monkaTOS Annonn140: he killed someone with a kitkat monkaW mew182: @Elajjaz urinating in public? Jamule: killed someone with a kitkat monkaW RonsuDE: Ele threatened his highschool teacher with a sharp kitkat monkaW uncledickbutt: you can’t lift a shop 3Head SirBrundolf: PunchTrees Clap lord_rimheart: killed a man for a kitkat elaMad CrystalTeardrop: ela going to jail cirD LazyNewb: monkaTOS Ansdr: Murder with a kitkat monkaW Actually_Toxic: It was drugs planted in the kitkat DamonDaNerd: PedoBear Sachelized91: @Elajjaz you ate a kit-kat without breaking it in half monkaW FiddIeMyDiddle: say it then Pog AlcatraZ567: monkaTOS ScarletAccel: elaGa elaGun Darth_Kredol: elaD HEIL_MODS_: monkaW Ansdr: monkaW Sourcehunter: He smuggled cocaine in a KitKat monkaW VentusNova_: SAY IT Pog Habitual_Balance: Ela stole a kitkat and hid it in his ass tHaH4x0r: He put a kitkat up an under age girl’s ass Darth_Kredol: monkaH 0xSaisaki: ela broke into his neighbours apartment and ate a kit kat he found in the fridge Nopileos: monkaW BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW ChibiKuro: nepSmug UltraWindow: do you feel guilty over it? monkaW VentusNova_: nepSmug Myowa_: assisted murder MonkaW Habitual_Balance: its not that crazy Naniyo: Ela hired a prostitute to put a kitkat up his ass monkaTOS jormuliini: its some cmonBruh story LULW NosBleid: monkaW killed someone with a kit kat StarBoredom: wtf, ela you are not painting a great picture GlTGUD: he’s swedish, it propably was consensual Deathmones: @Elajjaz so its not overhyped then? elaK cheeze____: You stole a balloon that had the kitkat logo on it monkaW EntropyFull: STOP TEASING elaMad @Elajjaz KaitoKidShadow: totes kitkats up eachothers asses k4iley: did u break into akit kat factory or something Guy_Gamer13: AYAYA Clap Jaargan: smoked ciggaret monkaW AkaTsubaki_: kidnap PedoBear with kitkat ? SirBrundolf: 4Head Deathmones: nepSmug lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz its a john wick kinda tale, u killed someone with a kit kat monkaW AlcatraZ567: nepSmug Darth_Kredol: elaEZ elaGun monkaH Ansdr: nepSmug KappaJon: AYAYA Ckao VictorRira: monkaW ClappingKappa: nepSmug Lasdalias: Shoved a kitkat up a cop’s ass then ? monkaTOS CrystalTeardrop: nepSmug HYPERCLAP ekcolocke: nepSmug Reddinator: nepSmug Nopileos: nepSmug Ellynas: you got a KitKat pregnant ? FanHeiBai: Poor kid, all that because of a kitkat lord_rimheart: nepSmug DevilTaYZ: monkaGun monkaH VentusNova_: nepSmug Clap RonsuDE: nepSmug NosBleid: AYAYA HEIL_MODS_: its drugs kids i smell it PoliceCarAuction: nepSmug HYPERCLAP cheeze____: nepSmug 0xSaisaki: nepSmug rikze5: nepSmug nymnCorn Sunshinewalker: FeelsWeirdMan nekro793: nepSmug hihihihi Nopileos: nepSmug nepSmug Meximus322: elaWeird NautilusV2: @Elajjaz Have you ever seen someone guess it right in chat? About the story? NovaMoon: he smuggled cocaine in a kitkat bag in his ass monkaW UltraWindow: you’ve been nepped nepSmug CrazySamni: @thah4x0r FeelsWeirdMan x1000000000 Actually_Toxic: nepSmug Darth_Kredol: AlienPls marshalmv: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Autumn_Flare: nepSmug seydanator: AYAYA leifyness: ela had sex with an underage KitKat… KaitoKidShadow: nepSmug hihihh Darth_Kredol: AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls AlienPls Visualocity: nepSmug Clap DR_AGxx: nepSmug Redwin_AR: nepSmug Gurnak: TOP NEP nepSmug Clap Nopileos: nepSmug wandering_pleb: nepSmug HYPERCLAP TyrantZedd: FeelsPepoMan tidooh: Smugled cocain in a kitkat bars inside his ass monkaW fenniksss: LULW Kaspu: OMEGADOWN Polebegood: PepeLaugh rikze5: OMEGALUL KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA hiuhihihi Ansdr: OMEGADOWN GoAkke: Clap Meximus322: LULW SirBrundolf: OMEGLOL superlight_: LUL Darth_Kredol: pepeJAM ekcolocke: LULW themostfowl: LULW lord_rimheart: perfect VentusNova_: LULW Nopileos: LUL ChaosLike: WEEBS SO BAD OMEGALUL RonsuDE: LULW Norttii: PepeLaugh shruu: PepeLaugh BobTheDrunkBear: LULW MrCosmonafft: OMEGALUL AlcatraZ567: OMEGADOWN ueberkobi: LUL s3am0nkey: LUL LickMyPretzel: kanYe i0wnswag: N1 Larsn2k: LULW REMUSXXXL: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: LUL LUL AkaTsubaki_: kanYe Darth_Kredol: kanYe not_wintermute: LULW 0xSaisaki: Chag HYPERCLAP Actually_Toxic: LUL lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz its a john wick kinda tale, u killed someone with a kit kat monkaW . Riggedi: AlienPls AtTh3Gates: Pog ekcolocke: homing grenade elaKek ZebraStriker: kanYe Ansdr: D: daley_: kanYe SirBrundolf: 2 nerdys monkaW uncledickbutt: LULW UltraWindow: kanYe Nopileos: LUL Ansdr: Stole Nerdy D: Jaargan: fucked a guy monkaW TyrantZedd: I wanted rope up but I didn’t have time elaKek Larsn2k: damn weebs LUL KaitoKidShadow: pepeJAM Norttii: double nerdy monkaW NiceThings_: Just tell it already ComradeNerdy: elaMad i’m Ela’s Sunshinewalker: Two nerdys monkaW VentusNova_: 2 Nerdy monkaS ChaosLike: gachiBASS Sourcehunter: He made other people smuggle cocaine in their asses inside kitkat bars monkaW RabanadaDormida: Did you hijacked a KitKat car Ela monkaW LickMyPretzel: elaMad Actually_Toxic: tomato AkaTsubaki_: gachiBASS cheeze____: gachiBASS ekcolocke: @Elajjaz there is a little ComradeNerdy in all of us elaGasm GoAkke: that means 2 times the amount of spanks gachiBASS Ansdr: elaKek Autumn_Flare: There can only be one monkaW Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh 👉🏻 kanYe ssssip: no im Nerdy ๐Ÿ™‚ SirBrundolf: gachiBAS mew182: @Elajjaz you pooped on girl’s nose? DevilTaYZ: gachiGASM Ansdr: Pog TyrantZedd: CUNT nrdyREE KaitoKidShadow: Pog Jaargan: Chag ekcolocke: PepeHands DhouI: Ela the the kitkat murder who kills his victims with kitkats monkaSHAKE Hoady: nerdy’s ID stolen PepeHands tito3211: @Elajjaz100% drugs involved in this story SirBrundolf: gachiBASS 🔫 AYAYA VentusNova_: gachiBASS TyrantZedd: FUCKIN KILLED ME nrdyREE cheeze____: does this nerdy die less in the beginning? ela13 Esbjornnn: yes sir gachiBASS GoAkke: TyrantZedd monkaTOS Abbynaire: gachiGASM rofIcopter: elaOP KaitoKidShadow: elaOP MrCosmonafft: Nerdy gonna die 2 times PepeHands nekro793: elaOP jimjak94: HEY teaming up against weebs ??!?!?! This is illegal gulshan1: gachiBASS Deathmones: gachiBASS ComradeNerdy: RaregachiGASM VentusNova_: RaregachiGASM Trinidy407: @TyrantZedd ๐Ÿ˜€ k4iley: yoink TyrantZedd: GoAkke ElaSmash 0xSaisaki: yoink 3Head SirBrundolf: RaregachiGASM Nopileos: RaregachiGASM Monster5crak: elaOP LickMyPretzel: elaOP doesn’t have a chin, it’s just a round ball WrestlerBot2000: Want a cool Elajjaz themed shirt, mug, or phonecase? Check the merch shop here: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Elajjaz/ VentusNova_: Nerdy HandsUp Darth_Kredol: 4HEad akmannen: Yoink TyrantZedd: elaS * Sourcehunter: Ela took KitKat LSD tabs monkaSHAKE nekro793: 4HEad Trinidy407: @TyrantZedd D: * mew182: @Elajjaz blasting AYAYA in the car too loud? ComradeNerdy: VentusNova_ HandsUp ekcolocke: monkaW Darth_Kredol: YOINK 3Head Jaargan: actual god monkaW NautilusV2: @Elajjaz Have you ever seen someone guess it right in chat? About the story? UltraWindow: AYAYA ClappingKappa: Thrisper, pepeL AyayaCuteChat_: AYAYA lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz its a john wick kinda tale, u killed someone with a kit kat monkaW ChibiKuro: AYAYA Darth_Kredol: PepeHands fenniksss: PepeHands TOO LAZY PepeHands ComradeNerdy: night Thrisper elaH VentusNova_: AYAYA always existed 0xSaisaki: sure it did AYAYA SirBrundolf: PepeHands Autumn_Flare: What a horrible world that was AYAYA lord_rimheart: when did it happen? ekcolocke: Nems is the grottiest brit I’ve ever heard elaKek (no offence) Ansdr: Bai bai @Thrisper elaISee doogPaw easyeasy: cya Thrisper elaCozy Deathmones: elaK HEIL_MODS_: elaK Darth_Kredol: elaK KaitoKidShadow: elaK yes you did Deathmones: XD kurpajutra: Just tell us 😡 AkaTsubaki_: xD Sourcehunter: We are not depraved enough monkaSHAKE Nopileos: elaK nekro793: xD NosBleid: AYAYA Trinidy407: XD Redonkules: AYAYA Nazzet: XD ArdexOG: XD ChibiKuro: XD Naniyo: AYAYA chrisw_de: WeirdChamp Gurnak: AYAYA rathox97: @elajjaz i like how always when you say it would get you to jail to tell the story twitch chat goes ape shit with theyre theoies alway a good laugh LuL kocal123: xD ClicksMcGee: You derailed a train with a tree stump Ansdr: elaWeird xD FanHeiBai: XD Nopileos: XD ssssip: xD ? Albin_Alligator: Clap2 AYAYA chudysensei: @Thrisper 1hr timeout PepeLaugh spyer23: how many people know about the story ? 0xSaisaki: its because you havent read my interpetations elaK Jaargan: ran around naked outside? monkaW Darth_Kredol: elaMad no xd in the chatterino rica235: Hey @chat ! Just wanted to invite you all to the weeb meetings that me and @Elajjaz run every weekend on our local Uni with fellow weebs! We watch anime, learn how to talk to pillow girls and listen to KPOP. Come join us! AYAYA akmannen: Thihih jimjak94: Everytime the kitkat story resurfaced i get so fucking curious and pissed off cause he won’t tell and then i forget LeiHaut: Are kit Kat better than snickers in the butt @Elajjaz ? Lasdalias: I btecha it has something with playing a prank on a cop with a kit kat Ansdr: WutFace rikze5: WutFace SirBrundolf: monkaW NosBleid: WutFace Darth_Kredol: monkaX LickMyPretzel: LUL Nopileos: WutFace k4iley: monkaW ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL Kaspu: LULW kurpajutra: monkaW Norttii: WutFace Daedro: elaWut AlcatraZ567: WutFace rofIcopter: elaWut Sunshinewalker: WutFace RonsuDE: WutFace VentusNova_: D: gulshan1: Not dirty PepeHands ZebraStriker: WutFace nekro793: WutFace KaitoKidShadow: D: Caput_Draconis: monkaW HEIL_MODS_: LULW Nopileos: WutFace WutFace SaixSoul: WutFace Nox15: WutFace DamonDaNerd: elaD chrisw_de: PepeLaugh Virhaed: monkaW TheH3llraiser: monkaW mentalvary: LULW NiceThings_: LULW reddvelv: WutFace MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh Ajahi: elaD Jaargan: elaD HuffKy: no brain LUL not_wintermute: LULW payprice: elaD rude MaleFunction: WutFace Nopileos: elaD Lykouleon: D: ! easyeasy: elaD Abbynaire: elaD spyer23: LULW fenniksss: Pog 5Head Lasdalias: ?????? monkaX gulshan1: Nerdy PepeHands Monster5crak: elaKek Mirando: No elaYA PillTheBomb: It’s definitely like hard drugs because cops don’t care about weed forsenThink TyrantZedd: ALL ME FUCKIN WORMS nrdyREE zenzo_xd: hahahahah Nopileos: elaD elaD Visualocity: LULW 0xSaisaki: so toxic D: SirBrundolf: VaN Pog GlTGUD: AYAYA Clap HEIL_MODS_: nemz elaKek Ansdr: PepeS Gam3freak99: D: nekro793: D: Darth_Kredol: monkaH Caput_Draconis: D: BroqRox: LUL Slaps_Giving: elaKek AtTh3Gates: elaD ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh RandonLoLPlayer: VAMOS MIC LULW TyrantZedd: Betting bullied on my own map PepeHands Nopileos: LUL Niloomilo: LUL Jaargan: NotLikeThis muy ears LeiHaut: Are kit Kat better than snickers in the butt @Elajjaz ? payprice: LULW ComradeNerdy: alive elaA rica235: Hey @chat ! Just wanted to invite you all to the weeb meetings that me and @Elajjaz run every weekend on our local Uni with fellow weebs! We watch anime, learn how to talk to pillow girls and listen to KPOP. Come join us! AYAYA 0xSaisaki: ok jeez im leaving monkaH ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd turtle! monkaW dig a weeb den! Actually_Toxic: Chat is throwing Darth_Kredol: @ComradeNerdy kanYe ComradeNerdy: not alive elaA Kaspu: ????????????? SirBrundolf: LUL Nazzet: IKEALUL Ansdr: ?????? Deathmones: elaK EntropyFull: @Elajjaz Kitkat or Snickers? elaOP Prosskull0517: ??????????? Visualocity: monkaW GoAkke: Claü not_wintermute: ???? payprice: LUL SirBrundolf: WeirdChamp 0xSaisaki: OMEGALUL superlight_: LUL b_ikki: he did it Nopileos: elaK chrisw_de: ?????? TheSalikawood: ????????????? ComradeNerdy: oh nah, alive elaA Clixx: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: they’re both weird UltraWindow: ??? Gurnak: ????????? GoAkke: Clap RonsuDE: FeelsWeirdMan Gorgodrn: no Darth_Kredol: OMEGALUL Splench: elaK easyeasy: elaK tell me more man kurpajutra: He poisoned a kit kat and gave it to hes friend in school monkaW TheSalikawood: WHAT?????? NosBleid: K pop is worse Ajahi: There’s a difference? LULW ChibiKuro: Clap2 AYAYA nepSmug Clap ekcolocke: what’s wrong with jpop elaWeird Hellu: LULW SenorToast: ?????? wandering_pleb: elaWeird KaitoKidShadow: elaK you’re the expert UltraWindow: 4skin Norttii: elaKek amaterasu_chase: LUL Darth_Kredol: stop OMEGADOWN k4iley: ???????????????????? Annonn140: elaBruv chudysensei: LULW Visualocity: no1AYAYA SirBrundolf: OMEGALUL Daedro: elaWut ?????????????????? DamonDaNerd: elaC holloWFortune: omfg chrisw_de: KKona Jaargan: ?????? 