Earn $6446 On Fiverr – Without Doing The Work

hey guys what's going on today I'm gonna show you how to make six thousand four hundred and forty six dollars with fiverr.com and in this video I'm going to show you why Fiverr is one of the fastest way to make money online how you can get started today absolutely free from anywhere in the world how to get this down to one hour of work per day and exactly which gigs you need to sell if you have no skills or no experience this will allow you to work from home with only your laptop and internet connection also if you stay to the end I am going to show you two quick things you need to do to Forex your results and get a big edge on your competition so make sure you stay on this video all the way to the end before that if you like videos about making my online online business entrepreneurship you subscribe to this channel and take notification bell to join the freedom family also if you want my number one recommendation to make money online there is a link down in the description now let's get into today's video hey guys what's going on it's Andy FL and today I'm gonna show you a bunch of secrets from fiverr.com and I actually think this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start as a complete beginner now my friend Bobby just made around six thousand four hundred and forty six dollars with Fiverr and I have actually talked to him and I'm gonna give you away a bunch of different secrets where you can start fast today and start getting paid by Fiverr and hopefully get this to an income where you can quit your job and actually make a full time living online from just Fiverr so I'm just gonna show you if you don't know what Fiverr really is you can see right here fibers basically it started where you can get a lot of things done where a lot you can hire a lot of different people for just five dollars but now they have like higher tier items where you can sell for like a hundred dollars two hundred dollars all the way up to like thousands of dollars but to just show you what it is I'm just gonna go in here like graphics the signs you have logo design fan as digital marketing SEO all of this stuff right here even if you don't have any experience I'm gonna show you what you're gonna go into or example logo design to go in here you can see all of these different gigs now logo design is a pretty hard thing on Fiverr because there's so much competition and so I don't recommend you going to logo designs but as you can see like people getting results right here and they have like 247 orders in queue so that's money just waiting for them and also like 86,000 reviews right here so let's calculate this $25 so they also have like the basic standard and premium package so you don't know if they just paid $25 but let's say that all of these guys just paid $25 so for seven times of 25 that $6,000 just waiting for them to get paid it's insane like this is just growing like Fiverr is growing and growing even faster than a bunch of freelancing websites they're just taking customers from freelancing websites because people want to go here and they just want to see the portfolio they were gonna hire and they don't want to fuss around with talking with people that's why it's so cool to go with fiber so you can just check around and see that people are making a ton of money doing this exact thing but what are you gonna do and how are you going to make money on Fiverr if you don't have any skills and how can you get started we're completely free so what I'm gonna talk about right now is called digital arbitrage where digital arbitrage is basically you have someone that needs for example a logo and they're willing to pay $5 for that logo but you know that online you can find someone that is willing to make a logo for $1 so basically you have a guy willing to pay $5 you can pay someone $1 and you make that in between alright so you make $4 if it's $5 and $1 but we're gonna try and do something whoo today alright so so what we're gonna do is that we're going to go to SEO clerks comm and as you can see right here we can go into se clerks and this is kind of a very similar website like Fiverr and what we're gonna do here and show you something funny right now so you can search traffic and a lot of people on this website are searching for traffic and how to get traffic through the website get visitors to their websites and all of this stuff so you can search traffic right here and also we can go on Fiverr and we can search for traffic and as you can see traffic here and traffic right here so what you'll see right here is unlimited human traffic 3,000 targeted web traffic in your web worldwide a thousand daily traffic to your website and you can see that the prices right here are super super cheap and if we go to Fiverr we can go here and we can see like real website country targeted low bounce rates I will post a high traffic website if you go into best selling we can actually see the best selling ones and I was into unlimited true Google search traffic I'll bring real visitors targeted web traffic so as you can see here people are searching for traffic on Fiverr but also they don't really know about SEO clerks so what you should do is you should sort by most highly rated so if we just do that you can see that like the highest-rated one is one dollar and you see the reviews are very positive but you see like twenty three negative ratings that's not too good and you can see the level that you use their house right here x3 is the highest one level three is a good one but as you can see right here so let's see one thousand let's see two thousand five hundred safe traffickers for one dollar but he's only level one so we want to go down a little bit more see this guy right here one thousand actually twenty one thousand web traffic worldwide from search engine so we're actually gonna go in here and we're gonna see right here daily musi daily six thousand seven thousand traffic worldwide real traffic worldwide visitors all of it looks good you can see the rating right here great experience great thank you it looks like this seller is actually good so essentially what we're gonna do is that we're gonna post a gig on Fiverr that is very very similar to this one right here so you can basically copy this and make it a little bit of a spin on it you can go here you can copy this and spin it a little bit again and make it very similar and then you can sell traffic from on Fiverr and whenever you get a gig you go over to SEO clerks and you buy that and you make what's in between like four dollars and I can tell you that so many people who are actually doing this I bet that most of these gigs right here are from SEO clerks or similar websites like that you can also like go deep into SEO clerks and contact the sellers and you can get even better deals like two-for-one and all of this stuff even though it is for like one dollar and I bet you that if we go down here we will find or if we search for 41,000 we can find someone that actually is doing the exact yes so as you can see some people right here are actually selling this exact same I will Adsense save and look at this and look at this so you can see that they're the exact same one and you can actually see that she has five star rating and 35 reviews so it actually works and if we see right here you can see that real world traffic worldwide visitors daily six to seven thousand exactly the same as this and people are buying it and you can also see that the reviews right here on point with everything great work very fast deliver to keep it up saying q looks fine all of it is good and people are actually happy and you might think that this is unethical but it truly isn't like this happens all over the place where it's like a Louis Vuitton bag doesn't cost $2,000 it costs just a tiny bit to actually manufacture that bag or any clothes that you ever buy is digital arbitrage in logos a lot of like big