Eco Friendly Lingerie: Incorporating Recycled fabrics into our Lingerie Ranges

Hi, I’m Katie from What Katie Did, and welcome
back. Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about our Storm lingerie, which is our
first lingerie range made out of recycled fabric. When I say recycled fabric, I actually
mean the gray, the main gray color, which is used in this range. It’s a nylon, which
is made from things like fishing nets and things like that. There’s a tiny bit of backlash about using
recycled manmade fibres at the moment because they still are polluting, but obviously they’re
not as polluting as using fresh fibres. It’s kind of many, many steps. I have to say that
with our lingerie, it is actually made to last a long, long time. I’ve still got our
Liz range, which is similar to this, which is still going many, many years. It’s something
which is designed to wear for years and years. I do have yoga pants made by Nike, which I
bought 10 years ago. They were made from recycled bottles and I still wear them today. With
fabrics and recycle fabrics, it’s not the case of, yes it is less polluting than using
fresh fibres, but also it is a case of by buying less, buying wisely, and wearing something
until literally it falls apart, which in the case of our lingerie is a long, long time. The good news is that the fabric, which we’ve
used for our storm lingerie, is also available in plain black. Our continuity Liz line, which
is basically a plain black version which is very, very similar. We’ll be gradually swapping
that over to recycled fabric as well so that will be less environmentally damaging too.
Behind the scenes at What Katie Did we have been working very slowly to becoming more
environmentally aware in 2019. If you saw my video at the beginning of the year, you’ll
know that I’ve been looking at our hose repackaging, which has been not a complete nightmare, but
it has been very frustrating in checking out how environmentally friendly the alternatives
are, and the time it’s taking, and how slow everything is taking. Yes, I am making progress
and yes we are looking at getting swapped over by the end of the year, but it has been
very, very slow. I will get back to you. I will do an update at the end the year to let
you know where we are. When it comes to fashion and the environment,
because we’re a tiny, tiny company, we really are at the bottom of the pile because we don’t
have the finances and we don’t have the access to do research and development and have access
to all the amazing things that are out there. There are actually hosiery being made from
recycled nylon now. People like Stella McCartney are doing amazing work in the environmental
world because they have more backing than us and they have more access than us, but
things are changing. Like I said with our Storm lingerie, it’s just this year that this
fabric has become available. As soon as it’s available we can use it, but it’s only now
that it’s become available to a small company like us. The same applies for our packaging. It was
just 18 months ago that we had someone comes to us with the cornstarch mailing bags. They
said this is what they’re using it, this is what Amazon are using in India. We’re a bit
smaller than Amazon in India, so it wasn’t accessible to us at the time. In the UK we
did start using recycled plastic mailing bags. In the U.S. we use packaging by USPS, which
is made of paper and card, which includes recycled matter already. In the UK we supply
our own mailing materials, so we are using plastics and the card, which we use which
does contain recycled matter. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I found
these alternative mailing bags for the UK, which are made from 100% recycled matter,
and also they’re fully biodegradable. I do keep an eye out for what’s available in the
market and even six months ago this product wasn’t available. Things are changing and
they are changing rapidly, but it’s just keeping a very close eye on what’s available to us
as a small company. Once it is available, then moving quickly over. I’m sure over the
next two or three years everything’s going to change, move on in leaps and bounds because
behind the scenes the big companies an awful lot is happening and it will trickle down
to us as well. Even though with the stocking packaging it has been frustratingly slow just
to change this tiny aspect of our company, I’m sure it will get easier once things are
moving. Things definitely are moving. It’s October now and I think when I do an update
in December I’ll be able to tell you some more exciting things that have happened then. One of the things behind the scenes, which
you might not be aware of, is something called the Final Mile. Where since Amazon and mail
order has become so popular that the deliveries, there’s a lot more independent delivery couriers
buzzing around everywhere. The Final Mile has become, for big retailers, an issue when
it comes to the environments. All the big companies are taking steps into how to fix
this, whether they make it carbon neutral, or working at how they’re actually going to
do it. That’s why some people are pushing you to pick it up from a central base as opposed
to getting it delivered to the final mile. We’re quite lucky here by default, whereas
in the U.S. we use USPS and in the UK and the rest of the world we use local mail, Royal
Mail. Our final mile is already environmentally friendly because it is something that’s existed
for such a long time and you don’t get your postman just delivering one parcel. He’s going
to be delivering lots and lots of parcels. It’s not just one van delivering one parcel
to one road. It’s one van delivering to the whole street. Everyone will have something
by Royal Mail. At least that’s something I don’t have to have worry about it or have
on my conscience at the moment. But going back to Storm, our first lingerie
range made of recycled fabric, which we are really excited about. It looks and feels exactly
the same as standard fabric, fresh fabric. It wears the same and it washes the same.
Any tiny steps we can make is all good really. If you do have any questions about What Katie
Did and our sustainability, please get in touch. In the meantime, I’ll catch up with
you soon. Take care.

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