0xSaisaki: gachiBASS Caput_Draconis: LULW PillTheBomb: LULW Lykouleon: monkaS Virhaed: OMEGADOWN Monster5crak: elaBruv AlcatraZ567: ????????? gulshan1: LULW Prosskull0517: JPOP is aight Reddinator: cmonBrother BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Nopileos: LULW bl0odarr0w: LOLOL spyer23: LULW Ansdr: 📝 elaISee LickMyPretzel: elaWeird PillTheBomb: ok forsenThink Jajalembang: LULW Murika_: DansGame Sunshinewalker: ?????? AtTh3Gates: ????? PhilliumTV: LULW MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh new frogs Jaargan: ???? monkaW MaleFunction: forsenskin Floating_Hedgehog: LULW WITO: @Elajjaz new circle avatars are live. Nopileos: LULW LULW HEIL_MODS_: LULW rofIcopter: ?????? Kaspu: DansGame Loney1989: wtf shruu: LULW ??? TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh troublematicc: WeirdChamp nekro793: OMEGADOWN Remkar: LULW Hellu: LULW LULW Le_Hunter: gachiBASS blahblah158: LULW BritishPatternBalding: ???????? Daedro: ????????? WHAT THE FUCK ? LULW Lasdalias: WTF payprice: LULW NiceThings_: true jormuliini: WeirdChamp k4iley: ? ? ? ? ? Nopileos: LULW Stilgarius: PepeLaugh chudysensei: fucking nemz LULW 0xSaisaki: wtf LUL rikze5: ???????? elaWeird winterwolf_31: WeirdChamp Xephirus: elaKek Polebegood: thanks nemz I’ll try that ๐Ÿ™‚ Hoady: hahahahaha mew182: what did i just hear DevilTaYZ: ???? UltraWindow: it just keeps going LULW BroqRox: DansGame holloWFortune: What in the fuck??? LickMyPretzel: FeelsGoodMan Visualocity: rooKek It_is_alive: ???????? Smough: wtf JoseMarti1853: FeelsWeirdMan s3am0nkey: huh???? LULW VictorRira: FeelsWeirdMan Lykouleon: monkaTOS hyperock: wtf was that lol EntropyFull: @Elajjaz Kitkat or Snickers? elaOP PillTheBomb: APPARENTLY PEOPLE DO THAT LULW ComradeNerdy: not alive elaA Elyas2: 10/10 gulshan1: F nerdy Istog: i love it elaKek Darth_Kredol: nemz PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: FUCKING MKIULL ME HOLY SHIT 0xSaisaki: nemz is so toxic D: Daedro: 3Head GoAkke: Clap Hellu: LULW Ansdr: Clap Lasdalias: nemz is messed up monkaX Ajahi: OMEGALUL Kaspu: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN SirBrundolf: AYAYA LUL Norttii: PepeLaugh TheSalikawood: k pop took over j pop lol Punlshed_Snake: WEEB PLAY LULW ekcolocke: Clap Gurnak: someone havent tried that really? LULW Jaargan: LULW UltraWindow: D: fenniksss: @ComradeNerdy I got ya maxk137: AYAYA troublematicc: AYAYA ueberkobi: OMEGADOWN Androsix: OMEGADOWN mew182: no foreskin in 2019 b_ikki: LULW MrCosmonafft: OMEGALUL LazyNewb: PepeLaugh DevilTaYZ: LULW SirBrundolf: gachiBASS seydanator: ??????????? NovaMoon: wtf is wrong with nemz monkaW AuFK: distNep Nazzet: AYAYA ela7 rica235: Hey @chat ! Just wanted to invite you all to the weeb meetings that me and @Elajjaz run every weekend on our local Uni with fellow weebs! We watch anime, learn how to talk to pillow girls and listen to EPIC ANIME INTRO SONGS. Come join us! AYAYA GlTGUD: i like to think kasu is talking now Darth_Kredol: AlienPls AkaTsubaki_: iron95Pls Darth_Kredol: PepoDance kurpajutra: PabloPls Jaargan: nemz is a sociopath monkaw FanHeiBai: daley_ is so bad elaWeird Deathmones: AYAYA Ansdr: PabloPls chudysensei: @rica235, elaWeird EntropyFull: @Elajjaz Kitkat or Snickers? elaOP 󠀀 ekcolocke: that elaOP looks like it’s opening its mouth to chomp SaixSoul: PepoDance GlTGUD: *kaspu even Darth_Kredol: ppHop overanglingchair: overanglingchair subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 16 months! WrestlerBot2000: @overanglingchair After 16 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM rica235: FeelsWeirdMan KaitoKidShadow: ok rica Nopileos: SUB HYPE overanglingchair POGGERS chrisw_de: VaN TyrantZedd: ekcolocke I’m doing awful and I havew no excuses PepeHands SirBrundolf: ricardoFlick PepeHands Ansdr: WutFace Floating_Hedgehog: WutFace Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh EntropyFull: elaMad rofIcopter: ElaSmash Polebegood: LULW Sunshinewalker: WutFace AkaTsubaki_: ElaSmash Nopileos: WutFace rikze5: ElaSmash SaixSoul: hahah PepeLaugh CrystalTeardrop: cirD Jaargan: elaWut HEIL_MODS_: elaKek AtTh3Gates: elaMad maxk137: ricardoFlick ChibiKuro: @rica235 nice nepSmug Deathmones: 1,2 ash elaBruv Darth_Kredol: FeelsPepoMan Gurnak: WAN AYAYA TU AYAYA ASH AYAYA iSorf: elaEZ rica235: Yo @Elajjaz ! Weeb jokes aside, I love your hoodie todaykitkat Zalinero_: kit kat is the one true bar Norttii: snickers DansGame Punlshed_Snake: snickers>everything else>kit kat LickMyPretzel: Snickers is a bit overrated elaHmm but still good Omgturev: Any thoughts about Death Stranding trailer Ela? Hellu: k4iley you are wrong elaMad ekcolocke: kitkat 👉 bin fenniksss: PepeHands RIP DALEY k4iley: ela is wrong elaMad Kaspu: @daley_ FeelsLateMan Xerenix: Just make a second pack with other ones KitchTowel: Nemz voice pack? elaKek Gurnak: kitkat Clap seydanator: snickers would kill me ๐Ÿ™ fenniksss: HIS PING IS FUCKED PepeHands daley_: whoops TyrantZedd: daley_ elaWeird Polebegood: elaGa … akmannen: the YOINK is the best HaterDave: Kit Kat is only properly eaten without breaking them apart Hellu: daley_ IKEALUL MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh ssssip: how about Mars>snickers=kitkat b_ikki: FeelsWeirdMan Ansdr: Snickers are way better than kitkat DansGame Daedro: LULW AkaTsubaki_: daley_ FeelsWeirdMan abysswatches: Did you know that the spaces cut between kitkats are used to make pens. SeriousSloth Darth_Kredol: u mot 3Head squashlord: LULW Androsix: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW shruu: FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: LULW nekro793: OMEGADOWN GoAkke: daley plays OMEGALUL mentalvary: PepeLaugh ComradeNerdy: Snickers ice cream>other bars ice cream elaOP rica235: timing LULW Jaargan: elaGa lucas_dogg: Lettuce>>>>>>>>>>kitkat=snickers REMUSXXXL: OMEGADOWN Valtha: nepSmug Monster5crak: elaBruv Mehukas_Sieni: LULW EntropyFull: @daley_ FeelsLateMan Darth_Kredol: u wot m8 3Head AtTh3Gates: LULW ekcolocke: @daley_ addicted to chat elaWeird daley_: i would normally be dead at this point ChibiKuro: nepSmug Clap RonsuDE: FeelsWeirdMan rainbowhorsehead: LULW UltraWindow: snickers used to be my breakfast in highschool FeelsGoodMan payprice: PepeHands ZebraStriker: tactical camping FeelsWeirdMan daley_: i forgot i was still playing AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh Ansdr: elaKek nekro793: AYAYA Norttii: vip plays Deathmones: AYAYA AlcatraZ567: AYAYA Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh Nopileos: AYAYA chrisw_de: WeirdChamp Trynchen: AYAYA Gurnak: AYAYA RonsuDE: AYAYA NosBleid: elaYA k4iley: nestle crunch candy bars thoooooo LazyNewb: PepeLaugh 0xSaisaki: hihihihihihi AYAYA ChibiKuro: 2huAYAYA ekcolocke: nepSmug hihihi maxk137: AYAYA Abbynaire: @UltraWindow what the fuck Slaps_Giving: AYAYA Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh Prosskull0517: AYAYA GlTGUD: @daley_ AYAYA payprice: AYAYA Hehehehe Nopileos: AYAYA AYAYA TryHardTony: SWALLOW MY CUM Pog Nanashi_Sakamoto: elaYA fenniksss: @daley_ coop to kill ela Punlshed_Snake: Somehow nemz raving non stop is 100x less annoying then the weeb sounds ))))) NotLikeThis (((((( chrisw_de: gachiBOP StarBoredom: ela is actually in a good spot, will he lose? k4iley: D: Jaargan: gachiBASS Darth_Kredol: ok gachiBASS Polebegood: pepeJAM Slaps_Giving: D: wandering_pleb: elaGasm gulshan1: gachiBOP MrCosmonafft: Save second nerdy PepeHands 0xSaisaki: pepeJAM Le_Hunter: gachiBASS maxk137: gachiGASM Darth_Kredol: elaK Nopileos: gachiBASS AlcatraZ567: elaK Ansdr: Kapp k4iley: elaK Trynchen: Not me ๐Ÿ™‚ seydanator: elaK King_Insane: elaK ComradeNerdy: then you need to snus elaHAA Monster5crak: gachiBASS 0xSaisaki: elaK Kindermaxilol: @Elajjaz Btw Ela you probably dont know but there were a game medley tournament in France few weeks ago, and the duo won on a 1 game only on Worms with a Banana Bomb and get the cashprize with that (40K€) that was amazing Ansdr: PepeUff LickMyPretzel: PepeUff Coil_Hype: gachiBASS AtTh3Gates: elaK get him boys 0xSaisaki: oof Nopileos: elaK KaitoKidShadow: ElaUff Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: W Chag RMS DamonDaNerd: elaK bonusyatina: ela12 ekcolocke: elaKek Darth_Kredol: PepeUff KaitoKidShadow: PepeUff rofIcopter: WeirdChamp Ansdr: FeelsWeirdMan SirBrundolf: WeirdChamp Hellu: FeelsWeirdMan Floating_Hedgehog: FeelsWeirdMan Norttii: elaWeird MrCosmonafft: FeelsWeirdMan Kananmuna1: Forsen lost to artorias PepeLaugh Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan Darth_Kredol: PepeUff 💨 ueberkobi: elaWeird ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd nepSmug Clap Androsix: elaWeird Gurnak: Pog shruu: FeelsWeirdMan Aeonll: FeelsWeirdMan ssssip: FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: FeelsWeirdMan Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp weebs chrisw_de: FeelsWeirdMan Kaspu: Don’t bully him chat PepeHands AkaTsubaki_: Kaspu nepSmug Clap Jaargan: elaWeird Kananmuna1: WeirdChamp Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz That’s so not me nepSmug Monster5crak: elaWeird Nazzet: W OMEGALUL W Floating_Hedgehog: WeirdChamp lord_rimheart: the ela play elaWeird ComradeNerdy: Weirds for life WeirdChamp Darth_Kredol: WeirdChamp DamnDutchman: WeirdChamp weebs LickMyPretzel: Weebs have no shame Slaps_Giving: nepSmug 0xSaisaki: coward weebs elaMad TryHardTony: SWALLOW MY CUM PogU Tattip: VaN prynnibr: roo4 webs SantanaDVXFan: hes in last place; whenever @Elajjaz is in last place, you run and hide just as much Darth_Kredol: mads for life elaMad MrCosmonafft: Ela’s weird play waiting room FeelsLateMan oOFr3ak0utOo: Weebs for President!!! VauntDanial: 1 2 ash 3head Raydia_: ComradeNerdy Nerdy’s for life elaH VauntDanial: 1 2 ash 3Head ComradeNerdy: Raydia_ elaA JoHoOoOo: @Elajjaz Wait, what happened, didn’t you were playing Layers Of Fears 2? ekcolocke: tomato clan raise your tomatos! elaMad elaMad elaMad Hellu: LULW Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh 0xSaisaki: 1 2 ass 1 2 ass 1 2 ass gachiBASS Slaps_Giving: oddoneBakana NautilusV2: @Elajjaz STOP TEAMING UP ON ME! elaMad fenniksss: @ComradeNerdy you will not die, I got you fam elaC LickMyPretzel: elaMad no k4iley: @Raydia_ elaHYUG UltraWindow: nemz has no chill Darth_Kredol: elaMad only mad in here TheGoldenCobra: elaMad ComradeNerdy: fenniksss Pog TyrantZedd: elaMad Nazzet: D: KaitoKidShadow: D: Kananmuna1: D: Darth_Kredol: SHUT UP elaMad JoHoOoOo: Oh ekcolocke: @LickMyPretzel 🍅 who said that Kaspu: PepeLaugh seydanator: elaD Raydia_: @k4iley hello fifiHug Caput_Draconis: elaD AkaTsubaki_: IKEALUL DamnDutchman: D: Nopileos: elaD chrisw_de: 4HEad JoHoOoOo: Okay elaYes Kananmuna1: IKEALUL k4iley: was LOF2 good? i was packing and missed it ๐Ÿ™ MrCosmonafft: 4HEad Jaargan: elaD elaD 0xSaisaki: gasai lakki AYAYA Sunshinewalker: IKEALUL ->4Head LickMyPretzel: @k4iley no k4iley: oof……………… GlTGUD: free crate AYAYA k4iley: i was so hyped for it PepeHands ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: LULW Habitual_Balance: @k4iley I’d rather watch you packing than LOF2 k4iley: LOL Vespion: man these heads ingame make you look fat Hellu: IKEALUL fenniksss: ? BritishPatternBalding: @Elajjaz did u watch godzilla chrisw_de: PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: ? Kaspu: @daley_ OMEGADOWN rofIcopter: ??? k4iley: @Habitual_Balance yikes KappatainHindsight: LULW TaLLaHaSsii: AYAYA 0xSaisaki: ?????????????? the_dofn: ??? Ansdr: VapeNation ? Lykouleon: monkaW High? Nopileos: ??? Floating_Hedgehog: ??? Polebegood: elaGa AkaTsubaki_: ????????????? Darth_Kredol: PepeUff mew182: very high? ekcolocke: @Elajjaz I like your new emote but you should add some detail like an angry face or something, I think it would look good 🍅 dosakarud: ??? Kappa DigitalZips: Let it not be said that Ela doesn’t finish games. JoHoOoOo: O O F Punlshed_Snake: nice one PepeLaugh Sunshinewalker: LUL King_Insane: elaKek Nazzet: 4Shrug ??????? Jaargan: elaGa ??? AtTh3Gates: ?????? Actually_Toxic: the kitkat! DamonDaNerd: very VapeNation? MrCosmonafft: insane Darth_Kredol: PepeUff O O F Lasdalias: 5Head