businesses pay like two thousand dollars for a logo where they outsource it for like $200 and they make like the in-between so like 1800 dollars they made because of this digital arbitrage so this happens all across the web but I told you that I was gonna show you a way that you can actually double or even four times your sales on Fiverr the way that you get the most sales is that you have a video right here and when you click here and you click on become a seller so this is what basically what you have to do you click on become a seller and then you start making your gig you click on continue you click on continue continue continue and then you write your full name you write all of this down and then you make your gig and in that gig you will say like a video and what Fiverr does right now is that they are promoting videos hard if you make a video and people watch that video you will get a lot higher up in the ranks on Fiverr the second thing that you can do is that you actually have different levels so I'm gonna show you right here now you actually have different levels on Fiverr where you have like seven active gigs where you're a newbie you just created your store you can have seven active gigs you can have two extra gigs and all of this stuff level one is actually complete at least 60 days as an active seller on Fiverr complete all these ten individual orders all time and earn at least 400 dollars and all of these other stuff you can pause the video right now if you want to see all of this but this is level number one level number two however is where the magic happens this is where you make this sails and I can I can tell you this that if you reach level number two you will have daily orders coming in to your accounts every single morning when you wake up you're like oh I got a new one I got a new one and you will wake up to orders but again this doesn't come out of the blue like you have to actually work for this and you have to actually start putting in the work start putting in the time and as you can see right here to reach level number two you have to complete at least a hundred and twenty days as an active seller on Fiverr so this doesn't happen overnight this takes three months so as you can see level number two is where we want to be at and then you can become a top rated seller and Fire will just push you to the top of the search push you to the top of the rankings very fast because you're a top rated seller and they trust you and that on top of the video will get you so much more orders get you a lot more gigs the last thing I want to say that is gonna increase your orders is that when you make your gig you basically say at the end you say free bonus and if we're talking about like 41,000 web traffic to their website we can add a free bonus that literally says like you're gonna get a free bonus that shows you how to drive traffic or something like that and what you're gonna give away is basically a traffic PLR so you can have like best traffic PLR products and you can give away this for free so PLR basically means private label rights and that means that you can buy this and you can give it away as your own that's what PLR stands for so you can give away like social media traffic as a free bonus and you have that at the end of your of your gig name and people will come in to you because you're giving something away for free actually having the word free is one of the best marketing BOTS ever like the word free is just a magical word where people just come in so if this is something that really interests you you have gotten a lot of information out of this video right now but if you actually want to take it a step further actually make this your full-time gig where you make money online doing this exact thing you can buy my friends Fiverr course where he shows you more in depth about exactly what you have to do to make this happen and when you click in the link in the description you'll be taken to this bonus page right here what I'm gonna give you a lot of different bonuses to just sweeten the deal and make this as easy as possible for you to get started and to make sales fast and the first bonus that I want to give away to you it's a massive Fiverr traffic so when you post your gig on Fiverr the number one thing you have to do is to get people to come in and buy from you and the way that we do that is we drive traffic from other social media platforms that's Facebook Twitter Pinterest and all kinds of different stuff that I'm gonna show you in this bonus right here that you get when you purchase the course and also I'm gonna give you the five-minute Fiverr gig gig image so if you don't know how to make this image right here where you like all of these images right here I'm gonna show you very very quickly how you can make a Fiverr gig that basically says what you need to say and to sell it better and this literally takes five minutes you can do it really really quickly and it doesn't cost anything so sell yourself right here so you need to have a really nice image because that's your storefront you know you have to make it really nice the the third bonus that you're gonna get for free is increase your orders so there's actually a few tricks that you can do to increase your orders and to make the people that have bought before buy again and that's what this bonus is all about that you're gonna get for free when you buy the Fiverr licious which the correct course is called the fourth bonus is first page ranking secrets and this is how you can actually plot a few different words into the description and into your images and optimize basically your Fiverr gig to rank on the first page and when you rank on the first page for example if you click on graphic the science and we go to logo if you land on the first page right here you're gonna so much more sales on your fiber geeks so that's what this bonus is all about and the last one last bonus is top-rated seller to sell her secrets so basically this is a video of a top rated seller on Fiverr where he shares everything he's getting asked a bunch of questions from Fiverr gigs or Fiverr gigs sellers vendors on Fiverr to help them grow and to help them get better in fiber so he's telling all of the best secrets right here in the last bonus but but you can only get these bonuses right now until this timer is gone so once this timer is gone maybe you're watching this a little bit in the future and timer is really low but you only get these bonuses if you buy within the timer so you're gonna get the entire course showing you step-by-step through the exact method that you have to do you're gonna get the massive Fiverr traffic that it's gonna show you how to get traffic to your website or to your Fiverr gig and then you're gonna get bonus number two five-minute Fiverr gig image that you're gonna make to sell yourself you're gonna get the increase your orders you're gonna get the first page ranking secrets and you're gonna get the top rated seller secrets all today until this fire until this timer is gone so that's really the package that I've put together for you guys to make this one of the easiest ways to make money online where Fiverr you can actually start getting a lot of money and what actually happens is that a lot of people start with fiber they start with up work and freelancing and then they move into other things once they have gotten enough income online from Fiverr they can start working on other stuff as well so this is the perfect like gateway drug into making money online but that is gonna be today's video go in the link in the description and check out this page right here and also I'm gonna have a review of the product where I walk through like the entire product right here and not my stupid looking face but that is gonna be today's video thank you so much for watching go in the description down below and I'll see you in next video

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