EK9 Honda Civic Type R Restoration

28 thoughts on “EK9 Honda Civic Type R Restoration

  1. excuse the question.! Where did you buy the original pedals and sticker honda in Japanese letters?

  2. sick! but the fact that i couldn't do anything to the inside of the frame rails and other parts other than rustproof it would still be haunting me.. did you at least powerwash all the shit out of there?

  3. i really wish honda would've taken more care in the underbody and wheel well sealing..they rust like nothing else

  4. About how much was spent on something like this. Ballpark figure is fine doesn't have to be exact. But I'm really wanting to start something like this soon.

  5. This almost brought a tear to my eye. I've seen many beautiful things over the years but this is truly special. Outstanding work.

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