plays Daedro: INSUFFICIENT INTELLIGENCE LULW Habitual_Balance: @k4iley yea it was really hard to follow KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA PillTheBomb: forsen just decided to quit like 2 hours in LULW @Elajjaz Lykouleon: monkaTOS smoking pot King_Insane: “insufficient intelligence” PERFECT Istog: it was better k4iley: disappointing ๐Ÿ™ @Habitual_Balance 91player: POGGERS fenniksss: NOOOOOOOOOOOO WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Ansdr: monkaW Istog: i mean the first elaSmile Darth_Kredol: OMEGLOL AlcatraZ567: LULW Hellu: monkaW UltraWindow: 2h into an any% run PepeLaugh Norttii: monkaW MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh ekcolocke: elaKek Nopileos: monkaW Reddinator: LULW ClappingKappa: WutFace Gurnak: LULW DamnDutchman: monkaW Nazzet: Pog Sunshinewalker: WutFace LickMyPretzel: OMEGALUL k4iley: fuck ME thats LOUD] AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh AkaTsubaki_: Pog Annonn140: LULW Caput_Draconis: monkaW Daedro: OMEGADOWN NICE TIMING chrisw_de: ricardoFlick Redonkules: WutFace Zeret: WutFace jehanp0: will you finish fatal frame 2? @elajjaz Jaargan: monkaW mentalvary: LULW Kaspu: OMEGALUL SaixSoul: WutFace llwyd: monkaS Podriquez: LULW lord_rimheart: Pog Nopileos: WutFace Qviss: LULW Kananmuna1: LULW orangethemaster: LULW Ansdr: elaKek Daedro: AHAHAHAAHAHAAHH Denact: lmao BroqRox: LUL BobTheDrunkBear: LULW Nazzet: LULW JoHoOoOo: D: EntropyFull: PepeHands ricardoFlick LazyNewb: monkaSHAKE ChibiKuro: nepSmug 🚬 Clap Nopileos: LULW Darth_Kredol: PepeUff Punlshed_Snake: LULW FUCKED TheH3llraiser: LULW b_ikki: 5Head Le_Hunter: ricardoFlick DevilTaYZ: monkaW ekcolocke: BULLZEYE DamnDutchman: ok gachiBASS Qviss: OMEGADOWN Lykouleon: gachiBASS 0xSaisaki: SNIPERD Chag HEIL_MODS_: elaKek MrCosmonafft: WOT rikze5: PepeHands ricardoFlick LickMyPretzel: WOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Daedro: THAT SCREAMS PERFECT OMEGADOWN dosakarud: UHHH gachiBASS Spataprouch: LUL this aim dragonica: watch SaixSoul: WOOTS nekro793: uragirimono elaB J0hnnyBlade: @Elajjaz twitch just updated the interface and made everyone’s pfp cropped as a square, but you are fine since it was square anyway FeelsGoodMan JoHoOoOo: elaKek Darth_Kredol: U WOT M8 elaBruv maxk137: AYAYA TryHardTony: SWALLOW MY CUM PogU payprice: Uragirimono AYAYA GluteusCortex: Uragirimono 😡 chrisw_de: nepSmug AtTh3Gates: poor neighbours elaWeird J0hnnyBlade: wasn’t* Istog: elaWut dragonica: machigasai ekcolocke: I still wanna hear Nemz REE since you mentioned it and almost broke your vocal cords trying to do it elaKEk Jaargan: ??? ekcolocke: elaKek MrCosmonafft: Kapp payprice: LUL J0hnnyBlade: wasit no I mean circle elaGa fenniksss: ????????? Kaspu: ?????? TyrantZedd: elaHmm rikze5: Clap Hellu: IKEALUL Ansdr: Clap lord_rimheart: elaWeird UltraWindow: ??? Spataprouch: ??????? LickMyPretzel: wut Nopileos: Clap nekro793: ???? OMEGADOWN Deathmones: ????????? Lykouleon: Clap 91player: LUL AkaTsubaki_: ???????????????? Reddinator: danKEK Kaelrasha: ?????????????? Nazzet: IKEALUL Odins_pecs: PepeLaugh seydanator: ?????????????? Jaargan: elaGa RandonLoLPlayer: Clap Gurnak: LULW Kananmuna1: elaKek Nopileos: Clap Clap dosakarud: gachiBASS KappatainHindsight: FeelsWeirdMan Smough: sub stream onlys Pog Myowa_: ???????????? freak__devil: ???? s3am0nkey: ?? b_ikki: Clap not_wintermute: ???????????????? k4iley: gachiBASS Darth_Kredol: 5Head Prosskull0517: gachiBASS mickeyos95: ??????? PillTheBomb: gachiBASS 0xSaisaki: PogU Le_Hunter: gachiBASS mocaffe: looool DevilTaYZ: gachiBASS gachiBASS mentalvary: FeelsPepoMan Clap Nopileos: gachiBASS Qviss: 5Head matlej85: LUL Deathmones: sub only stream Pog GluteusCortex: uragirimono means traitor , chat , you gotta put an angry face behind that not ayaya 😡 bunch of fake weebs 😡 ChibiKuro: gachiGASM b_ikki: FeelsWeirdMan kloowz: ela, what is the next game that youre gonna play? Punlshed_Snake: I think he thought map loops or something PepeLaugh MrCosmonafft: FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: 4Shrug Lotharl: @Elajjaz You look like Simon Pegg atm LULW Kaspu: PepeLaugh Nazzet: Pog ? Kananmuna1: FeelsWeirdMan Nazzet: LULW Ansdr: Clap x2 Hellu: LULW plays Lykouleon: Pog UltraWindow: ?? freak__devil: LULW ueberkobi: elaWeird DigitalZips: elaWeird Kaelrasha: ???????????? LickMyPretzel: that box did nothing wrong b_ikki: Clap ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Qviss: 5Head Clap Jarburt: I N S A N E plays Darth_Kredol: FeelsPepoMan x2 Spataprouch: ?????????,, dosakarud: gachiBASS Clap RandonLoLPlayer: Clap wandering_pleb: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird Punlshed_Snake: Did everyone in this game have a stroke or something? Res_Quant: single digit IQ Jaargan: FeelsWeirdMan 0xSaisaki: but why? elaMad uncledickbutt: AYAYA 🔫 FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: At least i’m trying 4Shrug Darth_Kredol: elaWeird Spataprouch: NA plays UltraWindow: this game is surreal Da_Flanker: Forsen rage quit OMEGALUL ZebraStriker: paid actors elaWeird StrongNico: forsen rage Darth_Kredol: 4Shrug MrCosmonafft: 4Shrug WisdomDota: @Elajjaz https://clips.twitch.tv/EmpathicCoyGorillaMingLee Pochiie_: Forsen Rage quit OMEGALUL dosakarud: gachiBASS k4iley: @fenniksss kick ela’s butt elaMad WisdomDota: @Elajjaz forsen rage quit AkaTsubaki_: TyrantZedd nepSmug Clap KaitoKidShadow: suction Nox15: fosen rage quit PepeLaugh nekro793: nepSmug cheeze____: PepeHands forsen Raptoe: Forsen rage quit LULW Zygon___: forsenJoy Kananmuna1: Clap BroqRox: gachiVICTORY WisdomDota: https://clips.twitch.tv/EmpathicCoyGorillaMingLee seqone: F OMEGADOWN RSEN talkman_: PepeLaugh forsen rq ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd at least you didn’t forget you were playing, like some people elaOk CrystalTeardrop: TyrantZedd loved the work in the tombstones cantaHug Foxxy2013: LULW F OMEGALUL R S E N maxk137: OMEGALUL Staig: forsenJoy WerewolfB: forsen lost a pb run and rq PepeLaugh mew182: tommykFEELS Kaspu: Forsen LULW talkman_: artorias too hard PepeLaugh RzecznikNierzadu: Forsen Rage quieTd OMEGALUL WisdomDota: RAGE QUIT terrbear3: F OMEGADOWN R S E N Brummeen: https://clips.twitch.tv/ObservantShinyFlyBIRB @Elajjaz WisdomDota: @Elajjaz BlackupV2: forsen is crying maraCry Liverpoc: LULW b_ikki: artorias too hard LULW Punlshed_Snake: PepeHands forsen taylor_omg: Forsen RQ FeelsBadMan TyrantZedd: ekcolocke Aye at least i’m not that pepo elaOk Foxxy2013: he ragequit LULW Darth_Kredol: dude 4Shrug is such a quality emote PepeLaugh bendtosquares: LULW QUITSEN LULW QUITSEN Da_Flanker: Call forsen, he’s crying seqone: forsenE 👈 PepeLaugh fenniksss: NOOOO TyrantZedd: CrystalTeardrop Thank you they are very cute AYAYA shigaraki: ragequit PepeLaugh fenniksss: DONT DO IT UltraWindow: kanYe Banguii: forsen ragequit FeelsBadMan LickMyPretzel: Artorias isn’t even hard wtf LULW talkman_: PepeLaugh ekcolocke: FUCK ANTI WEEBS elaGa Kananmuna1: SO BALD LULW SO MAD rikze5: PepeLaugh WisdomDota: https://clips.twitch.tv/EmpathicCoyGorillaMingLee MrCosmonafft: YeahBoi fenniksss: PepeHands Kaspu: PepeLaugh 👉 k4iley: LOL LazyNewb: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: Chag Sindro7: PROD! Nopileos: PepeLaugh AkaTsubaki_: kanYe Lykouleon: LUL mentalvary: Clap Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh 👉🏻 HeavyM4chineGun: PepeLaugh payprice: elaD not_wintermute: LULW OmnislashZ: he just plain end stream from pure rage quit Medicate3: PepeLaugh Daedro: gachiBASS SPANKED wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh MOOSE_08: turd akmannen: FBBlock Ansdr: PepeLaugh 👉 KappatainHindsight: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Kaelrasha: LULW DarkWingsAzrael: PepeLaugh 👉 k4iley: OMEGALUL nekro793: elaD LickMyPretzel: RIP daley 0xSaisaki: PepeUff Clap ima_molian: LUL Coil_Hype: PepeHands Polebegood: killing the anti weebs FeelsWeirdMan Neimyin: AYAYA terrbear3: PepeLaugh Ansdr: F Puzzlesen: PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: Not last FeelsGoodMan UltraWindow: died to prod kanYe MrCosmonafft: YeahBoi 👉 ekcolocke: 2 weeb teams nepSmug Ansdr: PepeHands lek233: PepeLaugh 👉>2:20 frostiiiiee: AYAYA RandonLoLPlayer: elaYA Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: PepeUff 👉🏻 Jaargan: PepeLaugh poor forsen PepeLaugh ChibiKuro: nepSmug nymnCorn kurpajutra: @daley_ PepeHands Puzzlesen: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: PepeLaugh Yusor183: AYAYAClapAYAYAClap Majonez1223: AYAYA Faronoa: AYAYA CUTE WORM hangedm4n: forsen just wanted to be like Elajjaz PepeHands Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp bullying autistic people in worms themostfowl: WEEBS WIN AGAIN LULW KaitoKidShadow: elaKek CaptainCrunched: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: QUITSEN LULW Yusor183: AYAYA WisdomDota: LUL terrbear3: LULW Daedro: gachiBASS Puzzlesen: “PB TODAY” PepeLaugh Annonn140: that clip LULW bendtosquares: LULW QUITSEN LULW QUITSEN Polebegood: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: LULW Darth_Kredol: PepeHands rofIcopter: elaD Coil_Hype: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: PepeLaugh Nopileos: PepeLaugh Aeonll: PepeLaugh Da_Flanker: OMEGALUL payprice: LULW Liverpoc: LULW Ansdr: elaKek Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh Deathmones: LULW dosakarud: gachiBASS BroqRox: LULW Pudntoogud: D: Kaspu: LULW Raptoe: LULW SirBrundolf: LULW CaptainCrunched: LULW monkeymatt1211: OMEGALUL Nopileos: LULW mrbreadberry: i feel really bad for Forsen for some reason ngl Hellu: LULW AtTh3Gates: elaD It_is_alive: LULW KaitoKidShadow: hahahaah Daedro: PepeLaugh Jaargan: PepeLaugh monkeymatt1211: OMEGALUL Clap Banguii: LULW fenniksss: D: LazyNewb: PepeLaugh hangedm4n: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW WisdomDota: @Elajjaz 4Head terrbear3: gachiBASS LickMyPretzel: lol Nopileos: LULW LULW Ansdr: OMEGADOWN WisdomDota: SHOW US Da_Flanker: OMEGADOWN bloodcaleb: gachiBOP PillTheBomb: LULW MrCosmonafft: Timing LULW bendtosquares: gachiBASS b_ikki: PepeLaugh DamnDutchman: gachiBASS frostiiiiee: PepeLaugh LeiHaut: OMEGADOWN dosakarud: gachiBASS UHH Zeret: LULW Da_Flanker: TIMING Annonn140: PepeLaugh TIMING monkeymatt1211: gachiBASS Faronoa: LUL SirBrundolf: gachiBASS payprice: PogU Nopileos: gachiBASS rikze5: VaN fuck you wandering_pleb: gachiBOP rathox97: TIMING freak__devil: TIMING OMEGADOWN frostiiiiee: AYAYA Zeret: timing LULW terrbear3: gachiBOP AtTh3Gates: LUL SirBrundolf: VaN GoAkke: you still have to watch my clip too ela PepeHands benamation: Wait what just happenend to J0hnnyBlade: gachiGASM 👌 Yusor183: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Kananmuna1: Weeb plays FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: IKLEALUL benamation: Layers of Fear 2 went away? fenniksss: OMEGALUL TyrantZedd: IKEALUL terrbear3: gachiBASS Liverpoc: Weebs FeelsWeirdMan cheeze____: he didn’t even do that badly he just couldn’t get past Arty FeelsBadMan seydanator: ?????????????? Yusor183: OMEGADOWN Spataprouch: This WEEB aim Pudntoogud: VaN Jaargan: elaWeird terrbear3: VaN Punlshed_Snake: nice play weeb WeirdChamp hangedm4n: trying to speedrun before you even learn how to play LULW benamation: @Elajjaz Oh awesome maxk137: TakeItBoi WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! dosakarud: gachiBASS terrbear3: gachiBASS Polebegood: gachiBASS ekcolocke: elaKek Pudntoogud: gachiBASS Clap BroqRox: gachiBASS TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz I made it so air strikes and shit don’t work well on this map elaOk KaitoKidShadow: gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiBASS gachiBASS Jaargan: gachiBASS Actually_Toxic: gachiBOP Kaspu: FeelsPepoMan bloodcaleb: VaN dosakarud: ?????????? terrbear3: gachiBOP mew182: fail UltraWindow: ??? mentalvary: FeelsWeirdMan nekro793: IKEALUL Yusor183: ???????? troublematicc: FeelsWeirdMan TheLastZael: ? Punlshed_Snake: actual pepega not_wintermute: ????? terrbear3: 3Head ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd fucking timing dude Pog bloodcaleb: 3Head Spataprouch: LIDL plays BobTheDrunkBear: 1 2 ash Jaargan: NotLikeThis lord_rimheart: taking a bite out of 3 bars elaOP Kananmuna1: 1 2 ash 3Head fenniksss: I was trying to destroy nepu mew182: top 10 oofs Habitual_Balance: Nemz laugh kills me there seydanator: elaK Darth_Kredol: FeelsPepoMan WerewolfB: 1 2 asth 3Head terrbear3: TriHard ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd proved right a literal second later TyrantZedd: ekcolocke Totally planned elaOk ElaPls terrbear3: ANELE DeadBart: ANELE talkman_: ANELE idk kev Pudntoogud: ANELE Ansdr: monkaW Nopileos: ANELE DakuSouru: ANELE Clap Xerenix: ANELE hangedm4n: monkaW ekcolocke: bombur Kananmuna1: ANELE Kaelrasha: PepeUff Darth_Kredol: PepeUff O O F lngleberry: OOF LickMyPretzel: exactly what it sounds like TyrantZedd: elaPlan Punlshed_Snake: ANELE Me Gurnak: ANELE mizoreeee: monkaW maxk137: OMEGLOL BroqRox: monkaW Sindro7: ANELE Deid_: ANELE Lasdalias: 1 2 ass 3Head Nopileos: ANELE ANELE b_ikki: monkaS Kiros9999: Kamikaze? LickMyPretzel: ANELE LittleDarkOne75: a muslim Puzzlesen: PepeUff Da_Flanker: Bringer of peace nekro793: 👉 ANELE Yusor183: ANELE lord_rimheart: use it ANELE Darth_Kredol: elaD Kananmuna1: D: talkman_: D: KaitoKidShadow: gachire soru yo, korejiboi ni, fuisutingu wo, kommingu kommingu terrbear3: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: D: Nazzet: D: hangedm4n: D: Nopileos: D: TyrantZedd: Pog ekcolocke: FeelsWeirdMan Canopus: D: payprice: elaD Toxic Polebegood: PogU Raptoe: Nemz D: Caput_Draconis: D: Liverpoc: elaD Jaargan: elaD Kaspu: PogU Hellu: Pog BlackupV2: LUL dosakarud: gachiBASS Kananmuna1: Clap Darth_Kredol: eleMad GET OUT Kaelrasha: elaGasm Ansdr: Pog Nopileos: elaD LickMyPretzel: cam in the way FeelsWeirdMan Gam3freak99: Pog MrCosmonafft: gachiBASS DamnDutchman: gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASS KaitoKidShadow: D: superlight_: Pog ThatLuluTho: HandsUp Darth_Kredol: elaMad GET OUT ima_molian: Pog HeavyM4chineGun: Pog mentalvary: Clap 0xSaisaki: IKEALUL Minn_Minn: cam blocked it LULW wandering_pleb: elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm amaterasu_chase: D: Visualocity: nrdyD Nopileos: Pog Kindermaxilol: 200IQ elaD UltraWindow: cam was in the way FeelsWeirdMan Lasdalias: Chag Le_Hunter: gachiBASS Xerenix: elaK b_ikki: couldnt see FeelsWeirdMan BobTheDrunkBear: elaK UltraWindow: it didnt happen WeirdChamp KappatainHindsight: who knows 4Shrug RandonLoLPlayer: elaK Actually_Toxic: didnt see it didnt happen Minn_Minn: elaK right Nopileos: elaK EntropyFull: LITERALLY Chag ueberkobi: elaK Norttii: cam was in the way so didn’t count elaMad KaitoKidShadow: maybe seydanator: elaMad Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! elaMad akmannen: who made this map? its quite something rikze5: TriHard Clap dosakarud: TriHard Raptoe: TriHard Qviss: didnt happen REMUSXXXL: if only you could proof it LULW Kepucz: i saw it Pog hangedm4n: PepeLaugh lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz if chat didnt see it didnt happen elaMad MrCosmonafft: Chag kloowz: @Elajjaz , WHAT IS THE NEXT GAME THAT YOURE GONNA PLAY? DakuSouru: TriHard ing EntropyFull: TriHard Gurnak: Pog AYAYA ekcolocke: elaK Ansdr: TriHard elaGun Le_Hunter: TriHard 7 ssssip: TriHard Clap Darth_Kredol: elaEZ elaGun Kaelrasha: elaK Kaspu: LULW Kananmuna1: LULW Visualocity: TriHard ekcolocke: elaK uhuh payprice: LULW Norttii: elaK ChibiKuro: PepeLaugh Nopileos: elaK elaK Da_Flanker: LULW KaitoKidShadow: gachiBASS FUCKED Yusor183: elaK ClappingKappa: WeirdChamp b_ikki: FeelsWeirdMan GoAkke: FeelsWeirdMan ueberkobi: elaWeird Terpilo: FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: I can’t move LULW hangedm4n: WeirdChamp fenniksss: Can we get a FeelsWeirdMan to this person? Nick_Zero: elaWeird Polebegood: FeelsWeirdMan ….. ssssip: FeelsWeirdMan Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp weebs Puzzlesen: LULW Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan WrestlerBot2000: https://twitter.com/Elajjaz | https://youtube.com/Elajjaz | https://www.instagram.com/elajjaz | Snapchat: notelajjaz | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/elajjaz Myowa_: elaWeird Kananmuna1: elaWeird Jaargan: FeelsWeirdMan Kaspu: @TyrantZedd WeirdChamp 0xSaisaki: weebs PepeUff Clixx: elaWeird Tamahowk: FeelsWeirdMan wandering_pleb: FeelsWeirdMan ekcolocke: nepSmug Clap Visualocity: nrdyE Redonkules: FeelsWeirdMan Gam3freak99: FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: Next horror game he plays is gonna be Undying ๐Ÿ™‚ Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Ansdr: elaHmm Qviss: yeah fight while fenniks wins Kaelrasha: Ponyo ? Gurnak: ” Champ ” wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp gulshan1: WHo is this person FeelsWeirdMan Aeonll: FeelsWeirdMan Mi2Lethal: Forsen ragequit DS1 LULW MrCosmonafft: FeelsWeirdMan cheeze____: Is this tf2? someone is better than you they’re a tryhard? elaKek Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Liverpoc: FeelsWeirdMan mentalvary: FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: @Kaspu I can’t move left or right NotLikeThis Autumn_Flare: FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan Lim3Fru1t: FeelsWeirdMan Jaargan: elaWeird this guy i0wnswag: oreo? Marghanis: danGachi Ajahi: Actually stuck OMEGALUL Jarburt: elaWeird Puzzlesen: nymnWeird IkkisFTW: WeirdChamp Smough: weeb plays FeelsWeirdMan Pudntoogud: gachiBASS Clap TheLastZael: billyReady Tamahowk: gachiBASS Darth_Kredol: WeiredChamp dragonica: and ass we go Darth_Kredol: WeirdChamp bloodcaleb: gachiVICTORY ait0re: LULW maxk137: gachiBASS ima_molian: Wut Darth_Kredol: fuk me FeelsPepoMan Visualocity: gachiBASS Kaelrasha: LULW UltraWindow: FeelsBadMan hangedm4n: AngelThump Kaspu: LULW Ansdr: monkaW Nopileos: LULW rafalbrew1: monkaW Caput_Draconis: LULW ekcolocke: monkaW Canopus: OMEGALUL LickMyPretzel: monkaX Kananmuna1: SAVED Pog tunnelvisionary: monkaW b_ikki: monkaW Hellu: monkaW Ansdr: elaKek Marghanis: danO Darth_Kredol: elaC mentalvary: monkaW Lasdalias: monkaX Kepucz: LUL MrCosmonafft: OMEGADOWN Nopileos: monkaW fenniksss: CALCULATED Jaargan: monkaW fenniksss: @Elajjaz DONT l_Glaten_l: Ponyo? fenniksss: YOU HEAR ME fenniksss: @Elajjaz DONT YOU DARE ChibiKuro: GG nepSmug 7 fenniksss: @Elajjaz NO Darth_Kredol: YOINK 3Head Kananmuna1: cmonBruh Jaargan: yoink elaBruv Kaelrasha: WOW monkeymatt1211: TriHard Clap Sunshinewalker: monkaW Wheels82: LULW nekro793: elaKek MrCosmonafft: LULW Lasdalias: WeirdChamp lord_rimheart: elaYes it has to be done s3am0nkey: LULW Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Xerenix: PepeLaugh MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh nonono fenniksss: HAHAH Kaspu: LULW TyrantZedd: LULW Polebegood: PepeLaugh hangedm4n: D: rikze5: LULW Norttii: elaKek lord_rimheart: elaWeird Caput_Draconis: PepeLaugh ekcolocke: OMEGADOWN Ansdr: elaHmm DeadBart: D: ueberkobi: LUL Canopus: D: Wheels82: IKEALUL Nopileos: LUL Le_Hunter: LULW Jaargan: LULW Redonkules: LuL nekro793: IKEALUL not_wintermute: LULW Ajahi: elaKek Kindermaxilol: elaK Kaelrasha: elaK 0xSaisaki: elaK RandonLoLPlayer: IKEALUL Floating_Hedgehog: NO IT WASNT LULW AkaTsubaki_: sure PepeLaugh Pudntoogud: VaN dragonica: you tried Nopileos: elaK s3am0nkey: Kappa yazdes: that map FeelsDankMan WrestlerBot2000: New hot spicy Humble Bundle is here including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Edition, Support me and Charity at the same time elaOk 👉 : https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=Elajjaz DigitalZips: @Elajjaz elaWeird maxk137: IKEALUL Albin_Alligator: AYAYA Polebegood: elaGa elaPlan Puzzlesen: nymnWeird nekro793: elaK UltraWindow: insane Actually_Toxic: finna get clapped rafalbrew1: elaK StarBoredom: ela1 ela2 Aeonll: elaK Yusor183: elaK Nopileos: elaK elaK Lim3Fru1t: elaK Xerenix: elaK EntropyFull: LITERALLY Chag Puzzlesen: Kapp ueberkobi: elaK fenniksss: @k4iley im literally sweting MrCosmonafft: CoolStoryBob wandering_pleb: elaK AlcatraZ567: elaK Kaelrasha: I N S A N E Splench: elaK Darth_Kredol: elaK akmannen: PixelBob PixelBob VoteNay Gam3freak99: CoolStoryBob matlej85: elaK elaK elaK elaK 0xSaisaki: elaMad elaPlan Nopileos: elaK AtTh3Gates: elaK Sunshinewalker: OMEGADOWN ClappingKappa: WeirdChamp Aeonll: FeelsWeirdMan fenniksss: WOW Terpilo: FeelsWeirdMan cheeze____: holy shit SO cocky elaKek Kaspu: ๐Ÿ™‚ rikze5: FeelsWeirdMan Puzzlesen: nymnWeird rafalbrew1: FeelsWeirdMan Redonkules: Pog Abbynaire: elaWeird Lim3Fru1t: FeelsWeirdMan Kaspu ekcolocke: FeelsWeirdMan troublematicc: FeelsWeirdMan fenniksss: FeelsWeirdMan ueberkobi: elaWeird Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan kurpajutra: @Kaspu elaWeird UltraWindow: FeelsWeirdMan kaspu Caput_Draconis: FeelsWeirdMan mentalvary: FeelsWeirdMan Darth_Kredol: elaWeird Norttii: Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan b_ikki: FeelsWeirdMan Yusor183: Pog Clixx: FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu Floating_Hedgehog: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan BroqRox: FeelsWeirdMan Gam3freak99: WeirdChamp WeirdChamp WeirdChamp KappatainHindsight: FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Jaargan: FeelsWeirdMan Zgene: FeelsWeirdMan Ansdr: Tactical teleport ๐Ÿ™‚ Tamahowk: FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu Xerenix: elaWeird @Kaspu DeadBart: FeelsWeirdMan Qviss: WeirdChamp Jarburt: elaWeird DigitalZips: @Kaspu elaWeird REMUSXXXL: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan HeavyM4chineGun: WeirdChamp AkaTsubaki_: Kaspu nepSmug Clap ManjiRostad: FeelsWeirdMan s3am0nkey: 5Head ooO (3Head) Puzzlesen: FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu TheLastZael: FeelsWeirdMan holloWFortune: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan gulshan1: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan seydanator: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: @Kaspu nepSmug Clap Smough: fucking weebs FeelsWeirdMan Ajahi: FeelsWeirdMan LazyNewb: FeelsWeirdMan Canopus: Kaspu AYAYA AYAYA hangedm4n: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu Istog: elaK WITO: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan MrCosmonafft: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Kananmuna1: @Kaspu elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan WeirdChamp Jajalembang: FeelsOkayMan yazdes: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA dragonica: aaaaaaaa Darth_Kredol: PepeUff wandering_pleb: gachiBOP kurpajutra: LULW DeadBart: gachiBASS Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp EntropyFull: gachiBOP Tamahowk: gachiBASS Coil_Hype: LULW Norttii: gachiOnFIRE TheLastZael: gachiBASS Nopileos: gachiBOP vihainenkampela: VaN TyrantZedd: @fenniksss Why wont you die elaREE ImbaManu: YO has Ela seen the new Death Stranding Preoder-Trailer?!?!?!?!? It has finally a release date! DakuSouru: SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS NaM SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS NaM LickMyPretzel: ash MrCosmonafft: Ash BroqRox: ash lord_rimheart: elaYA UltraWindow: AYAYA wan tu RandonLoLPlayer: ash Pixel_hearts: ASH Qviss: ash Spataprouch: Ash nekro793: WAN AYAYA TU AYAYA Xerenix: WAN AYAYA TU AYAYA 0xSaisaki: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: ash Jaargan: @Kaspu elaWeird not like this gulshan1: ASH lucas_dogg: @Kaspu I believe in ur ability to kill the fake weeb PillTheBomb: weebs WeirdChamp Cel_13: bandai namco just sent me a key to play code vein from tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ im happy with this maxk137: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Albin_Alligator: Wan Tu AYAYA Sindro7: one, two, weeabo @Elajjaz princeinnovice: AYAYA will win Kaelrasha: No, thank you ! Ansdr: elaKek gulshan1: LUL MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: FeelsPepoMan EntropyFull: FeelsPepoMan BroqRox: LUL Spataprouch: LUL kurpajutra: Just get a donkey and kill them 4Head Nopileos: LUL Punlshed_Snake: Is bunker buster a thing in this? DeadBart: monkaS RandonLoLPlayer: we are too 5Head Kananmuna1: FeelsPepoMan gulshan1: FeelsPepoMan Daedro: 3Head rikze5: 3Head Polebegood: elaBruv DeadBart: elaBruv kurpajutra: Wait is that donkey in armageddon Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh talkman_: 3Head Ansdr: ppHop kloowz: what is the next game that your gonna play? AkaTsubaki_: FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: 3Head DamnDutchman: 3Head Kananmuna1: 1 2 ASH 3Head Jaargan: elaBruv CrystalTeardrop: Cel_13 grats naroWOW 0xSaisaki: 1 2 elaBruv Hellu: kurpajutra yep HorseManiac: Forsen ragequit OMEGALUL Skoutel: so pepo DeadBart: Who’s the elaBruv recorded? fenniksss: @TyrantZedd fuck you elaKek kurpajutra: @Hellu LUL Lycal: I fucking love worms streams FeelsGoodMan 👍 Kananmuna1: D: TyrantZedd: @fenniksss elaKek nekro793: D: Caput_Draconis: D: Xerenix: @Elajjaz Would be fun to have a streamer Worms battle payprice: elaD Toxic Canopus: D: D: MrCosmonafft: LULW Nopileos: D: LeiHaut: LUL Actually_Toxic: lol kloowz: i would like to see you play age of mythology amaterasu_chase: D: AkaTsubaki_: ??? ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN HYPERCLAP HorseManiac: D: UltraWindow: MIZAKI 3Head 0xSaisaki: not working PepeHands DamnDutchman: toxic strimmer FeelsBadMan unsub unfollow reported Maceron4444: what voice pack is that? LUL TryHardTony: ITS NOT WORKING Pepega GoAkke: weeb plays FeelsWeirdMan b_ikki: FeelsWeirdMan jehanp0: whos voice is that? TryHardTony: SWALLOW MY CUMMM PogU Qviss: get your WeirdChamp ready chat Lasdalias: FeelsLateMan Polebegood: weeb plays PepeUff nekro793: PepeHands nepSmug Autumn_Flare: This voicepack stopped being funny after the first time you used it FeelsWeirdMan 0xSaisaki: nepSmug Clap Punlshed_Snake: nice one kaspu WeirdChamp Xerenix: NepSmug Missed troublematicc: nepSmug wandering_pleb: FeelsWeirdMan Gam3freak99: FeelsWeirdManFeelsWeirdManFeelsWeirdManFeelsWeirdManFeelsWeirdMan gulshan1: FeelsWeirdMan bambino_86: FeelsWeirdMan TryHardTony: gachiHYPER Actually_Toxic: Ela monstrum 2 vs chat in the future? b_ikki: weeb plays FeelsWeirdMan King_Insane: Ela Voicepack would be awesome as well maxk137: gachiBASS fenniksss: Pog NEP PROTECTED NERDY Pog WEEBS SAVING GACHI Pog Kananmuna1: @Kaspu elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan WeirdChamp Puzzlesen: nymnWeird gulshan1: Weeb plays FeelsWeirdMan fenniksss: Pog NEP PROTECTED NERDY Pog WEEBS SAVING GACHI Pog Pog NEP PROTECTED NERDY Pog WEEBS SAVING GACHI Pog DeadBart: elaYes kurpajutra: PabloPls Xerenix: nepSmug Missed Puzzlesen: FeelsWeirdMan Gam3freak99: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Lasdalias: EljanPls DeadBart: FeelsWeirdMan ChibiKuro: avenge me nepSmug Pixel_hearts: ElaJAM KappatainHindsight: FeelsWeirdMan Sunshinewalker: FeelsWeirdMan EntropyFull: AlienPls Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan Jaargan: FeelsWeirdMan MsBlackDahlia: hi peeps PabloPls Chuami: ElaJAM BroqRox: FeelsWeirdMan zamsugger: FeelsWeirdMan BobTheDrunkBear: WeirdChamp Xerenix: @MsBlackDahlia elaA / UltraWindow: 5Head play DeadBart: Can you add monkaJAM ? lord_rimheart: 200 iq play mizoreeee: MsBlackDahlia evening essiSmile Punlshed_Snake: autism plays PepeLaugh MrCosmonafft: Suicide Chag SunstoneE: ElaJAMMER nekro793: 5Head actually MsBlackDahlia: Xerenix hi elaWOW Norttii: billys turn next RandonLoLPlayer: that’s the power play 5Head lord_rimheart: billy is next Ansdr: @MsBlackDahlia elaA doogPaw Yo Darth_Kredol: AlienPls gulshan1: Weeb plays OMEGLOL MsBlackDahlia: mizoreeee essiSmile GoAkke: LuL TheLastZael: HE DOESN’T KNOW PepeLaugh dokus09: dokus09 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 19 months! WrestlerBot2000: @dokus09 After 19 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM Jaargan: he deserves it LULW Nopileos: SUB HYPE dokus09 Pog ekcolocke: @Elajjaz quit complaining, he’s showing sportsmanship! elaMad Ansdr: pepeJAM LickMyPretzel: pepeJAM MsBlackDahlia: Ansdr elaWOW hi ! skywinghero: pepeJAM Caput_Draconis: pepeJAM Aeonll: pepeJAM Nopileos: pepeJAM Darth_Kredol: pepeJAM DeadBart: pepeJAM + monkaS 0xSaisaki: ElaJAM Kananmuna1: 1 2 ASH 3Head Norttii: PepeLaugh BroqRox: ElaJAMMER nekro793: elaKek Kaspu: LULW wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh Abbynaire: pepeJAM fenniksss: DONT UltraWindow: see 5Head play MrCosmonafft: Oh nononon PepeLaugh KappatainHindsight: 5Head LULW MsBlackDahlia: I am indeed, Elajjaz elaWOW gczero: neppy will get a turn first PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: Who’s the dumbass now @Elajjaz elaOk fenniksss: @Elajjaz ELA DONT kurpajutra: supasheep ZULUL fenniksss: @Elajjaz I KNOW YOU SEE IT ComradeNerdy: actual 5Head play Xerenix: Just use normal sheep maxk137: OMEGADOWN GoAkke: F ela nrdyKek Kindermaxilol: parachute icemochablunt: i normally use two fingers but when i think about ela i need three skywinghero: D: Polebegood: PogU fenniksss: NOOOOOOOOOO Kaspu: PogU Ansdr: Pog rafalbrew1: Pog Nopileos: PogU payprice: elaD Toxic Kindermaxilol: PogChamp MrCosmonafft: Pog UltraWindow: PogU EntropyFull: Chag Xerenix: Chag Kananmuna1: Chag Joxih: this map pog tunnelvisionary: PogU tbchan: PogU Lasdalias: Pog AkaTsubaki_: fenniksss PepeLaugh fenniksss: ROMANSPRING PepeHands Jaargan: Chag wandering_pleb: PogU Nopileos: Chag Qviss: Chag LazyNewb: Chag not_wintermute: Clap Actually_Toxic: toxic kurpajutra: OUTSTANDING MOVE Chag vihainenkampela: LULW Le_Hunter: PogU skywinghero: AYAYA Clap UltraWindow: 2″cock>5Head Kananmuna1: Weeb plays elaWeird TheMoltenGuy: WTF IS THIS A WORMS STREAM? Pog amaterasu_chase: Ela dont like us :/ Ansdr: FeelsLateMan maxk137: AYAYA b_ikki: weeb plays FeelsWeirdMan EntropyFull: 120 IQ play SeemsGood ClappingKappa: WeirdChamp Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp Qviss: WeirdChamp Clap rafalbrew1: FeelsWeirdMan MrCosmonafft: FeelsWeirdMan GoAkke: FeelsWeirdMan rikze5: elaWeird Sunshinewalker: weebs FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: kaspu plays elaWeird fenniksss: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan Xerenix: @Kaspu elaWeird payprice: AYAYA Weebs Storong Polebegood: FeelsWeirdMan WeirdChamp elaWeird Gam3freak99: FeelsWeirdMan lord_rimheart: elaWeird Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp Norttii: Kaspu elaWeird Visualocity: no1LOVE Tamahowk: FeelsWeirdMan ssssip: FeelsWeirdMan ueberkobi: elaWeird KappatainHindsight: FeelsWeirdMan rofIcopter: elaWeird Albin_Alligator: Weeb Heroes Clap2 AYAYA Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Kaspu Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Darth_Kredol: \elaWeird Jajalembang: FeelsWeirdMan Darth_Kredol: elaWeird Jaargan: FeelsWeirdMan wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp Lim3Fru1t: WeirdChamp Kaspu WeirdChamp Kaspu skywinghero: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Ansdr: if Kaspu is Cute Team, who is Weebs 4 Life? elaHmm Polebegood: PepeLaugh LickMyPretzel: rip van ekcolocke: nepSmug Clap kurpajutra: Is that AoM stream gonna be 24h? Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh PepeLaugh Kaspu: PogU EntropyFull: PepeHands VaN UltraWindow: PepeLaugh TheMoltenGuy: LULW TyrantZedd: Ansdr It’s me nepSmug MsBlackDahlia: POGGERS Qviss: 5Head Tamahowk: LULW gulshan1: MIYAZAKI 0xSaisaki: MIZAKI Lasdalias: MIZAKI Pog chudysensei: LULW 󠀀 AlcatraZ567: DansGame UltraWindow: here we go ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL Doully92: LULW DamnDutchman: monkaW Norttii: PepeLaugh Kananmuna1: AoM stream? Chag Ansdr: @TyrantZedd of course elaISee ❗ Kaspu: ✋ WeirdChamp Daedro: monkaW rikze5: CoolStoryBob Gurnak: mizaki is a hack Clap gadrus: DansGame TryHardTony: FORESKIN Pog LickMyPretzel: elaWeird nemz tHaH4x0r: Pog Sindro7: hey Jajalembang: LULW Liransherman: elaS rofIcopter: WeirdChamp TryHardTony: FORESKIN PogU Redonkules: ??? Jaargan: he’s gonna lose to the weebs elaKek King_Insane: now we’ll all dream about doing that elaKek Ixcariot: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: WeirdChamp AlcatraZ567: yikes Rodriwastaken: monkaW Liransherman: elaS elaS elaS TryHardTony: CLEANING IT PogU TyrantZedd: @Ansdr It’s also my map elaOP Corpsy: LOL SaixSoul: PepeLaugh Spataprouch: LUL Medicate3: no amaterasu_chase: ??? Darth_Kredol: elaWeird ✋ Coil_Hype: DansGame Ansdr: elaWeird Nopileos: LOL ekcolocke: FeelsGoodMan Yusor183: ??????????? Kaelrasha: elaWeird Sunshinewalker: WeirdChamp Liransherman: nemz explain elaS vihainenkampela: wait what artoflec: FeelsWeirdMan Ansdr: @TyrantZedd that I know ๐Ÿ˜€ Dryd_keepomaster: rooBlank Caput_Draconis: elaWeird Lycal: timing gachiOnFIRE BroqRox: WutFace TheMoltenGuy: Nemz such a legend 0xSaisaki: shitty life hacks LUL fenniksss: Shit CandleLitKettle: can confirm works great LULW Niloomilo: elaKek Visualocity: rooWut Medicate3: I clean my dick with water nemz Kaspu: OMEGADOWN mizoreeee: it actually feels good fenniksss: missplay TyrantZedd: LULW sir_spirit1050: I joined at the wierdest time Polebegood: LULW Spataprouch: FeelsWeebMan rafalbrew1: LULW cheeze____: I can’t believe he actually said that unironically on stream mizoreeee: wait what nrdyS Ansdr: ???? tunnelvisionary: LULW Nopileos: LULW tbchan: LULW lord_rimheart: LUL Norttii: LULW b_ikki: LULW ueberkobi: OMEGADOWN UltraWindow: LULW GoAkke: LuL Virhaed: LULW TheMoltenGuy: @fenniksss LULW Jaargan: LULW fenniksss: @Elajjaz YOU WILL NOT DO IT ELA nekro793: LULW ??? Kananmuna1: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW LULW KappatainHindsight: LULW AkaTsubaki_: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh fenniksss: NOT NERDY wandering_pleb: PepeLaugh ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN prynnibr: rooBlank BobTheDrunkBear: 1 2 ash Ansdr: ppHop Actually_Toxic: shroud200 Yusor183: OMEGADOWN Punlshed_Snake: nice one fenniksss PepeLaugh Daedro: ass gachiBASS Polebegood: PogU Kaspu: PogU Ansdr: elaKek DamnDutchman: 1,2,ass gachiPASS SaixSoul: Pog Darth_Kredol: elaEZ LickMyPretzel: dat aim GoAkke: OMEGALUL Nopileos: PogU Jaargan: 1 2 ASS elaGasm b_ikki: PepeHands UltraWindow: Chag Reddinator: LULW ComradeNerdy: PepeHands betrayal Le_Hunter: Pog Qviss: LULW DamnDutchman: gachiBASS lord_rimheart: billy getting all the free kills fenniksss: @ComradeNerdy Dude, Ela just killed you themostfowl: fennik?? TheMoltenGuy: PepeLaugh MrCosmonafft: You so lucky today WeirdChamp ekcolocke: farming kills Pog artoflec: Nerdy is NOT a weeb elaB Kindermaxilol: 1 by 1 at the same spot LUL Kananmuna1: @fenniksss PepeLaugh skywinghero: AYAYA fenniksss: wow betreyal ZebraStriker: death. twice PepeHands TheLordofDolphins: elaK KappatainHindsight: FeelsWeirdMan AlcatraZ567: elaK ClappingKappa: not kaspu WeirdChamp Kaelrasha: elaK Qviss: D: ChibiKuro: HandsUp Nopileos: elaK Gam3freak99: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Sindro7: can anyone beat my Following @Elajjaz ? Following since April 30 2014 Pog GoAkke: weeb plays FeelsWeirdMan fenniksss: @Elajjaz You just killed Nerdy you sick bastard Dusty_Degenerate: Dash dance Pog mizoreeee: ela is like the Plague PepeLaugh Jajalembang: FeelsWeirdMan Visualocity: rooKek Qviss: WeirdChamp b_ikki: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Darth_Kredol: elaWeird Kananmuna1: WeirdChamp lucas_dogg: @Elajjaz say that to the weeb that killed u PepeLaugh Polebegood: monkaW Jaargan: FeelsWeirdMan ClappingKappa: monkaW EntropyFull: monkaW Ansdr: elaWut SaixSoul: FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: monkaW AlcatraZ567: monkaW TheMoltenGuy: LULW Gurnak: LULW WrestlerBot2000: “I don’t even know who Captain Kirk is.” – Elajjaz, 2016 No. 52 BobTheDrunkBear: monkaW UltraWindow: PepeLaugh mizoreeee: monkaW Darth_Kredol: ANELE Lim3Fru1t: WeirdChamp Kaspu Sunshinewalker: monkaSHAKE Norttii: PepeLaugh AlcatraZ567: DEAD Virhaed: monkaW Gam3freak99: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Caput_Draconis: monkaW Nopileos: monkaW monkaW ekcolocke: OMEGLOL lord_rimheart: pepeJAM tbchan: monkaW AlcatraZ567: LULW Floating_Hedgehog: monkaW RandonLoLPlayer: monkaW ItzDeeG: !followage Syiax_: PepeLaugh AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh nekro793: ANELE Clap SaixSoul: monkaW SykaPlyat: ANELE DGS_Howling: monkaW Tamahowk: monkaW tHaH4x0r: “i dont need to move everybody just cums on me ” elaGasm elaGasm elaGasm Nopileos: monkaW fadziri: monkaW chudysensei: ANELE Clap MrCosmonafft: PepeLaugh 👇 Rodriwastaken: monkaW gulshan1: What is this? ChibiKuro: ECCHI Clap2 AYAYA ItzDeeG: !following Yozhhik: ecchi AYAYA troublematicc: ECCHI AYAYA Jaargan: monkaSHAKE monkaW nekro793: ECCHI AYAYA BroqRox: AYAYA ECCHI! Gurnak: ECCHI AYAYA cheeze____: don’t even need to move elaSneeze Sybran57: monkaW Nopileos: ecchi AYAYA Visualocity: monkaW wtf wandering_pleb: AYAYA HYPERCLAP skywinghero: AYAYA dokus09: elaS Actually_Toxic: better clutch it ela Kananmuna1: ECCHI AYAYA HYPERCLAP Autumn_Flare: ECCHI AYAYA Atalica: AYAYA CUTE CHAT Yusor183: ECCHI AYAYA HYPERCLAP iSorf: elaISee MrCosmonafft: WeirdChamp chat Kaspu: @TyrantZedd OMEGADOWN gagin5: Its not weirdchamp this chat was always weeby TyrantZedd: Oh shit elaS Sindro7: w8 am I one of your oldest follower @Elajjaz ? EntropyFull: LULW Kananmuna1: LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW ekcolocke: monkaW mrbreadberry: LULW Nopileos: LULW vihainenkampela: LULW TyrantZedd: @Kaspu I’m trying elaREE Atalica: gachiBASS Jaargan: LULW Tamahowk: gachiBASS tunnelvisionary: gachiOnFIRE SaixSoul: gachiBASS Qviss: LULW FAIL Virhaed: gachiBASS Le_Hunter: gachiBASS trihard_11th_account: MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN MaN Ansdr: monkaSHAKE TyrantZedd: Kaspu I’m not very good with the rope nepSmug Visualocity: gachiBASS ok Kaspu: Another easy win for me naroSmug Nopileos: gachiBASS TheMoltenGuy: ???????????? Gam3freak99: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan ekcolocke: FeelsLateMan fenniksss: fuck it fenniksss: game froze TryHardTony: FUCKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEE gachiBASS Xerenix: LUL TyrantZedd: Kaspu I let you win nepSmug Gurnak: LULW Ansdr: ????? gulshan1: FeelsLateMan Kindermaxilol: elaWeird LickMyPretzel: @fenniksss Kapp UltraWindow: WeirdChamp @Elajjaz b_ikki: FeelsLateMan AkaTsubaki_: PepeLaugh seydanator: ????????????ß Darth_Kredol: elaWeird themostfowl: …… Kaspu: @TyrantZedd elaK lucas_dogg: @Kaspu I always believed in u atamGasm terrbear3: 3Head fenniksss: Im serious Clixx: WeirdChamp Dryd_keepomaster: ????? fenniksss: ma game is frozen Visualocity: rooBlank Xerenix: elaMad Didn’t say the line Lim3Fru1t: FeelsWeirdMan Jaargan: 1 2 ASS elaGasm 12 ASS elaGasm 0xSaisaki: wan thew ASSH TheMoltenGuy: @fenniksss PepeLaugh hazebase: elaHmm Kaspu: PogU Polebegood: Pog TyrantZedd: @Kaspu Okay so that was a lie nepSmug Ansdr: Pog Dusty_Degenerate: Pog terrbear3: PepeLaugh Darth_Kredol: elaEZ Nopileos: Pog UltraWindow: D: Virhaed: Chag ekcolocke: elaD lord_rimheart: and another bites the dust in billy’s lair Qviss: Pog Dryd_keepomaster: rooBlank nekro793: D: tbchan: PogU Terpilo: D: Kananmuna1: Pog CLAP mentalvary: Chag Clap Prosskull0517: D: b_ikki: WEEBS OUT Jajalembang: PunOko Nopileos: Pog Pog AkaTsubaki_: D: DakuSouru: SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS NaM SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS NaM Jaargan: Chag Clap Ajahi: elaD LazyNewb: D: skywinghero: AYAYA cute death Gurnak: D: MrCosmonafft: Pog Gam3freak99: D: AyayaCuteChat_: elaD Le_Hunter: D: SaixSoul: PogU DakuSouru: WeebsOut LickMyPretzel: Kaspu just has to wait now NotLikeThis Autumn_Flare: elaB Nopileos: D: payprice: AYAYA No You Fuck you TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz CUNT nrdyREE bambino_86: moon2D cheeze____: FeelsWeirdMan nice toxic streamer chudysensei: yeah fuck you weeb elaA sunshift: D: Qviss: billy with the frags Chag JubJubWantRubRubs: worms Pog Dryd_keepomaster: WEEBS OUT FeelsGoodMan ChibiKuro: FeelsWeirdMan fakie_420: SHUTTHEFUCKUPWEEBS NaM Prosskull0517: WEEB Unfriendly stream D: Kaelrasha: Old Ela would have made the Snake Skip acting 0xSaisaki: fu weebs elaMad Darth_Kredol: elaMad FUCK YOU WEEBS elaMad Ansdr: D: TheMoltenGuy: WEEBS IN AYAYA fenniksss: F terrbear3: gachiBASS LickMyPretzel: Kaspu wins TyrantZedd: @ekcolocke I made it near the end at least elaOk Yusor183: @Elajjaz AYAYA MrCosmonafft: @DakuSouru why you use that emote WeirdChamp fenniksss: I was trying lek233: NaM good streamer Clap Qviss: WeirdChamp Clap Gurnak: AYAYA Clap Albin_Alligator: Toxic Streamer TaBeRu functionoverflu: Ela is bullying weebs D: RandonLoLPlayer: AYAYA Jaargan: ela vs weeb elaWut mongkey2man: elaSneeze DakuSouru: @MrCosmonafft HUH DuckerZ Liransherman: DONT U DARE Qviss: cant get more peachy than that chat terrbear3: 3Head Daedro: elaMad streamer reacting too hard LULW fakie_420: fenniksss dead PepeLaugh UltraWindow: lets see whos the bigger weeb nepSmug Liransherman: elaWeird TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz elaWeird Doully92: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Liransherman: FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird Gurnak: FeelsWeirdMan rafalbrew1: FeelsWeirdMan seydanator: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Redonkules: FeelsWeirdMan Crusader9000: cute team AYAYA Clap Norttii: Elajjaz elaWeird Virhaed: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan ssssip: FeelsWeirdMan ekcolocke: @TyrantZedd anti weeb team dead nepSmug Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan AkaTsubaki_: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Darth_Kredol: elaWeird Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp @Elajjaz SaixSoul: FeelsWeirdMan Prosskull0517: FeelsWeirdMan Actually_Toxic: no teleport? Kananmuna1: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: @ekcolocke Weebs still around nepSmug Tamahowk: FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu Liransherman: elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird kurpajutra: @Elajjaz Maybe tp to the box up there? elaWOW REMUSXXXL: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan b_ikki: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan ekcolocke: @Elajjaz it’s only weird when other people do it huh? FeelsWeirdMan ChibiKuro: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Visualocity: this line rooBlank Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp @Kaspu WeirdChamp @Elajjaz Kaspu: FeelsPepoMan LickMyPretzel: Now that little weasel comes out of his hole elaMad skywinghero: AYAYA so cute TyrantZedd: Kaspu elaWeird Yusor183: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Gam3freak99: LULW Liransherman: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan we are judging you FeelsWeirdMan EntropyFull: you must win elaMad @Elajjaz It_is_alive: FeelsWeirdMan MrCosmonafft: OMEGADOWN Smough: @both FeelsWeirdMan MaksimNewfield: oof terrbear3: 3Head Lim3Fru1t: elaKek Kaelrasha: LUL lord_rimheart: billy has been camping on extra creamy the whole game elaWeird TyrantZedd: Kaspu Actually after my p[lays I can’t weird anybody FeelsPepoMan Liransherman: ohnonononon Kindermaxilol: Bad idea Jonathaen: he got the high ground Liransherman: hes gonnna fall LUL Coil_Hype: 1 2 ass gachiBASS cheeze____: Kaspu actually going in elaWOW Ela elaWeird terrbear3: PepeLaugh troublematicc: PepeLaugh lord_rimheart: elaKek do it Punlshed_Snake: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp LickMyPretzel: PepeLaugh Qviss: yep AkaTsubaki_: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan ClappingKappa: WeirdChamp ekcolocke: elaKek do it Liransherman: EXCUSES MrCosmonafft: FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Doully92: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Pixel_hearts: PepeLaugh rafalbrew1: FeelsWeirdMan Redonkules: FeelsWeirdMan Norttii: Elajjaz elaWeird Tamahowk: FeelsWeirdMan Liransherman: elaWeird GreenHencel: i never want to hear that voice line again Kananmuna1: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan nekro793: FeelsWeirdMan seydanator: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Ansdr: ?? terrbear3: OMEGADOWN BobTheDrunkBear: FeelsWeirdMan Gurnak: FeelsWeirdMan Clap ssssip: FeelsWeirdMan hienakonata: D: Autumn_Flare: FeelsWeirdMan Visualocity: rooBlank Crusader9000: FeelsWeirdMan Nopileos: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan mrbreadberry: FeelsWeirdMan Wheels82: @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird Polebegood: elaK UltraWindow: fortnite plays WeirdChamp @Elajjaz mentalvary: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan skywinghero: FeelsWeirdMan lucas_dogg: @Kaspu kill the streamer elaB RandonLoLPlayer: WeirdChamp Sunshinewalker: Duel of WeirdChamp vs FeelsWeirdMan Nick_Zero: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird Xerenix: elaK ueberkobi: elaWeird Jajalembang: Losing to weebs AYAYA Kaelrasha: elaK TyrantZedd: elaWeird wandering_pleb: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird Qviss: PepeLaugh Dryd_keepomaster: rooBlank ChibiKuro: OMEGADOWN TPH_MCMXCIX: FeelsWeirdMan KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan HorseManiac: D: Liransherman: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp sure tbchan: PepeLaugh b_ikki: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan TheLastZael: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird Yusor183: SURE elaK ekcolocke: @Elajjaz you really gonna make me break out the weirdchamp bro? WeirdChamp Ansdr: FeelsLateMan Spataprouch: Lidl plays sunshift: elaK Smough: sure Kapp Kindermaxilol: @Elajjaz You have the health advantage ! 0xSaisaki: by locking yourself in? elaHmm elaPlan skywinghero: AYAYA VS FeelsWeirdMan Jaargan: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Qviss: that’s not how you do it LULW Zaunbob: elaK ekcolocke: elaK reddvelv: @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird hazebase: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird King_Insane: !betall Ela Qviss: WTF LULW MrCosmonafft: You just trapping yourself PepeLaugh @Elajjaz PG_13_Username: FeelsBadMan TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz elaWeird LickMyPretzel: these plays, kill me GoAkke: FeelsWeirdMan Doully92: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan dariaste: LUL b_ikki: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Kananmuna1: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Lim3Fru1t: Building stream now elaWeird lucas_dogg: WTF IS THIS NOW MINECRAFT??????????????? Norttii: Kaspu elaWeird UltraWindow: fornite POGGERS RandonLoLPlayer: @Kaspu WeirdChamp MiIIiki: holy shit stop gulshan1: What is the sirens TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz Where do you go from here? elaKek Visualocity: @elajjaz rooBlank KaitoKidShadow: elaWeurd Daedro: LULW Qviss: FORTNITE Chag EntropyFull: LULW Kaspu: Chat what am I supposed to do? WeirdChamp Caput_Draconis: LULW LickMyPretzel: It’s getting really old LUL TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh razakel33: LUL LazyNewb: PepeLaugh Nopileos: LULW Gurnak: fortnite elaChug skywinghero: wan tu AYAYA Teeryx: 5D Chess LULW crashfort: always same 3 lines PunOko Punlshed_Snake: @Kaspu win WeirdChamp blahblah158: Chag Canopus: PepeLaugh PepeLaugh TheMoltenGuy: @Kaspu win elaOk easyeasy: Kaspu kill ela ofc elaOk TyrantZedd: @Kaspu Just build a weeb hole elaOk Virhaed: LULW UltraWindow: Kaspu 4Shrug idunno kill him? KaitoKidShadow: Kaspu win Abbynaire: me too Dryd_keepomaster: rooBlank BobTheDrunkBear: fork knife strats Pog Kananmuna1: @Kaspu kill mr strimmer elaOk Canopus: D: Wheels82: Just win Kaspu 4HEad terrbear3: LULW TyrantZedd: elaHmm KappatainHindsight: FeelsLateMan TheMoltenGuy: D: SaixSoul: FeelsLateMan seydanator: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan WrestlerBot2000: Wanna keep in touch with Ela and the community outside the streams? Join our discord http://discord.elajjaz.com it’s open for everyone! GreenHencel: whose voice is that so i can block them forever Gurnak: FeelsWeirdMan holloWFortune: FeelsWeirdMan b_ikki: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan reddvelv: @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird MrCosmonafft: Losing to weeb cmon man WeirdChamp Autumn_Flare: FeelsWeirdMan Qviss: bad move NotLikeThis Prosskull0517: FeelsWeirdMan StarBoredom: risky Visualocity: 1 2 ash 1 2 ass rooBlank kurpajutra: elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan 0xSaisaki: plan still in progress Chag Virhaed: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Pixel_hearts: rip hazebase: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird Wheels82: @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird Dryd_keepomaster: FeelsWeirdMan TheMoltenGuy: @GreenHencel Nemz Kindermaxilol: very risky move mrbreadberry: FeelsWeirdMan Ansdr: elaHmm 13707_193: FeelsWeirdMan Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp ela deserves to lose after these plays Kepucz: so dead LULW Liransherman: elaWeird when 2 weebs collide elaWeird AyayaCuteChat_: @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird GreenHencel: elaMad Na1la: FeelsWeirdMan kurpajutra: @Elajjaz elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan elaWeird FeelsWeirdMan It_is_alive: FeelsWeirdMan Polebegood: PepeLaugh Clap TheMoltenGuy: LULW EntropyFull: LULW Doully92: LULW Sybran57: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird LickMyPretzel: lol Canopus: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN Norttii: PepeLaugh tbchan: LULW Kaspu: LULW Sunshinewalker: WutFace Kananmuna1: LULW Jaargan: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: LULW TheGoldenCobra: LULW skywinghero: AYAYA Clap Gurnak: AYAYA HYPERCLAP TyrantZedd: LULW KaitoKidShadow: Pog 0xSaisaki: PepeLaugh LazyNewb: PepeLaugh UltraWindow: LULW payprice: LULW ekcolocke: nepSmug HYPERCLAP AkaTsubaki_: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW AlcatraZ567: LULW Jajalembang: Losing to weebs AYAYA not_wintermute: LULW LickMyPretzel: He had one evidently TyrantZedd: Almost Pog Ka_baL: LULW KappatainHindsight: LULW terrbear3: LULW Yusor183: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN vihainenkampela: LULW hyperock: LUL DGS_Howling: LULW Shmoop1: the most 🍑 tomato I have ever seen elaMad Virhaed: PepeLaugh Autumn_Flare: PepeLaugh RandonLoLPlayer: AYAYA Clap payprice: elaD Toxic bnscv: GEGE Jaargan: GONNA DIE TO A WEEB LULW Albin_Alligator: Clap2 AYAYA Qviss: @Elajjaz mrbreadberry: LULW Lim3Fru1t: OMEGALUL hyperock: LULW b_ikki: monkaW Kindermaxilol: time to kill him with supersheep ! princeinnovice: AYAYA Clap King_Insane: elaKek Qviss: LULW mrbreadberry: WE WON CHAT AYAYA terrbear3: 3Head kurpajutra: @Kaspu elaEZ Clap BobTheDrunkBear: elaMad Doully92: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Liransherman: elaWeird Kananmuna1: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Tamahowk: FeelsWeirdMan KaitoKidShadow: FeelsWeirdMan KappatainHindsight: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan TheLastZael: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird ChibiKuro: @Kaspu nepSmug Clap Clap2 AYAYA LickMyPretzel: Now Ela uses weeb tactics lucas_dogg: DO IT @Kaspu !!!!!! FOR THE CUTIES AYAYA TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp rikze5: elaWeird Npr35: PepeLaugh seydanator: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan SaixSoul: FeelsWeirdMan holloWFortune: FeelsWeirdMan reddvelv: @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird artoflec: can we get an Elajjaz voice pack instead wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp Polebegood: Pog payprice: AYAYA We won UltraWindow: monkaW Punlshed_Snake: WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp Sybran57: AYAYA Clap Doully92: monkaW Canopus: @Elajjaz elaWeird AyayaCuteChat_: @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird b_ikki: Weeb strats FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz skywinghero: AYAYA 📢 CALLING ALL CUTIES ChickenMuffins: WEEBS WIN AGAIN nepSmug WrestlerBot2000: Twotter: twitter.com/elajjaz Yusor183: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan TyrantZedd: elaKek Kaspu: LULW TyrantZedd: LULW Spataprouch: LUL LUL Norttii: elaKek ekcolocke: OMEGLOL SaixSoul: PogU 0xSaisaki: Chag tbchan: LULW Canopus: OMEGALUL OMEGALUL BongoGT: great another 10 minutes Jaargan: CHag JubJubWantRubRubs: Pog mentalvary: Decent Clap holloWFortune: LULW BobTheDrunkBear: elaKek LickMyPretzel: hnng fucked up a bit not_wintermute: LULW rikze5: 3Head Kananmuna1: Chag Wheels82: LULW KaitoKidShadow: LULW BAD Daedro: Chag Namarax: 3Head Rollerxd: @MsBlackDahlia Ready for the weekend? Canopus: Nice hit PepeLaugh TheLastZael: monkaS Actually_Toxic: the clench Visualocity: no1AYAYA Dryd_keepomaster: LOSING TO WEEBS WeirdChamp Qviss: lost LULW LickMyPretzel: but got him out of the hole at least MOOSE_08: losing 5hp per round ela Liransherman: BUNKER BUSTER HIM elaKek razakel33: Pog Chag thecuiy: WEEBS AYAYA Spataprouch: Cmon Kaspu! Punlshed_Snake: @Kaspu kill ela for these ALDI plays WeirdChamp EntropyFull: monkaW ekcolocke: Chag GoAkke: MOOSE_08 you cant die from the poison tho EntropyFull: monkaSHAKE Ansdr: monkaW 0xSaisaki: close enough elaHYUK Doully92: monkaW MrCosmonafft: Hes coming monkaW RandonLoLPlayer: monkaW Ansdr: Kapp Npr35: Pog UltraWindow: PepeLaugh Norttii: monkaW Kananmuna1: monkaW Reddinator: AYAYA Clap Dryd_keepomaster: Kapp Kaspu: fuck Jonathaen: salty! EntropyFull: LULW Canopus: monkaS Istog: elaK LickMyPretzel: Time OMEGALUL fenniksss: WOW Jajalembang: LULW TheLastZael: Pog TyrantZedd: Kaspu FeelsPepoMan fenniksss: WOWOW ChibiKuro: nepSmug Clap Spataprouch: Weebs always deserves TheMoltenGuy: LULW Lim3Fru1t: OMEGADOWN Xerenix: LULW lord_rimheart: Jebaited Canopus: OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN OMEGADOWN tbchan: LULW MaksimNewfield: elaBlush elaBlush elaBlush Doully92: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan AlcatraZ567: LULW Namarax: achoo AYAYA Redonkules: LuL skywinghero: smhing my smh Kindermaxilol: CHICKEN Norttii: Jebaited Qviss: OMEGADOWN Berial123: wtf KaitoKidShadow: wtf Reddinator: OMEGADOWN Liransherman: @Elajjaz BUNKER BUSTER Ansdr: Paid actor DansGame AkaTsubaki_: LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW LULW hienakonata: its okay AYAYA Sunshinewalker: PepeLaugh weeb plays KappatainHindsight: Jebaited BlackjackalTV: LUL troublematicc: LULW UltraWindow: kaspu FeelsAmazingMan Qviss: WTF akmannen: LULW mentalvary: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: fucking hell he had lethal asimptota: LULW cheeze____: LUL Qviss: LULW Pixel_hearts: LULW LazyNewb: PepeLaugh tbchan: OMEGALUL SykaPlyat: WeirdChamp @Kaspu Gurnak: elaWow Terpilo: FeelsWeirdMan Floating_Hedgehog: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeird hyperock: LUL princeinnovice: LUL seydanator: FeelsWeirdMan Aeonll: LULW King_Insane: NOW HE DOESN’T KappatainHindsight: LULW AyayaCuteChat_: @Kaspu AYAYA Clap holloWFortune: no time LULW fenniksss: FeelsWeirdMan Kaspu wandering_pleb: WeirdChamp Kepucz: WEEB PLAYS LULW Le_Hunter: LUL RandonLoLPlayer: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan not_wintermute: LULW Jajalembang: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Kananmuna1: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan nekro793: elaWeird Zaunbob: OMEGADOWN Gam3freak99: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan Darth_Kredol: @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird @Kaspu elaWeird Virhaed: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Liransherman: @Elajjaz BUNKER BUSTER elaC Punlshed_Snake: @Kaspu nvm WeirdChamp b_ikki: FeelsWeirdMan Prosskull0517: WeirdChamp PJSalt yyrcbry: OMEGALUL Gurnak: elaWOW ueberkobi: elaWeird Qviss: @Kaspu sunshift: he ran outta time Ajahi: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird Floating_Hedgehog: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan StarBoredom: elaK TheLastZael: F rikze5: 1 2 ash pepeJAM Floating_Hedgehog: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan 0xSaisaki: smh my head Habitual_Balance: PepeLaugh Yusor183: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan artoflec: FeelsWeirdMan WeirdChamp elaWeird ekcolocke: impressive rope plays @Kaspu don’t listen to this mad boy elaSmile lord_rimheart: fucked up the rope and got scared Floating_Hedgehog: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Kaspu: Chat it’s not my fault the rope physics are bad elaREE Qviss: OMEGADOWN Gam3freak99: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan RandonLoLPlayer: @Kaspu WeirdChamp MrCosmonafft: How long should we suffer FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: If he hadn’t fallen down you would be dead Liransherman: BUNKER BUSTER??? BBiBsBoy: @Kaspu WeirdChamp MiIIiki: tey your suicide bomber pls TyrantZedd: @Kaspu You’ve been seeing my rope plays too much elaWeird SainEdge: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Jaargan: “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek fadziri: napalm Medicate3: dragging the match out for no reason WeirdChamp Visualocity: no1BLANK KaitoKidShadow: yes princeinnovice: AYAYA WIN Doully92: PepeHands EntropyFull: Chag YES TheMoltenGuy: yes Qviss: just airstrike Norttii: elaD Dryd_keepomaster: D: PillTheBomb: 1, 2 ash FeelsGoodMan Clap 1, 2 ash FeelsGoodMan Clap Kaspu: Yes Pog maxk137: Weebs win AYAYA Kananmuna1: D: DON’T DO IT akmannen: 1-2 ash 1-2 ash 1-2 ash. My girlfriend something something 2 inch cock?? Spataprouch: Yes please Ansdr: monkaW ssssip: monkaTOS ueberkobi: monkaTOS Punlshed_Snake: yes Pog Redonkules: D: BobTheDrunkBear: PepeHands skywinghero: irl? D: PillTheBomb: 1, 2 ash FeelsGoodMan Clap 1, 2 ash FeelsGoodMan Clap 1, 2 ash FeelsGoodMan Clap . sunshift: no Caput_Draconis: D: Medicate3: yes terrbear3: LULW lord_rimheart: PepeHands Istog: elaD BritishPatternBalding: monkaTOS mrbreadberry: D: TyrantZedd: PepeHands Yusor183: monkaTOS Jaargan: i wish PepeHands yyrcbry: D: mocaffe: bombard each other Jajalembang: AYAYA LOSING To WEEBS UltraWindow: 4Shrug Doully92: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan L0VKIYRusskiy: monkaTOS TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz elaWeird mill3nnium: kamikaze@!@@@@ b_ikki: FeelsLateMan Norttii: Elajjaz elaWeird skywinghero: PepeHands dont leave us Kindermaxilol: wait for him yeah TheMoltenGuy: @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp @Elajjaz WeirdChamp LickMyPretzel: Boring game ResidentSleeper Visualocity: no1YELL get out Ansdr: teleport and sudoku FeelsGoodMan GoAkke: FeelsWeirdMan 0xSaisaki: so much to live for PepeHands Dryd_keepomaster: end this pls ekcolocke: RNGBless Kananmuna1: @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Elajjaz FeelsWe ultrapandam: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper Unrelent: kamikaze b_ikki: never play this game again FeelsWeirdMan HemRoy5: hemroyKek gulshan1: Weebs making the game last this long FeelsWeirdMan EntropyFull: ResidentSleeper 💤 Qviss: playing vs kaspu be like this LULW ekcolocke: BlessRNG cheeze____: I’m not sure if anyone “deserves” to win here elaWeird . MsBlackDahlia: Rollerxd ricardoFlick MrCosmonafft: FeelsLateMan FeelsLateMan FeelsLateMan FeelsLateMan FeelsLateMan FeelsLateMan FeelsLateMan FeelsLateMan Jaargan: sudoku LULW Ansdr: elaFeels Gam3freak99: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan Dryd_keepomaster: ResidentSleeper Rollerxd: ricardoFlick MsBlackDahlia: Rollerxd billyReady Doully92: @Kaspu FeelsWeirdMan StarBoredom: you must endure ela, cant let the weeb win! TryHardTony: SUCK ON MY DICK CHAT PogU Tamahowk: FeelsWeirdMan @Kaspu TheSlicerr21: this guy KaitoKidShadow: FeelsWeirdMan JoseMarti1853: HYUKAGE War in tranches HYUKCHIHA seydanator: FeelsWeirdMan MiIIiki: smh my head at these trihard for win players Clixx: FeelsWeirdMan AyayaCuteChat_: @Kaspu AYAYA Clap @Kaspu AYAYA Clap @Kaspu AYAYA Clap @Kaspu AYAYA Clap @Kaspu AYAYA Clap @Kaspu AYAYA Clap @Kaspu AYAYA Clap yyrcbry: FeelsWeirdMan fenniksss: I deserve it chat yyrcbry: FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan FeelsWeirdMan fenniksss: I wasnt doing these strats lord_rimheart: use the flag elaSmile MiIIiki: just play 4fun lol polarisgutt: cheer1000 kurpajutra: bazzooka snipe him Pog thecuiy: AYAYA E AYAYA Z AYAYA Rollerxd: @MsBlackDahlia ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick ricardoFlick Kindermaxilol: launch some grenades asimptota: bazooka Qviss: shoot bazooka Gam3freak99: can we ban Kaspu from Worms FeelsWeirdMan Tomowatt: AYAYA Kindermaxilol: and pray skywinghero: AYAYA Actually_Toxic: random rocket Irvatar: bazooka? b_ikki: fenniks died for your sins FeelsWeirdMan Marckuzz: super sheep PhysiCle: Alright I’m out. Goodnight Ela, goodnight chat elaH Thanks for stream ekcolocke: @Elajjaz can we strawpoll who we think deserved the win? elaKek MrCosmonafft: 1 2 ash ))) NotLikeThis Jaargan: “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek melkari: bazooka lob BroqRox: ECCHI AYAYA HYPERCLAP MsBlackDahlia: Rollerxd gachiVICTORY ricardoFlick FTR__: achoo kurpajutra: U had the wind for the bazooka @Elajjaz FeelsWeirdMan Kepucz: dead LULW WerewolfB: why low? EntropyFull: @PhysiCle HeyEla TyrantZedd: ECCHI AYAYA fadziri: wait for wind and use napalm Spataprouch: Chat Ela will kill himself with 1 fall damage King_Insane: fall damage will get ela i’m calling it elaKek MeisterHeller: Kaspu the kind of guy to just say he didn’t feel anything when you tag him BBiBsBoy: @Elajjaz You have a teleport WeirdChamp Sindro7: rap god Pog Kindermaxilol: grenade him and pray that it works LUL darthKilmor: Got napalm, wait for the wind to be right and it’ll blow in MsBlackDahlia: Rollerxd gachiVICTORY WOO chillforge: worms.>Liransherman: LUL UltraWindow: napalm wouldnt reach Canopus: IT’S NOT WORKING monkaS MiIIiki: !fuck weeb WrestlerBot2000: FUCK YOU, weeb gachiDAMA Liransherman: ela plz LUL EntropyFull: elaThirst lone_scientist: gachiBASS Kananmuna1: gachiBASS AlexanderKOV: @Elajjaz wind PepeLaugh Actually_Toxic: Ela throwing Coil_Hype: gachiBASS akmannen: T H I C C Pixel_hearts: thicc gachiAPPROVE chudysensei: lnapalm would LULW themostfowl: 1v1 monkaW skywinghero: gachiBASS PillTheBomb: gachiBASS darthKilmor: Napalm moves with the wind Actually_Toxic: shroudTHICC urosm00: THICC Jajalembang: AYAYA Weebs Win easyeasy: THICC elaGasm Zeret: gachiBASS Spataprouch: thiCK urosm00: THICCNESS Magnusss: wind was right It_is_alive: T H I C C Le_Hunter: gachuBASS WrestlerBot2000: My latest video is: Elajjaz Plays Never Again | Part 1 – https://youtu.be/1mT-7Nt3l1w Jaargan: THICC gachiBASS Kindermaxilol: just throw some grenade ! razakel33: THICC Actually_Toxic: shroudTHICC shroudTHICC shroudTHICC shroudTHICC MOOSE_08: elaBruv Kananmuna1: Pog ? Tomowatt: AYAYA Hayaku Albin_Alligator: AYAYA Rollerxd: gachiBASS Kaspu: So close Lykouleon: AYAYA HURRY Qviss: you know what, one blowtorch would be enough ekcolocke: VIP grenade incoming AYAYA skywinghero: AYAYA BroqRox: AYAYA Hayaku TyrantZedd: ALmost Pog EntropyFull: Chag Polebegood: monkaW close lone_scientist: monkaW Doully92: monkaW Canopus: monkaS monkaS Kananmuna1: monkaW Liransherman: wew lad Ansdr: PepeS KaitoKidShadow: Pog AlcatraZ567: monkaW lord_rimheart: monkaW UltraWindow: monkaW TheMoltenGuy: Pog almost nekro793: Pog Gurnak: Pog AYAYA TheH3llraiser: Pog LickMyPretzel: holy shit close princeinnovice: Pog Spataprouch: Wow b_ikki: monkaW Darth_Kredol: monkaW Jaargan: monkaW Reddinator: monkaX JubJubWantRubRubs: Pog AkaTsubaki_: Pog ekcolocke: monkaW Gam3freak99: monkaW Kindermaxilol: monkaS Xerenix: monkaW RandonLoLPlayer: monkaW Pixel_hearts: monikaW TheLordofDolphins: monkaW mentalvary: monkaW Tomowatt: monkaW not_wintermute: Pog fadziri: monkaW hickeschlick: close ChibiKuro: OMEGALUL Le_Hunter: monkaW Sunshinewalker: almost the weeb luck tbchan: monkaW GoAkke: ResidentSleeper DGS_Howling: monkaW Rick_LVB: monkaS Punlshed_Snake: @Kaspu almost Pog Yusor183: monkaS MrCosmonafft: monkaW wandering_pleb: monkaW Qviss: ResidentSleeper ekcolocke: @Elajjaz VIP if that hit elaOk KaitoKidShadow: one two ash Kepucz: sheep JubJubWantRubRubs: this voicepack repeats too much DansGame yyrcbry: FeelsWeirdMan LickMyPretzel: FeelsLateMan TyrantZedd: IKEALUL razakel33: this gay ANIKI Doully92: IKEALUL hienakonata: LULW FTR__: close Liransherman: IKEA AIM IKEALUL SaixSoul: PepeLaugh Shmoop1: IKEALUL Aeonll: IKEALUL Pixel_hearts: Pog Lykouleon: D: skywinghero: IKEALUL Clap Darth_Kredol: YEET HemRoy5: hemroyKek b_ikki: FeelsWeridMan TheSlicerr21: LULW RandonLoLPlayer: IKEALUL TheLastZael: F ModernPlagueDoctor: They should release a new Worms or something like it Jaargan: IKEALUL aim TheLordofDolphins: IKEALUL UltraWindow: 3Head mizaki emorium91: ela aimela ekcolocke: nepSmug Clap hienakonata: AYAYA HYPERCLAP TPH_MCMXCIX: @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird @Elajjaz elaWeird Gurnak: AYAYA Clap nepSmug HYPERCLAP Reddinator: AYAYA Clap Sybran57: AYAYA Clap NosBleid: AYAYA Clap skywinghero: AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP mrbreadberry: AYAYA Clap SaixSoul: Clap BobTheDrunkBear: AYAYA Clap PoliceCarAuction: AYAYA Clap kurpajutra: lost to a weeb PepeHands TheLastZael: LOST TO WEEB not_wintermute: Clap2 AYAYA cute win MOOSE_08: 5 subs ela KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN Tebs_: AYAYA Clap BlackjackalTV: AYAYA E AYAYA Z AYAYA Hurri08: AYAYA Neravor: elaPLan 91player: 1 hp LUL King_Insane: such a pussy play though elaKek Tomowatt: nepSmug Weebs win silver6ird: AYAYA fadziri: AYAYA Clap KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN b_ikki: FeelsWeirdMan Clap AkaTsubaki_: Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap Kaspu nepSmug Clap razakel33: AYAYA Monster5crak: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird TheGoldenCobra: AYAYA Clap jaquescamarao: DansGame wandering_pleb: AYAYA HYPERCLAP RealLifeTsundere: yay sawer1112: AYAYA Type4J: Type4J subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! luxoptica13: AYAYA clap WrestlerBot2000: @Type4J After 13 months of being lost, it seems you finally found your way to my heart elaDM KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN sir_mordred_: AYAYA Clap PillTheBomb: weebs FeelsWeirdMan EntropyFull: lost to a weeb @Elajjaz elaWeird nekro793: KATTAZO ✌️ AYAYA ✌️ Xerenix: nepSmug HYPERCLAP ArthurVinte2: AYAYA cho_pin: AYAYA>Chat Yusor183: AYAYA HYPERCLAP Canopus: @Kaspu AYAYA @Kaspu AYAYA @Kaspu AYAYA @Kaspu AYAYA @Kaspu AYAYA @Kaspu AYAYA @Kaspu AYAYA @Kaspu AYAYA Kaine_uta: AYAYA Zalinero_: AYAYA HYPERCLAP TyrantZedd: nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP Qviss: ResidentSleeper Yusor183: AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP v KaitoKidShadow: AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN AYAYA VIIBS WIN Monster5crak: elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird elaWeird seydanator: @Kaspu Clap RandonLoLPlayer: Clap2 AYAYA WEEB VICTORY luxoptica13: AYAYA Clap Prosskull0517: nepSmug HYPERCLAP Yusor183: AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP Albin_Alligator: Well Deserved Win for Weebs Clap2 AYAYA Loney1989: ggwp WingedBalmung: AYAYA Clap ChibiKuro: @Kaspu nepSmug Clap Clap2 AYAYA yyrcbry: AYAYA akmannen: I always win he says Dismal_Arkt: Lost to weeb OMEGLOL Jajalembang: AYAYA Clap WerewolfB: bored into submission HYPERCLAP MOOSE_08: @Elajjaz you off? mrbreadberry: nepSmug Hypersayan yyrcbry: AYAYA AYAYA AYAYA Jaargan: “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek “chat never wins” elaKek TPH_MCMXCIX: AYAYA WEEBS WIN AYAYA WEEBS WIN AYAYA WEEBS WIN AYAYA WEEBS WIN AYAYA WEEBS WIN AYAYA WEEBS WIN AYAYA WEEBS WIN AYAYA WEEBS WIN TheLordofDolphins: nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP i0wnswag: weebo winss yyrcbry: AYAYA AYAYA TyrantZedd: nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP alehii: nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP nepSmug HYPERCLAP Qviss: ResidentSleeper LickMyPretzel: It wouldn’t tho cuz sudden is a thing LULW gulshan1: @Elajjaz I’m glad you did that it was horrible to watch TheLordofDolphins: nepSmug HYPERCLAP misterincognito: AYAYA b_ikki: never again FeelsWeirdMan yyrcbry: AYAYA n3verbloom: damn, it’s the end… kurpajutra: Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird Weebs elaWeird mrbreadberry: nepSmug HYPERCLAP Joxih: losing to a weeb PepeHands seydanator: AYAYA wins again skywinghero: AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP AYAYA HYPERCLAP Actually_Toxic: Actually_Toxic is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to Elajjaz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 7 in the channel! BritishPatternBalding: this guy said he always wins elaK nekro793: VEEBS VIN AYAYA Yusor183: anyways PepeHands Actually_Toxic: Actually_Toxic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Mitch2248! Actually_Toxic: Actually_Toxic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Dandelur! RandonLoLPlayer: nepSmug Actually_Toxic: Actually_Toxic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Jajalembang! Actually_Toxic: Actually_Toxic gifted a Tier 1 sub to nipmonger_v420! Actually_Toxic: Actually_Toxic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Daxvaxx! WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Mitch2248 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Dandelur the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM WrestlerBot2000: @Jajalembang I wouldn’t be able to last 2 minutes with you elaDM WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @nipmonger_v420 the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Da_Flanker: ela7 WrestlerBot2000: Hey there, @Daxvaxx the name is Ela. Now you know what to scream later elaDM Ansdr: Pog TyrantZedd: Pog fadziri: anyways PepeHands skywinghero: Pog hienakonata: Pog UltraWindow: nepSmug Clap nepSmug Clap nepSmug Clap Daedro: Chag tHaH4x0r: Pog AlcatraZ567: TOXIC LULW Kaspu: Pog RandonLoLPlayer: Pog LazyNewb: Pog Myowa_: https://www.twitch.tv/forsen/clip/BlueGlutenFreeSpaghettiMVGame?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time mrbreadberry: Chag Jajalembang: PogU Lightning4444: Pog Dismal_Arkt: Chag It_is_alive: Pog wandering_pleb: PogU Dryd_keepomaster: forsen clips Pog BroqRox: Pog Actually_Toxic: for being a good sport Alcaridoo: I WON Pog MOOSE_08: Clap BeetZero: Pog Prosskull0517: Chag n3verbloom: You look tired, so it’s understable Sindro7: DODGED pog Jajalembang: Finally FeelsGoodMan GoAkke: the clip ela elaCozy LickMyPretzel: I meant it wouldn’t take the “whole night” cuz the water was rising EntropyFull: EljanPls TyrantZedd: @Elajjaz You play that map again but not my Nep map elaB JubJubWantRubRubs: elaH Da_Flanker: FeelsGoodMan AkaTsubaki_: FeelsGoodMan Clap ssssip: Thanks for teh strim?? gczero: ??? WerewolfB: LUL Jajalembang: FeelsWeirdMan UltraWindow: darkwood ๐Ÿ™‚ Komitern66: ??? easyeasy: 😡 👉 Hyper Light Drifter ELAJJAZ 😡 elaMad play it DigitalZips: elaWeird Daedro: elaGa fadziri: what’s for tomorrow? Ansdr: ?????? daley_: elaBlind easyeasy: 😡 👉 Hyper Light Drifter ELAJJAZ 😡 right nw play it KaitoKidShadow: 50 euro? AkaTsubaki_: ????????????? JubJubWantRubRubs: Jebaited Sourcehunter: ??? GoAkke: read the chat ssssip: chat FeelsWeirdMan Prosskull0517: 4Shrug FanHeiBai: nice clip elaWeird WITO: @Elajjaz Call of Cthulhu tomorrow? Daedro: LULW ekahS_hS: same sweater Annonn140: elaGa forseeeen ekcolocke: darkwood something something elaGa daley_: at the start ComradeNerdy: chat on screen not the clip chat JubJubWantRubRubs: four-san elaGa ZebraStriker: adezixBlind skywinghero: i see AYAYA NiceThings_: elaBlind Aeonll: elaBlind Actually_Toxic: Gn everyone elaHi TyrantZedd: elaBlind FiddIeMyDiddle: DARKWOOD AYAYA KaitoKidShadow: ?????????????????????? daley_: elaBlind seydanator: on screen TPH_MCMXCIX: on screen Kappa King_Insane: elaBlind Joxih: forsan Lim3Fru1t: elaBlind Gnash97: forsaaaaaaaan elaGa kurpajutra: elaGa Da_Flanker: elaGa KaitoKidShadow: lol Earlycrowd: Jebaited JubJubWantRubRubs: elaKek Virhaed: LULW Pixel_hearts: LULW GoAkke: OMEGALUL AlcatraZ567: elaBlind Kaspu: elaGa ekcolocke: elaGa Komitern66: elaBlind easyeasy: elaGa Caput_Draconis: elaBlind PhilRamirez: elaGa TyrantZedd: elaGa Aeonll: elaGa artoflec: elaGa Atalica: elaGa It_is_alive: elaBlind SurQ_: nrdyGa Larsn2k: LULW Lykouleon: LUL mizoreeee: elaGa Clap mongkey2man: elaGa misterincognito: 9 doors 9 persons 9 hours is a cool mystery game with huge twists TheGoldenCobra: PepeLaugh Daedro: OMEGADOWN hienakonata: LULW LULW Joxih: for-san SaixSoul: PepeLaugh TyrantZedd: LULW easyeasy: elaKek KaitoKidShadow: ha; payprice: LULW seydanator: Clap Darth_Kredol: PepeLaugh MOOSE_08: Play the remastered daughters of ash tomorrow @Elajjaz elaSmile Lim3Fru1t: LULW SurQ_: LULW talkman_: I guess not 4Head TheH3llraiser: trapped LULW WITO: @Elajjaz maybe Call of Cthulhu tomorrow? Ansdr: PepeHands ekcolocke: Darkwood tomorrow night elaGa Clap fadziri: LULW Dryd_keepomaster: rooD skywinghero: D: UltraWindow: PepeLaugh scammaz kurpajutra: DARKWOOD INSTEAD OF AOM Pog DARKWOOD INSTEAD OF AOM Pog DARKWOOD INSTEAD OF AOM Pog DARKWOOD INSTEAD OF AOM Pog Lim3Fru1t: PepeHands KaitoKidShadow: D: AlcatraZ567: PepeHands TyrantZedd: SurQ_ elaH GoAkke: nrdyKek Tamahowk: Kapp Daedro: PepeLaugh why not Kindermaxilol: LUL SaixSoul: PepeHands easyeasy: 😡 👉 Hyper Light Drifter ELAJJAZ 😡 elaMad AkaTsubaki_: PepeHands Caput_Draconis: PepeHands Sindro7: D: tbchan: PepeHands Pixel_hearts: N OMEGALUL seydanator: elaD PepeHands SurQ_: TyrantZedd pepeL Yusor183: !AYAYA #weebs WrestlerBot2000: Go away weebs billyReady amaterasu_chase: D: vihainenkampela: he said no and left LULW KaitoKidShadow: D: TOXIC PillTheBomb: N OMEGALUL J0hnnyBlade: FeelsBadMan Kmynis: !PepeHands Reddinator: danPep FOR SAAAAAN Sourcehunter: Never Darkwood PepeHands ChibiKuro: goodnight everyone AYAYA /08:01:28,

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